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Commentary from Wings readers - from June 4th until today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
2 hrs 20 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Agents Of Change

Vivian O’Blivion

4 June, 2024 at 3:33 pm

“Change agent” entered the lexicon courtesy of a 2010 download of CIA files to Wikileaks. The “Change agent” in question was longtime, prominent, American feminist, Gloria Steinem. Steinem was indirectly employed by the CIA in a capacity that would probably now be referred to as an “influencer”. Steinem was fully cognisant of who was paying the bills.
In the context of the time (1950’s) feminism would have been considered as “identity politics”.

Lorna Campbell

4 June, 2024 at 3:43 pm

Nailed it – again – Rev. He wants Labour/Tories/Lib Dems in charge in Scotland – i.e. Unionists of any hue. He is a Unionist, not any kind of independence supporter, and of the NI persuasion, not giving an inch. He is a bigot of the very worst kind.

The fact is that he wants no independence for Scotland, ever. So, Nicola Sturgeon is a constitutional gradualist. You don’t say, Neil? A constitutional gradualist is someone who wants to wait until every asset and resources has been filched by the greedy neighbour next door. A constitutional gradualist is one who hands over the keys to the treasure chest without a murmur, kow towing while doing so.

The ‘trans’ issue was never a distraction; it was the main prong of attack against independence; and it is the main prong of attack against every Western institution. Its aim is to turn society on its head in order to baffle it into submission and overturn centuries and millennia of progressive Western thought.

Neil Mac would be better asking who is behind it all and what they want to achieve, but the SNP is a much easier target and you don’t have to actually do much work to undermine it, especially when you are of the NI Unionist mentality. So much harder to pin down the evil, undemocratic philosophy that lies behind the ‘trans’ movement, a philosophy that is allied naturally to totalitarianism and fascism – and global corporate power and profit. Oh, and male supremacy, another part of the more extreme NI Unionist ideology.

Anton Decadent

4 June, 2024 at 5:59 pm

“Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Big Jock

4 June, 2024 at 6:02 pm

By the way. The members left in the SNP are basically suffering from cognitive dissonance. The SNP is like a religion to them. This prevents them from critical thinking.

You will never reach these people. Even the missing money, arrests and cover ups. Are blamed on the media by these fools.

It’s very hard to break someone’s religion. I actually pity them. I speak to them , and it’s like nothing has happened. And if we all just remain positive, click our red shoes, and shut our eyes. We will soon be back in Oz.


4 June, 2024 at 7:25 pm

Ignored says:
4 June, 2024 at 6:35 pm
This tadger exemplifies t,…

My observations of this guy go like this…He got, somehow, the ‘Steakknife’ story which elevated his profile and then obtained the editors job at the Sunday Herald. Then came the announcement of support for Scots independence a few months prior to the vote. He wasted no time in using his newspaper to ridicule and bad mouth the general Independence supporting public and has been a disruptive, disingenuous and all round false ally ever since. He’s back in the ‘ranks’ of course. Just as standard press weasel. Gie late in the day to take up the wokery an aw.


4 June, 2024 at 8:22 pm

“Which suggests they’re easily fooled”

I admit I was fooled by the political fraud Sturgeon since November 2014 to the end of 2016. That is two years. When the EU referendum passed and I saw that the political fraud had absolutely no intention to progress independence or to reaffirm Scotland’s popular sovereignty, all my alarm bells started ringing at once.

The thing is those alarm bells have not stopped ringing every since. Now they are ringing every time I see amy politician opening their mouth, every time Curtice is wheeled out to give another of his “prognosis” on the resurrection of Labour in Scotland or every time I hear there is a new poll. I do no longer trust anything that is released as “official”.

Watching the UK political system disintegrate by the minute, every day I become more and more convinced that Yes won in 2014 and all what we have had ever since is a collection of useful idiots working for the crown desperately trying to fool the voters, desperately holding the yes movement on a leash, desperately trying to bury the result for long enough to ensure the draining of Scotland’s of its assets is completed before this union ends. It did not escape my attention that under the political fraud Sturgeon, the draining of Scotland’s assets has indeed accelerated.

If being fooled for 2 years is, according to you, “being easily fooled”, I wonder what would you call all those labour supporters who, despite having been told for decades, if not centuries now that labour is going to abolish the House of Lords, and despite the times Labour have been in power did the square root of fuck all to abolish the said House of Lords, they keep voting labour like turkeys voting for Christmas, in the hope they will, at some point, abolish the house of lords. And well, let’s not get started about the con that Labour is “a party of the left” despite becoming in some respects and since Blair took over, more right wing and more establishment than the tories themselves.

There is a very good reason why Farage has seen an opportunity for his party: Starmer’s “labour” and the tories are so, so close to each other that voting one or the other makes no difference because is effectively voting for the exact same thing, the exact same farce. Love it or hate it, he is, just like the man in the hat, another opportunist hoping to capitalise on the rampant disenfranchisement of many who have become utterly disgusted by a dictatorship which has now completely lost the veneer of faux democracy and faux choice it was hiding behind.

Scotland’s independence supporters may have been “easily fooled” temporarily by a political fraud like Sturgeon, but rest assured we will not be fooled again. Taking over the SNP and destroying it and with it any pretence of democracy was an step by the British establishment too far. What they have achieved is for an increasing number of people in Scotland to no longer trust ANYTHING related to politics and to realise political parties are simply the tools the crown has been using all along to keep Scotland trapped in this union by force.

If there is something we have to be grateful to the political fraud Sturgeon for is three things:
1. she demonstrated that Scotland will never get its independence through political parties, because they can be very easily infiltrated by the establishment which will put vacuous narcisists in control that can easily be brought down thanks to their personal indecencies.

2. There is no democratic route for Scotland to end this union and the franchise has been carefully chosen to suppress the natives’ right to self-determination so any claims that the decision to end the union has to be democratic are a gigantic pile of manure.

3. There is absolutely no point in sending MPs to Westminster other than for them to line their pockets and entertain illusions of entering the House of Lords. The way to end the union is not by sending MPs to Westminster, but by stopping sending them.

There is a silver lining to all this. The last 10 painful years of useless Sturgeon, Yousaf and Swinney have demonstrated to us that Scotland’s political system is a con, it is completely useless and broken beyond repair, therefore the sooner it is bypassed the better.

How about that for being “easily fooled”?


5 June, 2024 at 12:20 am

Hard to avoid election coverage these days – “every time I think I’m out, they drag me back in … ”

the summer of hate continues :

farage says we need zero net migration because there are some places in Scotland where you never hear a scottish accent (“I think he said -something- else”)

– but aren’t the muslamics merely “expats” and don’t they “pay your wages” through their taxes, labour and general spending in the economy? And don’t the liberals and freemarketeers tell us we need them to solve the “demographic crisis” (thanks, feminism, for destroying western civilisation) since we need “growth” in the economy … is nigel “anti business”? down with all that -marxist-shit-

will nigel start citing tenerife, majorca, ibiza etc as prime examples of the damage an invasive foreign species can do to the indigenous people and culture?

I remember onetime a gang of scots schoolkids asked enoch powell, who was considered a powerful brain and master debater of his era, about whether he would support “repatriation” … of the norn irish protestants back to WHERE THEY CAME FROM – heh … his eyes widened to this alarming stare

farage, a created creature, a man from nowhere the bbc treat like an elder statesman, could end up as leader of the tories and eventually as PM (sounds mad, I know, but … boris johnson?!); the scenario is this – the tories get annihilated, farage gets elected as MP, increases his profile; the tories, by now a shambles, are crying out for a leader, farage enters, like the messiah (“its the real tories loike”); meanwhile labour, having got in, has done shit all it said it would do as it lives in total fear of its own jewish lobby, the city, and has its own leadership shilling like mad for nato/globalism, e.g. starmer at davos and david lammy of late has been going mad with the pro war pro nukes shite in various places, e.g. the atlantic.

– so useless fucking labour, does fuckall, and then gets booted back out again; enter our “poundshop” (powell/mussolini/franco/mosley)

whoever gets in, I can guarantee 2 things – you won’t get low energy bills or a GP appointment within a timescale that matters; you will get nukes and war, and less, less of everything, all over – that surplus value won’t squeeze itself.

farage is a mystery man; but nothing is really a mystery and to get anywhere in life you need help. But then that light aircraft crash he was involved had a smell about it – it’s the kind of accident, which is not always accidental.

in theory, I would not be against a genuine english nationalism, but the english have never managed to create such a thing – within a millisecond, “england” gets conflated with “britain” and into empire loyalism; imperialism is not a valid form of nationalism, it is a looting operation driven by ethnoracial supremacism, and that is always unacceptable.

farage seems a stooge to me, one of many; the danger would be, if he ever got into some powerful position, to believe his commando comics version of history and try to recreate old “glories”.

– a rightwing demagogue trying to return to “england’s glory” will smash head on into the fruits of the (class war driven, greed inspired) multicultural experiment; there is a circle to be squared, an explosive matchup (we should step well back from)

While I don’t have a problem with muslims in their own countries, when you import – islam – a foreign and very different culture, into your society and allow it to take root – you do need to examine it and to understand it; most people are afraid to do this.

it’s hard to get a critical line on islam; the liberals will call you islamophobe and say it is a religion of peace, even as the blade merchants are on the stab, and the muslims will say the stabby crowd are not real muslims, and if you disagree, will stab you.

Belloc’s old book is quite good, and can be gotten for free on the web. But here is a new one, main review a bit stuffy, overblown but the summary of the book is in blue, near the end, is concise and sharp.


TL;DR – islam does not, cannot, just “sit in a box” and does not “play well” with the other religions; it always tries to take over, and there is no separation of church and state, independent judiciary – it’s all one thing, unified. This sits at odds with everything in the west.

I am sure when the UK muslim population gets to 25-30% nothing much will happen and everyone will get along just fine.

– as a long term investment, Hate, has much to recommend it; inexhaustible supply and irrepressible demand.

Hate will set you free.

People who know what an egregore is will understand the “Hate Monster” is a real thing, and this political campaign will be gorging him, daily.

Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

5 June, 2024 at 12:56 am

Have just read this quote:

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Vivian O’Blivion

5 June, 2024 at 9:38 am

SNP fanboy James Kelly continues to trawl the internet for crumbs of comfort that his beloved ex is hale & hearty.
Kelly leaps on the Survation MRP poll which predicts the SNP returning 26 MPs. Without even the most perfunctory analysis Kelly gives Survation equal weighting to the YouGov MRP poll which had the SNP on 17 seats.
Big problem, although the YouGov population sample (58,875) is impressive, it is at the lower end of what could reasonably be expected to predict results on a seat by seat basis. The Survation poll relies on almost half as many (30,043) respondents.

Kelly’s lingering attraction to the SNP must either be sentimental, or he must believe that “they can be saved”.
Kelly’s wishful thinking borders on pathological. The SNP has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Anglo American Security State.
The SNP are an active impediment to independence just as the Irish Parliamentary Party were in the early 20th century.

Vivian O’Blivion

5 June, 2024 at 1:13 pm

Particular images and phrases become iconic totems for historical events.
The American involvement in Vietnam’s liberation struggle is captured in the image of “the burning girl” and the Viet Cong urban guerrilla being executed on the street at point blank range.
Knowing in advance which individual memento will capture the zeitgeist and become a future icon is next to impossible.
For consideration as an emblem of the collapse of the unipolar American empire, I offer the State Department press briefing of 28th May.
In this, Matthew Miller, the bastard offspring of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang spends the first two minutes delivering a petulant strop against the Government of the former Soviet, Republic of Georgia. Their crime? To enact a law requiring transparency regarding foreign funding of political lobbying outfits.
Miller’s rant is reminiscent of an adolescent fulminating against an ex-girlfriend. Miller’s indignation is visceral.
To paraphrase; “How dare they presume to exercise supervision over their own democratic institutions”.
The law which garners the ire of the State Department is almost a carbon copy of Washington’s very own Foreign Agents Registration Act.
Now why would that drive the apparatchiks of Foggy Bottom to apoplexy?
Hypocrisy on stilts!
The State Department is going to sanction members of the Georgian government and their families.
These are not the actions of a confederation of mature, circumspect, accomplished professionals. Foggy Bottom is populated by entitled buffoons drunk on a misplaced belief in their own omnipotence.
The Empire is its final death rattle. A very dangerous point in history and a moment of opportunity for those of a revolutionary disposition.
Can the Indy movement get its act together in time to capitalise as the geopolitical tectonic plates rupture?

PostScript: The SNP’s Stephen Gethins cut his teeth running political influencing operations in the former Soviet, Republic of Georgia. His employer, NGO LINKS operated out of the University of Arizona and was funded by the US Government’s National Science Foundation. Now why would an organisation tasked with furthering scientific development within the territorial boundaries of the United States be financing political lobbying in the Caucuses? Has the National Endowment for Democracy lost its utility as a deniable front for the CIA?


5 June, 2024 at 1:17 pm

The English state propaganda machine heavily reminding us that D-Day is eighty-years old, with a few folk saying how they needed to stop the Knattzis from winning the WWII war.

Of course we should honour their sacrifices, and respect them, however England is currently supporting Knattzis in U and Zzz–i-o-Knattzis in Is-hell, as is the G-r-eat S–at-an (US), and much of the West.

Lets also spare a thought for the country R–uss-h-ia that actually ended the WWII Knattzi reign which cost them a whopping twenty-million peoples lives, Oh wait we can’t do that, for we in (the west) are currently trying to start WWIII by supplying a Knatt-z-i regime in U with weapons.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

7 June, 2024 at 1:22 pm

“So who do we vote for?
GREENS or spoil our ballot paper?
Serious Q by the way.”

Well, never the SNP or the Greens. There are valid arguments to be made for voting for other pro-indy candidates if you have them, or tactically for whoever’s most likely to unseat the SNP, or spoiling your ballot. It all depends somewhat on who the candidates in your own constituency are, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer and Wings isn’t in the business of telling people who to vote for anyway.

Wings Over Scotland | The Elite And Me

Alf Baird

5 June, 2024 at 2:34 pm

Some folks still discuss elections and politics in Scotland as if it was a ‘normal’ country, rather than what it is, a colonized country:


If we don’t understand our ‘condition’ we are hardly likely to find the only remedy:


Alf Baird

5 June, 2024 at 6:46 pm

James Che @ 5:02 pm

“Westminster parliament has done these kind of rolled down parliaments in other Countries that it Colonised also”

Aye James, indirect rule is a long-established imperial policy and there are always plenty of native elites willing to be pensioned off to help maintain the colonial racket. The only difference between us and other English colonies is, due to geography, Scotland (Wales and Ireland) are allowed a few token places in the imperial parliament. This maintains the colonial illusion that we are somehow party to decisions aye made by others on our behalf.


5 June, 2024 at 7:38 pm

the SNP are a corpse blocking a fire exit”

They are worse than that. They are the embodiment of betrayal. Since the political fraud Sturgeon took over in November 2014, the SNP has been working tirelessly to rein the yes movement back in, to stop its momentum, to completely destroy its political vehicle for independence and more importantly, to restore Labour’s control over Scotland. They have abused our votes, abused our patience, abused our trust, abused our good will.

I do not think they give a fig about bankrupting the party. I actually think that was part of their plan, to ensure there was no way back.

I don’t think they give a fig about losing seats. Most of them would have secured nice positions in other establishment roles in exchange for selling their country. Just as the MPs from 1706 were rewarded by the crown for selling their country.

We were well and truly sold, just like Scotland was sold by the self-serving parasites sitting in its parliament in 1706.

It has been rather obvious for quite some time now that Labour by itself could have never resurrect in Scotland. So the British establishment has chosen to engineer that resurrection.

It has taken it 10 years to systematically infiltrate and take a wrecking ball to the SNP to destroy it bit by bit until there is nothing left. That is how strong the pro independence sentiment in Scotland is and how little Labour is trusted.

It is not credible that the entry of Mr Vow right into the higher echelons of the party was simply a bad choice. It was by design, to blur the brand.

The caravan was not mistake either. It is the symbol of corruption they needed to stick on the party’s lapel to ensure it was unelectable.

Their supposed chronic “incompetence” is no accident. It was needed to create the impression that Scotland cannot self-govern.

Their invitation of the gender parasites to the control room of the party and government was no accident. It was by design to build distrust among voters.

Their taking a wrecking ball to women’s rights and putting rapists in female prisons was no mistake. It was necessary to present the party as fascist entity and fabricate fear of an independent Scotland led by the SNP.

Their keeping supporting Matheson despite knowing that what he did would lead to prosecution if he was in any other line of work is no stupidity. It is by design, to cause disgust and to send the message that crime is endemic within the SNP ranks.

The establishment and the SNP themselves are doing the worse they possibly can in order to stop people voting SNP in the upcoming GE. Their disenfranchising of yes voters is by design. That is the only way Labour can win. The SNP have been on a deliberate path of a conscious self-destruction since the 14 Nov 2014.

As the REv highlighted in the podcast, there are some parallels between what is happening with the SNP in Scotland and what has happened with the tories in England.

