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ALBA - Important News

Exclusive insight from Alba's gathering.

Sunday, January 28, 2024
2 mins

OTS has been sent the following by an Alba member we know and trust so we publish it in its entirety, as received, with no omissions or alterations:

"Kenny, Alex, & Neale were all kind enough to actually attempt to explain their reasons for standing vs Abstentionism.

Broadly, these were their reasons:

They can take the oath because "they wouldn't really mean it," citing Eamon de Valera's "clerical advice" & a few other Irish Nationalists who took the oath (ignoring that Eamon de Valera didn't have an Irish Parliament or a First Minister who they were presenting as Ireland's highest office, & didn't consider how some people might have problems with swearing an oath you have zero intention of upholding)

They contribute in debates ostensibly to speak to the other MPs, but they're actually getting the message to the people of Scotland (which is a fat lot of good when the MSM either ignores or distorts what's being said)

They did the whole "Why would you vote for someone who won't go to work" thing, which doesn't address the central issue of the principle (ironically Kenny spent a good chunk of his report on the poll tax strikes - what is Abstentionism if not an MP strike?)

They know they won't win all seats or get a mandate for independence unless theres a groundswell of support & candidates, but this is all to provide a platform for 2026's Scottish elections, to get the publicity & awareness & PPBs (which will simply not be good enough if folk are still thinking all parties are the same, which is exactly what theyll think for as long as the Great Betrayal remains secret)

They talked about "fighting Scotland's corner" & how we "won't take no for an answer" (soundbites that are either exactly what the SNP keep arguing to no effect, or are actively courting "see, Nationalists won't take No for an answer!" crap from Unionists, practically gift wrapping them a line).

Constantly the line about how Alba is a political party with a political strategy (and look where being a political party with a political strategy got them. Salmond deserves all the credit in the world for all the good he did, but the SNP party machine under his watch must take equal responsibility for its failures - the shunning of Wings & other voices, the too-conciliatory tone, the failure to eviscerate Osborne over the currency union, etc). It is a mistake, IMO, to equate the operation of a political party with the way political parties work in the UK."

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