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Readers of Wings Over Scotland reacting to the UK general election - from polling day on...

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
74 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Do It For John


4 July, 2024 at 1:28 pm

Yip, just held my nose and everything else and voted Tory for the first time in my 62 years, to keep the SNP out of my seat.


4 July, 2024 at 1:47 pm

I’m boycotting it. But i can say that with a certain degree of confidence because i live in a relatively safe Tory seat.

First time i’ve not voted and it won’t be the last either. Boycotting Westminsters fake democracy shenanigans and then sit back and watch the cards fall wherever they fall.

Leave Westminster to the BritNats and see just what their representatives achieve for Scotland.

Holyrood plebiscites is the game for us. We need to start really promoting that message. The sooner we start the better chance of success. One or two of us mentioning it now and again isn’t going to cut it.


4 July, 2024 at 1:57 pm

Repurposed my ballot paper. I shall never vote for the Butcher’s Apron


4 July, 2024 at 1:57 pm

For the first time ever, I am not voting. This is a strong tory constituency, and the lib dems would be the likely challenger of the tory vote has fallen. There is an unknown independent who sounds good on paper, but I live around 2 miles up a steep hill to the polling place and dont have a vehicle right now, so my arthritis will not permit a walk like that – if it was an indy referendum, I would be persuaded to take extra painkillers and make the effort, but not for another country’s GE which wont make a difference to us , or at least no positive difference. I hope nusnp get gutted tonight/tomorrow, almost wish I had tv to see their faces if that happens.

A Clark

4 July, 2024 at 2:09 pm

An Alba vote from me in Mid Dunbartonshire, big things have small beginnings.


4 July, 2024 at 2:27 pm

To all those that voted Tory whilst holding your nose, no complaints from me if that was the best choice to prevent SNP winning the seat.

I am fortunate that I am able to vote for my ALBA candidate and didn’t face that choice.

You tried to save Scotland from the NuSNP and be proud that you did even though it was against everything you believed in.

FUCK YOU for doing this to the independence supporters of Scotland, I will rejoice for each seat the SNP loses tonight as I did when the Tories lost every seat in Scotland and making the Nation a Tory free zone.

Jim Thomson

4 July, 2024 at 3:08 pm

Well, deed done. Couldn’t force myself to vote for ANY of the “main” parties. Was considering spoiling paper with a pithy comment or two but, ended up voting for a snowball-in-hell’s-chance candidate just to ensure there was at least a protest vote counted against those “main” parties.

I’m hoping there will be enough of the locals voting to also send a similar message and I apologise now to the candidate if they find themselves having to head south unexpectedly.

At least they’ll have more votes than just their immediate family.


4 July, 2024 at 3:19 pm

Yeah nice one Rev, the SNP are finished they’ve morphed into a unionist party that pretends it wants independence. Things will get worse before they get better, but with at least half of our nation wanting to ditch this illegal union we may be down but we’re not out.

The SNP has to go into demise in order for the indy movement to move forward, its taken a decade for many folk to realise this but at least the realisation is there.

Lenny Hartley

4 July, 2024 at 4:32 pm

For the first time since the 70’s I have not voted for the SNP , the only other time I did not vote SNP was in the early 90’s Aberdeenshire EU elections when I voted NEEP coz my mate was standing! (The North East Ethnic Party -NEEP) were Pro Indy)
As no other Indy Party apart from SNP and Cough the Greens standing in my Constituency I spoiled my ballot paper writing #EndTheUnion one side and #NotMyParliament the other.
I cannot vote for a Unionist Party, although I did a few years ago in Error by voting for the SNP.
Let hope that the SNP deprived of their handouts from Westminster go bust and we can reset the Indy Movement and start again. However a close eye has to be kept on Alba who I presume will fill the Void, issues with transparency over votes for their NEC last Autumn and Hypocrisy over rightfully calling out the SNP for standing against Angus Brendan in the Western Isles and doing the same with Kenny MacAskill standing against Eva Comrie who had said she was standing their several weeks previously. This leads me to suspect that there are figures in the background who are doing their best to disrupt Alba’s progress. They have certainly lost me as a member over the NEC vote.
Anyways folks, fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a rough ride!

Linda McFarlane

4 July, 2024 at 4:55 pm

I’ve voted Tory for the first time in my life. I’m 65. The Tory incumbent knows what a woman is. I felt pretty shit for doing so, until I went into my local Co-op. One of the ladies there sympathised with me for my voting choice – Then told me she had done the same thing for the same reason.


4 July, 2024 at 7:33 pm

I voted Scottish Greens today – purely because my grandson was their candidate. Had he not been standing, I was going to spoil my paper by writing #END THE UNION across it.

Normally, I would have voted SNP, their sitting MP is one of the very-few of their Westminster contingent who would have got a Good Guy recommendation from Chewin’ the Fat. However, no way was he getting my endorsment this time.