In my view, the destruction of those two parties has not been organic. Has been by design. Just like removing Corbyn from the labour party and putting it under zionist control has not been organic. That is what the entities controlling UK politics needed to do to stick the manchurian candidate Starmer in n10.

And that is why politics in the UK are completely dead and have become completely pointless. Our political institutions have become a shell manipulated by something else.

Labour will enter n10 this time because that is what the establishment and its foreign allies have already decided it will happen, and to hell with what the people in the UK wants.

We have to stop playing this pointless game of sending MPs to Westminster to legitimise this affront to democracy.

If you really want independence and are lucky enough to have an ISP candidate or an independent candidate standing on an abstentionist ticket in your constituency, vote for them. If not, repurpose your ballot and cast your vote. Do not give labour and the establishment behind it a free ride.

Because what is the point in sending MPs to Westminter? What are we paying them for? To sell us down the river as SNP, labour, libdem and tory MPs have been doing for the last 10 years? To legitimise the systematic abuse of Scotland and the pillage of its assets? To laugh at and mock us? To patronise us? To abuse our votes by forcing on us what we did not vote for?

Let’s break the vicious circle. It is about time we refuse to play this “Scotland is the loser forever” game

Alf Baird

5 June, 2024 at 8:17 pm

Northcode @ 7:32 pm

“postcolonial theory so accurately predicts the behaviours of those Scots native elites beholden to Westminster.”

Indeed so Northcode and, as we begin to enter the third phase of decolonization, where the people start to understand the true path to liberation and Freire’s 2-stage process in which:

1) the oppressed group and their leaders unveil the world of oppression (i.e. colonialism is revealed to them) and commit to its transformation, and:

2) the culture of domination is confronted, its myths expelled, and its presence removed.


Tinto Chiel

5 June, 2024 at 9:02 pm

@Mia 7.42: an excellent summary of the decade-long decline of the SNP.

Millionaire self-confessed Zionist/Davos-loving Trilateral Commission Member Keir Stumer will limply take over the reins of Number 10 (although I suspect many Muslims will not vote for him and his margin of victory will be reduced) and continue the Tory policies of privatisation and huge transfers of wealth from us to the rich, embodied in the numerous public-private partnership wizard schemes which get all their investment from the public purse while all the profits go to private pockets.

I suspect whoever “wins” the GE will probably be faced with a terrifying slide to Armageddon unless some adults in America manage to wrest control of the State Department from the likes of Blinken and Nuland and accept the utter folly of their actions in the country east of Poland. Christ, even William Burns, the head of the CIA, has been telling them for ages of the lunacy of pushing for the inclusion of Yoocrane into NATO.

I used to laugh at the president I called Ronald Ray-Gun because of his SDI/Star Wars Project but he even he recognised the nascent Neo-Con fruit loops of his time who opposed nuclear arms limitation talks as “the crazies in the basement”.

Off to re-read “Your Attention Please” by Peter Porter, which I’m now suspecting is more of a premonition than a mere poem.

I hope for us all that I’m wrong.


5 June, 2024 at 11:30 pm

– aye mia, I think that’s what I said, was I not clear?

the ww2 fetish propaganda was a bit much today and was going to post a long one, but … to keep it short :

they make such a big deal about ww2 because if you ignore a lot of things, then it might just be the one conflict where britain, might, arguably, have been the good guys, since the nazis were, arguably, worse than us … but don’t ask the irish, the indians, much of africa etc about all that as they are biased, nor should you dig into the origins of it all too closely, or examine too closely what actually happened. Enjoy the foma riddled fructose substitute for critical thinking so eagerly peddled :

… yeah so, this guy, hitler, right, was like, um, “far right”, like an incel on 4chan, and he decided to be majorly antisemitic by killing all the jews and britain and amerika invaded europe to liberate the camps, then we made isr_ael as like a “safe space” for the jews … soap, lampshades, yada yada yada … and this is why we must support (the current thing), “scythia” and take the vaccine and don’t be racist …

nor should you point out that d day was a sideshow compared to the eastern front, and the people most responsible for defeating the evil nazis were … (stop that, that’s enough of that)

in case you think the empire was ever the good guy, or were wondering why the resentful chinese hate us for our freedoms, have a read at this


remember this when some anglo twat tries to tell you the empire was some humanitarian operation, that barely broke even.

Antoine Roquentin

6 June, 2024 at 12:14 am

It’s difficult not to think that the SNP has gone full Brit-Nat saboteur and are complicit in a grand Whitehall plan to prevent the resource impoverished England from becoming a full-blown disaster-zone, by desperately holding on to the energy-resources possessed by Scotland.


6 June, 2024 at 5:46 am

Remember the movie Wargames? Ok, it hasn’t lasted well, but Joshua was the supercomputer with the power to launch the USA’s nuclear missiles. It could examine all variables, do the calculus and pursue the most logical tactic for victory in a nuclear war.

Of course in the movie, they lost control of it, and the world faced Armageddon on the throw of a dice, and it took the genius of a young prodigy hacker to play the supercomputer a game of tic-tac-toe, to “teach” the computer futility of a no-win scenario.

Right now, Scotland is in a no-win scenario, and needs its own Joshua supercomputer to work out that every possible permutation of seats in any conceivable Westminster Government, in every analysis of the numbers, in every conceivable scenario, Scotland loses.

Jeezo, 56 out of 59, that’s 95% of the Scottish seats were SNP, and the result didn’t even send a ripple through the swamp because the SNP itself had already been castrated and nullified before the count even started. We elected eunuchs.

There is NO possible victory for Scotland in Westminster, because there is no victory possible.

If Scotland wants a true Scottish Government, then every vestige of UK Government, down to it’s last grasping tendril, must be rejected and purged from our nervous system, and Scotland’s first government in over 300 years needs to be built from first principles and the Scots Laws of our Land.

Only SALVO is talking in such terms.

Not rebellion, insurrection or violence in the streets mind you, but the “reckless extremism” of defending Scotland’s Constitutional integrity in International Treaty, Domestic Law, and International Law.

Take a moment to think about that. Are we so far through the looking glass that seeking a judgement to ratify probity and justice are “radical” pursuits?

It’s like the Jacobite “Rebellion” again. Those who stand firm to defend the obdurate probity of law over political chicanery are branded “rebels”.

SALVO should not be branded cranks expelled to the periphery of the Campaign, SALVO and Liberation are the very essence of where the fight properly is. Independence begins and ends with the robust defence of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty. All roads lead to this.

Alf Baird

6 June, 2024 at 9:28 am

Breeks @ 5:46 am

“If Scotland wants a true Scottish Government, then every vestige of UK Government, down to it’s last grasping tendril, must be rejected and purged from our nervous system”

Yes, and more generally throughout a colonial society, postcolonial theory is quite clear in that ‘nothing of the colonizer’s is appropriate for the colonized’ (Memmi); this includes all his institutions, education, media, his culture and language, and most especially his ideology and values which pervades everything – for in a colonial society ‘only the values of the colonizer are sovereign’.

Alf Baird

6 June, 2024 at 10:20 am

Hatey McHateface @ 9:48 am

“learn to read and write a new language”

Scots isnae a ‘new language’, ye wee daftie! All peoples in self-determination conflict are linguistically divided and Scots are nae different.

Language (and culture) is the basis of our national identity. Language deprivation (‘Linguistic Imperialism’) seeks to change a peoples identity through assimilating them into another culture (hence ‘cultural assimilation’). What did you think made Scots (and many other colonized peoples) think they are British?

Of course, a colonized (i.e. oppressed) people deprived of learning their mother tongue end up with ‘a rusted tongue’ and suffer the consequences of a language divide that is created by the colonizer for his advantage. However, if this is not remedied then assimilation – and hence colonialism – will continue and the oppressed people/culture ‘which is in the process of perishing’, will ultimately perish.

Why did you think Scots fowk are nivver lairnt thair ain Scots langage in the schuils? It is because the imperial power kens that ‘language is a very powerful weapon’. The vast bulk of the independence movement comprises Scots language speakers, those that hold primarily to a Scottish identity only, and who are less assimilated than other natives (e.g. bourgeoisie). Hence the Scots language is a critical determinant of independence, as explained in my book Doun-Hauden, and summarised here:



6 June, 2024 at 10:48 am

The SNP has not been a party of independence since the ‘14 referendum. The sturgeon took over and it has been one continuous negative from the persecutions of prominent independence activists to woke to finances…… Odd.
We are talking about independence for our country not planning permission to build a bungalow, there is no passion,fervour, commitment, initiatives or policies to deliver freedom for our country. To the MSM Scotland and the SNP do not exist.
It’s sheer unbridled contempt. But that contempt is inspired by the SNP itself by demonstrating its total disinterest in independence ,no walking out and disrupting Westminster every time Scotland has a grievance just primary school tantrums.
Yesterday I watched an example of that contempt yesterday when prince william confirmed that the uk is indeed ENGLAND when delivery his DDay anniversary speach. He spoke of the soldiers that never came home and that “ they remain there in a foreign field that is forever England”.
What an insult to the rest of the uk countries whose brave non English soldiers perished. The fool didn’t seem to realise what he was saying, or maybe he did, after all he needed to remind the world that it was England that saved the world.

Vivian O’Blivion

6 June, 2024 at 11:04 am

I await James Kelly’s breathless headline declaring a new dawn for the SNP under John Swinney.
Ipsos, Westminster voting intention, field work 31 May – 4 June, Scottish sub-sample (88 weighted), (change from 2019).
Con 24% seats 1 (-5)
Lab 17% seats 1 (=)
LibDem 7% seats 2 (=)
SNP 44% seats 53 (+5)

Is SNP Fanboy stupid enough to pick up a sub 100 population sample and run with it?


6 June, 2024 at 2:52 pm

I see Ellis is desperately trying to undermine the FACT that there was no union, that there could be no union because oor ain parliamentarians and lords or even king could not giveaway rightfully that which belonged and still does to the people of Scotland and that is sovereignty.

Even the foreign parliament of Westminster reaffirmed the Scottish Claim of Right several years ago. The idea of the union has been buried deep within the Scottish psyche so much so that many Scots choose to believe that the union does exist, others haven’t read the information that shows the union couldn’t have existed in the first place, 300+ years of being brow beaten from all corners has led many Scots believe that the union exists.

“It is worth noting that, because it is stipulated in the Claim of Right Act, ratified as a condition of the Union itself, the oath of Accession continues to be “required by law” for any legitimate monarch of Scots. This ensures that no monarch had or has the authority to alter or undermine (alienate) the Scottish Crown in which are vested the sovereign rights of the people, the Community of the Realm of Scotland. This is why we can be certain that Queen Anne had no power, (nor had the Scottish Parliament ever pretended to any power),to change the institution passed down from Kenneth McAlpine, to “transfer” the Scottish Crown by merging it with that of another nation, to alter its character or undermine its rights in any way. And if the Crown of Scotland could not merge with that of England, then the kingdoms of England and Scotland could not merge into a single kingdom. Thus, while a single, political and economic state governed by a single, unified Parliament was entirely feasible, what the Treaty of Union envisaged was simply impossible.”


“What took place instead was that Scotland was added to the domains of the English Crown, or as the House of Commons Library has it, the English Coronation Oath was “extended to Scotland.” The English Crown was renamed the Crown of Great Britain, later, (1800), styling itself the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and, finally, the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But no matter what name it has adopted, this is precisely the same English Crown institution as it has been from 1066.”

And this.

“Scotland is a nation and voluntarily entered into union with England as a partner and not as a dependency. (Balfour Royal Commission on Scottish Affairs Report 1952-1954, Chapter One, presented to Parliament, July 1954.)

This was a lie in 1952 and it is a lie today. There is no partnership, voluntary or otherwise, without an agreement. There is no agreement between Scotland and England, for abandoning the aim and function of the Treaty and Acts of Union and adopting an alternative course of action: leaving both Crowns and both kingdoms in place and only‘uniting’ them, (in a manner of speaking and in precisely the same way that the other British colonies were ‘united’ with the English Crown), by adding Scotland to the domains listed in the English coronation oath so that England became ‘Crown overlord’ of Scotland.

Annexation is not voluntary. A discarded treaty is not a partnership agreement. ‘A people subject to a foreign sovereignty’ is among the definitions of a dependency, or colony.

The ‘United Kingdom’, as described by the Treaty and Acts of Union and by Scotland’s own Lord Advocate so recently, is a fraud contrived by the Anglo-British state.”

There was no LEGAL union its a lie, we are held hostage by England so it can asset strip our nation and use our lands in any fashion (usually military) for what suits its needs.


Alf Baird

6 June, 2024 at 3:44 pm

Andy Ellis @ 2:17 pm

“I seem to remember Roddy Dunlop admit he wasn’t a constitutional expert”

Well, he’s no wrang. Scots lawyers, courts and legal practices have been rather put well outside of the international treaty making business since 1707; so this is not so surprising, rendering Scots Law a more ‘domestic’ concern ever since. Scots lawyers will of course have noticed that what they still think of as ‘Scots Law’ has been under some pressure of late and it remains on a shoogly peg whenever an imperial power is keen to diminish any notion that national sovereignty might be found somewhere within a restless colony, e.g. in its highest courts.

The attacks on Scottish sovereignty (and violations of ToU) included: removal of Scotland’s burgh councils, followed by; the Oxbridge-isation of Scotland’s ancient universities, and; the Scottish Kirk’s complicity in the non-crowning charades of numerous new monarchs wha aye refused to take an oath uttering allegiance to the Scots as ‘a sovereign people’.

There is perhaps still a contest on sovereignty to be had between the Imperial state and what remains of ‘Scots Law’; the future of ‘Scots lawyers’ could depend on it.

Alf Baird

6 June, 2024 at 4:48 pm

Northcode @ 3:55 pm

“how you arrived at that conclusion on yer ain”

I was trained in and experienced in using ‘grounded theory’ method in my various research works. Here we look for all the evidence we can gather on a subject, including of course theoretical works/perspectives, papers, blogs etc. This generally requires lengthy study, analysis and reflection – Doun-Hauden took 7-8 years to write!

Eventually you get to the stage where you are able to ‘ground out’ a theoretical framework, identifying key aspects/headings, from the mass of data gathered and analysed and which (hopefully) fully explains the complexity of the ‘phenomenon’ in question (i.e. Scottish independence).

My ‘theory’ (and framework) appears to be the only theoretical framework thus far developed on the subject of Scottish independence. We can only assume why that might be. The lack of Scottish academics at higher levels in our institutions may be a factor, understanding the right research/methodological approach, or personal interest another. I consider the work also as a textbook, which should be of interest to those interested in studying the subject.

Anybody may criticize my theory on the subject, assuming they have developed a better one, or created a different theory that might explain the same phenomenon. We seem to be still waiting on that happening. Either academics are disinterested or simply unable to come up with a different or better theory on our ‘condition’, as yet.

That ‘Doun-Hauden’ has not been more widely publicly debated far less dragged through the mud by the media or criticised by senior academics or politicians probably reflects the fact our institutions and elites do not wish to draw attention to it. Its findings, which are not easy to refute (all based on evidence and theory) are in most respects what could be described by an imperial power as ‘anti-colonial literature’; it therefore represents the basis for a subordinated people to better understand the nature and extent of their oppression, and such material is never welcome in a colony.


7 June, 2024 at 12:19 am

sven asks :

what is the purpose of posting on wings?

to convince the undecided?

– certainly not among posters, there are very few undecideds and a lot of bad actors just stirring it

the lurker is the target, the indy curious who needs a bit of information, encouragement, rhetorical ammunition

never forgetting people come to read the rev’s articles, 90+%

the BTL should be considered a bit of a laff, nothing much more.

I like reading it with my coffee.

at its best it is very sharp and funny, even perversely, like watching a twat like ellis get his knickers in a twist, clutching his handbag

there is a useful training ground aspect when it comes to writing – a good comment makes its point forcefully and memorably, concisely; while sometimes people do “go long” with well constructed comments, the real knockouts are the short ones

– there aren’t many places to develop your writing skills; school and uni don’t teach you how to write, only to punctuate (academic writing is especially boring) – and this is the essence of communication, to get that idea you came up with, injected into someone else’s brain

the best writers can do eloquence and the well constructed, but they also know how to mix it up as well and indulge in a bit of verbal thuggery

and you know when to break the rules, correctly, like I don’t bother to punctuate when it spoils the flow

– whenever I see someone called “sven” I always think of a feisty lad dressed as a plumber, ringing a doorbell, to be met by by a blonde, in full makeup, just out the shower …

oh you better come right in


some say your porn name is your first pet and your first street

Alf Baird

7 June, 2024 at 10:33 am

Big Jock @ 11:33 pm

“They will say they are British and Scottish. But will never have a Saltire. They are the ones who want to extinguish Scotland. The Colonisers from within. They are the worst form of occupiers. We will never win these people over. Because they don’t believe in Scotland as a nation.”

Here we need to understand that a colonized people ‘crave dependence’ and hence oppose their own liberation. We saw the various elite groups all scurrying around in their finery at St. Giles for the non-funeral of QEII and the non-crowning of KCIII, each more than content for Scots to play the bit-part in the ongoing colonial ‘UK’ hoax. Native elites clearly have an important role in this regard.

