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Commentary from readers of Wings from May 24th to June 4th.

Sunday, June 16, 2024
1hr 25mins

Wings Over Scotland | The Misogyny Alliance


24 May, 2024 at 6:49 pm

Lets use the Hate Crime Laws against them, Terf is a hate crime, folk in LAS should be reprimanded and whoever gave the nod for this to happen should be sacked, Oh but wait they don’t do sackings in Scotland getting caught only results in a piss poor apology if we’re lucky.

LAS is an utter disgrace.

There’s no accountability anymore.

Lorna Campbell

24 May, 2024 at 6:57 pm

Narroweyed Observer: For hundreds of years, if they wrote at all, females had to assume a male name in order to be published. That is fact, so less of the misandry accusations. You come across as a men’s rights activist and as bad as these Queer Theorists. It is not females pushing into male literary prizes, into male arts, sports, spaces, etc., but the ‘transwomen’ (males) pushing into female literature prizes, and so on, and that now includes publishing and distribution, film and personal services.

The point being made in the article, if you could resist the swivel-eyed nonsense, is that public monies are being used to fund what is basically piles of ordure that have no artistic or creative merit but they do embrace Queer Theory at every level. I agree that some of the more outlandish nonsense taught in universities around the subject of female studies went too far into the ether, and, indeed, even black emancipation studies began to lose focus. Embracing victimhood ravenously, is rarely good for the soul – or for one’s mental health.

However, both women’s studies and black studies were firmly rooted in reality: both have been/are oppressed groups, albeit things are improving, or were, till recently. The ‘trans’ issue is not rooted in reality, but the importance gifted to this stuff defies all rational explanation. What, in the name of God, are publicly-funded organizations playing at when they make statements like those above, and deliberately exclude certain people from their hallowed grounds?

Angus Robertson needs to get his staff on to this post haste, whether they want to or otherwise (assuming at least some of them will be captured by Queer Theory, too). A top to toe cleansing is called for, because, if two areas of Creative Scotland are found to be contaminated, it is a safe bet to assume that all the others will be, too. It is, perhaps, not practical or sensible for the Minister to take over personally all these functions, but what must be done immediately, is to ensure that everyone employed understands that such tactics will not be tolerated in any part of the organization and that further breaches of protocol will result in sackings for gross misconduct.

Same needs to go for all public offices where taxpayers, via the Scottish government, fund the organization or service. These parasitical people, who care nothing about Scotland, its culture or its well-being, and certainly not its potentially independent future, need to be rooted out and given the order of the boot or start doing their jobs properly and to the expected standard, using well-honed critical faculties, not making judgements through their nether regions.

Lorna Campbell

24 May, 2024 at 7:14 pm

orri: don’t know whether you are male or female, but you make a good point, although it’s not really suffragism, which concentrated on the vote, but female anger resurgence. They have tried to exclude females from every public space, to be replaced by ‘transwomen’ and assorted ‘queers’. The daft lassies who believe they have been accepted as men had better think again. All they have done is put the spotlight on all ‘trans’. Now, a great many women are concentrating on having the 2004 GRA repealed as the source of all grief in this area. All kinds of women are finding their voices and banding together, just as men do routinely, to achieve their ends. The end result will be that women, as a sex class, will have less and less sympathy and empathy for men, as a sex class, and that will be passed on to present and future generations of girls. The ‘transwomen’ and the men’s rights activists have unleashed, in their desperation to destroy all female rights, a regiment of women who will not be told what to do any longer. Yes, the handmaidens, when they come to their senses, will see the reality of the situation to which they were wilfully blind. This is very much the same journey on which the Scots will embark to gain their freedom. When you are pushed too far, you never again, put up with being pushed. Both the women of Scotland and the Scots, in general, are just starting to learn that hard lesson.

Big Jock

24 May, 2024 at 7:53 pm

Swinney is a failure and a liar. I don’t think there are any honest people left in the SNP front benches. At least we can take some comfort in their misery on July 4th.

I say that as a former 30 year member. I want them destroyed, just as they destroyed loyal members like me.

Lorna Campbell

24 May, 2024 at 8:55 pm

The thing is, even if these public organizations are forced to obey the law and the SG rules, the people already embedded will just discriminate anyway. Anyone they deem not to be suitable for funding will not get it and spurious reasons will be given. It is very hard to prove discrimination if it made to look as if there is no bias. Black nurses found this out when they were always overlooked for promotion and the reasons given seemed reasonable on the surface. Those doling out the dosh (or not, as the case may be) need to be required to also submit a written list of reasons for turning down an application and this should go to both the applicant and the Minister’s office and scrutinized for irregularities. When being interviewed, prior to appointment, the board member should be asked to submit a written statement of how he or she would apply strict impartiality to applications and applicants, and to adhere to the actual law, not some made-up version of the law.

Young Lochinvar

24 May, 2024 at 9:35 pm

Lorna Campbell.

I normally agree with your sentiments but on this one Narrowed Eye Observer is right.

Feminisation of society is the root of this, Pandora’s box was opened by women who happily watched as *masculinity* became interchangeable with the term *toxic*.
And no I do not refer to wife beaters and other scum.

Bridget Jones style you all revelled in having the requisite male gay friend, on programmes like Loose Women (my better half watches it) where they revel in gay guests such as Rylan (apologies if I’ve spelt that wrong) and the febrile joke that is tv adverts aside make male stars on so many tv shows now seem to have the obligatory gayish moment in order to appear right-on and in there and somehow relevant and *comfortable in themselves*.

My late faither many many years ago said it was appearing to be getting fashionable to be gay but heck that’s now been overtaken by the 72 gender (or whatever number they’ve now reached – hey, maybe Liz Truss can legitimately self ID as a lettuce -) brigade.

Males are stuck in the doldrums of *keep yer mouth shut* while women are only now kicking off because the weirdos and perverts that have been given *understanding and support* in feminised society have crawled out from underneath the rocks to gain access to female spaces.
Heck, what about the school indoctrination going on, largely passed by without much comment by and in many cases overseen by the fairer sex.

I reluctantly refer to the mother of Briannah Ghey, frequently evangelising on the topic on tv yet surely the one of two who could have done something better to steer their child.
However, with feminisation and the trashing of gender *norms* we have kids growing up to parents who clearly were themselves brought up to challenge boundaries and as a result their young (and often it seems) troubled minds have no grasp whatsoever of the concept of boundaries whereas being out there gets all the attention going.

*Males* aside, what about females?
As the saying goes, if unsmiling Lesbians hate men do much, then why do so many try so hard to look like them.

Both sexes need to take a check under the bonnet, it’s not simply men’s fault the crazy situation we find ourselves in these days


Cue hate now I suppose..


24 May, 2024 at 11:46 pm

Re Big Jock at 7.53

Could not agree more. I will await the last minute polling prediction for my constituency then vote for the party or individual who has the best chance of defeating the SNP. If that is Labour or Tory so be it. We need rid of this malign charade of an independence party if we are ever to consign the union to the dustbin. Sturgeon et al betrayed our country and sabotaged independence, probably deliberately but, if not, by utter incompetence. I say this as a life long supporter of Scottish independence and an SNP member for many years before I saw the light.

Our only hope is to clear the decks and start again. At my age I will never live to see this come to fruition. If only AS had realised what he was about to unleash on Scotland when he resigned and nominated an abomination in his place we would be independent now and looking on at the chaos of a tory rump UK instead of enduring the hell of living in it.

Now the election date has been announced I assume that Police Scotland will be instructed by their UK masters to bring some more charges under Operation Branchform in good time to influence the Scottish Electorate. I hope they do as it will help rid us of the SNP. It is probably too much to hope that they will also charge the Alphabetties with perjury and charge Sturgeon and her main acolytes with lying under oath and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Sturgeon and a lot of her hierarchy should do jail time. Embezzlement is minor by comparison.


25 May, 2024 at 12:57 am

This may seem an odd question and I am genuinely interested in the answer.
How many folk here actually know personally any transsexuals, of either type?
I “personally” don’t know a single one and asking folk I know neither do any of them. The closest they have come is knowing someone that knows one.
This doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the odd obvious one in the street, although this is normally down south, but never actually met or spoke to one.
Now claims are that 1/200 in the UK is supposed to be trans, I know or have known/worked/played/socialised with a lot more than 200 folk in my life, why have I never came across even one? Is it because they are far rarer than claimed or have I just been lucky?


25 May, 2024 at 3:42 am

I think the “problem” in the liberal West is actually quite simple in some respects, but profoundly complex in others.

The West suffers from a lack of fear.

A society which isn’t afraid has the dubious “luxury” of people living their lives with no regard for consequences.

Politicians lie all the time because they get away with it. They’ve nothing to fear. Perverts start openly (almost) grooming kids and attempt to normalise deviancy because the vast majority feel no compunction to do anything. These freaks have no concept of self control or societal conformity, so when society is overly tolerant or looks the other way, – do the arithmetic.

There’s no fear of war. I mean there should be, but nobody really feels threatened by the prospect because we are seduced by the belief we are equal to any threat we’re ever likely to face. It’s a disarming complacency… literally. Wars are what happen to other people by default, They only happen to us by choice. So what if US tech in Eastern Europe is staring obsolescence in the face? Nevermind, the next generation of “Mk” will fix it.

There’s no fear of god or religion in our secular world of science and technology. There’s no fear of Hell and damnation for the soul, so being evil is a lifestyle choice. I mean yeah, there’s prison, but come on, only poor people on drugs and from broken homes actually go to prison.

Everywhere you look, for every fear there’s an equivalent escapism from fear; mind altering sedation from TV, the alternative worlds of computer games, the anonymity of global social media, or the escapism of drugs which makes the whole world go away – for a bit.

What sunk Scottish Independence in 2014 was a lack of fear. “Yeah, Scotland might get plundered for its wealth and resources, but I’m alright. I’ve got a no-bad wee hoose, an ok job and a decent wage. Independence is just for those less fortunate in life’s great lottery.

Even the fourth horseman, Pestilence, turned up in 2019/20, but his COVID human extinction event was defeated by St Nicola the Tre@cherous.

I dunno really. The only comparable outpouring of decadence and fear-free liberty was back in the Roaring ‘20s, when indulgence was all the rage.

But at least the 1920’s had something to shout about, a grievous war to end all wars survived; emancipated women who’d succeeded in a man’s world, flight, transport, and global travel to exotic destinations, roaring motor cars with unparalleled style and vitality, motorcycles, ocean liners and airships that tamed the planet. Wealth and prosperity, or at least the illusion of it, and telephones, electricity, Art Deco, Art Nouveau style, Jazz, Flappers and frocks, music and film… What a decade!