Once again you are on the money Rev., we have to get rid of the SNP, but, it means, coffin dodgers like me are unlikely to ever see Independence.

As always, one of the local Labur stalwarts was at the door of the polling station. A former local councillor and a retired Head Teacher, I was kidding him on, about how it felt to be a Red Tory. He was shame-faced as he admitted, he didn’t like what the party to which he given his life had become, but: “needs must, we have to get shot of the Blue Tories.”

Ian Brotherhood

4 July, 2024 at 7:43 pm

Scored through the empty boxes and spent a wee while doing an emboldened #EndTheUnion with a Sharpie.

We’re well and truly down the biggest snake.

So it goes…

Tinto Chiel

4 July, 2024 at 8:27 pm

Like Lenny Hartley 4.32 I’ve voted SNP since 1974 but today I did a version of an Ian Brotherhood @7.43 with a graphite recorder implement. My Lanarkshire constituency didn’t have a genuine independence party running but an array of parachuted-in candidates, including Reform UK and UKIP as well as the usual Red, Blue and Yellow Tories.

There was another party on the list but lawyers do talk of a distinction without a difference, innit?

The whole rotten political system in Scotland needs a good pull-through with a tarred rope before we can start all over again for the sake of our grand-children.

Dorothy Devine

4 July, 2024 at 10:06 pm

There is an exit poll suggesting 10 SNP seats – the media will of course suggest that independence is unwanted.


4 July, 2024 at 10:33 pm

I hope the exit poll is a wee bit out and the SNP end up in single figures, meanwhile Sturgeon the Judas on STV now ran by ITV as one of the hosts discussing the GE, the Judas says the country’s in a state, her country is the UK the treacherous b*stard.

Big Jock

4 July, 2024 at 10:34 pm

Yes 10 seats is oblivion. I want to hear the shit that Swinney comes out with after this. I doubt they will recognise the significance.

So becoming a party of devolution, ended up killing the SNP. That’s what has happened. Because there are 3 other parties offering the same parish council devolution. The SNP are now fighting for a quarter of the crumbs on offer.

Their USP was independence,and that’s why they could command 45% in the polls. Without this USP there is no point of the SNP. Even worse, they can’t influence the UK government, because they are a Scottish only party. So they are back to being a pointless vote in WM. Much as they were in the 80s and 90s.

Wings Over Scotland | Sandwich Down


4 July, 2024 at 10:24 pm

Jenny Gilruth (LOLLOLOLLYLOLLUPPINGFUCK) It is a contemptuous caste we are dealing with here. The political clique are all remarkably similar in their outlook on life. Contempt for the general public across the board. Its really just one arrogant, vacuous, know nothing party we are being invited to allow vote for in order that they can steal their wages off us.

The wee parties and the independents are all there is.


4 July, 2024 at 10:30 pm

Exit Polls putting SNP on just 10 seats with the Lib/Dems, and Reform above them as well as the Tories and the top dog Labour.

STV ran by ITV has Sturgeon the Judas on as one of the hosts talking about the state the country’s in her country is the UK not Scotland.

I can only hope the exit poll is a wee out and the SNP get less than 10 seats

Big Jock

4 July, 2024 at 10:50 pm

Big Jock
Ignored says:
4 July, 2024 at 10:34 pm
Yes 10 seats is oblivion. I want to hear the shit that Swinney comes out with after this. I doubt they will recognise the significance.

So becoming a party of devolution, ended up killing the SNP. That’s what has happened. Because there are 3 other parties offering the same parish council devolution. The SNP are now fighting for a quarter of the crumbs on offer.

Their USP was independence,and that’s why they could command 45% in the polls. Without this USP there is no point of the SNP. Even worse, they can’t influence the UK government, because they are a Scottish only party. So they are back to being a pointless vote in WM.


5 July, 2024 at 12:00 am

the SNP should have been the vehicle for independence; but it was diverted, taken over by identity politics zealots, who need to be destroyed

– this looks like the beginning of the end; next holyrood will be the decider for them

but it gives no joy, because the past 10 years have been wasted; somewhere around 2017 it was taken over by a cult; it was our house they trashed.

the loss of time may be fatal, in the end. Who thinks what the earliest time for indy could be? 2030?

it’s just the way I feel

a love once new has now grown old

Alf Baird

5 July, 2024 at 12:19 am

shitbag tractors in all remaining 10 SNP seats, if that. Clean out of Holyrood is next. Swinney the colonial gatekeeper included.

George Ferguson

5 July, 2024 at 4:05 am

Pete Wishart, Flynn and a grand total of 6 SNP MPs will be up sitting besides the DUP at the back of the commons unable to attract the speakers attention. No HoC committee Privilege, little short money and back to 2002 levels. Totally deserved for treating the electorate with contempt. The restart button on the long road back to a semblance of an Independence movement can be pressed. It’s ten years away and won’t involve The SNP.