Fanon wrote that colonialism is always ‘a co-operative venture with native elites’, whilst Cesaire reminds us that:

“colonization is based on psychology, that there are (native) groups… who suffer from what must be called a dependency complex, that these groups are psychologically made for dependence; that they need dependence, that they crave it, ask for it, demand it; that this is the case with most colonized peoples”.

We can be sure that these ‘dependent’ groups work hard to protect the colonial racket, and their privileged position in it, and to prevent the people becoming independent/liberated.


Wings Over Scotland | The Two Kirstys

Big Jock

7 June, 2024 at 2:06 pm

” I very rarely talk about independence , because the things that matter to my constituents are more important”.

That’s like ignoring an elephant standing on your bed, and complaining about bed bugs instead. Every problem that her constituents have, big or small , are as a direct consequence of being in the UK. That’s the whole feckin point of independence.

She dismisses independence , as a side show. When it’s actually the single most important thing that can change everything.

She was elected to WM to settle up , not bed down in the Union.

Michael Laing

7 June, 2024 at 2:46 pm

@ Rob at 2.18pm:

I for one will never, ever forgive the Tories for the destruction they brought upon Scotland, and all without a shred of democratic legitimacy. Even if they promised to repay the oil revenues they’ve stolen, rebuild our industry, renationalise our public services and build council houses for everyone who needs them, I would still despise them. I want their odious policies and politicians gone from Scotland completely and forever. They can go to hell.

Alf Baird

7 June, 2024 at 2:59 pm

Michael Laing @ 2:16 pm

“Who else were independence supporters going to vote for but the party that was supposed to bring about independence?”

Precisely so, the people put all their faith in the national party promises and they have deceived the people in all respects. The deceit of a dominant national party turns out to be an all too common theme in postcolonial literature.

This does not mean independence is lost, it is merely delayed, as the people begin to better understand their colonial reality and, importantly, that independence means decolonization. After this realisation ‘which sickens the movement’ (Fanon) we go into the final phase, phase III, the ‘liberation phase’:



7 June, 2024 at 3:05 pm

The SNP carrots are dangling like f*ck right now in the hope that voters will give them their votes, they had their chance and they f*cked us over big time, I hope they get wiped out in the foreign country of England’s elections come the 4th of July.

Meanwhile Tammany Hall, aka Glasgow City Council, in which its LEZ has seen 300 taxi drivers lose their jobs because their taxi’s weren’t compliant, is using non-LEZ compliant trucks to remove illegally parked vehicles in my home town of Glasgow, what a bunch of hypocrites these self-serving, troughing, b*stards are.

In reality the LEZ is nothing more than a money making scheme dressed to look like an environmental advancement programme.


7 June, 2024 at 3:22 pm

The hate figures of the 1980s may be gone but the ghost of past events lives on in the spirit of every major party now operating in Scotland as well as the UK.

The deliberate rightward march of all the major players in favour of a group of elites (and the rest be damned) has brought our country to its knees.
They’ve sold every piece of the family silver they could get their hands on and are actively working on the rest.

They’ve maxed out every credit card and continue to run up massive bills to the extent that the debt is incapable of being repaid by the few generations even if there was a will to do so.

Rob, maybe now in your rose tinted spectacles, the I’m alright Jack attitude and because you’ve enough savings to have a decent funeral, the cares of the future don’t exert the same pressure on you, however, the youngsters just starting out in life will have a long hard journey ahead of them and it’s all the fault of our generation, we gave credence to these politicians, these charlatans, and we’ve utterly failed our children and our grandchildren in doing so.

Lorna Campbell

7 June, 2024 at 4:21 pm

Kirsty Blackman is the quintessential example of someone who virtue-signals for a living. In that sense, she has earned her pennies. In any sane world, in any sane country, in any sane party, he would receive the Order pow the Boot. She is a despicable human being who actually cares about no one except the men in frocks, like so many women who need their nethers kicked.

Between treacherous women and ("Tractor" - Ed)ous Scots, it’s difficult to know where to start. You can’t get through to them because they have an in-built refusnik frontal lobe that is stimulated only by the most absurd and unreal concepts – the wackier and off the planet, the better for them. They are self-made schizoid masochists, who self-create two separate people in the one body in order to remain living.

“I am a Unionist Scot who wants independence” and/or “I am a female who wants men to abuse me by denying my humanity”. It is both an absurdity and a reasonable conviction with no contradictions for people like Kirsty Blackman. Robert Louis Stevenson understood the condition very well, as did Burns, JM. Barrie, Naomi Mitchison, and more or less all artistic and cultural Scots, who reflected that dichotomy in the Scottish/female psyche. It is the utter lack of self-awareness that is unforgivable. She is not a child. I will not be voting SNP in the GE. End the Union. Repeal the GRA.

I. Despair

7 June, 2024 at 4:42 pm

Well, Kirsty Racistsexistsurname might claim not to know whether she’s a man or a woman but I’m pretty sure she’d waste no time in claiming misogyny or gender-based violence any time a man had the temerity to suggest that she stop talking shite.


7 June, 2024 at 7:48 pm

Set to Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life a la Trainspotting….

Choose Kirsty Blackman. Choose the Sham Nationalist Party. Choose missed opportunities and squandered mandates. Choose a wasted trip to the polling booth. Choose contemplating which unionist to vote for if ALBA, the ISP or #EndtheUnion isn’t an option. Choose sitting up past midnight to watch the live results, in the knowledge that the SNP won’t do fuck all for the next five years having done fuck all during the previous. Choose listening to Swinney drone on like a primary school teacher about unicorns and rainbows and independence. Choose wishing that Sturgeon was banged up for a stretch with a 6’4″, 250lb cellmate called Marilyn, who is reality just a cross dressing fetishist, misogynist and anatomically intact male called Gavin. Choose more of the same shite from Blackman and her pals, sitting in Westminster and living well off your tax money for a net benefit to Scotland resembling the square root of fuck all. Choose your future. Choose to tell Kirsty and the other troughers in the SNP to do one. Choose someone else.


7 June, 2024 at 8:55 pm

nice one roberto – this is now a musical thread, and given the nights activities, profoundly appropriate :

Taylor Swift … her songs are okay, I suppose, but why she is so -massive- I don’t get; all the wee lassies totally identify with her (a wildly erroneous comparison for the dumpy wee chipmunks compared to a tall, blond, aryan goddess) – and that is all that counts, because it’s money, pure gold. Swift’s wee pal, Alana Del Ray, now she is much more interesting I think, haunting voice.

I hear the Taliban are providing the half-time show, looking out for – immorality, immodesty, and hidden bags of skag. Could be a fun night. Swift does 30 changes of burka so I am told.

If Swift got the second 45 minutes against Binland, it couldn’t do any harm (from what I have seen so far), get those long legs moving down the wing. I am sure if she scores a goal all the lads will give her a firm handshake; the communal bath will be fun afterwards.

Pop songs, how hard can it be : take the chords of G major, go intro verse chorus verse chorus middle 8 verse chorus outro; simple lyrics, someone you fancy, getting your heart broken, and a big simple chorus to sing along. Let’s go … brainstorm …

my baby don’t love me
but I have my buckfast

buckfast love buckfast love

all I need is buckfast

she snorted my lines
and fucked my dad
and I was SAAAAAAD

but I had


then I’ll radiohead it up a bit with some weird funky chords and do a bit of a sneaky turnaround, to keep it moving. Secondary dominants, I heard they’re good, whatever they are – some jazz nonce said it.

that is now a published song BTW, with automatic copyright; if Ed Sheeran tries to nick it, I’ll sue the shit out of him and donate the proceeds to the indy movement, wings and alba, and hamas.


buster bloodvessel composed this magic piece of balladry, drunk, with a can of carlsberg SPECIAL BREW in hand – all I want is a barrel of you

and lou reed “perfect day” is about the SKAG

as is the La’s “there she goes”

this is class though …

Robert Louis

8 June, 2024 at 7:15 am

Kirsty is just one of many SNP MPs who were sent down to London on a pro independence vote, then spent five years sitting on their ever fattening lardy lazy arses doing sweet F all for independence.

If elected to London again, they will do exactly the same. AGAIN!

I mean, think about where else could a complete nobody like Kirsty get such a salary plus pension, plus expenses, plus free flights to London, plus a free second home in London?? Certainly no employer in Scotland offers it.

These people in the SNP are complete and utter frauds. Folk who DO want independence, and DO see it as a priority, voted them into power, only to be betrayed.

They go scurrying off to London, and very quickly realise just what a cushy job it is. Swanning about in London, privileged access to things, subsidized meals, subsidized drink, living it up big. Soon, they forget why they are even there.

In a few years time, they will all be able to retire and ‘write novels’ or whatever, and wax lyrical in memoirs about their ‘fight‘ in the independence cause, but ordinary Scots will still be trapped in England’s vice-like colonial grip, wondering why we are STILL not independent and free of England’s abuse.

Alf Baird

8 June, 2024 at 8:55 am

Campbell Clansman @ 10:56 pm

““ethnic” Scots, whatever that means”

Ethnicity is what helps define ‘a people’, along with their culture, language, heritage, history, common suffering, and sense of being a nation.

‘Ethnic oppression’ is a feature of colonial rule, which is also described as ‘hateful racism’ (Cesaire). This helps explain why an independence movement ‘depends on the solidarity of the oppressed ethnic group’ (Hechter). Hence ethnicity is a ‘determinant of independence’:



8 June, 2024 at 10:27 am

I was thinking the other day how I now rank Sturgeon far beyond Thatcher in terms of the harm she has inflicted on Scotland.

What surprised me as well was that upon reflection I discovered I ‘liked’ Thatcher more as well. Or at least I despised her less than Sturgeon, and by quite a long way.

That is quite a remarkable feat for a leader of the SNP. We all know what she really is of course but still… she is totally despicable.


8 June, 2024 at 10:59 am

“A referendum is usually needed before a nation can secede to become independent.”

Maybe so, but if there was no union in the first place and we know there wasn’t a legitimate union between Scotland and England, then once the lies and the deceit of the illegal union are widely exposed as they are being now, one could say that why would Scots need a vote a vote to leave something that never LEGALLY existed in the first place.

Presenting the evidence of the lie to the international community as well as the domestic one would ultimately lead to the negating of any legally non-existing union, and Scotland would return to its original status pre-1707.

So what’s stopping that from happening now, well we have a government in Scotland SNP that doesn’t want that to happen, they are blocking any route to dissolving the illegal union, that and many other reason is why we need to remove them from office.

Salvo, Liberation etc can present the evidence home and abroad that the union is a lie, the foreign media in Scotland which passes as Scottish, will never give airtime to the likes of Salvo, for they want the status quo to remain intact so getting the info out will take time.

I’m hoping once the legalities of the situation are presented to the international communities by say Salvo that we can have the illegal union nullified without whatever government is in Bute House at the time due to our popular sovereignty.


8 June, 2024 at 12:20 pm

It is morally indefensible for the English to have any kind of say on the Scots self determination; it is nothing to do with them, and it is not in their gift. Post indy they get a choice to stay or to go; I expect most will be offered citizenship, though a select few might be deported as “hostile aliens” and “agents of a foreign power”. Some will whine, as they do, but then just get on with it.

– to offer, let’s be plain – your historical ENEMIES, most of whom are themselves INTENSELY BIGOTED ETHNO-NATIONALISTS, e.g. “little englanders”, with narcissistic delusions of their own place in the world and their own history – a de facto veto, i.e. 20% voting as a bloc (80% or more, unionist) – is the most insanely stupid self sabotage. Let’s be clear – if you got cheated once, that’s on them (world record, at the time, postal voting numbers – WTF – are we all sick?), but if you let them do it repeatedly, that’s on you.

Over in that pacific paradise, the kanaks know the score and are at least doing something about it. The Scots are too passive – and when you have an enemy who just does as he pleases to you, thinks he can get away with it and suffer no consequences to himself – what do you think will happen? Maybe 5 years from now, the middle english, will finally get the “acceptable fascism” they cry out for; it looks like the tories are set to be wiped out, but there is a “new” tory party, just ready to go, waiting in the wings. It won’t be better for us, since we have been partially shielded these years by the incompetence of ukgov, who can’t really do anything much (e.g. imagine a Scotland linked by high speed rail, now only 1 hour away from London; they would all be up here, and we’d be fucked).

The whole world is, again, getting absolutely sick of the English, while we put up with them. But first we need to get rid of the “unreliable supporters” among ourselves – first up, it looks like the SNP is going down, which is a good thing; as Alf Baird has pointed out the “sell out” phase of national liberation is a known phenomenon, it always happens, and after that … you either win, or you lose. At least we are moving towards something.


8 June, 2024 at 12:41 pm

“The case has been made, and is accepted by the majority”

And what majority is that, exactly? the majority of those who were asked? Who was asked? I don’t remember being asked at all. What I remember very vividly is the majority of those at my place of work (over one hundred, by the way) and circle of acquaintances being totally shocked that people who were not scots were given the option to trash their choice. Most of the people from the EU at my place of work refused to participate because they thought it was not a matter for them to take part in. I also distinctively remember how some of them, even after they had left the UK and lived elsewhere but because they owned a holiday property in Scotland, were given the opportunity to vote. You do not see this in any other country of the world. Either you are a resident on the country and pay taxes there, or you are not. The franchise of Scotland’s indyref in 2014 was totally ridiculous and, in my personal view, specifically designed to stop a Yes win because that would have completely kiboshed their brexshit.

“Fully open franchises are the norm in self determination referendums”
You made that up. I do not recall a single referendum in any EU country that had such ridiculously open franchise. As a matter of fact, the EU referendum in the UK DID NOT have that open franchise. This has been pointed out to you many, many, many times already, but you refuse to listen and refuse to provide evidence to credibly back your stance.

“The onus is on nativists to demonstrate why the existing franchise needs to be changed”
No. the onus is on those who are determined to frustrate the right of the Scottish people to self-determine by imposing of them a franchise that is specifically designed to frustrate their pro-independence vote.

The evidence is already there: Native scots voted for independence in 2014 but their vote was frustrated for the incomers and that violated their right to self-determination under international law. Therefore the onus is very clearly on those who, knowing that now, are still hoping to continue to violate their rights by imposing the same strategy again.

“You’re being confronted with your own bigotry and xenophobia”
You are clearly projecting. You purport to impose a deliberately open franchise on the Scottish people to knowingly deprive them of their fundamental right to self-determination, but you do not advocate for the exact same deprivation at UK level. That is, in my view, a spectacularly clear example of xenophobia and I would dare say racism because you are seeking to deliberately discriminate against the Scottish people when exercising their rights to self-determination.

“It has no political, moral or popular support”
In the limited context of your narrow and self-serving mind, perhaps. In my mind and that of most others in the circles where I move, the precise opposite is true.

“The international community is never going to accept the arguments of the Scottish particularists…”
Oh, please don’t be absurd and drop the pretendy informed act and faux moral high stance. Great Britain is the result of an extant, international treaty between two sovereign states, Scotland and England. You end the treaty, you end the UK, simple. It is about international law, not about your ramblings and hyperbole around nativists and a new made up word today, “particularists”, whatever the hell that means.

“Get back to us when you can demonstrate a clear majority of Scots have suddenly accepted your tartan Faragism”
Who is “us”? You and MacFace? What makes you think you are in any position of authority in the matter or that you have any right whatsoever to determine what matters people can express their views on or not? It is about time you come down from the cloud of your own perceived self-importance.

“Tartan Faragism”
Goodness me, has the propagandist Gordon Brown been training you on hyperbolic nonsense to subjugate the Scottish people?

Your position is incongruous. If you stipulate that Scotland has to follow a “self-determination” franchise applicable only to colonies without the power to establish a citizenship registry, then you are openly admitting that Scotland is such colony.

Well I do not admit that Scotland is a colony. I admit 100% that it is being treated as one due to the exquisite arrogance and self-importance of the English crown, due to betraying propagandists like Brown and due to the complete ineffectiveness and lack of interest from the Scottish political class to stop it. There is nothing, nothing, stopping Scotland’s government to initiate a citizenship census in Scotland. If Gibraltar and the Falklands could manage it, so can Scotland.

I do not recall a single colony in the world that is bound to the imperialistic power by an international treaty between the imperialistic power and the colony. If you read Hansard, the MPs there recognised at the time that the “treaty of union” with Ireland was not really an international treaty, but rather domestic legislation because Ireland was a domain of the Crown of England. Domestic legislation is not subdued to international law.

The case of Scotland is different. If Scotland invokes its rights under international law to terminate a treaty whose fundamental conditions have been repeatedly violated in the course of 300 years, it does not matter what “the international community” says or does not say. It is a perfectly legal procedure.

Alf Baird

8 June, 2024 at 5:01 pm

Andy Ellis @ 3:47 pm

“If you buy the line that Scotland is a colony”

Perhaps your personal difficulty accepting that Scottish independence is decolonization is because, ideologically and culturally, and therefore also in terms of your dominant values, you look at this matter from a British and hence colonialist perspective?

