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Round-up of commentary by Wings readers in the past week.

Sunday, May 26, 2024
62 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Missing Memory Man

Cameron Lochiel

17 May, 2024 at 12:44 pm

Flynn’s body language when Eck was talking was in stark contrast to that of Màiri McAllan, who sat transfixed, eyes agape, occasionally shaking her head, probably because she was confused by the words being articulated.

On the substantive point, though, Flynn is trying to remodel himself, probably with a view to being SNP leader – I nearly typed FM there! As such, he’s certainly going to have to engage in a spot of revisionist history, almost as much as Imelda.

Finally, Fiona Bruce is an exceptionally poor host. The show is dreadful enough, but she brings nothing good to the table with her fatuous remarks and histrionics


17 May, 2024 at 1:18 pm

He’d be a lousy poker player. He has so many ‘tells’ when he’s lying. That smug wee smile and trying to avoid blinking. Obviously he’s had them pointed out, but hard to suppress.

I’m sure Starmer would love to see Flynn as SNP leader, whenever he opens his mouth his whole body language leaks insincerity. Some people are like that. They can say all the right things, but there’s something about them that makes your hackles bristle. The you just know you won’t buy whatever he says he’s selling.


17 May, 2024 at 2:48 pm

Watched PMQ’s last night Salmond still has it, next to the other dolts he knew what he was talking about, and he easily put Anas Sarwar and Stephen Flynn in their places.

I was rather surprised that LBC host Iain Dale who professed to being a quarter Scottish said that he would vote for Scottish independence, and that Scots have a right to vote for Scottish independence.

At times Stephen Flynn looked really disinterested as Alex Salmond spoke a few home truths with the SNP in mind, and he revealed that Labour’s policy with oil and gas in mind would also see the shedding of around one hundred thousand jobs in the Aberdeen area.

Alex Salmond is head and shoulders above any politician in Scotland right now as it clearly showed in the QT programme last night, is it any wonder the unionists parties and the SNP/Greens fear him.

I couldn’t say whether or not Flynn wanted the BHA with the Greens dissolved before last nights programme, he did however appear to agree that the Cass Review/Report actions should be implemented after governmental scrutiny, however politicians are renowned for saying one thing and backing another.

Wings Over Scotland | The Innocent

Vivian O’Blivion

18 May, 2024 at 10:13 am

The front page of McPrävda leads today with SNP grievance monkeys complaining that the British Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship, shockjock show, Question Time isn’t giving them a fair platform.
Yeh, no shit! Question Time is light entertainment disguised as politics. The whole modus operandi was laid bare in the Billy Mitchell scandal.
The SNP are incapable of taking Marla Daniel’s advice from season one of The Wire; “if you do not play, you cannot lose”.
The SNP of course require the publicity Question Time offers to maintain the performative fiction that they are interested in political change and not just maintaining their snouts in the Westminster gravy trough.


18 May, 2024 at 10:16 am

We elected the SNP into power and the policy’s the SNP have implemented on the voters are extreme to say the leased, the reality is if it wasn’t for 50% desire to be Independent the SNP would have been chucked out of office long ago because of their extremist views and policy’s.

I heard someone saying they’ll have to hold their nose and vote for the SNP, well I have no intention of holding my nose and i’m voting for a party with these extremist views and their Anti-Scotland on Independence the quicker these people and this party is out of powers the better.


18 May, 2024 at 10:18 am

Great cartoon.

It seems to be the new norm amongst the eejits running the show. Zero diplomacy skills. Zero self awareness. Zero humility.

Treat ppl like shit, smack them around a bit, name call & then blame them for them having to take decisive action.
Straight out of the abusers handbook.

Sunak, Mayhem, BoJo, Cameron, Truss have all been trying their best to slur independence supporters as extreme terrorists since 2014 but let’s not forget Labour too: Khan, Burnham, Starmer, Nandy, Rayner etc. Mind this folks when polling stations open. They are not our friends & don’t intend to be. Their wee outbursts are intended for their home & international audience.

Sunaks ancestors are spinning in their graves. It must be a big win & a hoot at dinner parties amongst the hob nobs to have an immigrant be a c*nt & a racist on their behalf.

As for Harvie. His only audience is down at the club with the other banjo players. No harm done LOL.

Marie Clark

18 May, 2024 at 10:24 am

Blimey, first we were deranged cybernats, and now we are dangerous extremists. Oh well, that’ll be me then, guilty as charged and proud of it.

Well done Chris, nice to see oor Hamish again.


18 May, 2024 at 10:47 am

Fantastic cartoon. We have walked the whole circle, where extreme left meets extreme right and they merge to become the exact same shite.

The political spectrum is not even a continuous, it is simply the same rubbish sold as different brands to create the illusion of a choice. Just like the north branches of Scotland, labour and libdems have a different name to con the voters into thinking they are autonomous from the England parties. It is all about conning and deceiving the voters and the Scottish people, isn’t it?

I am sure I am not the only one who is bored to tears and sick to her back teeth of this nonsense and the repetitive platitudes and psychological blackmailing dished out by politicians whose only goal is to feather their own nests while their is country pillaged and broken into bits under their watch. It is the same propaganda over and over and over again. Gosh, I am sick of it.

A few years back we had that labour idiot coming from London to patronise us by calling independence supporters “racists”. Then we had that other labour idiot saying that nationalists had to be exterminated. A while back we had that other crown tool Gordon Brown churning his hyperbolic propaganda and talking about “extreme independence”. Now we got Sunak delivering on behalf of his handlers some laughable speech trying to like independence supporters to “extremists”. Do any of these idiots do irony at all?

Delivering that speech, talking about “extreme independence”, calling Scottish nationalist racists or openly saying they had to be exterminated is as extreme as you can get, so they can all fuck right off with their extreme unionism.

The only extremism here is that of the entity all those idiots work for and that is forcing Scotland to remain in this toxic union against its will for the sake of continuing to steal Scotland’s resources from the Scottish people and to sell their country bit by bit through that other byproduct con of extreme unionism which is the green “free”ports.

I have not watched TV in a very, very, very long time. It seems I didn’t miss a thing. I watched the most recent question time on youtube because Mr Salmond was in it, but my goodness it is the same shite being regurgitated over and over again.

The “de rigour” planted questions of independence from the audience continue in the same boring format they were a decade ago. It is so obvious they have been planted, because anybody who has been living in Scotland for the last 10 years and had their eyes open, knows for a fact that the SNP has not lifted a fcking finger to progress independence, so, frankly, to claim they only think in independence comes across as the most laughable claim and that they are using the same old worn out bone thrown to the dog time and time again.

Goodness, is Flynn the best they got as future leader of the SNP? The man was awful. No clear answers, all evasiveness, all deflection, all waffle. He came across as another mass produced politician with nothing new to offer.

Then along came the same old bone borrowed from tories with regards to the NHS: “the NHS is getting the highest level of funding ever”. Well, duh! that will be because the prices of everything keep increasing just as the amount of private business sucking on the teat of the NHS keep increasing. Just how stupid does Flynn think the people of Scotland are?

The question no politician has the balls to answer because no reporter has the balls to ask is how the privatisation of the Scotland’s NHS bit by bit is chewing up that funding and as the privatisation increases, how does that impact on the real funding the NHS has to deliver services.

If you have to feed profits to private companies through the NHS then that funding is not being used efficiently, is it? That stands to the obvious. If you increase privatisation, you are increasing the amount of profits you have to give away through the NHS, draining the funding pot even more.

You could increase the funding by 100% but if you continue to increase privatisation of the NHS, that funding is simply redirected to profit private companies rather than being used to deliver an efficient services.

