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What Will We Doo?

A thought-provoking contribution from a concerned reader - please respond in comments.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
5 mins

What Will We Doo?

The following was received as a response to our recent blogpost by Campbell Martin.

We believe it raises important points and, because we do not enjoy a huge volume of btl commentary, we wanted to bring it to the attention of readers.

We don't know the identity of the author but would like to thank him/her for a considerate, thought-provoking contribution. Whether or not it could be described as 'controversial' is for other readers to decide.

"I'm always disappointed when I take my occasional glimpse at the evolving ideas and thought processes that the various Scottish Independence blogs throw up. Please, dear writer, do not take this personally for you are but one of a very sizeable crowd. In fact I have yet to see anyone really get to the point on this, indeed I doubt there are more than a few hundred within the Scottish electorate who might be able to make a full cogent assessment of our situation which must come before a path forward can be planned.

I do not believe that I am the best person to describe this either so I will attempt to list some of the points facing the Scots and an independent Scotland that together contribute to what is an unwinnable situation as it stands.

In no particular order:

1 - Political partisanship is rife. A nationalist needs to embrace any thinking or method that aids his countrymen and brings strength to his nation. If that means as a businessman you must concede to socialist policies for a time to bring well being to your people then so be it, just as a committed socialist might have to recognise the opposite should it be necessary. The politics of Nationalism must come before left/right, socialism/capitalism. Scots come first and no one particular method will serve them best. Every other sentiment is merely divisive. You touched on this in your essay but it needs to be hammered into the minds of our stubborn Scots

2 - Scots come first. While many may find it pleasing to their sense of enlightenment and charitable virtue to maintain otherwise the fact is that there is only one nation of Scots and we have a very clear heritage and ethnicity. It is in no way bigoted or small minded to demand that our nation is recognised, protected and our rights upheld as a distinct nation. Indeed a rejection of our Scottish ethnicity or its importance is considered one of the steps towards genocide. We, the Scots by blood, have as much right to our country and national character as any other on earth. Read that last sentence again if necessary. Then consider what it might mean when our youth are indoctrinated into thinking that such sentiment is barbaric and unethical while simultaneously we are literally having people from all over the earth squeezed into any few square meters of real estate available in our land, payed for by NGO's and our government,. What could this mean? What does it portend? An actual nationalist would be more than preoccupied with this one question alone.

3 - Drop the the hyper liberalism. This could come in at point 1 but it deserves it's own category. Liberal thinking could easily be described as one word - permissive. It must be said that any movement that thinks continued permissiveness in the face of what we are up against today is somehow going to rally the crowd is living in a deep seated fantasy world. Whether it's LGBT+ or advocates of open borders and generous welfare (an insane combination for anyone who is capable of any level of critical thinking) there needs to be a pause on this kind of 'progress'.

4 - Recognise the scope of the power structure we are up against. We are not up against the English. We are not up against Britain. The countries we see on the map are not the powers that shape our world anymore. They are merely territories held and used by international powers who have their own plans for our world. Certainly what we call 'the West' is by no means a collection of sovereign states governed by democratic mandate. I'm laughing even as I write this because it sounds so utterly ludicrous when looked at realistically. In this political arena do we really believe that the Scots will be allowed to take our territory and govern it for our own interests? We have festering in all of our countries committed and powerful interests whose intention is to obliterate national identity, sovereignty and borders. This leads to the next point.

5 - Know history. Real history. Not the propaganda, herd-control stuff that we have all been taught and we all took as gospel. The beginnings of our current predicament as described in point 4 was well publicised and openly discussed by the perpetrators in the 19th and early 20th century. The state of propaganda and mass media for the latter half of the 20th century until now is such that the vast majority of people are utterly clueless as to reality, to the point that people have shaped their morality and self perception to the emotional and psychological propaganda we have been force fed since our early years.

Time is running on and I could write more but in short for Scots to survive as a nation and for us to have our own country a national spirit must emerge that goes well beyond voting and party politics. The kind of nationalist spirit that would throw out on their arse any so-called nationalist MP who even dared to ask the question if struggling Scots should be punished financially for historic slavery. That spirit needs to be coupled with a willingness to work outside of the political arena with at least as much energy as we work within - just as the shapers of our civilisation have done.

The current generations of Scots are going to have to be the greatest generations to have ever lived or there will be no Scottish nation left."

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