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Not Hitting The Wall #2

The best comments from readers of the newest independence blogposts.

Not Hitting The Wall
Sunday, January 7, 2024
12 mins

Comments follows the link to the blogpost and appear as they were originally published apart from additional spacing and occasional italicisation to aid reading.

Sunak, Cleverly and Shapps Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide - Craig Murray

Greg Park:

“British ministers, civil servants and military personnal could end up in the dock for genocide."

The ministers will soon be yesterday’s men, barely remembered by anybody. I would hope the scope of British involvement is expanded to include the next prime minister and his foreign secretary.

Few politicians anywhere in the world went as far the human rights lawyer Sir Keir Starmer in declaring it legal and appropriate to cut off food, water, electricity and medical supplies to Gaza. Nobody at all to my knowledge, not even in Israel itself, has ventured as far as David Lammy in desperately seeking to justify the mass slaughter of Palestinians, by claiming that they raped babies.

In a sane world both these freaks would be in the dock, not about to assume control of a modern nation state.


January 4, 2024 at 07:14

It is devoutly to be hoped that justice will be served on these people.

The British are a vital cog in Netanyahu’s genocidal war machine and are working very closely with Israeli intelligence. This lovely ‘special relationship’ also flows the other way. There is a galling amount of Israeli influence in key British industries and in institutions like the NHS.

Lowkey exposes Britain’s role in the Gaza genocide and the tight bond that has been forged between Britain and apartheid Israel in this revelatory interview.https://youtu.be/6sUzsfVMGnc?si=mrdUg5991nEXaMu7



Excellent article by Bill Clark, clearly demonstrating how colonialism focuses and impacts on native history and psyche, upon which extensive postcolonial theory confirms, thus:

The colonial system depends on ‘debasing the colonized’ (Sartre);

Devaluing pre-colonial history ‘takes on a dialectical significance’ (Fanon);

Only the ‘values of the colonizer are sovereign as custodian of the values of civilization and history’ (Memmi);

Colonizer ‘endeavours to falsify native history, extinguish memories’ (Memmi);

Colonialism ‘distorts, disfigures and destroys the past of an oppressed people’ (Fanon);

The ‘colonized in the throes of assimilation hides his past and traditions’ (Memmi);‘Legitimizing usurpation is to wish and make the usurped to disappear’ (Memmi);

Colonizer ‘extolls only the qualities and history of the ‘mother country’ (Memmi);

The ‘history which is taught is not his own – he and his land are nonentities’ (Fanon);

The ‘colonized is out of the game, no longer a subject of history’ (Fanon);‘

Alienation is reinforced in the teaching of ‘bunkum’ native history’ (Wardell)

And the only remedy lies in ‘liberation’ (Memmi);

'To be no longer frustrated by history, the alienation of the colonized must cease’ (Memmi);

But, so long as colonialism continues, the colonized remain ‘in the process of perishing’ (Fanon)

Spear o' Annandale:

So much of what Alf states above is easily recognisable in today’s Scotland and is why the vast majority of Scots do not recognise their true history.

However, we were taught about and learned well the great “benefits” the empire had given to the uncivilised world.

Cecil Rhodes understood the real reason for colonisation when he stated:

“We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labour that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.”

Of course Cecil Rhodes was talking about the English Empire where Scots were only useful in helping generate wealth for Mother England as he also made these 2 statements:

“Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.” Cecil Rhodes

“Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable; it is possible.” Cecil Rhodes

The large-scale dismantling of the empire after WWII and the later realisation that without Scotland’s resources England would become a minor “player on the world stage” gave the statement made by John Smith as Speaker of the HoC on the day after the Act of Union came into effect even more meaning and importance. During a debate in the English House of Commons on 2nd May 1707 an MP shouted:

“We have Scotland on the rack now!”

This was immediately followed by John Smith, Speaker of the House of Commons ,who stated:

“We have catch’d Scotland and will bind her fast.”

Due to a host of factors that include incompetence, mismanagement and corruption there is no way that England can afford an independent Scotland, therefore binding “her fast” has never been more vital than it is now. Likewise, the restoration of our Right to Self-determination and independence is, as I have said before, ‘ABSOLUTELY BLOODY ESSENTIAL!’


Without Scottish independence there can be no independent Scottish history, nor, of course, truly independent Scottish historians. Any work which strays too far from the oppressor’s narrative will find no popularisers amongst the Scottish educational hierarchy, grant-awarding bodies or, crucially, amongst commercial publishers.

When applied to the Scottish cultural-sphere, generally, no work which dares deviate from the establishment-line will ever see the light-of-day.

With Scottish independence will come the opportunity and the necessity for independent thought and a thorough rethinking of who and what we are and might become.

For those generations who follow us, without the legacy of an independent history and culture that they can all stand behind and celebrate: who and what will they become, if not but pale-shadows of their potential selves in mind, body and spirit? The negation of that long, recurring tragedy, is, to my mind, well worth every discomfort of the struggle

We dodged a bullet! - BarrheadBoy

Robert Hughes:

Excellent post , Roddy . I agree with every word .

The U.S War Machine , which now controls the US Political System , has become an horrific , mutant beast , insatiable in it’s greed , psychopathic in it’s total disregard for the suffering it visits on anyone/thing deemed an enemy , and/or obstacle to it’s sole imperative ..ie..the accumulation and retention of power & money ( effectively , synonymous ) .

