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Not Hitting The Wall #21

Friday, March 29, 2024
73 mins

Some Final Words?

Given that Rev Stuart Campbell's announcement at the start of this week has generated so much interest, nay panic, this edition of NHTW features comments from the site's readers, including those reacting to the 'news' that Wings may not be with us in a few days from now.

Wings Over Scotland | Well, that’s showbiz

Vivian O’Blivion

22 March, 2024 at 4:08 pm

Sturgeon is still twice as popular as Yousaf where it matters, among SNP voters. Sturgeon’s net favourability amongst that grouping is +69% against Yousaf’s +35%.
I suspect this says more about SNP voters than anything regarding the individuals under consideration.
Lists of the clinically gullible who fall victim to Nigerian Prince scams are marketed on the dark web. The vestigial SNP membership files should be worth a fair few bob.

Viscount Ennui

22 March, 2024 at 7:43 pm

Apols to Alf if I am misquoting him but he posted a couple of years ago about Scotland re-discoverings its role as a maritime nation.

It was compelling stuff.

Innovative, achievable, and inspirational.

Our peripheral regions are best with multiple infrastructural problems but also possess extraordinary beauty and landscape ‘assets’ that have global appeal.

WTF has the current SNP done to promote and exploit all of this?

They cannot even build a couple of ferries or support maritime links to Europe.

The electorate wants good governance and we have had the exact opposite since AS stepped down.

TBH I am bored by vcottish politics and the ineptitude of both government and opposition.

Stu for FM? That would be a game-changer.

Alf Baird

22 March, 2024 at 8:27 pm

Viscount Ennui @ 7:43 pm

“They cannot even build a couple of ferries or support maritime links to Europe.”

Aye, its tragic how utterly inept the ScotGov is, almost as if they are intentionally trashing Scotland and holding back the independence movement.

And its not as if they weren’t handed a nice wee Scottish Maritime Policy on a plate back in 2015, yet decided to totally ignore it, much as they have ignored numerous other urgently needed policy reforms to lift up oor fowk in order to concentrate on churning out mystifying laws which oppress Scots even more.

Sensible folk might think they were just another colonial administration feathering their nests and building up their pension pots, taking the independence movement up a blind alley!



22 March, 2024 at 9:14 pm

What did you do during the genocide Daddy?

The worst whore in the world is an honourable and decent worker compared to the total vermin who take a wage to excuse it. And I absolutely mean that.

A phrase which I am no doubt butchering that keeps coming back is that ‘a brave man dies only once, whereas a coward dies many times, endlessly’.


23 March, 2024 at 5:30 am

Just thought of another one for my complaints list if they try and prosecute WOS. I know who the piece of filth was who vandalised the Catholic church in Ardrossan, back in the 1980’s, with white paint in 3ft-high lettering FTP.

For those not in the know that stands for F@ck The Pope. My list is growing by the minute, and i’m just one person. Don’t open that particular can Mr. Plod. Because the warnings on that can are very clear and pretty much self explanatory. Like a Dybbuk Box, once opened, all hell will break loose. LO

stuart mctavish

23 March, 2024 at 7:22 am

Chas @6:12pm

I’m tempted to report the forms themselves as a hate crime – arguably designed to deny applications/justice if you fail to complete them in a timely manner* ..

*Whether time bar clauses can retain their value in the internet age (when the form itself was only published on the most recent date it was opened) is another (potentially arbitrary) answer entirely.

Robert Hughes:

23 March, 2024 at 7:39 am


” It seems that the west wants to escalate as quickly as possible (before Trump takes over in November and starts dismantling everything) and we are going to find out who is bluffing and who isn’t very soon. ” . That seems very plausible , H .

The psychotic demons of destruction who engineered this proxy war are in a total funk at the spectacular failure it has turned-out ; they’ve tried everything in their lunatic attempt at regime change in R….a , and all it’s done is make that country stronger , more unified , it’s leader more supported .

At the same time dealing a severe battering to E.U economies – check Germany ,FFS ! – and credibility . Something the U.S is rubbing it’s grubby hands in glee over . Where do you think Germany is now getting it’s energy supplies from ? Aye , that’s right .

Without KNOWING who is behind this barbaric attack on civilians , we can be fairly sure the black hand of U.S malevolence is involved at some level . Maybe this event is related to your query the other day re Obomber’s peripatetic * put the kettle on , we’re about to start WW3 ; milk and two sugars please ” * diplomacy * . Maybe * Slick Dick * Obama was looking for a new personal chef . His previous two both having met watery ends

Let’s never forget the central reason for the World being brought to the precipice of unprecedented carnage ..ie.. the refusal of the U.S Deep/Dark State to countenance any diminution of it’s Economic & Military hegemony .

The threat to that dominance represented by the rise of BRICS is more than the bullies can handle , and it appears there’s NOTHING they won’t do to prevent the ( inevitable ) displacement of the Almighty Dollar as the boss currency .

Caution – Terror ahead , The Dogs of War are off their leash


23 March, 2024 at 10:34 am

@ Ruby, For most of my life i’ve been a believer in seriously stiff sentences for sex crimes (of any nature). Everything from flashing to rape and paedophilia. It has to be treated as seriously as murder or at the very least as serious as any violent attack. Because let’s face it, that’s exactly what it is. And there needs to be *consistency* right across the board.

I’m a great believer in locking them away, scrapping parole eligibility for these crimes, and introducing in its place a condition that you must volunteer to medical castration etc before you can even be considered as “low risk” and for release. In my world this all would only take place *after* a stiff jail sentence was served.

My views were reinforced tenfold when a niece of mine was raped aged just 14. She was never the same again after that and it all got too much for her and she hung herself.

There is also no consistency in sentencing. I’ve seen rapists who have only raped once being given a sentence far greater than a rapist who had 5 or 6 victims to his name. We have to change the whole system on this issue in Scotland, from the police approach to the “Judges” and sentencing guidelines etc.

And we also need a greater focus on what happens after sentencing. Serious crimes require those criminals’ “human rights” to be revoked the minute they are found guilty, in my opinion. Liberal society has a lot to answer for.

There are far too many Lord Longford’s controlling what happens in our legal system. I think someone once called them “bleeding heart Liberals”. I know what i think of them, and it’s a lot stronger than that. But these days i’m not chancing being charged with a “hate crime”.


23 March, 2024 at 1:21 pm

“Vlad is considered a moderate”

He is. Let’s face it, if some bugger repeatedly stiffed me on international treaties, stole all my reserves, blew up my gas pipes, seized property, sanction, sanction, sanction, tariffs, quotas & continually tried to install regime change while committing acts of war against me, I think I’d have nuked the fckr & been done with it a long time ago.

& What for, exactly? Because they invented a bogey man to keep their own economy afloat & the industrial complex in jobs.

That’s the Yanks problem. They’re miles away – unscathed from the perpetual chaos they create for the rest of us & nowhere is safe from them. I can’t wait until they are toppled. They’re our only threat to world peace & always have been. They’re demonic & only leave a trail of death behind them.

Btw, I meant Trump will do nothing to stop this carnage. They’re the same as us. A two party state that’s two cheeks of the same arse & they’re that way because the demonic turds play in both camps influencing policy.

Alf Baird

24 March, 2024 at 11:35 am

Geri @ 11:08 am

“Ruskies have energy. Gaza has energy. Iran has energy. Iraq has energy. ”

And Scots have energy! Loads of it. That’s why we’re haud ticht.

Wings Over Scotland | Death Of A Party

Vivian O’Blivion

23 March, 2024 at 10:13 am

Who are the runners & riders in the Humza Handicap?

Well, Kate Forbes for one. Forbes enrolled Q4 last year in the British American Project, attending its Liverpool conference. The BAP claims to be a private, academic led initiative but this is regarded with widespread derision among the spook watching community (see multiple issues of Lobster). The BAP is a State Department / CIA front. Its remit? Well, it does what it says on the tin.
That Forbes’ handlers think it “safe” for her to join the BAP speaks volumes for the contempt in which they hold the Yes movement. Perhaps they are correct?

What of the other rumoured runner, Stephen Flynn?
Flynn’s last two predecessors as SNP Leaders in the HoC were members of the British American Parliamentary Group. Angus Robertson was a vice-Chair, Ian Blackford was a Treasurer. The BAPG is a truly curious entity, it claims a membership of over 300 MPs but doesn’t publish lists, itemising only office holders. To say that the BAPG is a little tardy in publishing their accounts would be an understatement. The last available accounts were for financial year end 31st March 2021. Flynn would only be following protocol if he was an office holder in the BAPG (he assumed Leadership in December 2022).
The most curious aspect of the BAPG is the unique and mysterious privilege granted its members to evade Parliamentary reporting requirements. BAPG members are free to accept gratuities from the US State Dept. without reporting this in their HoC Register of Interests. This extends to taking lengthy, all expenses paid trips to the States while Westminster is in session. Apparently these MPs’ grubby little constituents don’t need to know what their elected representatives are up while they’re “on the clock”. Definitely nothing untoward going on here.