Wings Over Scotland | Fossil Free Books Fix The World


8 June, 2024 at 11:08 am

They’ve already broken just about everything.

Meanwhile Swinney gets the begging bowl out hoping to con the voters.

“John Swinney has pleaded with the public to give money to the SNP after it revealed no reportable donations in the first three months of this year.

The SNP leader gave “a wee handy reminder” to the public that the party is “not in any way full up with donations” during a visit to Glasgow on Friday morning.

The First Minister also encouraged people to donate for the general election campaign “because we’ve got four expensive weeks ahead of us.”

The party received no donations from either individuals or companies of more than £500 in the first three months of this year.

Although it did receive £325,000 in public funds.”


8 June, 2024 at 11:26 am

“Paul McLennan, the housing minister, has now ruled out publishing a plan.”

Well, of course.

The SNP are frantically busy hiding political dead bodies (metaphorically speaking), lining their pockets at taxpayers’ expense and working flat out to make themselves unelectable.

They are so ridiculously busy doing nothing worth mentioning that they have been totally incapable/unwilling to publish a plan for independence. And that is despite holding absolute majorities in Westminster and leading pro-independence majorities in Holyrood at the same time for over 9 years.

How dare Ms Regan to demand now from the SNP to come up with a plan for housing in just a few months?


8 June, 2024 at 2:20 pm

According to the Herald, Swinney says: “Sturgeon has a major role to play in this election”.

That shows how daft the SNP are. A sensible party would not let her anywhere near their campaign – you don’t see BoJo or Liz Truss anywhere near the Tory front line. Or Blair and Brown out front for Labour.


8 June, 2024 at 5:33 pm

Here is a link https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/ just put in your post code and you’ll find out who’s your constituency candidates. I’m in the Livingston area so I have a Alba party candidate who’ll I’ll be voting for she called Debbie Ewen. If you don’t have a candidate just write on your ballot paper Not My Parliament.

Lets get rid of this rotten SNP and lets make the 4th of July Independence day from the NUSNP.


8 June, 2024 at 10:08 pm

Hmmm… incredible really.


Who are the “AIPAC guys” who patrol on wings BTL do you think?

I could name two instantly. Given more time I am sure I could spot two more at least. But it is probably far more / worse.

You can spot them when they use words like ‘orcs, Pallys, Hottys’ etc’… the casual racist vocabulary of virulent supremacists.

You can also sense it in their very similar contempt for Scotland and Scots. The mocking scotch talk and scotch face with the never ending arrogance… all roads lead back to supremacist central.

You are just a different shades and degrees of ‘Pally’ to them.

Scotland’s hopes and dreams are just one victim in this.


9 June, 2024 at 4:28 am

Ignored says:
8 June, 2024 at 9:39 pm

…. Terry Pratchett mentions a “doughnut theory” of cities, in that people live in the suburbs and work in indutrial estates further out; in the middle is left nothing…

There are photographs floating about of Bible Land, a property in Edinburgh Canongate, which demonstrate the changes in the way we finish our buildings exterior. It was refurbished in the 1980’s or so, with a slightly recessed pointing to show off all the stone. It’s typical Edinburgh if you know what I mean.

There is also a picture from the 19th Century, showing the same property, although you’d scarcely recognise it, because the lime pointing is finished flush, and almost a render, but not. It’s fascinating to see how tastes and building criteria have changed.

The thing I find both spooky and sad, is that the 19th Century image has about 20 kids in the picture, hanging out the windows, by the doors, and in the street. They live there. (It’s spooky, because the picture must have had a lengthy exposure, and their movement means the kids look like ghosts). Ironic no?


Zoom in, the picture is fairly high res…

I’m not saying life was a bed of roses for these kids, that’s not the point I’m making, but the old pictures just ooze life and vitality, which is simply missing from our streetscapes these days. It’s all been purged to the outer perimeter and modern housing schemes.

Is that an improvement? Well, yes in the case of slums and the workhouse, but in a wider perspective, I’m not sure that it is. I mean, it probably is on balance, given these kids probably slept 10 to a room without modern services, but at what price for our Scottish culture and urban vitality? Tourists everywhere, but the place itself is sterile and lifeless.

I’m in the trade, I work with stone, and I confess, I love the authenticity of the 19th Century facade far more than the cleaned-up modernity. I bet those kids loved living there, much more than any housing scheme.

Society has got its priorities all wrong, or more accurately, we’re not very adept at modernising ourselves. There’s always someone’s greed steering our progress.

I used to love Edinburgh. So much fascinating work to do, from Fettes to the Flodden Wall, Up the Tron on Hogmanay…Grassmarket – Rose St pub crawl after the rugby at Murrayfield… lots of happy memories. But then the exclusions started. Debenture seating. A privilege for those with money. No, you can’t join in Hogmanay without a ticket. Councillor Begg declared war on me and my vehicle, and turned my 10 minute journey from Little France to Princes St into a 40 minute stop-start car-exhaust-fest. You couldn’t get parked, you were even chased trying to drop off men and tools. Now there are LEZ zones which seem like a personal attack on me for having looked after and kept the same vehicle on the road for 20 years.

It’s ok, you can stop now. You don’t want me to come to your city. I’ve got the message.

I don’t love Edinburgh any more. I don’t go there unless I absolutely have to, and don’t price any work there. Next time a property in the Canongate needs maintenance of its stone and limework, it won’t be me doing it.

Still, you’ll have Trust-a-Trader keeping you right about what a good stonemason is. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Robert Louis

9 June, 2024 at 7:24 am

Spoilt, rich brats, jetting around the world, playing at being eco-warriors, whilst showing the largest amount of hypocrisy themselves. Of course they carry on like that, because, well, rich daddy will always bail them out, and pay to publish their crappy books.

Do any of these clowns even stop to think what their social media accounts do to the environment? Or are they like most young folk who do not understand that ‘cloud computing’ has a huge environmental price? Those instagram accounts the clown in the campaign group uses, runs because thousands of miles away, all her nonsense postings are held and retrieved from a hard drive that runs 24/7 in a massive air-conditioned, high-security data centre in somewhere like texas, that literally EATS electricity??

From what I have seen, Baillie Gifford are among the better investment firms. They donate an enormous amount for medical research (huge sums) and other good things – until recently helping literary festivals. There are investment firms that do not do these things, and which DO invest directly in Israel and oil. Baillie Gifford are not the bad guys here. I don’t blame them for being pissed off.

Meanwhile, the spoilt rich brats, who currently play at being eco-warriors, will likely move on to their next whimsy, in their rich-daddy funded, jet-setting, global tours. They are quite literally tsking the piss, and mugs like Charlotte Church fall for it.

Robert Louis

9 June, 2024 at 7:47 am

Breeks at 428am,

I could not agree more about Edinburgh. The centre is now becoming just for tourists and the rich. ‘Get the bus’ we are told, yet bus journeys now take much longer than just a few years ago due to the endless council nonsense of reducing roads, blocking access, restricting turns. The buses are bigger and heavier, and less frequent. Ever looked at the piece of road beside a bus stop? chances are it will be a mess, as many of the Edinburgh roads were never built for such huge heavy buses. It is the buses that are literally destroying Edinburgh roads.

And then their are the endless stream of festivals, that when I was growing up did not take over the entire city all year long. Now, private companies based in England take over huge chunks of our city, for profit, whilst ordinary Edinburgh folk cannot get to go about their business.

The LEZ zone in Edinburgh is just a sick joke,, given that Edinburgh has the best air quality of ANY city in the UK. See all those trees and green spaces, they help make Edinburgh air clean – also helped by the location on the coast, and prevailing winds. The council and the zealots, however, use seriously dodgy ‘facts’ out of context, to try to create the impression that Edinburgh air quality is awful. The truth is the exact opposite. Edinburgh council should be literally bragging to the world about how great the air in Edinburgh is, because it really, really is.

Soon, the very last thing you will find in Edinburgh city centre is a person actually from Edinburgh. All the houses are getting snapped up by big investment firms from England who make a killing from airbnb. The newtown is full of key boxes and rattling wheelie cases 24/7, where ordinary folk lived not so long ago (it wasn’t always so expensive to get property there) Most folk I know who would have just ten years ago always gone into the town to shop, now take their car out to the gyle, or Straiton or Fort Kinnaird. Much better, much easier, and nae feckin tourists (there are now wayyy too many), or silly festivals.

Alf Baird

9 June, 2024 at 9:09 am

Robert Louis @ 7:47 am

“And then their are the endless stream of festivals, that when I was growing up did not take over the entire city all year long. Now, private companies based in England take over huge chunks of our city, for profit, whilst ordinary Edinburgh folk cannot get to go about their business.”

Through imposition of ‘colonial procedures’ and the ‘cultural recreation’ of the colonizer, the aim is ‘to make the colony no longer seem foreign to the oppressor’s eye’ (Memmi). By implication, this process increasingly makes the colony ‘seem foreign to the colonized’.

In a colony, the colonized people are ‘bystanders’, decisions are made for them by another culture; the colonized ‘are out of the game’, and ‘no longer a part of history’.

Only a liberated people are able to ‘decolonize’ from an imposed culture:


Vivian O’Blivion

9 June, 2024 at 9:31 am

What injury or injustice has Nigel Farage inflicted on some of the commenters on this site?
Since his decision to head-up Reform UK, the party has increased substantially in the polls.
The last sentence relates to UK wide figures. RefUK poll around one quarter that level in Scotland. That is of course, residents of Scotland, any analysis of RefUK’s support among indigenous Scots would be significantly reduced from the headline figure.
Farage is making an offer the folk of England are engaged in taking up. The policies of RefUK are a legitimate reflection of the aspirations of a substantial section of English folk.
As supporters of Scottish independence we should be welcoming Farage’s entry into the race.
That is of course not the approach taken by Nicola Sturgeon regarding Brexit after the referendum, but then again, Sturgeon was:
a) not interested in Scottish independence
b) was wholly focused on furthering her own, internationally focused career ambition

The functionaries of the Permanent State are not entirely stupid, they recognise that culturally and politically Scotland and England are drifting apart like two divergent tectonic plates. The Permanent State is tasked with maintaining the Union for a variety of reasons some of which are geopolitical in nature (Faslane etc.).
The Permanent State is not entirely unitary as Brexit proved. Nonetheless, the orthodox faction of the Permanent State (that part allied to the US State Department) demands Westminster sovereignty over Scotland.
As such, Nigel Farage poses a threat to maintaining their remit.

The enemy of my enemy … and all that.

Robert Hughes

9 June, 2024 at 9:35 am

Breeks @ 4.28

Typically lyrical comment from you , compadre .

Can we call it ” An Elegy For Lime Mortar ” ?

Not being facetious suggesting this title , the pride you take in your work manifests in everything you say/write . I hope your skills – and those of similar craftsmen – will not be completely lost to future generations .

Clearly , what you’re lamenting is much more than * just * the loss of traditional building techniques/skills , but the loss of local , ” embedded ” children like those in the old photo you refer to . Their laughter and energy no longer animates those streets : which have become sterile * units * on the Property Portfolio monopoly board – aka the housing Ponzi Scheme/Scam .

Similar stripping-out of quality ,character & distinctness is happening where I live – and just about everywhere in the Highlands .

The Springfield Scourge is turning some of the most beautiful areas of our country into soulless ” Anywheres ” – MacTowns , full of identikit , overpriced boxes , thrown-up in weeks , unlikely to last more than than one generation – two at most – and marketed as ” affordable ” ; at £200,000 + minimum for a 2bed kit house , no prizes for guessing the clientele for whom such prices actually are ” affordable ” – clue ….it’s not young locals .

Profit – fixated Neoliberal Materialism is sucking the life out of everything , it’s leeches draining the lifeblood out of communities , cultures , entire countries , eg look at the truly grotesque state the U.S has arrived at , mainly through it’s entire Political structure having been sold-out to Corporate interests .

The UK not much better and under the LabCon Uniparty set on the same spirit-crushing trajectory .

Whither Scotland ? or should that be Wither Scotland ?

As long as we’re tethered to the ” dying animal ” that is UK Inc the strong likelihood is of our country being dragged into the same morass England is being taken , and by the same means/mentality .

Who could have imagined – even as little as less than a decade ago – Scotland would be left virtually defenceless against Predation-by-Corporation & * gender * ideological contagion ; abandoned by it’s so-called defenders who have sold-out & sold off ( not even to the highest bidder ) our precious assets/interests and replaced them with washed-out Rainbows , infantile/idiotic Identity Politics and increasingly authoritarian impositions ?

The spirit of resistance seems to have deserted mainstream Party politicians ( with some notable exceptions ) and now resides most strongly in entities like SALVO , Liberation.Scot and the work and ongoing contributions of Alf Baird – and others ; who now represent the authentic voice of n hope for a radical renewal of Scotland’s political/cultural/social landscape .

Such renewal possible ONLY with Independence .

” Who owns this landscape?
Has owning anything to do with love?
For it and I have a love-affair, so nearly human
we even have quarrels. –
When I intrude too confidently
it rebuffs me with a wind like a hand
or puts in my way
a quaking bog or loch
where no loch should be. Or I turn stonily
away, refusing to notice
the rouged rocks, the mascara
under a dripping ledge, even
the tossed, the stony limbs waiting. ”

Norman MacCaig


9 June, 2024 at 11:44 am

“What injury or injustice has Nigel Farage inflicted on some of the commenters on this site?”

He wants fracking & already thinks what’s in the North Sea is his while mocking Scots as too poor to look after themselves if we were indy. What would pay our bills lol

He’d certainly be abusive & loud in parliament (as evidenced in the EU parly) but he’d not be stupid enough to stoke English Indy. He’d do what the US told him to do & he’d follow like a sheeple.


9 June, 2024 at 1:25 pm

Why doesn’t Scotland have a referendum on the King?”

I think it is because that is pretty much the same as having a referendum on the Treaty of Union. The two things are welded to each other.

At this moment in time and as far as I know, without any parliamentary act predating the ToU that gives the House of Hanover right to the Scottish crown, the only thing that is keeping this monarch’s right to Scotland’s crown is the Treaty of Union itself.

But Let’s remember that King Charles and her mother before him, were invested as monarchs of Great Britain, not monarchs of Scotland (as far as I know).

Therefore, if Scotland ends the treaty of union, and unless an act is passed rather quickly immediately after Scotland’s parliament is restored, would Scotland not already be in practice a republic?

People say that Scotland should have a referendum to decide if Scotland ditches the monarchy or not after becoming independent. But this is assuming the default is that the monarch of “Great Britain” remains as the monarch of Scotland as if nothing happened.

But I am not so sure this is true. I think that if the ToU is revoked, because Queen Anne’s line is extinguished and that is as far as the reach of provision made in the Claim of Right 1689 go, the default might be that Scotland becomes a republic. So if a referendum on the monarchy is called, it will have to be to ensure the monarchy is restored back, not the other way round.

Now this would put the purring of the Queen under a completely different context.

“When Sturgeon was refused a ref I dunno why she didn’t up the anti & have one when Betty popped her clogs?”

Because Sturgeon is a crown useful idiot. The picture in the Herald article “If Scotland became independent, would it damage monarchy’s standing?” published on 30 December 2022 and written by Deborah Anderson says it all. The democratically elected FM of Scotland where the sovereign is the people and not the crown, bowing to a man parachuted to the post not for merit or achievements but simply for who where his parents were. We laughed at the genuflection of Theresa May years ago, but oh boy this, coming from Sturgeon in the third decade of the 21st century, is pretty pathetic.

Let’s remember that it was Sturgeon who parachuted a representative of the crown in the form of the Lord Advocate to the middle of the gov cabinet, effectively handing to this individual control over executive and legislative powers.

Let’s not forget that it was the Lord Advocate in Sturgeon’s cabinet, who usurped control over the legislative power from the people of Scotland and passed it to the crown in the form of an English court with English judges so they could stop the referendum bill from entering parliament.

Let’s not forget that it was another Lord Advocate in Sturgeon’s cabinet who helped the crown trash the Keatings’ case to stop that referendum bill.

In other words, Sturgeon facilitated the imposition of absolute rule over Scotland and handed teh control over the legislative to the crown. That is not what a democrat does.

Let’s not forget, that it was representatives of the crown in the form of the Lord Advocate and the crown office who abused their power to threat witnesses with prosecution during the Fabiani’s farce so they could suppress information and protect STurgeon’s corrupt arse.

Let’s not forget either who is currently delaying the progress of operation branchform and who the beneficiaries of such ridiculous delay are.

Yousaf was another crown tool too. He fell over himself to hand over the stone of destiny to the English king so he could sit over it and symbolise the subjugation of Scots to the English crown. Then the pathetic Yousaf and his apparatchiks dared to claim that he had to do that because as FM he needed to represent everybody. However, by humiliating Scotland in that way, the only ones Yousaf actually represented were those who agree for Scotland to be portrayed as a colony that is subjugated to the English crown. He never represented republicans nor those who do not agree with the current line of succession to the crown, nor those who simply do not agree with the ToU.

