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Not Hitting The Wall #14

Commentary by readers of Scottish independence blogs (up to Feb 23rd)

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
54 mins

Someoneyouknoe5 days ago

For years and years I have been aware of the powers behind Zionism and I have taken a real interest on how this affects our people and what the long term outlook for our people may be when a power like this has a hold of the institutions that govern our lives.

The hardest part has been making people aware of just how real and pressing the danger is.

Reams and reams of detail could be put in front of someone and unless there is a catalyst, like an emotional shock, to get them paying attention to the details I have found it is mostly wasted effort.

This situation in Gaza offers that catalyst. However rather than write endless blocks of text I will distil the situation into something of a nutshell - to the powers behind Zionism the world is Israel, and everyone else on earth is a Palestinian.

Take that seriously because it is the absolute truth.

Another dose of truth is that what we call 'woke' is also a product of the powers behind Zionism. Woke is merely a new name for an old game which could be termed 'the equity doctrine' and it is used, under the guise of justice and fairness, to undermine nation states, the sovereignty of peoples, the family and the mental health of our children. It is used to build a hierarchy of victimhood that is then weaponised against targets of the hidden regime and turn society upside-down resulting in fragmentation and an inability to achieve political consensus.

What we are seeing isn't some well meaning ideology that has lost its way and is running amok, it is an agenda put in place by people who have the same regard for you as they do the people of Palestine. The difference is they don't feel like they can overtly kill or subjugate you like the Palestinians. Yet.



22nd Feb 2024 at 8:46 am

Andy, I agree!

One area I think needs closer inspection.

In 201214 a very Powerful YES Movement was in place. Very strong local activists all cooperating with other groups and sharing material. Each group was printing their own material, they were buying and distributing the WBB. They were running weekly stalls and talking to their community.

Within days of the Referendum Peter Murrell grabbed all emails, copyright material, the very logo YES.. For 2 years my group struggled to get our SNP CA to release funds with little success. I was told “That is SNP funds”, We cannot release that money”

The Murrells did not like the peasants leading the charge. They grabbed control of the Movement when we were still recovering from the vote. Think carefully about that…..while we were in shock, they were power grabbing.

I once thought our greatest threat was Westminster. I was wrong! The greatest threat has always been those who do not accept that the People are Sovereign. Those at SNP HQ are just as guilty as those at Westminster.

Look back at just how quickly the grassroot organisation was replaced by the Vote Harvesting Machine. The Membership rocketed, the votes for the SNP shot up, the money poured in and that was the only objective – Money and Power held tightly by a small clique.

We wanted Independence for the People to decide their future.

They wanted to decide FOR the People.

Tories, Labour, LibDems, SNP, Greens all share a common vision……it is for them to shape Scotland…..not the Scots.


22nd Feb 2024 at 9:08 am

A depressing summary of events and how sad it makes me. I had hoped that I would see the green shoots springing up all over Scotland so that the children and grandchildren of Scotland would enjoy the harvest of independence – I doubt I will be alive to see it now.


22nd Feb 2024 at 9:59 pm

I’d agree, Graeme. Even if they do get constitutional/legal advice, they simply disregard it. I see no evidence of serious consideration of legal advice in any given situation at all. They have disregarded even established law for Stonewall law. It is quite astounding that any administration that calls itself a government – or even a political party – should behave in this way. They pay lobbyists to provide the legal advice – which is utter rubbish and based on nothing – and then pay them to put their rubbish, nothing law into practice in our schools and public services, and they say they have no money. They disregarded the legal aspects of the Salmond case, costing hundreds of thousands. Then, they disregarded the legal aspects of the criminal case against Salmond, again costing hundreds of thousands. Then, they made numerous nonsense statements under oath in the inquiry, which also cost a pretty penny. Unbelievable. Except I believe it. These people, both in Holyrood and in Westminster are total renegades posing as custodians of the law and the public purse.


22nd Feb 2024 at 9:34 am

The problem is that our politicians are bought and sold as soon as they enter the Westminster circus they become seduced and enmeshed in the coruption,the big money .That’s what really keeps us enslaved to their coercive Union. Our politicians are now part of the problem, Alba incidently supports the open franchise why would they do that?. The ISP, does not intend to send MPs to the pretend democracy in Westminster, they support a constitutional voting franchise and on wining a majority of seats in the Holyrood they intend to desolve the Union. That’s democracy and to me its seems what an independent party should be like . Anyone who thinks that that the SNP or anyone else that proposes an open voting franchise is supporting independence is fool ,nothing is as it seems in UK,Ok . 300 years of enforced colonialism has taught our masters every dirty trick in the book.Why would our politicians play their undemocratic game if they where real Patriots. Anyone not getting a vote in a constitutional referendum can be offered citizenship after a successful Yes vote , if they live here so what’s the problem, it’s certainly not racism as those who prevent democracy would have you believe. These people work secretly in the interests of the unwanted Union.


23rd Feb 2024 at 3:33 am

Alastair if you check out the comments on Requiem For a Dream you will see that I was inferred as a racist and xenophobe for proposing indigenous Scots only for a constitutional vote and membership of a second chamber of a People’s Assembly

Geoff wrote

“I find the notion of restricting the franchise to “Indigenous Scots” repulsive and akin to the “blood and soil” attitude of groups such as the National Front in the UK. Allowing only (true) Scots to vote would be racist just as is Israel only allowing Jews to vote in the Occupied West Bank.”

The person informed me that he was english born with a Scots wife and he voted YES in 2014 , I thanked him for his vote but also informed him that his fellow English,Welsh and NI incomers had voted 72% NO to Scottish independence and those outwith the UK voted over 57% NO for Scottish independence

The person also wrote that he would vote NO if there were any change to the franchise which IMO indicated his dedication to independence , I have found this revengeful attitude in most English voters also in some Scottish voters , why do English people insist and feel entitled that they have a vote on a Scottish constitutional issue and if they don’t get it they will do their utmost to defeat the yes vote

Why would some people want to deliberately sabotage the independence vote just because they weren’t allowed to vote, if they have a love for Scotland and want independence why the need for revenge

Geoff is not unique in this I have been called , Racist , Homophobe ???, Blood and Soil , Natzi , Nativist , Moonhowler and many more things ALL because I want to ensure indigenous Scots reclaim their independence

Yvonne Ridley a convert to Islam said on a recent TASP that an organisation called TMV (The Muslim Vote ) where records and information is being gathered and collated throughout the uk in areas with a large muslim population to enable those votes to be targeted where they will have the most beneficial effect

What exactly does that mean are Anas Sarwar and Humza Yousaf part of that organisation


23rd Feb 2024 at 7:21 am

First of all Twather I respect your views to which you are entitled.