23 March, 2024 at 10:20 am

Opportunities missed, hopes dashed, party rules changed, members derided, grifters appointed, queer lauded. Aye, well, that’s that then.

Next step: the slowly managed run down of the desire for independence, back to the levels of the 20 percents.

Everything good, frittered away.


23 March, 2024 at 10:49 am

Vivian O’Blivion

Excellent post.

& Until Scotland declares it will no longer be taking its seats – that corruption & contemptible rot will continue with the next batch sent there on our dime. America can’t afford to lose it’s poodle on the security council & it’s partner in crime.

Abstention is the only answer. Remove the lure of backroom deals & dodgy funds that place is infested by.

The whole rotten lot need removed from every seat & the next batch, if there is one, needs to remove themselves. There is absolutely zero to be gained by taking part in that cesspit.

Stuart MacKay

23 March, 2024 at 12:36 pm

John Main

Scots and large sections of the American population have strong ties. Alas, not in Washington D.C. where the various “projects” are used to serve the strategic interests of the rich and powerful.

Forbes is likely to be used as an “asset-in-waiting”, in case the Scots start to get the idea that global, neo-liberalism isn’t working out so well for them. In which case she’ll be wheeled out as the candidate that serves Scotland’s interests, while simultaneously being kept on a short leash.

Stuart MacKay

23 March, 2024 at 12:43 pm

Antoine Bisset

Don’t forget it was a Scot who helped build the Russian Navy, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Gordon_(Royal_Scots_Navy_officer)

Perhaps the choice of the cross of St. Andrew as the ensign, was not entirely coincidental either.

That’s why Sturgeon the Betrayer ditched displaying the saltire when hostilities opened in 2022, https://news.stv.tv/scotland/scottish-government-ditches-briefing-logo-similar-to-russian-navy-flag


23 March, 2024 at 11:07 pm

Funny reading 1984 again…

We all probably can remember the first two of the four ministries that controlled the world…

The Ministry of Truth. Responsible for news, entertainment, education, fine arts.
The Ministry of Peace. Responsible for war.

But I had forgotten about these ones…

The Ministry of Love. Responsible for law and order.
The Ministry of Plenty. Responsible for economic affairs.

Quote. “The Ministry of Love was the really frightening one. There were no windows in it at all…”

You could easily rename and reframe the Ministry of Love as the Ministry of Hate. Maybe that is just what they are doing. Love and Hate masquerading as Law and Order…

“The Ministry of Hate was the really frightening one.”

Because you can just make ‘hate’ (and ‘love’) up as you go along.

Alf Baird

24 March, 2024 at 11:04 am

George Ferguson @ 11:48 pm

“So what would Cesaire say”

Cesaire’s message is that colonialism always involves “hateful racism”, which suggests that a people who are subject to colonialism, such as the Scots, suffer continuously from “hateful racism”. This also relates to the condition known as ‘Internalized Racism’ which Scots know more commonly as the ‘Scottish cultural cringe’, i.e. a form of ‘self-hatred’. If the SNP elites understood anything about independence (i.e. decolonization) they would know this. But essentially you are right, more colonial oppression heading our way.

Cesaire also pointed out that colonialism was extensively applied to white groups (e.g. prior and during WWI and WWII; whilst Elkins notes British oppression of the Boers; and Edward Said highlights the English oppression/genocide of the Irish people; while still others note Scotland’s so-called ‘clearances’ as genocide). Further, Cesaire’s student Frantz Fanon in his books on the subject wrote that “colonialism can also wear a black face”.


24 March, 2024 at 3:20 pm

And yet there’s a way out of this vicious circle for Scots via dissolving the union, however Yousaf the puppet would never take that route to help Scots, like his predecessor Sturgeon the Judas, Yousaf the Puppet doesn’t really give a toss about Scots, infact the entire SNP is anti-independence as the last ten years have shown, under the SNP in government we haven’t moved one step closer to ditching this bucket of shit union.

“THE Thick Of It creator Armando Iannucci has said that listening to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt speaking about welfare is difficult as the Government has policies that are “putting more people into poverty”.

The Scottish director and satirist, a patron of the Child Poverty Action Group, was asked for his reaction to Hunt speaking about the squeeze on households on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme.

The 60-year-old, whose films include The Personal History Of David Copperfield, based on the book of a similar name by Charles Dickens, said: “This is the very week that the poverty report came out, saying that child poverty has gone up yet again, and it’s almost like we’re in a Dickens novel rather than the sixth biggest economy in the world, saying there’s now 3.6 million children in poverty."

Wings Over Scotland | Into Darkness


25 March, 2024 at 9:31 am

It’ll be a sad day to see Wings cease writing but fully understand that your own safety & wellbeing takes president.

Dark times indeed.

What a fcked up state we are in. The lunatics have taken over the asylum & have gone off script. I can’t see any change coming with a change of government either. The West is on a mission to shut down dissent & freedom of speech & any & all information that doesn’t fit their narrative.

Fck knows what other horrors are to come. These things tend to escalate & fast.

James Blair

25 March, 2024 at 9:37 am

I am a confirmed unionist, also Scottish. I am also an admirer of the Rev Campbell and his outstanding journalism and writing. This Hate crime bill is a ghastly, dystopian step backwards and is going to destroy genuine free speech. Yousaf and his pals are riding roughshod over the Scottish electorate and the societal damage will be off the charts. Despite my opposition to independence I very much hope that Wings can continue. Let’s be realistic: the supine Scottish press have done nothing to really challenge this ludicrous law and unpalatable though it may be it is the Tories that have opposed it. Shameful stuff.


Ignored25 March, 2024 at 9:48 am

This is basically a ‘gagging order’.
This makes me ashamed of our government. Scotland is now the laughing stock of the world.

Roy Hayes

25 March, 2024 at 9:48 am

This is why I read your Blog. No one else tells it as it is. I don’t subscribe to the independence movement – I believe our Island is too small to be divided – I believe in Britain and that there is no reason to lose identity Scots, Welsh, English etc. But altogether BRITISH. I look on, aghast, at what the SNP and Greens are imposing and fear, if not stopped, this will spread throughout our islands as various groups realise the control it gives. Once in place it will be difficult to remove such a “useful” tool. Keep fighting – hopefully the apathy of the majority will fade and you will get the support you need. Forgive for saying, however, not for the destruction of the Union.

Bill Fraser

25 March, 2024 at 9:55 am

This is outrageous, do whatever you need to to protect yourself Stuart You can’t afford to be put in jail. We have to get rid of them and get this attack on the people quashed. I want rid of the whole system and a way to get right of bad laws and governments put more firmly in the hands of the public. We need more direct,democracy to stop all politicians getting voted in and then deciding to do whatever they want against the public.

Dave Llewellyn

25 March, 2024 at 9:59 am

Apparently cross dressers are covered by this bill which will make it arguable that furries also have more rights than women.

My defence will be the the UK Equalities Act protects women and for once I am glad that English Law trumps Scots law and I will appeal it to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Science is immutable.

I am not going to stop posting my beliefs and supposing I am jailed for stating my beliefs this ridiculous law will break before I do .

Martin Luther King said in a letter from jail.

One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

If we dream of a better future for our country it is our duty to make sure it is not infected by these nutjobs.

I am trying to organise a naked protest at Holyrood at the end of May to protest .

Let’s see if Cross Undressers are legally protected.


25 March, 2024 at 10:03 am

“Process as punishment” is phrase I have been looking for, for a long time. The yanks have another word, “Lawfare”. Using the Law to wage war on someone and exhaust them financially, mentally and emotionally by the process of having to defend themselves.

Rich people use it as well to bankrupt their enemies. But here it is the state employing it against its own citizens.

I was amazed reading (some time ago) the account of what happened to SC in 2017 at the hands of the Police. In particular that they kept all his computers, phones etc for months and months after he had been cleared.

I would bet good money that someone, somewhere trawled through them with a digital fine tooth comb looking for anything they could use against him.

The treatment described above also shows the naked hostility and malice of the Police. Very reminiscent of the treatment the Rangers liquidators were subjected to in Scotland. That of course resulted in millions on damages for malicious prosecutions.

Craig Murray is too frightened to come home. And now this…

So we are in it. This is not some imagined dystopian future, it is a very real dystopian present.

We should all be very shocked at what is going on. These are massive alarm bells going off.


25 March, 2024 at 10:52 am

Just a wry observation, but if these grotesque charlatans had been taken to task in 2016 for betraying out Nation by failing to defend the Claim of Right over Brexit, and specifically, Scotland’s democratic and sovereign rejection of it, then NONE of these imbeciles would have been in office these past 8-9 years to promote ANY of this drivell.

Impeach the damned colonial Assembly in Edinburgh and deny these Devolutionist cretins a platform to humiliate our Nation as they’re currently doing.

Vivian O’Blivion

25 March, 2024 at 11:32 am

Hi, it’s me, I’m back, the Central McScrutiniser.

