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'The Boss'

No SNP Westminster leader comes close to emerging from Alex Salmond's shadow.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023
3 mins

'The Boss'

Will we ever see his like again?

We posted this poll last week and it ran for three days. Didn't hit the 1,000 votes as we always prefer to see but 770 is enough to be going on with.

The result was never in doubt and we confess to having tweaked to period in question to allow Salmond's inclusion. That may not be in accordance with standard practise but until we start to receive the kind of income enjoyed by the major pollsters we will lose no sleep over it.

More interesting than the finishing order is the % breakdown.

Dismal reading for Ian Blackford and Angus Roberston, perhaps more so for the latter given that he is the SNP's third longest-serving Westminster leader (10 years).

Support for Stephen Flynn, by comparison, is impressive, but he still struggled to garner even a fifth of all votes.

So that leaves you-know-who as 'the winner'.

We are not struggling to imagine why there should be such a gulf but invite commentary all the same. (Clue: it involves a specific word starting with the letter 'i'.)

Who is the most impressive SNP Westminster leader from the past 25 years?

  • Alex Salmond 74.8%
  • Angus Robertson 2.7%
  • Ian Blackford 4.7%
  • Stephen Flynn 17.8%

770 votes

Final results

9:06 PM · Nov 29, 2023



First year as WM group leader was 2001.

Became MP for Banff & Buchan in 1987.

Alex Salmond used the phrase "unpardonable folly" in reference to the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. He made this statement in a televised address to the Scottish people on March 25, 1999

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