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Comments from Wings readers in the days leading up to Humza Yousaf's resignation statement.

Friday, May 3, 2024
52 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Here You Go Again


26 April, 2024 at 1:59 am

Oh FFS! If there was any hope for change for the SNP, it has just evaporated with the news that Neil Gray will likely be installed as FM. A product of the most toxic branch in Scotland, Airdrie & Shotts, he gained his Westminster nomination through a clearly manipulated candidacy, where Craig Murray failed vetting, an opponent was thrown out on the evening of the first hustings for “paperwork” issues, and Gray was then endorsed by everyone involved in running the branch, From Alex Neil to the Convenor -against the electoral rules of the SNP. Not to mention the breaches of the Data Protection Act where members were emailed from a gmail addresss to bypass the three email candidate limit!
This was my first introduction to the dark world of Scott Martin and Iain McCann, and the reason why I left the SNP in the first place. It was the selection of Neil Gray which led to the term McMafia being coined, and he has slithered up the greasy pole with the assistance of some of the most unsavoury characters the SNP has ever seen. The only thing which will keep him in a job come the election is the fact he will be top of the list, as he is highly likely to lose Airdrie & Shotts, as is his replacement at Westminster, Anum Invisible. The rot continues.

Craig Murray

26 April, 2024 at 2:26 am

Just to confirm the details of Neil Gray’s stinkingly corrupt installation in Airdrie and Shotts given by Grendel above, which I followed very closely at the time.


26 April, 2024 at 4:20 am

Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a Nation. Time and time again.

Why plough the field at all, when we only turn over the same filth we bury?

Impeach Holyrood. Shut it all down, and reconvene a Scottish Convention of the Estates to lawfully represent the Community of the Realm.

In times of war, Martial law is imposed as the replacement of civilian government by military rule and the suspension of civilian legal processes give way to military powers.

Is our predicament any less serious? Scotland doesn’t face a military threat, (though Westminster seems hellbent on creating one), but it is suffering a Constitutional Crisis which sees Scotland’s sovereign integrity repeatedly abused.

Impeach the Vichy Assembly which abuses it, and undermines our nation’s integrity by its very existence. Holyrood is Westminster’s device and control mechanism, and through it, Westminster orchestrates Scotland’s unlawful subjugation. Reject it. Expel the suppressant from our system.

Hand power to an Interim Convention of the Estates to steer Scotland through this existential constitutional emergency, and call for a democratic Scottish election which reflects and respects the constitutional sovereignty of the people. Man the defences.

Take what belongs to us from the thieving grasp of those trying to steal it.

Do you want Independence and sovereignty for Scotland, or is the woolly cardigan of institutionalised complacency too comfortable to give up?

If any of these rats in office wanted Scotland to be independent, we’d be standing as Scotland United with the next UK Election a plebiscite election on Independence. But no. These duplicitous bastards flee that prospect like cockroaches run away from the light.


26 April, 2024 at 6:51 am

James Che

Our thristles flourish’d fresh and fair,
And bonie bloom’d our roses;
But Whigs cam like a frost in June,
An’ wither’d a’ our posies.

Our ancient crown’s fa’n in the dust –
Deil blin’ them wi’ the stoure o’t,
An’ write their names in his black beuk,
Wha gae the Whigs the power o’t!

from Awa’, Whigs, Awa’ by Robert Burns

He wis quite guid wi the wirds wis thon Rabbie


26 April, 2024 at 7:04 am

James Che
Ignored says:
26 April, 2024 at 6:25 am

So do we play by our own rules or not concerning removing the devolved government…

A few years ago now, I wrote an article on Barrheadboy about Holyrood, and whether it was “fuelled” by Scottish Red Sovereignty, Westminster White Sovereignty, a mixed Pink Sovereignty, or a Raspberry Ripple type amalgamation.

Holyrood could have been any of them, because the truth was deliberately ambiguous, although it is my personal belief that only Scotland’s Red sovereignty is “sovereign”, and any shades of white or pink should be non-sovereign concessions similar to those which Nations agree, such as in treaties or EU style unions.

While that hasn’t technically changed, beginning under Sturgeons regime, at every possible occasion, Sturgeon’s SNP went out of it’s way to enshrine Holyrood’s subordination to the white sovereignty of Westminster, and through these unforced concessions and abdications, dangerous precedents have been set, which I believe have sealed the fate of Holyrood.

Holyrood answers to London, so Holyrood is a product of the Union, and should not survive Independence but be removed as part of the process.

I believe Alex Salmond understood the Red Sovereignty principle of Holyrood; that the covenant between sovereign voters and political delegates was the ultimate trump card, but until that trump card was played, he could manipulate the pink and white tapestry of Holyrood.

Sturgeon was a dunce by comparison, and undoubtedly the toast of Westminster on multiple occasions. Holyrood is whiter than ever. – A poetic irony given Humza’s diatribe.


26 April, 2024 at 7:20 am

Two more years of the Child Abuse Party to inflict their horrors on Scottish children.

If you are a member of the SNP at this point you are complicit in child abuse. It is as simple as that.

I am not calling them nationalists anymore as they have no interest in it and it besmirches the name. They are not nationalists they are nonces.

Flooding primary schools with perverts and deviant sexual content…

Ignoring the Cass Review…

It is not hyperbole. You are full bore child abusers. Shame on you.


26 April, 2024 at 7:41 am

I would like to say i’m sitting here strumming my fingers on the table in anticipation of some great news but i’m past caring. Sick to the back teeth of this self-serving clown-fest that is Sturgeon’s Nonce Party. Sturgeon & Murrell should never be forgiven for what they’ve done to a movement on the brink of taking back Scotland’s right of self-determination.


26 April, 2024 at 9:09 am

“John Swinney will stand in while the party elects a new leader”

It sounds like groundhog day, doesn’t it?

Is it known who is actually making these decisions, in other words, who is actually controlling the party? Is the actual control of the party happening from Scotland, from London or from Washington?

Swinney is neither the deputy leader of the SNP nor the deputy FM nor he is in the cabinet. He is now a backbencher. What could possibly be the excuse this time to catapult Mr Black Pen back to power again, other than to ensure the “redacted” remains redacted and the lid remains firmly on?

As for Gray and McAllan, again, who made the decision of parachuting these two nobodies to the post?

I am beginning to wonder if this plan has been cooking for a while and the catapulting of Gray to the post of Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care in which he has not even been for 3 months yet, was calculated and part of a strategy. Was this appointment just a stepping stone to the big job.

