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Not Hitting The Wall #15

Commentary from recent pro-independence blogs.

Saturday, March 2, 2024
20 mins



1st Mar 2024 at 8:01 am

Local elected representatives have been invited to every meeting. To the best of my knowledge, none so far have accepted the invitation.

Labour’s albatross? PFI is perhaps the biggest, though there is fierce competition for that title.

Freeports will vie with ferries to claim that title for the SNP; never forget that Kate Forbes was delighted to work with Michael Gove to enable the procurement of vast tracts of Scotland’s land for the betterment of money mens’ bank balances.

Congratulations to the members of the Salvo Freeports campaign. They have worked tirelessly in recent months to raise public awareness of the reality of ‘Free’ports.

Robert McAllan

1st Mar 2024 at 8:24 am

Kate Forbes? Yet another agent of the forces who seek ‘tae keep Scotland in its place’! Forbes association with the British-American Project should be warning enough that Scotland’s interests are not at the forefront of HER priorities.


1st Mar 2024 at 7:13 pm

Great news and congratulations to Salvo for standig up for Scotland iun a way thet our useless political parties seem unable to do. pperhaps if ALBA or ISP wereable to give support to this initiative, it would be strnethened, I see today figures suggesting the MSP Ash Regan is in a good podition to take a seat in Holyrood as a List member for ALBA, i hope this will happen and that she will continue in that capacity to show up the hollow claims of out SNP and Geen MSPs.


1st Mar 2024 at 8:08 am

Excellent on a number of fronts:

  1. Advises Humza and his chums that these proposed actions are ultra vires and they are betraying the Scottish people if they attempt to proceed.
  2. Lays down a marker that these are sovereign Scottish territories and that, come the return of Scotland’s independent statehood when we #EndTheUnion, these will be considered and treated as such.
  3. Following on from 2 any potential investors have been warned that these territories are rightfully owned by the people of Scotland and will be taken back under the Scottish Crown without compensation (and there may be reparations).

Posted on Facebook.


1st Mar 2024 at 9:54 am

The blatant illegality of all things “British” is worthy of a concerted campaign of resistance in itself amongst the Scottish population. I for one, would be more than happy to plaster my town of residence with say: A7 size, Salvo logoed declarations to that effect at all points e.g. bus stops, shelters, hoardings, lamp posts, and anywhere else where people are forced to congregate or pass by. A solution of sugar and water is an effective, ersatz adhesive, I’m told.

Spear o' Annandale

1st Mar 2024 at 10:19 am

This is the result of an enormous amount of work by everyone at Salvo and especially the Freeports Campaign Team and Salvo’s Research Team. It has been a long time coming to this stage but as people will know, Salvo had to ensure validity and legality before making this public.

However, it is just one of a number of initiatives being prepared by Salvo that will change the political, social and cultural landscape in Scotland, just as they have changed the language that we are now using on a daily basis.

It has been obvious to me and so many others that we have been let down, some would say betrayed, by our elected representatives both at Holyrood and Westminster. It is now time for the people of Scotland to use the sovereignty that was the result of centuries of development to restrict the power that monarchs and parliaments held over them.

Iain’s final comment – ‘As Salvo would like this notice being read by as many people in Scotland as possible, Salvo has asked if it can be shared as widely as possible.’ is absolutely vital and lets the people know that they are not powerless to change their lives at every level.

Wings Over Scotland | The Wailing Walls


24 February, 2024 at 8:51 am

The last few months have been a graphic demonstration, in panoramic widescreen technicolor, that virtually every leader of every political party across the ‘West’ is completely servile. It is one thing to suspect but this has proven it.

The second demonstration is that the so called mainstream media are also completely servile.

I honestly suspect the SNP were quite happy to strut out like enraged peacocks but quietly happy it all amounted to nothing.

Isr@el is the ‘third rail’ in UK and UK politics because of the Isr@el Lobby. You touch it, you die. They bought the media and then they bought the political systems. And it is being demonstrated in the most clear way, right now.