Fast forward a century… we have tr@itors and betrayers in positions of leadership, and everywhere it seems, weird joyless boys who want to be women as headline news, and it’s apparently more important and a higher priority than defending our Nation from malignant colonial assimilation.

What the actual fuck are you playing at Scotland? Sober the fk up, won’t you?

Maybe our best gift from the Western World to the rest has been our belligerent lunacy, and the fear of us which kept their own respective society focussed and on point. Being scared of stuff has its benefits.

Captain Caveman

25 May, 2024 at 11:04 am

“Embracing victimhood ravenously, is rarely good for the soul – or for one’s mental health.”


One sentence that pretty much sums up so much that is wrong in this absurd millennial dystopia I find myself (reluctantly) living in. Thank God I’m old.

Alf Baird

26 May, 2024 at 11:14 am

Captain Caveman @ 10:09 am

“Scotland, ever more than its contemporaries, has lost itself?”

Who are our ‘contemporaries’? Which nations are in our ‘condition’ – culturally, economically and politically?

What do you expect with a colonized people who are merely ‘bystanders’ in a ‘Manichean’ and ‘calcified’ society, and where:

“The colonized feels neither responsible nor guilty nor skeptical, for he is out of the game. He is in no way a subject of history any more. He has forgotten how to participate actively in history and no longer even asks to do so” (Albert Memmi).

Here are some of our ‘contemporaries’ in terms of GDP-per-Capita, see if you can spot the odd one oot:


Lorna Campbell

26 May, 2024 at 5:34 pm

‘The Arts’ have always been full of pretentious people, and you don’t have to be an aficionado of ‘high art’ to understand what has happened with Creative Scotland. It is very simple. The same thing has happened across the board at every level of society, in every public body: Queer Theory happened.

Just a short time ago, a German politician filmed himself licking a public toilet bowl. Apparently, he also liked to smear faeces on himself, and, although I’m not 100% sure about it, he liked to eat it, too, I think.

Now, that is one humdinger of a fetish. Now, I’ve never heard of any female doing this, albeit females do sometimes have fetishes of a milder kind, but, if anyone can find evidence of the more disgusting habits of female deviants, feel free to regale us with it.

Needless to say, his public display of his fetish(es) was this politician’s downfall. In Scotland, he would probably be shepherded off into a sanatorium for a few weeks, handed a GRC and be welcomed back like a lost sheep.

Some of the comments on this thread prove that many people simply do not understand what a paraphilia and/or fetish actually are, in reality, a nd why females in the know, are so distressed for our sex and our children.

They have this image of a poor, distressed transsexual with his bits removed, dressed in a Laura Ashley frock, who only wants to pee in safety away from nasty men who think they are a bit odd.

They don’t think of the guy who rummages in the bins to find used sanitary towels, or the chap who wears floaty dresses so that his h**d-on is not seen, or the fellow who rolls in pig dung to m**turb**e in piggy heaven.

The reality of what Queer Theory is and what a lot of the ‘trans’ movement is – not all – would make you vomit – but this is what our politicians want to set loose on women and children, remembering that 99% are intact males and they want access to female spaces for a reason – and it’s not to deliver a box of chops.

Any man who thinks this is hunky dory or that it is solely a female problem, needs to be administerd a hard kick in the cojones to catapult him into reality. Actually, and I don’t know who said it on the thread, but there are a lot of AGPs and fetishists out there. If self-ID is brought in properly, you’ll be shocked to discover just how many – and where they are.

Wings Over Scotland | Virtual Reality


25 May, 2024 at 8:40 am

Saw this article:


Apart from the assertion that Sturgeon may be suffering from Capgras Syndrome, what caught my eye is this:

The audience mostly seemed to lap it up; partly, I assume, because they knew practically nothing concrete about the speaker’s nine years in government. Nationalists often complain that the English media ignores Scottish concerns, but in this case it has clearly worked in their former leader’s favour. Still, it was also obvious that this deeply middle-class and well-heeled bunch mostly didn’t want to know about any potentially complicating factors that might temper their adulation, for that would spoil all the fun of the festival: paying £65 per day ticket to feel appalled about the state of the world and the Tories, but rather better about themselves. To this end, they needed a suitable moral heroine to side with, mentally speaking: preferably someone with a charmingly authentic regional accent, getting intermittent jabs in at their favourite hate figures while decrying toxic masculinity, and whose stated values otherwise were vague enough that you could read almost anything positive you liked into them. And it seems that they found one.

It’s an interesting insight into the affluent middle-class mindset which has enough dough to be able to hear what they want to hear.


25 May, 2024 at 10:22 am

25 May, 2024 at 9:36 am

… Swinney is as responsible as Sturgeon.

He could gave saved the party but he did as he was told.

Swinney was already a gutless apologist for the corrupt Establishment 20-25 years ago.

Confromted with verifiable proof of corruption, his response was to “not” verify any such thing, ignore the question, “candidly” answer a question that had never been asked, then declare he’s nothing to add to the response that had been given.

He’s a prime time, rotten-to-the-core, second rate wanker, and always has been.

Blame Sminney? Save your ire. It’s water off a greaseball’s back.

Personally, I blame the people who didn’t listen 25 years ago, but sadly I seem to suffer a Cassandra style affliction. I warned y’all Sturgeon was a dud and a louse, way back when it wasn’t popular to do so. We’d have been an Independent Nation by now if I’d been heard.

Don’t believe me? Watch that Cassandra affliction in action… We must impeach Holyrood!….
…. Tumbleweed rolls past.

Brilliant ‘toon as ever Mr Cairns. You should consider doing this for a living.

Alf Baird

25 May, 2024 at 10:59 am

PacMan @ 8:40 am


“It’s an interesting insight into the affluent middle-class mindset which has enough dough to be able to hear what they want to hear.”

And on that mindset, postcolonial theory holds a particular dislike for the often arrogant and complicit native bourgeoisie in a colonial society:

“who has read everything, devoured everything. Only, his brain functions after the fashion of certain elementary types of digestive systems. It filters. And the filter lets through only what can nourish the thick skin of the bourgeois’s clear conscience” (Cesaire).

We can see this bourgeois ‘brain filter’ in evidence in the trans debate, in the SNP’s alliance with colonialism, in what passes for a ‘justice’ system, in Matheson and Murrel etc, in aw the radge policies, and in literally everything else that goes on in a colonial society/racket.


25 May, 2024 at 2:44 pm

repurposeyourvote or spoil your ballot, technically the same thing. Merely semantics. Any mark on the ballot other than the allowed mark is classed as spoiling the ballot. With repurposeyourvote we all get to focus on the one strong message.

I fully support this move and would encourage everyone, regardless who stands for Westminster, to click on the link below, read what it’s all about, then post the link to as many folk in Scotland as you can between now and the Westminster general election.

If we fail to send a very strong message to all the self-servers we have absolutely no right to be crying and whinging about how bad things are. Scotland has no power at Westminster, that much has been proven. We need to focus on votes for Holyrood only while making a mockery of London’s idea of “democracy”. #repurposeingyourvote is as good a start as any.



25 May, 2024 at 4:07 pm

“You can’t seriously claim to be colonised or subject to colonial oppression if the most you have to do to end colonial rule is put an X on a piece of paper.”

Andy Ellis.

You know fine well that we need to ask Westminster for permission for an S30 to do the above, and Scotland own House Jock government has no intentions of pursuing an alternative route.

Our own House Jock government and our House Jock LA made sure of this in their treacherous appearance in England’s Supreme Court.

In a way with the English government blocking our democratic right to hold a referendum on leaving this union, it could be seen as similar as the French changing the voting system in New Caledonia to marginalise the indigenous Kanak people.

Like Scotland with the English in mind, the French have flooded New Caledonia to such a point that the indigenous Kanak people’s position has been undermined.

Scotland is quite there yet, but we’re getting there, English folk are flooding across the border looking for among other things cheaper houses to purchase better public services such as doctors appointments, schooling, free prescriptions and quicker hospital appointments all of which puts tremendous pressure on our public services and it pushes our indigenous folks ability to access these services further back.

Already so many English folk have come across the border that with the indigenous Scots who want to remain in the union indy Scots are now outnumbered, and still the English keep coming, and Scots have no way of stopping them as the foreign country of England controls this department.


25 May, 2024 at 7:18 pm

What BS from Forbes the SNP are in a terrible state, and will take a right pasting in the coming GE, and she knows it, of course Forbes worked hand-in-glove with Tory Michael Gove to force Green Ports on Scots.

As for Matheson (lying iPad man) you’d have thought that Swinney would’ve kept his mouth shut after his pathetic attempt to defend the liar Matheson, but no Swinney is in the press today blaming everyone else for Matheson’s suspension, on the up side Swinney’s intransigence makes it that little easier to NOT give the SNP your vote.

Just get the SNP out there a roadblock to ending this shithole of a union.

“Kate Forbes has insisted the general election has come at a “very good moment” for the SNP despite the party facing a growing row over Michael Matheson.”


27 May, 2024 at 1:08 pm

the SNP killed itself today, it was found, lifeless, with a boltgun in its hand, a massive wound on its skull

a suicide note was found :

all the indy folk join alba, all the woke fuckheads join the greens; it’s over

you will never find the money

at the wake everyone said “he had a good innings … ” (while thinking : thank fuck he is gone)

and agreed : it was for the best, he was in a lot of pain, he had no future

in other news, the express is wanking itself into a frenzy over the oil find in antarctica, now valued at 33T, trillion with a “t”. Then it goes into a paranoid fantasy about mad vlad.

– but here is the thing, no one recognises the british claim and its not just the chileans or argies, but rusha, and most importantly the USA.

Still, 16T of that is ours once we breakup; we will take it in installments, 500B per year.

rusha, it must be said, has the worlds largest store of wealth in the ground, due to its sheer size, about 2/3 of it is barely developed, and it really doesn’t need to mess about in antartica, it doesn’t even have to mess around in the arctic, so the real obstacle to britain’s territorial claims will be the US – “our greatest allies” – at least until the exxon and chase CEOs decide “our oil” is a vital american interest.

– when daddy needs a ride, the punk gotta pucker up …

the anglo press is fascinating for its layered, delusional thinking – that the english matter, are central to the world, and people give a shit about them, so you get these baroque arguments and silly conclusions, fact is to anyone not an english who does not suffer the debilitation of “anglo brain”

– that oil is not “ours”, and likely no one is going to drill for it anyway, and if it did happen, it would not be britain that gets the benefit of it; these are fantasies of relevance and power – would we send a gunboat?

