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Not Hitting The Wall #5

The best feedback to the latest pro-independence blogs.

Saturday, January 13, 2024
29 mins

Poor Things – YOURS FOR SCOTLAND (wordpress.com)


10th Jan 2024 at 9:25 am

Elspeth King is right. Alasdair Gray was, like Hugh MacDiarmid, one of Scotland’s greatest intellectuals. However, our ‘colonial functionaries’ ensure that they and many other great ‘Scottish minds’ are rarely mentioned, seldom honoured, and that the people know little about them. At the extreme, the native intellectual is debased as inadequate in any number of ways, much as Elspeth explains.

We may contrast this with the colonizer’s often rather obscure ‘conquering heroes’, the latter placed atop plinths for an oppressed people to walk by each day, with others handed university chairs and baubles such as knighthoods for, well, for being useful ‘colonial functionaries’.

In a colonial society ‘only the colonizer’s values are sovereign’ and it is only the colonialist who is lauded or revered (Memmi).

In what has occurred with ‘our’ nations heritage we might refer here to the term ‘cultural recreation’; this is where the dominant colonizer imposes his cultural values and what he considers ‘significant’ within another peoples land, in their institutions, and also in the minds of the indigenous people and culture. Here the latter’s own native culture is pushed aside, marginalised, disregarded, and ultimately forgotten, as are our greatest ‘thinkers’. Within a colonial society there exists ‘a contested cultural environment’ (Fanon), which brings us to the realisation that independence ‘is a fight for a national culture’.

Which is why, for an oppressed people, independence/liberation is about ‘decolonising the mind’ as much if not more than anything else (Cesaire).https://www.researchgate.net/publication/371131175_Ann_Rev_Resear_Decolonising_Cultural_Heritage_in_an_Independent_Scotland


201411th Jan 2024 at 9:36 pm

Thanks for that. I’ve been very grateful for your work since it was published. It has given people like me the research- based language with which to respond to the colonial soup through which all of us have to swim.

I wish it had been available in 2012 when there was a great press pile-on with the publication of Alasdair Gray’s ‘Settlers and Colonists’ and almost a ban on these two words. I despised the glee with which the academics joined in, clawing themselves theses out of the clamour and advising the SNP to ‘distance’ the party from Alasdair Gray.Thank you for providing the key to independent thinking for all of us.

Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

11th Jan 2024 at 10:56 pm

For interest, I recently picked up for £4 in a second hand bookshop a copy of George Buchanan’s ‘JEPHTHAH AND THE BAPTIST: TRANSLATIT FRAE LATIN IN SCOTS’ by Robert Garioch Sutherland (Oliver and Boyd, 1959). And amazingly indeed it was signed in blue pen by Robert Garioch himself. Here is the first page of Garioch’s PREFACE:

“A MEMORIAL WINNOCK in Aberdeen University, burst, I’m tellt, wi a boomb, used to schaw George Buchanan groupit thegither wi Arthur Johnston, Thomas Ruddiman and Dr Melvin: the twa former being the poets, the twa latter the scholars wha keepit alive the tradition o interpreting them. Nou the important thing here is that baith in Ruddiman (d. 1757) and in Melvin (d. 1853) the study o Buchanan, side-for-side wi Horace and Virgil as a classical Latin writer was combined wi thochts o pruvin what Scots can dae, baith in itsel and as a medium for classical wark. Sae, in the decade eftir the Union, Ruddiman brocht out his editions o Buchanan and o Gavin Douglas’ Aeneid, wi the object o schawin that a Scot cud be a great makar and that a classic micht be written in Scots.

