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Not Hitting The Wall #3

The best readers' comments from the latest Scottish independence blogs.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
9 mins

Wings Over Scotland | The Longest Lie

Rev. Stuart Campbell

5 January, 2024 at 4:47 pm

Just logged the following official complaint with the BBC:

“The programme repeated a falsehood that BBC Scotland repeats constantly, specifically “In most UK elections, Scottish votes have been crucial to deciding who takes power.”

This is a completely baseless claim. The last time Scottish votes had any impact on who became Prime Minister was SIXTY years ago, in 1964, when the removal of the Scottish vote would have seen a Labour majority of four seats changed to a Conservative majority of one.

Even this is a trivial impact, because neither a majority of four nor a majority of one is a sustainable administration, and the government was duly dissolved less than 18 months later. But in any event it is the last time Scottish votes had any bearing – even a purely technical one – on which party’s leader became Prime Minister.

There is no opinion or interpretation involved in this matter. It is a simple matter of arithmetic to remove Scottish votes/seats from the Parliamentary figures and establish that the outcome of the election would not have changed. All of the relevant data can be found here:


It is long overdue that the BBC stops propagating this flatly, observably untrue myth. I trust it will not happen again, that an on-air correction will be broadcast and that the Corporation’s political journalists will be appropriately briefed.”

Rev. Stuart Campbell

“You need 326 seats to form a majority. There are 591 non-Scotland seats. In 2005 and 2017 the “winning” party did not achieve that 326 in England/Wales/NI.”

Half of 591 is not 326, you idiot.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

“A 10-year-old can understand this. Evidently, you can’t, or won’t, because you can’t admit your mistake.”

The entire point of the hypothetical, you fucking imbecile, is to determine whether Scottish seats influence the result. To do that, you compare the result WITH and WITHOUT Scottish seats. And without Scottish seats there are 591 and a majority is 296, not 326.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

“But for the seats won by the Scottish Conservatives in 2017 May would not have been PM after the election.”

Is it the fucking remedial-class day out today or something?

May won 317 seats, 8 short of a majority. She needed the DUP to get over the line.

If you remove all the Scottish votes (and therefore all the Scottish seats), she’d have had 13 fewer. BUT the opposition would have also had had 46 fewer.

So she’d have had 304, but in a Parliament of only 591 MPs. And that’s more than half. So instead of being 8 short, she’d have had a majority of 17 WITHOUT the DUP. (304 Tory, 287 opposition = 591)

Rev. Stuart Campbell

5 January, 2024 at 6:09 pm

“As to practice, if the SNP had swept all 59 Scots seats in 2017, they could have formed a coalition with Labour/Lib Dem/Plaid Cymru and May wouldn’t have carried on as PM. If in 2017 they had gotten the 56 seats they won in 2015, this could have happened. I’m not saying this outcome was desirable, just that it was a real world as well as a theoretical possibility.”

If your granny had baws she’d be your grandad. The reporter didn’t say Scottish votes COULD HAVE decided things in the past, he said they ACTUALLY DID.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

5 January, 2024 at 6:19 pm

“You can’t just make Scottish seats disappear from the total count of 650. Unless, of course, you’re Merlin the Magician.”

This is too much stupid for 2024.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

5 January, 2024 at 8:37 pm

“What about February 1974?”

It would have been a hung Parliament. Theoretically the Tories COULD have formed a coalition with the smaller parties to displace Labour, but it would have been highly improbable and just as weak as the Labour government there actually was, and would almost certainly also have collapsed in six months.

Lorna Campbell

5 January, 2024 at 8:55 pm

Thanks, Rev. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time (or is it the other way round; can never remember?) but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Except you can, in Scotland, where great care is taken by the movers and shakers to prevent reality from entering through a chink in the armour. That, literally, is the job of the MSM, the handmaids of the elites, with the BBC the chief handmaid.

