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Tim Rideout

Our latest look at the work of those laying out the economic case for independence.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Tim Rideout

Dr. Tim Rideout is an economist, geographer, and cartographer. He is currently the Convener of the Scottish Currency Group, a cross-party group that is working to promote the introduction of a new Scottish currency after independence. 

Born in South Africa in 1957, he studied geography at the University of Cape Town, then went on to complete a PhD in economic geography at the University of Edinburgh in 1990. After completing his PhD, he worked as an economist for the Scottish Economic Policy Centre, then as a lecturer in geography at the University of Stirling.

Research interests include economic geography, regional development, and currency economics. He has published several books and articles on these topics, including:

  • The Scottish Economy: A Geographical Perspective (1995)
  • Economic Geography: A Modern Introduction (2000)
  • The Economic Case for Scottish Independence (2014)

Dr. Rideout is a frequent contributor to the media on issues related to the Scottish economy and currency. He is also a member of the Scottish Government's Economic Strategy Group.

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