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What does 'scurrilous pish' mean?

Friday, May 3, 2024
5 mins

Where There's Muck There's Brass

by Les Bertrand

Our attention has been drawn to an article which appeared yesterday.

We won't name the author or provide a link. But the blogger in question is useful on occasion because he acts as a broadcaster of 'true believer' NuSNPism and can be relied upon to spin any news in a Sturgeon-friendly manner. This provides valuable insight as to current thinking in the upper echelons of SNP/Scotgov.

While we can't be sure that the scoundrel in question is regarded as trustworthy enough to be privy to any important information, it does seem that he is, let's say, 'in tune' with whatever messaging Bute House happens to deem necessary from one crisis to the next.

Just over 1000 words of nasty drivel is summarised in this one paragraph:

'Alba supporters will claim that Ash Regan was making a symbolic protest vote in the full knowledge that her vote was not going to risk bringing down a pro independence Scottish government, and so it was safe for her to vote the way she did in the hope that it might have served as a wake up call to the SNP. But politics is about much more than the arithmetic of parliamentary votes, it’s also about how things look. Those Alba apologists for Ash Regan voting alongside Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar need to ask themselves whether making a symbolic and ineffectual protest vote was really worth the dreadful optics of an independence party voting together with the Better Together parties to bring down a pro-independence government primarily over an issue which has nothing to do with independence.'

The 'argument', so far as it goes, is addressed here by Tommy Sheridan, and Mia (both writing btl on Wings). Please note - neither of the following was written directly (so far as we know) in response to the spiteful tripe above:

Tommy Sheridan

3 May, 2024 at 11:53 am

There is a world of difference between a vote to actually bring down an independence supporting government and/or First Minister and a safe vote to openly express your distaste and anger at that government’s woeful failure to advance the cause of independence and dangerous assault on the basic rights of women and girls.

Adults know what Ash Regan did on Wednesday was use her vote to give the Scottish Government a metaphorical kick in the arse for it’s incompetence and inaction on independence. There was no chance that her vote was going to result in the government collapsing or a First Minister resigning.

The Greens have caused the First Minister resignation not Ash Regan. My comments were made at the time when Ash’s vote could have decided the fate of Humza and the Scottish Government. That was when the Greens announced they were voting with the unionists unless Humza was dumped.

They forced out an SNP First Minister not Ash Regan.

Adults know these facts to be true. They recognise what happened. They know the gender obsessed identity politics zealots in the Greens forced Humza to step down.

Only immature and/or ill-informed individuals believe Ash Regan threatened the existence of an alleged independence supporting government.

Ash took the opportunity to protest the inadequacies of the SNP/Green alliance in government and she had plenty of justification for that decision. She is 100% committed to Scottish independence, defence of women’s rights and prioritising fighting poverty and inequality across Scotland.

The SNP/Green coalition do not share those priorities unfortunately.

Informed adults know this to be true.


3 May, 2024 at 3:54 pm

“why did Ms Regan vote against the largest pro independence group in Holy rood”

Which “pro-independence group” are you referring to?

At the moment, the only pro-independence party represented in Holyrood is Alba.

SNP and Greens, despite having since 2016 a combined majority in parliament, did SFA to progress Scotland’s independence. Instead, they abused that majority and our anti-union votes to foist on us brexit, to foist on us fascist legislation and thought control, to force feed us with their stupid anti-biology policies and to putting the interests of perverts, fetishists, rapists and paedophiles ahead those of women and children.

In fact, under Sturgeon and then Yousaf, an unelected representative of the crown was parachuted to the cabinet so it could hand control over executive and legislative powers to the English crown. Goodness, Yousaf even insulted us all by handing the stone of destiny to the English king. That is not what a “pro-independence group” does. That is precisely what a group actively fighting against independence does.

The SNP and the Greens have become, at all practical effects, another pro-devolution colonial administrator.

So well done, Ms Regan. More power to your elbow. The first step in progressing Scotland’s independence is to clear out the decks by ejecting from our parliamentary seats all those SNP and Green shysters, time-wasters, troughers and devolutionist charlatans.

We should perhaps be grateful that someone provides a safe space for the hopelessly deluded but it's unlikely that there is any charitable intention involved. Those sustaining this particular 'voice' in the independence discourse are doing themselves - and the movement generally - no favours.

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