Owen Jones. of Guardian notoriety, has just been employed by The National just in case we might actually have some ideas of our own and vote accordingly. The truth-tellers are all bloggers and even they are under threat from interference. We are living in a perennial social engineering experiment that changes from day to day depending on the next big thing for which the elite want us to budge up, move over, join in like a population of Morphs or Pinocchios, always malleable, always awaiting the next pull of the strings.


5 January, 2024 at 10:11 pm

The BBC is nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece. An establishment tool whose function is preservation of the false facade that this union is.

The BBC cannot give the game away by openly admitting that participation of Scotland in a UK GE (the same as participation of Wales and NI) is, and has always been, absolutely pointless. A completely futile exercise. Even if the entire electorate in Scotland did not cast a vote in the next GE, nothing would change. We would still get the result England chose.

The BBC cannot admitting this openly because doing so would be admitting, openly, that, for as long as Scotland remains in this political union, it will be subjected to continuous absolute rule. We know forcing absolute rule on Scotland is in direct violation of the Claim of Right and the treaty of union of which respecting the Claim of Right is a fundamental condition.

This futile exercise worked very well as a deception tool when England’s ping-pong politics (the bipartite con vs labour) was also applicable to Scotland. Because Scotland was voting in the same political parties as England, the illusion of democracy could be maintained.

But the facade of this faux democracy fell apart in May 2015 and was demolished down to its footprint on 2016 the day after the EU referendum.

If there is one thing (the ONLY thing) we could thank the political fraud Sturgeon and her continuity candidate for, is to have demonstrated, loudly and clearly, two things:

1. Scotland’s vote in a UK GE and the rosette of the MPs sent by Scotland counts for nothing in the ruling of the UK. Nothing. Scotland is being subjected to absolute rule with the blessing of our Con, lab, libdem and SNP MPs.

2. Unless Scotland’s MPs are prepared to get off their self-serving arses, vacate the green seats (or even better, do not take them in the first place) and actually actively terminate the union, Scotland will continue to be subjected to absolute rule.

That the establishment is desperate to resurrect England’s ping-pong politics in Scotland to unroll the illusion of democracy lost on 8 May 2015, has been obvious for quite some time. The industrious and elaborate strategy of destruction of the SNP from within since that day is evidence of this.

It is beyond obvious now that democracy in this union only applies to England. It is the only country of the four which gets the government it votes for every.single.time. For Scotland, NI and Wales, democracy in this union is non-existent and, since 8 May 2015, there is not even an illusion of democracy any longer.

That there is no democracy was made obvious in the last by-election in Rutherglen. Over 60% of the electorate refused to cast a vote, effectively rejecting every candidate, if not the GE altogether. Yet, we had to endure the establishment ping’s leader Starmer, waffling about a “seismic” result for Labour when the number of votes cast for that party, despite the strategic vote from libdems and tory voters, was even less than in the previous election. These establishment types must really think we are all zipped at the back and we do not see what is going on. Over 60% of the electorate refusing to cast their vote is not an endorsement of labour. It is a frontal rejection of UK politics.


6 January, 2024 at 12:34 am

It’s the BBC.

The state funded propaganda channel.
The misinformation corporation that is thankfully dying as everyone is ditching paying for that shite in our living rooms.

The UK will always be cursed with a perpetual English government. Doesn’t matter if it’s red, blue or yellow or a mix of all three – Scotland is getting hee-haw, hee- haw & some more hee-haw.

Scotlands fate is already sealed before the polls are even open.
English government.
English interests.
English priorities.

The Scots will pay for it out of the North sea.

House jocks are happy with that as Scotland is thrown some peanuts that’s then spelt mitigating all the shite emulating out of WM.

No wonder people stop voting. It’s one massive waste of time for the same regurgitated dross. The UK is stuck in an archaic time warp where nothing ever changes regardless of the occupant in Dowdy Street.


6 January, 2024 at 11:13 am

Good that you point the reality of the zilch impact that Scots seats have on forming a UK government.