The truly concerning aspect is there seems to be nothing or no one capable of mounting a serious challenge to it’s hegemony . So deep has the poison of Corporate financial corruption entered the US political bloodstream only the death of that system can halt it’s * progress * .From Big Oil/Energy to Big Tech , Big Pharma to REALLY REALLY BIG M.I.C : they control – one way or another – every domestic & geopolitical decision made by the Senate , and every narrative used to justify these decisions .

They fund the campaigns of – just about – every US politician , and the higher up the food chain they are the more this is the case . Witness the vast expenditure required for Presidential campaigns ; the majority of that money being corporate .The E.U under the leadership of Von der Leyen , by slavishly – dementedly – following US diktat over Ukraine and Gaza , may have signed it’s own death warrant . Bad enough that it has become a bastion of * woke * idiocy ; a fervent opponent of Free Speech and , in general , another Neo Liberal failure : that it is now up to it’s neck in the blood of 1000s of innocent humans – by siding with the degenerates that have caused this sea of blood , will do the EU irreparable damage . Possibly terminal damage .

We did indeed ” dodge a bullet ” , and I say that as someone who loves Europe , and still does ; but what started-out as a fine idea/ideal – Europe coming together as friends and equals – has degenerated into something monstrous ; a bloated , corrupt , authoritarian Super Gravy Train and ideological basket-case.

Lorna Campbell:

I came to the conclusion long since that the political classes, the middle classes, the State apparatchiks and those with vested interests (the sociopathic billionaires and moneymen) will always find a way to make the wee man and woman in the street pay for their social engineering, most of which benefits only them, the movers and shakers.

The UK joined the EU just as it was starting to come apart at the seams, and it left as the political implications for the great and the good were also just coming to light. It was sold as the decision of the masses. None of these social engineering tools and actions benefit the wee man or woman in the street, but they are manipulated to appear as if they might.

The BBC, the state broadcaster, which still has some integrity, although not much left, pumps out daily a vista of propaganda that not even Goebbels could have dreamt of in his heyday

All the things that the politicians and the State want us to accept are churned out every day to make us complicit in the social engineering of us, the wee folk.

Most of our politicians, at both Holyrood and at Westminster, have not a clue. They have been lulled into a condition of Mammon-worship, where they eat and drink to excess on state-funded food and drink, rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of the world, collect large salaries and expenses, upped every year, and forget who elected them. If they ever showed an ounce of self-awareness, they would be disgusted by themselves, but they rarely do.

The advent of the 21st century has seen this trend, always present, speed up to a blur, and all that is happening would appear to indicate a dying of the West, of Western traditional values of democracy and philosophical inquiry, hastened by the, frankly, lying and deceitfulness of every stratum of humanity that has any influence over our lives.

Going in 2014 might have, and probably would have, stemmed the worst disintegration of Scottish values, but, like the rest of the UK, apart, perhaps from NI (which has its own path to forge in either integration into Eire or independence or stay with whatever survives the disintegration of the UK) we have swallowed the Big Lie that there is nothing we can do.

Well, we can do.

We can choose to be different, to face down the lies and deceits and say: no, we will not be socially engineered by people whose brains are smaller than their shoe size, and all for their benefit, never ours.

We are going, and we are going to tear down the UK to escape the prison into which we have been forced by the lies. We will not be blackmailed into continuing the Trident fallacy, nor will we rejoin the EU nor be drummed into another world conflict.

We will not be threatened and cajoled into accepting that men can be women and vice versa.

We will do what we must to ensure the future of our children and a peaceful co-existence with our neighbours.

In other words, we will do what we must in order to survive the seemingly imminent collapse of the West; better still, to help to prevent its collapse by refusing to believe the BIG LIE, that we have no power. We have believed that lie for long enough.

The West is not perfect. Far from it. It is, however, worth saving. The alternative is spine-chillingly terrifying.

Wings Over Scotland | The Abyss


John Main said;“BTW, what’s Scotland’s share of the £3 trillion UK debt? 10% sound fair? OK, I’ll rephrase. 10% sound like the portion iScotland is going to get stitched up with, fair or not?”

John, 10% of the UK’s so-called debt is no more than a first stab in the dark at a guess of what it might be, and only when ALL of the actual fiscal flows between the two kingdoms have been properly accounted for by proper independent accountants will we know what that figure will be, and it is entirely likely that the figure Scotland owes to England is negative!

Yep, it’s entirely likely that England ends up owing iScotland £Billions.

And any divvying up of the UK’s debt must be accompanied by a parallel divvying up of the UK’s assets, and that figure is even more obscure! The figures for those assets are suppose to be published on a regular basis but HMT got very coy about them in the years preceding IndyRef-1, and they haven’t been published since, as far as I know.

Not that I think the UK’s HM Treasury has properly recorded all of those flows in the first place; being vulnerable to accountability has never been a trait of the English establishment.

Your £3 trillion figure is grossly exaggerated, the last figure I’ve seen of the real national debt was about £1.2 trillion a week or so ago. On top of that, even if iScotland was liable for some of that debt, it would only need to repay it if England itself also repaid it.

Because of what that ‘debt’ represents it isn’t really debt, and it really doesn’t need to be repaid, and if it was repaid a lot of people who’d receive those repayments would get very upset about it, since they are primarily savings, and they’d have to find somewhere else less safe to put them.

You should acquaint yourself with Professor Richard Murphy’s blog, Funding the Future; he has a lot to say on the matter of the UK’s so-called national debt.

Scotland is not liable in any case for any debt it didn’t incur, didn’t ask for, didn’t benefit from, or incurred on its behalf but not spent by it.

Not only that, Westminster already conceded during the 2014 Indyref campaign that the rUK would retain full liability for the UK’s debt after Scotland left the Union.

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