24 February, 2024 at 9:21 am

I must admit I am a bit confused with this cartoon. The art and workmanship is excellent, and the way it displays the level of unnecessary devastation caused by an overly violent and blood-thirsty Israel on Gaza is second to none.

But I do not quite catch the message behind it. I do not know if it was meant to be irony at the charade in Westminster and the fact due procedure would have made little difference to the situation in Gaza, or if it genuinely shows concern for the shocking lack of care displayed by the labour leader and speaker towards genocide and democracy itself. This confusion is obviously the result of my shortsightedness and lack of wit, not the author’s.

Parliamentary convention might not have made much difference to Gaza, but it would have made a big difference to the way Scotland is perceived to be treated in this union, what that parliament is perceived to be and who it is really working for.

Is it still the UK parliament or has it been transformed into a USA and Israel proxy? If the latter, and it is increasingly looking that way, what is the point in it to continue? Why are our representatives legitimising it to continue in its present, aberrant form by continue to sit there?

One wonders what the point of continuing this political union is when representatives of England in the so called UK parliament, and the leaders of England’s political parties are, as shown with their actions, far more concerned about not upsetting Israel than about not upsetting Scotland.

One wonders what the point for Scotland to continue participating in UK general elections is when in the so called UK parliament Israel is granted a bigger voice than Scotland.

What Starmer and Hoyle did was suppressing Scotland’s voice in the UK parliament in a disgusting and disrespectful manner. It was akin to impose absolute rule. So why are our MPs signing a motion of no confidence against Hoyle but not against Starmer and actually the entire parliament itself for allowing Starmer and Hoyle them get away with this abuse of the House?

Wasn’t Starmer the instigator of the change in procedure to suit his, and Israel’s needs at the expense of Scotland’s voice, democracy and due process? So, why is Starmer being allowed to hide like a coward behind Hoyle?

Why is the union still standing after this magnificent display of absolute rule involving the gagging of Scotland?

Why are our MPs turning a blind eye to this by simply seeking a vote of no confidence against Hoyle but not the end of the union after such blatant breach of the Claim of right?

Until when are our MPs going to force Scotland to continue enduring this level of abuse and humiliation?

Who are Scotland’s representatives representing and speaking for if they are not prepared to stand up and act for Scotland every time England’s representatives abuse the treaty of union to put the interests of England, USA or Israel before those of Scotland?


24 February, 2024 at 9:49 am

“The positive of Stu’s piece yesterday is that it has raised the rock many of these odious individuals usually slither under and exposed them to the light of reason”

Unfortunately, even when this was never the author’s intention, it might have been perceived by some readers as to have moved that rock over the anti-semites hiding among zionists. Jewish people have not the exclusivity on semitism. Those attacking Palestinians are as anti-semites as those attacking the Jewish people.

Let’s not forget that the Israel of today is a manufactured state which was created out of nothing by a bunch of arrogant and colonially-minded individuals who thought they had the right and could successfully use and re-purposing Palestine as if it was their own land.

To claim that the Jewish people have more right to be in that land than the native Palestinians is ludicrous. To claim that Israel has the right to defend itself, but the native people of Palestine do not, is an appalling distortion of international law and only morally acceptable when you have a colonial mind which dictates the invader deserves preference over the native.

“but many undoubtedly are or at the very least are happy to condone the extremists promoting anti-semitic aims under cover of opposing Israel”

When Israel has, for the last few months, bombed the bejesus of thousands if not tens of thousands of civilian including babies, toddlers and pregnant women, when it has purposely denied the Palestinians of basics like food, electricity of water knowing that this would cause the death of many, when it has disgustingly bombed hospitals when they knew they were medics and nurses there and the majority of the people inside, could not run elsewhere for cover, and when it has committed atrocities that far surpass in number and scale those done by Hamas, frankly, it takes for somebody to have a neck made of the strongest brass to call Hamas and not Israel’s army and government, “extremist”.


24 February, 2024 at 12:02 pm

Antoine Bisset
Ignored says:
24 February, 2024 at 9:34 am
“Islamists are bullying Britain into submission’, says Suella Benjamin.
We have known this for a number of years….