So the claim that the NHS is receiving record funding is simply a con, just like the old adage that “the NHS will always remain free at the point of use” is also a con. It is a lie. A person may not have to pay for the service at the point of receiving it, but taxpayers have been paying through the roof throughout their NI contributions for the service because a large chunk of that payment has been going to to pay for the profits of all those private companies being sustained through the NHS.

And let’s not start with how much of those funds have been redirected to create all that tier of red tape jobs for “equality”, “gender nonsense” etc, etc. The only thing this has done is to drain the pot more, leaving even less money to cover the actual services.

The other question all the crown minions sitting in HOlyrood and in Westminster should be asked is “When is the evident extreme unionism that Scotland has been forced into from 2014 going to be addressed and stopped”?

When is the focus going to be moved from Scottish nationalism, which is a natural thing, to the extremism of “British nationalism”, which has been artificially created and artificially maintained through active and forceful suppression of democracy, and more importantly, when is the focus of attention going to be placed on the entity that has been forcing Scotland to remain in this union since 8 May 2015?

Stuart MacKay

18 May, 2024 at 11:23 am

extremist, racist, bigot – all intended to shut reasonable people up. After all, there is no debate.

So where does it go from here?

This would seem to be an end-point in politics and public discourse. You either go to greater extremes, which, given enough time, will inevitably end in violence, or you simply keep quiet and let the powers that be get on with it.

Right now the majority are keeping their mouths shut. Even when faced with despicable acts in Gaza, the majority are simply sitting this one out. The mass protests against the Iraq wars happened in a parallel universe.

Even on a simple matter of whether the country should govern itself, there is in large part a stony silence. The Rev. has stated before that people are simply too busy making ends meets to give it much energy. However I think we’ll rapidly get to the stage, if we’re not there already, where any mention of it simply won’t be allowed.

So the question is, how do we get back to a point where there is a discussion on whether various things are a good idea or not?

The foxes are boiling the frogs, while raiding the hen house.

Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

18 May, 2024 at 12:50 pm

“listening to Sunak, Jack and Lord Robertson recently”
The Clan Donnachaidh Museum at Bruar on the A9, (by Blair Atholl), had on display until recently a glass stand honoring Lord George Robertson. It featured a photo portrait in ceremonial regalia, but most strikingly a framed calligraphic original (?) of the following commendation from George Bush. Remembering the histrionic pitch of George Robertson’s lobbying against Scottish devolution and independence, it is the words “freedom”, “democracy“ and “liberty” which irk me most:


« With vision and Leadership, George Robertson has helped transform NATO to meet the challenges of a new century. As the 10th Secretary General of NATO, he has distinquished himself as a passionate spokesman for freedom, an advocate for democracy, and a true friend of the United States. Leading NATO through its historic enlargement, he was instrumental in its decision to send aircraft to patrol American skies after September 11, 2001, the first time NATO has activated its founding principle of collective defense. The United States honors this statesman for his dedicated Service and for his unique contributions to the advancement of peace and liberty around the world.

The White House
Washington DC
November 12, 2003

Signed George Bush. »


18 May, 2024 at 1:10 pm

“By remaining there, with a mandate in their pocket, they’re only treating Scotland with contempt too”

I couldn’t agree more. It is “Scotland’s” MPs in Westminster who are responsible for continuing to legitimise this colonial abuse and the insufferable situation Scotland has been put in by Scotland’s MPs.

Scotland’s MPs have in their hand the power to end this union tomorrow. They have in their hand the power to transfer their powers to Holyrood and transform it into a full blown parliament. They have the power to transfer their powers to HOlyrood so Holyrood can call a referendum. They have the power to reconvene the old Scottish parliament and put the union on hold.

They choose not to. They choose to fill up their pockets and drawn us in stupid propaganda and platitudes instead.

This union should have ended on the 8 May 2015. The responsibility for not having ended lies squarely with Scotland’s SNP MPs. Scotland did not send 3 absolute majorities of anti-union MPs to preserve the union, to have Scotland sold by bits in the form of freeports, or to have its only refinery closed down or to be dragged out of the EU.

Scotland elected those majorities to end the union. If those MPs really represented Scotland rather than the crown they swear allegiance to, Scotland should not have needed to sent three majorities of anti-union MPs to Westminster. One is all what should have been needed, because only one is what was needed to force Scotland, kicking and screaming and knowingly against the will of its people, into this union.

What the last 10 years have demonstrated is that there is not such a thing as Scotland’s politics. There is no such a thing as “Scotland’s” MPs. The only thing we have is crown’s useful idiots playing the role of politicians while they abuse their position of power to suppress democracy, to stop Scotland from ending this union and to ensure the rampant abuse and pillage of Scotland’s land and assets continues at pace.

The more I look and read about what those who call themselves Scottish politicians say and do, the more embarrassed I feel and the more convinced I become that if we want Scotland to restore its status as an independent state, we need to bypass political parties.

UK general elections should have only one purpose: to select candidates on an abstentionist vote and refusal to swear the oath of allegiance to the English crown.

The treaty of union states that Scotland should be represented in Westminster by 45 MPs. When less than 45 elected MPs are prepared to swear allegiance and take those seats, that article of the treaty will be breached and we can demand the union to end.

Alf Baird

18 May, 2024 at 7:10 pm

A mediocre meritocracy, being a standard feature in colonial governance, constantly needs to invent its own fallacies in order to continue to divide and manipulate the people with its mystifying policies. The manufactured Ferries Crisis is another case in point (see from 5 mins in video):



18 May, 2024 at 8:14 pm

RoS, why do you think it will be unpopular?

Bell makes a distinction between the UK government and Scottish government that is quite difficult to substantiate when you look at major issues over the last few years…

Thus, as Sturgeon was touring the country in her “STOP BREXIT” bus, her Government was essentially paving the way for Brexit, when Covid came along she completely surrendered to London policy (even the ‘herd immunity’ mass suicide pact), and, of course, Sturgeon not only did nothing to force the issue on indyref2, she went on the record saying the only route to independence was through a Section 30 (at the exact same time as the UK Government told us they would block the Section 30 route).

I could add a multitude of other examples, including various important facets of UK foreign policy, but I think the point is made already; the role of ScotGov under and since Sturgeon has been to implement and administer UK government policy; examples of the Scottish Government opposing it in anything but rhetorical terms are in very short supply. We can expect the same on the proposed nuclear power plants.

Another shortcoming of Bell’s analysis, though, a shortcoming that is all too common on the pro-independence side, is the failure to address issues surrounding ownership of Scottish resources. It’s quite disingenuous and lazy to talk about the UK Government stealing our resources when we all know there’s a lot more to it than that.

In short, if we achieved independence tomorrow, all of the most valued resources of the country (land, oil, wind, etc. etc., etc.) would remain in the same hands so that the people of Scotland would not necessarily benefit in any material way at all.

I disagree with that. I disagree with the arrangement that puts the resources of a country into the hands of big business without consent, just as I disagree with pensioners in an energy rich country sitting hungry in houses they can’t afford to heat. None of Scotlands biggest problems necessarily disappear with independence.

If the independence is to be anything other than a sort of hobby for anoraks, it needs to unify all these things and make a coherent argument for national liberation — not just liberation from the UK political union (a subject that bores most of us to tears nowadays) but liberation from the neoliberal free-for-all they created here too; it’s a classic “open door” policy that basically gifts our national resources to any Tom, Dick, and Harry that shows an interest (Trump, Gupta, Standard Oil, etc., etc…).

Ruby Wednesday

18 May, 2024 at 10:06 pm

More on Sunak’s speech.