“Eventually it was discovered , that God did not want us to be all the same. This was Bad News for the Governments of The World, as it seemed contrary to the doctrine of Portion Controlled Servings. Mankind must be made more uniformly if The Future was going to work. Various ways were sought to bind us all together, but, alas, same-ness was unenforceable. It was about this time, that someone came up with the idea of Total Criminalization. Based on the principle, that if we were all crooks, we could at last be uniform to some degree in the eyes of The Law.Total Criminalization was the greatest idea of its time and was vastly popular except with those people, who didn’t want to be crooks or outlaws, so, of course, they had to be Tricked into it.”

Lenny Hartley:

25 March, 2024 at 11:41 am

Heaver , anything read online, writing, tv , YouTube etc and read/watched in Scotland is deemed to have been published in Scotland, doesn’t matter where in the universe it was first published. So the Rev could relocate to Mars and after April 1st could be jailed for 7 years for publishing scientific and biological fact.

Stu, if you do stop, thanks for your wonderful analysis and investigative journalism over the past decade or so.
You are head and shoulders above anything I have read Worldwide.

Lorna Campbell

25 March, 2024 at 11:41 am

Yes, Rev, the Suffragettes suffered – terribly – and most young people have no idea. The silly young girls who pander to this rotten ideology and the men in whose shadow they crawl on their bellies, will come to understand the very hardest way that they are nothing but fodder for industries for whom they are utterly dispensable and less than human. They will learn.

The terrible twins, Fascism and Totalitarianism, have joined forces to destroy Scotland, the home of the Enlightenment, and put her people in chains. Fools who promulgate this kind of s**t always believe that it will never come for them. You know what? It always does. For me, that day cannot come soon enough.

The Hate Crime, brought in to prevent hate will create so much of it that nothing will ever be the same again. We will be living in a swamp of toxicity thanks to the lobotomized Holyrood inhabitants and their private army, Police Scotland/CoPFS who should have been shouting from the rooftops that this is so dangerous to social stability that our society could crush and burn.

Behind it is Stonewall and its Scottish arms and their private army, the TRAs. Behind d them, the money men of the global corporates who will be laughing like drains as they hoover up the dosh to be made from the detritus. Kept saying that this was very much bigger than independence and had to be dealt with first. Oh, and the GRRB will be brought back, too, whether by SNP/Greens or Labour.

Corrado Mella

25 March, 2024 at 12:03 pm

Use your opponents’ energy and strength against it.
Report anything that offends you as a hate crime and demand swift prosecution.
Choke the Hate Monster with its own medecine.
We are the absolute majority and will win, even if it needs extreme sacrifices.
Stop cowering. Start swinging.

Stuart MacKay

25 March, 2024 at 12:19 pm

How can anyone prove any article on Wings was actually written by a specific person? Sure there’s logs and computers and stuff but they all reside outside of Scotland, where the HCB does not apply. Everything needed for harassment, never mind a prosecution, can only be made available to Police Scotland or the courts, with the collaboration of the authorities in England.

If the Police in England raid you then they’re liable for malicious prosecution since no crime as been committed. How will the courts bring you to justice – issue an extradition warrant? Extraordinary rendition? By private parties?

Under English law can you commit a crime where the evidence would not be recognised by an English court?

Etc., etc.

So many worms just itching to burst out of the can.

They didn’t really think this through, or even at all. They’ll have to bow to activist pressure at some point. They’ll be damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

London Scot

25 March, 2024 at 12:51 pm

I will be raising this with my MP in London. He was a criminal barrister at the English bar plus is a member of the MOJ Select Committee. I will also contact David Davies MP as he has been a stalwart on the Free Speech issue. My MP told me back in 2020 when the bill was going through Holyrood, that I could be forced to return to Scotland and face charges if I committed a ‘hate’ crime there.I did not know about Section 35 then – if I had I would have urged him to pressurise the SofS for Scotland to go down that route. I was not aware of the ‘published in Scotland’ issue either.

I am Scots & have family there whom I visit it frequently. I also love visting the haunts of my youth when I back packed from Orkney to the borders & toured the Islands (though this time I stay in nice hotels rather than hostels).

In addition to the points that you, CM and others have raised in your excellent articles I have another GREAT concern which does not seem to have been covered by the media or SM.

I post GC comments (very measured) and have also criticised individual Muslims (for their actions e.g. HY), Muslim oraganisations + tenents of Sharia Law. Again measured – I do have a knowledge of Islam haveing grown up in a country with different ‘types’ of the religion & even attending a Muslim School. I am worried about my safely. I have a few non de plumes’ so post anonymously. If Police Scotland investigate all complaints (however unlikely they will reach the courts), presumably they will contact X etc & obtain my real identity and address details. At some stage whether legally or illegally these could enter the public domain.

I can cope with the trans activists spray painting TERF on my wall or demonstrating outside my house. However the thought that some Islamic extremist who has the hump with me and gets to know where I and my family live is worrying. Indeed I live only a few miles from Lewisham Mosque where the 2 Rigby killers worshipped.

I will contribute to your CF & follow you & other sites as soon before April 1st just as I work out how to do so.


25 March, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Yeah the Keystone Cops aka Police Scotland will be given a list of the top folk the politicians and their cronies in Scotland want shut up, these include you, Craig Murray, Mark and David above, Iain Lawson Roddy and several others who they’ve been trying to shut up for years.

The HC Laws are so vague and open to widespread interpretation that just about anything can be construed or massaged to look like a hate crime, at the very least you’ll be ruffed up and put to major inconvenience for at least months.

They really want to use these shutting up of free speech laws to gag dissenters, Christ we’re only a hop skip and a jump away from fascism in Scotland.

So lets see Yousaf the Puppet had a white racist rant as did Sarwar the BLiS manger in Scotland so worth reporting. Also what about the Orange Walk a hatefest if ever there was one that also must be reported on, then there’s the Old Firm games thousands of arrests must surely be on the cards, you’d think eh? Well none of the above will fall under the laws for its not those people that the SNP government and other MSPs who voted for the bill that they want to shut up.

We need to remove those MSPs that voted for these draconian laws beginning with the GE get the SNP out or suffer the consequences as they clamp even further down on any free speech.

They want to shut up, bang up those who criticise/point out the truth and machinations of our politicians its clique bodies and our judiciary and police force, among other people bodies that are up to no good.

John C

25 March, 2024 at 2:59 pm

And the purpose of the Hate Crime Act is to menace dissident voices with the prospect of being put through that more or less constantly.

Totally. It isn’t to stamp out hate as if it was, it’d define what hate was not to mention it’d include misogyny as a hate crime though again, this is by design. Activists need to feel free to attack women which means in Scotland in a week’s time one could call a woman a ‘bitch’ to zero action from the law, but if you call a transwoman a ‘man’ you’ll likely get a visit from the police.

Such arrests prove that the “reasonable person” test in the law offers no real protection for anyone targeted by the rainbow stormtroopers of the SNP and Scottish Greens’ Twitler Youth.

The ‘reasonable person’ line is bullshit. We know exactly how this is going to pan out and as we’ve seen online, there’s people right now promising that next Monday they’re going to report people even though the law precludes any historic ‘crimes’. The intent is to ‘be offended’ by the slightest thing as Stu has made clear, the process is the punishment. The idea behind this law is to create a chilling effect that silences people while at the same time allowing activists to use the police as their personal stasi to ‘punish’ people they hate.

Here’s the thing with a lot of cancel culture that’s ignored by the Owen Jones’s of the world. The cancellation isn’t always the end goal. The end goal for some is to ruin & destroy people to the extent they lose everything or kill themselves. This law is designed to make that easier for TRA’s especially to try to force people into such a situation where once they’ve seen jobs, friends, and possibly even their homes vanish then all that’s left is suicide.

This is going to make people’s lives hell for nothing more than the ‘offence’ taken by people looking to impose their ideology upon everyone by any means necessary.

John C

25 March, 2024 at 3:11 pm

Let’s be realistic: the supine Scottish press have done nothing to really challenge this ludicrous law

Indeed, and worse, much of the media have unquestioningly supported it or done nothing to question it even though the law itself threatens a free and open press.

If for example, we get another Isla Bryson incident (which is pretty likely) and you want to report it accurately as a man who raped a woman you could be charged with a hate crime by TRA’s for the ‘crime’ of misgendering.

This is Orwellian & not only does it create a chilling effect, it’s dangerous in that it’s allowing potentially dangerous people to act as vigilantes and the police can do nothing about vexatious complaints as the Scottish government have made it clear all complaints will be investigated. Which in a time when crime is going unreported as people know the police aren’t doing nothing about it means that your actual criminals are going to have a field day. After all, an officer can’t come and deal with the car getting nicked if they’re dealing with a TRA’s complaint about a woman.

I do think it won’t last long, possibly 18 months tops but the damage to people’s lives in that time will be horrific & it’ll allow some very mentally ill and dangerous people the chance to ruin people.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 March, 2024 at 3:53 pm

“Nationalists voted these people into office and thus facilitated them enacting draconian laws. I hope you’re all very pleased with yourselves.”