5 July, 2024 at 4:23 am

The SNP lunatics will not learn anything at all from being comprehensively routed. Not when wackjobs like that halfwit Blackman kept her seat, for some bizarre reason. All that will happen is that they will double down on their obnoxious, self-righteous extremism, which is just good old historic Scottish religious puritanism in a newer form, if they but knew it.

In their deluded minds, they are Fighting The Good Fight against Westminster, fighting for the rights of ethnic and sexual minorities (nobody else, mind you), thus they are noble and necessary political missionaries, their mission is of even more importance after being routed, etc. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me,” and all that godbotherer pish.

The horrendous, self-righteous, self-justifying, pompous shite they are going to come out with after this gubbing will make their previous crazed utterances look like Bertrand fucking Russell-level philosophy, trust me.

I certainly won’t be listening. Not good for the blood pressure. They have been led into their Branch Davidian cult compound by Koresh Sturgeon and her mad, self-serving continuity acolytes, the voters have set the Holyrood compound on fire metaphorically in revenge for being led down by the America-imported psychotic garden path, and now all there is to do is grab some marshmallows and toast them on the political flamed as the party burns. A sad end to a once-great entity.

Oh well, these things happen.



5 July, 2024 at 4:28 am

So Wishart the house Jock is back. What a depressing result. But otherwise a fabulous cull of the SNP wastrels. The sold the jerseys big time, let the side down, supped at the trough and now, having been found out are being wiped out. Oh how it could have been so different – especially since Swinney has just said around half of Scots, want independence. So why did he, that last guy whose name I forget and Surgeon before that get it so wrong. But hey, at least now they are gone and we rebuild and push forward. Independence has not gone away.


5 July, 2024 at 7:10 am

Thing that’s flying under the radar is support for Independence, and the big question now is precisely how it manifests itself.

I feel strangely immune to the BritNat Media-fest dancing on the grave of Independence. Dance away you fools, but it wasn’t Independence which got itself buried yesterday.

Please God, let this stubborn fixation with the tre@cherous SNP wankers now be over, and may true support for Scotland now coalesce around something potent and uncompromising which will actually secure Scotland’s Independence.

In my minds eye, it has to be Scotland United, but Scotland United outside the circus of UK politics and faux UK Constitution.

Heed the warning too… If the Unionist’s win a landslide in Vichy Holyrood, then the symbolism of Holyrood’s impeachment will be too late and become nothing more than impotent gesture politics.

Scotland MUST listen to SALVO and be FULLY aware of the Constitutional imperatives, and then, and only then, we take the initiative when we’re ready.

No more talk of SNP, ALBA, ISP… whatever. Scotland United for Treaty’s End and Scottish Independence. We are ALL OF US Independents; Salmond, Cherry, Hanvey, all of us united in our singluar objective.

We don’t need steered because there is only one destination and only one direction of travel.

Just like the protesters in Hong Kong, we must be like water. They cannot hold us.

Vivian O’Blivion

5 July, 2024 at 8:24 am

With three seats left to call, the SNP stand to lose £964.6 k in Short money, down from £1.3 m, pa in the just dissolved parliament.
Bankruptcy ahoy!


5 July, 2024 at 9:01 am

The idea that Swinney can stay on as leader after a defeat of this magnitude is hard to process. If that happens, and I don’t see how it’s possible, it just shows what a tight grip Sturgeon and her clique of hijackers have on the party.

Swinney can’t argue he’s new to the job and deserves more time. He’s been right in the cockpit with the others for years, as responsible for all the disasters and absurdities as anyone else.

If Swinney stays, Scottish politics is ridiculous and farcical.

Vivian O’Blivion

5 July, 2024 at 9:36 am

Post Westminster career watch begins here.
Alison Thewliss and Stewart McDonald are on the Board of the opaquely funded John Smith Centre. The JSC is an adjunct of the University of Glasgow. The UoG is the epicentre of British spook activity in Scotland. Thewliss may bargain her position into some salaried, academic post. If they made professional dunderheid Dugdale a Professor, anything is possible.
Stewart McDonald is more likely to turn up at some Trans-Atlantic, Neoliberal, ThinkTank, cheerleading for the Military Industrial Complex. Those ten days he spent in Washington at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars will pay dividends.
Professional, full-time LGBTQ+ advocates like John Nicolson and Alyn Smith will fight it out for a paid sinecure at one of the myriad of Holyrood funded Quangos pushing Poststructural poison to the kids.


5 July, 2024 at 10:19 am

A list of the treacherous b*stards who posed as indy MP’s from the SNP who’ve had their snouts kicked-out of the taxpayers trough.

Good riddance to them.

