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The derailment of the SNP

Regular OTS contributor Charles Chevalier offers a personal view on why the SNP is in such a mess as we near the UK general election.

Friday, June 21, 2024
26 mins

The derailment of the Scottish National Party and independence momentum, beginning in 2014

by Charles Chevalier

Who and what derailed the train of Independence is a question most Scots nationalists will be contemplating and have been for some time. The answer is complex and covers a broad web of lies, ambition, poor policy, poor leadership, poor and dysfunctional legislation, flawed strategy, political intrigue, ideological fanaticism, and detachment from Scotland's historical roots. Scotland is traditionally a small c conservative nation. A social conservatism developed over centuries by our nation. That conservatism is flavoured by several other characteristics of our little nation in the Sun (climate alarmism) ‘apologies’. Historically, Christianity, particularly Presbyterianism, has had a significant influence on Scottish culture, tradition, and politics. Religious values, practices, and institutions of education, law, and political structures have shaped social norms and values This is important to point out in evaluating the reasons and conditions that have surely contemporarily set the cause of Independence back 20 years.

Political intrigue, ambition, and a difference in ideological position were a clear factor. This was to be realised in small effect after the referendum of 2014 and became obvious in 2018 when Alex Salmond left the SNP. Although, the rot had been simmering in the subterranean depths of the SNP, Scottish politics in general, national institutions, and particularly Universities, much earlier in the process. The stitch-up of Alex Salmond in 2018 was the first clue and a defining feature in the process of injury to the Nationalist movement, potentially fatally, or at the very minimum disablement, that will not be healed for a decade or two. Whereas Alex Salmond and his political aspirations were focused on Scotland and achieving Independence, his Lieutenant, Sturgeon, like a glaket student activist with one eye on Independence and the other GLAKET eye on wokery was then free without the steady influence of Salmond, to focus on radical/irrational progressivism, which can now be described and understood as a political ideology, many know colloquially as wokeism, a kaleidoscope of contested, and unproven discourses drawn from Marxian concepts predominantly, but not exclusively, that holds themselves up as the moral superior, hailed as centered on progression of society, however, is regressive in results.

Radical progressivism is beholden to identity politics and manifests as climate alarmism, Diversity Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) or Did Not Earn it, Critical race theory, and transgender theory/ideology, among several other contested and unproven dysfunctional discourses that adopt pseudo-scientific positions, apply poor science, and scientistic belief to justify their fanaticism and twisted outlook. Which is then turned inward on an unsuspecting nation, upends society, and inversion of realities ensues. Perhaps the clearest indication that Nichola Sturgeon was at odds with Scottish public opinion is her abysmal record on gaining support for the party which almost doubled under Alex Salmond's leadership and essentially plateaued when she took over stewardship of the party. If there ever was a signal that party direction was deviant from the arrogantly ignored public consensus, then certainly party stagflation in terms of support was the Klaxon call and warning of an eventual exodus of thousands of party members. While the SNP presents itself as a left-leaning party by the economy, where most Scots tend to situate in attitude, the contrary left aspect of Critical social justice that is elitist driven and neglects and dismisses the input of ordinary Scots on cultural direction is too far left for Scots attitudes to society, remaining predominantly in the luxury beliefs of the social justice paradigm inhabited by the chattering classes. Below is a quote from Matt Goodwin that perfectly sums up the elitist attitudes that are not only prevalent among the SNP but all political parties and in the SNP case have been diminishing the SNP support base.

“The new elite use their social and cultural power to showcase their luxury beliefs to others, to accrue more social status from other elites while disassociating themselves from supposedly ‘low-status’ conservatives and populists who hold the ‘wrong’ beliefs. Talking about your ‘white privilege’ or sharing your pronouns on your e-mail signature has become the new Canada Goose jacket —a status signifier. And has derided half the country as ignorant gammons and racists.

The above quote is made in the context of wider elitist attitudes that are top-down led and enforced on large swaths of the general public who to a greater extent do not ascribe or can relate to those luxury beliefs as their experience in the social context exposes those beliefs as ethereal in that they are unperceivable and deviant, therefore, unfamiliar and aberrant to daily lived experience.