“Melvin, umquhile Rector o Aberdeen Grammar Schule, was the last in a lang line o the auld Scottish Latinists – men wha spoke Scots, wrote in Latin, and haunnlit English as a fremmit tongue, wha, in keeping wi the peculiar Scottish tradition o literary criticism, prelectit on Buchanan wi muckle fervour and by their skeelie analysis o his warks garred ilka generation luke upon poetry as a makar’s weill-wrocht wark, naething in the nature o rhapsodical whigmaleerie being likely to impress them. True til his type, Melvin was weill acquent wi Scots, and helpit Jamieson wi the twa-volume supplement to the Dictionary.“

D. Masson (Memories of Two Cities) discryves Melvin’s admiration for Buchanan, whase Psalms were amang the bukes read in his schule, and tells hou the pupils mindit aa throu their lives thae douce lessons in poetics. He tells forbye hou Melvin, wantan to illustrate a passage in Horace, wad mak ready use o som parallel passage frae Burns. This wad come naiterally til a Scottish Latinist o the auld schule, and Melvin wad think naething o’d; but already in his day the Scottish men o ingyne, nae langer citizens o Europe, as Buchanan and the lave had been as a matter o course, were lukan til England, blate o their fancied provincialism: the mycelium o this dry-rot was creepan throu the haill fabric o Scottish culture. Masson tells hou he and a section o ither laddies at Melvin’s schule (the maist forrit-lukan section, as it turned out) wad be startlit to hear their Rector “suddenly quoting Scotch.” It wad seem that they thocht it wasna juist the thing. The rot has gaed on for a hunner years sinsyne.“Thae Scottish Latinists, sae lang as they were able, keepit alive the memory o Scots as ane o the classic tongues, and makars wha had sat in their schules, and in the Humanity class rooms, were aye ettlin to translate in Scots the pairts o Virgil left untranslatit by Gavin Douglas.”

Robert Hughes

10th Jan 2024 at 10:29 am

Internal tears – of sadness and rage – reading this excellent piece by Elsbeth .

Whilst admiring the writing ( and the writer’s deep passion & commitment for/to the subject matter ) it’s literally painful to be reminded of the philistine savagery that has been visited upon my home city by a succession of GCC head-nodders , City Planners aka ” Modernist ” iconoclasts – all those beautiful buildings deliberately left to fall into ruin , subsequently declared ” unsafe ” ( what a surprise , eh ? ! ) and sentenced to death-by-wrecking-ball ; and that’s when any pretext for their destruction was presented at all : a lot of the time there was no consultation or opportunity for conservation on aesthetic grounds , the heavy machinery moved in and the architecture that brought beauty and distinction to the city was razed to the ground .

Ask the citizens , enquire what they think , what they might like to see happen to/with THEIR city ?Don’t be stupid . They only live there ; these are questions that can only be determined by * Professionals * .

Likewise with our artistic culture . Never really given it’s due or held in the same esteem ( by the self-appointed guardians of the English literary/artistic canon ) it deserves .If the ” Glasgow Boys ” had been the ” London Boys ” – producing the same work – they’d be revered on the same level as the Pre-Raphaelites .

Similarly , if Alasdair Gray had been an English writer , not only would his work be much more widely known/read , his reputation would be on a par with all the great 20th Century writers eg Greene , Elliot , Woolf , Faulkner , Conrad et al . Ditto James Kelman .

” Lanark ” , alone , should have placed Alasdair in the pantheon of literary greats . Ditto ” How Late It Was , How Late ” . Towering literary masterpieces .

To see the Scottishness of this exemplary Scottish author’s work being completely excised from this cinematic adaption is just one more slap in the face to our indigenous culture .

No surprise then to read these weaselly-words – ‘the book is a transcendent piece of work. It is not ‘about’ Glasgow and once it is born into the world it does not ‘belong’ to Gray’ – issuing from that dormouse of Civic Nationalism ..ie.. Mike – Bellend Catatonia – Small .

Thanks for publishing this article , Iain . Painful , but necessary . Thank * god * we still have people like Elsbeth to – attempt to – conserve vitally important aspects of our culture which appear to under constant assault by vested financial / Establishment ( civic & artistic ) interests .


10th Jan 2024 at 6:20 pm

A sad and informative commentary by the heroic Elspeth on behalf of the equally heroic Michael Donnelly and genius Alasdair Gray on their trials and tribulations with the brown envelope rustling class of philistine dead beats and chancers that comprised the Glasgow city council then and continues to this day.

This sorry tale of the trio’s combined efforts to rescue cultural artefacts from the destruction by vested interests of Glasgow’ faux socialist cabal and establish a proud ‘People’s Palace’ for the ordinary folk of this great city stymied and spurned at every turn inspires rage and disgust at a horrifying tale of civic vandalism.