Oh do stop it with this pish. Labour and the Lib Dems enthusiastically backed the Act all the way, and Labour and the Tories both have lengthy histories of doing similar, if not quite as egregiously as this. Go find the film “Taking Liberties” on YouTube.

Stuart MacKay

25 March, 2024 at 4:30 pm

John C, “historic crimes”, you say…

From Craig’s article…

It is a well-established principle in Scots law that anything published on the internet, which can be read in Scotland, is deemed to be published in Scotland. The act of publication is not deemed to be the person actually publishing the item, let us say in Tahiti. The act of publication is deemed to be the reader opening the item on their device in Scotland

So any article, for example, from 10 years ago, is published on the date I open the page.

This would apply to any archived page as well. So, even if the Rev deleted everything he’d still be liable if someone visited, https://archive.is/https://wingsoverscotland.com/

The law is clearly out of touch with reality. Who will win?

Vivian O’Blivion

25 March, 2024 at 4:31 pm

Stasiland by Anna Funder could be a useful reference point.
Funder (an Australian) interviews victims of the Stasi (Ministry for State Security) of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik.
In one episode, a target of the local Stasi in the provinces turns the tables on her would be tormentors by threatening to report them to Stasi HQ in Berlin. They are of course terrified as they know well that the watchers have watchers have watchers … ad infinitum.
The Good Soldier Svejk by Jaroslav Hasek is also a useful (fictional) resource. Or hero, Svejk uses constructive stupidity to confound the bureaucrats of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who are otherwise intent on feeding him into the mincing machine of WWI


25 March, 2024 at 9:56 pm

The hate crime bill is fascinating in how it shows up the power dynamics underneath much of politics : it hit me the other day – this bill was made for one purpose only, to placate the trannies and silence any critics.

Any political observer is used to the presence of lobbies and how they get what they want, inter-relate, sometimes cancel each other out; but this shows without any doubt – the trannies are the most powerful political lobby on the planet right now. Other lobbies can’t match them – the hate crime law was not done for e.g. the jews, muslims, black lives matter, feminists, “ordinary decent gays”, the disabled – no, all that gets tagged on to make it look less obvious.

It’s trannies, trannies all the way down.

Which is hard to believe since it is a small number of sad sack men in bad wigs who get their jollies from wanking off in the womens loos … so where does this power come from?

Also, in case you doubt me, the Ghanaians had a crack down on all this nonsense the other week, and immediately the IMF – the IMF! – are coming out saying “youze ur gonnay get it … ”

– imagine if Scottish nationalists had that sort of clout; after 2014 we could have “made the call” and had international finance crash the pound and classify UK debt as junk until they “let my people go”.

So, it is not organic this power, it is astroturf. Rich people, oligarchs, funding it all, from way back, the foundations being the money pumped into the ivy league to finance “gender studies” and “queer” subjects – these things aren’t real, it’s nonsense, but even Harvard will take the money if the cheque is big enough.

People mention obviously, the Pritzkers, but they have to work with the consent of others.

Overall, it seems bizarre, but then you realise what it was all along – a trojan horse for paedophilia, and that is something our elites seem to be into, every sex scandal, no one is into “milfs”. Elites have libertine tastes and at the top of the tree there is little to do other than eat fancy food, swan around a lot, and screw, and when you do a lot, your tastes move to the exotic.

To spell it out, if a child can consent to mutilating its body then consenting to sex with an adult seems a small thing; “sexual rights for children!”, yeah right. It was always the old philosophical paedo argument “but what if the child consents?”

The rainbow people want to turn the whole of society into a fetish club and a general free for all – get the primary kids on tinder/grindr, let them “explore their sexuality” – which makes for a colossal showdown because, much more so than the middle class who are easy to brainwash, the working class don’t give a shit about “the nonsense people talk in universities” and most crucially “if anyone touched my kids, i’d murder them … ” – people won’t fight for their political or economic rights anymore, but they will die for their kids.

I predicted a while ago, there will be murders and – the juries will let the killers walk, and there will be a huge backlash and then everyone will be running for cover trying to say “it wasn’t me”.

Victory is assured, but you still have to fight the battle. You could start with mass fake hate crime reports, and any woman who sees a man in the loos should report an assault.

The case of the Wings website may be another specific target (consider how juryless sex crimes trials came in AFTER Salmond defeated them); WOS has been almost the only place to consistently hold the fake-nats feet to the fire this last decade and I am sure they would like to be rid of him, alas the SNP private militia, aka Police Scotland don’t have the reach down to Bath.

WOS is now a crime scene; given these LLMs like ChatGPT scan the entire internet, then the whole wings back catalogue is in there, and I am sure people with resources are datamining the shit out of it and this includes the BTL, and we are easy prey, small fry – no one is going to fund our legal defences, no fancy QCs for us, no, we can get picked up and thrown against a wall, any time; the rev and the ambassador have partial protection due to their fame, we do not.

The “bad law” aspects of the law have been covered elsewhere, but the get out clause is religion; if you are accused just say you are a devout christian or muslim, then you can quote the passages from Deuteronomy/Leviticus and the hadiths of the prophet.

– if you want real protection, go for the muslim angle; the trannies might think they are tough, but if they “defame the prophet” and the muslims arrive, they will get their arses kicked; in a way I admire the muslims a little, they stick together, stick up for what they believe, fear no one and usually people shite it from them. But as pointed out in the article “the punishment is the process”.

– it’s been a pleasure posting with you all, the insulting and butting of heads too

I would like to point out all my posts were satirical in nature and I for one, welcome our new

woke tranny rainbow bottom inspector police scotland overlords


25 March, 2024 at 10:09 pm

Removing the absolute power of politicians is the only way to ensure the freedom of the people.

The pre-1707 Scottish constitution DID give the people the power to remove, even imprison, politicians and judges who sought to deny the people’s rights. This is what we need to restore. Salvo is campaigning for this and educating us all about our lost constitutional rights.

Another way to limit the ability of politicians to behave oppressively is, of course, to end the party political system – it is a lot harder to get a group of independent MPs/MSPs to agree on something whereas a party grouping can be controlled by a clique or even by just one powerful person.

This is where Independents for Independence comes in. These candidates for Westminster aren’t in it to get themselves a permanent job – they want Scotland’s independence. “Settle up, not settle down.”

If the Rev does have to close Wings down then his energies and talents would be very useful to both of these initiatives.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 March, 2024 at 10:19 pm

“If WOS were a subscription only website with no share facility then would anyone who copied an article eg screenshot and posted it on social media not then be considered the publisher?”

This, broadly, is one of the things we’ve asked the KC. But no, the definition of “published” is so incredibly wide in Scots law that’d we’d probably still be the ones getting huckled.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 March, 2024 at 10:24 pm

“If the Police in England raid you then they’re liable for malicious prosecution since no crime as been committed. How will the courts bring you to justice – issue an extradition warrant? Extraordinary rendition? By private parties?

Under English law can you commit a crime where the evidence would not be recognised by an English court?”

Unfortunately the Policing And Crime Act 2017 appears to provide the ability for an English officer to arrest a person in England for an alleged crime committed in Scotland:


But the matter is far from clear. Which is one reason we’re paying for a professional view.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 March, 2024 at 10:31 pm

“If you have a website and block certain countries from using it ie Scotland, would you still be breaking the law as you’d taken every reasonable step? Not your fault if someone there used a proxy or VPN”

That’s a very difficult thing to achieve, and unlikely to be of any help legally because even if they used a VPN, that would still count as them reading the site in Scotland. The existing law – not the HCA – is already incredibly draconian in that regard.

(Besides which, a Wings that can’t be read in Scotland has little point to its existence.)


26 March, 2024 at 6:16 am

Ignored says:
26 March, 2024 at 4:11 am
This censorship of free speech…..

Truth is like water, it always finds a way.
They are terrified that we are waking up.

If only it was “just” free speech being censored. The active and passive propaganda, patently endorsed to the hilt by the state, which so gravely distorts the reality of events in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, frankly beggars every belief.

To be so utterly brazen in the deceit is the frightening thing, because it reveals they have lines of deception and undermining of the truth already pre-planned, on permanent standby to validate and corroborate their own disinformation.

They have “think tanks” and “independent experts” on speed dial, ready to initiate any skewed conversation the need to seed and / or steer the narrative towards their own agenda.

We Scots should know this better than anyone, because these vile liars serve their apprenticeships indoctrinating the people of Scotland with flagrant disinformation about the plundering of our nation, combined with fawning adulation of the Royal parasites kept aloft by wealth screwed out from the rest of us.

I don’t agree they’re terrified of us waking up. I believe they’re supremely confident they’ve got it covered. They’re truth proof.

I used to believe that truth would always prevail. I used to believe in Santa Clause too.