Since when it has been known that Yousaf was going to resign?

Was the exposure of Matheson deliberate to make an opening for Gray from where he could easily be catapulted to the post of FM?

Was the exposure of Derek MacKay also part of a strategy to make an opening for Forbes from where she could be catapulted to the post of FM if needed? Forbes supports devolutionism, freeports and also belongs to the S30 school of “thought”, so it is a “safe pair of hands” from the perspective of the BE. Vivian Oblivion has exposed here her links to USA as well.

On what merits was Gilruth, other than being selected by the USA state department as a potential leader, catapulted to the cabinet?

We also know that Yousaf was identified as another potential leader by the Americans.

So this brings us to the question: How many back-up plants have the British/American deep states hoovering around Scotland’s ministerial posts right now, each of them ready to take over from the previous to keep the party permanently in anti-independence mode?

Are we already at the stage where there is either a plant or a brain-vacuum in each and every single ministerial position in Scotland right now?

Isn’t that the clearest sign yet of what constitutes enforced regime change?


26 April, 2024 at 10:42 am

“Yousaf ‘absolutely not’ considering his position”

And he is probably being honest. He is not considering his position because he does not have to. Somebody else (his handlers either in London or Washington) will do that job for him and will tell him exactly when to stand down and what vacuous whitewash to regurgitate then. I think it has been established that Yousaf is just a puppet.

“DRoss has played a blinder”

DRoss is another puppet doing as he is told. A VoNC on the FM changes nothing because we can already see a queue of puppets in ministerial positions waiting for the signal to take over.

What DRoss did was just political posturing. DRoss handlers are clearly happy with the caliber of SNP puppets.

However, on doing this, DRoss has exposed another little bit of what is going behind the scenes. And it ain’t pretty.

If Yousaf is told to resign, it will be because they do not want Ms Regan anywhere near the levers of power nor fulfilment of any of her demands. That is as clear as day.

It is also my opinion that this is why they had Forbes running for the leadership, so she could divide the fundamentalist pro-independence vote and help the powers that stop Ms REagan getting the top job. In my opinion, Forbes is another puppet. What pro-independence, seemingly intelligent, minister keeps doubling down on the debunked S30 route after being proved for 10 years now that it is a dead end? What nationalist would ever support the sale of chunks of Scotland in the form of freeports?

These moves are, overall, another hint at how utterly compromised the SNP is, how much the establishment still fears Mr Salmond, how much of a pro-union entity the SNP has become, and how much Scotland is being run as a one-party colony by a collusion of external entities.

If Yousaf resigns before the VoNC is held, I think Ms Regan should vote against the next puppet they install as FM and bring the whole charade down. Let’s see then which would be the designated puppet in Labour, Greens, Cole-Hamilton’s Beth fanbase party, or Tories to replace her no vote with either a yes vote or a couple of “abstentions”. She can then keep raising one VoNC on the Scottish Government after another until an election is called.

Re Liz Lloyd
this rather strange character keeps popping up to the surface every time there is a risk Alba may be getting a bit too close to power and there is a risk the suppressed information on Mr Salmond’s fake criminal case may become un-suppressed. Odd, isn’t it? I wonder how long her strings are and if they stretch only to London or they go all the way to Washington.

Alf Baird

26 April, 2024 at 10:54 am

Mia @ 9:09 am

“who is actually controlling the party? Is the actual control of the party happening from Scotland, from London or from Washington?”

Yes, I think we have to recognise that Scotland has aye been a ‘strategic’ colony run by and for the Anglo global corporate elites. Our oppressors need to be able to do as they please with our territory – militarily, economically, politically and culturally.

Whenever ‘colonialism is imperiled’ due to the rise of an independence movement we will witness the descent into what looks increasingly like a corrupt Central American dictatorship, the money supplied by and puppet strings pulled in imperial capitals elsewhere, ‘confidential agents’ put into position. The media taking a key role in the ongoing political hoax, with divide and rule and manipulation of the people the tried and tested colonial procedures.

The biggest obstacle to liberation remains the peoples degree of understanding of their colonial reality, which remains ‘rudimentary’:



26 April, 2024 at 10:55 am

Ash Regan has written to Humza this morning saying that “The opportunity to write a new chapter for Scotland is in our hands.” Independence for Scotland, protecting women’s and children’s dignity, safety and rights, and providing competent government are her priorities. “My door is open to discussing progress of my Scottish Parliament Powers Referendum Bill.”

Will he listen and act accordingly?


26 April, 2024 at 11:03 am

““The Scottish Labour leader has confirmed his party will table a vote of no confidence vote against the Scottish government”

Right. Popcorn time. Let’s see what the SNP puppets are really made of.

1. Will Yousaf find somewhere a backbone for hire to discuss, on his own accord, Ms Regan demands, or has he already been instructed to collapse the government to avoid it?

2. If Yousaf negotiates an agreement with Ms Regan, how long will it be until shite about him plasters the front pages forcing him to resign?

3. If Yousaf negotiates an agreement with Ms Regan, which puppets within the SNP MSP ranks will suddenly become ill the day of the vote so they will have to abstain or will throw a tantrum so they can collapse the government rather than getting Ms Regan anywhere near the levers of power?

Vivian O’Blivion

26 April, 2024 at 11:26 am

Mia @ 10:42
You will not need reminding that Liz Lloyd attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This institution has some kind of Anglophonic, cultural diaspora faculty.
In 2019, Kate Forbes delivered a series of paid lectures to this department.
To be fair, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is apparently not the CIA’s favourite North Carolinian recruiting University.


26 April, 2024 at 11:47 am

I’m out of my depth here but I venture to say that I think Mia might be right about Washington’s influence in the UK.

Although I suspect the Americans aren’t much interested in anything that goes on here beyond maintaining their strategic military presence on the edge of Europe.

If that is the case wouldn’t it be savvy of us Scots to let the Americans know that if they lend support to the cause of Scottish independence we would drop all objections to them having their submarine base at Faslane?

Because it really doesn’t matter where on our small island their submarine base is (I’m sure I read somewhere that it would take just four Satan missiles to obliterate the eastern seaboard of the States).

Whether the American base – because it is America’s, the UK government just pretends it’s Great Britain’s – is in Plymouth or Faslane would make little difference to the Scots in the event of a nuclear attack – the whole of the British Isles would be finished within weeks and it might even be better to get it over with quickly.

And there might even be some benefit to Scotland in terms of American dollars bolstering her economy. There might even be jobs for the Scots helping them maintain their base. Who knows?