The UN in all recent elections where a colonial power seeds a vote on independence such as recent years for several French colonies this rule as I stated applies.

“This is because a new immigrant does not usually identify with their new country. Only their children or grandchildren do”

This is because an immigrant will in the majority of cases not associate with their new country, some will. Surely you understand that they will not know the history or culture as is evident by some of our political representatives. Only their children and grandchildren do. It’s not a hard concept to understand.

I feel you are being irrational in your talk of Nazi policies. The policy would apply to all people of all colour and religion but not first generation. Please search and read the UN charter on the reduction and removal of colonial powers with respect to fair elections relating to constitutional change.

Salvo and Liberation agree we are a colony and fighting and using this is part of the plan.

You know that the majority of first generation immigrants hearts are in the life and rules of the country they come from be that Poland, Pakistan or England. The history and culture of their new land is foreign to them.

Talking about England and Wales. If you have spent any length of time at all working or living there you know that they have no knowledge of Scotland geographically, historically or culturally they assume we are part of greater England. If they move here from Kent will they identify with Scotland? No!! To the majority we are greater England still and they will always think that.


22nd Feb 2024 at 9:42 am

The assertion by Prof. Ailsa Henderson that the majority of autochthonous Scots voted Yes in 2014 is deeply dodgy. I have published an arithmetic proof of this on these pages in the past. Prof. Henderson offers no detailed arithmetic proof and does not engage in debate.

This is largely water under the bridge, we are not in 2014 with a claimed margin of victory for No of 10%. We have for some years been in a position where opinion polls of those resident in Scotland have bumped along either side of 50%. In these circumstances, a clear majority of autochthonous Scots favour independence.In May, the Scottish Census (2022) promises release of a further tranche of data which will include “national identity”. This will provide further clarity on the degree to which autochthonous Scots favour independence.

Further, any plebiscite protocol should allow in-person voting only. Postal voting is an open invitation for Thames House to rig the outcome. They would after all only be doing their job.

Spear o' Annandale

22nd Feb 2024 at 10:20 am

I agree that the flawed franchise of 2014 probably skewed the result in favour of No but removing a postal vote would effectively disenfranchise many tens of thousands of Scots who are unable to vote in person.

The most recent example of a flawed franchise was in New Caledonia where they held independence referendums in 2018 and 2020 but had it rerun in 2021 with 17% of the electorate removed by use of a ‘Special Electoral Roll’ set by the UN that turned the result more in favour of the indigenous Kanaks. Did no-one tell them that the 2018 vote was “once in a generation”!

Had a similar franchise to that of New Caledonia been used in the 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence, the number of registered voters would have been reduced but would have provided a much clearer indication of the wishes of the people Scotland and those with strong ties to Scotland.

Using the UN Special Electoral Roll of 2021 for the referendum held in New Caledonia and achieving a similar 17% drop in the numbers of registered voters for the 2014 referendum in Scotland, the electorate would have been reduced by 728,176.

As the result of the 2014 referendum was in favour of the ‘No’ vote by a majority of just 383,937, the implications for a very different result are absolutely clear.


22nd Feb 2024 at 12:26 pm

Fair point. I can’t point to an Independence poll that includes a demographic breakdown for Nation of birth, beyond that stated in the work under dispute. Prof. Henderson gives a 5.4% margin of victory for Yes amongst autochthonous Scots. This figure may or may not be correct. My critique of Prof. Henderson’s analysis lies in the impossibility of that margin of victory for native Scots producing a 10% margin of victory for No among residents of Scotland.

There are some detailed polls that include demographic breakdown by age and perhaps something can be inferred by this. Prof. Danny Dorling’s assertion that a majority of autochthonous Welsh voted Remain may be antithetically accurate. In recent weeks, Reform UK has (according to polls) become the 3rd largest party in Wales (outpolling Plaid Cymru). This seems extraordinary except we all know the nature of a substantial element of the English influx into Wales. Was it David Cameron that coined the term “Gammon”?

At a roughly equal split between Yes and No for residents of Scotland, it seems intuitive that the majority of autochthonous Scots favour independence.

There is an established trend from census data that immigration from rUK is growing with England being the major contributor in raw numbers.

For the majority of autochthonous Scots not to favour independence a majority of incomers would have to have left their affiliation to the United Kingdom at Gretna and Berwick. This would be a triumph of nature over nurture.

I have written previously about an inherent uniqueness of a Scots collective psyche using Brexit and attitude towards the Monarchy as proxy metrics. I find a near spontaneous conversion to independence by rUK immigrants a fundamentally implausible position.


22nd Feb 2024 at 1:03 pm

The reason I ask is that the only polling firm that I know of that provides a ‘country of birth’ breakdown – at least on a regular basis – is Panelbase/Norstat.

P/N provide a 3-way split between born in Scotland, England and elsewhere and there have been 44 since 17th September 2014 (eve of referendum). I took a weighted (by volume) average of these over various time periods and found the following:

YES%: All 44 surveys –

Scottish 50.8%, English 30.4%, elsewhere 49.5%, overall 48.8%

YES%: last 5 surveys –

Scottish 49.3%, English 33.4%, elsewhere 52.9%, overall 48.1%

So on this evidence it is all very much touch and go.

The proportions of the sample, on average across all polls, for Scottish, English and elsewhere born are 83.5%, 9.4% and 7.1%, respectively, so reasonable representative compared to the 2011 census which recorded the sub-populations as making up 83.3%, 8.9% and 8.0% of the Scottish resident total.

Incidentally, I tried knocking out 17% of each sub-population and, whilst this nudged the overall YES% support up this was still not sufficient to produce an overall YES majority.

It all could, and I believe would, change if we actually had a proper campaign. The likes of Salvo, and SSRG together with some of the more enlightened bloggers are starting this process.


22nd Feb 2024 at 5:21 pm

Duncanio, ‘extraction’ is also an important factor here, albeit seldom considered. People may be born and/or brought up in Scotland to parents from rest-UK and/or elsewhere, however they may not necessarily view themselves as culturally ‘Scottish’. Culture, language and wider family connections are important factors and influences in terms of how we see ourselves, and in forming identities.

This is also no doubt why internationally ‘parental descent’ is considered to be (more?) important when it comes to rights of national citizenship.

Spear o' Annandale

22nd Feb 2024 at 9:44 am

Robert has listed many of the failings of our elected representatives to realise our rights and our independence despite the open goals with which they were presented over this past 9 years. When George Thompson was MP for Galloway back in 1975 I asked him what he thought his job at Westminster would be? I have always remembered his answer – “To make myself redundant”! Would that we had such MPs today.

However, my hopes no longer rest with MPs of any party as only the ISP hold true to that response from George 49 years ago.