As a great fan of the ‘Palace’ in the heyday of the late last century, it was obvious to even the untrained eye of the loving care being lavished on it by its protectors. The feeling of experiencing the ‘real Glasgow’ was inspiring and sitting with friends and family under the vast glass dome in the gardens was a wonderful sensory experience enclosed with all the exotic plants and trees.The story exemplifies all that is wrong with the Scottish colony that we inhabit: Outsiders from the Dominant Culture i.e. England parachuted into a culture they neither care about or are interested in by indigenous tenth rate philistines ingrained with the self loathing of their country and their class that is the hallmark of the municipal deadbeats that infected Glasgow (and elsewhere in Scotland) particularly at that time. Pathetic toadies who despised any independent thinkers, particularly Scottish working class aesthetes like the trio that created the unique Glasgow icon that was the ‘Palace’.

Malice combined with total disregard allowed the plunder of Glasgow’s treasures listed by Elspeth in her account. Despicable and enraging. Even more so, as it continues. The SNP council a mirror image of its Labour counterparts….myopic and corrupt. As the inevitability of the ‘Palace’ s complete demise is nigh, so it was inevitable that Alasdair Gray’s novel would be hijacked, like all the artefact were,, by the Colonisers’ media and all traces of Glasgow and Scotland expunged from the narrative.

Therefore, let us not permit Elspeth King, Michael Donnelly and Alasdair Gray’s legacy similarly be written out of history.

Grouse Beater

11th Jan 2024 at 11:20 pm

“Alasdair Gray was not a real artist’, ‘not qualified: he didn’t complete his Art School Diploma’ and had not produced ‘works worthy of the collection: a real artist paints in oils’ – a comment told to her or overherd by Elspeth King. All but the last aspect of that statement is true.

Gray was an author and illustrator. I doubt he had had ambition to be a painter exhibited in major museums of art internationally. King’s description of him makes him sound as if his daily life was in constant disarray, a clutter of his own mind. He himself said he had an annoying way of starting multi-projects simultaneously but never finishing them. A glance around his studio confirms he was honest on that topic. The great artists have an in-built discipline and drive.

Artists (painters and printmakers) use all sorts of materials and media for their work, not only oils, but I’ve never heard anybody describe Gray as an artist first and foremost. His writing dominated. As for his illustrations and murals, I found too much wistful and couthy, often shallow and unsurprising, but his writing was his strength, a superb talent.

Scotland has a way of seeing talent overlooked, our artistic institutions run by incomers with no knowledge or interest in Scottish art. The late John Byrne was never given a major exhibition by a national gallery in all the years of an extensive output.

I had a BBC producer working on a Gray documentary patronise in discussion by telling me Scots should “appreciate” him more. I asked the producer how he thought we could do that when we did not own the machinery of promotion. Even our great publishing houses had been bought and sold.

Personally, I owe Alasdair Gray a lot – and told him so – for his seminal essay ‘Settlers and Colonists’ that arrived at a time people were mocking me for daring to suggest Scotland was a colonised country run by racists. Gray got treatment more intensified than the occasional hits to which I was subjected. For his controversial essay “Let’s get the bastard!” said one red top hack to his editor on the phone. And the paper duly rubbished his existence.Gray was vilified by the press and our nationalist party did not lift a finger to help him. Sadly he was so stricken by the response he rewrote the piece to mute its claims. Months before his death he left the SNP and rejoined the Labour party. The SNP praised him after he was dead.

Our Refinery, Our Oil | Grouse Beater (wordpress.com)


January 10, 2024 at 2:26 pm

“North Sea Oil is transported to other refineries whether in the UK or abroad. That must end. It has always been absurd but now it’s criminal."

Well, colonialism ‘is a crime’, according to the UN and ICJ, amidst calls for it to be ended through self-determination and independence of oppressed peoples.

“If this proceeds Scotland will be getting treated like a developing nation.”

Colonial plunder always leaves a nation under-developed, having to make do with poor quality infrastructure, its trade heavily oriented towards meeting the needs of the ‘mother country’, and its people lacking opportunity in their own land.