“Speaking at an event in London organised by the Policy Exchange think tank, Sunak claimed that “an axis of authoritarian states” were attempting to undermine British values.

In a passage under the heading “The dangers”, Sunak listed Russia, Iran, North Korea, antisemitism, “gender activists”, and finally “Scottish nationalism” as posing threats to the UK.

“The dangers that threaten our country are real,” he said.

“There’s an increasing number of authoritarian states like Russia, Iran, North Korea and China working together to undermine us and our values.

“War has returned to Europe, with our Nato allies warning that if Pu**tin succeeds in Uk**raine, they might be next.”

However, the Prime Minister also said that homegrown cultural disputes were also a threat to the UK’s “history and identity” – including Scottish nationalism.

He said: “People are abusing our liberal democratic values of freedom of speech, the right to protest, to intimidate, threaten and assault others, to sing antisemitic chants on our streets and our university campuses, and to weaponize the evils of antisemitism or anti-Muslim hatred, in a divisive ideological attempt to set Britain against Britain.

“And from gender activists hijacking children’s sex education, to cancel culture, vocal and aggressive fringe groups are trying to impose their views on the rest of us.

“They’re trying to make it morally unacceptable to believe something different and undermine people’s confidence and pride in our own history and identity.

“Scottish nationalists are even trying to tear our United Kingdom apart”.

He added that “more will change in the next five years than the last 30” and claimed “the next few years will be some of the most dangerous yet the most transformational that our country has ever known”.
The National.

(My bold.)


18 May, 2024 at 10:39 pm

“In short, if we achieved independence tomorrow, all of the most valued resources of the country (land, oil, wind, etc. etc., etc.) would remain in the same hands so that the people of Scotland would not necessarily benefit in any material way at all.”

Of course we would. The revenues go to where the brass plate is located & that would be to an independent Scotland.

I’d assume contracts/licenses would also transfer & with that would be renegotiation “Under new management”

It’s Scotlands resources. It’s Scotlands territory.

Big business may kick & scream but they can fck off if they’re not happy with new offers. Plenty of others can step in.

Sturgeon was a tractor & Scotwind was a travesty. There’s more to that. Ash Regan said she’d look into that if she was elected leader. (Go figure -she wasn’t) She didn’t know much about it as it wasn’t something she was involved in but said there may be confidentiality clauses.

Some bastard sold it off at a jumble sale price & Scotland will find out the truth when Sturgeon & her minions fck off from Holyrood.

All their dirty laundry & dirty deeds will be laid bare for all to see.


19 May, 2024 at 11:24 am

19 May, 2024 at 9:00 am

The Scottish National Movement is up a creek, with a boatload of parvenu(e)s, without an engine and no one has a chart.
If this is not a set-up situation then i have blond hair and blue eyes.
However out of such absurd situations……

The SNP is in a mess, but Scottish Independence seems quietly resolute. You are mistaken to think nobody has a chart, because there are several in existence. If it wasn’t for the contemptible SNP under Sturgeon, you’d already know a lot more about them.

Right now, the very last thing I want to see is a wretch like Swinney latching on to a robust “chart” towards Independence and fkg that up like they’ve fkd up everything else.

I am a lapsed member of ALBA, largely because they’ve allowed themselves to be seduced by the UK political system, when it’s the entire paradigm which needs to be re-set, with the removal of Holyrood and the Scotland Act from the equation.

Holyrood was there to be won for sovereign Scotland, but the corrupt regime under Sturgeon did a better wrecking job of that than all the spies in Whitehall.

Rather than saving Holyrood through reform, it’s my personal belief it would serve Scotland’s interests much better as a sacrificial lamb to be impeached out of existence, and the wreckage sent packing off to London like a proverbial fire-ship.

A few people here and there are already beginning to acknowledge the SNP is now an obstacle to be cleared before progress can be resumed. I readily subscribe to that opinion.

And while I remain a huge supporter of Alex Salmond, and his ALBA party was a flash of inspiration, he seems to be treading water. But in my opinion, Kenny MacAskill should not be contesting Eva Comrie in any Scotland United context.

Am I perplexed about it? A little maybe. But I’m so wearied by all of this crap. How many dacades are we planning to waste? When Scotland is ready, no rancid wee seat in Holyrood or Westminster will get in our way. Brace! Brace! Brace!

Seats in our first Sovereign Parliament, or interim Convention of the Estates, will command a higher premium, and the only people dawdling around Holyrood will be forlorn Unionists, disowned SNP Devolutionists and cleaning staff.

Is Independence in trouble? Not judging by the number of trolls and naysayers here on Wings. They’re the nervous ones.


19 May, 2024 at 1:30 pm

19 May, 2024 at 12:06 pm

My parents, who live in Doha, tell me that few take the UK seriously anymore as a «power». It tends to be perceived as a «supplicant» in the Gulf.

Yup, that squares with my own perceptions, and given London’s grotesque warmongering and tolerance of genocide, I find it a tremendous relief.

I have a quote in my head along the lines of “there’s nothing more dangerous than an Empire in decline”, but I can’t find a source for it. I’m sure it was a Thatcher / Falklands thing, but the quote was older, Victorian maybe.

I’m not sure Scotland ever benefitted from the Union. I mean compared to those nations being colonised, yes it did, clearly. But whether the benefits outweighted the grevious injuries to our Nation, lacks a reliable yardstick to guage how an Independent Scottish Nation might have fared over three long and hollowing out centuries of anglicisation and cultural delinquency.

The Scottish Enlightenment is a conundrum… something the Empire facilitated? Or Scotland free to spread its wings with its corrupt and servile political class removed to London? It’s a complex discussion, especially when some folks cannot abide the notion of a thriving Scotland.

Alf Baird

20 May, 2024 at 7:52 am

Geri @ 11:03 pm

“Everyone should know what foreign agents are in their parliament & wtf they’re really doing there.”

Quite a few oddballs in ‘our’ parliaments, few if any of whom seem remotely interested in reclaiming never mind asserting Scottish sovereignty, or in limiting the absolute (i.e. dominant) external control and plunder of our society and economy.

Clearly a colonized people are ‘out of the game’ and ‘no longer part of history’; in a colonial society ‘only the values of the colonizer are sovereign’ (Memmi).

Independence is about removing external interference and exploitation from a country; dependence means the opposite, i.e. domination by external interests.


20 May, 2024 at 1:15 pm

when I was a kid no one could work out the falklands war; some yank politician called it “2 bald men fighting over a comb”. Thatcher was very big on the absolute nature of sovereignty and political rights of people who, at the time, weren’t even british citizens – people forget she was doing badly in the polls and she needed a good war.

– a friend of mine, notable for his often bizarre, but prescient statements said :

they will need it for the hopping off point when the antarctic treaty expires and the race is on to r4pe the place …


let us take a moment to remember the brave skyhawk pilots who risked their lives against the british empire, and without the dud fuzes on their bombs, would have sent the task force homeward, to think again

kanaks not taking it –

as an outsider from very far away, it is hard to know what is going on; the media is not to be trusted. On the face of it, the french were very “fair” about it all – 3 referendums they allowed, and all lost by the independence movement; the settled will of the people, time to move on. I doubt if this is the whole story, but I don’t have the time to do the reading.

Quebec, with its 2 ultra close votes, had a lot of shenanigans in the background. Notice how despite coming so close, and getting a second referendum, it seems to be over for the quebecois. I think we face a similar evaporation if nothing happens in the next 5-10 years, and I mean full indy, not just another vote, controlled by westminster, with unprecedented numbers of postal voting.