“Here are all the SNP MPs who we will now not see at Westminster, the constituencies they represented, plus where they stood following boundary changes:

Tommy Sheppard – Edinburgh East
Joanna Cherry – Edinburgh South West
Alison Thewliss – Glasgow Central (stood in Glasgow North)
Gavin Newlands – Paisley and Renfrewshire North
Kirsten Oswald – East Renfrewshire
Ronnie Cowan – Inverclyde (stood in Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West)
Anne McLaughlin – Glasgow North East
David Linden – Glasgow East
Anum Qaisar – Airdrie and Shotts
Allan Dorrans – Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock
Steven Bonnar – Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill (stood in Coatbridge and Bellshill)
Stuart McDonald – Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
Stewart McDonald – Glasgow South
Amy Callaghan – East Dunbartonshire (stood in Mid Dunbartonshire)
Deirdre Brock – Edinburgh North and Leith
Carol Monaghan – Glasgow North West (stood in Glasgow West)
Chris Stephens – Glasgow South West
Richard Thomson – Gordon (stood in Gordon and Buchan)
Owen Thompson – Midlothian
Alan Brown – Kilmarnock and Loudon
Martyn Day – Linlithgow and East Falkirk (stood in Bathgate and Linlithgow)
Hannah Bardell – Livingston
Marion Fellows – Motherwell and Wishaw (stood in Motherwell, Wishaw and Carluke)
Patricia Gibson – North Ayrshire and Arran
Alyn Smith – Stirling (stood in Stirling and Strathallan)
John Nicolson – Ochil and South Perthshire (stood in Alloa and Grangemouth)
Martin Docherty-Hughes – West Dunbartonshire”

The wannabe Speaker of the House in the alien parliament of Westminster Pete Wishart sadly keeps his seat.

Wings Over Scotland | End Of Part One

Dorothy Devine

5 July, 2024 at 10:59 am

Apparently the SNP failed to convince Scots of the urgency of independence , according to John Swinney. It seems he failed to notice that they had not mentioned the I word in any of their literature , not only that some SNP MPs seem to think independence was unimportant.

I hate the buggers and their twisted logic , hell mend them all.


5 July, 2024 at 11:08 am

One way to look at the numbers is that when the SNP had majority of seats in Scotland it was because many wanted out of a Tory run UK.

While Labour are in power in Westminster folks don’t fear as much and don’t want to hit the escape hatch of Independence.

Sadly I don’t think this Labour Party is actually any better (we perhaps less incompetent) for Scotland than the Tories. And if Reform and the Tories merge or have an electoral pact… Within 5 years we will have another Tory/Reform Government.

Nobody I know likes or even trusts Starmer which is why the vote was so bad. This doesn’t feel like a Labour or even Lib Dem style government coming in… It’s just a slightly less worse version of the Tories.

Just as the SNP has been captured by the Devolutionists and mired in The Pride (But mostly the Trans lobby) wars… So too has Labour seem to be captured by the Rich and powerful who just want to enjoy Brexit without the mess.


5 July, 2024 at 11:08 am

The Hanvey result is very disheartening.
Just goes to show the general public are purely voting on party colours or, more likely, for the personalities that lead the parties and not the actual MP. Likely fuelled by a diet of directed MSM releases, particularly a large focus on US elections that bleeds through into ours and having no further thought or reading.
To give Hanvey only 2.8% of the vote following a successful 5 years of operation on behalf of K&C, regardless of the party colour, is wild


5 July, 2024 at 11:12 am

“get woke, go broke” – has become a meme now, applied mainly to films/games, to make them “progressive”.

identity politics has destroyed the SNP and they are in the process of losing their political influence; will they learn? And does anyone care?

ideologues, zealots, fanatics are quite resistant to “seeing sense” – some will be digging in, doubling down, some will be running for the exits, to try and grab themselves some NGO knife and fork job before the rush.

admitting you were wrong is not something they want to do – and I am looking forward to enjoying the contortions of their coping mechanism – on the doggers, or on bella – “its an MI5 plot by Alba and WOS” – or “too radical, we weren’t radical enough”

“the people have spoken – the BASTARDS! … ”

– the nutters have been running off the leash for too long, and now the choke chain is being yanked. A lot of people in politics really hate democracy and so give it a new name “populism” and attempt to demonise it – maybe people’s views should be checked for rightness, before being allowed to vote?

It was the “reactionary gang of transphobes” – they will say, but it is merely the popular will, pissed off with a lot of things – a nationalist movement abandoned its prime reason for existing, and was prepared to throw everything under the bus for – bizarre – other, at best, minor issues of trivial impact, at worst, sinister, social engineering.

Now for the holyrood crowd (nothing happened down at westminster anyway) – will the greens tack back to being “nvirnmental”, how much attendance at the never ending pride events will continue? Will Humza be allowed to rant away about “white people” again? Or will we see furious backtracking, painting their faces blue and posting about the clearances?

– in the old days (before internet) when a girl had a bad reputation, she would wipe the makeup off, put on the sunday school dress and move 2 towns over, where she was not known and become “respectable” again. Maybe the SNP need to delete a lot of twitter accounts – all that rainbow flag flying – wherever I see that, I feel a deep revulsion. Will they learn?