You have to wonder why is it that yes supporters and those who acknowledge Scotland’s popular sovereignty are the only ones the SNP never finds the time or the will to represent or listening to.

Even looking as far back as 1712, there is plenty of evidence, from Scotland’s side, that retaining the House of Hanover installed as the regal line was a fundamental condition for several lords and MPs to accept the dissolution of the union. It is clear that the benefits of patronage is all what they could think about. This is reflected on the Balmerino letters, but also in the writings of other contemporaries.

If you look in Hansard, those representing the SNP in the HoC decades ago, went to great pains to ensure it was known that they only wanted to end the political union, not the union of crowns, which, by the way, it is a myth. The crowns were never “united”, they remain separate. It is simply a matter that they are sitting over the same head thanks to the ToU. The ToU was about the union of parliaments, not crowns.

Even in 2014, Salmond mentioned that the Queen would remain as Head of State. Well, that, in my view, would only have been possible if:

1. the ToU was not broken, ie, the whole thing would be fudged to make it look like Scotland was a region, rather than one of the two only constituent units of “Great Britain”, that would be seceding from rather than ending it.

2. somewhat the Scottish parliament before it was dissolved, would had managed to fudge some act on a hurry and force it through to install the monarch as head of state without asking the people of Scotland first.

Because that is another thing we need to think about. For as long as HOlyrood remains tied by the Scotland Act, it is not Scotland’s parliament. If it is not Scotland’s parliament, then until what point all the legislation that has been passed by that parliament can be really considered part of Scotland’s constitution and body of law?

Lots of questions and very few answers, isn’t it?


9 June, 2024 at 10:24 pm

Saying you are a ‘native’ of a country if you are born there is simplistic and has obvious problems e.g.:

A child is born in Scotland to English parents who moved there 6 months prior. They then all move back to England after the birth and never return to live. Is the child a native Scot? Or imagine the reverse situation of a child born to Scottish parents in England.

Is the son or daughter born in India to white English parents, who move back to England soon after a native Indian?

What the ‘where you were born’ argument does say though is that it is not about ethnicity. A child born in Scotland to immigrant Nigerian parents is a native Scot by the definition.

Perhaps there is some distinction being made here between native of a country and native ethnicity? So a native of Scotland is different to a native Scot? If so, how does this distinction help, what is its import?

Whichever way you look at it, there is no easy answer to who is a ‘native’.


10 June, 2024 at 4:34 pm

@Andy Ellis;

It isn’t xenophobic to distrust foreigners if you have extensive solid reasons for that stance, and we Scots have reasons aplenty to distrust that particular variety of foreigners known as the English, who for many centuries have treated our country, kingdom, nation, territory and people like dirt, and who for the last 317 years have presumed, entirely without any formal legitimacy, to actually ‘legally’ own our land and its wealth, and to deem themselves fully entitled to wield their so-called unlimited sovereignty over us despite our own Treaty-guaranteed constitution and sovereignty, and they do so as viciously and selfishly as they alone see fit.

It is also true that that same variety of foreigners have behaved in exactly the same manner to many other countries all across the world.

So if the sovereign autochthones of Scotland consider a non-violent means to regain their own damn country from the overweening English, using a simple vote with a specific sovereignty-based franchise under their own still-extant constitution, then that’s not an example of xenophobia, nor of bigoted racism, that’s a clear example of sorely-earned, evidence-based common sense in an act of obvious self-defence of their nation, and no-one is entitled to pillory them for that, and certainly not abusive self-righteous condoms like you!

You should instead be applauding them for their stance as an example of virtuous restraint that otherwise could well have gone the way of violence, as it certainly did in many of those other countries.

But, no!

You have gleefully gone out of your way to denigrate, traduce, chastise, and insult the sovereign Scots as ‘xenophobic nativist bigoted racist nationalists’ merely for choosing to ‘disenfranchise’ foreign residents who were never legitimately enfranchised for constitution-level votes in Scotland in the first place.

Your rubber brain has clearly gone completely rancid.

Andy Ellis

10 June, 2024 at 6:31 pm

@Xaracen 4.34 pm

Para 1: You don’t have such evidence though: just a chip on both your shoulders and an over-inflated and hyperbolic sense of grievance.

Para 2: At some point you & others who fall for the Scotland as colony schtick have to accept that very many Scots were willing participants in the imperial project and that we all as a society now benefitted from the proceeds an ill gotten gains of what our forbears did.

At some point however we have to stop making excuses, put the past behind us and take responsibility for what we can change now, not hark back to the culpability of previous generations in very different times. No society in history has been without fault or moral stain. Grow up.

Para 3: It is xenophobic, bigoted and racist if it excludes several hundred thousand Scottish residents, and residence is the accepted criteria for use in self determination referenda. Any progressive will consider it such. You don’t speak for progressives. You aren’t progressive. You don’t speak for the independence movement, or for any more than a fring minority of nativist cranks. Cope.

Para 4: I don’t applaud them, I loathe them and anyone fluffing for them as much as I loathe Fragists, alt right types everywhere, and fluffers for Uncle Vald, islamo-fascists and sophomoric tankies who soil BTL here, just as I loathe TRA extremists and the devolusionists in the SNP who have shot the movement in both feet.

Para 5: If the cap fits you and all the other xenophobic nativist bigoted racist nationalists are obliged to wear it. You’re not advocating the disenfranchisement of foreign residents, that’s the WHOLE point: you’re advocating the disenfranchisement of SCOTTISH residents, because they’re not ethnically pure enough, not “Scottish” enough, even if they’ve lived here for years, contribute to our society, have family, spouses, jobs, businesses.

It’s total hooey that they were never legitimately enfranchised! Of course they were: the franchise was agreed and is that used in virtually every other self determination referendum. There is NO counter argument justifying special treatment for a Scottish referendum to be accorded special status that was not used, asked for or necessary to all the other self determination referendums. You have no reasonable counter argument.

Franchise restriction is the very definition of old style blood and soil nationalism that wouldn’t have been out of place from the NSDAP.


11 June, 2024 at 10:04 am

@Andy Ellis

Where is your evidence that Scotland is not a colony?

Speaker: “We have catched Scotland and now we must bind her fast.”

The Union came about because of England’s fear of invasion through Ireland and Scotland.

1708, 1715, 1745. After 1745 there were attempts at eliminating the Gael. After 1872 only English was to be taught in schools in Scotland.

In Canada and Ireland before independence for both there were parliaments in both countries. Power was reserved to Westminster to intervene and stop legislation.

The language that permits England to do so is the same as that which allows it to intervene in the Scottish parliament.

Now we are not permitted to decide our own future. Self determination by way of referendum is ruled out as you yourself have agreed on an earlier thread.

Alf Baird

11 June, 2024 at 10:43 am

Andy Ellis @ 8:36 am

“that Scotland is in a colonial relationship”

Our colonial reality has been obscured for a long time but is now increasingly obvious to most thinking Scots; and is confirmed by Scotland’s enforced removal from the EU and in the refusals by England’s parliament to respect Scots mandates for a further referendum.

Moreover, the active blocking of Scottish independence and hence outright rejection of the offer of Scottish citizenship by significant numbers of non-Scottish voters resident in Scotland may be considered as a form of ethnic discrimination, for in this they are blocking the inalienable right to self-determination of another ethnic group – i.e. Scots. Indeed, this may be considered a xenophobic act whereby people invited into another country to live and work then actively deny the right of their indigenous host people to self-determination.

England’s relationship with Scotland is therefore entirely ‘regressive’, at best.


Wings Over Scotland | As far as they can take it


9 June, 2024 at 3:51 pm

Geezo oh, its getting to the stage now that not a day goes by without the SNP being up to something dodgy.

“John Swinney is facing an “inside job” conflict of interests scandal over his government’s plans to sell Prestwick Airport.

Multi-millionaire businessman Forsyth Black has emerged as a secret bidder to buy the profitable nationalised facility – despite having been appointed chairman by ministers to run it on behalf of the public.

“Uncovered evidence that Black previously blocked and failed to pass on rival bids.

At a Holyrood committee meeting in December 2023 he admitted having knowledge of alternative bids that were not passed on to ministers. He suggests that even senior management had not been given full sight of bids because they could be “very distracting”, and that a “pre-filter” was being applied.”


9 June, 2024 at 5:15 pm

Just out of curiosity and out of ignorance, who controls MPs and MSPs? is it an unelected chief of staff?

Who decides if their whip is removed? Is it the leader of the party or is it the Chief of Staff?

Who controls the Chief of Staff?

what about the SNP leader, who controls them? If for instance they were to remove the whip of a particular MP, could this entity controlling the leader actually demand for it to be restored? In other words, can the leader be overruled?

And what about the SNP CEO and the SNP president, who controls them, what is the line of command between the two, who controls whom?

How do the entities controlling the leader, MPs, MSPs, president and CEO actually link with the membership?

Corrado Mella

9 June, 2024 at 5:31 pm

As I said elsewhere, I’m still in contact with some mid ranking folks in the Saint Nicola’s Party.

The hubris and delusion oozes from every single one of their pores, blissfully unaware of the fully deserved impending walloping.
Either that or they’re putting up a brave face.

Mind you, they may still get away with some MPs and even take “the majority” of them (at best) because the general public are very, very, VERY slow to react.

But it won’t be enough. The scarce Short Money from Westminster for the handful of surviving MPs, compounded by the flow of donations completely drying up, means that the plethora of SPADs, assistants, and the gaggle of bootlickers embedded though nepotism will fall off the gravy train.

This is the dawn of a once portentous party that got infected by narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths. An example for everyone trying to do good: guard yourselves firmly from those mentally insane narcs.


9 June, 2024 at 11:37 pm

I suspect Alba will not have a candidate in my constituency in which case I will vote for whoever has the best chance of defeating the SNP even if it means voting Tory who have been their main rivals in recent elections. I bitterly regret having paid SNP membership dues for 8 years before I woke up. Like thousands of others I was conned by these by these liars and hope to see their party annihilated. We have to start again.

Above all I want to see Sturgeon, Murrell, Swinney, the Alphabetties, Lloyd, Evans, Harvie, Dorian et al facing prosecution.


10 June, 2024 at 8:03 am

I got a rather pathetic “Sorry We Missed You” leaflet from Stephen Flynn in the letterbox last week. No door bell or chap on the door was heard. When I opened the door, nobody in sight. They must have done a runner.

Anyone else get the impression they are hiding from us?

Robert Hughes

10 June, 2024 at 10:54 am

Well , baldy , smug Blackford replacement- fraud – Flynn – has actually uttered the * magic formula ( ” magic ” as a guarantee of confortable – for them – stasis ) ……” Gold Standard ”

So any possible residual doubt/hope the SNP are aware and concerned about what’s about to happen to them can be eliminated

They are going to be crushed , and they don’t give a fuck .

They’ll soon be able to – formally – take their club-feet off the imaginary pedal they’ve been pretending to press this last near decade .

Any Independence supporter who votes for this mob of shysters – under any spurious justification – is like a gambling addict who despite losing a fortune goes for one more bet in the hope of recouping his/her losses . And loses again . Predictably .

The current SNP are the only real obstacle to progressing our Cause .

If that’s not blindingly obvious by now , it never will be , and we’ll still be in the same stultifying impasse we are now for the foreseeable unless we erase them from the equation .


10 June, 2024 at 1:20 pm

been reading.

The tory press has a bit of semi on about farage, mouth agape, wet lips … the pause, waiting for the plunge; this is the “real” leader England wants (and he is no friend of ours). Loved how meekly Tice was bitchslapped – it’s my party now … jog on … yes, master.

The international, i.e. non UK business press, bloomberg etc, have been saying the UK’s “books” are in a terrible mess and will leave little scope for whoever wins the election to “do things”.

The middle class are running scared of being taxed, VAT on school fees, but its just scaremongering; the UK tax system is designed like a reverse fishing net, all the little fish get caught, all the big ones swim through; the little businessmen will be up to all the dodges, all middle class have an accountant, and the wealthy have access to off the shelf tax avoidance, then there is non-doms, tax havens. HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME PAY MY TAXES, you marxist shit.

Some crap books have come out; the anglo takes his lying seriously and its more in that line – one was from an oxford history boy who blamed the (british) empire on … the spanish; as you do, minding your own business, then some guy tries it on and you … end up with a quarter of the globe controlled by the public school sodomite club.

– and the other one was about how the wealth of the empire was about … cop this … the rule of law and free markets; nothing to do with, starting off – piracy, the looting of the monasteries, slavery, opium, the gold and diamonds of africa, etc. Maybe there is an excel spreadsheet that proves it; then it is proved. I bet it proves they lost money on the north sea oil, but just pumped it anyway as a humanitarian gesture. What “rule of law” have these world-pirates ever respected?

“everywhere wood floats, you will find an englishman, stealing all he can” – and it all goes back to that lawless, pirate central HQ, the city, then squirrelled away in the tax havens, about half of which in the world, are within UK jurisdiction.

niall ferguson had a great career writing bollocks about how great the empire was; I think anything he said that was true came from quigley, but the latter being an american, had a distance he did not. Ferguson is the worst type of scotsman, a hun, with only one loyalty – the archetypal scotsman on the make. During the thatcher era, norman stone provided a similar service; you need some intellectual wormtongue with sufficient sophistry to tell you “yes, YOU ARE STILL THE GOOD GUYS”, when you are dropping white phosphorus – those cunts on fire will understand the rule of law and free markets, or we’ll fucking incinerate them. (e.g. off the top of my head – britain dropped poison gas on the savage tribesmen of mesopotamia in 1919; it was suggested to churchill they do the same to the striking miners, even winnie rejected that one)

Watching the coverage of Swift – it struck me how people, most of whom believe in nothing very much, invent their own gods, and this is what we are seeing (- her songs are quite good, but this is something else); if the songbird told her “swifties” to cast themselves down from murrayfields rafters, they would have done it. Swift seems very wholesome, but we will see what becomes of her; it seems to go generationally – Madonna was the queen when I was a lad, then it was Britney, now Swift. Madonna has morphed into some scary abomination, a ringer for Marilyn Manson, while Britney suffered a malfunction, a glitch in her matrix and had to be retired.

One of the reasons for religion is that it is simply more useful to believe in something, than not; today it is hard to be a nihilist, believing in nothing, seeing no sense to anything (and your line will end) – primitive man worshipped the sun as a god, realised how important it was, perceived time, the seasons, worked out how to plan, when to plant crops; that the sun is not a god doesn’t matter, for the belief sets you on a good road. Bad beliefs lead you to disaster (sacrificing your children because you are not good at farming?!), good ones to the heights; christianity certainly produces these heights, even if you consider it a book of fables.

– wokeness certainly seems to be a top down imposed new global religion, psychologically a form of puritanism, an unlucky dip of bad beliefs, ungrounded in reality.

was marilyn manson trying to tell us something –



10 June, 2024 at 2:33 pm

Who to vote for in this election is a tough one.

There is no one to vote for who will get you independence realistically, but you should vote that way if you can, alba, or an independent.

So, whatever happens, some tory wanker will win; the argument is never over policy, but what colour of rosette gets to implement it. Starmer as PM, someone so much on the inside he is almost inside out – jewish lobby, check, NATO, nukes, big business … oh wait the national energy company based in Scotland and bringing “100000” jobs (?!) … to switch into brit flick gangster cockney – do me a fay-vour, you fink oim a facking mug?! (Lennie MacLean points at you) … gerroudofit …

The question is then – can we increase the chances of indy down the line? Well, yes we can – I called the SNP a corpse blocking a fire exit the other day, and that sums it up; they need to be removed, plus these people deserve a vicious “punishment beating” for their betrayal.

– the only way I would say no, wait, vote SNP after all, would be if there was some ultra nationalist faction within the SNP poised to takeover in a palace coup and, metaphorically, string up the woke-ists from the streetlamps. (and sometimes a metaphor doesn’t cut it). “ultra nationalist” in this context means – actually serious about it and will try something.

But I don’t see any evidence of that.

The long awaited mass exit to alba? – maybe. Salmond has been criticised for not attacking the SNP – I certainly think he should be putting the boot in, I mean, come on, these backstabbing gits tried to put you in jail. Alba = the new snp = snp (2012) ? The snp without the titty hackers, willy snippers and kiddie fiddlers?

Down in flatland, the death of the tories, the rise of the new tories? We shall see.

I think labour, having got in, will do nothing because there are too many people it is scared of; people will then sicken of them, which leads us to Farage. You don’t want to still be in the union when that prick is in charge. The union is a ratchet, no matter how squeezed you think it is, it can always get tighter.

Shame Corbyn couldn’t survive the (powerless and non existent) jewish lobby – he might have been a fairer man to deal with, but I reckon he would have had a heart attack while out hillwalking, if he ever got in.

Starmer – the man who protected one of the most dangerous paedophiles in britain; you would think this would be an issue, fine ammunition for an opponent, but we see how tight the establishment is. They look after their own. Omerta. Don’t talk about that. This is our secret. Then – let’s play secret tickle games … this is how it works – favour for favour, a safe pair of hands.