Frank Gillougley

26 March, 2024 at 7:09 am

There’s no two ways about it. This will be their reign of terror. They will use all the endless means at their disposal to silence any dissent. For the foreseeable future, yes, they’ll win – that is how it’ll go. But in the long term it won’t be sustainable as the centre can never hold. The sooner we stop voting for this set up the better. Red, blue, yellow, green mixed together is just grey brown sludge. At least the humour will have to reinvent itself albeit along eastern European lines. It’s amazing what they actually got away with before the 90s.

Science in general will be next, biology has already fallen. Quantum physics in Stalin’s soviet union did not exist. Anything they say can and will go. All the law is defunct.

Alf Baird

26 March, 2024 at 9:39 am

TURABDIN @ 9:18 am

“An old beast is at its most ferocious at the hour of existential threat”

Indeed, this is expected whenever ‘colonialism is imperiled’, and here we are reminded of the place we are in, and that, according to Aime Cesaire:

“Fascism is the application of colonial procedures (and) Civilization helps us locate the origins of fascism within colonialism”.

On the rationale for and urgency of independence, which is decolonization and national liberation, Cesaire states that this is: “not posed in terms of capitalism versus socialism, but in terms of the complete and total overthrow of a racist, colonialist system that would open the way to imagine a whole new world.”

Stuart MacKay

26 March, 2024 at 9:44 am

Breeks @6:16am

I think a lot of the narrative is down to self-censorship. They know that unless they stay on message on the neo-liberal agenda that their next job might be given to someone else who is more of a team player.

A good example for me was a couple of years ago when the agreement over servicing the International Space Station using Soyuz rockets was terminated. They had a spokesman on from NASA to talk about the situation since SpaceX wasn’t quite ready, and all he could do was talk about how Russia should be designated as a state-sponsor of terrorism.

But back to the topic on hand. The HCB is just the set rules that the Uniparty use to regulate themselves in written form. All those codes of conduct are more of the same. It looks like the rest of the world is giving the finger to the Rules Based Order which just means they’re going to double-down on the rules that their captive populations have to follow. Stay tuned.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

26 March, 2024 at 11:58 am

“Can’t you use a VPN to post from a jurisdiction with no police connections like Japan?”

It doesn’t matter where it’s posted from. If it can be read in Scotland, you’re on the hook. And they know where I live.


26 March, 2024 at 1:48 pm

one thing we have to remember in Scotland is how laws are selectively applied; as for “hate”, such a thing exists, but not what they say it is – rather it is what you get at the 600 orange marches a year in the west of Scotland and in other places. They get police protection and ambulance/health support, and they don’t pay for it – we don’t know what it costs, no one will tell you.

– this is a belter, a riot, but bear in mind the guy got off with it and “some of his friends are -coloured- “; he gets a pass, for some reason.


hospitality suites at ibrox are a fucking sewer, in a way worse than much of the crap in the stands, as the middle class are “meant to know better”.

Mark Beggan

26 March, 2024 at 2:39 pm

What will Police Scotland do with people who hate themselves?

Rev. Stuart Campbell

27 March, 2024 at 12:26 pm

“Very serious question: can you be prosecuted under the Hate Crime Swill for dinner table conversation? “

Yes you can. There is no dwelling defence.

James Hammerton

27 March, 2024 at 9:33 pm

“In 2017, under a very similar law, I was subjected to a malicious, ridiculous allegation of “harassment” by a journalist whose work we’d critiqued, and arrested.”

In the situation you describe here, the Met police travelled to Bath to haul you in. You’re positing that Police Scotland might do similarly regarding an offence they regard as committed in Scotland. This raises a question in my mind – Scotland and England are 2 different legal jurisdictions, with different laws applying either sides of the border, rather than just 2 different police jurisdictions as per Bath vs London.

Can Police Scotland travel into England in order to detain someone for something that isn’t an offence in England? It seems to me that would be required if you were to be e.g. hauled to Scotland on suspicion of stirring up hatred on the grounds of gender identity and thus the situation wouldn’t be quite the same as the Met doing so.

Hopefully you’re legal advice will be clear on this point.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

28 March, 2024 at 3:24 pm

“Can Police Scotland travel into England in order to detain someone for something that isn’t an offence in England?”

As far as I can establish, no. But this is what I’m checking, among other things.

James Hammerton

28 March, 2024 at 10:31 pm

In this tweet I asked Prof James Chalmers about this cross border detentions under the new offences: https://twitter.com/JamesAHammerton/status/1773105227052220821

This was his reply: “Unlikely that would satisfy the “substantial part” test unless it was specifically aimed at Scotland. Conversely, likely anything that could meet the requirements of the offence would also be an offence under s 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which applies across the UK.”

Given the circumstances in which people have been detained or even convicted under S 127, I wasn’t entirely reassured! The “substantial part” test is that a substantial part of the offence occurred in Scotland – Chalmers explained this earlier in the thread.

Also I note this from the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1994/33/section/137 Note subsections 2 and and 5. It looks like the Scottish police can indeed cross the border to detain someone if the exercise of the power to detain would have been lawful had the suspect been in Scotland and the offence concerned was committed in Scotland.

Wings Over Scotland | Moving Out


26 March, 2024 at 7:15 pm

As you look back and see

The vow publisher in charge
The conspiracy against Salmond
Lloyd come back
Continuity candidate
Missing money
Hate crime shutting down the rev
Culture wars from the top
I pad scandals
And SNP arguing for a seat in the house of lords

It is hard to believe the SNP is not being run by the security services

Incompetent givernment


26 March, 2024 at 7:36 pm

Rev, before you go [if you go], what about doing a piece about Indy1st?

Indy1st was launched yesterday with a video that includes Geoff Bush describing the AyeApp – an app to make voter registration easy and which will also analyse voting intentions etc in order to help campaigning strategy for Independents for Independence.

The video is available on Barrhead Boy, Eva Comrie, Leanne Tervit’s twitter.

Indy1st looks to be very worthwhile for helping boost the Yes vote so take a look, everyone – and if you can send them a few quid, even better.


26 March, 2024 at 8:44 pm

New poll suggest the SNP will only win 18 seats and lose 30, I would presume is this part of the reason why they have moved, if the party loses money from the amount of MPs they have at Westminster by 30 seats then the party is in real trouble and if no one is prepared to donate then the party troubles are even worse then we thought. After all Mike Russle promised to keep us informed regarding the membership numbers, as of yet I haven’t heard anything have you.


26 March, 2024 at 9:15 pm

Let’s remember folks these people running the SNP aren’t nationalist there not even British their opportunist.

Let’s see if the party holds a spring conference, I think not.

Sturgeon stood in front of us in arena in Glasgow in 2014 and portrayed herself as a president and we allowed her to do it, it took a few years for some of us to realize her was a woman who had no intention what’s so ever of delivering Independence. Then Brexit happened and she started on with the idea of a second referendum on the EU at the time I had left the SNP but was trying desperately to point out to those people who still believed Sturgeon and that she was going to deliver on the promise of Indyref2. I said England has left the EU we need to respect that, what we need is for Sturgeon to honor these mandates she been given and delivery Independence because that’s our route back into the EU, but instead Sturgeon deliberately did a kamikaze on 1 Indyref2 and 2 a new referendum on the EU but instead gave Johnson an election in which he won a supermajority and she didn’t even ask him for anything in return. I was a supporter of the SNP for 33yrs and never in my life would I have expected to her from a leader of the SNP that’s she would be British even when Scotland became Independent. I’m afraid folks what is happening is the people running the SNP are winding the party down for good because after the Westminster election it’ll all be over for the SNP and lets see what new carer Sturgeon is blessed with by the British state.


26 March, 2024 at 9:24 pm

As a former Labour supporter, horrified by the party’s intellectual and moral decline, I still marvel at the way the SNP became corrupt to the core in just a decade.


27 March, 2024 at 8:12 am

The treatment of Assange really is the latest exemplar that the British justice system has fuck all to do with justice. It is so bent it is shocking. They just make it up as they go along.

The judges excluded evidence that the US plotted to assassinate Assange.

They employed Lady Dorrian levels of ‘logic’ to rule that it was moot.

It is incredible really that all this is going on in so called democracies.

The West is morally bankrupt. It is so visible everywhere you look. ‘We’ are going down folks… The signs are all around and they are accumulating. And it can’t be stopped.


27 March, 2024 at 9:18 am

The police raided in April 2023 and it has to be assumed that they took everything. If investigations are still ongoing, then it’s difficult to see how the Party has been functioning for the past year. One assumes that with no equipment then there’s no point in going to the office. At £75,000 per annum that’s a hefty white elephant.
Retrieval of equipment (as you know Mr Wings) can be difficult even when you’re totally innocent , so who knows whether the SNP will ever get their shiny new computers back.
I just realised that in 2021 – 2022 the party spent £247850 and raised £384984
If you go to the site they seem to send enquiries to people inside Holyrood – but I may be wrong here.

Corrado Mella

27 March, 2024 at 9:45 am

Absolute power absolutely corrupts, but only the weak minded.
The narcissistic sociopaths that rose through the ranks, drunk on it, went ballistic.

