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Two Little Boys

They were 'winging it' then and they're winging it now.

Saturday, January 27, 2024
3.5 mins

by Rab Clark

While people were breaking their hearts with worry and grief over being unable to visit loved ones, strangers were growling at one another in shops if they were/weren't wearing masks, cops were wrestling people to the floor in pubs, our children were being denied their education and hundreds of businesses were going to the wall...Jason Leitch and Humza Yousaf were exchanging blokey banter about how to have a good night without getting any hassle for being unmasked.

Their relationship has come under scrutiny via the UK Covid Inquiry. Yet again, social media is front and centre of the proceedings. If nothing else of any certainty has emerged from the inquiries so far it is the fact that no 'private' messaging platform is quite as 'private' as the proprietors would have us believe. 'To delete or not to delete' is now the, aherm, 'burning' question. If Scotgov ever did have a clear policy on the use of social media messaging and what to do with any 'salient points' which may have arisen therein, it wasn't clear enough for ministers or understand and/or follow.

More importantly, perhaps, the general public is no wiser as to the root causes of lockdown, vaccination etc and this inevitable period of recrimination, cover-up and deceit is obfuscating the health-centred issues upon which the whole nightmare was based. Families remain split. Friendships have been forever wrecked. The same arguments - over lockdown, masks, vaccination etc - continue, as if nothing has been understood, no facts have been established, no common ground can even be established. If another lockdown was announced tomorrow, how many of those who complied first-time would do so again?

Many Lifetimes Ago...

Old-fashioned 'conspiracy theorists' were suspicious about the pandemic from the off and didn't take the msm narrative at face value.

The high-profile involvement of characters like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates set alarm bells ringing for many at a very early stage and that initial skepticism was soon backed-up with hard evidence about the uselessness of masking and 'vaccines'. The vigour with which the shutdown and vaccine programmes were rolled-out globally also helped many to tie-in what was happening with well-documented 'exercises' carried out by global health agencies (and private bodies e.g. The Rockefeller Foundation).

The people who were most inclined to go along with the govt narrative were those who unquestioningly swallowed the output of the BBC/Sky etc. They queued to get vaccinated and went back time and again for boosters despite growing evidence that the ingredients were toxic. But they didn't see that evidence because the BBC/Sky etc refused to acknowledge it. Instead, our national broadcasters mounted concerted campaigns to vilify and demonise anyone who questioned any aspect of the 'emergency' response. And so, a huge swathe of the population was uninformed, placing trust in characters who regard the people they (supposedly) represent as nothing more than irksome livestock.

Back To Basics

No-one has to be a qualified doctor to understand that the foundation of the modern Hippocratic oath is twofold: 'Do No Harm' and 'Informed Consent'. Both were simply ignored and at no point (to the best of our recollection) did any mainstream broadcaster highlight legitimate questions over the genesis of the pandemic response, the blatant shortcomings of mask-wearing, incoherent lockdown strategy, or the contents of the 'vaccines'. Even now, when there is a wealth of evidence regarding every element of the whole miserable experience, the gulf between the 'vaxxed' and 'unwaxxed' is as fraught as ever.

Humza Yousaf, yesterday, had no option but to apologise to the families of the bereaved. But he, Leitch, Sturgeon, Johnson, Whitty, a huge cast of celebrity doctors, mainstream pundits/experts and many others who played a part in what many of them knew to be a diabolical charade owe the rest of us an apology too. That will never happen. But at the very least we must nail the truth. And if they keep refusing to disclose it then we are left with no option but to dig it out by ourselves, no matter how long it takes.

With all the goodwill in the world, we cannot believe that characters such as Humza Yousaf and Jason Leitch have any more to offer the people of Scotland, either by way of 'professional' expertise or truthful information about how and why the government made the decisions it did. There is no logical basis for hope that either of them will do anything other than try to defend what remains of their shredded reputations.

What happens to Yousaf, Leitch and all the rest of them is up to others and we couldn't care less. They were 'winging it' then and they're winging it now. Rather, we would like to see a fraction of the attention given to these unpleasant, narcissistic banter-merchants being paid to those who suffered grievously for no good reason.

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