– are the kanaks “chippy, grievance monkeys” too wee, too poor, ingrates who wouldn’t last 2 minutes without the wise, pimp hand of the frenchie, to guide them? Or is there some serious bad blood and historical injustice there, that “one man, one vote” cannot ever address? There is also a lot of nickel in the place, which I am sure is a side issue.


while I am mostly favourably disposed to the french, it rankles the way they go on about occupation by the germans – hello, you had a fucking empire at the time! – and they all pretend they were in the resistance (most were collaborators) and from what I have read their own generals preferred the germans to their own communists.

– they resisted losing their empire as hard as britain did, algeria, vietnam. New Caledonia is further from France than the Falklands are from the UK, fsake.

New, old, it looks the same to me.

Alf Baird

21 May, 2024 at 7:16 am

Hatuey @ 2:31 am

“Scotland is double-colonised; by England and by foreign countries from every corner of the world”

Our oppressor may well act as the ‘middle-man’ selling us on to whoever from wherever, as they did with many other colonized ‘peoples’ and their lands. Nevertheless, Scotland’s immediate and urgent constitutional priority must be reclaiming our sovereignty, for only then can we strive to stop the plunder and move to self and national-recovery – psychologically, culturally and economically. And who has stolen our sovereignty but the usurper who wields it and thinks they have the right to sell it on to others.

Wings Over Scotland | Man At Work

Young Lochinvar

20 May, 2024 at 1:42 pm

The world is turned upside down and inside out. At least the judge was brave enough to stand up to this nonsense and not silenced.

I used to think highly of Nicola Sturgeon, I now find it hard to even look at pictures of her. How we were conned..


20 May, 2024 at 1:57 pm

Responsibility for this farce should weigh on the shoulders of the SNP. Utter poison at the heart of government. One has to ask, how could any woman vote SNP now? Time will tell. Tick-tock.

Vivian O’Blivion

20 May, 2024 at 2:03 pm

For this unfamiliar with the judge’s reference to Franz Kafka, this is likely a reference to his work The Trial. Synopsis, “ tells the story of Josef K., a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader”.


20 May, 2024 at 2:05 pm

I do not think it is simply a matter of Wadhwa having to go. The entire board of trustees must go and also whoever in Scot Gov agreed to give OUR taxpayers funds to an entity under such level of appalling mismanagement and extreme views, must be held accountable.

I do not want to see apologies. I am fed up of meaningless apologies and vacuous promises and platitudes about “lessons to be learnt”. I want to see people being sacked, started by those in the Scot Gov who thought it was appropriate to funnel our taxpayers funds into an entity led by a man who was openly discriminating women, both victims and staff, for their beliefs.

That board of trustees must have known what they were bringing in. In that article of 2021 about the appointment of Wadhwa, they claim

“She joins us from Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, and has previously worked for Rape Crisis Scotland and Shakti Women’s Aid”

That a man had been given access to so many vulnerable women for so long should have immediately set alarm bells ringing.

But in that article it was also said:

““Mridul brings a wealth of experience to ERCC, from her work in the wider rape crisis and women’s movements, to her activism and campaigning on trans rights, BME rights and other equalities issues”

What does fighting for trans rights have to do with women?

The board of trustees knew exactly what they were bringing in at the time of the appointment and for that reason the entire lot should be sacked.

Margaret Eleftheriou

20 May, 2024 at 2:19 pm

Protection at the highest level. Does anyone know exactly what Sturgeon’s relationaship to this person is and was? Judging by the hairstyle, it has clearly been going on for a long time and seems to have led to many instances of favours being given st the highest level.


20 May, 2024 at 2:37 pm

Is the outcome of this case one of the reasons why “cardinals” Flynn and Forbes decided not to go for the leadership this time?

Are there any links between Sturgeon’s government and the appointment of Wadhwa? Who made the “recommendation” to appoint this man to the post? From how far up did this recommendation come from?

If the post was for women only, who in the board of trustees made the decision to keep his application valid despite not fulfilling such basic requirement?

If you think about it, from a practical perspective, those trustees and Wadhwa himself needed the implementation of their ideology (which they might not necessarily even believe themselves) that transwomen are women to cover their own backs.

Because if they were to openly allow the display of gender critical views among staff and victims, it would be as much as acknowledging that the board of trustees and Wadhwa knew he would have been unlawfully appointed to the post and the entire board of trustees would have openly and deliberately violated their own rules by not discarding his application.

In my view, those people are hiding behind gender ideology to cover their own backs. It is also my view that somebody high up in the civil service or Sturgeon’s gov must have wanted this man in that post to deliberately cause controversy, break havoc and outrage among the public. In my opinion this appointment and the havoc that followed was very much deliberate and had a political motive.

John C

20 May, 2024 at 2:50 pm

Wadhwa should be sacked by the end of the week & Edinburgh Rape Crisis should be under governmental review with a view of at the very least, making it clear it’s there to serve clients, not the personal ideologies of the CEO and staff. I fear he won’t quit & nobody has the courage to sack him & I also fear ERCC will carry on as they have been judging by their reaction on social media.

The bits in the verdict that hit hard were the testimonies of rape victims re-traumatised due to ERCC’s insistence of putting ideology before the concerns of rape victims. I mean, what sort of person puts their own feelings before trying to aid rape victims?

Lorna Campbell

20 May, 2024 at 4:10 pm

Does no one in authority ever question the motives of these men? Does no one ever question the motives of the board in this case? It is way past time that ‘trans’ ideology was examined under a microscope and light shed on it. John Money, a so-called child psychologist and paedophile invented the word, ‘trans’ to cover up a surgical mistake that left a young boy mutilated genitally.

Most, if not all, of the men who flock to this ideology are autogyephiles or fetishists or both, whether for not they have surgery. For them, it is wholly sexual – a paraphilia, usually with several co morbidities. The young women and children are the living human smokescreen for these men and their wholly sexual activities.

Most do not have surgery, so they are intact males entering female private spaces and services, and they have persuaded easily-led individuals or those hiding their own queer identities from public scrutiny, to champion them. Some of these men, too many, hate women and girls. Not envy them. Not feel jealous of them, but actively hate them. Only hatred could account for a campaign of harassment and bullying, threatening behaviours and outright savagery against females.

That is the paradox that so many of the handmaidens just do not get: these men get off on their pain, their misery, their hurt and the destruction of their trust. Anyone who has not done so, should read the testimonies of the ‘trans’ widows and children, the very people close to them whom these men put through a special torture regime in relentless pursuit of a sexual paraphilia and or fetish. The truth about this movement is the exact opposite of what we are expected to believe about them, to be ‘kind’ to them. It is a travesty of natural justice and women and children have been chosen to be the sacrificial victims on behalf of these men.


20 May, 2024 at 6:28 pm

Women who had given their lives to working for ERCC started leaving in droves after he became CEO. The staff turnover, and the knowledge that women were “self-censoring” (ie, refusing to use the service) because of these policies means nothing to him or Sandy Brinsley.

They seem to think the service exists to provide employment opportunities for gender ideologists, rather than services to rape victims.

But this is Scotland, so their careers will continue unaffected.

Sally Hughes

20 May, 2024 at 6:51 pm

‘Sandy Brindley’s only comment has been to kick the can down the road for an indeterminate period (but likely to be several months at a minimum) by announcing an “independent review”’.

Wonder who is to pick up the tab for this independent review, and which organisation is to select the reviewers?

MW should have been investigated for crime of common law fraud when he initially obtained the Rape Councillor job in Central Scotland area, by wilfully lying about his sex in order to get a job reserved for a biological woman.