Narcs are generally more intelligent of the average but are also far more risk prone.
This leads them to underestimate the consequences of their actions, with opportunistic decisions taken on a whim, almost often forced by past wrong choices.

In a now out of control spiral of worsening problems, the true nature of these mentally defectives is evident and undermines their authority.

Panic sets in and they resort to tyrannical power.

The next step is a complete collapse with a substantial reset of the landscape, be it political, social or financial.

There is no other possible outcome. It happened every time a power centre has been overridden by incompetents, malicious and malevolent inadequates.

Start building better NOW.

Matt Quinn

27 March, 2024 at 10:19 am

That looks like a nice wee studio – I might have been interested in in myself had it not been within the Edinburgh no-go zone (LEZ)! And that’s good enough reason, in my view, not to want to be there, move out etc. – Something similar is true of central Hazzard County (Glasgow).

One thing puzzles me though (well it does rhetorically at least) – with such a usefully equipped video facility, how come their output is mainly Secondary school/potatocam level crap?

Tartan Tory

27 March, 2024 at 11:44 am

2 + 2 = ???

If the SNP were any other Scottish business, what would any sane person think now?

1. Chartered Accountants refuse to deal with the company.
2. CEO and Public-facing High-heid-yin under police investigation.
3. Business appears to have done a bunk from expensive HQ

Any SANE person would not be spending money on the company website, or supporting them in any subscription manner either. In fact, they’d be running a mile from any connection, regardless of how tenuous it might be.

The really sad thing is that ANYONE still voting for the SNP in 2024 should be sectioned under the mental health act!!! These blind individuals have long been the roadblock on the way to any meaningful Scottish independence.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

27 March, 2024 at 12:25 pm

“Anybody know if the dinner table hate crime bill thing is real? Can we really be reported for something we say at our own dinner table? Mental, if true.”

Yes, absolutely you can.


27 March, 2024 at 1:56 pm

I seem to recall putting an X in a box for one thing, but ended up getting a shit load of things I didn’t want and a pile of ash from all the burnt mandates for the things I did want…


27 March, 2024 at 3:43 pm

On the nefarious Hate Crime Laws.

I honestly think this draconian law is unworkable the police and the courts are at breaking point right now without this added workload that will explode as every one and their auntie who gets offended at the drop of a hat will report it to police Scotland most complaints will go no further than being logged.

The Hate Crime Laws are akin to a huge net being thrown into the sea that catches all fish but the aim of those that are throwing the net is just to catch several big fish.

The big fish will be reported for Hate Crimes even if those remarks appear innocuous, nevertheless the remark/s will be massage as to appear as a Hate Crime/s and the big fish will find themselves up in a Scottish court infront of a handpicked judge without a jury (just as Craig Murray found himself) and they will be convicted and given a harsh punishment to shut them up once and for all.

Alf Baird

27 March, 2024 at 3:56 pm

James Che @ 1:44 pm

“Does racism display it ugly head in the politics of Britain when the parliament of Westminster refuses the nation of Scots the “Right to Self Determination” ?”

Yes it does, and decolonization has always been the firm ground on which the right to self-determination of ‘a people’ was applied. Which informs us that independence is decolonization.

Further, postcolonial theory describes colonialism as “hateful racism” (Cesaire) while the UN refers to it “a scourge”, i.e. a form of punishment directed at ‘a people’, and calls for it to be ended.

In addition, colonialism also leads to an oppressed people ‘internalizing’ this racism (i.e. they develop a feeling of ‘self-hatred’) which is an added dimension of oppression.

Any colonized people would appear to have a good case that they remain subject to “racism (which) is a consubstantial part of colonialism” (Memmi).



27 March, 2024 at 4:37 pm

“hate crime”

– this would have been a cracker to watch from the gallery


rigside has its own goebbels, who knew? Sounds like something out of a mel brooks film.

for you, darren


To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.


27 March, 2024 at 4:59 pm

And for the record:

List of Nicola’s failures

Stop Brexit campaign
Case against Salmond
Parliamentary review of Salmond case
Education and Pisa figures
Attainment gap
Asking children about their sexual experience
failing to role out super fast broadband as promised
Drug deaths
COVID and old folks
Infyref2 times 20
Turning a party of 120k into a party of 30k or less
Total lack of fundraising campaign
Growth commission paper
Use sterling not Scottish pound
No mention of independence
Gender recognition
Doesn’t know what a woman is
Approved person
£600k missing
No support for AUOB
Failing to call a Scottish convention
Jailed AUOB leader
Jailed Craig Murray
Tried to jail another journalist Mark Hurst
Treatment of Margaret Ferrier,Joanna Cherry, and others
Both votes SNP
Hate speech to shut down those that criticised her
Supreme court case designed to fail
Failing to support king Charles’ oath to uphold the claim of right
Failing to push the claim of right
Bottle return
Defacto ref where Westminster control all the strings
A9 dualling
No movement in the polls in 6 years
Recent polling crash
National energy company
Taking on Dept Work and Pensions payments
Letting London take the stone of destiny back without a word
Failure to disrupt westminster
Giving away the Berwick bank for a song
Supporting Freeport’s without comment about workers rights
National investment bank
National census failure
National care service
Police crime and protest act banning protests they don’t like
Vietnam group being exposed
Somone going to jail
Extreme protected fishing areas

The continuity candidate

Humza got his family out of faza and I don’t blame him but now westminster can control him

Mackay and his Ipad. A false claim should be immediate dismissal.

The hate and public order scotland act delivered – it will be used by the woke lobby to shut down pro indy voices – the snp has introduced a law that will allow unionists to silence wings and anyone else they dont like

Failure to recognize she is a failure

Wings Over Scotland | The Great Genocide


27 March, 2024 at 6:03 pm

Of course, these criminals are not actually transgender. They haven’t transitioned, and in case, “Isla Bryson” he only decided to identify as a woman after being charged, as many of them do.

The creation of the “umbrella” is a crime against transsexuals as well as the rest of us, because it lumps them in with fetishists and perverts.


27 March, 2024 at 6:13 pm

It is extremely disturbing and outrageous that a snp mp can state through ANY broadcast media that “hate crime is a major problem across Scotland”, which “wreaks havoc on individuals, on communities and on families”.Without being asked to provide ANY evidence that that is the case

It is grotesque and disengenuous in the extreme, that a supposed politician is determined to justify through any means possible that the introduction of this reviled freedom destroying bill is warranted

As a 73 year old Scotsman I am absolutely horrified and outraged that this person is portraying Scotland and Scots on a national broadcaster as participating in horrendous acts of hateful conduct requiring the intervention of draconian laws

Police Scotland have stated that due to their inability to attend every reported incident certain incidents will no longer be investigated or pursued as live incidents, surely that is an ENCOURAGEMENT to criminals to determine what crimes will not be actively pursued and then base their activities and profits on THOSE activities

This CRUSADE by certain members of our politicians was forced on voters without agreement or correct consultation


27 March, 2024 at 6:50 pm

It’s always a grotesque curiosity watching a political party committing political suicide; however, the high speed helter-skelter downward spiral of the SNP is a study in self-annihilation. Even the red tories took a tad longer to self-immolate. Sturgeon created this bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein was created by Salmond’s dumbass resignation.

What’s my point ? My point is, we’ll just have to wait for a new ‘Salmond’ – it took the best part of a century to make a Salmond, I’m not holding my breath (especially with the Brit infil("Tractor" - Ed)s infesting the SNP – they’ve always infected the SNP).

Yet, the fight is not over and never will be over till it’s won.


27 March, 2024 at 8:11 pm

The reporting of statistics on trans-committed crime is totally reversed. They are not the victims. Quite the reverse.

Much like the race crime. Blacks are not the victims they are the overwhelming perpetrators. Overwhelming, it is not even close…

No one actually gave a shit about them, the trans genders. Until all this ideological poison was rammed down out throats.

The only significant violent crimes against them is when they fool someone into thinking they are a real woman / man. When he / she then finds out… they are humiliated and enraged and they kicks their heads in. This makes up the vast majority of trans ‘hate’ crimes.

Whereas the crimes committed by transpeople is off the scale.

The stats are of course well obscured but apparently the crime rates and especially of a sexual nature for the trans community are enormous. Fra beyond the base population.

And it is because they in really most cases are mentally ill.


27 March, 2024 at 8:25 pm

So in reality there WAS NO NEED for the Hate Crime Laws to come into existence especially with trans folk in mind.

What statistics does the MSPs/Scottish government give/refer to, to justify the implementation of the Hate Crime Laws, if there are none or just one or two as you point out against trans folk then these severe and extremely ill thought out laws should be repealed before they make a laughing stock out of Scotland.

Either way remain or stay, we MUST get the SNP/Greens and any other MSP that voted for these vile HC Laws out of office, lets get the SNP MPs out of Westminster first and show our intent.