10 June, 2024 at 4:07 pm

The foreign media in Scotland that’s passes off as Scottish will have Sturgeon the Judas appear on it to talk about the results of the English GE. Another treacherous b*stard Gordon Brown will appear later on.

“Nicola Sturgeon will appear on ITV’s overnight general election results programme on July 4.

The former first first minister will be on a panel alongside former Tory chancellor George Osborne and ex-Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

The programme – Election 2024 Live: The Results – will air on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player.

It will be hosted by Tom Bradby, who anchored election nights in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown will appear on Good Morning Britain the morning after the election.”

Vivian O’Blivion

11 June, 2024 at 8:53 am

Redfield & Wilton, Westminster voting intention, (large) Scottish sub-sample, population (weighted) 684, field work 7 – 10 June, (change from 2019)
Con 16% seats 4 (-2)
Lab 37% seats 41 (+40)
LibDem 4% seats 5 (+3)
SNP 27% seats 7 (-41)


11 June, 2024 at 2:16 pm

Robin McAlpine nails it here.

“After all, really the only thing they have done is the Scottish Child Payment which was introduced by a politician who knew she could take the plaudits for it because she wasn’t going to hang around to have to pay for it. Those who did have to pay for it all but took the whole lot back again.

I repeat, almost every penny allocated in the Scottish Child Payment has been clawed back from cuts to other budgets for poverty issues (from Council Tax freezing local services to affordable housing subsidies). That’s the political attitude to poverty eradication – do one thing that gets you credit and use it as cover to steal mercilessly from poverty budgets elsewhere when no-one is looking.”



11 June, 2024 at 2:24 pm

The foreign media in Scotland sticks the boot into Alba, this is what happens when a foreign country controls your terrestrial channels.

“ALBA have reacted with fury after STV opted to move their party’s political General Election broadcast so it will no longer be shown ahead of Scotland’s opening game at the Euros.

Alex Salmond claimed that STV had said the slot on June 14 – just before Scotland kicks off against Germany in the first match of the 2024 Euro championships – would give Alba an “unfair advantage” over other parties.

The former first minister said the proposed new broadcast date added “insult to injury” as it would be after postal votes have been sent out, so some people may have already cast their ballot.”

Alf Baird

11 June, 2024 at 3:50 pm

Republicofscotland @ 2:16 pm

“Robin McAlpine nails it”

Unfortunately not, I’m afraid. Robin suggests that Scotland’s problems can all be solved simply by better management within the present colonial administration; but as most of us here know, that is never going to happen in what is a ‘racist and exploitative’ colonial society where maintaining the hoax and economic plunder is the main goal.

As postcolonial theory tells us, the native bourgeoisie, which also includes the national party elite, are unable to ‘nail it’ because they have never bothered to undertake ‘a reasoned study of colonial society’:



12 June, 2024 at 8:06 am

Listening to Scott Ritter on Judge Nap there…

I know there was some talk about the marking of the 80th anniversary of D-day a few days ago, and how it will soon be an annual thing they way they are going…

Well Ritter made the point that while they are pimping out D-Day they arming and backing neo-nazis in Ukraine while being fully complicit in ethnic cleansing and mass murder based on ethnicity, i.e. a genocide in Palestine.

And then we trot out out D-Day with brass neck fully extended. I wonder what the boys who died on the beaches would say about this…

This really has a collapse of empire feeling about it. It is heading for a fall. It is so crazy…

We can talk about being a colony all day long and it is certainly true but do we really understand whose colony we are.
If you are of the view that we are a colony then that should be the most important question of all.

One sign you lived in a colony would be that if you asserted your independence democratically it would be undermined somehow. Let’s see if this applies to us…

Alex Salmond framed on entirely bogus charges of rape… check
SNP completely destroyed from within by an obvious rat… check
All within a few years of asserting our independence democratically… check

So yeah all signs there point to us being a colony.

I would say that we are not the only colony that was acquired by gold and a scumbag elite only interested in preserving their own status.

Look around you folks at the ‘leaders’ of Europe and the USA… It is not just us, is it. What is remarkable is that there are no leaders left.


12 June, 2024 at 10:15 am

The USA has overthrow over sixty governments worldwide.
Has over 700 military bases.
Is well known to create, fund & arm terrorists.
Meddle in elections & organise civil unrest.
Noise up some sectarian conflict.
Take part in terrorist activity.
Assassinate ppl they don’t like.

It’s of no surprise they’re arming Neos. They have from the very beginning of this conflict. The media even tried their best to distance themselves while Z gave them a new name. They were still the same shite. Only reason it’s now more out in the open is because the dumb yanks can’t keep their mouths shut & are openly celebrating it & don’t forget BoJo – they’re his heroes.

The West is controlled by American Hegemony.

They’re not democratic & they’re not liberal either.

Cameron even called on Obama to interfere in indyref & look at who refused..

The USA, UK & Irl cannot lose their security seats. They’ll ensure that doesn’t happen & indyref would never have been implemented.

The U debacle has been a job creation project, arms sales & snatching natural resources. They’ll soon kick off in Finland next & Georgia already lined up. Unless they nuke us all first cause they’re narcissistic psychopaths.

Alf Baird

12 June, 2024 at 4:20 pm

Republicofscotland @ 2:51 pm

“Westminster needs Scotland to participate in its elections”

Indeed it does RoS, because without Scottish representation Westminster would be unable to lawfully legislate for Scotland, according to the Articles of Union:


Wings Over Scotland | Square One

Lorna Campbell

13 June, 2024 at 3:45 pm

It must now be evident to even the most deluded SNP supporter that this party will do all in its power to prevent independence happening – ever. It is not that the party of independence eschews independence, it is that it deliberately, and with malice aforethought, does its level best to ensure it will never happen.

This is part of the reason they insist on the GRR not being dead: they are hoping that Labour will breathe life back into it; and they can sit in opposition and glean another five years of benefits – not to Scotland or the Scots, of course, but to themselves.

They have already, hand-in-glove with the equally treacherous Greens and Unionist parties, ensured that Scots pay through the nose for their own resources by by-passing Scotland and allowing everything to be piped to England. Not even a protest. We’ll get a new nuclear power station, of course, while Grangemouth is shut down, never to reopen. Whoop-de-woo.

Ten years to cripple and destroy a country through deliberate lack of action on anything that might actually benefit Scotland and, for good measure, place a whole country’s future on an ideology that has not one iota of evidence to sustain it, even in the most deluded mind, but, of course, these charlatans, some at least in the pay of the British State, know that full well.

Both Scots and females have been sold out by these Vichy nationalists as collateral damage, for their own self-interest and the interests of the British State. People who sell out others, when they have had numerous priceless opportunities to change things, unless they have the proverbial gun at their head – and they don’t – are anathema to both independence and female rights.

Anyone living in Scotland today who does not see that independence is desperately required as the sole solution to our economic plight, and that female rights are being pushed back a century out of political expediency and bending the knee to paraphiliacs and fetishists, does not deserve the name of Scot. They have shamed their ancestors, those who brought us the Enlightenment and those who laid down their lives for this country of ours.


13 June, 2024 at 3:58 pm

At the grand old age of 71, this will be the firt time ever that I’ll not be voting in an election.
SNP (puke)


13 June, 2024 at 5:15 pm

John C says: at 4:02 pm

Said this before but it’s always worth repeating. If your idea of independence is built around ethnic nationalism then you’re no better than Farage or any other frothing mad racist.

Ach, gie it a rest with pushing this simplistic line will you.
There is way more nuance to Scotland’s predicament and posting that pish does nothing to address the complexities of Scotland’s situation.
Scotland has a demographics issue, but we don’t currently control immigration policy and all other major powers required to create a successful society.
It’s not xenophobic or racist to hold valid concerns about what type of person is currently arriving in Scotland.
It is unsustainable to have an endless stream of people arriving here that are a net drain on our already stretched services and housing.
It is not helpful to Scottish rural communities to have properties snapped up at high cost by incomers that can outbid our oan bairns thus displacing them.
There’s a reason some rural areas can’t even manage to muster a fire crew when emergency calls come through. That’s because the communities don’t have enough young able bodied folk left living and working in those areas to meet the numbers required to muster a crew when the pager rings.
A load of fiscally advantaged old crumbly bodied English retirees and air b n b owners also skews the political outlook of an area too.
200 newborn children in my locale and only 20 bairns born to both Scottish parents tells a story…
Much more of this internal UK migration round my way and the area will vote Tory so not sure that will really help with your anti-racist outlook that Scotland would have.


13 June, 2024 at 5:36 pm

“The SNP is just biding its time until the Scots are an ethnic minority in Scotland”

I’d say the tipping point has already past the point where English folk living in Scotland and Scots who want to be ruled by a foreign country outnumber Scots who realise that ditching the illegal union is the ONLY way forward.

The hidden census data which will eventually come to light and will show how many more folk from South of the Border now live in Scotland, (its growing by the day) and its all courtesy of that treacherous b*stard Sturgeon the Judas.

Corrado Mella

13 June, 2024 at 6:18 pm

The NuSNP / Saint Nicola’s Party has diligently followed the fate of every organisation that became too big for its boots.

It’s been unable to vet the tsunami of pre and post indyref influx nor to put in place a proper structure of control.

Exactly like any small animal with an exoskeleton (ants, spiders, etc), that is incredibly powerful and strong for its weight, but would invariably collapse on itself if expanded 100 times in volume, the mighty but small SNP died, crushed by the weight of its own incompetence.

Good riddance.

Alf Baird

13 June, 2024 at 6:35 pm

Hatey McHateface @ 5:26 pm

“One day, enough incomers will decide they want to break free of WM”

Don’t be daft. What native people anywhere depended on immigrants to deliver their independence?

People move to another country for their own economic advantage, not to liberate the natives. In a colonial society this advantage depends on preventing the native from accessing his own resources, or recovering his own culture/language.

This implies that immigrants have a vested interest in blocking liberation. Which corresponds with the reality in that immigrants, which include colonialists, record the highest propensities to vote against independence.

Postcolonial theory also tells us that independence movements depend, as might be expected, on the solidarity of the oppressed ethnic (i.e. native culture/language) group. In our case this is predominantly Scots language speakers.

In seeking to debase an already subordinated people, you are also ignoring the effects of cultural assimilation and a colonial mindset which a colonized people are subject to, as well as the fact that a colonized people are subject to ‘hateful racism’ (Cesaire):



13 June, 2024 at 7:10 pm

I must admit I am already bored of UK general elections. Every single leaflet that has entered my house has gone directly into the recycling bin without even the headings being read.

I don’t longer see any point to UK elections and, unless a party stands on a manifesto to revoke the Scotland Act and to overrule Scotland’s MPs so Scotland’s powers are transferred to Holyrood by demand of the Scottish public in full, I do no longer see any point in voting for any political party in Holyrood elections either.

I do not give a shit about Labour, Conservatives, SNP, Libdems, Greens, Reform and, for as long as what they continue to pursue is taking the green seats, Alba.

I couldn’t care less what any leader from an English party representing an English constituency or any English party branch manager in Scotland has to say. It will never reflect what Scotland needs or wants. It will never align with what I want. I see English party leaders and their subordinated branch managers in Scotland as dirty scavengers only interested in stealing Scotland’s resources from the Scottish people for the benefit of their beloved England, their crown, England’s greedy elite or England’s foreign warmongering allies. So Fck them.

I have concluded that, unless there is a political party or an independent candidate in my constituency standing on a fully abstentionist ticket and therefore will not swear subjugation of our Scottish constituency to the English crown, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in wasting my energy or time listening to or reading any of the garbage political parties are churning. There is even less point in wasting my precious time deciding for what arsehole to vote this time.

The only option for me and those who desperately seek Scotland to restore its status as a sovereign state, recover ALL its powers and regain control over its assets, is to repurpose the ballot to stop playing this stupidly undemocratic, ridiculously deceiving, boringly repetitive and continuously leading to nowhere game.

UK elections are to Scotland like voting for another 5 years of Groundhog day.

No, thank you.


13 June, 2024 at 7:26 pm

“The most powerful thing independence supporters can do in this Westminster election is abstain en masse. Get the lowest turnout ever in Scotland for a Westminster election”

I strongly disagree. Votes not cast are easily ignored and they are a dream for dead parties like labour so they can fake a resurrection in Scotland.

The most powerful thing independence supporters can do in this and every upcoming UK election we will be forced to endure until we have abstentionist candidates in every constituency, is to repurpose our ballot as a vote to end the union.

If you are given a ballot, use it to vote for what you want, not for what political parties are pushing you to vote for. Do not let colonial parties use your non-vote to pretend endorsement of the subjugation of Scotland for another 5 years.


13 June, 2024 at 7:55 pm

Just don’t vote in the GE at all, it makes no difference to Scotland for our MP’s can’t change anything in this alien parliament, all you’ll be doing if you vote in these English elections is to give a few dozen Scottish politicians a good living at your expense, that’s it, there’s absolutely f*ck all in it for the Scottish masses, we sent 57 indy minded SNP MPs to Westminster not that long ago and it changed nothing, because Scots don’t matter and the MPs made too good a living to upset the apple cart.

The media in Scotland is bigging up the GE as are our political parties, the former wants Scots to think these foreign elections matter to Scotland when they don’t. The latter wants your votes to get as many of their candidates at Westminster as possible, the more they get in the more Short Money they get, and the candidates make a bloody good living whilst we back home get shafted as usual.

Don’t give the English parliament credibility over Scotland by voting in the GE, the bottom line is there’s nothing in for Scots.

Boycott the GE.

Robert Louis

14 June, 2024 at 6:55 am

Ahhh, John Swinney as leader of the SNP. It seems nothing changes. He was a damp dishcloth when he was last leader, and is just as useless now. I voted SNP in the past for independence, but now the SNP don’t even want to talk about it. Fearties.

Only the ALBA party is committed to using ANY and every means to achieve independence. Only the ALBA party is committed to fight to keep Grangemouth, and fight for our oil and gas industry. And, if you are a soo-to-be student, only ALBA is committed to keeping NO TUITION FEES IN SCOTLAND. Tuition fees, which we all need to remember were first introduced by LABOUR (something a lot of young folk don’t know).

Now I have an ALBA candidate in my constituency, I shall be voting ALBA and NOT SNP. The SNP have shown to all of Scotland that even when we elect SNP to every seat, they will scurry off down to London, and do NOTHING for independence.

The SNP have lost their fight, and lost their way. They should not be surprised they have lost my vote. I’ll vote ALBA, for Scotland and the end of LOndon rule.


Oh, and the candidates for ALBA are (including Edinburgh south, who have an excellent, genuine, local lady called Lynne Lyon)


Duncan Strachan

14 June, 2024 at 10:07 am

Dan at 4.02 Well said.
In answer to John c at 4.00. For Decades westminster has been plundering Scotland’s resources and ploughing them into the south east creating huge profit to those that live there. The housing bubble that results provides folk selling houses down there provides them with enough to buy several houses or even small estates. Largely these are folk who will rent out properties no locals can afford or air bnb them. Many will be unproductive and suck the life out of services and steal another tranche of even more of our resources. And you call people who call this out frothing racists. Well frankly fuck you. Send them back.

Vivian O’Blivion

14 June, 2024 at 10:50 am

The John Smith Centre has an article up on its site highlighting the latest British Social Attitudes survey titled “Damaged Politics?”.
Director of the JSC, “Professor” Kezia Dugdale was on BBC Radio Shortbread the other day to discuss this (she remains the Director for the next few weeks).
Oddly the collapse in public trust in politics & politicians has nothing to do with her and her opaquely funded, AstroTurf outfit.
Dugdale expounded the need for more diversity, more BAME politicians, more positive discrimination.
Yep, more middle-class politics graduates with negligible life experience and zero real world work experience.
The irony here is visible from space.


14 June, 2024 at 1:02 pm

Swinney may be indulging in some macchiavellianism, and all we see publicly is just a “long con” … look at me the useless bald man with the mogadon personality … no

its all a grand deception – secret recordings from “Maw Neep” swinney, the crazy bandersnatch were heard to contain

… truck bombs … its the poor mans airforce …the 3rd world B52 … fertiliser, diesel, kegs of nails … coordinate strikes … critical infrastructure … mumble mumble … put the lights out on these arseholes … sever the oil pipelines … he who can destroy a thing, controls a thing … then we awaken the sleeper cells for stage 2 … decapitation strike … short the pound and the oil companies on the markets, finance our own revolution and – CAMPERVANS ALL ROUND !!

sounds like a plan, John – our own Colonel E Kurtz, lost upriver, fighting the war his way, and winning … they knew his name and feared him …

Kate Forbes says : its dialectics man … you can’t land on a quarter … you can’t fly to mars on fractions

and with that manifesto, I think victory is assured.