I should add that I’m totally against the idea of maintaining America’s nuclear submarine base in Scotland – but I’m afraid Scotland might not have much in the way of choices when it comes to supping with the Devil. Though we might be able to choose which spoon we get to use if that’s any consolation.

Anyway, like I said, I’m completely out of my depth here and I’m just sharing a thought I had after reading Mia’s comments above. I’m not a political or military strategist and there are probably a whole bunch of variables I haven’t factored in to my simplistic view.

But I’m sure some smart folk on here who know about such things will put me right.


26 April, 2024 at 11:54 am

“For starters, the British state is far too bungling incompetent, far too stupid, and far too wrapped up in its own shite (like CS and senior Mil protecting their own perks, Alphabet bollocks, Green shite, Tories arguing with each other whilst everything around them burns, a la SNP) to organise such an exercise”

And that might be why it is delegating that job on the US state department, which appears to be selecting candidates to become “potential leaders” among Scottish young politicians, then gives them the jolly of an all expenses paid training package in USA and, after that, they pop up in all sort of positions of power and influence despite being known by no-one and having no significant experience. In other words, it appears to be USA rather than the Scottish people what is deciding who governs Scotland and how. What kind of democracy is that?

For instance, how many of those working for or controlling the Smith Centre have been in some sort of jolly at the other side of the Atlantic?

How many of those in positions of power in Scotland and the UK are in fact working for American interests and, if they are, why aren’t they being prosecuted for tr son?

Has only Scotland been a victim of regime change since 2014 or has the entire UK been subjected to enforced regime change?

Who/What is governing us?

In what parallel universe is it acceptable in a democracy for the leader of a political party in one country to travel to join the electoral campaign for a candidate in another country like Dugdale did while leader of the labour branch in Scotland?

How it can possibly be acceptable to have Scottish politicians, including the FM openly interfering in another country’s electoral business by openly supporting a particular candidate in another country?

How much control over Scotland have the American democrats?

Talking of the Smith Centre, is it known who was the individual who got the position the rev was not even given feedback as to why he was not offered an interview despite fulfilling all requirements?

The website still has Dugdale as the Centre Director.


26 April, 2024 at 12:13 pm

“the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is apparently not the CIA’s favourite North Carolinian recruiting University”

Sure. But Lloyd also went on a jolly to USA as part of “the International Visitor Leadership Program”, which was described by the Rev in his article “All the jolly boys and girls” as “an ongoing policy initiative of the US Department Of State in which “Scottish Opinion Leaders” – figures of influence (or potential influence, to very generously describe Dugdale’s case) are invited to spend some time over in the States “exchanging information” with the US government.”

This was in 2016. I do not think Lloyd’s profile at that time was high enough to be considered as “a Scottish opinion leader” or a “figure of influence”. The same applies to Gilruth, Clegg or Thomson. At least Dugdale was a Branch manager.

All this was before the Salmond case started. How many of those in that jolly trip played a direct or indirect part on it? Which immediately leads to the question: where was the attack on Mr Salmond orchestrated and who/what was the brains behind it?
Was it part of a strategy to force regime change?

Stuart MacKay

26 April, 2024 at 12:18 pm


The State Department is a huge many-headed hydra. You can see that now with different factions on different sides of the “convtroversial actions of the Isreally government.

It’s the same situation with soft-power. They’re simply making sure that everyone has a favourable image of the USA. Americans really are nice people, well most of them. I lived there for a decade – QED.

The sinister part is the control by the Democrats. However, here it’s much worse. The politicians in Westminster and Holyrood want to emulate the Democrats. You see it with the adoption of woke policies by all parties. Starmer’s Labour Party is the greatest fan – it’s now a party of the middle class, lawyers and the City of London – it’s practically a carbon copy.

So it’s fanboy-ism that’s destroying politics and the country. The chihuahua really want to be just like the rottweiler.

Spartan 117

26 April, 2024 at 12:24 pm

Mia – can’t say I disagree with any of what you have said there. Although I suspect its a “jobs for the boys (and girls)” scheme, however one can never rule out the influence of nefarious foreign influence. WEF for example, which has a similar affect on politics.

Everything in politics and the state is about Who You Know. It’s the reason why councils are stuffed with clueless non achievers, the Civil Service and MoD are rammed fu’ of Arnold Rimmer-esque nuckfuggets you wouldn’t trust with running a tuck shop, and professional politicians bereft of any world knowledge or experience – people like Patrick Harvie, Humza Yousaf and Rushi Sunak – end up in positions of power where all they cause is misery and wreckage via their bungling grifting.

Without Word Of Mouth and Mates Rates they’d be literally unemployable.

Alf Baird

26 April, 2024 at 12:33 pm

Mia @ 11:54 am

“How many of those in positions of power in Scotland and the UK are in fact working for American interests and, if they are, why aren’t they being prosecuted for tr son?”

Certainly there is a prevailing pattern in so many young woke/progressive/S-30 and communication-coached ideologues with no real world experience and zero track record in the independence movement wheeled into positions of power, pushing through very contentious ideological legislation the majority of the population object to, and meanwhile dropping independence like a hot potato.

Yousaf’s (resignation) speech in 3 mins – lets see which GB-US political mouthpiece continuity clone is slotted into position next.

Vivian O’Blivion

26 April, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Mia @ 11:54
The John Smith Centre is indeed wan tae watch.
This week they announced Michael Gove as the Tory replacement for departing Col. Davidson.
Gove has for decades inhabited the shadowy, right-wing, trans-Atlantic network of think-tanks and policy groups such as the Henry Jackson Society. Gove’s recruitment reinforces already strong connections between the JSC and Foggy Bottom.
A numerated breakdown of the JSC’s sources of funding remains purposefully obscured.

Wings Over Scotland | The Labyrinth Of Stupidity


26 April, 2024 at 1:10 pm

Popcorn sales have gone through the roof.

No point in speculating now. It’s unravelling so fast it’s impossible to keep up. Anything can happen. It was only a matter of time before Humza screwed up big time. He has lasted a wee bit longer than I thought he would.

The Greens are also in a bit of a bind now. Either they look really stupid, or they look really stupid, whatever they do next week lol.


26 April, 2024 at 1:17 pm

I would not trust Lorna Slater to sit the right way round on a toilet.

The perverts in primary schools did it for me. I want them out NOW. Even though they would get an even bigger hammering by feeding them more time, more rope, the price for it will be paid by kids.

Their polices amount to child abuse. They have got to go.