I am investing what time I have left in Salvo / Liberation as the only realistic way to achieve our goal because Westminster cannot make it any clearer that they will NEVER allow Scotland to leave this fictitious union! However, I hold to our right to self-determination and use the thoughts of Wolfgang Danspeckgruber who said “No other concept is as powerful, visceral, emotional, unruly, as steeped in aspirations and hopes as self-determination”.


22nd Feb 2024 at 6:14 pm

I will probably be accused of being anti English for saying this, and I am not, but I find it not only depressing, but downright infuriating that the majority of rUK voters who come to Scotland to live vote against our independence. I honestly do not know of any other people who behave quite in this way, so there must be something in rUK voters that makes them think that they have every right to deprive the native population of its rights. We see the same attitude in Wales, and I believe, given time, we will see it in NI as more and more rUK migrants settle there now that peace has settled the Province.

That there is something inherently colonialist about the English seems to be a no-brainer. I fully appreciate that they are not all like that, but the majority is. Why? Yes, they still have connections and allegiance to England to an extent, but that does not cover longer stay or children being born here. Every migrant, sooner or later, has to face up to the fact that he/she has left his/her homeland and settled elsewhere. Although the Scots are certainly tribal and take Scotland with them, you would be hard pushed to find anyone with Scottish ancestry in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, Canada who would put their ‘Scottishness’ first, above their adopted homeland. Indeed, I suspect that even English people eventually see themselves as people from their adopted homeland, so why doesn’t it work that way with Scotland?

I think it lies in the fact that most English people appear to believe that Scotland was conquered and that it is a parasite on English taxes, that we are mainly happy Unionists and royalists, loyal to the UK. They are deluded as to the reality of the structure of the UK as a top-heavy almost-dictatorship, with England at the apex of the UK heap. Some manage to see past that simplistic view, but many do not. Many also see us as a pushover, as quiet, unassuming people who just take it on the chin. They should look back at our, and their, shared history: we have never been a pushover; and, sooner or later, we start to fight back – and, when we do, we usually win the day

I want those who have settled here to see Scotland as their home and give it the allegiance it deserves, not to try and devalue and treat our heritage with contempt. Migrants adapt and settle; they do not, unless they have come to colonize, try to change everything in their adopted country and asset-strip the indigenous population of their culture, languages and heritage. Nobody is asking or expecting them to give up their own heritage, but they need to understand on which side their bread is buttered – as all migrants have to do, and accept that, or leave if they cannot, because Scotland is leaving the Union – sooner rather than later. It will be their choice when the day comes. Does that mean that we will cut off all ties with rUK? Of course not. We have much in common, and will continue to have much in common. The Scandi countries epitomize the very best of what is possible after all are independent.

Not My Parliament - BarrheadBoy

duncanio says:

22 February 2024 at 11:24 am

I agree with Allan Petrie.

Not voting has been advocated by some but to me that is running the white flag up the pole. It may IMPLY dissatisfaction but will simply be interpreted (and reported by the MSM) as people not caring about Independence (or anything else). There will be lots of discussion among the chattering classes about making voting mandatory blah blah etc. Intentionally missing the point.

To his credit Peter A Bell has been blogging about this kind of direct action for some time, specifically using #EndTheUnion as what he terms accurately as a ‘repurposing’ of the ballot paper. (It is not ignorantly spoiling the ballot paper, it has a specific aim). Like Allan, he reaches a logical conclusion and opts for a belligerently assertive approach, sadly lacking in ALL our (supposedly) pro-Independence political parties.

This serves two purposes:
One, if enough people participate it de-legitimises Westminster as in any way representing the wishes of the Scottish people. Two, it serves as a reminder to our political representatives that we the people are in charge and they had better do what we want, not the other way around. That’s called popular sovereignty.

I live in Scotland’s own political heart of darkness – Grange, Edinburgh South – so there is nobody to vote for here as the Britz have got their act together and have combined around Ian Murray, the Union Jack besuited House Jock to capture this constituency as their own Little England posh ghetto. So I will be repurposing my ballot at the forthcoming Britz general election in any event with whatever the movement can settle on as the common message – #EndTheUnion or #NotMyParliament or something else. It doesn’t matter so long as it is a consistent expression.

By repurposing our ballot paper we would be EXPLICITLY rejecting the British government, parliament, candidates and the whole rotten British political system whilst at the same time POSITIVELY endorsing the restoration of Scotland’s full self-government.

This is something that we Yes/Independence supporters must coalesce around: We must reverse the process of Little England becoming Greater England in Scotland.


Willie says:

22 February 2024 at 11:52 am

Democracy is a sham. The political system is a sham.. It’s purpose is that of a trap to have folk running round like mice on a wheel thinking the are playing a part in the democratic process.

But like the mice running round on a wheel, Scots are exactly the same. They are trapped in a cage that does not move.

But with determination mice can break out of their trap.. It just takes enough of them and a coordinated will.

Scots will get no where with the political process..

And if I may say so, there are big similarities between how Israel has administered the Palestinian state and how it administers Scotland.

Palestine may lie in ruins with the people living in extremis but make no mistake, if the UK thought necessary they would do exactly the same here.

Indeed, in the 1920s Churchill and Haig made the proposal to have the RAF drop mustard gas bombs on Irish towns and villages to quell the fight for independence.

And we wonder why the Brits are now flying military aircraft over Gaza, are supplying the IDF with the bombs to flatten Gaza and are, with the US forming a military ring of steel to stop any country intervening in the Gaza holocaust.

Doug says:

22 February 2024 at 4:06 pm

Wouldn’t the msm simply report it [if they do actually bother to report it] as a number of spoilt ballot papers, without quoting NOT MY PARLIAMENT.

Sorry, I think a very low turnout in Scotland would be something that even the msm could not ignore. It would show to the so-called united kingdom and to the rest of the world just how much the people of Scotland held Westminster in contempt. A very low turnout would help to undermine the union.

I will abstain unless Alba publicly and unequivocally adopts Sinn Fein’s policy on abstentionism before the next election – and they field a candidate in my constituency.

duncanio says:

22 February 2024 at 5:07 pm

Not voting may IMPLY dissatisfaction but in my estimation will simply be interpreted (and reported by the MSM) as people not caring about Independence (or anything else). There will be lots of discussion among the chattering classes about making voting mandatory blah blah etc. Intentionally missing the point.

You may recall that the biggest ‘story’ of the 2007 Scottish/Holyrood elections reported by the media was the proportion of spoilt ballots (rather than the first SNP victory). Spoilt ballots constituted 2.9% and 4.1% of the constituency and regional votes, respectively. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Scottish_Parliament_election, section High number of rejected votes).