Reinforcing this point against a continued MSM chunter that Scots seats do matter needs to be done. Say something often enough, long enough and some clowns will believe it.

For me the Feeble Fifty for those who can remember them not really so long ago, they summarised the issue. But of course they were Labour and were Unionist.

Sadly the Feeble Fifty were surpassed by the Feeble Fifty Six. Being and independence party the SNP could of course withdrawn and commenced negotiation. That after all was what they were elected to do.

But of course it doesn’t really take much to undermine a political party. Fifty six people out of five and a half million citizens is nothing. Even more so if you can nobble the top influencers to include key party apparatchiks. With that done you can then take the wheels off the wagon – which has been done.

2014 was too successful, independence was there, and so the game had to change. Trying to destroy others like Alex Salmond was therefore no accident either.

So now we have an SNP that through its ditching of pursuing independence against hug electoral mandate, through its ditching of opposition to Brexit, through its ditching of commitments to set up a Scottish Energy Company, a Scottish Bank and so much more not forgetting of course hugely unpopular policies that were never part of any manifesto or policy discussion we are where we are.

The Brits dark arts brigade in all its tentacles have played hard and they have destroyed the SNP.

And now the Brit media, as the Rev has just pointed out plays up the big lie that Scottish seats counts and that democracy works in our united fucking kingdom.

Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

6 January, 2024 at 1:55 pm

ANDREW MARR: “How can you know that I am self-censoring?”
NOAM CHOMSKY: “I didn’t say you are self-censoring. I’m sure you believe everything you are saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you are sitting”
Endless English on the media
Explaining the world to me.
Knowing that any random Scot in their midst
Will know no more than the edited English,
And that even if they do, they will not speak of it.

Sasannaich gun chrìch sna meadhanan
a’ mìneachadh an t-saoghail rium. Tha fhios
nach bi fios nas mò aig corra Albannach
nam measg seach na Sasannaich deasaichte,
agus fios nas mios, ged a bhios, cha chan iad guth.

SCOT goes POP!: There was I waiting at the church...so how do we use this extra time to get the pro-indy movement back on track for the general election?

Independence for Scotland

January 5, 2024 at 8:25 PM

James, my thoughts on your article.

Target Keir Starmer - an easy one for the SNP to do and is likely to happen.

The question must surely be how competent will the SNP be at doing this.

Replace Yousaf with Forbes - I agree that it is highly unlikely as she is not part of Sturgeon's gang. Forbes being FM may get the SNP more votes in elections but based on her lukewarm attitude to independence in the leadership hustings I don't see independence happening under her leadership any time soon ( soon being in the next decade) if ever at all.

Replace Team Humza with a unity SNP government - still unlikely as Sturgeon's gang need to keep total control. Very unlikely to make any diffference to independence but may get a few more votes at elections.

Be really specific about concessions from a Labour government - if it's asking for GRR to be signed off then votes will decrease. If it's asking for a sec 30 referendum then votes will increase but British Labour will renege on any agreement ( ref to The Vow and The Smith Commission). You cannae trust the Britnats so this whole approach is pointless in my opinion.

Pro independence unity - no chance of the SNP seeing the big picture. Sturgeon's gang need to maintain absolute control no matter what. If it did happen votes would increase.

Bang on about a referendum being denied by Westminster. - SNP politicians are gold standard moaners and whiners about the bad Westminster while doing absolutely nothing about changing things. So this is exactly what they will do. So after years of punting all manner of plans/approaches etc etc about how to get independence they will have nothing to offer but moaning and whining and punting Sturgeon's old Stronger for Scotland crap. It is continuity Sturgeon after all from Yousaf.

In summary, I see nothing advancing the cause of Scottish independence coming from the SNP and therefore I will be looking out for certain SNP MPs getting the boot just like I used to look forward to certain Tory MPs getting the boot. The SNP are Betrayers. The Tories are shits but they don't pretend to be otherwise unlike the SNP MPs.

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