Vivian O’Blivion

26 April, 2024 at 1:32 pm

It’s true Andy Wightman and Michelle Ballantyne resigned the platform under which they were originally elected as List MSPs and served as an independent and Reform UK MSP respectively, but both left their original party in the dregs of a Parliament.
My understanding is that the parties they were originally elected to represent opted not to press the matter. Bringing in someone lower in the List would be disruptive not least for the “lucky” individual who would have to leave their current employment with no guarantee of continued engagement after the scheduled election.
If self-certified nutter, Emma Roddick resigned the SNP, the Party is hardly likely to let that slip (as was done with Wightman & Ballantyne) given the repercussions.
Mind you, undiagnosed moon-howler Karen Adam will readily depart in a strop if whomever leads the Party gives a nanometer towards sanity where Gender Ideology is concerned.

Politically Homeless (actually Alba)

26 April, 2024 at 2:51 pm

Alba not wanting to pull the plug entirely shouldn’t surprise anyone. Salmond said from the start that Alba would be a partner to the SNP: “second vote Alba” remember?

It’s not a daft strategy. The idea is to coax average SNP voters over with constructive rhetoric and avoid being seen as a party of wreckers. Which could be particularly effective now that the Greens look like just that.

Lorna Campbell

26 April, 2024 at 2:52 pm

I can’t believe that ALBA has handed the SNP a lifebelt. It would have been like Sinn Fein handing Redmond’s Irish Independence Party a bye after years of trampling on Irish sensibilities and doing Sweet Fanny Adams about independence. Unbelievable. What is wrong with these people? Fight, for God’s sake.


26 April, 2024 at 3:28 pm

“What is wrong with these people?”

Nothing, I think. We already had elements from the SNP saying that it is better to collapse the SNP gov than granting Regan’s demands, clearly showing those SNP elements have no interest whatsoever in independence.

Rather than giving concessions, Ms Regan’s move is clearly putting the SNP handlers on a very uncomfortable position.

There will be a GE this year, so I think this move is throwing light to the right places.

There is no way the SNP handlers are going to let Alba anywhere near power and the evidence. I think we all know that. There is no way they will allow 1 Alba MSP revert all the hard work they have been doing for the last 9 years to destroy the party as a vehicle for independence.

I have the feeling Ms Regan already knows this, so she might just be doing some political posturing too. However, in my opinion, it would be madness to miss the chance of exploiting this opportunity to extract as many concessions as she possibly can.


26 April, 2024 at 3:29 pm

robertknight @ 2:23pm

“Now Alba looks set to prop-up this shower of incompetent arseholes!”

I don’t believe there is a mainstream political route to independence any more.

I don’t believe Holyrood is of any use to the Scots in their quest for liberation any more.

I don’t believe a word of what any of Scotland’s politicians say any more – not one of them, regardless of past achievements.

And I don’t believe the Scots can look to their political leaders for help in escaping colonial rule and with it their oppression.

I believe we are running out of time and that we cannot afford to delay for much longer the finding of a means to rouse the Scots from their dwam and to have them exercise their sovereign right. A right which belongs to all Scots.

I believe Salvo and Liberation Scotland and Alf Baird and Ian Lawson of YoursForScotland and Breeks and James Che and others point the way via the mechanism of Scotland’s constitution and Claim of Right.

I believe in a free and independent Scotland. A Scotland where sovereign Scots can live their lives unhindered and unmolested by a foreign power and the shackles of its colonial ambition.


26 April, 2024 at 4:14 pm

The Yoon parties should be careful what they wish for. Two elections in one year with inevitable policy confusion will not go down well with voters to start with.

Secondly their London Central Offices budgeting for a GE will likely tell them “you broke it you pay for it” to any request for extra funding. In which case their only recourse will be to limit the number of candidates standing to save the deposits and campaign costs.

And lastly all this might well get the SNP’s voters to actually get out and vote in indignation. Thus forestalling what they expect to be a kicking for them at the GE.

Be careful what you wish for people, it might come true.

Frank Gillougley

26 April, 2024 at 4:55 pm

I have ceased to care about this sack of illiterate politicking ferrets. Same as it ever was, is now, and ever will be for our foreseeable futures, Scotland the betrayed. For God’s sake, would everybody please just stop voting!

socrates macsporran

26 April, 2024 at 6:06 pm

With my background in sports-writing, I would say all this votes of confidence nonsense is the equivalent of an under-fire fitba manager getting public support from his board of directors, while the fans on the terraces are on the point of rioting on match days.

I would therefore expect Youseless to be toast by the end of next week. However, this is Scottish politics and the SNP, so he is probably safe until the GE.

After all, there is another rule in fitba and in poltics – turkeys will never vote for Christmas.


26 April, 2024 at 6:57 pm

James Che

James, I’m too old for the marchin’ an besides a hiv a dodgy knee.

And besides that, haudin’ up a banner at the same time as trying tae walk is beyond ma intellectual capacity. A kin barely pick ma nose an walk at the same time.


26 April, 2024 at 7:38 pm

“If no party in Scotland which claims to want independence are willing to adopt Sinn Fein’s policy of abstentionism”


ISP meets the criteria. I’ll be voting ISP.


“Let’s explain very briefly what abstention means for the MP. It means that they do not take the oath to the monarch and does not attend Parliament sittings or committees. They cannot vote in debates. They can still pursue cases on behalf of their constituents and represent them individually to Westminster on individual issues. They can have an office staff who will manage their cases and the staff can draw a salary. But the MP gets no salary – unless they take the oath and attend Parliament.”


Craig Murray

26 April, 2024 at 8:21 pm

Alex is a master.

Humza will be just as dependent on Ash next week and next year as he is today.



26 April, 2024 at 9:02 pm

“Humza will be just as dependent on Ash next week and next year as he is today”

Which is exactly nothing.

Humza is a puppet, just like Sarwar, Cole-Hamilton, Harvie, Slater, DRoss and the entire cabinet are puppets.

I am of the opinion that right now, after 9 years of drastic clearances, most HOlyrood, certainly all those who are currently in any position of power, are puppets. I am also of the opinion that the strings of those puppets are controlled by the same master. What I am not so sure is at what side of the Atlantic that master sits.

This means that the master simply has to ensure sufficient number of puppets among tories, labour, etc abstain at the right time and voila, Humza survives as FM.

Alternatively, if the master considers Humza has served his time and it is time for the next model of puppet to take over, then he either resigns on his own accord, perhaps with the “encouragement” of the resurfacing of some of his pecadilloes in the front pages, or the master just has to pull the strings of enough SNP MSPs puppets to abstain or voting against and voila, Humza as FM is no more.