An example of the above in the context of Scotland was Nicola Sturgeon's dismissal of women's rights groups and their opposition to the Gender Reform bill, describing them as “invalid and transphobic” and to add insult to injury, suggesting, “you will also find they are deeply misogynist, often homophobic, possibly some of them racist as well”. A further example was Humza Yousaf's response to those who pointed out the racist nature and extremely insulting aspects of his speech in Holyrood, implying most Scots are racist, retorting “those people are far-right extremists”, fortifying the position that he believes most Scots are racist.

This brings us back to Scotland being a predominantly small c conservative nation that is egalitarian in character, although, fortunately until recent times has been able to constrain the ratcheting aspect of egalitarianism that stretches its parameters on the metaphorical medieval rack of irrational progressivism and then presents as without limbs and where the body is isolated in a critical social justice realm. Those small c values have held fast to some extent and managed at least in the short term to limit this stretching of the characteristics within the concept of egalitarianism.

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity is a primary example that attempts this stretching of meaning, a subunit of its cousin critical race theory, which in its essence is based on unique subjective lived experiences that then are transfigured and given a framework that demonizes white people as oppressors, and is a massive turnoff for most Scots; not only because everyone knows it’s a stack-the-board game against everyone not part of a minority group, but simply because it is a flawed theoretical position which in most cases creates the very features in a society it is supposedly imagined to minimize, for example, division, exclusion, and inequality, so-called reverse discrimination by any other name, but non the less discriminatory. A dominant racialized discourse perpetuating and encouraging a false reality.

When CRT arrived in the 70s USA, a sub-vector of Marxian critical theory, it was far too radical for the times and by the passage of time became irrelevant as civil and political rights advanced and equality and anti-discrimination legislation were constructed not only in the USA but all over Europe and the UK to negate the very features, we are now being held ransom to believe exist in contemporary Scotland.

The idea that Scotland is a structurally racist nation is utter nonsense, there is no evidence to suggest this may be true, other than the sophist interpretations that point to statistical anomalies that can be explained by a plethora of cultural and socioeconomic variables unrelated to racism and predictively not mentioned in Humza Yousafs ‘white speech’ coordinated with his victim in crime Anas Sarwar.

Two race grifters, while devoid of real talent have been propelled to leadership positions in both the SNP and Labour, by equally incompetent individuals in leadership positions of both parties whose only vaguely apparent quality is to create social space for moral panic and status by virtue signaling, while woke elevation in politics, is corrupting intra party democracy. The game of unearthing everything that is secretly racist is played in earnest by political party minorities alongside their political party mindless automatons who know they can apply wokeism to move the merit criteria in their favour and Sarwar and Yousaf have played it well. They have played a cynical game of status gain by climbing over and more aptly crawling under the wall of merit to gain political status and power in Scots society.

The reason these nonsense ideas have been allowed to reach escape velocity is hidden in ESG scores and corporate credit wants and their demands, force-fed to the public by their corporate media. While simultaneously being demanded in public and private institutions made far easier than decades before with the close relationship between the private and public sector by equally malleable conscripts to the Abilene paradox that is rife in those institutions and taken on with gusto by our talentless mediocre political class. A Political class, lacking the time out button that allows for composed rationale, informed by evaluating evidence to the weaknesses and strengths of these ideas by critical analysis, and whether they have credibility for application or not. There's nothing progressive or for that matter practical about it, the woke cult accrued around the current continuity leadership of the SNP is hiding behind the flag of the Independence movement, while regressive progressivism and its moral hysterics are toxifying society and Scots have noticed in large numbers.  

The SNP is no longer aiming for Independence, but holding the Saltire in one hand as a shield, hiding their irrationality, while in the other is holding the poison chalice of irrational/radical progressivism and its moral panic. Moral panic is a bastard son of Kant's moral imperative and is less the imperative and more the unreasoned and inverse of reality and morality. The divine voice can no longer speak through conscience, as that conscience is lost on the wastrels of the SNP and the clique of poison in party leadership positions. A microcosm evolved in the echo chambers of Holyrood, where the conscience of Scotland's political class is confined to an incontinence of self-service and in terms of the SNP, is further refined to protecting the mediocrity of party candidates and their mono-constructed views of Scots cultural direction, which will not tolerate any input from the general population.  