Brian Taylor of the BBC couldn’t talk about anything else during his commentary as the results came in and the printed media were no different. (See https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2007/may/09/scotland.devolution).
For comparison at other Scottish elections the proportion of spoiled constituency and regional votes, respectively, were as follows:
1999: 0.30%, 0.30%
2003: 0.66%, 0.65%
2011: 0.30%, 0.30%
2016: 0.40%, 0.20%
2021: 0.37%, 0.19%
Therefore, the 2007 experience of “spoilt ballots” was 10 times the norm.

So “spoilt ballots” at elections make news and the media would be almost certain to report this new ‘angle’, especially if (rather than there just being a set of random confused and genuinely “spoilt ballots”) there were, say, 20 times the usual amount and that these were purposefully sending a message of rejection of the British state and its pernicious political system.

Peter A Bell says:

23 February 2024 at 9:36 am

This is why the #RepurposeYourVote campaign won’t work. It can only be effective if everybody uses the same legend. But as soon as one gains traction, somebody will come up with a different legend. Then another one. And another.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the actual legend used is much less important than the unity of purpose the campaign is supposed to engender. I’m not precious about #EndTheUnion just because it was my suggestion. But it does the job and is already well established. What motivates attempts to undermine The #RepurposeYourVote campaign in the way Alan Petrie is doing is, I confess, a mystery.

But it is not unexpected. Alan Petrie won’t be the last. There will be others. I did suggest some sort of committee to decide on a legend. But, again, that was never actually going to happen.

#RepurposeYourVote is far too good an idea to squander. There has been enough of that in the past. I shall not be one of those trying to ensure it doesn’t work. I shall cease promoting #EndTheUnion forthwith.

I despair.

Alf Baird says:

23 February 2024 at 2:07 pm

Folks have been discussing Peter Bell’s #END THE UNION proposal, and his well set-out justification for it online for the past few months, and most comments appear to have been positive as far as I recall.

I suspect if an individual does not know what ‘union’ we are referring to then they probably dinnae ken whit pairlament is meant either.

‘Not My Parliament’ is hardly a new term, and is ambiguous, whereas END THE UNION is very specific, as it needs to be.


Wings Over Scotland | Politics By Dummies




22 February, 2024 at 3:06 pm

“If you take Hoyle and Labour at their word, a (the) purpose of allowing Labour’s amendment was to safeguard MP’s from being threatened by constituents if they followed the party line and voted against the SNP motion”

And there we go. Hoyle, senior members of Labour and the mouthpieces of the establishment attempting to exercise psychological blackmailing of the masses by playing the victim card. Who is going to believe such crap?

Their taking of the voters as complete fools is completely unacceptable. Either the HoC is a democratic institution or is a joke.

Hoyle and Starmer should be disciplined and ejected from the HoC with immediate effect for gross misconduct and for abusing their positions of power to openly break convention to thwart democracy. They are basically saying that whatever passes in the HoC under their watch is only because it is what the thugs of the day and aggressive lobbyists pressurising the MPs want. That not only is not credible, it is also completely unacceptable and falls well below what it is expected of the speaker, the leader of the opposition and the MPs.

What does the Uk need a parliament for if all what the Speaker and leader of the opposition are prepared to do is to succumb to the wants and wishes of pro-Israel lobbyists and thugs threatening MPs when they don’t do as they are told?

If what we saw yesterday was not a wonderful display of theatrics because the passing of the labour amendment had been pre-agreed/pre-arranged by the establishment, then I fully expect to see Hoyle and Starmer ejected from the HoC and disciplined for gross misconduct in the next couple of weeks.

If they remain in post, it will be as clear evidence as there is to be, that what we saw yesterday was staged, it was the result of a last-minute intervention of the establishment which has nothing but contempt for democracy, and therefore the HoC as a democratic institution is as useless and as much fake as Hol

Antoine Roquentin



22 February, 2024 at 3:22 pm

I’m past caring what the SNP do. This latest kicking merely illustrates, for me, at least, the utter pointlessness of taking their seats in a Westminster parliament where they are routinely discounted by most, if not by all. A genuine independence-party would’ve withdrawn from that place years ago, if only for reasons of serial embarrassment. Of course Labour was going to get its way FFS!

Keyser Soze



22 February, 2024 at 4:49 pm

Original SNP motion amended by Labour and the Tories. Whichever version of the motion passed, who the hell was going to take a blind bit of notice? – Three bald men fighting over a comb.
Watching the proceedings of the “showbusiness for ugly people” in Barry & Pugin’s gothic monstrosity is becoming increasingly like watching monkeys flinging shit at each other in a zoo.
Mother of Parliaments? More like Parliament of Motherfuckers.
Best of luck to you good people north of the border in your attempts to be free of the English yoke.

Ian Brotherhood



22 February, 2024 at 5:37 pm

At today’s ICJ session considering Israel’s history of oppressing Palestinians, the Irish had their Attorney General, Rosa Fanning, speak on behalf of the Irish people.

We Scots have no voice in the proceedings.




22 February, 2024 at 5:47 pm

“The way out of the union is the door we supposedly came in, that is the obvious solution to Scotland independence.”

James Che.

What I find galling is that in 2015 we 56 SNP of the 59 MPs we send to Westminster yet they did absolutely f*ck all to help dissolve the union they bedded in like the parasites they are and said to hell with independence, even today there’s a majority of SNP MPs at Westminster and still they do SFA to get us out of this rancid union, what a bunch of treacherous b*stards the SNP has become.

Back home at Holyrood they could dissolve their government and run on an indy ticket (majority of MSPs elected) to help get us out of this cesspit of a union, but no these self-serving grifting careerist b*stards don’t give a flying f*ck about a progressive Scotland which can only fill its potential as an independent nation.

Again in 2016 when the Tory government ripped us out of the EU cutting clean across Scottish sovereignty that wee treacherous munchkin b*stards Sturgeon stabbed us in the back by concentrating on moaning about being dragged out the EU via her big yellow bus that she supposedly toured around Scotland in, when she should’ve put every last ounce of energy into dissolving this bucket of shit union.

Now we have another treacherous b*stard squatting in Bute House.