It is insane to even think this way, but good enough to get you a journalist spot at a major newspaper. But if you want to get in on the riff, why not

“78T worth of wind power bonanza available in british antartica”

“get in on the fracking boom as UK issues licenses”

we should also build a nuke power plant or two down there, and where better to build the under the sea nuke waste dump

anglo journalism for you, and there’s more

– “starmer and the unions in plot to stop british jobs bonanza from antarctica”

or, going for it bigtime, what we really miss –


– they were far happier when the wise, pimp hand of the anglo kept them on the straight and narrow

(plays nimrod, as the sun sets)

to be english is to suffer from delusional narcissism at a genetic level and with a double standard woven into every perception.

they love us over there
uno beero por favor

how hard is it going to be for indy Scotland to get “international recognition” over the “people that everyone hates”.

– let this be a true “summer of hate”.

Tinto Chiel

27 May, 2024 at 7:35 pm

@sarah 4.10 pm: yep, the political party system is broken because it is a principle-free zone almost exclusively inhabited by chancers, spivs, perverts, frauds and otherwise unemployables. Has it always been this way but we didn’t realise it? Possibly, but things have got even worse since 2019 and somehow we need an army of independent independence-types to break the back of this corrupt grand guignol Goveshow, short of Alba getting its house in order.

Brings me back to the cartoon at the top of the thread. We can all spot the delusional narcissist but recently I caught a YT video of an old ITV programme reviewing historical murders. I didn’t spot her at first but there was Val The Pal in all her glory, almost unrecognisable in her role of crime “expert” because of her St Hilda’s Oxford-type accent with all its Raith Roverish Kirkaldyness rubbed off.

Think the brogue was only rediscovered about 2014 when the independence bandwagon picked up a lot of similar Bella Caledonia/Pseuds’ Corner types.

Middle-class phonies really grind my gears and I feel few of them have independence as their priority.


27 May, 2024 at 11:58 pm

The USA took over UK politics during Thatcher. (Probably before)
They ramped it up during Blair years/911/Bush.
We don’t have politicians. We have cowards in service to donors & lobbyists funded by the USA swanning around parliament to make sure everyone does as they’re told or they’ll get *the Corbyn treatment*.

The last politician in Westminster with any integrity was Robin Cook, imo. He knew they were lying in parliament to go invade Iraq & he stood up in parly to say so.

Now those same government ministers, BBC reporters & journalists all fall over themselves to appear in documentaries to admit it was churned out propaganda & everything filmed “live from the front line” in Iraq was staged bullshit. 1 million Iraqi civilians killed inc children ‘A price worth paying’ according to America. For what exactly? They won hee-haw & ran away after leaving it not only in ruins but destabilised. Same for Afghanistan, Libia, Syria, Europe. Everywhere they go they win hee-haw but they’re happy cause wars sell weapons.

The wankers advocating conscription haven’t fought in a real war. There hasn’t been one since WW2. Everything else has been invasion & occupation to instal a puppet. They’ve only fought unarmed civilians or unarmed resistance fighters with fck all weapons to speak of at all & now they’ve delusions of grandeur they’re Rambo FFS & can take on the world. Even break international law without fear.

Their foreign policy is to rule everywhere. Depose governments, insert puppets & to be on forever wars but they have a problem – young ppl aren’t signing up to fight some rich guys unworkable fantasy – imagine that – so the US has instructed its puppets throughout Europe to enforce conscription & sanctions, lots & lots of sanctions & threats for those who don’t comply.

Genocide Joe now issuing sanctions to judges issuing warrants for war crimes LOL

Tinto Chiel

28 May, 2024 at 7:39 am

@sarah 10.35: yes, Wilson keeping the UK out of Vietnam was a great achievement when the likes of Australia signed up for the disaster. He must have made a lot of enemies with that stance, as all those later shadowy coup manouevres suggest.

There have been some decent politicians since the war but they have been easily outnumbered by the more usual amoral, venal types with warped personalities.

LBJ seems a truly monstrous man if you believe only half of Phillip Nelson’s biography of him. The scum always rises to the top, as an old uncle of mine used to say.

Cue Billy Connolly’s remark about those wanting to be politicians should automatically be be barred from the job. The next five weeks or so will be a long and tedious exercise in futility, I’m afraid.

Alf Baird

28 May, 2024 at 8:48 am

Breeks @ 5:20 am

“a pity these troughing wankers won’t force a vote to recognise Scotland’s sovereign integrity and defend The Claim of Right”

Aye Breeks, it will be one more brutal confirmation that the national party’s deluded and deceitfu wasters seek to proclaim awbody else’s’ right to self-determination, yet they have done hee-haw to further Scots ain rightful and lawful reclaim o oor soveranety; instead they have been co-opted by the colonizer tae aye haud us fowk doun, and the people now see this which is why their time feeding from the imperial trough is up. All part of the weel-trod decolonization template of course:


Wings Over Scotland | The forgotten women

Robert Louis

28 May, 2024 at 6:36 pm

This is simply unacceptable. All the time, especially here in Edinburgh, I see road scheme after road scheme, all aimed at blocking road transport, except for cyclists. Yet, on the other hand, Edinburgh council claims it cannot find money for Schools, or social care. You know what the problem is (and it applies to the Scottish government) Wrong priorities.

In times of plenty, it is fine for councils and governments to squander money on their little ideology driven pet projects. But that is not the current situation. Mainly due to BREXIT, and the economic damage it has caused, their is little money available, yet, due to that, a greater need for social care, subsidized housing and better care.

Government and councils really need to sniff the coffee and wake up. They really need to stop all their sill ‘schemes’ for this and that and FOCUS on delivering essential services. Things like social care, housing, schools and education support, care for the elderly.

Yes, it was racist England and its racist brexit shambles that has made us very poor, but up here the councils and government really, really need to focus on the ESSENTIALS.

Scotland alone will NEBER fix the climate changes. Indeed, all these much vaunted ULEZ zones (which have squandered millions) will achieve the square root of f**k all to reverse climate change. Do politicians in Scotland even realise how tiny Scottish emissions are compared to even just ONE DAY of emissions from China?

Focus on the essentials when times are hard, that is what the Scottish government and councils need to do.

As regards housing, in part it is Thatcher’s legacy, selling off council housing, never to be replaced. That is THE Thatcher which red Tory Starmer heavily praises. Even worse, where I do see private profit-making developers building massive new estates, they provide NO NEW infrastructure. Thousands of houses, but the developer doesn’t need to provide a new GP surgery, or new Fire station, or even freaking bus stops. Huge estates on the outskirts of Edinburgh, built at great profit, but with ZERO social amenities, no shops, no schools, nothing. Why does the planning permission not stipulate such things be provided???

But, look the red tories won’t fix it either. They used to hold immense power in Scotland, yet as soon as elected scuttled off to England, to doff their caps to their English masters. Gordon Brown was the English Chancellor, and did NOTHING for Scotland, or the poor, so it is a bit rich of him to yabber on abour the poor so much.

I despair. If only the SNP had actually pursued independence, instead of the nonsense we have had under Sturgeon. We should have been out of the UK at brexit. No ifs, no buts. But sadly, the SNP were cowards, and refused to stand up for Scotland.

Lorna Campbell

28 May, 2024 at 6:52 pm

Until a proper programme of social housing is back in place in Scottish society, nothing is ever going to change. Lots of unoccupied properties around the country, but, often in places where there is no transport service or shops or amenities of any kind. Joined-up thinking is required, especially where women and families are concerned.

The moment that money becomes an issue in any service, it is women and children who suffer the most as services are cut to the bone. It appears that there is lots of lolly for certain special groups – usually affiliated to each other – who milk the system for cash and get it without a murmur. It is high time that these groups were vetted and their cash flow terminated if they do not provide the service they say they do. The EdinburghRCC should have its funding suspended till a proper inquiry is set in motion to investigate state-sponsored deviance and sociopathy and bring the board (previous) to account for its cruelties and lack of proper service.

Women’s refuges are no longer safe spaces for females either now. Every party is guilty of deliberately alienating and harming female people or of putting them in harm’s way, not to mention harming children. We can’t fix the system in a day, and certainly not without investment. Long past the time when the wealthy should be taxed a lot more than they are, and when money being deliberately hidden off-shore should be stopped. No society and economy can thrive when its assets are allowed to be siphoned off out of the circular economic system. If little to nothing is being put back into the economy by those who make the massive profits, what else can happen except economic collapse and the consequent ills, homelessness being one of the most prevalent, closely followed by lack of employment opportunities and decent wages.

The post WW II drive to create a better society worked because money was not allowed to seep away off-shore and because the rich were forced to pay their fair share, but also because the government created money and spent it on infrastructure. We need independence to do that again and very strict rules around financial services and the movement of money within the economy. The Tories want conscription. How about a post war economic footing to kickstart housing and other infrastructure? Maybe you can never set the clock back but you can borrow good ideas from the past.

Alf Baird

28 May, 2024 at 9:55 pm

There are no human values in a colonial society where the role of the native bourgeoisie is to widen inequalities, to protect only the interest of the colonizer, and to keep the racket going: “between colonization and civilization there is an infinite distance” (Cesaire).


28 May, 2024 at 10:31 pm

It is so sad and also anger-making. Totally unnecessary to be in this state of things.

Yes the Conservatives started it with Thatcher allowing money to go overseas, selling the council housing stock, privatising the nationalised utilities, making a bonfire of red tape etc etc etc but Labour have continued on the same course. It’s almost as if the Beveridge report had never been implemented.

I can’t believe that we have councillors and parliamentarians who are such self-centred, brainless, unprincipled people that they just avert their gaze from real life and don’t even try to put things right. It is shocking. I detest them all. They should be in prison for breach of public duty.


29 May, 2024 at 4:45 am

Far be it from me to defend “this” Scottish Government, but I would point out that all housing in the UK has become a massive, Ponzi style racket with a capital ‘r’, with powerful forces orchestrating the crisis in demand for housing in order to sustain the grotesquely overpriced market values of housing.

Slake the demand, house prices tumble, and racket is in big trouble.

It has a political element to it; but it’s English style Tory Neoliberalism under Milk Snatcher Thatcher which set the UK on this trajectory, and let loose the all consuming greed.

They have always seen the weak, homeless, ill, and vulnerable as trash to be maligned and abandoned, marginalised and disempowered, while those in work and earning are to be shorn of their wealth like sheep. No good has come from any of it, and the whole system is a hollowed out house of cards.