We have seen this same strategy deployed in the UK countless numbers of times during the last 9 years.

Humza depends only on the master.

Right now, the entire Holyrood, from the most junior SPAD to the unelected Lord Advocate sitting in the middle of the cabinet and the FM themselves, is functioning as a one-party block with the sole purpose of stopping Scotland’s independence.

Actually, judging by Fabiani’s farce and the Hate Bill farce, Holyrood appears to be working in collusion with that obscure office of some crown parasitically attached to the jugular of our prosecution service, the police, the Lord Advocate, the Civil Service and even some judges to stop Scotland’s independence through the deployment of what looks like fascistic legislation designed to transform our courts into political tools to suppress dissent and remove political inconveniences. This repurposing of the courts is being accelerated with the elimination of juries.

Our only solution to stop this abuse is to bring down the whole pyramid of colonial and imperialistc farce that is sucking the life out of Scotland’s popular sovereignty.

Wings Over Scotland | An Embarrassment Of Riches


27 April, 2024 at 8:30 am

So was any reason given for the second emergency cabinet meeting. Nothing seems to have happened so what was the meeting about.

I don’t see Yousless being in Ash Regan’s pocket. I don’t think his ego would allow it.

I found Yousless very condescending and patronizing in those debates with her. Spoke down to her IMHO.

Is Yousless just going to ditch all the woke poison over night and ditch Sturgeon’s ‘legacy’. If he had a brain he would.

I just can’t see this working. I guess we will find out in due course.


27 April, 2024 at 9:11 am

Sigh. I don’t like to kick a man when he’s down. And boy is he down. He should never have gone for FM in the first place. His ego pushed him on I suppose. I don’t blame him entirely for the current mess. Much of the blame should go to those who set him up for the fall. Those who convinced him that he had what it takes when it was painfully apparent that he wasn’t up to the job. And those despicable characters are still in place, my friends. Hiding in the shadows.

Tinto Chiel

27 April, 2024 at 9:37 am

socrates macsporran: “What we really need is for Bugs Bunny to appear on an SNP PPB to say: “That’s all folks.””

Yea, verily, preceded by his famous, “What a maroon!”


27 April, 2024 at 9:55 am

This proven LIAR is pretending he and Britnats at Westminster are not slightly worried about the current melee at Holyrood, but I say they are worried it leads to something.

However, a concession on holding an indyref, to see if we can hold an indyref? WTF.

“A FORMER Scottish secretary has warned Humza Yousaf against backing Ash Regan’s indyref2 bill – saying it risks a repeat of Westminster-vetoed transgender law reforms.

LibDem MP Alistair Carmichael (below), who served as Scottish secretary during the independence referendum, said the Alba MSP’s Referendum Bill – one of her key demands to the First Minister in exchange for her support in a confidence vote – was a dead-end.

But Alba have hit back, saying the bill had the legal backing of a top KC and said it would “move the independence movement forward”.

Regan has offered her support for the First Minister if he backs her Referendum Bill, which has stalled despite the pro-independence majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

It would legislate to allow the Scottish Government to hold a referendum on whether Scots believed Holyrood should have the power to hold indyref2; in effect, a referendum on a referendum.”

Wings Over Scotland | The Makings Of Men

Lorna Campbell

27 April, 2024 at 3:54 pm

Even the worst of politicians can be pushed into doing something that is against their own selfish interests – not often, but very occasionally. I think Humza will have to go, as much for his own mental health as anything else, because the spiteful, malicious Greens will hound him, but will he take the entire SNP down with him in order to start over?

Personally, I believe they should go and chance an election. Reach out to the other independence parties – except the Greens who never believed in independence, anyway – and make the election about independence. For once in their lives, let this SNP use the strategy and tactics that will benefit the majority and not waste another ten years. Will they do that? Do they have the personal integrity and backbone to do it? They have no idea of the support they would garner from across Scotland because the people would see them as principled actors.

They have so much to gain by unifying with the other independence parties and groupings, even if it is one-off, ad hoc agreement. On the other hand, they have so much to lose if they behave like invertebrates and slither off into cover to wait it out again. They will be finished in 2026 if they do not take the initiative. Courage begets courage. Forget skin colour or origins, Humza, and act like the great Scots of the past: Bruce, Wallace, de Moray, etc. You will earn yourself a place in Scottish history forever. If we let you and the full independence movement down again, we deserve nothing better than to lick the boots of the Unionists into eternity. We will not be fit to be a nation again.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

27 April, 2024 at 4:34 pm

“It is of course very much to be hoped that Greer in particular loses his seat at any upcoming HR election, but doubtless the Greens will ensure he’s a shoe in on their list, and as we’ve seen you don’t need many % of the vote to get a handful of MSP’s.”

The Greens’ list seats aren’t THAT secure. Their polling is solid atm but if, for example, they were to be widely blamed for collapsing the government they’d only have to lose a couple of percentage points for most of their seats, including Greer’s, to be on a shoogly peg.


27 April, 2024 at 4:42 pm

The SNP remains on course to splinter and disintegrate. It started the day Yousaf was elected as its so-called leader.

Sinn Fein came out of nowhere to replace the IPP. Something similar can and must happen here.

Spartan 117

27 April, 2024 at 7:05 pm

@Frank Gillougley, you certainly speak for me.

I’m not political, not aligned to any party or “ideology”, very much undecided on independence. All I want is competent Government that serves the public (whatever form that takes or what it looks like), rather than the present self-serving incompetent shitshower that clearly works against the majority on both sides of the border.

I do NOT want “Net Zero”, “Alphabet” obsessions, a completely lassiez-faire survival-of-the-fittest-and-tae-hell-wi-everyone-else turbo-capitalism a la current Tories nor a North Korea-esque dystopian hellhole as pushed by Sturgeon. I dont want our country flooded by freeloading incomers, nor on the other hand see them treated like subhumans.

I want to pay my dues, have half-decent public services, see the roads fixed, ensure that there’s safety nets for those who need them, have the freedom to better myself, drive a car or fly on holiday without getting nagged by the nanny state, have incomers treated humanely when they arrive then smartly and safely sent back to whence they came, and most of all have a Govt and State that cares for and looks after its people and country, without feeling the need to be like some nagging nanny or be completely hands-off and uninterested.

Some may agree with me and others won’t – that’s fine, that’s democracy.