22 February, 2024 at 5:59 pm

Wow and the snp apologists suddenly crawl out of the woodwork ,do any of you actually BELIEVE that these self serving creatures within that scum nonce party down in londonium give a shit what is happening in Gaza
That fucking NED standing up and pontificating about anything down in that rat’s nest gives me the boak , it is ALL stage managed,an actor playing a part irrespective what the subject matter is, and he has his entourage of CLOWNS clapping like the proverbial seals that they are

When you calculate how many are gleefully embraced in the American sponsorship programmes which encourages good old boy American principles it further exposes their fake hand wringing platitudes

When I look at that DROSS sitting there supposedly representing the cream of Scottish politics I am filled with REVULSION and SHAME and I question the intelligence of the people who voted for these MORONS. FFS what am I missing




22 February, 2024 at 6:22 pm

Sigh, another day and yet more of the same Party political bollox playing out. It’s like moths round a light or flies round shite.
At what point will folk wake up and realise that the current iteration of Party politics is beyond salvaging.
By all means continue with the insanity of electing a Party politician to represent you, but you should know fine well they can’t / won’t do that because they are owned by their respective Parties rather than their constituents.
So you get Parties that focus on delivering all manner of policies we don’t want or even asked for, whilst not delivering the stuff we do want.

There is a way for constituents to have far better control over their respective politicians that are meant to represent them, but as naebody seems interested in developing that concept and taking that route then best you all crack on and enjoy the misery and outrage of being continually misrepresented and shat on.

Garavelli Princip



22 February, 2024 at 6:29 pm

Labour destroyed the possibility of MPs passing a motion for an immediate, unconditional ceasefire by undemocratically coercing the Speaker into allowing their amendment replete with meaningless US approved language.

Starmer and the Labour party are in thrall to the Zionist lobby, and Starmer has described himself himself in the Jerusalem post as a “Zionist”.

This whole charade is because UK and Labour foreign policy is being determined by foreign powers – the US and Israel.

This matter is much too serious for party political games, which you appear to have played to assist the Speaker’s political party – the former Labour Party – which is now a total disgrace in thrall to the zionist lobby.

What makes this matter even worse is that there would appear to have been a personal calculus on his part to protect his future position as speaker, and hence his income.

If so, this is utterly contemptible on any matter, let alone on a matter as serious as this.

It is alleged that his decision followed a threat by Labour to remove support for his appointment post-election were he not to carry out this stunt on their behalf.

We in Scotland have long known that we are second class non-citizens in this contemptible so-called Union. Hoyle’s behaviour merely confirms that impression – and not for the first time.

But the most important casualties of his disgraceful behaviour are the poor people of Gaza, who some have failed to notice, are suffering genocide at the hands of the zionist state.

I have no delusions that it would have had any effect other than symbolic.

But symbolism is important in politics.

The most useful and logical thing the SNP can now do is withdraw from that cesspit.

But their sinecures won’t allow them to do that.




22 February, 2024 at 6:30 pm

“Personally I am sickened by the UK collusion with the clear genocide taking place in Gaza”

The thing is, and it is what I will never forget nor forgive, it is the SNP what has put us in this position. Scotland has remained part of the UK for the last 9 years and is therefore part this unmoral collusion with genocide is done on Scotland’s name as well because the SNP has forced us to continue playing the losers’ game and has forced Scotland to remain trapped in this union despite sending to Westminster 3 anti-union majorities.

If we were embarrassed by the theatrics of yesterday, it is because the SNP chose to betray its own party constitution since 2015 to become a devolutionist party that has been, for the last 9 years, systematically denying Scotland its legitimate right to end this union. The union should have ended the minute the people of Scotland sent 56 anti-union MPs to Westminster. Yet, the SNP chose to enjoy their salaries and sinecures instead.

If we have been insulted for the last 9 years every time England MPs ganged up against Scotland, it is only because the SNP chose to use our anti-union votes to preserve the union and their own sinecures instead of ending the union, which is what they should have done the minute Scotland sent the first anti-union majority to Westminster, never mind after three.

If we were undemocratically dragged out of the EU, it was only because the SNP chose to play along with the Westminster and UK establishment’s game and allowed it to happen instead of either stopping it, or ending the union so England and Scotland could go separate ways.

If Scotland’s assets are still being pillaged or auctioned for a pittance today, it is only because the SNP has been giving the green light for it to happen, instead of ending the union to stop it.

If the SNP’s ceasefire bill yesterday was not even put to a vote, it was only because the SNP chose to force Scotland to continue being part of a foreign parliament that only cares about what England and the English crown wants.

If we are having to go to yet another UK general election after 9 effing years of Scotland sending anti-union majorities, it is only because the SNP continues to refuse to act on Scotland’s mandate to end the union.

If we are still having to be bored to tears listening to Curtice’s predictions of a labour resurrection in Scotland despite being conscious the vote turnout is going on a downwards spiral, it is only because the SNP refused to act on the mandate to end the union represented by 3 consecutive majorities of anti-union MPs.

If we are still having to put up with England MPs coming to Scotland to lord over us, to pretend they have the right to deny us our own self-determination, to pretend they know better than us what we want or how we want it, it is because the SNP refused to end the union in 20

I am sickened by corrupt politics.
I am sickened by the same political games over and over again.
I am sickened by the continuous undermining of democracy.
I am sickened of watching politicians attempting to deceive Scotland time and time again.
I am sickened of listening to politicians vacuous waffle.
I am sickened by mediocre politicians, careerists and impostors thinking the average Scottish voter is so thick that they won’t notice what they are doing.

Sending MPs to have Scotland’s voice to be heard my backside. How long do they think they can keep up this betrayal of Scotland by its own political class?

I am sickened by the whole darn charade.

Let’s never forget. We are where we are because the SNP forced us to be here. Sturgeon might have been a political fraud, but, by hell, the rest of the party, the rest of the MSPs, the rest of the MPs did not lift a finger to stop her when in her vicious quest to completely destroy Scotland’s political vehicle for independence and rendering it completely useless.

May the entire SNP burn in hell for betraying their country and their country folk in such selfish and disgusting manner.

Robert Hughes



22 February, 2024 at 7:56 pm

@ Ian Stewart

” Even as a fairly anti-SNP person myself, I can see that the SNP were absolutely shafted by Labour and the Speaker here. ”

That’ll be the same Labour Party Nu SNP have been following around , puppy-eyed , tongues lolling , hoping to be thrown a bone when ” man of the People ” ( HA ! ) Stamzy wins the Uranus Prize and every chip shop in the land will sell guacamole .

What the SNP will be thrown is a stick , and told to fetch it , then , having done so , insert in an anatomically sensitive location .

The point is the SNP ( or any ( even nominally ) pro-Independence Party ) will ALWAYS be shafted by Labour and the Speaker : and by the Tories , Lib Dems or whatever English Party or expedient combination of English Parties is in power at any given time .

Watching people yr ” not fond ” of battering their heads against a big jaggy wall , with mindless repetition , is only entertaining for so long before it becomes tediously boring .

If the SNP are so outraged at the ( utterly predictable ) treatment they’ve received in that place – WTF are they still doing there ?

Looking under their benches for that spine they lost some time ago ?