Will any SNP politician have the guts (and foresight and opportunism) to come straight out and openly blame ID politics/wokism/all the fucking perverts and weirdoes for their destruction?

– many will talk around it.

Patrick Roden

5 July, 2024 at 11:22 am

As a previous member of the SNP, I have completely stopped voting for them and now despise most of them.

I will never vote for them again because they have betrayed Scotland.

Boyce Franks

5 July, 2024 at 11:40 am

Since Nicola became leader the SNP attacked anyone who questioned their commitment and path to independence and caused a mass exodus of activists to leave the party. The point they need to learn is that we do not believe the SNP themselves believe in independence anymore. The 8 MPs they have now will be as ineffective as the 48 they had before. A wide open goal, with the British government on the ropes, and they couldn’t score – just like our national football team.

The 48 SNP MPs in London turned out to be well-behaved British devolutionists who obsessed more about gender issues and Palestine than pressing home Scotland’s right to independence.
They were nice little Scottish pets down there. They new their place and never stepped out of it.

That’s why their noses are bleeding today.

Vivian O’Blivion

5 July, 2024 at 12:13 pm

With the Inverness, Sky & Ross-shire recount postponed ‘till Saturday, the best the SNP can do is break into double figures at Westminster.
What does that mean?
Well, a likely loss of c. £964.6 k, pa in British State, Short money for starters.
Then there’s the 10% tithe Jackson’s Entry is strongly rumoured to extract from MPs. That’s another £356 k income missing from the next accounts.

Swinney can spin and prevaricate all he wants. £1.3 m, pa revenue decline will be decisive. The Party can add financial insolvency to moral bankruptcy.

mike cassidy

5 July, 2024 at 12:20 pm

At 72, independence isn’t even a dream anymore

Hell, I might not even be around for the next General Election

I’m just a detached observer from now on

Looking forward to seeing whether Westminster Labour will start fucking around with devolution before the next Holyrood election

Or take a chance that two years isn’t long enough for them to be hit by a backlash


5 July, 2024 at 12:39 pm

Mike Cassidy, stay hopeful, one step at a time, today we got rid of the SNP in 2026 who knows. The one thing we must do is rid ourselves of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP has to do the same.


5 July, 2024 at 12:46 pm

Salmond [whom I respect] is disliked by too many people. It handicaps Alba. His party came across as being too similar to the SNP to make any difference. It should have put abstentionism in its manifesto but it didn’t so many viewed its candidates as being as equally Westminster-centric as the SNP’s.

Scotland definitely needs a party which is ballsy and bolshie about independence. One that doesn’t give a damn about pandering to political tradition and the britnat media. One that makes its own headlines.


5 July, 2024 at 12:50 pm

never having listened to him much before, it strikes me how bad starmer is at public speaking; I mean he was a lawyer, right – his delivery in one paced with the emphasis placed on one place. It comes across as stilted, and off a script (as it is) – I am falling asleep listening to him. Maybe his speech writers assume the general public are r3t4rded and we have to get the message across to the dumbest guy in the room.

– you need to vary the rhythms, should have a musical structure

maybe its the point – he will bore us all to death, into sleep, at the front end, while blackrock are round the back stealing the furniture


5 July, 2024 at 1:09 pm

It’s time we had a firebrand leading our independence parties.

If you look at how independence was achieved from the British Empire, in almost all cases it was not done by being polite and working within the Empire’s rules.

The English are masters at getting Scotland into batlles on England’s chosen field, Flodden being a good historical example, and the entire history of the last 20 years another.

What we have being doing isn’t and will never work.

It’s time for a change.


5 July, 2024 at 1:17 pm

politics, especially FPTP, has tremendous inertia

farage took 8 attempts to win even when he had the BBC acting as his PR

sturgeon was funny last night; like an arsonist discussing an inferno, with zippo lighter and oily rag still in hand

“it wisnae me, a big boy did it and ran away”


5 July, 2024 at 1:48 pm

The English MSM is gloating today, but for me Scots voted to remove many MP’s from a party (SNP) that sold Scotland out, and the SNP deserved what they got.

So what now which party do we get behind for oor ain elections in 2026, it certainly cannot be the SNP unless there’s drastic changes within the party, and even then could we really trust them to deliver on indy after all the lies and deceit, I think not.

And what of Salvo/liberation who knows what they’ll uncover or achieve between now and 2026 for the cause.

The new English government is just the same as the old English government, Starmer and his House Jocks, and the English Security Services will do everything in their powers to keep Scotland’s voice muffled on the international stage, to keep us small and manageable, to play down our right to end this illegal union by any means possible, Starmer like Sunak will reek havoc on Scotland.

Meanwhile our assets will continue to be stolen and folk from South of the border will continue flood into Scotland at an alarming rate taking up hospital, dentist, and doctors appointments that Scots really need, never mind houses and jobs.

