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‘We need to talk about the war…’

Mainstream Western ‘news’ about what’s happening in Ukraine presents partial coverage, enabling only limited understanding.

Sunday, October 8, 2023
6 mins

War in Europe

Please note that this blog post is a dynamic resource and will be subject to regular updates as new information and insights emerge.

The content shared below is presented in order to foster meaningful dialogue and reflection. We especially encourage the contribution of information and analysis pertinent to the Scottish perspective.

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Engage Responsibly: We invite readers to engage in the discussion and contribute by responding to the featured pieces or providing new material. However, please be mindful that some of the imagery and content emerging from the conflict zones can be graphic and raw. While we recognise the historical value of such content, we urge contributors to exercise discretion and provide clear warnings if the material could be distressing for others. This helps ensure a respectful and considerate environment for all participants in this dialogue.

Your participation and insights are invaluable in shedding light on the complexities of this conflict. We thank you for your thoughtful engagement.

Douglas McGregor

‘I think we’ve reached a point in this conflict and crisis that is probably more dangerous than it has ever been certainly since 22 February and perhaps the most dangerous point since the Cuban missile crisis.’

Douglas McGregor 14 june - The next wave of the counteroffensive Who is Wining in Ukraine? (odysee.com)

How To Sell A War

‘Wars are times of opportunity and danger for ruling elites. Every conflict comes with its own propaganda offensive, a fact captured in the saying, ‘truth is the first casualty of war.’ The war in Ukraine is no exception. The Western powers, the Ukrainian government and the Russian authorities are working flat out to maintain popular support for the deadliest military mobilisations in Europe since the Second World War.

Criticism of industrial-scale Russian disinformation is routine. But the Western propaganda machine, run by a hawkish US government, a right-wing Tory administration, the EU establishment, and the military industrial complex on both sides of the Atlantic, does not exist for the commentariat. Its claims are blindly accepted by virtually the whole of the media and, in Britain at least, almost the whole of the political class, as well as an alarming array of normally left-wing figures. While its arguments are widely rejected in the global south, and at least debated in some European countries, any questioning in Britain is met with McCarthyite-style denunciation.’

How To Sell A War #1: Make Out It Is Humanitarian | Stop the War (stopwar.org.uk)

George Szamuely Interview

‘In episode #466 of the SUNDAY WIRE which aired on May 21, 2023, Patrick talks with geopolitical analyst George Szamuely, author of Bombs for Peace: NATO’s Humanitarian War on Yugoslavia, to discuss the NATO’s escalation in Ukraine in their bid to launch a full-blown war against Russia – with Britain leading the charge in the hopes they can drag Washington, and the world, into an ‘Article 5 trap’. George also talks about US plans to stoke instability and new ‘color revolutions’ in Serbia and the Balkan region, as a way to antagonise and over-extend Russia.’

INTERVIEW: George Szamuely - NATO's Dangerous Game in Ukraine - 21st Century Wire

The status of NATO’s and Ukraine’s underwhelming ‘Counter Offensive’.

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on June 9, 2023, Patrick talks with Arnaud Develay, an international human rights lawyer who was recently on the ground in Donbas to discuss the true status of NATO and Ukraine’s much-vaunted ‘Counter Offensive’ which has thus far been underwhelming and leaves conflict watchers asking if NATO is now looking for an exit strategy from what is clearly a losing proxy war against Russia – which has all but destroyed Ukraine as a country and left over 200K Ukrainian soldiers dead and many others injured and maimed.

INTERVIEW: Arnaud Develay - 'The Truth About Ukraine's Counter Offensive' - 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire

‘...the Biden’s administration’s brazen insistence on continuing the New Cold War on the battlefields of the proxy-war that is now taking place on Europe’s far-eastern flank seems to have led to rather unexpected outcomes. Voices saying that the end of the American Empire is now at hand have now become louder. Brzezinski’s strategy brought about the end of the Soviet Union . . . will the same strategy now also lead to the demise of the current world order, a world dominated by Washington, (and its soft-power weapons like) Hollywood and Coca-Cola that has been in place since the end of World War II and the Bretton Woods Agreement??!? Has the Ukrainian trap now also snared the U.S. is the question that emerges. Has President Biden “put the United States on a suicidal course”?’

The Ukraine Crisis in Context: Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard in the 21st Century - 21st Century Wire


‘50% of Russians over the age of 18 can read foreign languages (mostly English and German). More than 80% of Russians are Internet users, so they have wide access to alternative sources of information, including Western media.

What distinguishes Russians from residents of NATO countries is their knowledge of the Russian language, providing them with direct access to information about what is happening in Ukraine and the former Ukrainian territories. (Even the Ukrainian authorities, who are negative about the use of Russian, admit that at least 40% of their citizens "speak and think" in Russian, and in fact the majority of the Ukrainian population speaks it.)’

Russian society is convinced it is in the right in Ukraine | UKColumn


‘I am joined by Ex-Foreign Desk Editor Irish Press, John Moran and Dr Finbar Markey, Phd.

Both these gentlemen are skilled in foreign affairs and bring their expertise to bear upon the Ukraine SMO.

We discuss the origins of this conflict way back to 2004. The Ukraine Civil war of 2014 up until the Russians joined the fray in February last year. Who began this conflict, why and when?

What is the present situation in that troubled area? Who is likely to win this war and why?Are there any peacemakers out there that can bring an end to this needless slaughter? Are we heading for WWIII?

Throughout the discussions the same facts appear again and again. The story of this war you are being told by the corporate western media is pure propaganda, not truth. It has no attachment to the reality. You are being lied to in a way never seen before.’

Is Ukraine the USA's Suez moment? - BarrheadBoy

Wall Street Silver on Twitter

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