A well kent myth. The myth of monarchy.  – YOURS FOR SCOTLAND (wordpress.com)

Spear o' Annandale

23rd Feb 2024 at 8:46 am

A terrific summary and explanation of our sovereignty and the rights of our people – much more concise than I could have achieved being famous for using 10 words where one will do, The structure of the article is easy to follow and as Iain mentioned it is all documented.

However, none of us are under any illusion how difficult this is going to be with denial, obstruction and interference at every turn. The major problem as is outlined by Alf Baird is the impact of over 300 years of colonisation where the people of Scotland have been the recipients of constant propaganda that has warped their knowledge and understanding of their true history and their rights as sovereign Scots.

Colonialists like to tell us that the UK is a safety blanket while at the same time plundering our considerable resources. However, that blanket is tattered and full of holes and Salvo / Liberation is about to rip away the rest of that blanket which is really a shield for the rUK.

If you want to help rip up what remains of that tattered blanket and throw it in the nearest bin, think about an application to become a member of the Liberation Scotland Committee and application forms will be available soon.

As Iain has mentioned before, this is the culmination of a huge amount of work by many people from different backgrounds as well as from all independence-seeking parties and a great number who are not a member of any political party. 

Perhaps Hugh MacDiarmid knew that one day someone would discover ‘Scotland’s hidden poo’ers’ and use them to obtain our freedom.

“For we ha’e faith in Scotland’s hidden poo’ers, The present’s theirs, but a’ the past and future’s oors.”

Hugh MacDiarmid


24th Feb 2024 at 5:31 pm

MacDiarmid’s poem On Receiving the Gaelic Poems of Somhairle MacLean and George Campbell Hay, opens with an ecstatic vision of a Scotland revived – echoed in MacCaig’s A Man in Assynt – evoking the time of the evictions and a new awakening “in our long-lifeless glen”.

…the freeing once more of the winter-locked ground,
the new springing of flowers, another rig turned over,
dearg-lasrach bho’n talamh dubh na h-Alba,
Another voice, and another, stirring, rippling, throbbing with life,
Scotland’s long-starved ears have found.

The great man entertained no doubts that Scotland could rescue itself from an inherently suffocating relationship, and had – to say the least – strong views on the way forward. These did not exactly begin and end with a Scottish Renaissance, but there could be no progress without it.

In his Second Hymn to Lenin, he asks

Are my poems spoken in the factories and fields,
                       In the streets o’ the toon?
Gin they’re no’, then I’m failin’ to dae
                       What I ocht to ha’ dune.

Gin I canna win through to the man in the street
                       The wife by the hearth,
A’ the cleverness on earth’ll no’ mak’ up
                       For the damnable dearth

But haud on haud on – a day micht be comin.


23rd Feb 2024 at 6:33 pm

Alfbaird and Graf Midgehunter

The suggestions, within both of your comments, I count as very encouraging, calling for the publishing of our own SALVO and Liberation Scotland educational literature relative to ‘Independence’ for Scotland.

Your examples, ‘Wee Blue Book’ and ‘Independence Explained’ are indicative of the necessity, that I consider, could form the foundation for a more comprehensive booklet to include Sara’s constitutional research based on fact and my own research of ‘Scotland – The Self-Financing Nation-State, (macroeconomic reality).

The current development of a larger ‘Committee’ for Liberation Scotland is going to be a busy time for all within SALVO but we must not take our ‘foot off the gas’. It is imperative that ‘EDUCATION’ for our members and much of the wider public should not be deflected.

I know that both the ‘Wee Blue Book’ and ALBA’s ‘The Wee ALBA Book’ both feature macroeconomic statements that are not based on the factual legislative protocols and economic realities. But, Alf’s documentation would add substantially, providing the necessary explanations of ‘What is Independence?’

Personally, I would like to make the case that ‘SALVO’ must not be too centred on the historical and factual importance of ‘Constitutional Reality’ while leaving the current ‘Economic Well-being’ arguments in the cupboard. Both are ‘Apolitical’ subjects and especially worthy in importance.

Even before the Scottish National Congress is formed, we need to be thoroughly well informed on all subjects that concern our drive for independence. Thus, being able to inform the general public and to counter any media or political antagonists with factual responses that will stop them dead in their tracks.


23rd Feb 2024 at 10:13 am

Although I agree with the content I think it should be irrelevant in the 21st Century. It is so obvious that People cannot be born to Rule over you that it is laughable that anyone accepts it.

When Tyrants in Zimbabwe, Russia, North Korea try to hold power and create a Name/family dynasty we mock it…..yet we accept a “Royal Family”.

It is bad enough that our Politics still enables a Westminster contaminated with Millionaires and Privately educated individuals. How can a democracy representing the general population be dominated by Eton school boys?

In Holyrood the only political leader not from Private education is the Tory!

Does that look like your community?

The Elite who stole the wealth of India (£45Trillion), The resources of Africa, The Land and assets of One Third of the World are not going to surrender control. The recent process used to steal COVID money is the same system in operation 300 years ago.

Yes the Monarchy should go!

Yes the article is correct and the Union is a fake construction!

However my fear is that the conditioning of Scotland is to create a mini UK open to exploitation. If we gained Indy tomorrow and created a Republic would the People be truly represented at Holyrood? Would we have true control of our resources? Would our Land be ours?

My vision of Holyrood has Tories, SSP, Labour, Communists, LibDems, ISP, Alba, SNP etc etc. Everyone in Scotland should be represented…BUT….every major change should require a Swiss style referendum. The People must be Sovereign and that is NOT achieved by the continued acceptance of a ruling Political Class. I remind you of the GRRA…..”The Majority of MSPs approved it…” was the cry.
They were telling us that Holyrood was Sovereign, not US.

Back to the article.

It is important to look back and learn but part of that is deciding what we want to replace it with.


23rd Feb 2024 at 6:46 pm

If we gained Indy tomorrow and created a Republic would the People be truly represented at Holyrood? Would we have true control of our resources? Would our Land be ours?

I can’t answer those questions Clootie. I doubt if anyone can.

If we look at Republics all over the world that were liberated from colonisation or monarchs over the past 100-150 years, we can see that they ran through all sorts of set-ups – dictatorships in African countries, a Catholic state in Ireland, a Muslim theocracy in Iran, Soviets in Russia and so on before they arrived at where they are today. And some are still stuck in those stages

The future Scottish Republic will be what the Scottish people make of it and like all the other new Republics will have a steep learning curve as it throws off the mental shackles of the past. We may learn from the mis-steps of others how to avoid the worst but I see no easy way through this process.

In the final analysis a country being a Republic accepts it has embarked upon a non-stop job of creating the society that the people want.

