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Who To Believe?

Is 'climate change' panic just a scam?

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
3 mins

Who To Believe?

by Rab Clark

Last night we watched this video, recommended by a friend.

It appears to dismiss climate change panic as a 'scam' or 'hoax' by presenting stacks of data endorsed by 'real' scientists.

All very perplexing and we're sure that it will all be sorted out when one of Scotland's journalists asks Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater about it - that's their 'field of expertise' isn't it?

To underscore the solidity of the 'official' narrative, we asked AI (Google Bard) for an assessment of the video:

Q: 'Can you summarise the contents of this movie in 500 words?'

Free Movie Time: Superb watch and explains EVERYTHING on Climate! (youtube.com)

A: 'The video titled "Free Movie Time: Superb watch and explains EVERYTHING on Climate!" on YouTube appears to promote a viewpoint that contradicts the established scientific consensus on climate change. Here's a summary of the video's claims and why they are contested by science:

Video's Claims:

  • The video questions the role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in warming the planet. It argues that temperature changes precede CO2 increases, implying CO2 is not the driver.
  • It suggests the sun's activity, particularly solar wind and magnetic storms, are the main factors influencing Earth's climate.

Scientific Consensus:

  • Overwhelming scientific evidence shows a strong correlation between rising CO2 levels and global warming. Ice core data reveals that temperature increases lagged behind CO2 increases during past glacial and interglacial periods. This time lag is explained by the complex interaction of the climate system.
  • Solar activity does influence Earth's climate, but its effects are well understood and cannot explain the rapid warming observed in recent decades.

Video's Potential Problems:

  • Misinterpreting ice core data: The video might be misrepresenting the ice core data by focusing solely on the timing without considering the complex relationship between temperature and CO2.
  • Ignoring the body of evidence: The video seems to downplay the vast amount of research that links human activity and CO2 emissions to climate change.

Additional Points:

  • The video title claims to "explain EVERYTHING on Climate!" This is unrealistic. Climate science is a complex field with ongoing research.
  • It's important to be critical of information you find online, especially regarding scientific topics. Look for reputable sources with evidence-based information.

In Conclusion:

The video presents a fringe view on climate change that contradicts the widely accepted scientific consensus. If you're interested in learning more about climate change, it's recommended to consult reliable sources like scientific organizations, peer-reviewed studies, and reputable news outlets.'

We launched this place to host difficult conversations and they don't get much more controversial than this. In our opinion the video adequately deals with every criticism cited in the AI analysis.

So, by merely presenting this 'fringe' view we may lose some readers and/or anger others. It's not our intention to upset anyone but the subject is too important to gloss over for fear of causing offence.

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