But it’s bullshit.

When the UK Government abandons impartiality, justice and International Law and chooses to back one side against the other, do they really expect there should be no fallout from their prejudice, impropriety and bias?

If your behaviour is bestial and intolerable, and you’re habitually indifferent to a veritable smorgasbord of war crimes and orchestrated disinformation and political interference which has blighted the Middle East for decades, (such as Iraq’s WMD’s), and at the same time highly “selective” in your faux outrage towards flagrant violations of UN Resolutions, then should you really be surprised that the victims suffering the effects of these lurid injustices reign their outrage upon you?

The UK and US are (again), making a mockery of the UN Security Council, and its roll as peacemakers in chief and global policemen. What a fraud is exposed, when the biggest agents (and profiteers) of destruction in the Middle East are very same bodies which ought to be studiously impartial and equitable in their enforcement of International Law.

If the UK Government want to avoid being “bullied into submission by Islamists”, then perhaps they should be less enthusiastic about being seduced into malevolence by Zionists, and complicit with the warmongering haters who want those very same Islamists, women and children included, not just bullied into submission, but actually bombed into oblivion.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Britain isn’t being “bullied into submission”. That’s nonsense. It’s being roundly condemned and lambasted for behaving shamefully, like a murderous accomplice and active participant in the atrocities happening in Gaza when it should be demanding and enforcing the cessation of hostilities. But it can’t, because the UK Government has been bought and sold for Israeli gold.…

If your behaviour is outrageous, then outrage is what you provoke. What else should you expect?

Wings Over Scotland | The best form of defence


28 February, 2024 at 10:37 am

If Alex Salmond had committed 1% of the crimes of Team Sturgeon he would be serving life in a dungeon with no prospect of parole ten times over.

I can only guess that enormity of evidence is making it exceptionally difficult to construct reasons why COPFS/Plod are going to ignore it all and let them off for the umpteenth time running…

I mean the little bits that have come out like the motorhome suggests we are not dealing with master criminals here…

The person who is really enabling their nefarious activities is of course Lady Dorrian who provides the legal cloak of secrecy for them to operate.

So even when journalists find out the truth they can be threatened into silence. Craig Murray was ‘pour encourager les autres’ in this regard.

Murrell especially seems a real weak link but generally Team Sturgeon are generally not the brightest, if they were they would not have not the job. Quite a nasty bunch as well. So I would guess the left a trail of evidence everywhere.

COPFS and Police Scotland must be doing a real shift here working out how to ignore it all.

I am intrigued by the mystery investigation.


28 February, 2024 at 11:01 am

What a sorry state the SNP is in, and it reflects badly on the indy movement even though we know now that the current SNP isn’t interested in dissolving the union.

Voters on the fence will be looking at the SNP and thinking if this is independence we don’t want it. The SNP under Sturgeon did her best to discredit the indy movement, and in the process she and her clique have not only damaged the SNP, but they have damaged the indy movement.

Convictions or not, the damage has been done, we need to move away from the SNPs tainted image, though I do hope that those that deserve it, find themselves staring out from inside a prison cell.


28 February, 2024 at 3:27 pm

“It does makes me wonder where the original ‘I’ve got a plan to keep us immune’ actually came from”

Absolutely. Evans didn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the box and with a degree in Music, I doubt she had the deep of legal knowledge required to know how the proceedings would go. Somebody must have been advising her and “helping her plan”. Who? Would it have been the Lord Advocate? Would it have been the Crown Agent? Both? or was that somebody else entirely?

If I am not mistaken, the anonymity of accusers of sexual assault is guaranteed in England but not Scotland, which gives already a hint in itself as to where the original plan was concocted.

That anonymity of the accusers was central for that plan to work out, because that anonymity would be the lynch pin over which the excuse to redact documents on an industrial scale would sit.

Ensuring anonymity would be therefore the most crucial milestone over which the rest of the “plan” would rest.