However, as pragmatic nationalists are fully aware, in a results-based system this paradigm makes a mockery of skill and ability, replaced by false virtue then falls on its arse as there is no socio-political competence in false virtue, as moral hierarchies become polluted by misty ideological arguments. Egalitarianism another characteristic of the Scots emits meritocratic principles. Merit or the societal construct meritocracy is associated as a feature of egalitarianism and a Scots cultural myth builder, this derivative has its particular problems, however, putting aside constructs of social and cultural capital and taking merit at its generic understanding in the Scottish population, then it is self-evident, why Jim Sillars describes Holyrood as a den of mediocrity. Not only is irrational progressivism undermining political party candidate qualities, but it is disregarding the qualities that make for proficient political representatives, that are not false virtue-driven, but based on competence.

Furthermore, the current socio-political mood created by irrational/radical progressivism is undermining the base of liberal democracy transforming liberalism into illiberalism. Below is a quote from Andrew Sullivan that encompasses the factors that are driving this mood. Although there is a predominantly Americanised double-decker bus view described in the quote, this view can be readily applied to Scots politics in that the SNP have not only climbed aboard the bus but bought their downstream political version manifested as a motorhome, to salute the inverted moral hysteria realised in the arrest and charging of Sturgeon's hubby in connection to allegations of embezzlement and subsequent seizure of the motorhome. One might dream of a time when police Scotland seize hold of contested and unproven ideological ideas that have reached escape velocity by the misadventure of our political elite; a pipe dream “I know” but has a nice feel-good aspect in a Scots daydream as we look out the window on one of our dreary overcast days contemplating the carnage that has been afflicted on our culture, our values and by extension our historiography.

Due process?  gone. Privacy? Stripped away — by anonymous rape accusations, screaming at folks in restaurants, sordid exposés of sexual encounters, eagerly published by woke mags. Non-violence? Exceptions are available if you want to “punch a fascist.” Free speech? Only if you don’t mind being fired and ostracized as a righteous consequence. Free association? You’ve got to be kidding. Religious freedom? Illegitimate bigotry. Equality? Only group equity counts now, and individuals of the wrong identity can and must be discriminated against. Color-blindness? Another word for racism. Mercy? Not for oppressors. Intent? Irrelevant. Objectivity? A racist lie. Science? A manifestation of white supremacy. Biological sex? Replaced by socially constructed gender so that women have penises and men have periods. The rule of law? Not for migrants or looters. Borders? Racist. Viewpoint diversity? A form of violence against the oppressed.”

While the above is USA-centric, the infection on British society and by default Scotland cannot be ignored and transposed to the SNP and their Americanised University politics that are unrepresentative of the nation at large. As much as Alex Salmond's efforts to have a highly educated population must be commended, this must be balanced as to what the curriculum of higher education then means for the popular will when a mono-educational culture is pursued by our educational institutions which is guided by the corporate and UN global citizen, global society discourses that are designed to detach populations from national pride and sovereignty. This is a feature of the global governance discourse that all Scots should take the time and peer into the immature and childish fantasies of intellectual hobgoblins and their mindless automaton inductees. Their purveyor vessels materialize as external de-facto agencies and organisations that are influencing and to some extent dictating higher educational curriculum across the board of disciplines in Scots universities, which are then polluting national politics.

Universities are toxifying the national consciousness and politics. Findings from multiple polls suggest university-educated individuals are leaning more so to illiberalism while simultaneously thinking they are liberals on the political spectrum. This surely indicates that a program of fake liberalism is embedded in Scottish university education and designed to direct our ambitious youth to the only room in the house, marking the emergence of an illiberal elite who when departing from university education then position those beliefs fostered in academia onto the entire nation by their hegemony of authoritative positions held in society. This will inevitably contribute to the ratcheting effect of egalitarianism and deform the body of its essence, impacting the derivatives of meritocracy, transparency, and plurality.

The stretching of meaning or the re-representation then manifests as illiberalism. Egalitarianism transmits merit it also transmits transparency and plurality, irrational progressivism, cannot tolerate merit, transparency, and plurality, it is tolerant deficient, and smothers this deficit by assuming any counterarguments and their purveyors should be dismissed and choked by its hegemony of political conceptions and the orthodoxy that flows from them, only really known or agreed upon in the corridors of Holyrood. Therefore, dismisses plurality and the general will and as noted above in the quote by Sullivan smothers transparency.