We must destroy this illegal union or forever suffer the consequences of a foreign country’s (England) hold on us.

Michael Laing

5 July, 2024 at 2:00 pm

@ Doug at 12.46pm:

“Salmond [whom I respect] is disliked by too many people. It handicaps Alba. His party came across as being too similar to the SNP to make any difference.”

I’m thinking along similar lines. If people view Westminster as irrelevant to Scotland, and in the knowledge that the SNP achieved and could achieve nothing by being there, then voting for a minor party in a Westminster election probably seemed a pretty futile exercise to most. That’s how it seemed to me. Indeed, voting in a Westminster election at all appeared futile to me.

I am disappointed but not at all surprised at the result for Alba. If Alba is to make a breakthrough – and I tend to doubt that it can as things currently stand – I think it will be dependent upon external factors such as what becomes of the SNP and the outcome of the criminal investigations into Sturgeon and her cronies. Even then, I don’t see how Salmond can recover the ground that’s been lost.

We must find another way. We need to demonstrate ‘people power’ somehow.


5 July, 2024 at 2:05 pm

Videos of SNP candidates in tears because their gravy train has just crashed off the rails. Every one of them a completely useless chancer that did zero for independence. Hell mend them. They were warned enough.


5 July, 2024 at 2:34 pm

Look what was published the Day of the Debacle:



5 July, 2024 at 4:46 pm

Britnats said independence was dead the day after the 2014 referendum. 45% for independence is now 50%. But we’re still in need of genuine pro independence leadership.


5 July, 2024 at 4:51 pm

Struggling for ideas as to where the independence movement goes from here. The Alba experiment has failed, the SNP is unreformable, other attempts at new indy parties seem futile, I haven’t really felt more hopeless than I do now.

About politics that is, there’s plenty more to life than politics thankfully.

Mike Fenwick

5 July, 2024 at 5:44 pm

The Finish Line … first you must find it, before you can cross it.

Many, too many, I suspect, do not yet realise that the finish line Scotland must cross to fully regain our independence is at the United Nations. Scotland will be finally independent again (and it will only be fully independent again) when the nations of the world at the United Nations confirm that they recognise – Scotland IS an independent Sovereign State. That is the finish line! But they need to know that the people of Scotland want to regain their country’s independence.

It won’t happen because of posts on F/book, on X, not because of blogs, and yes – not even because of elections like yesterday. What they need is evidence, hard documentary evidence. What they need is evidence of your self-determination to regain Scotland’s independence.

Starting on the 5th of July 2021, the Declaration of a Sovereign Scot began to build and provide that evidence, and has done via the HQ of the United Nations and via 18 UN Member States, and has done so now for over 3 years.

I will shortly post details of where and when I will begin travelling across Scotland (with blank forms). So, today on this 5th of July 2024, I invite you to be ready – to join all the Sovereign Scots who have already taken part. How? They used their individual signature, just that, no more – their signature to confirm the end of the union, and to tell the nations of the world of their decision!

First destination will probaby be to the Isle of Arran. Details and date to follow.


5 July, 2024 at 8:09 pm

From Craig Murray’s blog.

“Millions fewer people turned out to make Keir Starmer Prime Minister than turned out to attempt the same for Jeremy Corbyn. That is the most important fact of this election, and the one the mainstream media works hardest to hide.


Corbyn 2017: 12,877.918
Corbyn 2019: 10,269,213
Starmer 2024: 9,634,399

I don’t think any Prime Minister has ever come to power with less popular enthusiasm than Keir Starmer.”


John C

5 July, 2024 at 8:38 pm

Watching Sturgeon’s face as the exit poll was revealed was astonishing. A momentary realisation that actually, the blame mainly lies on her shoulders and her decisions to purge the party of competent adults for activists interested in Trans issues rather than independence or running things well destroyed the SNP.

It wasn’t much better from Mhairi Black on Channel 4 who blamed everything, including the rain, on the SNP’s failure apart from herself & the people who trashed it over the last five years especially. It’s especially galling to see SNP figures like Black talking about periods of ‘self-reflection’ when Black’s been joyfully calling mainly women ‘Jeremy Hunt’s’ while barely turning up in the Commons or her constituency to do any work. Indeed, Emily Matliss asked Black directly last night if she stood down because she knew an SNP backlash was coming to which Black blatently lied and said no. Of course Black, and other SNP MPs who stood down before the election, did so knowing they didn’t want images of them standing in election counts looking miserable.

There’s two more years til the Holyrood elections. Til then the SNP are a zombie party who’ll limp on til then trying to patch up what they’ve got. I’ll be amazed if any self-reflection actually happens or they’ll be like the Corbynites who’ve spent the last five years blaming voters rather than themselves for defeat.