14 June, 2024 at 3:57 pm

this is a very boring election because no one cares and nothing much is at stake; 3 rightwing business parties in flatland which will give you more war, austerity, nukes and incompetence and a “nationalist” party here which consists of pond scum peddling buttsex

dazzle us with your brilliance caveman campbell or fuck off

you whine as bad as chas, the most intellectually challenged of the yoontrolls

– the worst crime on a public forum is to be boring; vicious arguments are fine as long as they are interesting because they always throw up something

theres northcode, spicing it up, going for a walk on the wild side


there was an intriguing psychological thriller called “a dark song” about a woman and a “mage” she got on the internet, doing the abramelin for dubious reasons

we need a bit of magic, right now

Alf Baird

14 June, 2024 at 7:10 pm

James Che @ 5:24 pm

“Quite a lot of Scottish fans in Germany I see”

Yes, and we should not under-estimate the significance of 200,000 kilted Scots on international duty, saltires held aloft for all the world to see, and not a mankit union flag in sight.

The Euros are a rare opportunity for all Scots to express our national consciousness and love for our nation in the international sphere. Our oppressor will as usual be hoping we trip up and do not go very far; because they know that national consciousness and the desire for national sovereignty and ‘the struggle for freedom’ are closely interlinked.

“It is at the heart of national consciousness that international consciousness lives and grows..and this two-fold emerging is ultimately the source of all culture” (Fanon)

Alf Baird

15 June, 2024 at 9:39 am

James Che @ 7:02 am

“We’re a friendly lot compared to some other fans, it makes a big difference”

We sure are James. Scots are always naturally keen to participate on the international scene when the opportunity presents itself. Culturally, historically and linguistically we are arguably far more European in outlook than the Anglo; Scots recent anti-Brexit rather confirmed this.

But our ongoing colonialism means we are put ‘out of the (international) game’ politically, economically, and in matters of war and peace. The fact that England’s parliament has forced subordinate Scots into fighting its more than 150 international and colonial conflicts since the union, and with doubtless more to come, aye leaves us in a precarious position.

Since its independence, Ireland has avoided being dragged into these conflicts and England’s propensity for making trouble internationally. Scots need to do likewise.

Tinto Chiel

15 June, 2024 at 9:45 am

How ironical that dour sourpuss Scotland manager Clarke was wittering on about the “Negative Normans” before the Germany match and then his team produced an abysmal performance like that, and with players who could provide more creativity or a real goal threat absent from the starting line-up.

Another lowlight last night was having to listen to carefully-selected House Jocks McCoist and Souness giving us their Grate Thotts. At one stage the latter even changed from using the term Scottish to British in the one sentence.

It’s no surprise many of the Vote No campaigners were prominent Scottish football internationalists, given our embarrassing lack of success as a national team.

I would use the term Caledonian Antisyzygy for it all but I just can’t spell it.

Wings Over Scotland | Step right up for the clown show

Ian Brotherhood

15 June, 2024 at 2:52 pm

This article covers so much of relevance to the independence struggle, be it the work of Alf Baird, Sarah Salyers, Annemarie Ward, or any of the many people now trying to explain why traditional ‘addiction’ and ‘democracy’ models are so hopelessly wrong.

The ‘clown show’ has to be seen for what it is – a huge, cyclical distraction designed to foster ignorance.



15 June, 2024 at 4:27 pm

As a general reaction to events, I am left wondering if any other country in World history has so effortlessly willed itself out of existence?

We have two useless governments, nothing works, yet an infinite capacity to create billionaires and pay for wars and sparkly hats.

Other colonised races fought to the death for a fraction of the land, resources and history we have, but the general public are content to still be used by the same establishment that’s been screwing them for centuries. And any mention of this results in the said screwed over idiots defending the absentee landlords, fund managers and assorted rat-fur collared exploiters as if there is nothing the population could do about any of it.

“The Prince” was written over 500 years ago. By now, you might have thought it wouldn’t still be valid and that we might have moved on.

Even a bit.

Michael Laing

15 June, 2024 at 6:42 pm

@ John C at 2.07pm:

“There’s always a fringe element of people who you really don’t want getting into positions of control. Where Sturgeon failed badly was instead of booting some of these people out, or at the very, very least keeping them at arm’s length, she decided to prioritise them & brought them into positions of power.”

It was clearly deliberate. I suspect Sturgeon is either working for the UK establishment, or her promotion of woke ideology and deviants and paedophiles within the party made her a useful tool for the UK establishment. Sturgeon booting these creeps out was hardly likely when it was her who put them there in the first place.

Robert Hughes

15 June, 2024 at 8:15 pm


” All the successful historic nationalisms, those that secured independence for their nations, have been essentially cultural. ”
Absolutely . As you’ve noted ….it’s the absence of anything identifiably , culturally Scottish from the entire ambience/mindset of Nu SNP that is partly the reason they have degenerated to such a shocking degree ; and with such rapidity. They’re trying to kid us that Scottish Independence can be realised by diluting Scottishness to anaemic levels and prioritising every ” multi-cultural/sexual ” interest ahead of Scotland’s .

Irish Independence arose amid a flowering of Irish CULTURE ; where people like W.B Yeats and the Abbey Theatre went back to the roots of Irish Culture , it’s History , Myths , Legends & Folklore : back to the Source . There they found treasure , which they brought back , reanimated , to infuse their aspiration to Liberation with mythic power & depth .

Sometimes you have go back to go forward.

What do we have ? Tame , neutered beasts , their fat salaries come at last , slouching around HolyMinster to be pensioned .

It also helped in Ireland’s case that they had people willing to sacrifice everything – their lives included – for what they believed in . The toothless SNP straw men/women couldn’t/wouldn’t even stand-up to a dribbling buffoon like ” Speaker Hoyle ” . Any Scottish politician in possession of a spine would have walked out of that den after his incontinent tirade : and never returned .

And THIS mob are saying there will be a referendum ” within 5 years ” – hahahahaha HA ! Five Light Years , maybe .

Robert Louis

16 June, 2024 at 7:03 am

I will never understand why the SNP allowed itself to become associated with these women-hating creeps. Just WHO in their right mind makes somebody like that their ‘equalities officer’?

AAAh, Nicola Sturgeon. What a terrible mess she made of the SNP. To this day, I cannot help but think it was all quite deliberate, and on England’s orders.

What the current leader John Swinney does not seem to grasp, is that you are either attacking or defending when it comes to London. Their is NO happy ‘in-between’ position. Alex Salmond has always understood that. Either an SNP government is keeping them and their London parties (Labour/Tory) on the back foot over independence, or the opposite hsppens.

Sadly, what I see is not an SNP pulling the unionist parties to fight on their losing territory of the constitution, but an SNP that has willingly decided to try to fight those London parties on THEIR winning ground instead!

Does NOBODY in the SNP have even an ounce of political strategy in them??? You ALWAYS fight an enemy on the ground where they will lose, not where they can win. Do any of them even know how Bannockburn was won by the massively outnumbered King Robert against the English invaders? My guess is, that most in the current SNP don’t even know what I am talking about.

THAT is why I will not vote SNP, but ALBA at the election. The ALBA party actually want independence. The SNP? Who knows what they want, ‘stronger for Scotland’ or some other vague sh*t, probably.

Ian Brotherhood

16 June, 2024 at 10:04 am

BIGOT: a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

Yesterday, local shop, went in to use their cash machine (because it doesn’t charge for withdrawals unlike the High St ones which skin you up to £1.55 just to take out a tenner) and a man was being served as I waited for the woman in front of me to finish.

His accent was, let’s say, ‘home counties’. Well-educated. BBC voice. He got chatting to the lass behind the counter. Turns out he’s just moved to Ayrshire. But not to leafy Ayr, Troon or suchlike. He’s moved to Stevenston (from Glasgow).

Fair enough.

Stevenston does have some nice houses, mostly at or near ‘the top end’ and along the High Road to Ardrossan. The bottom end, where I am? Not so ‘nice’.

Unsolicited, the man (in his early to mid forties) explained that they’d moved to Stevenston to be closer to the sea because ‘we enjoy a bit of fishing when weather allows’. Perhaps he has a wee boat berthed in Ardrossan? Or further up, in Largs, Wemyss Bay etc? No shortage of space on that score.

Anyway, good luck to the guy and his family and perhaps, if he hangs around for a few years, he’ll get some decent weather to go out and do some fishing.

But here’s where the ‘bigot’ definition comes in – am I a ‘bigot’ because I don’t want this man to have a vote in another independence referendum?

Maybe he would vote Yes!

But that’s not the point.

Even if he declared himself an avid independence supporter I still wouldn’t allow him a vote.

If that makes me a bigot, so be it.

Yes, I feel antagonism towards that man and the group he represents (whether he likes being viewed as ‘representative’ of it or not) because they treat our country as their personal playground and have driven property prices into the realms of the ridiculous.

Right now, in our street, a three-bedroomed semi-detached sandstone house with small front garden, decent-sized back garden with room for car, nicely decorated but nothing extravagant, is on market for o/o £170,000 and was under offer before even being advertised. It’s insane. Local youngsters haven’t a hope of securing mortgage without help from parents. Exactly the same story as the Highlands and Islands. We even have absentee landlords using toty flats as AirBNB, charging up to £200 a night – why anyone would need such accommodation in Stevenston is beyond my ken but hey-ho, market forces an aw that…

It doesn’t take a genius to forecast where this is all headed – we’re looking at contemporary ‘clearances’ which will result in young couples being forced to get on the housing ladder via slum properties in the urban schemes. (Average house price in Glasgow is now £186,000 but you can snap up a wee one-bedroom tenement flat in Govanhill for less than 70k, no problem.)

It’s unsustainable and intolerable.

‘So, I hear you’re a nativist now Ian?’

Aye, it would seem so.


16 June, 2024 at 10:34 am

Here comes the carrots dangling right under our noses.

“Independence will “proudly” be one “page one, line one” of the Scottish National Party’s General Election manifeso, according to John Swinney. The First Minister said that the manifestio will offer a “real vision of hope” when it is launched next week.

Mr Swinney said the SNP’s plans will be a contrast to the “continuing despair” being offered by Westminster. And the Nats chief said his MPs would oppose spending cuts and propose investment in public services like the NHS.

And referring directly to his party’s push for independence, the FM said the SNP believe separation will allow Scotland to “match the success of our European neighbours”.”

Dorothy Devine

16 June, 2024 at 11:00 am

Morning IanB, I’m with you on that. Folk in London can sell a cupboard and come up and buy a lovely house in Scotland with change left over for other niceties.
I worry every time I watch a programme like Escape to the Country giving ideas to those with the funds.
I worry when we have innocent natural history programmes showing our beautiful land , I can almost hear the footsteps coming north.
Great though it is to show off Scotland’s natural assets it still worries me.
I wonder how some of the European countries deal with incomers being wealthy enough to outbid the locals. Spain appears to be sitting up and taking notice of the ‘ex pats’ ( not immigrants!)

Robert Hughes

16 June, 2024 at 11:53 am

@ Ian B

I too Am Bigotus .

Similar – now almost daily – example of the Home Countyfication of – in my case – the Highlands ….

The other day one of these lovely ” New Scot ” recent arrivals posted on a local Fb page asking if anyone was interested in starting a cricket team/club in the * village * .

Cricket ! FFS , * Nigel * , this is Camanachd Country ; Shinty Rools , ok . Fuck off with yr Anglo-centric bollocks .

Aye , we know , cricket IS played in Scotland , but for the most part it’s confined to the Central Belt/Borders and I’ve yet to meet a single Scot who participates in this sporting insomnia remedy .

In itself this suggestion is fairly innocuous – just a game , right ?

Well , naw , no really , ’cause it’s illustrative of what’s happening to our indigenous culture .

The thing about living in a ” small ” community is you can actually see the effects of demographic trends up front and in yr face , eg the economic advantage of selling property down South and thereby being able to outbid locals on – already inflated – houses for sale up here . I know of innumerable cases where this has happened – and continues to happen .

Also seeing growing examples of what we might call the ” colony within a Colony ” phenomenon .

This is where residents from ” elsewhere ” employ exclusively the services , eg Plumbers, Electricians , Builders etc of fellow ” recent arrivals ” ; and only recommend same if someone in the area is asking for recommendations for these services : again , I’ve seen this trend increase significantly in the last few years .

I’ve also seen this phenomenon in Spain , Portugal , France , where Anglo enclaves insulate themselves from all that ” integration with the natives ” baloney , refuse to learn the language of their host country and generally attempt to recreate Merry Olde England on their adopted foreign soil .

A good friend on mine’s in-laws bought a second home in Crete well before the EU Referendum , voted Leave and subsequently started whining pitifully about having to pay more in local taxes ! I actually heard them thus whine when they were up visiting my friends : only consideration for the feelings on my friend’s wife prevented me from unloading both verbal barrels of these total bams . I opted to walk away instead .

English Exceptionalism writ large .

Be under no doubt ….on current trends , this is where Scotland is headed .

Andy Ellis

16 June, 2024 at 1:04 pm

@Bigot Brotherhood 10.04am

Nice to see you own your irrational and regressive prejudices Ian: I applaud you for your honesty if nothing else.

At least it makes it easier for right thinking nationalists to point, laugh and shun you for the xenophobic piece of work you undoubtedly are.

The way to tackle unaffordable housing isn’t to ban mudbloods Ian, it’s to build a shit load more affordable housing, pay people “real” living wages so they can afford to buy if they want to, and ensure people who can’t afford to buy have access to reasonable rental properties and provide affordable good quality child care so people (particularly women) can work rather than find it impossible die to childcare costs.

The problem of rural housing in particular being expensive is hardly unique to Scotland: ask folk in Cornwall, Wales, the Lake District and in many places abroad.

Of course, the hard of thinking are often attracted to quick fixes and easy answers to complex and difficult questions: Scots nativists are no different to their coevals in Reform, the Front National, Jobbik or Law and Justice and similar regressive, populist, anti-immigrant and anti-Western movements elsewhere in Europe.

Just don’t delude yourselves that you represent any more than a minority of ordinary Scots, still less of the actual independence movement. I’m sure aspects of your belief system will chime quite well with Scottish adherents of Reform and other extremists both of the right and left though.

Ian Brotherhood

16 June, 2024 at 1:40 pm

Oor ain NDLS continues to pepper btl with his comment – how many years has that been now? Certainly predates the formation of Alba which, as he never seems to tire of telling us, he is a ‘founder member’.

Poor Andy doesn’t understand that, as a real Scot, his altruistic attitude matters not a jot to the ‘type’ I am bigoted against – from their point of view he’s every bit as much a ‘native’ as a beleaguered single mum from Craigmillar or a one-legged toothless jakie in The Drum eating a deep fried Mars bar and washing it down with MD20/20

None of us know what kind of abode Andy inhabits – perhaps he’ll wake up to the current reality when he gets a pack of Hoorah-Henries as neighbours and has to tolerate their outdoor baying throughout the summer. Mind you, knowing Andy, with his eternally sunny attitude, he’ll be happy to bite his tongue, be the perfectly welcoming/helpful Jock neighbour (‘Have you been to see The Kelpies yet?’) and strenuously deny any knowledge of Alba as the value of his property continues to increase.

‘Aye, it’s a serr fecht richt enough…’

Alf Baird

16 June, 2024 at 1:58 pm

Ruby Tuesday @ 10:00 am

“I knew a young woman who worked in an hotel in Edinburgh (nothing too fancy) who got told off because when a guest asked where the toilets were she answered ‘the lavies are roon on your right’”

Aye ‘lavvies’ is aw richt, tho posh fowk in Scotland wad mebbe say ‘cludgie’. Thar shuid be mair lavvies in Scotland…..

Lavvie is a shortening of the Late Latin ‘lavatorium’, hence many continental visitors should perhaps understand the term ‘lavvie’. The word ‘toilet’ used in the English language is borrowed from the Middle French word ‘toilette’.

Other than prejudice and discrimination there is naething wrang wi the Scots wird ‘lavvie’, nor wi ony ither Scots wirds, sic as bawheid, bam or dunderheid.

Andy Ellis

16 June, 2024 at 2:23 pm

@Bigot Brotherhood 1.40pm

My neighbours in Edinburgh are an eclectic lot Ian: they include unionists, nationalists, undecideds and those uninterested in politics. Most are Scottish, but there are folk from all over the world, some are permanent residents, some just here for work (financial services and academia for the most part, which is hardly surprising given the city’s businesses).

From conversations I’ve had most of the non-UK folks (whether permanent residents or not) can’t understand why Scots don’t have the balls to take their own independence: many of them come from countries which have done so relatively recently themselves, generally with far less going for them and much more in the way of opposition than the 90 minute patriots so evident in Germany recently. The most vociferous and convinced supporters of unionism round here are generally native Scots over 50.

Hooray Henries would get short shrift round here, although being in the centre of town there are a fair number: they’re hardly enough to cause much upset, let alone swing the result of votes. You seem to have a bit of a bee in your bonnet about baying neighbours upsetting your barbie of an evening: maybe you should just ask them to pipe down?

Mind, since they probably know you’re xenophobic bigot they’re probably giving you a wide berth in case you give them a Glesca (or Ayrshire) kiss for looking at them funny, or premeditated use of an English accent.

Hopefully they have enough money not to have to live too close to someone as unpleasant as you?

Robert Hughes

16 June, 2024 at 3:05 pm

” Hatuey hath spoken ”

Aye , but on this occasion , Hatuey hath spoken mince .