Kenny MacAskill proposes sensible options. However, implementation of any of these assumes we exist in a ‘normal’ political relationship with those in power in a distant metropolitan capital. We don’t. So nothing sensible will ever be done in Scotland’s interest.Scotland has no energy policy, just as it has no trade or maritime policy, this and other high level matters are decided for us by another country and another culture in their interest. Our industries are exploited and run-down by disinterested knights of the British state and local colonial functionaries, as has aye been the case.

This is not ‘muscular unionism’, it is colonialism and its high time nationalist politicians told it like it is.

Wings Over Scotland | When they come for your children

Lorna Campbell

10 January, 2024 at 2:46 pm

I am constantly being astounded, although I shouldn’t be, at the willingness of corporates, councils, governments, etc. to accept ‘Stonewall Law’ but ignore their own law of the land – in every part of the UK, including Scotland.

“Oh, legal advice section, do you know what the law is on this? Nah, can’t be bothered looking it up and, anyway, I support this stuff, so let’s just plough on with it, courtesy of Stonewall. By the time the eejits have tumbled to what we are about, it will be too late”.

I think we might start asking why so many people want children to be ‘tranced’ out of existence as the human beings they actually are into some kind of chimera that is sterile. I have listened to all the ‘reasons’ and ‘excuses’, but none ring true.

At thirteen our fourteen, you know right and wrong, you should know, if you have been raised properly, when someone is trying to get you to do something you do not want to do and you should know when something just does not make sense. If you don’t, by that age, your upbringing has been lacking in proper teaching of what life can be like for those who are vulnerable.

Even autistic and ADHD children of both sexes should, by the age of thirteen, be aware that it can be a hostile world out there, with people around who will never have your best interests at heart.

One of the worst things is the socialization of young females into basically, doormats, a condition which they know instinctively, is not normal but extremely abnormal – which is why they try to flee it. Add to that, the fact, indisputable, that young females are naturally more obliging and sympathetic, more drawn to being part of a group and more anxious about their bodies and looks than your average young male (although they are not exempted either, in many instances).

The real criminality lies in the fact that, for both sexes of young people, they, with mature women, are the shield who have been chosen to hide the sexual deviancy of so many of these supposed ‘trans’ identified men. If women and children are ‘trans’ too, then these men cannot be sexual deviants, can they? Except they are, in the main, and any psychologist and psychiatrist worth his or her salt, knows it. We all knew it yesterday.

The activists, their non ‘trans’ supporters are, generally, inches and men’s rights activists who want females to be “put in their place” – which, of course, is under the heel – and fists – of men. Make no mistake, this movement is a misogynistic cabal, populated by sadistic psychopaths and global corporatists who want society changed – a la post modernism/queer theory – so that human beings can be exploited even more than they are already by the industries that stand to benefit.


10 January, 2024 at 5:17 pm

I agree with Lorna Campbell about the softening up of female society.

Hierarchies always work this way; it is important for those at the top of the pyramid to have those beneath them quiescent and accepting. All hierarchies work this way whether it is class, race or sex.

Throughout history, hierarchies have used their power to ensure that those under them are non-threatening and have employed various means to ensure this, sometimes using favour to enlist loyalty from those who can access some of that power for their own benefit and are therefore complicit in the oppression/exploitation of the rest of the population. Often in the past, of course, it was just sheer brute force and tyranny used to subjugate.

It’s assumed that democracy removes this dominance of elites or at least, mitigates it. Here we can see that democracy can be undermined and subverted quite easily. The homogenized political class we have now has as little interest in the ordinary electorate as medieval elites had in their peasants. Just like those medieval power elites, they exist only to benefit themselves and will use the authoritarian exercise of power to do that. Their use of an unpopular ideology is the very essence of what it means to them be in power.

How much more does it satisfy an authoritarian personality to enforce unpopular policies on the despised public than to actually give them policies that they might want? There’s no validation in that.It is useful therefore for anyone, including males, to consider how female society has always worked since it’s a lesson on how people can be co-opted into not appreciating their lack of autonomy within society and actually help in policing those within your own class. It’s quite a fascinating – if disheartening – study in how a particular class, in this case female, can become complicit in the disadvantage of their fellows.