Vivian O’Blivion

21 May, 2024 at 8:53 am

Gravy Bus Apocalypse
Full scale YouGov Scottish poll. Westminster voting intention, field work 13 – 17 May, sample population 1114, (change from 2019 GE)
Con 12% seats 3 (-3)
Lab 39% seats 41 (+40)
LibDem 8% seats 5 (+3)
SNP 29% seats 8 (-40)
Loss in British state, Short money and tithes extracted from MPs £1.4m pa.
Holyrood voting intention data also included but this seems superfluous as SNP (Sevco 2025) won’t be in a position to stand.


21 May, 2024 at 11:43 am

Ignored says:
21 May, 2024 at 10:17 am

Nicola was a bampot and was played like a piano…

Absolutely, but for more than a decade there were / are a whole crowd of tone deaf imbeciles who didn’t want to listen.

Throw a stick in the air at any time in the last ten years and it would land on some SNP fk up.

56 / 59 MP’s. Nothing.
Brexit Subjugation. Nothing.
Joanna Cherry TWICE hanging Westminster out to dry. Cherry gets sacked.
Ferries, both the ones they can’t build, but equally the Ballantyne Ferries they won’t build.
The new King of England cocking his leg on the Scottish Constitution. Nothing.

Instead, we get a cacophony of SNP fuckwits and blowhards, promoting dunces and perverts to important positions far, far, beyond their capacities and intellect, with enough depravity on show to make the Nation’s toes curl.

Those dirty bastards of 1707 set the bar very low to demonstrate what a Scottish Parliamentarian could actually get away with without being hung from a lamppost, but Jesus wept, the current SNP is way below that.

I utterly, utterly detest that Sturgeon creature, the whole wretched gang of gravy slurpers aren’t much better, and I haven’t the vocabulary to properly describe the horde of SNP apologists who try to persuade us “we’re” the ones getting this wrong.

Parcel of Rogues? Parcel of Rogues cubed.

Vivian O’Blivion

21 May, 2024 at 12:25 pm

Latest tranche of Scottish census data 2022 released this morning.

Increase in people born outside UK 185,600
Increase in people born rUK 49,200
Increase in general population 144,400
Therefore change in indigenous Scots -90,400

Prof. Ailsa Henderson stated that in 2014 folk born outside UK voted 57.1% No, folk born rUK voted 72.1% No. These figures may have been correct at the time, they won’t be now for a variety of reasons (Brexit changes everything).

At the moment, No leads in polls by a margin of victory of around 4%. With voter registration and turnout being unchanged across demographics, margin of victory in terms of votes:
0.8 x 5,434,600 x 0.846 x 0.04 = 147,000 votes

Net No votes exclusively from rUK & outside UK (taking Prof. Henderson’s figures):
Outside UK … 0.8 x 567,600 x 0.846 x 0.143 = 54,500 votes
rUK … 0.8 x 583,000 x 0.846 x 0.442 = 174,400 votes
Total … 229,000 votes

In this theoretically exercise, the majority of autochthonous Scots are currently minded to vote Yes.

Alf Baird

21 May, 2024 at 3:21 pm

Vivian O’Blivion @ 12:25 pm

“Net No votes exclusively from rUK & outside UK (taking Prof. Henderson’s figures):
Outside UK … 0.8 x 567,600 x 0.846 x 0.143 = 54,500 votes
rUK … 0.8 x 583,000 x 0.846 x 0.442 = 174,400 votes
Total … 229,000 votes”

Looking only at country of birth alone may be a rather crude and simplistic measure on its own; what it misses is what is known in human geography as ‘extraction’ (i.e. family lineage).

Given that we all tend to hold to the same or similar dominant culture/values and hence national identity as our parents, by taking account of ‘extraction’ the actual ‘No’ voter figure is likely to be far higher, and quite possibly double or more the estimated figure simply for those born outside Scotland.

Which also explains why ‘parental descent’ remains a key criteria in national citizenship qualification globally, and not least because it is a good indicator as well as qualifier of national identity and related emotion and allegiance.


21 May, 2024 at 4:45 pm

The force is strong within the majority of Scots, who identify as Scots.

“TWO-THIRDS of people in Scotland identify only as Scottish, not British, according to new findings from the census.

The data, which was published on Tuesday and collected by a nationwide census in 2022, also found that the majority of the Scots population say they have no religion – for the first time ever.

The census was the first one run in Scotland since 2011, and the results have painted an interesting picture of national identity.

It found that, of the 5,436,600 people living in Scotland, some 65.5% of them identify only as Scottish. This has increased by 3.1 points since 2011, when 62.4% of people said they were Scottish, not British.”

Wings Over Scotland | Adam Ramsay Is Definitely A Liar

Lorna Campbell

22 May, 2024 at 3:30 pm

The more I read and understand about the people who support ‘trans’ rights – which means an extension, a huge extension, to ‘trans’ rights, the more I fear that nothing will change until the 2004 GRA is repealed and the 2010 Equality Act, clarified. It was never intended to be extended into female rights at every level – never. It was intended to create a legal fiction that would allow men to marry each other at a time when same-sex marriage was illegal. Therefore, the need for a GRA has been nullified by the introduction of same-sex marriage legislation. This 2004 Act is the ab solute source of the huge problems we are facing now. A legal ‘right’ to BE a woman should never have been granted these men because anyone with any foresight at all would have been able to work out what they would do.

So many of these men – and those include politicians, businessmen, council bosses, public sector bosses, etc. – are either misogynists of the highest degree, on a par with Andrew Tate, the influencer, or they are the very thing they support and uphold – that is, men with a sexual fetish/paraphilia. They could, of course, hold both positions at once, and I suspect many do. They recognize others with a similar bent. Many, many more men than society has been aware of, are autogynephiles and/or fetishists. That has to be the simple truth here. The supportive handmaidens? Foolish women who have less sense than a flock of hens who are being used and abused by these men, as are the children, the latter two categories shielding the men from scrutiny.

Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that these men are sexually-motivated and that underlying paraphilias/fetishes are ratcheted up by the consumption of porn. I am so sick of hearing all kinds of ridiculous, ‘normal explanations’ for why these men are behaving in this way when the obvious is so obvious. What is wrong with people that can’t see what is in from of their noses – or don’t want to see? ALBA needs to rethink its policy on the 2004 GRA because this is the source of the discord. If men are to be kept out of female spaces, etc., a GRC must not mean full legal ‘womanhood’ for any man. Any GRCs in existence now must be recalled and have a limit placed on their use or female rights are out of the window forever.

Wealthy individuals who make a fetish of the hard left and who try to pass themselves off as their champions are not to be trusted. At least Alex Massie is an intelligent and sensible man even if he does have a silver spoon in his gob. On the right he might be, but he does not come across an a misogynist or as a denier of reality, and, indeed, has spoken out in support of women.

The man above, comes across as supremely unintelligent, or he has an agenda – possibly both. Corporates are all vying with each other to support, financially, the ‘trans’ movement. We need to start asking why, and why so many of our politicians are also in support, financially, with public monies, but also personally and legislatively? Money, no doubt comes into it, it always does, but at least part of the answer lies in dark corners of sexuality to which few will ever admit, but which is driving them to introduce legislation for their own reasons which have nothing to do with public policy or public well-being.


22 May, 2024 at 3:34 pm

“identity politics is the leftwing of neoliberalism”; when the “left” is funded by snide money from the “right”, you know something is up – the ability to easily support yourself via these “non job” jobs, funded by a network of the like minded, is a tell.

Leftwing? – I wonder where he stands on land reform, tax evasion, inheritance tax, private schools being charities – every stupendous class privilege he has enjoyed and leveraged. Posh boys claiming oppression, it does provide humour at least.