I come here for the truthful, no-BS, matter-of-fact commentary that Stu provides, one which is completely lacking across the MSM, most especially the Scottish MSM. Whilst Stu is very much pro-indy – which I respect – his commentary is distinctly more factual, honest and non-partisan, unique amongst bloggers and media alike.

P.S. I enjoy the mixture of opinions BTL – respect to you all.


28 April, 2024 at 3:47 am

Andrew Marr; “The SNP is imploding. Has devolution failed?”

He’s a smart cookie. He understands that the SNP puppet government has been rumbled, that more and more people in Scotland see through the lie that they are a pro-independence party, that they may as well work for the British State, if they don’t now.

That leaves the fake parliament (which has responsibility over a few things but no actual power) in quite an odd position. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who takes a minute to look into it that the majority of Scots now support independence. What do those Scots do now?

So, the answer is yes, devolution (which was always a charade) has failed… to contain the desire for independence (the purpose it was intended for).

No matter how Scot’s vote, in Holyrood or Westminster elections, they simply have no democratic route to independence, and that isn’t accidental.

You might say colonialism has failed rather than devolution, but those were always interchangeable terms as far as British statecraft was concerned.


28 April, 2024 at 8:59 am

28 April, 2024 at 3:47 am

So, the answer is yes, devolution (which was always a charade) has failed… to contain the desire for independence (the purpose it was intended for).

In that context maybe…

But Devolution has been extrordinarily successful in keeping Westminster well fed with Scotland’s resources, facilitating the routine inoctrination of Scotland’s electorate, and creating a false summit which a depressingly large number of people in the Independence Movement recognise as the threshold for actual Independence and recognition of Scottish sovereignty.

Power in a devolved assembly is a contradiction in terms, and Scotland’s power in Westminster, in other words Scotland’s delegation representing the sovereign Scottish people, bend and obscenely contort themselves to accommodate Westminster bogus doctrines and colonial misadventures, while abandoning Scotland’s sovereign constitution and paying despicable lip service to the Claim of Right. Who needs t(r@itors) when even our rebels, a mighty 56 of 59 of them no less, are supine and subordinate by lacklustre default?

And angry Scotland’s best notion of rebellion? Vote SNP? Shuffle the deckchairs in Holyrood, and don’t even bother to draw up plans for Independent Nationhood, because there’s no intention whatsoever to deliver it.

The bastards are just going through the motions, and our population is kept docile and compliant by inverted Irobot philosophy; Your responses are limited. You must answer the right question.

Our freedom is limited to the options they offer us, and our elected political Kapos exist to make sure we obey.

Alf Baird

28 April, 2024 at 10:25 am

Hatuey @ 3:47 am

“You might say colonialism has failed rather than devolution, but those were always interchangeable terms as far as British statecraft was concerned.”

Yes indeed, devolution is another ‘colonial procedure’, giving the maistly complicit native elites a wee pouerless local assembly tae talk among thairsels, an tae haund oot a few poonds tae thairsels an aw thay colonial ‘functionaries’ and ‘watchdogs’ to keep the ‘racket’ and ‘plunder’ going, and to take the independence movement a long wander ‘up a blind alley’.

This is all part of the decolonization template and colonizer manual, according to postcolonial theory. Scots shuid really ken aw this by noo, hou the English Imperial gemme is played at ither fowks an naitions cost, especially us Scots.



28 April, 2024 at 10:30 am

According to this the BHA was terminated by Yousaf to save his political career after the Greens Patrick Harvey ran down the The Cass Review, after which their was supposedly a backbench revolt from SNP MSPs against the Greens.

“A senior SNP source said: “Harvie is clearly raging at what he believes has been a betrayal of his party by Yousaf but the truth is that he did this to himself with his completely unacceptable comments on the Cass report.

“Ash Regan’s motion of no confidence was going to get significant support including from a sizable rebellion of SNP MSPs, it was going to lead to a vote in parliament and Humza’s position if he continued to support Harvie and the Greens deal would have become untenable.

“The FM had absolutely no choice but to take steps to end the Bute House agreement, it was just a matter of how he did it.

“By sacking the Greens in the most humiliating manner possible he has clearly enraged Harvie so much that he now wants to destroy the First Minister at all costs.”


28 April, 2024 at 10:32 am

More on the possibility of a Yousaf/Salmond/Regan deal.

“Back channels have been opened between Alba and the SNP to discuss the “shape of a potential deal”.
Regan has said she could be willing to support Yousaf in order to keep the Greens out of power.
Agreement will be difficult but is within reach despite high levels of personal animosity between Yousaf and Regan.”



28 April, 2024 at 10:48 am

Well, Breeks, it seems obvious to me that what we are watching is a colonial system and a colonial administration in tatters, and that can only be a good thing for the independence movement.

How we and others frame the collapse of the SNP is going to be all important. The SNP was a Unionist ploy, a ploy that distracted and deceived the people of Scotland by pretending to be an independence party.

The Scottish Government became a branch office of the UK Government under Sturgeon, and not only did the SNP fail to resist the nightmarish policies of the rabid Tory right, on foreign policy, the pandemic, etc., Sturgeon and her party basically became super-fans. A lot of this was right in our faces, with no attempt to even hide it.

What we are watching is a bunch of confidence tricksters being rumbled, not the collapse of a pro-independence party. If there’s a lesson here it is that we should never again give unquestioning support to politicians or political parties.

And since the independence movement will need to find a new approach, let it start afresh with that important lesson at its core.


28 April, 2024 at 11:28 am

Ian Blackford apologies to the Greens, and hopes that they can work with the SNP, nothing surprising here I think on Blackford’s statement, his time as SNP leader at Westminster was an abject failure.

“IAN Blackford has apologised to the Scottish Greens for the handling of the termination of the Bute House Agreement.

Speaking on the Laura Kuenssberg Show, the former SNP Westminster leader said the way in which the First Minister ended the power-sharing deal with the Greens could have been handled better.

“I apologise for what has happened this week,” Blackford said.”


28 April, 2024 at 2:30 pm

When something has just exploded, no one knows where the bits will land. This is Point A. You are here. Wings, at least, will be buzzing for the next month.

Humza is no chessplayer, that is for sure; who knifes someone, then puts a gun in their hands? What happens next?!

– he strikes me as a very odd type for politics, like some “holy fool”, a man without guile; someone mentioned the shenanigans over selection for airdrie-shotts the other day, and it reminds of the intense levels of macchiavellianism needed for something so “basic b1tch” as a candidacy. Then it just ramps up, exponentially, we, the public see the tip of the iceberg, rarely is the kimono opened for us (enough metaphors – too much coffee for you) – so HTAF does this “deer caught in the headlights” naif get the top job in Scotland?