The public is then ignored as ignorant savages who only have real life to inform their values, principles, and thoughts on how Scotland should proceed. Not that elites are detached from their reality, however, are detached from the savage implications and the damage created to the majority, by their financial and managerial class-based elevation above the realms of real lives lived by most in our society. Theory applied without evaluation in its national, historical, and cultural context, not measured by pragmatism and reality, makes for a political shit show. A theatre that undermines democratic principles, public consensus, and egalitarianism, therefore undermines the voter franchise; there’s no point voting when there is no point in the vote, an increasingly, if not pervasive understanding by the Scots public. The SNP no doubt will find that much of their previous support will now realign, not that any of the current political alternatives are far removed from their views, but more so due to the veil of striving for Independence being lifted, which beforehand was smothering any negative attitudes to SNP direction regarding policies including the DRS, GRR, and the Hate Crime Act. The former are policies that were flagged by many supporters as vote losers and should have been recognised as bound to puncture political support. However, the SNP failed to respond, situated within an illiberal attitude and in their arrogance will pay a high price at the General election.

The popular will is resigned by academics as mob rule, when in fact it is democracy incarnate, liberal democracy is and has become a victim of the metaphorical medieval rack deforming the body of origin that no longer makes sense in defense to existential threats and only amplifies and quickens their manifestations. In the contemporary political period, the popular will is being arrested by the SNP at a time when it is more salient and needed to protect the citizenry from elitist political conceptions detached from the majority consensus. The unresponsiveness of the SNP is Illiberal and will result in a radical reaction by voter support at the upcoming General election.

This political environment created by Nichola Sturgeon head of the anti-Scots culture warrior clique is now determining Scotland's national future and is aberrant to the popular will and indeed understood as such by the mass populace. The realisation is now their political representatives are a threat to the future of Scotland, our culture, economy, and therefore our national survival in a multiplicity of ways.

Liberal Democracy has run its course, and like a supplement for good health is now, like a supplement that has been overindulged and has a negative impact on the health of democracy. What is the remedy? Not a backward slide, but maintenance of equality and antidiscrimination legislation, and repeal of hate speech/crime laws, the former being progressive, while the latter being a deviant regressive construct play on linguistics to undermine the popular will and nullify its impact to suicidal elitist luxury beliefs. A more ethnocentric and robust cultural stance must be taken on matters that have the potential to deteriorate and possibly destroy all connections to the nation's historiography and the fundamental cultural and social values that are intrinsic to that particular nation, Scotland in the nationalist case.

This will hear many cries of foul, ‘fuck them’, the foul has been allowing a gross self-inflicted murder of our culture that is leading to suiciding of our cultural attachments and ethno-historiographical understandings of old nations and taking their past indiscretions and improprieties to flay the skin and flesh from the bone of our societies. By employing historical misconduct that while was a temporal matter and should only be measured as such, by those of the era; not reapplied to the contemporary era, creating a mindset within those nations of self-hate, and irrational guilt. All nations have indulged in misadventure, and the peoples of the future should not be measured by or feel guilty about misadventures of the past.

‘Empathetic suicide’ is a term recently coined by Gaad Saad a Canadian marketing professor at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and in large part describes what the SNP have been afflicted with, beating the nationalist movement, at this point almost to death. Empathy is all well and good for individuals, however, the rationalising of empathy and assuming this over an entire nation by a minority educationally and psychologically indoctrinated class with influence and political authority, operating in a confined ecosystem that does not include the general public, as our so-called representatives, saturated in deviant political conceptions is idiocy. And for the survival of nations is unrealistic, impractical, self-indulgent, and completely irrational. The Scots know the SNP is no longer interested in gaining Independence, but rather maintaining the status quo while bleating on about DEI, CRT, Trans ideology, climate alarmism, and any other miscreant nonsense to deflect from the real want of the Scots, an “independent nation” that is immersed in its own culture, not a global swamp of fanciful pipe dreams.