I deplore this last decade of utterly useless and contemptible SNP Government, not because the housing crisis is their fault, but because if they’d done their fkg job with a modicum of competence, Scotland would have walked away from this broken UK back in 2016.

Yes, insatiable Tory greed and dearth of compassion is obscene, but Scotland could have waltzed out the exit door in a heartbeat, if it hadn’t been for Sturgeon the Betrayers sell-out SNP.

Nobody wants a Unionist government in Scotland, but nobody wants a troop of delinquent, troughing charlatans playing us all for fools either. “They” were meant to be Scotland’s answer to the broken marriage; get us the fk out of this.

The only remotely “accountable” prospect from the forthcoming Election is the prospect of the SNP being hammered as the direct consequence of their litany of acute failure and abdication of every advantage. So yeah, fk ‘em. But fk all of them, every last one of them.

A very basic level of competence, just a simple honesty, could and would deliver Scotland its freedom from this corrupt and failing UK super-racket, but even that small ask has been too much to expect from Sturgeon, Yousaf, Swinney, and the whole stinking raft of them.

So why isn’t ALBA thriving? They’re not giving the people a coherent Exit strategy. I believe things would have been very different if ALBA and SALVO, Salmond and Salyers, had gelled into our Sovereign / Constitutional Juggernaut.

Scotland United yes, but united behind the Claim of Right and sovereign Constitution. Everything else comes later. Yes, EVERYTHING else.

Another title fight in the same old UK boxing ring, with UK rules, UK judges, and UK referee? Jesus, how can I curb my enthusiasm?

56 out 59 SNP doesn’t deliver, and an outright SNP Holyrood majority doesn’t deliver. So go get fucked with more of the same. Even if it was honest, the SNP fires blanks and can’t deliver.

Independence isn’t just switching it off and on again. It’s switching off the UK crap permanently and decisively, and switching ON Scotland, permanently and decisively.

Alf Baird

29 May, 2024 at 7:16 am

Breeks @ 4:45 am

“Independence isn’t just switching it off and on again. It’s switching off the UK crap permanently and decisively, and switching ON Scotland, permanently and decisively.”

Precisely that Breeks: independence requires the ending of domination and oppression by another culture, the self-recovery of a peoples culture and the transformation of society. You cannot compromise with colonialism, which is what ‘devolution’ and colonial administration is, i.e. continued colonialism.

A colonized people face only two outcomes:

– to permit colonialism to continue, which leads to under-development of the people, and assimilation, where the people and nation are in the process of perishing;


– liberation


Lorna Campbell

29 May, 2024 at 8:53 am

Sarah: yes, the Tories kickstarted the “give it all to the already rich, my friends” policy, but you are right about Labour. Starmer is trumpeting about Labour being the natural partner of business. It makes it sound as if he is talking about the struggling SMEs which are the backbone of the UK business economy, but he is not.

He is talking about the global corporates who are fleecing us all – and the SNP, the Greens and Lib Dems are also up to their armpits here. Everywhere you look, the politicians are dancing to their tune. It is many of the global corporates which are financing the ‘trans’ revolution, under the guise of ‘be kind’, and using the deluded and mentally ill to do it, to bring our society head over heels in order to make even bigger profits as anti human social change takes place.

Homelessness, and the plight of women and children, is no more than a side effect of such a disastrous economic policy. The hard left, once again, has thrown the door wide open for the right, and it will get worse before it gets better. Post modernists and Queer Theorists are making the situation worse in the West, but so many are falling for their siren voices.

We desperately need independence, but not simply to enter another neoliberal/Post Modernist/Queer Theorist nirvana, but to throw off these crushingly anti social, sociopathic doctrines that are hell-bent on destroying every social consensus in order to leave us naked and exposed, all the better to exploit the wee man and woman, to control our every move and thought for their own ends. The totalitarians are on the march.

Vivian O’Blivion

29 May, 2024 at 9:41 am

Five developments on this morning’s front pages, all of which amount to hand-break U turns from previous SNP policy / positions.
* Michael Matheson to be suspended from Holyrood with SNP agreement.
* A new, Gas fired Power Station to be permitted at Peterhead.
* Scotland tailored Building Regs. to permit wood burning stoves (in specific circumstances).
* Stephen Flynn hinting about Holyrood agreement on new drilling licenses in North Sea.
* Lord Advocate to be removed from Scottish Government Cabinet.

Why the outbreak of sensible, pragmatic decision making?
The prospect of an impending Gravy Bus Apocalypse focuses minds.
All of this should have been announced without the need for an election campaign.
Swinney is weak.

Vivian O’Blivion

29 May, 2024 at 12:08 pm

Survation Holyrood voting intention, field work 23 – 27 May, sample population 1,026, prediction model Election Polling, (change from 2021).
SNP 33%
Con 17%
Lab 32.3%
LibDem 9%

SNP 29%
Con 15%
Lab 33%
LibDem 10%
Green 8%

Seats summary (before regional variation *):
Lab 48 (+26)
SNP 42 (-22)
Con 17 (-14)
LibDem 13 (+9)
Green 9 (+1)

Unionist block 78 seats
Independence (notionally) block 51 seats

* ALBA at 6% in Highlands & Islands, 5% in Mid-Scotland & Fife.

Alf Baird

29 May, 2024 at 12:17 pm

Hatey McHateface @ 7:39 am

“A part of me is thinking that as Scots look around the historical and contemporary world, and contemplate the hecatombs associated with the various historic and current liberation struggles, they conclude it’s just not worth it.”

As somebody used to say: ‘shows us the money’. Aye, you would think the £150+ billion annual price paid by Scots for staying in the UK union should get more than half of the folks interested. Mind you, its mostly the better off half who are content with our continued colonial plunder:



29 May, 2024 at 1:28 pm

I see the discussions have all gone a bit meta – everyone has a writing style, but the main issue is having something to say, some kind of point and powerful argument.

Be direct.

Just say it.

– don’t worry about punctuation, sentence structure, trying to be a gude riter; all they teach at school is how to punctuate. I have read a lot of things, most of it is crap, especially academic writing with its stodgy, pompous style, usually puffing itself up to hide its own lack of substance.

That “books are crap” is something a lot of famous writers have concluded, and that most people, should not do it, most books never published; Orwell says this in “inside the whale” I think.

Cervantes “Don Quixote” is a satire about “crap books” – everyone at the time was reading knightly romances, which was like the “SAS porn” of its time.

Roadl Dahl, in his advice for writers, says to avoid adjectives, or other puffing of what you say.

Neitszche wanted to say in a sentence what others said in a paragraph, in a paragraph what others said in a chapter, in a book what no one else has said.

Most people who style themselves writers have nothing much to say, really, and when they put it in the page it simply shows the limitations of their own intellect.

Schopenhauer argues for “reading less” and also there are some books you shouldn’t read because they just lead you down some cul de sac.

Alasdair Gray could write devastating sentences.

Anyone here who has something to say should just say it, detailed information highly valued, and should never be intimidated by thinking their style is bad.

ee cummings didn’t like punctuation much; when some publisher complained he replied with something along the lines of


“pepper and salt it as you wish”.

JK Rowling, the modern success, has always baffled me (it’s like why is a song a hit song) – the only thing notable about her writing is how perfectly punctuated it is; all “proper”, but stodgy as fuck. She’s made her money and I doubt if she gives a toss if anyone thinks she is any good.

Within our own movement, the respectable side of it, middle class kosher, comes from “bella”, which produces these limp as fuck, flappy crappy, pseudo bollox articles from pseudobolloxistes, largely permutations of fashionable buzzwords and stock phrases; it is mostly awful, apart from George Gunn.

The success of our own REV, is very notable; wings pisses on every other indy blog (and I would never waste my time commenting anywhere else) and he does it because he has a great combination of elements – sound, solid, basic journalism (which immediately puts him above most of the main media), then a fairly direct style, spiced with a tasty phrase or two and appropriate cultural references; it really hits the mark, and has the impact of a repeated stabbing motion, like a roman and his gladius. And this is why he is so hated. That word again. Let’s hear it for hate.

Hope to read many hateful responses y’all.

Lorna Campbell

29 May, 2024 at 3:33 pm

Ruby: absolutely agree. If the 2004 GRA is not repealed, we are finished. Any gains we make are immediately undermined by the men in frocks. I also agree about ‘womanface’. It is such an insult that no one could possibly think it is anything else. As far as I am concerned, these paraphiliacs and fetishists can wear what they like out of sight. They have no right to flaunt their paraphilia/fetish in our faces and spaces.

If they can simply step into our protected places, then it will be all-male representation in parliament in a short time because anyone who believes that these men have anything female about them is deluded even more than they are. How can they possibly understand female issues which, if we want a decent society, must also be understood and acted upon?

Females have needs that do not impinge on men at all, and these include safe spaces for dignity and privacy, our own sports, lour own services, etc. If these violently jealous men, including the TRAs, can’t even let us have these, we are in great danger and young women even more so.

I honestly believe that we are entering a pre war period now, when politicians are gearing up for conscription of both males and females, and things could go either way. When many males go mad in a sexual way, it has always, in the past, meant the denigration of women and girls, the disintegration of society and the advent of war. That our politicians just do not recognize this for what it is, is deeply disturbing. Uncontrolled deviancy is almost a metaphor for destruction.


29 May, 2024 at 4:08 pm

If anyone would know why I trumpet the learning of grammar, logic and rhetoric in Scotland’s schools, Dorothy L. Sayers (1893 – 1957) sums it up nicely:

For we let our young men and women go out unarmed in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word.

By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words.

They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects….

We have lost the tools of learning, and in their absence can only make a botched and piecemeal job of it.

Dorothy L. Sayers, “The Lost Tools of Learning”

That be one of the reasons why.

Although I would amend Sayers words slightly by saying:

‘by teaching them to read unthinkingly, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word.’

Alf Baird

30 May, 2024 at 10:15 am

Bobbyp @ 8:55 am

“embarrassment which makes me ashamed of the accent i speak with”

There is of course a well-established scientific explanation for the colonial ‘condition’. The ‘colonial hoax’ played out on an oppressed people (i.e. the ‘UK Union’ charade) is part of the cultural illusion which gives an oppressed native group a ‘false persona’ (i.e. a perceived superior ‘British’ identity). We have to remember that ‘colonialism is based on psychology’ (Cesaire), which helps explain why the more assimilated colonized native ‘rolls over’ and ‘craves dependence’, and even ‘rebukes other natives’ for thinking they are something else (e.g. ‘Scottish’:


Wings Over Scotland | The Chef’s Kiss


30 May, 2024 at 2:55 pm

I think we all know now that the SNP is a party full of dregs and shite, that specialises in troughing, grifting and wheeling out the indy drums and carrots when elections come around, or if they’ve f*cked up badly (a regular occurrence) some serious fingering pointing at the foreign parliament in England whilst yelping its all your fault.