Fucksake, it wasn’t on merit, not his intellect, his vision, his charisma, his oratory – quite the opposite. He is a placeman, an empty jaikit, a toom tabard, or, better still THE PATSY. And that fits. (Also, some concession to the “asian business community” who I suspect have been secretly bankrolling the SNP for a while).

– when the SNP slips beneath the waves, he will be the guy who gets the blame for it.

Reminds a bit of what happened to rangers; David Murray slowly destroyed that club, even during its success (crooked, mostly) with all manner of sweet deals with the banks, dodgy schemes, tax avoidance measures, and he got away with it because the scottish sports journo is incurious, for they are mere fans (rangers fans, that is) with typewriters, hoping to gain favour with the king, to touch the hem of his garment (at press conference) … first name terms with the manager, open doors at ibrox, interviews with the big boss, grand visions of conquering europe.

– but it was all structured like a ponzi and murray knew it had to end; enter Craig Whyte, a low end spiv who thought he could do a quick flip, borrow against future revenue, turn it around, make a profit. Murray and Whyte – it was like a spider with a fly; Whyte buys rangers for £1 and in the rangers fans eyes forever more, Murray is the hero, Whyte the villain.

Sturgeon = Murray

Wings Over Scotland | Marking Time

Antoine Bisset

28 April, 2024 at 5:02 pm

These clowns, a “confederacy of dunces” across the entire spectrum, are all vying to run this country. None of them show any aptitude or even interest. The people of Scotland are concerned with making ends meet, keeping warm and well fed. The people are concerned with education and the future of their children. They are concerned about health care. They are concerned about transport infrastructure and getting from A to B.
None of this appears to be reflected in the asinine shenanigans of the politicians.


28 April, 2024 at 8:13 pm

Maybe an indication that the SNP government will fall.

“Alba sent a briefing note out to the media on Sunday which said: “At an emergency meeting of the Alba Party National Executive Committee held today (Sunday), Alba Party’s NEC approved the proposal of Ash Regan MSP to put the party onto a Scottish Parliament election footing in the event that an early election is required.”

Regan also set out to the NEC what her priorities would be in any negotiations this week with Yousaf which include independence, women’s rights and the “restoration of competent government”.

The party said she received the unanimous backing of the ruling body to pursue these priorities “in the best interest of Scotland”.

Alba leader Alex Salmond has denied reports he proposed an electoral pact between Alba and the SNP as part of neogtiations.

“Given that I never made that proposal in the first place, that was an overwrite in a Sunday newspaper, we’re not particularly bothered by that,” Salmond said.

Yousaf has not ruled out an early Holyrood election.”


28 April, 2024 at 9:51 pm

I’m reading all the predictions here and wondering if you have all gone collectively nuts.

Suffice to say that nobody has forecast the most likely outcome above, not even Wings.

Now, to be clear, I don’t know what the outcome will be myself and, that being the case, you might wonder why I am so sure that nobody else has made the correct prediction… hang on, though, and I’ll tell you why.

This is Scottish politics we are talking about. Whatever the outcome is, it is bound to be the most desperately boring fucking outcome imaginable.

I’m sorry to have to tell you all, then, that none of the predictions above, including all the bases covered by Wings, are anything like boring enough to come true.

You all know I’m right.


28 April, 2024 at 10:40 pm

I am going for option A, which I think is the path of less resistance. But instead of resigning on his own accord I think Humza will be “encouraged” to resign by his master. If he resists, all the accumulated dirt on him hits the front pages.

According to that fountain of wisdom Liz Lloyd:

“Surviving will not just hang on westminster election result but on the price he (Yousaf) pays to find a route through parliament when no party has an incentive to help”

I have the feeling the master wants the greens back in government. So I think the master will recycle Humza with the next “progressive” puppet.

The Greens will be back on board to continue creating havoc, the SNP will continue to move away from independence making itself even more unelectable, the massive sell out of Scotland will continue at pace, and the colonial parties will be happy for another two years pretending to represent the opposition.

I hope Ms Regan and the SNP rebels pull the plug on the whole charade and force an election.

edward chang

28 April, 2024 at 10:57 pm

We know the realm of absurdity has reached it’s absolute limit when Jenny Gilruth is touted as a possible successor.I’m reminded of that line in Full Metal Jacket “In other words its a huge shit sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite.”


29 April, 2024 at 1:28 am

“We know the realm of absurdity has reached it’s absolute limit when Jenny Gilruth is touted as a possible successor”

Why are you so surprised? She was part of “the jolly boys and girls” club, wasn’t she? She clearly has had the puppet “training” of rigour.

If she is selected as leader, then it will be clear what entity has been pulling the strings of the SNP and therefore what has been frustrating Scotland’s independence since 2015.

It has started to become very obvious that Scotland was subjected to a USA controlled regime change immediately after the 2014 referendum.

This leads me to be even more convinced ‘yes’ actually won the 2014 referendum.


29 April, 2024 at 1:49 am

“On Sunday night, The Times reported that Yousaf had concluded he would have to step down, and may do so on Monday.

It cited a source close to the First Minister as saying: “Humza knows what’s best for the country and the party. He is first party activist and a party man, and that’s why he knows it’s time for someone else.”

The paper further reported that senior SNP figures had been told of Yousaf’s decision. Although the timing of the resignation is unclear, the reports will pile immense pressure on the SNP leader to move aside.

The early favourites to replace Yousaf, who became First Minister in late March 2023, are Education Secretary Jenny Gilruth and former finance secretary Kate Forbes”


29 April, 2024 at 4:45 am

As an eternal optimist, (god knows how after Sturgeon’s ineptitude), I still believe there’s a wildcard option that any election, even a Scottish Election, could be transformed into a plebiscite election on Independence, and that becoming a realistic possibility would have a seismic effect on the voting public. Scotland wouldn’t be voting for any party or individual, but on the binary issue of Independence.

Though conceivable, that would be white knuckle ride and any “emergency” push for Independence would suffer the great disadvantage of the wasted decade when the SNP did the square root of fk all to prepare the ground work. Could we cover all that ground at the gallop?

Even if the binary issue of Independence won a majority, (and this means all candidates abandoning parties and standing under Scotland United banner), the resulting Administration would somehow need to deliver “Cold Turkey” Independence’s from a standing start, in the teeth of blisteringly derogatory Unionist propaganda.

