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The truth is staring us all in the face.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024
4 mins

Say What You See

by Rab Clark

If Wings Over Scotland closes tonight and doesn't come back, speculation will increase that the Hate Crime Act was designed to target him.

If that sounds wildly unrealistic and smacks of conspiracy, so be it. But there is a precedent.

With the benefit of hindsight we can now see that the harassment claims process instigated by the Scottish Government, allowing (nay, encouraging) retrospective accusations of inappropriate behaviour against former ministers was designed to 'Get Salmond'.

Many of us were late to accepting the true nature of the people running Scotland's government and civil service. Some still refuse to accept the awful truth. The tweet below, posted by Wings well over a year ago, passed us by at the time, possibly because we couldn't/wouldn't process the implications.

Wings Over Scotland


Always remember this, readers - Nicola Sturgeon wasn't going to be First Minister any time soon if Yes won the indyref. Eight years later Alex Salmond is still going strong. For her to be FM and Murrell to be the "first lady", we had to lose.

12:23 PM · Jan 12, 2023


This week we saw the tweet retweeted with the following response:

Ian Brotherhood


Alex told NS of his intention to resign (in the event of losing the referendum) on July 18th 2014. The only other people he told were his wife and Geoff Aberdein.

So, Mr and Mrs Murrell were only two months away from the high-life…must’ve been an interesting after-dinner conversation that night, eh?

I should've added that the source for this is Alex Salmond himself, in his book The Dream Shall Never Die, page 107.

The actual quote:

'I will be minded to resign if we don't win the referendum.

Today is the first time I have confided that to my deputy Nicola. The only other people who know my view are Moira and Geoff Aberdein. This is not a discussion against the back-drop of an expected defeat. On the contrary, I say it during a conversation in which I stress that we could well achieve victory.'

That tweet, in turn, was responding to this thread by Andy McColl:

'So, Sturgeonites (if there are any of you left who see my twats), fetch the smelling salts (you'll need them) and make sure you're sitting down.

An unimpeachable source has just told me that Sturgeon/Murrel were so spooked by the YES 51% poll the week before the indyref that they put the word out to the YES Scotland media desk that Salmond should be held back.

They were not only the devolutionists that we've all seen them unveiled as over the last decade, but they decided that her career (as a devo leader) was more important than an iScotland led by Salmond (for another 5yrs at least).

Yep. Shocked even me when I heard it. Obvs I've known for a number of years that she's a devolutionist, but apparently it's a lot worse than even I thought.

This info has come from beyond the grave. Through a medium, let's say.'

Thread by @bigandymccoll on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

Another unpleasant truth is that the mainstream media in Scotland is not going to treat us all to a Scooby-Doo-type resolution where a mask is whipped off and the dastardly mastermind is uncovered. Had they any interest in doing so they had the opportunity when Lady Dorrian imposed her gagging order on anything liable to compromise the anonymity of the so-called 'Alphabetties'. Craig Murray's conviction and imprisonment acted as a further warning, just to be sure that editors and broadcasters got the message.

But the establishment of the truth doesn't rely upon sensational revelations. It's more to do with the nailing of details, many of which have been in the public domain for years and cannot be concealed. It also requires dealing with conspicuous gaps, omissions, inexplicable spaces. Why, for example, were there no major 'Yes' gatherings/marches in those final months leading up to the referendum? How can it be that Peter Murrell has vanished off the face of the earth? Are journalists (i.e. 'real' journalists as defined by Dorrian) forbidden to raise such questions?

The truth is staring us in the face, and even if we are forbidden from stating what we can see, that doesn't make it any less true. The picture is almost complete. And when it is, no amount of protection for The Murrells, Alphabetties and their powerful backers will be able to conceal the gravity of their crimes against the Scottish people.

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