It’s precisely that ” don’t upset the ( non ) natives ” approach that has allowed the SNP and * camp *-followers to place us in such a woeful state : ” bending over backwards ” to accommodate every ethnic group other than the indigenous one .

This mentality was very apparent in fat-arsed Uber Yoon – Brillo’s recent interview with Alex Salmond . The latter seems to think his avuncular charm sufficient in such encounters with the perennially hostile Anglo MSM , as if presenting an unthreatening face to the public is what is really going to win our Independence . It’s not ; and never will be

This not about being ” anti ” any particular group , but being ” pro ” our own .

I know two people who work for Estate Agents in the area , both selling houses and managing the second homes of non-permanent residents . They tell me more and more of their business is coming from English people . Aye , sure , they’re not complaining – ” business is business ” n’aw that ; but it still doesn’t even begin to answer what all that ” business ” is doing to local communities .

You’re right , H . There’s nothing WE can do about this and – as you say ….there’s no value in directing our ire in the direction of individuals , they’re just doing what they consider is in THEIR best interests , as we all do . It’s the Conditions , eg Economic advantage , that are the real problem .

But that doesn’t mean we should all just stand passively by and watch our culture being worn down , marginalised and – ultimately – replaced by a * foreign * one .

Ps that suggestion to form a local cricket team/club I referred to earlier received not a single ” like ” or comment .

Hopefully a case of ” build it and they’ll totally blank it ” .

So far , anyway .

Alf Baird

16 June, 2024 at 4:43 pm

Hatuey @ 2:02 pm

“the definition of “native” in Scotland is hugely problematic”

Maybe for you, or others uncertain about their national identity.

An individual’s financial capability to buy land or property in another country does not make them a native of that country. Here they are engaging in an economic transaction, nothing more.

The author James Kelman said: ‘if you want to know your identity, look at who your relatives are’.


16 June, 2024 at 5:44 pm

@ Ian Brotherhood,Robert Hughes and any other fellow nativists I just watched the recent edition of PRISM, where Finbar Markey explained in GREAT detail WHY people in ROI were rioting and demonstrating against franchise fannys civic bullshit progressive nationalism, also watch out for his exposure of the inconsistencies and illuminated stupidity of the franchise fannys support of israhel and u

Andy Ellis

17 June, 2024 at 7:57 am

@Hatuey 12.35 am

Robert Hughes, if you accept there is nothing we can do about it, which you do, you must also accept that hounding immigrants needlessly is not a good look and one that is certainly bound to lose votes rather than win them.

This has been pointed out to the nativists in the past. Indeed, Rev Stu’s original fisking of the franchise restriction narrative specifically called out the likelihood of such actions actually costing the movement more votes than it gained us.

The usual suspects in here of course go absolutely tonto at the thought, because they have no rational response or counter argument: they simply insist that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

The optics of such nativism don’t matter to them, because all that does matter is their deep seated faith based position that “we wuz robbed” and that “it was them furriners (read English) wot dun it”.

Interestingly, we’ve now moved on to a situation where not only are they unrepentant in the face of criticism that their anti-immigrant stance is problematic and can be regarded as xenophobic, they’re prepared like Ian Brotherhood and a handful of even more unsavoury regulars BTL here to proudly proclaim and even own their bigotry.

It’s the “others” you might worry about. A lot of people in Glasgow identify with Irish ancestry, for example. Go too far down the nativist road and you run the risk of alienating them. (God knows they’ve already been subject to the most vile abuse based on their ancestry, by people who put a lot of emphasis on the purity and entitlement of native Scots…)

Well, quite. It demonstrates a rather superficial understanding of Scottish history and the impacts of sectarianism to ignore the legacy of anti-Irish nativism. And yet, we are where we are: folks within our own movement loudly proclaiming that nobody who isn’t born here should get a vote on Scotland’s independence, or that they have to live here for decades.

Even if they satisfy the nativists criteria however, they aren’t and never can be “real” Scots. When did attitudes like that become OK? More to the point, when did it become OK for them to be openly and even proudly trumpeted as not just necessary but virtuous?

If anyone had made comments like that in the run up to 2014 I can’t imagine they’d have been given the time of day by the movement as a whole, however much of a big tent it was.

Alf Baird

17 June, 2024 at 8:19 pm

Ruby Tuesday @ 6:03 pm

“Everyone is racist and it’s possible immigrants are the most racist of all.”

This is almost certainly the case in a colonial society where colonialism is described as ‘hateful racism’ (Cesaire), or ‘aggressive racism’ (Fanon), and that racism is always ‘a consubstantial part of colonialism’ (Memmi).

The Scottish minority within the ‘UK internal colonialism model’ (Hechter) therefore seems increasingly subject to two main forms of racism:
1. that colonialism is racism, and;
2. that ‘positive discrimination’ in favour of other minority groups may further discriminate against the already colonized and hence subordinated Scottish group.

Wings Over Scotland | On the frontline of the Gender Wars


16 June, 2024 at 2:49 pm

Extreme economic liberalism using gender ideology and queer theory to destroy opposition to their money making schemes. Communities are under attack by these ideologues everywhere in Scotland. Money, status and the power to destroy that which they do not believe in is what they seek. Anyone local is a threat and anyone local who shows disobedience must be removed. The capture of the local organisation, top down in order to bulldoze that community is evil. They’ll destroy your communities because you are non-compliant, Scottish, hold ‘primitive’ beliefs and values. You deserve it don’t you see? The ideologues believe they are in person the highpoint in the evolution of human values. Scumbag gangster politicians and their managerial consultancy allies are taking full toll.
Well done Sturgeon.

Anton Decadent

16 June, 2024 at 3:12 pm

“By now we are even unsure whether we have the right to talk about the events of our own lives.”
? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago.


16 June, 2024 at 6:32 pm

What an awful story; it should be turned into a dystopian drama. It’s like one of those overly rich cakes you sometimes get – it’s got every ingredient and every filling, except all the ingredients are toxic, a poison of some variety. Profiteering, big business, local corruption, crazed activists, witch hunts, trotskyite infiltration, a dash of orwell, a shot of kafka. Might be a decent novel if he chose to write it up.

Housing is definitely broken and the main reason is – in a country mostly empty with loads of land – we are hitched up to the english business model, that the purpose of housing is to ensure profits for banks and housebuilders; Thatcher pretty much killed council housing and the notion that a roof over your head is a human right and decided that the market would provide; this leftover “social housing” done by arms length quangos is similarly rotten. Made rottener by the men in dresses (YWNBAW).

Where I live, the problems are a bit different (but the outcome is the same, ordinary folks get fucked) – the principal goal of most housebuilding seems to be as a conduit for the laundering of drugs profits, of which about 1% of it is intercepted

– so you get all these 500K+ houses, but I reckon most of them are empty; the agents park fancy cars in the driveway, put internal lights on timers – a handful are occupied, rental income only. And all the while the local cooncil declares it is now in a “housing emergency”. The “war on drugs” aspect to it all is laughable as the local politicians know that drugs money does at least circulate in the economy, providing some flow of wealth; crime, firebombings, beatings, murders are reported on as if a random occurrence. Welcome to the narco state.

The article, like anything good, merits a second reading.

Lorna Campbell

16 June, 2024 at 9:09 pm

You deserve a medal for what you have endured, sir. People need to remember that the TQ++++++ into infinity is a middle-class initiative; nothing whatsoever to do with the working-class. Likewise Post Modernism (Post Culturalism) and Queer Theory. All spewed out by middle-class well-heeled people, from the universities who are so bored out of their skulls with their own thoughts that they decided to inflict them on the rest of us – without consent.

The p**n addled paraphiliacs and fetishists who make up most of the movement, enabled by the stomach-churning handmaidens like this Emma creature, are only the front-line troops. Big Business and global corporates are actually behind it all. Nick’s post confirms it. There may be shortage of housing in Scotland, but there is no shortage of those who are happy and willing to remove huge chunks of public money and siphon it into their own off-shore pockets and of those who are willing to be gulled by these duplicitous and corrupt crooks masquerading as public allies. Sadly, many of those desperate to be taken to the cleaners on public monies that are not theirs to waste, are wasting even more on keeping us tied to a Union that died long since, but the rotting corpse lies unburied. Serious corruption is now a massive problem – with Third World dimensions – in Scotland and the rest of the UK, but, certainly, in Scotland.


16 June, 2024 at 11:32 pm

Google Maps, being brilliant, tells us about Maryhill – and in 3D.

When I went to the uni, many moons ago, it was the biggest in the country, having some 9000 UG students (and 2000 PG). Sometimes I would go to the library and choose a favourite spot, with a nice view, either across the city, or of some nice ovary-owner chest-feeder front opening person. Well, you won’t get to choose your perch anymore – there are now 43000 students (23K UG 19K PG), and the sprawl of it, the number of new buildings is just massive.

On the maps you can see the encroachment upwards; they always had associated facilities up Summerston and Dawsholm, but we see the pressure for housing and Maryhill is next in line; the ordinary fowk don’t figure in these plans – student accommodation and executive housing are where it’s at now.

The people who lived on these sides of the Clyde would once have worked in the shipyards, but now what they want to do is get a postdoctoral fellowship in cutting your dick and fanny studies at the yooni; I am sure the jobcentre will help you with retraining and upskilling opportunities.

In a way, I feel sorry for the students too; it must be -shit- now, like rats in a cage, now the “business model” has become accepted. I think they are being ripped off, paying for an inferior product, online exams, and with an explosion in the amount of useless degrees, even in STEM, which has a lot more weak-arse, dumbed down shit for the number-challenged.

But the common people don’t fit into the model and are thus, surplus.

In a way, it is justified, to our morally righteous woke new puritans of the acceptable “left”, as, no doubt, the so-called “working class” are nothing more than white racists and likely reactionary transphobes, who get what they fucking deserve.

– but in a way, this situation is universal as we, the Scots, are all being lined up for a right fucking.


17 June, 2024 at 8:40 am

Sadly this is just another form of middle class privilege disguised as victimhood. They ally with prostitutes ,refugees and illegal immigrants, even criminals because they hate the working class. Why? Because it’s most resistant to Queer pish, critical racism based on hatred of white people, and insane misanthropic environmental policies which are neo-austerity. They want to take over working class communities, the charitable sector and the NHS. On the south side Govanhill has been turned from an affordable housing oasis for working class people of all races into a slum playground for criminals and deviants. These parasitic wasps take over community organisations and their fingerprints are all over every aspect of common people culture from football to beer. They need to be resisted and Nick has shown how. But one more thing; this is the left showing us what it has become. It’s not about liberation. It’s about the control of a vanguard of middle class overlords who know what’s best. That’s why protecting private property, supporting free speech and resisting the growth of the state, is better than the yoke of woke socialised control.

Alf Baird

17 June, 2024 at 2:34 pm

Andy Ellis @ 1:03 pm

“Meanwhile, some positive news according to Labout List that Lord Cashman has has the Labour whip withdrawn for his disgraceful tweets about Rosie Duffield”

Their connection to Scotland, aside from being part of more than a thousand MPs and peers from another country who see it as their right to rule over us Scots, is what exactly? What can possibly be ‘positive’ about any of England’s MPs or peers for a country that is colonised by them?

Murdo Ritchie

17 June, 2024 at 6:26 pm

I attend Living Rent AGMs and, occasionally, activities of the Dennistoun branch. As the former Vice-Chair of the Glasgow Campaign Against Housing Stock Transfers, I feel I could have contributed to their campaigns. But I am very uneasy about going to their meetings.

I have known Nick for long enough to know that he has never acted in a discriminatory or prejudicial way towards anyone. I fear what has happened to him could easily happen to me.

Part of my hesitancy on becoming more involved with Living Rent has been the fear of unexpectantly discovering myself on the end of accusations even when it has nothing to do with the issues involved. This issue has become a “wedge issue” used mainly to cause divisions.

My own beliefs are pretty mainstream that sex is determined by biochemical processes that have established themselves by evolutionary processes. Sex is not something that can be chosen from personal preference, consumer choice or self-identification.

As a life-style choice, transsexualism or transgenderism would be pretty harmless, but the demand that I must accept someone else’s wishes regardless of whether I consider it absurd is offensive and authoritarian. Someone can can themselves Napoleon or the Queen of Sheba, but it doesn’t make them so.

Objective material reality is being abandoned for personal choice or wishful thinking. When this was done in the Soviet Union it created Lysenkoism -another cult that didn’t like the role of chromosomes. It held back Soviet biology for decades.

Sadly, it is the way this cult’s demands encroach on issues that have nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or mutual respect is frightening. Nick’s story of how a housing campaign can be corrupted by these insistent demands has been duplicated elsewhere in academia, the arts, charities and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, weak-willed liberals who are afraid of being called intolerant have cowered against the storm of disruptive behaviour, hissy fits and threats from this cult. The Scottish government only gave this marginal viewpoint a legitimacy it did not deserve.

Tolerance recognises difference, but recognises facts. Black is not white, right is not wrong, a man is not a woman or a woman man no matter how much anyone wishes it or self-identifies.

I feel I could have contributed a lot to Living Rent; only now I venture near them with hesitancy

Alf Baird

18 June, 2024 at 10:52 am

James Che @ 10:08 am

“Would it not be more noticable in this election to have No votes from Scotland”

Those of us who have nobody to vote for will likely be in that category. However, half of voters in Scotland are expected to vote for colonial parties. And perhaps half or more of independence supporters look likely to still vote for the pseudo-nationalist SNP, with the remainder voting Alba, ISP, or for I4I candidates. This would probably not leave that many spoiling their votes with #End the Union or whatever, though that looks like my only option.


18 June, 2024 at 12:36 pm

English nationalism turns, within a millisecond, into british empire loyalism, i.e. their nationalism = imperialism, which is why it will always be invalid.

Civic nationalism can never work between one group of relatively open and easy going natives and an incomer group of viciously bigoted ethno-racial supremacists; it can never work and when you try it, the consequences for the natives will be disastrous.

Most english in Scotland are viciously bigoted anglo supremacists, whose prejudice is so deep that they do not notice it; they think our country belongs to them, a notion they need to be educated upon.

Their narcissism is constantly on display, and they do not even do us the courtesy of moderating their accents in our presence –


They are Little Englanders, first and last and it puzzles me why the Scots, the people who have suffered much at their hands, don’t seem to want to see it, want to go easy : but the whole of Europe hates them, and even on their holidays to the med they have pissed everyone off to the extent that these protests look close to becoming pogroms.

“say what you see” – they are the worst cunts on earth, screeching voices, ugly faces, reeked in their own narcisssism about how being english is a win in the lottery of life … there is a vagrant squatting in your front room, at what point do you have the self respect to boot his arse to the kerb?

– nigel farage will solve the boat problem in 100 days – I could solve the “range rover” problem in 1 day.

All anglos should be called nigel, for they are all nigels to me.


18 June, 2024 at 6:36 pm

Colonialism has got to be one of the dumbest survival mechanisms ever devised by simple minds. To believe that the long term survival of one people can be secured through the oppression, exploitation and eradication of other peoples is supersonically stupid.

But gangsters be gangstas and smarts don’t much figure in their (mis)calculations.

Alf Baird

18 June, 2024 at 8:48 pm

Northcode @ 7:13 pm

“Alf Baird – didn’t you consider ‘Zombie Nation’ as a title for your book, Doun-Hauden, at one point?”

Yes indeed I did. It seemed rather appropriate. A useful analogy for the colonial mindset, where ‘the native’s brain is emptied’ (Fanon) more or less; colonialism results in a ‘disease of the mind’ (Memmi), where the native ‘craves dependency’ (Cesaire), all of which helps facilitate the economic plunder.

But although the colonized native is made ‘zombie-like’, this is not the fault of the native, it is the result of colonialism, which is racist oppression; and an oppressed people are a ‘doun-hauden’ people.


19 June, 2024 at 10:00 am

So the Teflon Don (VONC’s never stick to him) John Swinney has said he’ll never work with Alex Salmond again, oh I’m sure you’ll be a big loss to Salmond-NOT.

Swinney has also said that even if the NuSNP suffers a bad result on July the 4th that an indyref should still be held, Swinney really is a desperate dude now, lurching from one BS carrot dangling comment to another, in the hope of duping punters into voting for his now irrelevant party.

Swinney is also pushing the manifesto/mandate BS, Christ knows how many mandates on indy that the NuSNP have let slip on by without action and Swinney expects us to believe him this time around. F*ck You Swinney and your party you lot have let a decade go by and done NOTHING on the indyfront, only a mug would now vote for the NuSNP.

Infact just don’t even vote in the GE for all you are doing is sending Scottish politicians to an alien parliament to live the good life, for they know as we know they can’t achieve anything tangible at this foreign parliament for they are grossly outnumbered we sent 57 supposedly indy minded MPs to Westminster and it achieved zero, nil, nada, all that happened is they live high on the hog at our expense, the ones that are backup for re-election will tell you any shite you want to hear in your constituency as long as you re-elect them again.

Boycott the GE.

Boycott the GE

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