It IS possible for Scotland to move quickly and elect an Administration on the binary issue of Independence, and there’s at least a credible chance it might even coalesce into an effective body which can bring down the Union, but the burden of what happened next would be the mother of all baptisms of fire.

Negotiations which would normally take years would be compressed into months, probably even weeks, and thanks to SNP’s decade of decadent inaction, the Indy furnace isn’t even lit.

I think Scotland could swing that vote, and bring power back to Scotland, robust and untouchable behind Scotland’s sovereign Constitution, but the bigger challenge is assembling the team of elite Indy Stormtroopers with the backbone and determination to see this through.

Sadly, I fear this is all a pipe dream, because the SNP is riven with petulant incompetents who have neither the discipline nor the intellect to run a bath, nevermind steer the resurrection of an Independent Scotland through a maelstrom of resistance.

Paradoxically, it ISN’T because our Scotland United Government would be padded out with dumbledorks like Wishart, Sturgeon,, Blackford, and all the other cabbage patch devolutionists. These dribbling skittermouths could be weeded out at selection. But the painful truth is, our team of crack and constitutionally adept shock troops would be comprised of unknown faces who would have gel and work like a well oiled machine from the very instant it came into being.

Not ALL unknown faces, of course, but my shortlist isn’t very long.

Salmond. Yes.
Salyers. Yes.
Regan. Yes.
Cherry. Yes.
Comrie. Yes.
Walker. Yes.
Hanvey. Yes.
MacAskill. Yes.
Boswell. Yes.

*Apolitical Policy Groups.
Liberation. Yes.
Common Weal. Yes.
AUOB. Yes.

* Not aligned to any party.

Who’d be in your dream team of Scotland United superstars?

Keep it positive. Who would you have, don’t dwell on who you’d leave out in the cold. Let’s pick ourselves an A team.

Vivian O’Blivion

29 April, 2024 at 9:03 am

Here’s a curious development. Jenny Gilruth has purged her Holyrood, Register of Interests of any mention of her visit to Washington under the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program in 2016. It was there now it ain’t. Curiouser and curiouser.

Alf Baird

29 April, 2024 at 9:39 am

Breeks @ 4:45 am

“Let’s pick ourselves an A team.”

Lets not forget the many UK-appointed civil servants and ‘colonial functionaries’ who would still be heading up Scotland’s several hundred institutions, and who would now be tasked with implementing the decisions of a new independent Scottish Parliament and its ‘A team’ of political figureheads.

Any leaders of Scotland’s institutions would also be required to take a new oath of allegiance anely tae a soverane Scottish people. If thay cannae or winnae dae so, then they would need to be replaced by Scots willing to take the oath.



29 April, 2024 at 11:54 am

– while this is going to be a fun day, let’s get real about what has really happened …

The destruction of the indy movement, is, absolutely, a production of the UK spooks; it has all their fingerprints and technical aspects. It was done with economy, it all came through one person, Sturgeon.

Her own idea of indy might have been lukewarm to begin with, but when faced with blackmail over your closet lesbian status and your lavender marriage, it was an easy switch to move towards identity politics, particular all the “rainbow” activities. She was surrounded by civil servants who all worked for the UK and reported on her every week.

You don’t need to have everyone on the payroll, you just need a few people in the right places – Sturgeon systematically, off her own bat, sets out to protect herself, ridding the party of any potential rivals and stuffing the order with her own creatures, the trans rights nutters, the queer activists – toxic, unattractive, people which drove out all the decent and competent members. Now, they are losing support and money, but I suspect there is some substantial and covert source of funds, as yet undiscovered; losing all those subs, or rich supporters, never bothered them, why?

The party was hollowed out; and when the opportunity, on the flimsiest of precedents, arises to eliminate forever the one politician who overshadows you on every measure, you take it. Here there must have been a substantial conspiracy, but in the end a jury of ordinary people saved Salmond. Remember that blackmail and sexual smears is the #1 spook technique.

– now people are “noticing” and the complete lack of any attempt to use brexit as a means to force another referendum, at minimum, is the big “tell”, the smoking gun.

As far as the spooks think, this is job done – SNP ruined, rotten from the inside, a walking zombie corpse, full of grifters and people in denial; the indy question is kicked down the road for at least a decade, by which time I will have moved up a couple of grades in the service and it is someone elses problem … the important thing to note here is that nowhere is there any reason to “look after” Sturgeon anymore. Why should they? She might have thought she was solid, or was even being groomed for a top slot (see her talk to the CFR) – but she wasn’t and now, out of office, she is back to being a nobody; she doesn’t have any leverage against anyone – “the people I sold out my country to, stabbed me in the back … ” – not a good look, is it? Also, her being “hung out to dry” supports the notion she never worked for the spooks in the first place, nice touch.

What protection remains for Sturgeon comes from the cops and judges she gave nice jobs to, mostly “wimmin”; we shall see.

This is why you should never take the deal, sellout to the bad guys, for they will cut you loose once you are no longer required, or become a liability and FGS don’t try to become a “novelist” or start talking to journalists, for you will one day, get very sad, and take a lot of pills; and the coroner will say “he took a lot of pills, for he was sad”.

People have tried to blame the current chaos / shitstorm / binfire on the SNP alone, or even the Scots electorate, but this is false – these events were made to happen, helped along. And you must remember the measure of “good spookery” is not being noticed, not being obvious, making it all look above board, natural events or accidents; there is an economy of effort, even simply to save money – if it was too obvious, they would not be very good. Even now, you have to stand back and squint your eyes a bit – it fits, at least it fits better than the alternative … Sturgeon really tried her hardest to go for independence, but was simply thwarted, tried to stop brexit out of her common goodness, had a masterplan, did a lot of things she forgot about, had nothing to do with what happened to Salmond, never touched any dodgy money, never knew what her husband was up to … and so on. It doesn’t make sense – it makes her sound like a bit of a scatterbrain “what am I like?!” when in fact she is a skilled political operator, a control freak who liked to know everything that was going on.

– she will go down as one of the great tr41tors of history. Alas, we will only get the real story 30 years from now, longtime too late.


29 April, 2024 at 12:20 pm

Wow, even John Swinney doesnt want to touch this shitty stick so Humza left holding it. Utter farce.

Mad to see the devotees out there giving it “He did a brilliant job”…

ronald anderson@gmail.com

29 April, 2024 at 1:10 pm

John Swinney holding his cards close to his breast

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