What next for the SNP, will they have rapists and murderers standing as candidates as long as they know what a woman is/isn’t and love the Rainbow Greens as well, I wouldn’t put it past them.

I think I’ll scroll across my GE ballot papers #END THE UNION NOW, as I don’t see the point of sending grifting trougher to a foreign country’s parliament where they have no power to change anything, but they make a bloody good living out of it.

Vivian O’Blivion

31 May, 2024 at 9:55 am

Savanta, Scottish Westminster voting intention, field work 24 – 28 May, population sample 1,067, (change from 2019).
Con 17% seats 6 (=)
Lab 37% seats 29 (+28)
LibDem 7% seats 5 (+3)
SNP 33% seats 17 (-31)

Alf Baird

31 May, 2024 at 10:12 am

Hatey McHateface @ 6:36 am

“You ducked the issue, Alf. Plenty of so-called Scots Nats”

You are right that the SNP elite today make for doubtful nationalists. However this is standard fare in a contested colony in which ‘colonialism is imperiled’, where the complicit national party elite ‘lacks courage at the decisive moment’, it opts instead for ‘neutrality’ and becomes ‘part of the racket’, which ‘ruptures the movement’, and thus it ‘sacrifices the people’ on the imperial altar, all as explained here:



31 May, 2024 at 10:34 am

Nope – I’m still bored. I am cursed with occasional bouts of boredom and I’m having trouble shaking off the tedium today. And as I am a sharer by nature, I’m going to share my boredom and bore you with some details about a recent encounter I had.

I was in Auld Reekie the other day and quite by chance, though a hae ma douts
anything happens by chance – I met an auld acquaintance in Princes Street Gardens.

I hadn’t seen, let’s call him Mark, for over a decade and it was good to hae a catch-up.

Mark hails from Southeast Asia and is a scriptwriter and tells me he’s currently doing some work as an assistant scriptwriter for the Outlander TV series which is filming in Scotland at the moment.

Anyway, that’s bye the bye. I got Mark a job about 12 years ago working for an outfit in Edinburgh and he has loved me ever since. I am quite lovable, though, so no surprises there for me.

Mark is an interesting guy – he was once captured by the Taliban when travelling, alone, through Afghanistan and held for several days while they checked him oot before letting him go on his way. There’s more to that story involving the CIA and Regan’s star wars program, but that’ll suffice as a wee bit o’ gossip for now.

When I met Mark in Edinburgh the other day he was with a young actor, let’s call him Ricky. Ricky is a strapping Scots lad with an actual genuine Scots accent (rare in Edinburgh these days) and sports one of those Arctic white and perfect sets of teeth only seen in movieland .

We got around to chatting about the film industry in Scotland and that was when Ricky told me about a conversation he’d had with the Scots actor Gerard Butler on the set of some movie or other.

The upshot of their conversation was that both Butler and Ricky agreed there was no hope of success in the film industry for young Scots if they stayed in Scotland. There are no opportunities in Scotland for Scots actors, according to Ricky.

In fact, Ricky telt me that he’d been telt by some high heid yin champion of thespians – he was in some West End play in London at the time – that the entertainment industry in the UK mainly based in England was actively discouraging investment in Scotland and was doing all it could to prevent the industry’s development there.

I challenged Ricky’s assertion with the fact that there has been investment in film and post-production studios and facilities fairly recently in Scotland.

I had to don my shades to withstand Ricky’s broad grin as he said, “Sure, but you have to leave Scotland to become successful before you can come back as a success.”

Of course this is all anecdotal and based on a conversation I had about a conversation two actors had somewhere in America.

But it strengthens the idea put in ma heid by Alf Baird that Scotland is nothing more than a colony and is ‘out of the game’.

If a cannae shake aff this boredom ye might git anither wee story in a wee while – wha knaws?

Alf Baird

31 May, 2024 at 11:01 am

Republicofscotland @ 10:22 am

“I’m utterly disgusted at Scotland’s women’s national football team who are taking on the vile ones tonight behind closed doors at Hampden.”

Aye RoS, and what does this sorry tale tell us? If we are looking for a definition of where we are, tonight at Hampden, it is surely this:

“Colonization: bridgehead in a campaign to civilize barbarism, from which there may emerge at any moment the negation of civilization, pure and simple” (Cesaire).

Aye, oor fitba lassies, an thon SFA heid bummers, an thay colonial caids in Holyrood shuid aw hiv a guid wird wi thairsels. Thay hiv pit Scotlan an aw Scottish fowk in a gey puir licht throu-aw the warld. Thay shuid aw hing thair heids in shame.

Vivian O’Blivion

31 May, 2024 at 11:50 am

Scottish actors may have to leave their country of birth to become successful, but they are disproportionately successful, at least this is the conclusion of an exploratory exercise I embarked on a couple of years ago.
Having reached the intuitive suspicion that Scots (and Celtic) actors were disproportionately represented in Hollywood, I wondered if this hypothesis could be put to the test. I clearly have a surfeit of spare time.
To avoid confirmation bias in determining who is successful and who is merely active, IMDb provide lists of those who qualify as “Stars”.
You can conduct this experiment yourselves. Form five columns (the purpose of the fifth column will become apparent). These columns are headed “island of Ireland” (Republic & Norn Irn), “Wales”, “Scotland”, “England State educated” and “England private education”.
Compiling the lists of actors by Nation of birth is relatively straightforward, determining whether they were State or privately educated requires a bit of digging on Wiki.
There are some counterintuitive encounters, for example, ever so posh English Kenneth Branagh is in fact working-class Irish, faux Cockney Tom Hardy is privately educated and quintessential toff Colin Firth is state educated.
Having completed the columns to your satisfaction, total the groups and divide by population to obtain a pro rata figure.
The outcome from my exercise (yours may be different) had the island of Ireland as the most disproportionately over represented followed (almost equally) by Wales and Scotland (the figure being around 2.3). England trailed spectacularly (at 0.6).
Regarding the proportion of state educated English actors to privately educated ones (6.4% of pupils in England are privately educated) the results are equally astounding. Privately educated actors are disproportionately represented over their state educated counterparts by around 25 to 1.

I have no idea what this proves. Selection of actors lies in the hands of mainly American, Casting Directors. These are a conservative bunch who require previous cinema screen time on a résumé. Successful Hollywood actors from the British isles are disproportionately “character actors” where “character” is a euphemism for, ahem, not exactly leading man or woman material.
This is infuriating as brilliant American character actors abound if they can obtain work as is testified by HBO with series such as Deadwood. A classic Catch 22 scenario.
Actors from the British isles appear to get their head start over their American counterparts through community theatre such as the Dundee Rep or the Glasgow Citizens.

Alf Baird

31 May, 2024 at 11:59 am

Geri @ 11:01 am

“about Wales, the Welsh language & culture”

Plaid/Welsh Nationalist MPs are elected only in the strong Welsh speaking areas. A hint there for Scots speakers aboot the importance o oor ain Scots langage an hits connection wi oor ain cultur an identity:



Vivian O’Blivion

31 May, 2024 at 1:28 pm

An addendum to my post of 11:50.
Digging into the biographies of English actors a curious, recurring theme appears. Many of these successful, privately educated actors are from the impoverished, “artistic” wings of otherwise very wealthy Upper-class or Upper-middle-class families. “Cressida met Tobias at Art School, St. Martin-in-the-Field don’tcha know.”
The parents of these actors lacked the proverbial receptacle to micturate in, yet their sprogs went to Boarding Schools.
These institutions are tax exempt, registered charities due to their “good works” providing free or subsidised places for the “deserving poor”. The rub is, the “deserving poor” ain’t talented weans fae the local scheme, they’re the offspring of former pupils.
The English caste system is being perpetuated at tax payers expense.


31 May, 2024 at 2:30 pm

Labour has said that if/when they come to power in July they will create a publicly owned company called Great British Energy and place it’s HQ in Scotland. They say it will create Scottish jobs for Scottish people.

Calling something ‘Great British’ and plonking it in Scotland has got to be a colonialist action. It will also ensure that all that power will continue to be sent down South.

Alf Baird

1 June, 2024 at 9:37 am

Andy Ellis @ 8:09 am

“I’m not sure why you think..”

Yes, quite, as is often your way you have things the wrong way round, or erse fer elbae as Scots fowk wad say. If clarification were really needed then plentiful postcolonial theory confirms it is the colonizer who is the racist:

“Racism is a consubstantial part of colonialism” (Memmi)

“Away with racism! Away with colonialism! They smack too much of barbarism” (Cesaire)

We might also recognise that “the status of ‘native’ is a nervous condition (consider the ‘neutralism’ of the SNP and native elites) introduced and maintained by the se**ler among colonized people with their consent.” And such is “life for a people under the constant menace of imperialist aggression” (JP Sartre), much as the Irish and many other peoples have found.

Though often obscured, Scots remain subject to the same imperial ‘model’ of oppression – which for those slow on the uptake explains why we want and need and are forced to struggle for independence/liberation.

Big Jock

1 June, 2024 at 10:20 am

Scotland will never be free from imperialism, colonialism and actual anti scottishness. Until we leave the yolk of the Union.

On the day Scotland becomes independent. Everyone has the opportunity of Scottish citizenship. The Franchise for all are talking about citizenship before independence. Which of course is cart before horse. Because in actual fact noone has Scottish citizenship right now. We are under the citizenship of the UK.

A country can never get independence if we give our franchise to the migrants from the country we are trying to exit. Even a 2 year old could recognise that contradiction.

The progressive modern Scotland is a pipe dream , if we are not in the driving seat. Citizenship is for post independence. In their rush to condemn. The likes of Andy Ellis et.al , are not thinking logically.

In order to get independence, it is essential for the indigenous Scots to make that choice. And for that choice not to be vetoed by migrants from the mother country.

I despair at the naivity of some of the posters on here.

Andy independence will never happen under your franchise. Do you actually understand this? Or are you happy with a theoretical idea of utopia.

Tinto Chiel

1 June, 2024 at 6:25 pm

Big Jock: “We are against the colonial country’s citizens voting in our referendum.I don’t get what is so difficult to understand about that. Either logically or democratically.”

That’s because it’s not difficult at all and yet we’ve been listening to his spittle-flecked-nativist-blood-and-soil-moonhowler-you-all-soil-the-movement-and-I-know-you-are-in-a-tiny-minority gratuitous insults in search of a coherent argument for years.