“controlled opposition” / Pied Piper / “poisoning the well”

– imagine being interested in the enviroment, turning up to a greens meeting and seeing all these creatures; or being indy curious and talking to the current SNP. You would run a mile in the opposite direction and maybe that is the point.

MI5 created the “revolutionary communist party” in the 80s; full of jews who went onto nice academic/media jobs. Their magazine, living marxism, was a strange all over the place mixture of things – we should support the IRA but also thatcherism (since that will lead to revolution). It was cult like and made the socialist workers seem reasonable. The big giveaway was the high production quality of living marxism, which had a high street distribution deal; it sold in wh smith and john menzies, while the much larger socialist worker printed a 4 sheet rag their members sold on the streets, the ink coming off in your fingers.

MI6 once ran a virtulently anti british pan arab nationlist radio station in egypt (to divert the discourse at a crucial moment) – it was suggested they shut it down, but refused since it was “their only operation that made any money”.

The charity sector is a peculiar racket (tax free) and should be wound up; the NGO is a vector of subversion and everyone knows it. Spooks can outsource their operations and look “hands off”.

– point is, there is a lot of fuckery about (much wider than the trans issue), and the rev does God’s work in shining a light on these wankers.

Robert Louis

22 May, 2024 at 7:01 pm

You know I really have not got the time of day for over-privileged, over-indulged wealthy tosspots, who try to play the ‘eco/rights warrior’, when in fact a seconds thought makes it clear they are just spooks deployed as and when necessary to stir division in anything the English state deems ‘undesirable’.

Gender ideology pish is the current weapon of choice to divide the indy movement in Scotland by England’s security services. Mugs that listen to the likes of posh-boys like ramsey and his ilk, are just idiot puppets of the English colonial government in Scotland.

Not sure why he dislikes the gay rights organisation, LGB alliance. Perhaps for all the bluster he actually knows SFA about gay people.


A quick read of the LGB alliance website makes it very clear they are fighting for lesbian and gay rights. The gender nutters hijacked the original gay rights movement, which is why we now need the LGB alliance, which is focused on gay rights.

As regards the election for a new English colonial government, I’ll be voting Alba, if possible, or for nobody. I feel for folk in England though, they can either choose the red Tories (Labour) or the blue Tories (Conservative). Makes f**k all difference, still Tories. Margaret Thatcher was more of a socialist than Sir Keir Starmer. I mean seriously, what would Labour do that is different???


23 May, 2024 at 6:56 am

This is excellent timing for the SNP. Sunak has thrown them a lifeline to start trawling for your cash and forgiveness because they’ve a snap election to fight, and another mandate to secure. (Let’s forget about that wee unpleasantness eh?)

Personally, I hope they go down penniless and in flames. On the momentum of Alex Salmond’s time in office, his years of diligent government and the hope and expectations awakened in the 2014 YES Campaign, Scotland elected 56 out 59 SNP MP’s to go to London and finish the job.

We will see on June 5th precisely how much hay Sturgeon, Yousaf and Swinney were able to make over a full decade, while the sun shone so very brightly to make their job easy.

Roll on July.

How any of these parasitic fkers still enjoys their personal liberty is a complete mystery to me. What a meek and detestably servile people we Scots have become, and don’t these loathsome charlatans just know it?

Yet again, the calls for impeachment go unanswered. Taking control and demonstrating the potency of Scotland’s Constitution once again swept aside for a fresh reset on the terms of our subjugation.

Vote? I abstain. None of them get my vote to perpetuate this charade.

Heed the warning, impeachment is compromised if it’s the last resort, when it should be our automatic response to tre@chery.


23 May, 2024 at 12:13 pm

Nice to see Robert H “back” (-seriously?!)

– you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave …

Has this Adam Ramsey slapped the Rev with a glove yet, demanded “satisfaction” and offered pistols or rapier? Have seconds been appointed?

(might watch the duellists later on)

Choosing “independence day” for the GE is deliberate – what this means for most people, americans especially, is how a washed up ex fighter pilot saved the day by flying a captured flying saucer into the illegal aliens mothership, to stop them claiming medicare and probing folks anuses.

– this is what freedom means to me. Mass murder and suicide bombing.

We need to find someone who has significant experience with microsoft flight simulator X and get him smuggled into lossiemouth to steal a typhoon; full burners down to london and “crash the mothership”.

– if you want true “authenticity” you need to steal a spaceship from “britains area 51”, i.e. Boscombe Down, but all I think you would find are a couple of weather balloons and louis mountbatten’s porn collection, an object so toxic it has to be encased in lead.

Lorna Campbell

23 May, 2024 at 4:19 pm

Today’s National has a piece on Creative Scotland and the p**n film that was to use public funding. Turns out that they always knew it was going to be p**nographic. Sure, art’s job is to push boundaries, but there’s pushing and there’s pushing.

The more I read and hear about some of these people in public institutions who have wads of public money at their disposal, the more I become convinced that they are in position to further their own peculiarities and appetites. Tons of cash thrown at Edinburgh RCC, too, tons at Stonewall-inspired sex education for our children. The politicians can’t throw enough cash at them, it would appear. Just throw on a frock and Bob’s your uncle – our your aunt – and the money flows. Not if you happen to be an actual woman, of course, then they rob you of your pension.

If a film company that is funded by Creative Scotland with public cash advertises for p**n stars to join them, that kind of hints that their project was not going to be one that would not further Scotland’s traditional culture. Perhaps they hoped to turn Scotland into the p**n film industry capital of Europe with the wads of profits going off-shore or into already overfed coupons? Tartan P**N Inc.?

Wings Over Scotland | When To Stop Lying


23 May, 2024 at 6:29 pm

Who’d have guessed that a mollycoddled, privileged, upper class, self-entitled member of the Scottish Green Party would have felt no need to provide evidence t

Rev. Stuart Campbell

23 May, 2024 at 6:56 pm

“Is it true MW has been in this scene for the best part of 20years?”

He’s been in rape crisis for 10 years, and six before that in a “women’s aid” charity.


24 May, 2024 at 7:18 am

When analysed forensicaly as the Rev does, the reality is laid bare.

Mr Ramsay most certainly does not come out in a good light.

He is I am afraid so typical of his type. Quite why any distressed woman would seek sanctuary and support from a rape crisis centre run by people like Madhwa and his ilk is difficult to understand. This whole sorry saga about how a staff member was constructively dismissed is testimony to that.

And then you look at people like Michael Mathieson. A liar and a cheat many many would say and the FM defends him.

Honest John, they say. Just like Sturgeon and her clique. All pure as the driven snow. Time they were gone to be replaced. Folks, ordinary folks are sick of the cess pit that has been the lengthening shadow of SNP these last ten years.


24 May, 2024 at 12:56 pm

The question remains:

What is their motive?

Wadhwa and these toffs perhaps align on a common interest, but not necessarily on their motive. One might pursue feeding some sort of twisted fetish, others in the same food chain may pursue a pat in the back and career prospects, while the ones sitting close to the top of the chain may pursue money, lots of it, but those sitting at the top of the pyramid may have a political motive.

Right wing entities do not invest loads of cash on something without expecting returns which multiply the original investment.

So what is the ultimate motive driving this? What is the ultimate goal of the sources of cash and power behind “open ‘democracy'” and normalising having dodgy individuals like Wadhwa pursuing getting close to the most vulnerable women in Scotland and seemingly seeking to completely discredit entities established to support women who are victims of rape?