What was the trigger that led to the enforcement of the anonymity? Do I remember correctly that it was in fact a reporter who, conveniently, mentioned the name of some accuser in twitter? So, how many different actors and institutions had to be brought to collude so that anonymity could be ensured?

Who would have sufficient power of persuasion to ensure a newspaper, a reporter and judges would play a part in this exercise of public deception? Were they bribed?

I do not remember the newspaper that reporter was from and now wonder if it might have been the same newspaper to where the Permanent Secretary report was leaked. But I am not sure.

In any case, it stands to the obvious that there are an awful lot of actors and institutions involved on this, so one really wonders if one of the reasons to refuse the whatsapp messages from The Vietnam Group being presented as evidence, etc, was really to protect the identities of the mastermind coordinating the whole thing and the authority enabling it.

Let’s not forget that the judge granted anonymity per life. In other words, gave the SGov the power to continue denying transparency to the public forever. That must have a significant price.


28 February, 2024 at 6:21 pm

As Mia has said @ 2.57pm a Convention of the Estates should be formed immediately and should consist of indigenous Scots determining the actions of this and the previous administration in HR

After independence IT should be the final ARBITER of ANY government actions and it should have overall blanket powers to FORCE referendums on the legality of governmental and judicial decisions

Is anyone else sickened and outraged by politicians and the judicial systems HIDING information under the auspices of the “Not in the public’s interest” tired excuse for secreting info that EXPOSES their LIES and CORRUPTION

This repeated chant is only designed to cover up information that HIGHLIGHTS to the ordinary citizen how despicable these corrupt liars are and protects their own incapabilities from being exposed

This direct INSULT impunes the ability and intelligence of normal people to interpret what is the rightful, legal or moral conduct of elected officials,it also infers that only those politicians, lawyers and judges have the morality and intellectual capacity to determine if any action is legal or correct , and unfortunately when you look at the actions and policies implemented over the past decade by those same politicians and judiciary it only increases the outrage that is felt when these despicable narcissists continue with their open insults

Stuart MacKay

29 February, 2024 at 6:44 am

This will get your brain cells buzzing, https://aurelien2022.substack.com/p/the-power-of-absent-things

It’s mostly about European wars, past and present, and how the politicians are constrained by decisions, past and present, in situations they don’t have much control over, and have even less understanding of.

So why is this relevent?

Two things. First, as has been said by many, is that independence for Scotland does not exist in isolation. Progress can only be made if there is a general acceptance of it internationally. Sure it can be done unilaterally but there’s nobody around with the force of presence who could pull that off. All the players want a positive image on the world stage and nobody is bloody-minded enough to put that at risk. That means you can rule out an armed struggle, simply because of the bad PR it would generate

Second, the SNP is a pro-business, neo-liberal, woke socialist party. Much like all the others in the West. It’s filled to the rafters of pro-business, neo-liberal, woke socialists, who all think alike, and all want the same things. Nationalism, we may as well start calling it, Make Scotland Great Again, is fundamentally at odd with this for all the reasons you can possibly think of. There’s no Moses within the SNP who will free the children of Scotland from the slavery of the Pharaohs of Finance in London. Should one emerge, you can be sure they’d be expelled in short order. The middle managers of the SNP can only deliver the status quo which is why they go to great lengths to ensure that’s all there is on offer.

The political landscape is pretty well mapped out. The SNP, just like the Democrats of Clinton and the New Labour of Blair have mapped out the middle ground in which they operate. With the soft-right conservative parties occupying the rest of the mainstream. That does not leave much room for manoeuvre for anybody else. Alba want to be where the SNP are, but that seat’s taken. Only a complete collapse of the SNP will free up enough space for them to operate. However, if a largish faction of women up in arms about gender identity can’t dislodge them, or, in a sense, gain any traction at all, then who can?

The Rev.’s right. There’s not much of interest happening in politics, and intentionally so. Maybe things will start to fall apart in ways that are unavoidable and cries for change will be inescapable. We’ll have to see how the privatisation of the NHS and the return of the workhouse fair, before meaningful change can be enacted.