In EC countries generally, for example, foreign nationals can only vote in local elections with a few exceptions, such as when someone has acquired a qualification to vote in a parliamentary election or referendum via a period of residency or some such.

The Tory government stopped EU nationals voting in the Brexit vote in 2016 but that was ok because they can waive the rules when it suits them but that’s definitely not a blood and soil attitude there, strangely.

He’ll pop up eventually like a cross between Whackamole and the Duracell Bunny with some more vapid verbal twitchings but frankly the law of diminishing returns has been in evidence for a long time now.

It’s desperation stakes really but it’s best not to engage directly with the desperate lest they drag you down with them into the mire of their cynical deflection and grossly insulting fatuity.

Alf Baird

3 June, 2024 at 10:06 am

Ruby Tuesday @ 12:30 am

“What it says to me is neither you nor your granny believe being Scottish means anything. It’s disrespectful!”

Aye Ruby T, we are reminded that “colonialism only works by debasing the colonized” (Memmi), making them as nothing. Which is neither progressive nor sane but is in fact racist and hence ethnic oppression, pure and simple.

The reality is that, universally, our national identity is primarily dependent on parental descent. The matter is however rather confused by some of the more artificial construct ‘nations’ that developed out of colonialism.

Like the crazed imposed ideology of ‘gender identity’, the ideology of ‘civic identity’ is likewise neither ‘progressive nor sane’, and more especially in the context of colonial oppression and hence territorial/cultural self-determination conflict.

In our case civic identity ‘nationalism’ is merely another form of cultural imperialism imposed on a people to manipulate and divide those who seek for liberation; it is intended to maintain the colonial racket and to keep the people doun-hauden an oot the gemme. ‘Civic identity’ ideology, much like gender identity ideology, is no more than another ‘colonial procedure’ imposed on an oppressed people to thwart their liberation.

Wings Over Scotland | Bottle Rockets

Big Jock

1 June, 2024 at 8:13 am

It seems like Swinney wants to hasten the end of the SNP as well. Is he London’s man in Scotland? Surely it can’t be just stupidity. Because his is on a whole new level.

All I can say is God speed John. The quicker this beast is slain the better for all of us. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are going to have to start again, but it’s the only way.

Vivian O’Blivion

1 June, 2024 at 9:23 am

Just how impecunious are the SNP finances?
Membership subs. are down and the headline figure may be inflated by dodgy revenue streams wee Peter had to keep off the books. Agent Foote can’t afford to play fast-and-loose with tactics such as auctioning off Parliamentary selection procedures now that the Polis are on the case.
Donations have dried up.
The all important £1.3m pa in Short money the Party receives from the British State is about to take a serious hit.
If the imminent election has the SNP reduced to c. 30% of the vote and 20 MPs, the Short money should drop to around £430k. I don’t buy predictions that have the Party dropping to single digit seats (for a variety of reasons I won’t elucidate here).
In addition, Jackson’s Entry apparently extract a tithe from MPs. That would see a further £250k reduction in revenue.
The second element of the Short money calculation (£43 / 200 votes) is dubious. This GE will almost certainly see historically unprecedented low turnout. Therefore, Short money should reduce. In practice, the algorithm will be reconfigured to avoid punishing the mainstream parties. Having the populace disengage with the democratic process is advantageous to the Permanent State, and they’ve never been known to be parsimonious with other peoples money.
Short money is the bait for the dependency trap.


1 June, 2024 at 9:31 am

Brilliant Chris.

I really hope it all blows up in their faces as the piccy depicts, they deserve to be removed from office.

Meanwhile Sarah Saylers has an excellent article that MUST be read by all.

A snippet.

“Suppose that Scotland’s right to self-determination depended on breaking the hold of a similarly solid and even more well-established wall of expert opinion? But not merely a wall of credible opinion, an impregnable fortress of propaganda-as-truth from which the message goes out that Scotland is the beneficiary of a fair and honourable Union, in a partnership we agreed to. This is the narrative of the union as voluntary partnership – ‘the Official Narrative’.

The strength of the Official Narrative is twofold. First, is its apparent foundation on historical and legal ‘fact’. Second, its building blocks are enormous – parliamentary statutes, official commentaries, legal opinions, court rulings, articles by historians and jurists and, most of all, the unquestioning public acceptance of the Official Narrative.

There is one weakness in the edifice, however; the entire foundation, the historical and legal fact that supports it, is a fiction. Most importantly, it is a fiction that disguises a crime, something classed in international law as ‘the wrongful act of a state’. And this is not merely a wrongful act committed 300 years ago but a crime that is being committed at this very moment and whose exposure has the potential to demolish the foundations of the UK state. ”



1 June, 2024 at 9:45 am

The union is held together by lies for the crowns of Scotland and England are incompatible, their is no United Kingdom we are fooled by lies and legalese into believing the UK exists when it cannot.

“The sovereignty of the Scottish Crown, the Scottish people, was – and is -territorial as well as governmental because a kingdom is the property, or jurisdictional territory, of a Crown. Thus the Crown in Scotland ‘owned’ the kingdom of Scotland just as the Crown in England ‘owned’ the kingdom of England. But in England, the Crown meant the monarch while in Scotland, it meant the Community of the Realm, the people. And on this rock the new, unitary kingdom foundered.

Conventional feudal theory and practice was based (in England and elsewhere) on the premise that a kingdom was first and foremost a feudal entity and, in that sense, the property of its king or queen. In Scotland’s feudal system, this situation was radically tempered by the Crown’s status as representative of the Community of the Realm which vested that ‘ownership’ in the sovereignty of the people.

The new, unitary kingdom which would have created the single, state territory of the ‘Kingdom of Great Britain’, as envisaged by the treaty, required the creation of a new and unitary Crown. No territorial union was possible without it. What follows is not intended as an argument against the legitimacy of the ‘UK Crown’. It is not an argument for what should have happened or what could have happened. It is an explanation of what did happen, or more precisely, what did not happen.”

Robert Hughes

1 June, 2024 at 11:04 am

As I suggested on Pete Bell’s blog recently …..it looks like the desperately flailing , clue-free SNP will indeed be parading the political corpse of Stoogeon around the country , like those Indonesian cultures that disinter their dead relatives during festive occasions , * inviting * them to join-in the celebrations

Hard to know what these esteemed predecessors make of being roused from their eternal sleep , owning to them being extremely deid n’all : from what I’ve seen they’re not that amused .

Stoogeon on the other hand will no doubt be well happy to get her coupon in front of any camera , playing the role of eminence grease ( sic ) , dispensing platitudinous puffs of lukewarm air & generally attempting to cement the delusion that she actually achieved anything of value during her tenure as First Failure : a delusion shared , of course , by her faithful poodles .

Swinney is not the ” caretaker ” of Nu SNP , but the undertaker , all he has to offer is dead flowers to decorate the political coffins of the soon to be departed , moribund gravy-guzzlers .

They’ll not be missed .

Westminster Elections are a complete irrelevance to our country and I’ll be paying scant attention to the dreary farce – which of the identikit , useless cunts ” wins ” is ZZZzzzzville – but I reckon we’ll enjoy the Nu SNP ” Wake ” . Maybe they’ll ask I.M Jolly to give the eulogy : or Coco The Clown .

Superb work as ever , C.C . BTW yr morphing of Big Val n Perp Murrell in last week’s ‘toon was/is a stroke of genius

Chris Downie

1 June, 2024 at 1:05 pm

I know this is a hotly contested view, but I am with those who say a Unionist victory in both the GE and Holyrood 2026 could be the best outcome for the independence movement in the longer term. Not only will it clear out the pension grifters and careerist chancers, but the impending sycophancy of Unionists proclaiming the final defeat of the independence movement will be so nauseating, it might just jolt enough people into action.

If it doesn’t however, then we would have to question whether Scotland really deserves to be independent, or whether it deserves all it gets from a future Unionist return to power.

Alf Baird

1 June, 2024 at 1:46 pm

On ‘relaunch’ I was going to mention some excellent missed ferry opportunities sailing away again across the horizon, and it looks like the daeless SNP elite has missed another boat!

It seems they are planning their own demise, helped along by UK civil servants and colonial media of course:


Alf Baird



1 June, 2024 at 4:39 pm

Redacted @ 2:24 pm

“Sadly, I’m old enough to remember when Scottish senior civil servants were a) Scottish”

Aye, in the 1960s/70s there was still a Scottish establishment, albeit heavily Anglicised, that retained at least some knowledge of Scots and our culture and desire to see the nation do some things well, or as best they could, despite real decision making still remaining outwith the country.

Today we have a very different ‘cultural division of labour’ across all sectors and hence an imposed cultural hegemony with little understanding of Scots or our culture. Which perhaps helps explain why most government policies usually end in crises for us; they are neither made by us nor are they intended for our benefit.

David Hannah

2 June, 2024 at 8:36 am

“SNP Ministers have been accused of “negligence” after it emerged Holyrood would hand back £450million to the European Union after failing to spend the cash on key economic and anti-poverty projects…

Scotland will likely return 28 per cent of the cash allocated from Brussels’ structural and investment funding over the past six years.”


Vivian O’Blivion

2 June, 2024 at 9:05 am

Opinium, Westminster voting intention, Scottish sub-sample, field work 29 – 31 May, population 138 (change from 2019).
Con 19% seats 5 (-1)
Lab 39% seats 38 (+37)
LibDem 3% seats 2 (=)
SNP 32% seats 12 (-36)

For avoidance of doubt, I put very little faith in full scale polls (let alone sub-samples). Yes, the polling companies attempt to include likelihood to vote in their headline figures but I stand by my contention that 4th July will see unprecedented low turnout. In these circumstances the confidence rating in their figures must deteriorate as we enter uncharted territory. In calculating projected results, the companies must ultimately place a respondents answer into a binary format, either they will vote or they won’t. I suspect a great many of us are entirely underwhelmed by the prospect of voting and fall into a third, unquantifiable category of mibbes aye mibbes naw.

Vivian O’Blivion

2 June, 2024 at 9:46 am

From Scotland on Sunday (stablemate of The Scotsman); “almost three fifths of Scots think the case for separation has not strengthened since the 2014 referendum”.
This is disingenuous spin, the actual figures are:
39% case for independence is weaker
20% case for independence is neither stronger or weaker
35% case for independence is stronger
6% no preference

By conflating two out of three distinct categories, The Hootsman tries to imply 60% of folk believe the case for independence is weaker.