27 March, 2024 at 9:48 pm

Mr Campbell – a FOI request was made in February this year asking for recorded hate crimes against people of South East Asian heritage. In Police Scotland’s response they were unable to provide the exact information to the person asking the question but in their reply they did provide a table of ‘hate crimes’ categorised by race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender for the years 2017 to 2023.
The table has to be read in conjunction with the caveats outlined underneath the results to understand how Police Scotland arrived at their figures.
This is the link to the FOI request and subsequent Police Scotland responses


President Xiden

28 March, 2024 at 7:39 am

April fools day has been cancelled this year as it is now impossible to tell whether a ridiculous story or headline is an April fool or Government policy. Bring thine asteroid oh Lord.

Alf Baird

28 March, 2024 at 9:45 am

John Main @ 6:55 am

“The message from ScotGov to this Sovereign Scot seems crystal clear this morning. Fuck off. And die.”

Yes, well, it is a colonial administration, efter aw, wha’s main function is tae haud the fowk doun in order tae keep the racket and plunder going. Whit dae ye expect? Here the state gies itself lawful authority tae pit fowk doun, much like an animal, ane wey or anither. We do not need to look very far into the past, or present, to see how that ends.

In a colonial society “colonization is legitimate in every sense and with all its consequences” (Albert Memmi), and where even “the most absurd prejudices are explained and justified; and, as if by magic, the moon is turned into green cheese” (Cesaire).

Rab Clark

28 March, 2024 at 10:52 am

For those who haven’t seen it, Murdo Fraser’s letter to Police Scotland is reproduced in full here.

Provides some solid insight as to the process of being fingered as a ‘hater’ by a person or persons unknown.


Alf Baird

28 March, 2024 at 11:30 am

Rab Clark

In colonial societies the assimilated bourgeoisie are not immune from oppressive laws.

London Scot

28 March, 2024 at 12:36 pm

A bit insulting to ALLScots to state that hate crime is rife accross Scotland. Perhaps SNP & Green MSPs could make speeches on the wickedness of the people they want to vote for them.That will go down well.


28 March, 2024 at 12:50 pm

The TRANSEE CONFERENCE was a secret meeting organised in secret, without telling anyone, to plan and utilise vast resources, without anyone noticing, to facilitate the TRANSOCAUST. So secret was this meeting, no records exist, because no one was there, in order to keep it secret.

OPERATION PENIS-HARD had the trans pipul to be “resettled in the east”, but were disembarked to specially constructed pure killing camps in the middle of lanarkshire and lothian; one such was at hartwood “mental hospital” where the rainbow women would be sent for free hormones and dilators, but once caught inside, the doors would close and the guards would throw in gaseous vials of GHB and amyl nitrate, and to a banging techno soundtrack, the defenceless real wimmin either danced themselves or sodomised each other to death.

– the bodies were removed and burnt with no trace within minutes; the piles of wigs, 80 feet high, can be seen in the ruins of the site.

All the so-called “mental hospitals” of Scotland were used to murder millions of trannies; Scotland once had a population of 11 million, a figure falsified by transphobic historians. What do you think the wearing of kilts was all about?

This is a true account and was written on an iPhone 17 in 1983, by Princess Beatrice Fantastico (see her at the Fringe) who escaped every single mental hospital in Scotland, where smart suited young doctors would “use her”, over and over (no reach arounds but).

‘Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred. ‘ (Elie Wiesel: Legends of Our Time (New York: Avon, 1970)

– who are you calling a liar, it was real in my mind.

The ravings of histrionic narcissists make for very poor arithmetic; zero is not much to shout about. But you know – words are violence, and silence is also violence, and so we have “systemic” violence against trans people, and that becomes a genocide. Truth is not an out-there, but an in-here, in the feels, in the lived experience, of the narratives of the oppressed, which makes it real, to them. Now add a captured bureaucracy, and we’re all in fucking trouble. Thoughts are now also violence and facts are inadmissable as a defence; denying the charge is to aggravate it.


28 March, 2024 at 1:31 pm

just had the misfortune to catch some politics last night and questions today

– jenny gilruth has mastered the art of rabbitting on aimlessly when asked any question, but also doing so without pausing for breath, something Thatcher was good at, never answering nor deflecting, and without the questioner to say – WTF DOES THAT NONSENSE STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS MEAN? – JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION

in holyrood, christine grahame is defending XL Bullies; old folks homes are shutting down, but we will soon have assisted dying so we can rid ourselves of all the LIFE UNWORTHY OF LIFE, and I will volunteer to walk the chamber handing out the fentanyl sherbets to all the MSPs. Or I could bring the mobile gas van to the front door.

gilruth was on about the schools – she seemed to think our teachers are paid better than elsewhere, ratios are better than the UK, and results are better (maybe because the exams are shit now) even though PISA results have been on the slide for a long time; but the discipline aspect was her prime deflection.

I know a teacher and he says it is psychological warfare, bribery and corruption in the classrroom; roughly about 1/3 of the kids are fine and will get on with it, 1/3 not into it and will disrupt and the middle 1/3 will go with the dominant group. My mate was an entertaining banteriste who had the verbal skills to engage and subdue the difficult 1/3, many do not. There lies the problem for there is no sanction anymore – no belt, and not even physical contact (throwing items at pupils now will get you sacked) this extends to breaking up fights, so if some massive bully is leathering some pipsqueak you just have to let it run its course … handing out lines and detentions is a joke as they don’t do them and the ultimate sanction of expulsion never happens because the parents are involved and the head teacher gets dragged into it … also, many parents will “get a diagnosis” so its not his fault and its not my fault, but its your fault and the schools fault because little jonny has adhd autism bpd ptsd learning social anxiety isalittlecunt – disorder.

then there is the tyranny of the mobile phone (should be banned in schools), not only do the kids use them to harass each other, but to bully the teachers or humiliate them, swearing at them openly and filming it

– one underhand way some teachers maintain order (reminiscent of the english public school) is to bribe the biggest kid in the class who can keep order on your behalf; like an officially sanctioned “school bully”. He operates with a mere glare, anything physical happens in the corridor.


28 March, 2024 at 1:45 pm


The only fairly quick way to regaining independence is by the existing political system.

We therefore need people who are passionate about the goal to be elected as MPs and MSPs.

This means supporting every initiative that such people are engaged in – Indy 1st, Independents for Independence, Schemes for Indy, Independence for Scotland Party, and perhaps Alba.

To this end I have just donated to Indy 1st, being the newest and therefore the most in need – they have a donate button and bank account details [sort 873763, account 00047141] on their website indy1st.scot.

Matt Quinn

28 March, 2024 at 2:18 pm

Anton Decadent wrote on the 28th of March 2024 at 11:56am:

If you believe that things are bad now buckle up because they are going to get far worse. In my opinion in twenty years time Glasgow will be completely unrecognisable and it will spread out from there, nowhere will be spared from the purge.

That’s been coming for a long time… I feel a bit of a rant coming on!

I grew up in the Red Road… moved back to the flats in ’84-85-ish when I’d completed my training with Thames in London. – Set up on my own from a back bedroom in my flat back in ’86. Left the city (for what turned out to be for good) in 1990. From late ’99/ early’00 I started commuting back to the city to lecture at Stow and (for a while) Springburn/North Glasgow colleges… both gone now of course; a symptom of the city’s various cancers.

So I’ve seen the tide flow in and flow out of the place…

I resigned from Stow in 2012 after a period of work-induced illness… But of course by then, the city of my birth was already unrecognisable. Travelling back to the place for work purposes became increasingly infrequent; and the ‘morphing’ more obvious – the corruption on the part of those that occupy ‘Castle Numbskull’ (the city chambers) less hidden and more flagrant.

How do they get away with it? Dogger Mathieson with his ‘little Nero’ plans to blow down the Red Road for ‘sport’ and stautes in carefully gentrified ‘magenta square’… The plight of Jaconellis and the already run-down community with its now non-legacy. Hazard-County style traffic schemes to keep the poor (i.e. most ordinary folk) out of the city etc. etc. etc… The Balornock and Barmulloch I grew up in razed and the barely-adequate housing replaced with reduced numbers of opportunity-limiting hutches; clearly designed to be tomorrow’s slums. – a strategy which has worked well in Glasgow since WW2 to keep the politcos in backhanders and the (well connected of course) developers in public money!

If you’re born into Glasgow (and I suspect many other places in Scotland) as an ordinary working-class gadgie; then you stand a good chance of trying to survive rather than live a life – and you will be no more than a rag in the political spin cycle to those that hold the reigns!

Multi-culturalism specifically isn’t about incoming groups setting up their own exclusive (by dint of which they are inherently racist) enclaves to undermine the established population. – And yet; that does seem to be what has been enabled and encouraged by the corrupt and dishonest people who have been running our towns and cities (not just Glasgow) for many decades now… There is no ‘melting pot’, no integration… no progress; quite the opposite in fact; they’re resistant to that!

Try (for example) being a white boy who falls for a girl from certain Asian communities. I had a student once who literally lived his life in fear of his kid’s mother’s brothers. One day two of them literally walked into a class I was running and tried to sneak in at the back… when I told them to get (the eff) out they started feigning ‘no speeky inglish’; obviously thinking I was as thick as they were.

