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'Please Miss! She called me a fuckin C-O-W!'

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
5 mins

'She called me a name!'

by Rab Clark

If the wretched Hate Crime Bill is good for nothing else, it has helped expose fresh fault-lines in the Yes movement.

Following Stuart Campbell’s shocking post yesterday, we are seeing the emergence of independence supporters who will accept the Bill and all it entails if it means ‘getting’ Wings.

We’re not sure to what extent these individuals have ever had any personal dealings with Stuart Campbell or what sparked their animosity but if it is so intense that it blinds them to the sinister reality unfolding then they themselves are surely victims of ‘hate’, in this case their own.



Replying to @ianbhood

Well I've seen a fair few of these transphobic "indy supporters" agreeing with various Tories in the last couple of days. Not surprising given their common beliefs! Wouldn't worry about Stu, his Westminster handlers will see him right!

James Morrison



if a by product of the new hate laws is the closing of these narcissistic blogs then I'm all for it. Don't talk shite and you don't have to worry




Good riddance.




Best news I’ve heard all day. Wonder what the wee grifting scrote will do next to fleece you mugs of your cash so he can keep lording it up in another country. Ever asked yourself why he is persona non grata in his hometown? It’s got nothing to do with his media rantings.

Whipper - Sturgeon’s nemesis



Wings was a part of the problem in the day & still a nationalist shill. Albeit he hates Sturgeon & co, but continues to big up Alba, another corrupt to the core NAT team, all ex SnP trougher’s. He should take solace that the No voters protected Scot’s - now we have this pish!

Lux Interior


He does this every now and again to keep the cash flowing in, Kerching !!

8:17 PM · Mar 25, 2024·135 Views



This is the world nationalists voted for, its the world we all knew was coming. I dont know why anyone is shocked. You all ignored the warning signs and even embraced them to get your indy dream. The left always eats itself...

6:26 AM · Mar 26, 2024·27 Views

Those are some of the responses to this tweet alone:

Ian Brotherhood


The most serious post ever to appear on Wings... 

It shouldn't take a genius to work out that if Stuart Campbell is considering closing down the most successful Scottish political blog on the basis of sober legal advice then the rest of us should pay very close attention. 

And that applies to everyone. Not just people who get angry with others and express themselves robustly via social media. 

The reason that so many of us object to the Hate Crime Bill isn't just that it purports to be about taking concrete action against an abstract noun (see 'The War on Terror' etc) - it's not about who you allegedly 'hate'. It's about others who hate you enough to want to see you convicted of a criminal offence for having the audacity not to believe (or, heaven forfend, actually mock) their delusional shite. 

And even if you're not actually convicted of anything, the whole process of being accused and investigated could wreck your reputation and livelihood. (Even those aware of Stu Campbell's previous experience with the Old Bill will shudder at the detail laid out here.) 

It seems that many independence supporters who consider themselves 'gender critical' are now considering closing down their Twitter accounts before April 1st. Others (who may not have any strong feelings on the topic one way or another) will be wondering if they've *ever* tweeted or retweeted anything which could be construed as offensive to anyone else. 

And that's why the advent of this Bill's implementation is generating something akin to a moral panic. Whether or not that was the intention isn't clear but the fact that many independence supporters find themselves agreeing with Murdo Fraser is telling. 

Stuart Campbell has upset a lot of people over the past decade because he 'says' things that they don't want to hear. Well, what he's saying in this post is something that no-one can afford not to listen to. None of us can say we weren't warned. https://wingsoverscotland.com/into-darkness/

1:53 PM · Mar 25, 2024·71.1K Views


We have been trying to locate an old interview with Tom Leonard (we’re sure it was him, or maybe Agnes Owens - perhaps both!) where the subject of ‘swearing’ was being discussed. An example of the complexities involved: after break-time in the Glasgow primary school, two girls are called to the front of the class and the teacher demands to know why they were seen fighting: ‘Please Miss, she called me a fuckin C.O.W.’

For Glaswegians of a certain generation (and this may still be the case, we don’t know) the C.O.W. word was the worst thing you could call a girl and all-but guaranteed the caller a severe slapping. We suspect that the word ‘bitch’ was probably as toxic and seldom heard either word used. 

The point here is so obvious that it should not need to be made, but the absurdity of having police officers decide whether or not a ‘hate crime’ has been committed because someone’s feelings were hurt is making this country a laughing-stock. No-one who witnessed Humza Yousaf’s pathetic attempt to justify the recording of non-offences can avoid the obvious - the policy is a mess and not even the First Minister can make it make sense.  Would anyone be surprised to discover that his blether about ‘patterns’ and ‘spikes’ has never been discussed with any senior police officers, that, in fact, what we witnessed was HY just making it up as he went along?

No matter how much of a mess it all is, and how unworkable it may be, the sorry fact is that some will seize upon this current panic and confusion as the perfect opportunity to ‘get’ whoever they hate, even if that person has no idea that they’ve upset anyone in any way. 

‘Chilling’ doesn’t even start to cover it.

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