That may mean true control of our resources or the land being ours.

It may not, temporarily or permanently.


24th Feb 2024 at 11:54 am

There’s an inestimable number of our young people out there who need to know the truth about their country’s colonisation by deceit, as told by Salvo. I don’t suppose too many of them would take very kindly to the truth. In all honesty: I may be capable of holding that thought but its bringing-about can only happen when the young start discussing the facts amongst themselves. How that might be achieved is well beyond me, at seventy-five years of age. What isn’t beyond me is the realisation that our young people have a crucial role to play in their collective future and that Salvo has a powerful message to that effect for them.

Wings Over Scotland | Who Hates The Jews?




23 February, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Victory for Palestine is peace, and that which was stolen returned to them.

It’s an obdurate fact there is no equivalence between what a colonial occupier does, and what a “national” can do to combat the illegal occupation of their land.

What is happening in Gaza is not a war between equals, nor can there be any like for like comparisons. One of the “combatants” has lawful legitimacy on their side, while the other most certainly does not. There IS a victim here, and a hostile aggressor, and don’t let Western propaganda persuade you otherwise.

That their “military” action of Hamas comprises the taking of hostages might indeed be thoroughly reprehensible, but against this, we must also remember what capacities the Palestinians have at their disposal to take any military initiative whatsoever.

I have nothing except contempt for Greer and Chapman; entitled, opportunistic carpetbaggers with deluded perceptions which are an embarrassment upon Scotland. What’s happening in the Middle East needs an overdose of truth and public exposure, and a great deal less posturing and political chicanery.

And before our resident whiners latch onto the equivalence of a colonial aggressor in Palestine versus a colonial aggressor in Eastern Europe, there is virtually no equivalence between Gaza and YooKrane, but a great deal of equivalence between Eastern YooKrane and NATO’s military intervention in the former Yugoslavia.

There will only be equivalence in Gaza when “somebody” steps in to defend the Palestinians citing Article 51 of the UN Charter which legitimises a Military intervention when a nation or its nationals are attacked by an aggressor. Bit late after 50+ years of turmoil, but better late than never.

NATO bombed Yugoslavia to “address” the ethnic cleansing of Albanians, and the Ru$$ians occupied the Donbas to stop the shelling and attempted ethnic cleansing of Ru$$ian nationals living there. I know, I know, it’s a real can of worms to go much deeper than that, but these are the “acorns” of equivalence. The “annexation” of the Donbas has echoes of the NATO intervention in Serbia and recognising Kosovo.

But before the Zionists (and Trolls), claim the same equivalence, misrepresenting Zionist barbarity and aggression as “defending” their people from attack, we are back to the beginning… they are illegal occupiers of somebody else’s land and cannot claim to be “innocents” when the people dispossessed of their land rise up legitimately to end the illegal occupation of their land.

Keep it simple, enforce the law early, or war and carnage will follow. That the Palestinian people are still dispossessed of their lands after decades, despite dozens of UN Resolutions and forced into taking hostages, – is a stain on all of us. We, the developed world who pretend we are civilised, should properly have intervened a long time ago and put an end to this.




23 February, 2024 at 2:01 pm

Independently of how much I might agree or disagree with Mr Greer’s stance on the conflict Israel/Palestine, I am of the opinion this is an international conflict that is not going to be resolved at Holyrood level, it is not a matter that, for as long as our MSPs keep hiding behind the Scotland Act, does not belong at Holyrood level, and it is not a matter Mr Greer was elected to resolve.

It seems this conflict is being used by politicians and activists of pet causes as a convenient distraction to continue pushing Scotland’s independence to the bottom of the priority list. I am getting rather fed up with it.

At this point, what I am most concerned about, because it directly affects Scotland, is Mr Greer’s enforced blockade of the Scottish Parliament with his protest. He had no right to do that and I find it completely unacceptable.

Such action has been aggravated by the fact that Mr Greer is a MSP and therefore he was expected to know much better and behave with respect towards Scotland’s parliament and the Scottish people. In my view, he failed in both counts.

Because of this, and this only, I am of the opinion Mr Greer should be subjected to a no-confidence motion, severely disciplined and potentially ejected from his seat for gross misconduct.

I respect Mr Greer’s views on the Israel/Palestine conflict, but I do not respect, condone or accept his blockade of our parliament.

All our MSPs and MPs should be reminded in the strongest possible terms that they were elected to represent Scotland and fight for Scotland’s interests. They were not elected to represent Palestine, Israel, England or indeed USA or their geopolitical and economic interests.




23 February, 2024 at 2:53 pm

Just to be clear about what genocide is and whether in the circumstances of this blog post it is up for debate.

“In 1948, the United Nations Genocide Convention defined genocide as any of five “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”. These five acts were: killing members of the group, causing them serious bodily or mental harm, imposing living conditions intended to destroy the group, preventing births, and forcibly transferring children out of the group. Victims are targeted because of their real or perceived membership of a group, not randomly.[1][2]”

Anyone got any doubts about what is happening in Gaza?

Frank Gillougley



23 February, 2024 at 4:37 pm

Errrr… This ridiculous language (Man the barricades!) other than being downright pathetic, reminds me of ‘Hagar the Horrible’, a cartoon figure of the Daily Record. Onwards to Victory! Hagar shouts at the head of the battering ram with his fellow vikings, storming a castle. And then he shouts, Victory or death! and looks round and nobody is there but him.

And has been often said, shouldn’t someone also tell Ross Greer (the knobhead that he is), that Hamas aren’t actually his ‘mates’ on the ideological front?

Craig Murray



23 February, 2024 at 5:14 pm

There are no shortage of good reasons to dislike Ross Greer, but you seem to have aimed in a very strange direction.

There is of course no danger whatsoever that Israel will be militarily defeated by a people it illegally occupies who are denied any armed forces. Not to mention food and water. So that’s a meaningless shibboleth.

But the dismantling of the apartheid state of Israel is something I would unreservedly welcome.




23 February, 2024 at 6:13 pm

When we start to prosecute the use of certain words as a crime we are moving into a dystopian future of ‘thought crimes’.

Corrupt Governments (ie them all) are salivating at the power they will soon have when they can freely shut down debate with hate/terrorism crimes legislation based solely on someone’s Facebook posts. It’s started already.

Champions at this are the Israelis who have attempted to roll the definitions of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion into one, creating a nonsense where any criticism of Israel can be attacked as anti-semitism and labeled a hate crime.

In 2011, Brendon O’Connell in Perth Australia got jailed for three years because of conflation of such nonsense and was the first case I was aware of.

The BBC are currently pushing a case against Richard D. Hall over his work looking into the Manchester bombing event.
Proof on CCTV, Apparently

The object is to kill public debate using threat.