In fact, it’s quite instructive in how lacking in fellowship women often are, despite their propensity for forming groups. Within the group, however, there is a group ethic which ensures solidarity often to the detriment of individuals. The exercise of group-think is usually subtle and unvoiced and the ultimate concealed threat is to be cast out or isolated. There is no greater fear to females – particularly young females – than to find yourself isolated for wrong-think.

It is apparent then how young females can be co-opted into policing their own sex since their upbringing has taught them that group-think is their best defence in society at large. With it goes the generally ingratiating behaviour instilled in them since childhood to be non-threatening and compliant.

This trans ideology with its powerful international profile and prominent activists is going to find ready recruits among young women, oblivious to the great disadvantage to females in general. It is just the latest behavioural response to what society has been schooling them to do for centuries.

Remember witch-hunting? Females were often to the fore in accusing other women of being witches, to the satisfaction of men who were in power who could demonstrate their authority and control by exercising the ultimate power over life and death. Righteous women accusers shared vicariously in the deadly exercise of power, though ultimately powerless themselves. In the end, we are talking about human beings in society.

Put into the same position as women, at that time among the most weak in society, most human beings will try and find what seems to be the best options for themselves, though someone looking in from outside might find their solutions, in the end, self-defeating.

It’s the conundrum of our inherited social behaviour, when sometimes being an individual conflicts with our social drive to belong. Trying to square the circle within a large society quite beyond the scale of the small societies in which humans originally evolved, is always going to be difficult to resolve. We often get it terribly wrong as a species, no less as individuals.

Dave Llewellyn

10 January, 2024 at 7:54 pm

They came for my daughter when she was 13. I knew as soon as we were getting the school tour and saw the open plan toilets with the spaces behind the doors that the school had already been captured.

So I agreed to allow her to go to that school on condition that she was excused any class that mentioned the weirder gender unless it was French where it’s necessary for grammar . At the start of her second year I pulled her out altogether due to another issue that compounded the teaching if fairy tales In place of science.

For two years she’s been getting home schooled which hasn’t been easy but has he so VERY worthwhile and this May she will be sitting the exams she chose and not those chosen for her in the Scottish Governments Curriculum for Insanity . As well as the four exams she is sitting she’s been taught that people who talk about gender are either corrupt carpet baggers , howling lunatics or people with the braincells of a newt and to pity the latter whilst pouring scorn on the two former categories and she’s learned so well. You could I have indoctrinated her with common sense and I can’t wait til she goes to college and rips the shit out of all the social sciences students who use the word transphobe unaware that it actually means fear of change . REALITY 1 FAIRYTALES SFA.

I am so proud of her. GIRFUY. Job done .


11 January, 2024 at 3:13 pm

back to this old crap again; we had some decent posts of late on history, culture, economics, (a good article yesterday by Elspeth King) but now … this … again.

The trannies won’t leave you alone and you can’t just leave the floor to them, so here we are; ScotGov’s actions have become (in)-famous throughout the world in this matter. Again, we are some kind of petri dish, lab experiment.

BTW I read Linehan’s book recently, a good read, but I would like to leave it there. Right now I would vote for any party which had a single policy to send all trannies to carstairs. Sometimes I wonder where would we be if the SNP had the same zeal for independence that they do for this, frankly evil, nonsense? Independent, or at least plunged the UK into a damaging constitutional crisis – the battle would at the very least be “on”.–

I would not post on this again, but for one irritating and unaddressed matter; a lot of guilty parties are trying to white-white-white-wash themselves. The “ordinary decent gays” say – it was not us; and the feminists who want “protection”, which will have to come from, normal men, the people you have been demonising for the past 30 years – “r4pe culture” – “misogyny” – we dont need no men … okay, so let’s see you handle the trannies … I will stand back, smiling, popcorn in hand.

As for “womens sports” – it’s a joke, and always has been, and frankly I am fed up with the pretence that it is anything other than mediocrity boosted by the media; let the trannies destroy it, I say, their one good use, but overall, they need to be stopped.