2 June, 2024 at 11:28 am

After reading Sarah Salyers excellent article yesterday, I think our way out of this union which was never a union in the first place as she points out, lies in that direction, the crux of the matter is that not enough Scots know that the United Kingdom doesn’t actually legally exist, its held together with lies deception, and bits of paper, that when scrutinised don’t hold up.

I say when this is widely shown to the public that the Treaty of Union never actually existed, and ergo their was no union to begin with, then its just a case of untangling ourselves from England in a manner of speaking, any politician who claims that we need to seek any sort of approval from Westminster to go our separate way from England is lying, infact we don’t even need a vote to, you don’t need a vote to leave something that never was, and any politician who say we do is also lying.

Alf Baird

2 June, 2024 at 12:25 pm

Breeks @ 11:16 am


“Spread the word throughout the land.”

Aye Breeks, Sara Salyers paper is without doubt one of the most important documents ever produced since the UK Union hoax on Scotland’s constitutional plight. It should be published and spread as widely as possible, something even the Rev might hopefully consider here on WoS.

The paper forms a central part within the ‘New Thinking’ proposed by Peter Bell and which through dialogue an oppressed people have to understand and be part of if they are to strive for liberation:



2 June, 2024 at 3:22 pm

“The UK of GB & NI may well have been created and maintained fraudulently, the people who form the Community of the Realm of the Kingdom of Scotland were asked in 2014 if they wished to remain a part of that state and, whether or not they were aware of its dubious foundations/origins, they voted to remain.”


Please explain to me how you can vote to remain in sometime that didn’t exist in the first place? Basically the 2014 indyref was a fraudulent vote for we are not part of any union so how can you leave something that you are not part of.

As for Great Britain knowing that there’s no such thing as the British crown, the above can only be referring to the land mass of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

As for your point of people voting for something that doesn’t exist, well, the same applies for not voting for something that didn’t exist in the first place. To further back this point up the people didn’t get a chance to vote for the non existent union in 1707, so it follows there’s no need for a vote to stay or leave something that never existed in the first place.

We are being conned, we’ve been conned for over 300 years into believing that Scotland is in a union with England when its not, Sarah Saylers and Salvo have enlightened us, they have done the hard work, the research that shows there was no union, her article on Yours for Scotland is incredibly important and it MUST spread far and wide, Scots (whether they like it or not) need to know that they’ve been lied to for centuries.

Its a turning point for us we can now tell everyone we meet that the union is a lie and if needs be direct them straight the link below.



2 June, 2024 at 3:44 pm

Breeks@ 104pm.

The problem is that self-serving troughing Scottish MPs and MSPs will do their utmost to shove this under the carpet, they don’t want to see an end to the union, oh maybe one or to do, but the rest are making a good living out of this racket, and they won’t want to upset the apple cart.

I wonder how many of our MPs/MSPs know that the union is an utter lie but have stayed quiet to keep earning a good crust?

I fully expect the English establishment its media and the treacherous House Jocks to up their propaganda and lies that the union does exist when it doesn’t, and if all else fails to promise Scottish politicians the Earth (A Vow type shite promise) to not act in the best interests of the people of Scotland which must be, to out this 300+ years lie that the union is real.

We need to remember that England really needs Scotland not the other way around, so all the nasty stops will be pulled out to keep fooling Scots into believing that the union exists when in reality it doesn’t.

Also Breeks ask yourself how much in wealth has England stolen from Scotland in the last three-centuries, and if the likes of the World court asked them to pay compensation back to Scotland for the years of plundering our assets would they?

Westminster will and its security services (remember they are not Scotland’s security services they are used against us to keep the status quo intact) will do everything in their powers to stop Scots acting on the truth, the truth that the union doesn’t exist.

The House Jocks/Fifth Column parties at Holyrood must be overcome somehow, they are a hurdle to acting on this info.


2 June, 2024 at 6:55 pm

A comment by Saffron Robe over on Yours For Scotland, and Sarah Saylers says it might be possible.

“We know that in Scotland the people are sovereign. Therefore the power of sovereignty lies with the people and not with the Crown or parliament. Why then do we not, under the auspices of an organisation like Salvo or Liberation Scotland, draw up a legal document under Scots law withdrawing Scotland from the Treaty of Union? Since the Declaration of Arbroath stipulates that a quorum of one hundred Scots is enough to express our sovereign rights, then all we need are the signatures of a hundred sovereign Scots (i.e. anyone who has a birth certificate that states Scotland as their place of birth and who currently resides here) to enact our withdrawal from the Treaty of Union. This document can then be disseminated internationally informing the international community that we have withdrawn from the Union and have hre-established our independence, and it can also be sent to Westminster and Holyrood informing them that they have been summarily dismissed and no longer have any say or control over Scotland and our internal affairs. I can’t see how this could be disputed in any way since it is perfectly legal under Scots law and in no way contravenes international law. “

Vivian O’Blivion

3 June, 2024 at 11:01 am

Ebok @ 08:38
Your analysis is interesting, but it rests on an assumption of a “normal” turnout. I contest we’ll see an apocalypse of apathy.
The SNP will benefit from a reflexive loyalty among voters the same way Labour profited pre 2015.
Yes, the SNP activist base is vestigial but it exists. The same cannot be said for Labour. Who’s going to chap doors for Likud?
The SNP has the payroll to fall back on (£1.3m pa in Short money, constituency office workers, managers, researchers etc.). Yes, we know that in reality they’re the indolent relatives of MPs, MSP’s & Cooncilors paid for no-show jobs, but they exist. Yes, they didn’t get their lazy arses in gear to canvas at Rutherglen & Hamilton West, but this time it’s their livelihoods at risk.


3 June, 2024 at 12:39 pm

dasBlimp 11:54 am

“Ah yes the Welsh. Another bunch of wasters that revel in the state of victimhood.”

They’ve plenty of reasons to eh? Here’s a novel idea. Dump all yer shite in yer own country. Yer super prisons & nuclear waste mud & learn the art of cooperation with the home nations instead of self appointed overlords walking all over others culture, language, education, media with the one nation pish.

Sheen gives a full run down of all the shit Wales has put up with & not a single thing was related to the EU but everything to do with the toxic English government in Westminster. Even the secretary of state isn’t Welsh but some Tory no one voted for. Same for Scotland. Used like a local tip & it’s parliamentarians are treated no better.

Away & fck off & join a Union with France..


3 June, 2024 at 1:11 pm

the summer of hate continues; it’s now kicking off in ma-JORCA (hard J) NB “tourist” = Anglo

the outraged anglo will be on the beach, filling in the postal vote for Reform UK whinging about “we pay their wages”


– his reasons for favouring Farage/Tice (- “theyre the real tories loike”) is because of their commitment to “tackling net migration”, which he will utter without the merest flicker of self awareness.

and those Kanaks are really going for it; it is not calming down. Some notable imagery – a burning porsche dealership – that tells us much; there is great wealth in new caledonia, due to the mining, but little of it gets to the kanaks.

“democracy” can be a very rigged game, and I don’t just mean ballot stuffing/postal votes; the kanaks don’t think the s3ttlers should even have a vote and that they are being cheated in the very setup – I wonder what the class breakdown is of the 2 peoples? I suspect the kanaks are at the bottom of the tree, and this is the heart of it.

de Gaulle once gave a speech where he talked of the conditions necessary for democracy to have a chance of working; in short, not too great a disparity in wealth, information or power, otherwise “the rich will buy it” / “the better informed will con everyone” and the powerful will simply ignore the law, either with the best lawyers or physical force.

You also need a basic shared identity, more between us than divides us, so, e.g. civic nationalism with 2 groups, one vegetarian, one cannibal can never work. Brainwashing folks with propaganda about “diversity” and multiculturalism only takes you so far; people can be distracted from the true relations, just as long as life is good for most of them, but neoliberalism squeezes everyone, it seeks to own all, control all, and set up a rentier economy – it intends to grind everyone down and when that happens people start to notice – who is in, who is out – what groups are doing well, who is being shafted; when there is an ethno racial or religious angle to this, it can be explosive. The middle class will naturally be doing fine while everyone else is being shat on – and if they are mostly “foreigners” we then get the class war overlaid on the ethno-racial. Spicy! It’s a “2 for 1” (- note to posh people : these are “deals” you get in the scumbag food halls for scumbags)

The kanaks seem to be solving their own franchise problem by causing so much of a mess the french will simply leave; surprisingly, very few people have died, so it seems more damage to property/ attack the symbols of the regime, right now, but africa/india have shown us what can be done with a mob armed with machetes. Even without murder, trashing the place could work – “no, you cannot come here and have a nice life at our expense … we won’t let you”.

– old toga boy, Aristotle :

“Heterogeneity of stocks may lead to faction – at any rate until they have had time to assimilate. A city cannot be constituted from any chance collection of people, or in any chance period of time. Most of the cities which have admitted s3ttlers, either at the time of their foundation or later, have been troubled by faction.”

people on wings tie themselves in knots discussing the franchise (taking very old, stale, bait), sculpting arcane rules which are fair and just, but we all know any restriction will be resisted forcefully (long term residence, birthright, combinations) – but no english, no franchise problem, is one solution

– the rwanda plan, interesting; fly all the human waste you don’t want back to a real shithole – and I believe in equal rights for all natural born englishmen; “england for the english” – and fucking well keep them there, make it a quarantine zone.

Alf Baird

3 June, 2024 at 8:00 pm


Good to revisit the excellent Sheen lecture again, and thanks for reminding folks. To a large extent Sheen echoes Plaid’s former leader Adam Price (as well as a host of Welsh philosophers) who are in nae doot aboot Wales’ colonial history and present reality. He refers to the ‘Britishing’ of all the Celtic periphery peoples and nations.

Where his stance is perhaps a little weak is in its dependence largely on Welsh historians and philosophers whilst lacking in reference to the extensive postcolonial theory which would help pinpoint all of the ‘colonial procedures’ he mentions that Wales (and Scotland and N. Ireland) are and remain subject to, including not least the inevitable failure of assimilation and calcification of institutions. What he talks about are all common features of colonial rule – e.g. cultural assimilation, economic plunder, imposition of alien laws, an under-developed people and nation etc. The rights of ‘a people’, especially a colonised group, to self-determination is another factor ignored?

‘Wha speaks for Scotland’? Aye, thon’s a guid quaisten. Its no Swinney or the SNP, that’s for sure; a colonial administration and its paid ‘functionaries’ speak and act only for the oppressor; hence the ‘indirect rule’ of postcolonial theory. This is another area Sheen refers to but without backing it up by postcolonial theory. We might accept here that he is an actor, not an academic.