So for now, Labour are again dominant in Scotland. Even if Starmer manages to seriously repair the damage of 14 years of Tory rule, Scotland will have to deal with clods like Ian Murray and Douglas Alexander speaking for us on the UK stage.

Frankly what the SNP need is along the lines of what Kinnock did to Labour in the 80s where he flushed out the extremists, the entryists & the loons the party had gathered over the years. There is however, nobody like Kinnock left in the SNP as the party has been so hollowed out of talent that I think what’ll happen is the party suffers decimation again in 2026, and then it depends whether these people slink back into the shadows or they finally admit failure and make serious efforts to become a broad umbrella of the independence movement again.

Wings Over Scotland | The Cuckoos


5 July, 2024 at 8:42 pm

One can only hope that Mr Salmond, the wiliest and most astute politician of his generation (my view) will now arouse himself from his torpor and step forward like a giant awakening to take the political gloves off and really open up on the troughing pygmies who have wasted the past 10 years.
Mr Farage and Reform have demonstrated the groundswell of enthusiasm and commitment achievable in only 5-6 weeks when their supporters experience almost any degree of genuine leadership. (Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof).
With the calibre of independence supporting individuals in Scotland and a proven winner in a leading position the next 18 – 24 months could yet prove to be the best opportunity since 2014 to advance.


5 July, 2024 at 8:48 pm

If you want a picture of the SNP imagine Murray Foote stamping on independence forever.

There are still good people in the SNP. Alba need to attack and point out that the SNP is not the party it once was.

Salmond broke the electoral system when every media outlet was against him. He needs to accept that the SNP is the enemy and work that magic again.

Willie Anderson

5 July, 2024 at 9:15 pm

Any idea what the SNP me


5 July, 2024 at 11:43 pm

If I were to asked who was the most adept, brilliant, focused and strategic politician we have ever had, I would without doubt point to Salmond, however, the man has been attacked and undermined and harried for much of his political career by the dark forces of the British establishment (and friends thereof) for those precise reasons (the fuckaround that Sturgeon was the face of was not the first, although despite it’s staggering and shambolic incompetence, it succeeded). I can only imagine the stress and pain that he has had to endure.

Scots are a funny bunch. We’re still very tribal, inasmuch as we’re always seeking a leader to embody whatever aim or goal we collectively desire.

This is always going to be an exploitable weakness – few individuals can survive the attentions of the dark arts for long. I believe that Sturgeon, who was 100th of the politician and human that Salmond was is a case in point.

Salmond is not the answer to the problem of independence. He may yet be a key agent in its achievement. Active campaigning by the Scottish people, as many and as loudly as possible, focused on the single issue of independence and all the injustices and harms that being a vassal state entails, is the answer. They can crucify an individual, but they can’t crucify everyone. So the challenge and question is, how can we catalyze that?


6 July, 2024 at 12:01 am

Forget Cherry.

She’d ample popularity & ample time to call time on the SNPs impending train wreck under Sturgeon. She went along with the Brexshit pish too (trying to reverse her own mandate & overthrow another country’s democratic vote in the process) concerned herself with Westminsters Sovereignty instead of her own country’s & took up the cause of gay rights in parliament.

None of the above was anything to do with what she was actually fucking voted into government to do. English pish that didn’t concern US.

You’d think a savvy KC would’ve been a lot smarter eh?
There’s another clue.
Kings council. Baubles & pieces of eight…

There in NO ONE good left in the SNP. The only good ones were the ones that left ages ago through principle & leaving voluntary. There is no saving the shit that’s just been ejected or the dross sitting in Holyrood either. The Ewing’s included. They’re only interested in their pay packet cause they knew Sturgeons game long before this day arrived & did absolutely nothing about it. Now they’ll go bust. Good riddance.

& This news just in for the yoons crawing. Reform helped Labour win cause the UK is about to be royally fucked by the financial crash that’s coming just round the corner & Labour will carry the can until it’s safe for the Tories to regroup & crawl back out from their sewers to take power again once the worst of it is over.


6 July, 2024 at 12:35 am

What would get most appeal would be abstention.

Absolutely nothing can be gained by taking seats to sit through endless debates about shit that we’ve hee-haw chance of influencing or changing. Absolutely nothing will be gained making an arse of themselves trying either. Scotland will always be the subject of their ridicule.

We’ve just had ten years of it & all it’s achieved is kill the SNP stone deid because they became distracted & embroiled by endless drivel they’d no business interfering in. They had ONE job. Independence. Instead they meddled in every English psychodrama that inflicts the English on a daily basis. They’ll always have a crisis. It’s what they do.

Win seats & then abstain like Sinn Fein. What the SNP should have done in 2017 & again in 2019.


6 July, 2024 at 4:03 am

This is a request,a plea,a last resort,probably the last post I will ever make on this site,…
I have supported the snp most of my life (put up my first snp poster in my window when I was about 14 year.s old}…

suffered a lot through the thatcher era…recovered, or should I say survived!…i am now OK…but I don’t forget.