23 February, 2024 at 7:43 pm

The end of Israel won’t be a holocaust, this is laughable. At worst they will just be militarily routed and flee en masse to the point the state collapses. This is how all colonial states end.

And given the psychopath direction they have gone this is now very possible. Their astonishing military weakness has been exposed by 7th October. Their subsequent entirely predictable overreaction genocide and ethnic cleansing are sealing their fate just as Hamas planned.

As I said at the start Hamas have outsmarted them. A strategic blinder…

Racial supremacists don’t like being outsmarted by those they consider subhuman. Hence the mental rage… all very predictable and exploitative. All built into the plan.

Israel is destroying itself. I am not going to interfere with it. I suggest you don’t either.

Daisy Walker



23 February, 2024 at 8:45 pm

I wish I could believe in the good intentions of young Mr Greer… but like the young green supporter in my area, who boasts about taking the FlexiBus (electric, don’t you know) and ignores the fact that is charged overnight with a plug in diesel generator that uses 1.5 times the amount of fuel the modern diesel buses use for the same journeys.

So, cynic that I am, I suspect it has more to do with attempting to woo a large Asian vote in West Scotland political arena.

And I very much wish he was the only politician behaving in that manner. Alas, other parties suffer similar opportunists, who will bang that drum for their own fortunes.

It seems reasonable to me, that the word genocide can be used with integrity, since the ICJ had to carry out procedings with those charges being libeled. If the charge of genocide had no merit, it would have been dismissed without any formal hearing.




23 February, 2024 at 9:34 pm

My Venn diagram of opinions overlap with Craig Murray in a lot of areas and also with Stuart Campbell in a lot of areas. But it does not overlap with all of them in all areas all of the time.

So what. Both are good guys.

I spit venom at George Galloway, have told Craig to go fuck himself but on this topic especially I’d be listening to them.

Alastair Crooke is also excellent and Col Doug McGregor.

The shit storm of 77th brigade etc above is testament we are over the target here Stu.

But this is very dangerous territory and in it Galloway is a 6th dan black belt and Craig is not far behind… I am just saying you better be ready.

Bob Costello



23 February, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Stuart I have supported everything you have done for Scotland’s independence since the referendum campaign in 2014 and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all of it. However I find your attitude regarding what many people call the unfolding genocide of the Palestinian people, to say the least, extremely disappointing and quite frankly nauseating. This is a personal opinion and others might feel differently, but my disappointment is profound. The SNP have made this last 10 years unbearably difficult for independence supporters and I have always, throughout that time, looked upon you as a light at the end of the tunnel. I fear that light has just been extinguished. the Palestinian people are fighting for their freedom and indeed their very existence. Who will fight for them?




23 February, 2024 at 10:50 pm

As they used to say in Poland : “The jew cries out in pain, even as he strikes you”

the gaza “special military operation” is seeing about 70% civilian casualties; this is a very dirty war, almost as bad as in Korea – the americans flattened everything, not one brick lay on top of another brick, continued bombing the only purpose of which was – turn gravel into fine gravel.

a good middle eastern tear-up provides a useful comparative framework … – let us remember the amalekites. Who were the amalekites?

They attacked the chosen people on their way to the promised land, thus by the will of God, their only destiny was annihilation; it is forbidden to go easy, compromise, treat fairly, an amalekite.

Be careful if a jew calls you “amalek”.


Getting biblical, awful people though they are, the jewish s3ttlers in palestine, show exactly what you need to do to beat a bigger opponent (lessons for us); they played a sophisticated, multi level, game, involving realpolitik, bribery, corruption, international lobbying, right down to politics, lawfare and at the bottom, terrorism.

Think of the genius of this – they have managed to make good on a 3000 year old “property deal” between imaginary persons, despite them (ashkenazis) having no genetic connection to the middle east, coming from the steppes. And they have made the entire world “suck on it”. They even make the British their cuckolds and b1tches, even though they did appalling acts of terrorism against them. Like hanging squaddies from trees … then sticking the landmine underneath them, so their rescuers would be blown up too; that jewish IQ is real high (- within 10 years of Israel’s formation they had the British stealing heavy water for them, and they made absolute fools of the British over Suez.)

And you see, in jewish morality, there was nothing wrong in this, for the goyim are mere animals, whose souls come from the 3 satanic spheres, their deaths represented a good for israel and thus an absolute good, entirely. Jews invented modern terrorism, and it works; they even dress it up in the language of game theory. “israel must be like a mad dog … ” and all that. Jews treat viciously anyone who they regard as a tr4itor; loyalty must be absolute, fanatical, and anyone who backslides, or even gets a bit “nuanced”, gets hit so hard they never do it again. Tell a jew his beliefs are “ancient guff”, see how much blood is spilt from your mouth. Jews, wonderful, awful, people. But they ain’t losers

Be the Jew. Don’t be a Pal. FFS – don’t be a pal.




24 February, 2024 at 5:07 am

Ignored says:
23 February, 2024 at 8:19 pm

I don’t fully understand what ‘The British’ were doing in Palestine and what right they had to give away land to the Jews…

The Balfour Declaration would not have possible without the notorious Sykes-Picot Agreement, which arguably, instigated a century of murderous and acrimonious instability throughout the Middle East.

British and French colonialism colluding and conspiring to exploit and profit from the downfall of the Ottoman Empire in the shadow of WW1, but never letting wisdom get in the way of greed, self entitlement and deluded exceptionalism, and whole Middle East has been blighted ever since by direct and indirect consequence.

Alf Baird



24 February, 2024 at 8:38 am

Breeks @ 5:07 am

“British and French colonialism colluding and conspiring to exploit and profit from the downfall of the Ottoman Empire in the shadow of WW1, but never letting wisdom get in the way of greed, self entitlement and deluded exceptionalism, and whole Middle East has been blighted ever since by direct and indirect consequence.”

Aye Breeks, and that is really what the stushie in Westminster is about – the guilt of British-English Imperialism and the ongoing consequences of its brutal ideology and worthless values; which Scots aye endure, though need to discard, like all other ex colonies. Lats cast oot the colonial yoke in aw its mankit naitur.

Mark Harper



24 February, 2024 at 10:46 am

Israel is not a Jewish nation, it is a Zionist state illegally occupying the country of Palestine, victory for Palestine would be to not have its land taken by force, its people bombed indiscriminately. Victory would be having the right to exist. Zionism is evil, it states that they have the sole right to the land “from the river to the sea” a phrase first used by the Zionists. They are the Nazis, they are the ones implementing their “final solution” as the west looks on, even supplying the means to wipe out the Palestinians. Israel is destroying itself through its own actions. Greer is a side show.

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