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For Independence, Vote Unionist

'At the next UK General Election, if we truly want an Independent Scotland, every one of us needs to Vote Unionist.'

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
6 mins

Vote Monkey!

by John Bell

There’s an old John Wayne movie set in Africa, called ‘Hatari’. And there’s a scene where a character called ‘Pockets’, played by Red Buttons, sets a trap to catch monkeys which have been ravaging crops.

He does this by scaring the monkeys into a tree, then launching rockets to cover the tree with a giant net, trapping said primates in its branches.

The thing is, he does it by firing the rockets away from the tree, relying on his own calculations and physics to cause the missiles to swing back and arc over the tree, dragging the net behind them. And it’s a success.

Of course, all of his companions thought he was mad to shoot the rockets in the wrong direction, and none of them believed it would work.

Until it did.

Now, there’s going to be a UK General Election soon, maybe not in May, but certainly this year and, if you believe in Scottish Independence, you need to think of that wee man catching monkeys when you go to vote.

If you really, really want Indy you have to use your vote to boot the compromised Scottish National Party into touch.

And that will mean voting Unionist, so buckle up amigos, ‘cause that’s what you’ll have to do.

And here’s why...

The last ten years have shown the Scottish public that having a ‘Strong Voice for Scotland’ (TM SNP) at Westminster means less that the square root of heehaw for Independence.

All it does is allow supposedly pro-Indy Scottish MPs to settle down, enjoy the London lifestyle and pad their pensions. The only ‘Strong Voice’ heard from the SNP MPs is when they order subsidised food in one of the eight House of Commons restaurants or cheap booze in the Strangers Bar. Some of them are even eyeing up a seat in the House of Lords – if that doesn’t show they are colonially captured I don’t know what does.

The past decade of missed chances, spurned opportunities, and deliberate inaction has shown everyone willing to see that, far from being the means to achieving Independence, it is the SNP which is the biggest block to Indy.

Voting SNP in the next UKGE will result in nothing more than the gravy-guzzlers having another five years at the trough, and Scottish Independence being kicked on down the road to some point in the far future. We can’t afford to wait that long…

An Independent Scotland will not be achieved at Westminster, playing their game on their pitch by their rules with their referee. But the SNP are happy to take part in the charade, being laughed at, despised and ignored.

This SNP has shown it is no longer a party of Independence, and is happy to be Westminster’s well-paid clownshow. But if we keep giving their useless MPs our votes it’s us who’ll be the clowns, because the court jesters will keep on laughing all the way to the bank and Scotland will remain trapped in the Union.

Personally, I think the SNP are beyond redemption. However, if there is a glimmer of a chance of saving them and getting them back on track to work for Independence, then they’ll need to scared into doing it.

Which means they need to be wiped out at Westminster.

If they lose most of their MPs, maybe even pushed back to single figures, then that might, even should, be the wake-up call they need to regain their purpose in time for the Holyrood election in 2026. And, of course, there will be the added bonus of seeing the demise of the worst leader the SNP and Scotland has ever had.

We’ve all seen that having Scottish MPs at Westminster does the Scottish people no good at all when it comes to Indy, which means there is no point in voting for any other candidate or party that might take votes from the Unionists and allow the SNP to slither in; sorry, Alba and ISP and Independents 4 Independence – this is not your time. Also, spoiling your ballot by marking, ‘Not My Parliament’ or other, similar slogan falls into the same category; while I agree with the sentiment, it is too risky.

The overwhelming priority is to remove the SNP from Westminster by administering as big a hiding as can be humanly achieved. Such a short, sharp shock is the only way that any rebels left within that husk of a party will find the courage to take over from the devo-colonialists presently in charge.

This means you really need to vote Unionist, and you need to vote tactically. Check before Polling Day which party is the strongest challenger to the SNP and vote accordingly. It’s going to be tough for any of us to vote Unionist, and it’s going to be really tough for those who have to vote Tory.

But remember the saying, ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend’, and this present version of the SNP have proven time and again that it is they who are the enemy of Scotland and its people. And if your hatred of the Unionists won’t allow you to give them a one-time vote, then maybe your desire for Independence isn’t quite as strong as you think it is.

We have to throw as many of the grifting SNP MPs onto the dole queue as possible (don’t worry, they get a huge pay-off and, if they’re as good as their decade of astronomical wages suggests, they’ll have no bother finding employment).

Take a deep breath, swallow hard and vote for whomever is most likely to defeat the SNP at the UKGE.

If we all do it, we’ll only need to do it once.

Actually achieving Independence...

Our time to strike for independence is at the 2026 Holyrood election, and that’s accomplished by returning an overwhelming number of pro-Indy MSPs (Alba, ISP, I4I, and possibly a born-again SNP) in the constituencies and on the List. We need an insurmountable majority of pro-Independence representatives in Holyrood.

(Look to Barbados for ideas on how a pro-independence majority can be used.)

And if those newly-elected MSPs are terrified because they’ve seen what happens if they don’t deliver the public’s wishes, then so much the better (it is high time politicians got a reality check).

So, remember the monkeys and Pockets doing something which, on the face of it, was counter-intuitive but ultimately achieved the desired result, and do what’s best for our country, not our politicians.

At the next UK General Election, if we truly want an Independent Scotland, every one of us needs to Vote Unionist.

John Bell was an SNP cllr in East Ayshire for 10 yrs. He left because of Sturgeon's behaviour, the policy on mixed toilets in schools and his objection to the School Sex Survey.

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