The tranny shitshow, a free for all for pervs and paedos in the primary schools – shows exactly that Brian Souter was right all along; it is also the only damn thing that the rightly-hated Margaret Hilda Thatcher was ever right about. We are taught that “the slippery slope” is one of the classic logical fallacies, but it’s not – it’s their principal mode of operation; you give them an inch, they take a foot, and ratchet one concession onto another. No one, for an entire generation has tried to put any kind of brake on the pervs. Now, we are here. Because no one put a stop to it – now you have rainbow parades down main street with pervs in gimp masks fisting their arses.– what annoys me about the homosexuals and the feminists is this : they created, empowered, the trans menace, but now are frantically trying to distance themselves from this wrecking golem they made.

“it wasn’t us” (get the TQ out of the LGB!)but it was you, it was always you, … homeo-queero, you were happy to have the bad drag acts get in everyones faces and the feminists? Well, they started denying biological realities some 30 years ago. They had won all their battles, but still not “equal” so either feminism was nonsense, biology was real or … they just doubled down, claimed it was all “systemic misogyny”.

To a lot of feminists, at least in the beginning, having men cut their own dicks off just shows the superiority of women.

The whole “sexual liberation” movement is a juggernaut, starting with the pill; a lot of people got on it and had a good time, but the juggernaut does not stop when you think “this far and no more”. It plows on, the final destination being a libertine free for all, where, especially, paedophilia will be de-criminalised, normalised, then protected.

We are almost there.– thanks gays, thanks feminists. I hope you burn in hell with the trannies.

Souter, despite having money, was naive about the media and had no notion how it worked. And you don’t do this kind of thing yourself – amateur night.

If you want to know where it is all headed – trying reading de Sade if you can stomach it, or shorter, watch Pasolini’s Salo (if you can bear to watch it).

Lorna Campbell

11 January, 2024 at 8:32 pm

Ruby/J Gedd: yes, the Yogyakarta Principles were decided without female input, but, then, so was the 2004 GRA, equal pension legislation and many other human concerns. So, women are not human, then, would be the conclusion. You are right to suggest that the female of the species is being erased.

This is, I think – but I may well be wrong – because we stand in the way of total dominance of the human race by male global corporatists and capitalists who want to build society in their image – sadistic, psychopathic, riddled with paedophilia and unfettered misogyny, rape and coercion. Other men are used to boot females into shape – or, rather out of shape, like the vanguard of an advancing army.

They can rely on us to fight for our kids, so the bitches have to go. Girls are socialized into ‘doormatdom’ from the very earliest age; they are subtly made to realize that their bod is their asset and little else; and, if they happen to have a brain and outdo the menz, then they are going to pay for it.

Not saying every man is like this, far from it, but too many are, and too many womenz are complicit.

The dumbest of them are like donkeys beaten into submission but still carrying a back-breaking burden – just so long as something resembling a male of the species looks twice at them – once to check that she is doing what she is told and secondly, to kick her into a bag of broken bones before jumping those bones, if she reneges. Or if she complies.

Society will change, but not in the ways that these deviants, sadists, p*rn-adled cross-dressers, global corporatist string-pullers and Scottish politicians imagine. Or ‘Beth’ either. Something’s in the air.

Can you believe it is ten years? - BarrheadBoy

Lorna Campbell

12 January 2024 at 12:39 pm

“… I truly believe that had Alex Salmond not stood down on the 19th, September, 2014 we would by now be an independent state… ”

That is my belief, too, as he would either not have let us be taken out of the EU on the vote we proffered (nearly a million independence and SNP supporters voted for Brexit, we should remember) or he would have declared independence on the illegality of being dragged out – probably the latter, which would have been far more politically astute, and, given that the EU has been badly tainted of late, the better longer-term option.

I hope that he sees the futility now of following another referendum which, if it cannot be won, will set us back yet again. The SNP is, once again, basing an independence campaign on returning to the EU. It will not work. Independence should be based on no option that relies on the acquiescence of any outside country or body. Any alliance we follow must be our decision alone, post independence, and joining EFTA probably makes more sense now.