Thank goodness I have never experienced rape or domestic abuse, but If I had, I can imagine that the last thing I would want would be the humiliation of having to tell my sordid and painful story to a male pretending to pass as female. My alarm bells would ring all at once and I would be running for the door at the first opportunity.

So the immediate questions that spring to mind are:

How much damage did Wadwha do on those other entities where he was employed before he joined ERCC? Did he applied there his same dodgy ‘rules’ as he did in ERCC or was he testing a new modus operandi in ERCC?

Where do the entities like ERCC, which offer support to women who have been victims of rape or abuse, get their main funding from?

Was that source of funding who ‘recommended’ the ERCC board to hire Wadhwa despite being a male and therefore despite openly contravening the stipulations of employment? Or was this some kind of “inside job” where a bad actor within the organisation brought Wadhwa in?

And what happens if the funding of ERCC stops because of, lets say, the type of misdeeds that Wadwha has done in the background totally destroyed the credibility of that entity in the eyes of the Scottish public? Can ERCC survive without that funding?

If ERCC does not survive, where do the victims of rape who were getting support from it have to go?

And if entities that support women victims of rape are no longer funded, where does that funding get re-directed to?

Who profits from entities like ERCC losing their funding?
Who benefits from women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse no longer having a dedicated charity/organisation to seek help from?

Is there a conflict of interest somewhere?

What is the common link between all the bad actors with this common interest?

Whenever I see what is usually described as a “party of the left” going completely rogue by dishing out increasingly wacky, increasingly ridiculous and increasingly unpopular ideas, proposals or even deploying baseless and unscientific ‘doctrines’ like this gender nonsense and then I see toffs like the one subject of this article right up to his eyebrows in it, the first thought that comes to my mind is “infiltration”

So, when were the Scottish Greens infiltrated by these toffs?

How many other entities in the West World seeking to assist women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse are fronted by males pretending to be females?

Is Scotland being used as a testing ground by those bad actors to determine how to get rid of women entities and transfer their funding to somebody else’s pot?

How far do the strings of Wadhwa, the actors involved in Wadhwa’s appointment and “Open ‘democracy'” go?
How many puppets within Scotland’s government and public services have their strings pulled by the same self-serving master pulling Wadhwa’s and Open Democracy’s strings from distance?

Alf Baird

24 May, 2024 at 2:08 pm

Northcode @ 1:08 pm

“The urge to reply in the Scots tongue has come upon me.”

Aye, this is actually an essential part of the ‘self-recovery’ process, because, for the colonized group:

“..recovering his autonomous and separate destiny, he immediately goes back to his own tongue (despite) its vocabulary limited, its syntax bastardised. To this self-rediscovery movement of an entire people must be returned the most appropriate tool; that which finds the shortest path to its soul, because it comes directly from it” (Albert Memmi).

Oor ain braw Scots mither tongue is whit maks us wha we are, whit defines us as Scots. Withoot oor ain langage we’re nae langer Scots, we’re makkit intae anither fowk, wi anither identity. Thon’s cawed ‘linguistic imperialism’ an haes aye been a colonial procedure, pairt o ‘cultural assimilation’.

Alf Baird

24 May, 2024 at 4:08 pm

Dan @ 3:44 pm

“Re-wilding” is just another emotive subject foisted onto us by the powers that be to divide us. Strange (not) that it is often being pushed by the very same folk that also punt the genderwoowoo…”

And invariably we find it is not Scots who are making the big policy decisions on wildlife, railways, ferries or gender etc. Postcolonial theory confirms that a colonized land is subject to the whims of another people and culture. In what is also known as ‘cultural recreation’ we find that the colonizer dabbles and alters the landscape (or whatever else) and changes its uses and priorities to whatever fits their ‘values’ and ideas; for only ‘their values are sovereign’ and the colonized ‘is out of the game’.

Wings Over Scotland | Contractual obligations

Carol Sadler

24 May, 2024 at 1:01 pm

Repurpose your vote and write #EndTheUnion across it.Bigger the better.Maybe even use a Sharpie.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

24 May, 2024 at 1:08 pm

“I’m going to be the dissenting voice. Labour won’t win this general election. The tories will”

I am willing to bet you any sum up to and including a billion pounds that they won’t.


24 May, 2024 at 1:20 pm

Matheson did not ‘ attempt to defraud ‘ the public purse, he actually successfully defrauded the public purse. He received the money he illegally claimed in expenses.
The fact he eventually repaid the money is neither here nor there.
Restitution of the proceeds of a crime do not absolve you from responsibility for that crime.


24 May, 2024 at 1:28 pm

Hi Stu

Long time reader, first time poster, lifelong punter

I recall that late last year, or early this, you posted (it may have been on twitter) the respective SkyBet odds for SNP under 20 and 10 GE seats

It would not be your first good shout so I took immediate notice

Both markets remained available till just a few weeks ago now when they were pulled

I lumped on both way back in January. You can still get a spread of 19-23 to buy or sell and may find some even-money shouts for above or below a similar total but thanks to your heads up many months ago, my bags are packed at considerably more generous odds

Dare one dream of under 10 seats? I’ll be happy with anything in the teens but if we do indeed get a nuclear event then it’s proper jackpot material. 8/1 back when you highlighted it

I’m grateful to you for the early spot. Go well, and thanks for your work


24 May, 2024 at 1:35 pm

I guess that following his previous failure as Leader of the SNP Mr Swinney is hoping to improve even further on his proven record of disaster.
For myself, he has just demonstrated that he’s in this position for the enhanced salary, pension and resettlement payment. As far as Scotland, Independence or any sensible policies are concerned, they’re just of academic interest to this time server.


24 May, 2024 at 1:55 pm

I am so disgusted by the whole thing that, at this point I do no longer feel generous enough to give ANY politician the benefit of the doubt.

In my eyes, what Matheson did was a sackable offence with immediate effect. As far as I am concerned, he attempted to use taxpayers’ cash to pay his ridiculously high personal phone bill. That, in my books, is a blatant case of embezzlement of public funds right under our nose.

There was plenty of evidence to demonstrate it. That he paid it AFTER the shit hit the fan, is neither here nor there. The crime had already been committed. He should have immediately faced a disciplinary tribunal and should have been sacked.

That was at all practical effects theft of public funds for personal use. And that is without entering on that other issue of allegedly giving his children the pin code to access a Scottish government phone, which could have confidential information in it, so it could be used as a hot spot. There are some considerable information governance violations there too.

Frankly, Somebody who is caught doing that can no longer be trusted with either public money, confidential information or Scottish government restricted devices. Therefore somebody that continues to put their trust on him cannot be trusted either.

When the evidence of misconduct has been laid bare in the public eye as it has been, there is no possible credible excuse to keep that man in post, anywhere near government, anywhere near parliament or in the party.

Backing somebody like that can only be, in my eyes, because:

1. you are a worse criminal than he is, so embezzlement sounds minor, or/and
2. he has some dirt on you, so you are effectively being blackmailed, or/and
3. you are purposely trying to lose the election to help labour win, or/and
3. Matheson is a plant/informant working for somebody else who has power over Swinney.

The exact same applied to Yousaf, by the way. Matheson should have been sacked from the cabinet and party immediately as soon as his deeds hit the front pages.

All this only goes to reinforce my already over the roof cynicism and scepticism towards any kind of election in the UK and my belief that the result of every election has already been agreed before hand, so it is just a matter of moving the pieces of the board around and brainwash the public 24/7 with propaganda under the guise of “expert” statisticians reports and predictions, to sell as justifiable that pre-determined result.

I wonder if now that the “campaign” for the General “Election” has started, I wonder if operation snailform will suddenly come back to life from its looooooooooong hibernation.