Despite this, as is the case with all colonised peoples he is right to state that: ‘lets not forget where we were, and where we’ve come from, and what shit we’ve had to put up with’; and still put up with, no matter whether we are Welsh, Scots or Irish, which is why all these peoples seek liberation, to be free from colonial oppression by another dominating people and culture.

The Welsh, like the Kanak’s of New Caledonia, have through long-standing imposition of ‘colonial procedures’ been almost made into a minority in thair ain land. And, like New Caledonia this makes independence all the more difficult, which is its intention. Northern Ireland was also ‘planted’, and hence divided Ireland; a Scotland absent of sovereignty is rapidly headed in the same direction, according to the census and census history on extensive displacement of our population since annexation of our land.

Thus, colonial procedures are applied throughout the ‘Celtic periphery’ nations but to fully comprehend this reality requires analysis of postcolonial theory.

Wings Over Scotland | Outside the fence


3 June, 2024 at 4:38 pm

could wings not just buy the SNP for £1 and tempt the fans back with tales of “big signings”; then you turn jacksons backdoor(?) into an airbnb and Profit! for the movement

I saw tommy sheppards funder – worthy of a caption comp. My entry

“a cash donation of £10 will get Micky a bed for the night”

crowdfunding is desperate, but just wait till they start doing only fans

2 airliners have crossed contrails right in front of me, an omen …

London Scot

3 June, 2024 at 5:33 pm

I ran a General Election campaign back in 2015. A colour leaflet to all doors cost about £3K. All Parliamentary candidates get 1 leaflet delivered free by the Royal Mail. So say a modest campaign of the freely delivered leaflet, plus a second delivered by volunteers & maybe a leaflet delivered to supporters in the last week will cost at least £8K.

John Nicholson’s target seems realistic. Others suggest that either (i) the candidates are digging into their own pockets or (ii) local parties have savings they have been able to keep out of the clutches of the national party or (iii) they are running shoe string campaigns with only 1 leaflet & knocking up cards.


3 June, 2024 at 5:58 pm

It is desperately sad that people are actually donating MONEY to a fraudulent political party who have PROVEN that RINGFENCED money £600,000 raised for a independence referendum from party members and NON party members cannot be located

It is also desperately sad that people are actually donating MONEY to a fraudulent political party whose reason d’etra is supposed to be independence for Scotland, but over the last 10 years and numerous mandates they have done NOTHING to achieve that goal

It is also desperately sad that most of those unashamedly openly BEGGING and pleading for money from people who may be suffering from poverty or overstretched finances are the recipient’s of exorbitant salaries and expenses with heavily subsidised restaurants commonplace in their workplace

I find it reprehensible and despicable that a man who openly and vociferously boasts that he has spent in excess of 20years in WM and FAILED to achieve independence has the effrontery and contempt for the electorate to BEG for money to allow him to continue with his ongoing FAILURE

I have sympathy and empathy for BIG ISSUE SELLERS, homeless people,drug addicts and alcoholics BEGGING for money due to their circumstances, but I find it utterly revolting and despicable that these individuals who continue to FAIL Scotland and Scots have the NERVE and BRAVADO to BEG for money from the very people they are BETRAYING



3 June, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Christ its tedious as f*ck watching these four lying b*stards on the “STV” leaders debate, three of the parties aren’t even Scottish and the fourth one the SNP has sold Scotland out.

I’ve never heard so many promises that will ultimately turn out to be lies from four useless pr*cks three of whom are nothing more than branch managers of outpost of their London HQ’s, and the fourth one Swinney doesn’t give a toss about Scots its party and friends first (iPad man). Their promises (pie in the sky) are unaccountable, they can lie like f*ck and there’s no comeback for at least five years.

I mean the GE isn’t even a a Scottish election its the elections of the the foreign country of England, Scots have absolutely no business voting in it, just as the English have no business in voting at Holyrood elections.

There was no union.


Young Lochinvar

4 June, 2024 at 2:56 am

Well my sitting MP Marion Fellows looks like she is toast – no great surprise after the SNPs self inflicted fiasco in North Lanarkshire Council then the never ending revealing of misdeeds recently under Nic Sturgeon..

Mind you; at time if writing she had £457 which if memory serves is almost double what Labour in Scotchland received a few years ago in public donations (£250)..

I don’t predict a riot at the GE; more a snooze session no show by disillusioned voters.


4 June, 2024 at 6:21 am

Ignored says:
4 June, 2024 at 6:05 am

They are every bit more incompetent than the car crash that SNP have become.

Incompetence is a human frailty. A fool can still be a loveable fool.

T-reach-ery and betrayal are much, much darker malignancies.

People will forgive incompetence, but the SNP are firmly on the road to Hell.

The victim in all this is Scotland, because this past decade, with Independence there for the taking, Scotland could afford neither incompetence nor t-reach-ery in Government, but in the SNP, we suffered industrial quantities of both.

Enough is enough. Save our Souls SALVO. Wash away the filth.

Vivian O’Blivion

4 June, 2024 at 9:28 am

YouGov Westminster voting intention, field work 24 May – 1 June, Scottish sample 5,541, analysis by MRP.
Headline; SNP retains 17 seats.
Of these 6 are “SNP likely”, 4 are “SNP lean” & 7 are “SNP toss up”.
A poor campaign could see the SNP reduced to six seats.
Aberdeen S – Stephen Flynn
Aberdeen N – Kirsty Blackman
Argyle & Bute – Brendan O’Hara
Caithness … – Lucy Beattie (win from LibDems)
Dundee Central – Chris Law
Inverness – Drew Hendry


4 June, 2024 at 10:09 am

I’d be suspicious of those donations, where exactly they’re coming from & whose interests they really serve cause none of those tossers represent Scotland & in ten long years have secured the sum total of fuck all so whoever is bankrolling this litany of fckwits like it that way.

Money buys “democracy” & I can think of one crowd of *friends*

These tossers should NOT be crowdfunding. They pick up a handsome salary + free travel & accommodation, living costs, subsidised meals & as much heat as their lard arse can tolerate. Fund yer own free meal tickets. There’s voters out there that 1. Struggle to make ends meet. 2. Would be sacked for failing to do their job in one year far less ten. 3. Could only dream of that salary+ benefits.

They’ve a brass neck scrounging for two grand +
That’s loose change to them.
I wouldn’t fund this roll call of failure 10p.

Everyone I’ve spoken to so far isn’t voting. It’s a complete waste of time. I guess we can chalk that us as something the SNP managed to achieve.


4 June, 2024 at 12:59 pm

My wee list just keeps growing. If i have missed any let me know.

List of Nicola’s failures

Removing internal party democracy.

Failing to implement direct conference votes & just choosing to ignore them. TWICE. Even ignoring feedback from Growth Report assemblies.

Failure to provide every household in Scotland her economic plans for Indy.

Failure to use SIX mandates with a clear instruction to leave.

Stop Brexit campaign.

Case against Salmond.

Parliamentary review of Salmond case.

Education and Pisa figures.

Attainment gap.

Asking children about their sexual experience.

Failing to role out super fast broadband as promised.

Drug deaths.

COVID and old folks.

Infyref2 times 20.

Turning a party of 120k into a party of 30k or less.

Total lack of fundraising campaign.

Growth commission paper.

Use sterling not Scottish pound.

Papers for independent scotland that could gave been written by the Broons.

Gender recognition.

Doesn’t know what a woman is.

Approved person for children.


£600k missing.

No support for AUOB.

Failing to call a Scottish convention.

Jailed AUOB leader.

Jailed Craig Murray.

Tried to jail journalist Mark Hurst.

Treatment of Margaret Ferrier,Joanna Cherry, and others.

Both votes SNP.

Hate speech to shut down those that criticised her.

Supreme court case designed to fail.

Failing to support king Charles’ oath to uphold the claim of right.

Failing to push the claim of right.

Bottle return scheme failure.

Defacto ref where Westminster control all the strings.

A9 dualling.

No movement in the polls in 6 years.

Recent polling crash.

National energy company.

Taking on Dept Work and Pensions payments.

Letting London take the stone of destiny back without a word.

Failure to disrupt westminster.

Giving away the Berwick bank for a song.

Supporting Freeport’s without comment about workers rights.

National investment bank.

National census failure.

National care service.

Police crime and protest act banning protests they don’t like.

Vietnam group being exposed
Someone going to jail.

Extreme protected fishing areas.

The continuity candidate.

Humza got his family out of Gaza and I don’t blame him but now westminster can control him.

Mackay and his Ipad. A false claim should be immeduate dismissal.

The hate and public order scotland act – it will be used by the woke lobby to shut down pro indy voices – the snp has introduced a law that will allow unionists to silence wings and anyone else they don’t like.

Closure of Grangemouth making scotland dependent on english imports.

The Greens catastrophe.

Allowing freeports to undermine safety, worker rights and rax raising.

Another continuity candidate with same cabinet.

Failing to unite with Alba.

Edinburgh rape crisis centre.

Swinney defending mackay and his ipad.

Failing to appoint somone with professionalism and character like Crag Murray international secretaty and going with the current air miles Robertson

Failing to take advantage of the skills of Joanna Cherry

Mackay still not sacked.

Failing carbon target with no real explanation.

I suppose in determining if Nicola’s team are failures one has to consider what their objective truly was.

Is it conceivable that they could make so many errors in judgement even if they tossed a coin in the air every time?

Alf Baird

4 June, 2024 at 1:01 pm

Breeks @ 6:21 am

“T-reach-ery and betrayal are much, much darker malignancies.”

Yet such are very common, if not essential features within a colonial society, which depends on the co-option of native elites ‘to keep the racket going’. That is the reality for a society run by a colonial (i.e. ‘unionist’) hegemony and hence a colonial administration; and, with a dominant national party elite trying (but always failing) to serve twa maisters, where in fact one ends up being sacrificed (i.e. the colonized group) to the other.

This colonial dilemma is explained by Aime Cesaire who refers to such people as:

“…tools of capitalism…openly or secretly, supporters of plundering colonialism, all of them responsible…the obscurers, all the inventors of subterfuges, the charlatans and tricksters, the dealers in gobbledygook…and do not seek to know whether personally they are or are not colonialists…because the essential thing is that their highly problematical subjective good faith is entirely irrelevant to the objective social implications of the evil work they perform as watchdogs of colonialism.”

Vivian O’Blivion

4 June, 2024 at 1:31 pm

robertkknight @ 12:47
Stephen “CIA” Gethins accrued £1040 from 19 donors. An extremely high average (£54.74) compared to other candidates.
Who could possibly be contributing to his appeal?

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