Why was support diminished-the moment the veil was lifted

As mentioned earlier the transgender ideology adopted by Sturgeon was the HD version of the why and when and the Isla Bryson moment of the largest drop in support that occurred, and was the milestone where blind allegiance to Independence had to acknowledge the party that was falsely claiming to take us there was a freak show. However, was post-eventual to the earlier suspicion there was something not quite sitting right in the party and was further down the pipeline. Particularly after the investigation and stitch-up of Alex Salmond that was bolstered by certain elements of the Scots judiciary. After Alex Salmond was vindicated, several questions as to the moral, ethical, and therefore political integrity of the SNP leadership were hanging in the air. This was further amplified by the investigation of Sturgeon's misleading of parliament, where she was afflicted by a sudden case of Alzheimer's where her recall was hazy to say the least, and more so evasive. And latterly Operation Branchform resulted in the embezzlement allegations and arrest of Sturgeon, her hubby, and Colin Beaty of party funds. However, were released without charge and recently Sturgeon's hubby Peter Murrell was rearrested and charged with embezzlement. The damage done by this alone was immense when it is understood that Scotland's population is small c conservative in value orientation, this did not sit well in the nationalist mindset.

The DRS bill was another idiocy that was warned of well in advance, as small and large businesses warned of the fallout that would mean a £250 million set-up cost and handling fees were set to cause a loss in the millions every year. Furthermore, there was no transparency as to how the models arrived at the fee figures, where businesses were just supposed to shut their mouths and get on with it.  Moreover, if the scheme was implemented many international businesses would retreat from Scottish markets, with the consequence of harming the economy. This was the Lorna Slater moment, although not an SNP MSP, a part of the now Raj tag Green/SNP coalition better described as the cast from Scooby Doo that met the cast of Tintin on an Americanised doomsday venture, no doubt was hammering nails into the SNP support base coffin. Particularly considering that the greens were cheering the end of Grangemouth, further illuminating how toxic the coalition was. The severed ties have come too late, with support obliterated.

The Hate Crime Act is another disaster and is ironically hated by most Scots, an attack on free speech unlike any piece of legislation in the history of Britain, never mind Holyrood, in its insidious and pernicious nature. This Act is a clear signal that liberal democracy in Scotland is a sham when free speech a cornerstone of democracy is attacked and justified by a political class that is no longer fit for purpose. The legislation was constructed by incompetents and read with an ambiguity only reserved for tyrants and those who will use this ambiguity to stifle opposing arguments and to suppress and oppress opposition. In addition, it will upend many lives on the back of supposedly causing hurty feelings, the reports and the statistics they incur will be used to bolster an argument that Scotland is indeed racist, and further tyrannical legislation will be constructed to strangle the popular will. Even a reported incident considered a non-crime will be used to fortify data. The endless search to uncover hate at any cost to society will result in some who will languish in a prison cell for seven years for saying something offensive, an utterly ridiculous notion and astoundingly disproportionate when you consider rapists rarely are given custodial sentences of this length. Scotland can thank Humza Yousaf for this piece of garbage legislation alongside Sturgeon and her woke clique. Not to excuse the rest of Holyrood as this garbage legislation was voted through by all parties, with the Conservatives the only party who voted against it.

Not happy with the result of the Alex Salmond trial, the party moved to curry the judicial system in its favour, by proposing to make rape trials juryless. Perhaps in the hope that if they succeed, they can have another pop at Alex, and employ their soldiers in the judicial system to find him guilty without the inconvenience of being tried by a jury of his peers. Juryless trials for indictments put the Duns hat on the pseudo-intellectuals who are leading the SNP. Scots law is one of the oldest systems of law in the world and this gaggle of political miscreants is arrogant enough to think they have the experience or the knowledge to make changes to the justice system. Kings Council must be the only Scots that are allowed to modify the system as they have the experience and knowledge, and therefore well placed to know whether changes are needed, and by all accounts, it seems they are by majority opposed to this political interference. Not content with molesting the institution of law they have in addition clumsily dipped their gumzy hands into our educational system, by embedding a highly contentious idea in the form of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Our education system is now undergoing the embedding of Critical Race Theory. The machinery is currently working in the background to implement this post haste. Here is an extract from Scot Gov’s document in 2021 detailing how they are going to indoctrinate our children: “Need to change ethos of a school – leads to personal development/curriculum changes/positive environment. Without positive ethos difficult to implement change – approach needs more on this and how to improve ethos.”