I am actually incredibly disappointed, shocked actually, that Mr Macaskill is standing on the same constituency as Eva Comrie. So much for Alba parroting a pro-independence united front, eh? Was it all for show?

We all know what the result of that ill-advised move will be: neither Ms Comrie nor Macaskill will get the seat, so Alba is basically giving the seat away to Labour. How generous of them. So it appears it is not only the SNP that is busy at work committing political harakiri to prop up Labour so it gets to win the election.

I guess the only consolation here is that it is becoming evident that without all this help from the SNP and Alba Labour would not stand a chance.

ISP or, if not ISP candidate stands in my constituency, spoiled ballot it is then. I refuse to continue playing this stupid game that keeps us forever running in circles.


24 May, 2024 at 3:17 pm

In any other line of work Matheson would’ve been sacked, Swinney came up with some nonsense about some sort of witch hunt against Matheson by the Tories, and then Swinney revealed the truth of the matter when he said he has been friends with Matheson for a decade.

As McAlpine says, Swinney not sacking Matheson puts him above the system the public will see this as the SNP/Swinney putting a guilty mans interests before that of the people, and voters will vote accordingly, Swinney by his actions on this has further damaged the SNP and their chance of winning seats at Westminster.

Its as though Swinney doesn’t give a monkeys what the voter thinks.


24 May, 2024 at 4:07 pm

When John the Redactor was elevated to FM the MSM was full of how he was a ‘safe pair of hands’.

In his attitude towards the Matheson issue he’s shown that he is the exact opposite: he’s the eponymous Dr. No who has useless, non-functioning prosthetic hands.

How can a high-ranking politician with 45 years experience be so utterly, utterly useless at those most basic of the required skills – reading the room: managing the optics or spinning the issue? Surely he wasn’t advised to show support to Matheson by his advisors? If he did it off his own bat it’s terrible: an astonishing lack of judgement. If he parroted what his SPADs told him to say it’s worse.

Antoine Roquentin

24 May, 2024 at 5:50 pm

Yes, let’s all make the effort to perform our democratic-duty on July 4th. It’ll change absolutely nothing, of course, but voting was never intended to undermine the status-quo. #END the UNION

Robert Louis

24 May, 2024 at 6:07 pm

In the not so distant past, when I was in the SNP, I genuinely believed (as did most others) that no matter what, IF (and it seemed impossible at the time) IF ever, the SNP won most or all MP seats in Scotland then at the very least the SNP would disrupt the English parliament until such times as England gave us independence.

When it happened and they won 56 out of 59 seats, I recall watching live news coverage from the BBC and ITV. It was clear, that England and its establishment was feart. They openly talked of a ‘constitutional crisis’, they said it was not clear what might happen, and that the SNP COULD demand independence. I fully expected Nicola Sturgeon to play hardball, demand independence, with a more realistic expectation of ensuring the promised devo max (the ‘vow’) was delivered in full and with bells on.

So, given all that what did Nicola Sturgeon do? Swiftly announced (with no prompting from unionist parties whatsoever), that the result did NOT mean Scotland could go for independence. Thereby willfully removing her main bargaining chip from the table. Either an idiot, or an English stooge – I think the latter.

In short, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP did NOTHING. They didn’t even try. No upsets in the HoC, no demanding democratic rights for Scotland e.g. Scottish votes for Scottish laws etc.. Nah,. they did f***ing NOTHING. They have spent the last ten years sitting on their backsides in London, living it up, expenses, free flights, free second homes, subsidized meals, subsidized drink.. On and on, their list of perks in their London high life go on.

So, can John Swinney, or indeed ANY SNP person tell me just what is the effing point of electing SNP MP’s to England’s parliament? They have proven time and again, they will simply NOT stand up for Scotland. Lazy, fat, overpaid, underworked, talentless, lazy gits, every single one.

So, as their is no ALBA candidate where I live, at the election, for the first time ever I shall spoil my paper.

As a former member of the SNP, who went to conference and watched speeches by Kenny Macaskill and Alex Salmond, I genuinely hope the nuSNP get utterly trashed. At least then the lazy SNP barstewards living it up in London might need to get an actual job.

The SNP, under Sturgeon, decided just not to even bother trying to get independence. They let England forcibly strip Scots of their EU citizenship wholly against their wishes and ANY kind of democratic rights, they have sat back and allowed the demise of Grangemouth, the selling off (at dirt cheap prices) of our wind power, and then to top it all, are actively working on the TORY English FREEPORTS.

They have done NOTHING to preserve and protect Scottish culture and Scottish institutions.

WTF, SNP??? Seriously, what the actual F***?

If I could, I would vote ALBA, and folk should seriously look at their policies, and vote for them if they have a candidate in their area.

As regards the result in England, who cares, red tories or blue tories, feck all difference between them. Oh, and remember the Last Labour government wanted to force folk to carry ID cards, well that is exactly what they plan to do this time around. Hell will freeze over before I have one. SIR Keir Starmer and his cohort of England-subservient red tory MP’s can go swivel.


24 May, 2024 at 9:16 pm

On the subject of Matheson the LIAR this is a copy of an email I sent to my 8 MSP’s for my constituency,I have recd 2 AUTO confirmations 1 from K Clark and 1 from P O’Kane to indicate they have recd my email, no response from the other 6

Dear Katy Clark, Ross Greer, Pam Gosal, Paul O’Kane, Neil Bibby, Russell Findlay and Jamie Greene,
I watched a news programme today in relation to the fraudulent claim of £11,000 by MSP Michael Matheson and the Holyrood Standards Committee’s recommendation to suspend Michael Matheson from parliament for 27 sitting days

I was outraged that the committee had imposed such a meaningless penalty for such an egregious attempt to deliberately lie and obfuscate the matter to not only the Scottish Parliament but to the citizens of Scotland who are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their dwindling finances in this age of financial hardship

It is despicable that Matheson deliberately attempted to claim the bill was for parliamentary usage and only when that was exposed as a lie did he reluctantly admit that it was used in a personal manner

Matheson not only tried to defraud and mislead parliament, he brought his position as a MSP into disrepute by continuing with his lies which is abhorrent, everyone can make mistakes but to double down on his lies and misinformation illustrates his lack of character and the utter contempt he holds for the electorate , his colleagues , his fellow MSP’S, and the Scottish parliament

I also watched him being interviewed by journalists and his attitude and demeanour was that he was being unjustly punished and was unwilling to show any real sign of contrition

I am a avid supporter of independence for Scotland but I find John Swinney’s and the wider SNP’s attitude to a minister breaching the ministerial code disgusting and patronising

Please see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-67473221 for a timeline

Alf Baird

24 May, 2024 at 11:19 pm

George Ferguson @ 10:31 pm

“The Great British Energy Company.”

Scotland, the biggest producer of renewable energy per capita in the world, yet our people suffer the highest energy prices in the world. Colonial plunder in action:



25 May, 2024 at 1:21 am

“rewilding” = GET ORFF MOI LAND

– all these landowners are now “custodians of the land” and “environmentalists committed to net zero”.

that the oiks won’t be munro bagging in case they get eaten by a wolf, is just a side effect.

here is an interesting one if you have never realised the phenomenon


– but you could always mine bitcoin, or use hydro pumped storage as a national battery. Once the datacentres for the coming AI boom are built, I doubt negative prices will ever be a thing.

note that to the biz press, such a thing is a disaster as it disallows the profit; but in the UK energy providers will be given guaranteed prices, so they always profit – this is how the nuke stations will be financed.

aren’t the tories absolute cunts; and aren’t labour the hypocrites for talking a good game then turning round to say – “no, we won’t do that after all”

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