The SNP can save itself only if it returns to the fold and unites with the rest. The GE will be a rout, by any other name. We must focus on 2026 and the SE. If the SNP still refuses to come on board, it will have to commit suicide or be killed. Either way, we will either gird our loins and do what is necessary to bring in independence by 2026 or it will descend into mayhem, as happened in Ireland. I simply cannot see any way round a UDI immediately upon a polls win.

Wings Over Scotland | Down the memory hole again

Craig P

12 January, 2024 at 4:59 pm

With the management of Scotland being taken over by ideologues I am reminded of the Scottish army on the eve of the Battle of Dunbar (1650). The ministers of the kirk who ran Scotland decided that here was another battle against the Midianites, (when God ordered Gideon to reduce his forces in order to prove victory was down to God alone), and they went through the army purging it of those of insufficient faith, which naturally included plenty useful veterans.

Guess what – that army lost to Cromwell.

Our leaders are currently going through a similar loss of contact with reality and subsequent poor performance, the only question being, what’s going to be their equivalent Dunbar. The general election?


12 January, 2024 at 8:50 pm

Re the court case brought by SA. I really enjoy listening to top quality lawyers expound a solid case.The quality, yet economy, of expression, the precision of words. I find it kind of beautiful. Like finding the straightest line between two points. Like reading a Gordon Dangerfield article.

Robert Louis

13 January, 2024 at 7:37 am

Thanks for this article (and the previous one).This gender nonsense just never seems to stop.

Of REAL worry is the absolute indoctrination of young people. Full-on propaganda in Scottish schools.

‘THIS, and only THIS is what you MUST think, kids’.

I just cannot see what the SNP, a supposedly pro independence party gets from doing this. It is NOT a vote winner – to the extent they try to hide or play down their activity in this respect.Honestly, what business is it of any government, anywhere, indulging ridiculous, damaging policies like this, but hiding it from voters. Of course, the paid liars within the Scottish government will say they are completely transparent, but of course, as we have seen, they really, really are NOT.

I cannot think of anything more stupid in recent memory, than this transgender nonsense. Most of these young folk wandering around now claiming to be ‘queer’, or ‘they/them’, or whatever, are doing so because it is seen as edgy and cool, just like every other youth trend. In a few years, they will of course look back on it and laugh as they get on with their straight lives, but those young folk, who really are gay or lesbian will in the meantime have had ZERO support in the meantime – or worse, been told they MUST have been born in the ‘wrong’ body.

Meanwhile, organisations like stonewall and equality network, have completely abandoned gay and lesbian folk. I think almost all the folk in those organisations now regard the words gay, homosexual or lesbian as the work of the devil. ‘Surely you mean ‘queer’ dear?’ GTF!THAT is where this loony gender pish has taken us. Gay and lesbian rights ignored, and often sneered at by those who shout the loudest about, what they laughingly term, ‘equality’.

As a gay (not ‘queer’ or ‘2slgbtqqiaa++’ (WTF??) man, who remembers the ACTUAL fight for ACTUAL gay rights in Scotland, and the legalisation of homosexual relationships, this gender shte (and the careerist clowns behind it) makes my blood boil. ALL our hard work undone by these stupid, careerist ‘gender’ fascists.This is why we now have the LGB alliance to fight for gay and lesbian rights. Stonewall, equality network and the rest have abandoned gay folk.https://lgballiance.org.uk/policies/Career advice: Are you a complete nobody, with zero qualifications or skills? Do you want a very well paid career talking shte, to gullible fools in the SNP Scottish government? Here is all you need to do.

  1. make up your ‘pronouns’ These can be absolutely anything*, so long as you can make up some daft backstory about them, to make you seem ‘edgy’, and ‘on message’.
  2. Start telling folk, you are a tran-humanist, eco-rampant, gender fuid, queer, 2 spirit, non gender-conforming, lesbian man – or some similar rubbish. Then send your CV to the Scottish government. A guaranteed well paid job or ‘consultancy’ will be yours. Your made up ‘pronouns’ really can be absolutely anything, like ze, xe, zxhe, they, them, those, it, em, fem, and so on. Nobody checks what they really mean, just make up some shte. The stranger, the better, as it makes you seem more ‘edgy’ and ‘with it’.
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