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Not Hitting The Wall #1

'Not Hitting The Wall' scans independence blogs to bring you the best comments you might otherwise miss.

Not Hitting The Wall
Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Not Hitting The Wall

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular re-presentation of the best comments by readers of independence-supporting blogs, particularly Wings Over Scotland, Craig Murray, Gordon Dangerfield, Iain Lawson and others. We may occasionally reprint Twitter threads/exchanges.

Many thousands of brilliant comments have been made in these places over the years but no-one can possibly keep abreast of all written material - Not Hitting The Wall is a simple effort to give as many people as possible the opportunity to view important material which might otherwise pass them by.

We start off with two comments by 'Breeks' on Wings, the first of which caused something of a stir when reproduced via Twitter yesterday. The second was published on Wings this morning and has already received thousands of views, many of which will have been by readers who do not read Wings.

These comments appear exactly as they were published, with time-stamps and the original quotes to which Breeks may have been referring/responding.

Breeks says:

1 January, 2024 at 7:35 am

Geri says:
1 January, 2024 at 4:46 am

…I don’t think it’s not having a ref that’s scunnered people. It’s the fact that 10 YEARS have sailed by & not a fcking thing has been done. No prep, no strategy, no international guidance, nothing in Westminster.

'For me, it’s Brexit.

One sovereign entity of the United Kingdom voted for Brexit, while the other sovereign entity voted against it, and thus, Brexit was properly undeliverable without the unconstitutional subjugation of one nation’s will by the other.

Properly addressed, the Brexit result should have been adjudged a stalemate, and the status quo, that is the UK remaining in Europe, should have been the default position.

Had England taken offence at Scotland’s effective veto over English sovereignty, then the onus was on England to end the Treaty of Union, affect it’s own departure from Europe, but to leave Scotland in Europe, albeit in emergency negotiations to improvise an expedient appendix to Article 46 which recognised Scotland as a Continuer State, not a Seceding State.

To cut a long story short, either Brexit failed because Scotland was recognised as sovereign, or Scotland’s sovereignty was ignored, and thus Scotland’s ejection from Europe was unlawful.

In either condition, the Treaty of Union was now untenable and could not properly survive; not with one Nation in Europe while the other was not, or, not where the will of one sovereign nation subjugated the other in an alleged Union of Equals.

Scottish Independence, and indeed continuous EU Membership, was right there in the palm of our hands in 2016; constitutionally legitimate, lawful, backed by an emphatic democratic mandate, with the onus and culpability for the demise of the Union laid entirely at England’s feet.

All Sturgeon had to do, (though in truth, if better organised, we could have swept Holyrood and it’s notorious Scotland Act into the gutter), but all she had to do was stand firm and defend the Claim of Right whereby the sovereignty of the Scottish people was sacrosanct, and Scotland was once again an Independent Nation.

That is Sturgeon’s most heinous betrayal of Scotland; she abdicated the defence of Scotland’s constitutional rights and facilitated Scotland’s unlawful and unconstitutional subjugation at the precise moment when Scotland’s Independence was in the palm of our hand. The is the greatest betrayer of Scotland since Toom Tabard John Balliol, or the craven wretches of 1707.

That she is a liar, a fraud, a despicable conspirator who plotted to destroy an innocent man, a deceiver, and apparently some kind of thief or embezzler, and someone who has done untold damage to Scotland through dark liaisons with Scotland’s enemies, is as nothing beside her betrayal of our Nation and her contempt for the Claim of Right.

Burn in Hell Sturgeon, or alternatively, in the spirit of Leonidas, King of Sparta, cursing the betrayal by Ephialtes the hunchback, “May you live forever“.

It is now 2024. A guid new year to all. My lament about Brexit is not to dwell on the past, but for sake of our Nation, we must better learn the critical path to Independence and be sure footed in every step we take. We must never again forfeit victory when our feet are already over the Finish line.

Sturgeon, Humza, Holyrood, Westminster,…. It is all the same mistake. Let 2024 be the year we recognise that mistake and at last, find our way.'

Breeks says:

2 January, 2024 at 10:25 am

James Jones says:
1 January, 2024 at 10:54 pm

Oh boy, it shouldn’t be this difficult. If Scottish representatives didn’t present themselves in the HoC Scotland wouldn’t have UK representation; it would have no say in decisions. I know you think Scotland should have a blocking vote but that was never the deal.

'Well, true but not true.

Scotland is sovereign, and if Scotland elects to end the Treaty of Union, there won’t be a United Kingdom any longer. It will cease to exist. There will be an England and a Scotland, but NOT a Continuer UK state.

The Union only survives at all on the “presumed” consent of Scotland, presumed by default. If Scotland ever removes its consent, the Union is at an end.

Spoiler alert, Scotland did withhold it’s consent; over Brexit, and in a formal democratic referendum with recognised franchise, and thus Scotland’s Brexit subjugation was contrary to International law and of course, Scots Law. Once we rid ourselves of Vichy puppets, fools and t(raitors), the first competent Assembly we set up, (likely to be a reconvened Convention of the Estates), will be able to end the Treaty of Union as a mere legal formality.

The Treaty of Union is irredeemably and irremediably breached. What’s done cannot be undone. All Scotland needs to find is leadership with adequate courage to shake the Union to pieces.

That the Union enjoys a stay of execution is down to the issue of a “demonstrable” majority of Scots in favour of ending it. That is why Westminster cannot allow a referendum to happen and stop it at all costs. We saw that manifest in their “once in a generation” bullshit, and all the hot air about “accepting the result”. They are absolutely terrified of a second referendum. Their cheating and lies won’t work twice… (we must hope).

Ending the Treaty of Union by declaring it breached is “in the net” so to speak, it is beyond redemption, but there might be a complication in Scotland if lawful and contractual Independence won by Legal process was not supported by the majority. That wouldn’t save the Union, but could be messy and disruptive for our “new” Scotland. As prudent and cautious people, it matters that the legal judgement would be in tune with the majority. It’s a tiresome frustration for many of us, but there is sound reason in the thinking.

That is the current state of the Union, in other words, perilous and hanging by a thread.

Westminster can bluster all it likes, subverting democracy, indoctrinating the population, engineering social immigration, and spreading disinformation about Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and the potency of the Claim of Right. But for all that, Westminster cannot prevent Scotland ending the Treaty of Union.

The fate of Scotland lies in Scotland’s hands, not Westminster’s, and more and more Scots are waking up to that essential truth.

Unionists can deny or obfuscate about that truth, but they cannot change it. They cannot re-write the Treaty of Union, they cannot erase the Declaration of Arbroath, it’s Papal recognition, nor the 1328 Edinburgh/Northampton Treaty… Scotland ”… “shall belong to our dearest ally and friend, the magnificent prince, Lord Robert, by God’s grace illustrious King of Scotland, and to his heirs and successors, separate in all things from the kingdom of England, whole, free, and undisturbed in perpetuity, without any kind of subjection, service, claim or demand.”

Nor can they obliterate the Claim of Right, nor remove it from the tapestry of UK government.

These gobshites flock here like midges, to confuse and annoy us with their delusions and disinformation, but just like their BBC and Unionist MSM, ultimately, they are only fooling themselves. Scotland’s paperwork and sovereign Constitution is quite in order.'

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