So the SNP will continue to say the things that get a general nod of approval from the electorate, despite the obvious short-comings, which will be hand-waved away as being the Tories fault, and not much will change. If this is not to your liking then changing the players will be a futile exercise, instead you should start changing the playing field.

Robert Hughes

29 February, 2024 at 9:01 am

Stuart Mackay @ 6.44

Bom dia , meu amigo . Top post .

” Alba want to be where the SNP are, but that seat’s taken. ”

Quite . Has anyone pointed this out to ALBA yet ?

Maybe they should try something a bit different ; why are they so eager to be the next batch of Scottish Reps to head South to be condescended to , ridiculed , ignored ?

Is this not so much an expression of the so-called ” Scottish Cringe ” as the less-well documented ” Scottish ( Political ) Masochism ” ?

I’m loath to be too harsh on ALBA , they’re comprised of a lot of good people and are trying to provide a much better option for Independence supporters than the terminally shit Nu SNP , but…..

They’re getting on my fckn nerves : all the stupid internal petty * personality * clashes , resulting in founding members storming out , slamming doors , rattles n dummies slung out of prams and the usual tedious ” he said / she said ” script ; it’s as if they’re intent on replicating the same mistakes that have all but destroyed the SNP , but REALLY quickly !

That stuff can be resolved , but it won’t make the slightest difference without the Party adopting a significant departure from the failed * strategy * of ultimate deferrence to WM/Brit State authority .

BRITS OUT ! ( of our Liberation Process )

ALBA need to takes their eyes off WM and focus them on Holyrood and the wider world . It’s Anglo strabismus is seriously impairing it’s Vision .

Stuart MacKay

29 February, 2024 at 10:04 am

Robert Hughes @9:01am

The good folks in Alba are undoubtedly thinking they are doing the right thing. Problem is, no matter how hard they try it won’t be enough and it won’t make the slightest difference. Replace one set of neo-liberal socialists with another? Well, what’s the point in that?

At the risk of getting Main getting all worked into a lather, they should be taking a more absolutist position like, the AfD in Germany, or getting the farmers sufficiently agitated that they roll into Edinburgh and cover Holyrood in shit. Only when they can show they will offer real, not pretend, change can there be any progress.

They all want a seat at the table. Instead they should be figuring out how to chop the table in to sticks and set fire to it. The current mess was created over decades and decades. Nobody can wait that long to undo it – the problems are simply piling up too fast.

Vivian O’Blivion

29 February, 2024 at 11:45 am

Ian Blackford refuses to sign motion against Speaker Lindsay Hoyle. Hoyle’s serpentine machinations were geared specifically to protect the Zionist state from the (wholly justified) charge of collective punishment against the Palestinian people (this being an item defined as a War crime). Hoyle’s papa founded Labour Friends of Israel. Let’s join the dots.
Blackford was a Treasurer of the British American Parliamentary Group. The BAPG are mysteriously and uniquely exempt from declaring gratuities from the State Dept. in their Register of Interests. This includes going on lengthy all expenses paid trips to the US while Parliament is in session. Apparently their constituents don’t need to know what they’re up to while on the clock. As the bard of Falkirk, Aidan Moffat said, “if you’ve nothing to hide why hide it?”.
This is all established fact, the question is why did Blackford break cover now?
Blackford clearly intends to while away the end of his miserable existence in London. SNP prohibition against taking a seat in the HoL be damned, Blackford will take his seat as an independent.
The precedent is already set, Blairite MPs John Woodcock, John Mann and Ian Austin (amongst others) were awarded Peerages and cozy QUANGO posts by Theresa May’s Tory administration. Again, this was specifically in recompense for services rendered to the Zionist state.

Tinto Chiel

29 February, 2024 at 7:01 pm

@Duncan Clark 4.46: new SNP chant to WM Establishment……

“What do we want?”


“When do we want it?”

“Any time you see fit!”

*Settle lardy arses on the green leather benches and watch their incomes and pensions accumulate*

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