All sounds very cozy until you understand changing ethos changes everything and not in a good way in this case. They acknowledge in the minutes of the document they don’t even know what the impact and therefore the mid to long-term implications will be. However, we can take a lesson from our American cousins and make the presumption it will create a negative shaky dynamic between white children and minorities that manifests in white guilt, and irrational hatred for their nation, our ancestors, and loss of self-esteem, offering an extreme view that our society is systemically racist, resulting in a generation of psychologically and educationally indoctrinated and damaged youngsters. For minority children, it will instill a victim mentality, loss of self-esteem and harbour feelings of not belonging, and a feeling their peers are intrinsically racist. For teachers, it will place them at the forefront of a culture war and shift their primary function in a secondary socialisation and education situ to one of ideological facilitators. In addition, teachers are being threatened with disciplinary action if they dare to question any aspect of this anti-racist indoctrination. For parents, it presents as a battle of wits against the prevailing orthodoxy and all the might of the state. Not a pretty picture for more on how this plays out there are many videos of American parents whether white or minority populations who have been in a battle with schools and educational boards. The height of the battles saw a demand by educational boards to have these parents declared as proscribed terrorists. The tolerance deficit and anti-pluralist vent of irrational progressivism expose itself once more, and where the general population must tolerate the intolerant. This implementation phase is already in motion in Scotland and before long I’m sure similar battles will be played out. Another shit storm initiated by the rotten winkle shell containing the festering rot of SNP leadership. Below is a quote from Rachael Hobbs writing for the Scottish Union for Education asking the question: So why are we teaching it in schools? There is no public consensus on the teaching of its ideology, and we face an inability of educators to grasp that (one-sided) ‘critical thinking’ for children during their school years is way beyond their stage of understanding, and that they should only be learning uncontested facts – not contested theories.  

DEI is a protection racket, that is all that needs to be said on its merit.

The economy was junked during the pseudo-pandemic and the proxy war in Ukraine, and it is therefore difficult to measure any comparative positive or negative, concerning SNP economic policies. However, Sturgeon gleefully climbed onboard an international criminal enterprise that witnessed a festival of plutocratic revanchism costing taxpayers over £600billion. While Sturgeon used the opportunity as a platform to grandstand every day, elderly patients were being murdered/euthanised in hospitals and care homes. This has led to police Scotland from the Covid-19 National Death Enquiry team investigating calls demanding former and current SNP ministers be charged with corporate manslaughter, including Nichola Sturgeon and Jeane Freeman.


There is not a day goes by where the views of Independence supporters; taxi drivers, teachers, lawyers, bin men, social workers, tradesmen, and many others that traverse the demographics of Scotland express their distaste and disgust at the way the SNP has set about to undermine everything that is Scottish. All the factors mentioned earlier are vote losers for the SNP and more so now that the curtain has been fully pulled back revealing the true and malignant face and direction of the current continuity clique at the helm of the SNP. Most independence supporters are now aware the SNP has no intention of pursuing independence in any meaningful way. The tribal nature of Scots voting means the majority will merely shift to Labour who are beholden to the same bogus discourses, with similar incompetents and grifters at their party helm and will in any event make not a jot of difference to the Scots. However, will punish the SNP for abandoning independence and arrogantly embarking on an elitist journey of cultural destruction. New polling data on identity, suggests there is now an overwhelming statistical majority of Scots, 65% describing themselves as Scottish only, this is concurrent with the drop in a will for independence from almost 50%-50% to 45% in favour. These polls then offer two assumptions, either the uptick means more Scots want independence, but will not soil the voter franchise by their vote to the current leadership of the SNP in that aim or they are happy remaining in the Union acknowledging they regard their identity as Scots only. The global citizen propaganda being relentlessly pushed by the SNP is centered on the global governance wishful thinking of corporate aspirations where all cultures are homogenised in the image of corporate socialism, and not democratic socialism. As noted in the latest polls on identity, it can be extrapolated the Scots reject this childish and naive notion.

Criminality, dishonesty, authoritarianism, moral inversion, lack of vision, and lack of self-awareness of the SNP leadership have all converged to expose cancer at the heart of the independence movement, now been Midazolamed, with a DNR notice put above the bed by the SNP.


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