Multi-culturalism has been engineered to become a misnome.

Now, for ‘cards on the table’ clarity, I am all for integration. My (late) eldest daughter was of what some would call ‘mixed race’. Her (also late) Mother was born in the Rottenrow and brought up in Clydebank (My daughter’s maternal grandparents came were from Hong Kong and Shanghai; arrived here in the 60s)… and while you will undeniably find pockets of racism among the nominally-‘Chinese’ community such people are generally seen as regressive dinosaurs. – Because that group of people which came here to settle back then did so to make a new life in a better place; not to wallow in contempt for the communities that found space for and welcomed them.

Something similar seems to be true of many other ‘immigrant’ groups… of which I am part myself; descended from what Molly Weir cited as being called ‘the dirty Irish’ back in her day – in our native Springburn; both sides of my family having arrived here in the 1840s-60s.

Truth is… there have been immigrant communities arriving and settling on these islands for hundreds of years; arriving and integrating. …And that’s fine. The positive contributions to our wider culture and nature are generally welcomed. The eventual natural death of the negative and regressive aspects too. By this means we move forward.

Perhaps it is just my naive perception and lack of knowledge; but from what can be observed it does appear to be the case that the issue of non-white racist enclaves is a relatively new phenomena (perhaps only 40-50 years at its roots); springing primarily from groups that originate from a particular place…

Take a walk through Govanhill and count the amount of lawyers which now operate in the area and read their own signs for what they specialise in.

Sex Crimes
Crimes Of Violence
Weapons Offences
Traffic Offences

If Glasgow didn’t have enough problems with plazzy gangstas it does seem to have imported and enabled a new breed.

But FWIW Anton, back in the late 90s into the 2000s there were ‘grooming gangs’ being run here in West Lothian – particularly in a place which Widow Twankey (Angela Constance) defended as a ‘hard working community’ while there were old men with ‘church of Scotland connections’ openly overseeing wee lassies of 12 and 13 being plied with drink and then dragged into bushes to be abused. – All in plain site with the tacit endorsement of the ‘community’. – When reported both the local police and council tried to bury the story – it wasn’t ’till a dozen years later that the ringleader was caught and jailed! – and not a deep suntan in sight!

Frankly, it’s corruption that sits at the heart of the problem here… politician and council officials that are as bent as four-pound notes; and maybe in more ways than one. – Issues of ‘orientation’ aside; how many politicos and officials are sex-obsessed bent shots of one kind or another? You could reasonably form the opinion that being susceptible to some form of ‘Kompromat’ or another was an essential qualification for the job!

Racism is a useful tool in all this, but just one of many. Racism (like politics) isn’t a one-way-street, but a chaotic, corrupt, laneless, shambolic superhighway with no barriers or agreed direction; and the sewers discharging straight into it! Not all racists are white!

– Try ‘reasoning’ with the academically-challenged middle-aged no-mark chicken-chopper who habitually calls you ‘Gweilo’ and your Mrs ‘Banana’! Or for that matter the over-privileged racist abusing a position of power to further promote an already over-represented minority on the basis of their skin colour and/or ethnicity!

White! white! white! is it Humza? My response to him is that he’s a bent! bent! bent! classist parasite and racist to boot!

I didn’t ask for my skin colour or my ‘Fenian’ surname or to go (by default) to catholic school; but as a result of that experience I damn-well know better than to abuse others just for the colour of their skin or the religion they had foisted upon them by circumstance! …And with my non-posh eduction, realised there is something better to do than become just another plazzy gangsta; a big fish with vested interests in the small pool of pish they swim about it.

And there’s the rub. At the heart of the matter is the fact that these people – politicians and so-called ‘public servants’ of all shades and grades – are fundamentally dishonest people. – Trying to target one group plays into their hands because it keeps attention to the wider problem divided; that’s what they want!

…At the end of the day a plazzy gangsta is a plazzy gangsta; and the fact that they’re enabled and supported by dodgy politicos is nothing new or surprising either. Worrying,yes; that this is what we know have in high office… but when was it different, really?

stuart mctavish

28 March, 2024 at 2:53 pm

Rab Clark @10:52am

Love it.

Presumably his accuser thought he was being cruel to cats (& police Scotland were obliged to agree)

Bigger issue might be his (or his advocate’s, or indeed Police Scotland’s) conflation of the mutually exclusive concepts of “common law power(s)” with “no requirement for evidence” (when discussing the hate crime national guidance in section 3 of his letter) – unless and to extent he (or they) are limiting the conflation to a policeman’s right to use common sense.

In that respect (common sense), a positive spin on the new law can be drawn directly from its primary definition:

Hate crime is the phrase used to describe behaviour which is both criminal and based on prejudice.

That being that it can (presumably) be used to liberate Julian Assange, and interrogate his persecutors, as early as next week.


28 March, 2024 at 3:10 pm

Sven @11.48am.

I doubt Sturgeon the backstabber has any regrets on what she done to Scotland, looking into shark black eyes on tv its patently obvious to me anyway that Sturgeon the Judas is as cold as ice, and without conscience, she probably thinks that she’s done nothing wrong, and that she tried her best to do her best with Scotland in mind, such is the depths of her delusions, for me the Betrayer of Scots is a egotistical sociopath who was following orders given to her by her foreign peers.

Sturgeon the backstabber doesn’t even have the decency (with politics in mind) to fade into the background, and then disappear abroad, basically to f*ck-off out of Scotland.

When I see her mush I think of Tony Blair such is my loathing of her.


28 March, 2024 at 6:58 pm

Restrict free speech, use the law to harry and harass, censor the media, hollow out the political parliament, have a police force on stand by ready to do whatever political bidding.

Hate crime. Think again. Where oppression pertains, the subjugated eventually turn against their oppressors and it becomes unpleasant to say the least.

NI should be a lesson in that. Police Scotland is already has around 25% armed response police tooled up with everything from hand guns to semi automatic machine guns to flak jackets and other such attire. But are they enough. Yes like the great NI experiment in hard line control the country turned into a shit hole of violence and counter violence. And it didn’t end there either as slaughter spread to the ” mainland of England ” Gibraltar and other European theatres.

Could it happen here. Could thing escalate and Scots, or certain Scots turn against their whip hand masters. I hope not but who knows.

One thing for sure though is that when colonial administration goes badly Pete Tong, the statement that ” “Today we were unlucky, but remember, we only have to be lucky once — you have to be lucky always” becomes a chilling sentiment. But maybe it’s the cost of apartheid colonial control and a cost the colonist is happy to pay.

So let us see how Plod, the rotten prosecution service and the judiciary play this HCA now that they have the weapon. Jim Sillars has already declared that he will take no notice of the Act in relation to the culling of free speech. And no doubt whatsoever there will be more.

It’s scary and wholly unnecessary stuff but shit happens.

George Ferguson

28 March, 2024 at 7:34 pm

@Willie 6:58pm
I agree with your post. Operation Banner in Northern Ireland had over 300000 soldiers serving over the timescale of the troubles. I am speaking from personal experience when I say control of the population during that Operation was impossible. If they don’t want it they will resist in anyway they can. There is 650 armed police officers in Scotland. A tiny force in comparison. See the demise of the RUC, 3 days they lasted without Army intervention. Complacency amongst our Institutions including Police Scotland is a worry.


28 March, 2024 at 9:41 pm

I am very worried Wings is looking for an exit. Because I know if I was him I would be.

Independence seems so distant now and this shit today is so far away from the point he entered the scene. This is not what he signed up for.

And this Hate Crime threat is an excellent off-ramp for him…

I am very tempted myself. Things are getting scary.

But then you just keep thinking… Fuck them.

Talk is cheap though.

I hope he keeps going. Otherwise I doubt I will bother.


29 March, 2024 at 6:27 am

I’m curious… If you get all your “hates” out your system now, (hurry, hurry, before April 1], would the hate crime pre-date the law making it a hate crime, and thus you could simply refer people you want to insult to a “hate” published before the Woken Ausgangssperre descends?

You wouldn’t have to “publish” the remark, but just refer to it in the references.

Would I go to jail for this indirect direction? Would I also go to jail if I referenced somebody else’s pre-Ausgangssperre hurty-words, not my own?

If I printed a reference to pre-Ausgangssprerre hurty-words for academic reference, would that still be a hate-crime? Or would your prosecution be like today’s media, where somebody is pilloried for making an offensive remark, but you cannot establish what the remark actually was? Thus you cannot judge for yourself whether it was offensive. You are thus a passenger in your society, not a participant.


29 March, 2024 at 9:20 am

What is a stain on this web site is people making comments referring to human beings as ‘orcs’. I think this has been discussed on here before.

That is the sort of dehumanizing language you find on the most extreme and poisonous neocon sink holes websites. This is exactly how they talk about them and they use similar language for Palestinians. The racism is simmering just beneath the surface…

The kind of people who do that are the same ones who called the the Vietnamese ‘gooks’.

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