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NHTW Special

'Party politics is no longer, if it ever was, a way to exercise popular sovereignty.' Mia

Saturday, March 30, 2024
5 mins

Dead Centre

We're still waiting for anyone to take up our offer as outlined in this morning's post i.e. make a case for the HCB. They'll surely come flooding in at some point.

In the meantime, here's a pretty solid case 'against' by one of Wings' best-known commenters and a regular in our own NHTW series.


30 March, 2024 at 10:35 am

'Welcome to 2024 Scotland, the nation where even cows have been repurposed to spy on people.

The nation where political parasites working for any entity under the sun other than Scotland herself, have secured state-sponsored abuse of parliamentary seats; state-sponsored deconstruction of democracy; and state-sponsored misuse of taxpayers’ funds to fund toxic quangos and create an illusion of diversity of opinion; launch fabricated accusations and then proceed to hide the real criminals so, rather than being prosecuted, they can be parachuted to some plum job from where they can continue patronising us with their lessons on faux morality, faux ethics and self-righteousness.

This is the nation where the political parasites who call themselves our “representatives” have made a complete mockery of our parliament, have unlawfully handed over Scotland’s legislative and executive control to external entities so they can deny us our right to create our own laws and force on us instead toxic ones like this one, which are now proceeding, like the good useful idiots they are, to force on us, on behalf of their handlers.

These wannabe dictators do not belong in a parliament. They belong in jail. Every single one of them.

Meanwhile, criminals like the thief/thieves of the 600,000 pounds in donations for the referendum continue to roam free in front of our noses, as do the “leaker”, the “perjurers” who participated in the fabricated case against Mr Salmond or the “legal” minds who launched malicious prosecutions.

Because, of course, in Yousaf and Sturgeon’s Scotland as the colony of the north, prosecuting real crime is of no advantage for the imperial power compared with forcefully gagging yes people who has the audacity to use their brain to think logically, to acknowledge biological science, and, heaven forbid, to demand enforcement of popular sovereignty and see the politicians for the useless empty vessels and treacherous puppets they are.

Political parasites, their external handlers and their “advisers” and support in high places may be saying “yes” to Scotland becoming a police state. But if the people of Scotland stands up to these self-serving creeps and says “no” and “stick your fascist legislation up yer arse”, it will be a no.

I refuse to accept these mediocre wastes of space and the even more waste of space that are those directing them to assault and insult their country like this, can silence an entire nation, so they can fullfil their toxic and self-serving interests. We should resist this with ever fiber of our being.

The first step is to find out who are those handlers, where are they based and what are the interests they are really pursuing.

The next is to use every opportunity to report to the police whenever one of these biology deniers insult a woman by calling them “terfs” or “cis”; or ageists insult middle-aged or older people by calling them “boomers” or by discriminating them by claiming “politics belongs to the young”; or any politician dares to insult Scotland’s intelligence by claiming “hate” is rampant in Scotland; or any politician dares to attempt to distort the representation of the population of Scotland by claiming there are far “too many white people” in positions of power.

The next is to bypass this failed political system. This toxic legislation has demonstrated how this system has failed us and it is no longer designed to represent the people of Scotland, but rather to control them and to silence them.

We need independent candidates who will not respond to the triple whip coming from some self-entitled arsehole acting as the useful idiot for some external power who takes delight in pissing on us from high.

Stu and Chris: thank you for your outstanding work. It has been eye-opening, informative, entertaining and a delight to read and to watch. It has been a pleasure to watch the parasites squirm whenever you published one of your articles.

Thank you for your efforts and for successfully revealing just how useless, vindictive, untrustworthy and betraying those parasites sitting in Holyrood and Westminster, allegedly representing Scotland, really are.

There is no way back. The concept of party politics in Scotland, and I dare say the UK, has been killed by these parasites and their greedy handlers. Party politics is no longer, if it ever was, a way to exercise popular sovereignty. It is a tool to deny popular sovereignty. It is deliberately vague legislation like this what reveals the true colours and purpose of the political parties bringing this forward, those voting for it, those advising on it and those implementing it.

They used to say “religion is the opium of the masses”. Well, right now, in 2024 Scotland, party politics has become the propofol of critical thinking, democracy and the fundamental right of freedom of expression.

An excess of propofol is lethal. Right now, this toxic legislation represents an overdose of state-sponsored and forced thought and expression repression.

If we do not want to be put to sleep, it is time to bypass party politics and all the abuse that has come through it.

See you all at the other side.'

From comments, here: Wings Over Scotland | The Absolute State

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