I am now 63 years old…(wow think about that..(a whole lifetime,shat on by the revolting things that asked for my support,..got it,and then abused it…

Why then (and this is the plea}…to theREV STU,or anybody else here…Why the fuck should i bother my arse with Scottish people or Scotland anymore,…why! I can’t even stand the sight of a man in a kilt these day’s….Why should I not become a self serving selfish tory cunt and say to hell with those idiot voter’s who continue, even after this election to so support the rancid sturgeon and the snp.

I don’t know what else to say,…

Peter A Bell

6 July, 2024 at 6:53 am

“The independence movement fared badly in the General Election 2024 and while much will be written about the failings of the SNP. It is important not to forget the ALBA party and the reasons why they have been unable to make an impact.” – Denise Findlay



6 July, 2024 at 8:31 am

Big Jock says on 5 July 2024 at 8:21 pm: “To be honest I think the SNP will just think they can carry on to Holyrood 2026. With the same lazy arrogant non campaign.”

Indeed! Two very big clues were there for all to see during the election coverage. Two big clues stating exactly what the current snp’s priorities are.

The first one came before a single result came in and it involved Angus Robertson reacting to the exit poll. As he sat next to Labours Ian Murray he practically had his tongue down Murray’s throat as he almost begged Murray about “working together”.

The second one came from Swinney himself and was also a boak-inducing type of plea to Labour and wanting to work with them etc. That, for me, told me exactly where the SNP’s priorities would be.

If they were serious about indy they would have put out an olive branch and rallying call to *ALL* pro-indy parties and organisations instead of trying to get in the sack with anything wearing a red rosette.

Charles (not the R one)

6 July, 2024 at 9:49 am

I have seen the results of the election, and all the comments in this thread, pretty much all of them fair and valid.

But keep these points in mind as regards the SNP –

1. Of all the people entitled to vote, not quite six in ten did.

2. Of those who voted, three in every ten actually voted for SNP candidates.

One has to wonder what it will take to persuade that nearly two in ten of the total electorate that the SNP is now and has been for twenty years or more, is now exposed as a disgusting clique of self-aggrandising money-grubbers.

Just think – had the 2014 Referendum result gone the other way, we would be ten years into ‘independence’ and those very people we all revile so roundly would be in full control of the country today.

It hardly bears thinking about.

Alf Baird

6 July, 2024 at 9:53 am

Stoker @ 8:31 am

“the SNP’s priorities”

Yes indeed, and this is because, as postcolonial theory confirms, the dominant national party elite (which functions ‘like a gang’) represent Fanon’s ‘legal tendency’ (e.g. Section 30) of the independence movement; hence they will only ‘move closer to colonialism’.

Colonialism, which is a co-operative venture with native elites, effectively ‘draws the national party leaders under its wing’. Thankfully most of the now ‘sickened’ independence movement has cottoned on to their dangerous game, as evidenced by the election outcome.

The movement also begins to understand what independence really means and that a different approach is required to liberate the people, outwith the ‘colonial corset’ that aye hauds thaim doun:


Alf Baird

6 July, 2024 at 3:50 pm

Liz @ 10:14 am

“It’s not racist to put your own people first.”

Indeed. Postcolonial theory describes this as ‘defensive’ racism (Fanon) which is necessary if an oppressed people are to reject and remove the aggressive, forceful and ‘hateful racism’ that is colonialism (Cesaire), and to reclaim their sovereignty and recover their culture. Failing which a colonised group will perish as ‘a people’, culture and nation, for they are ‘already in the process of perishing’ (Memmi).

Lorna Campbell

6 July, 2024 at 11:22 pm

Ruby/Moix/Liz: they don’t get it. They never will till it’s far too late. ‘Chicks with dicks’ are only the front-line and they affect only females, so the chaps don’t give a flying whatsit – even though these ‘chicks with dicks’ scuppered the SNP. They will scupper the whole of the West if allowed to, and who will be left to push the red button?

Tory and Lib Dem voters voted Labour in large numbers and Reform UK split the Tory vote to allow Labour through the gap. Independence supporters from the working-class and the older female vote stayed at home or spoiled their ballot papers. The Unionists do unity rather well. The SNP is too stupid to learn from them.

Mr Salmond made a huge error in not coming out against the SNP when they refused to treat with him or any other independence party/grouping. ALBA also made a huge error in not supporting SALVO/Liberation.

He will now go home to think again, and I think he will come back to organize a constitutional convention and draw all the threads together for the fight ahead in 2026. He will end up as the first Scottish President, an honorary position.

Independence is far from being off the agenda: it is going to metamorphose into something very different, but, and it is a huge but, the gender woo woo has to be defeated and not allowed to push through any more reform. If Labour thinks it can use the ‘trans’ lobby against the Tories/Reform or against the independence movement in Scotland, they will be unleashing the Kraken and will not be able to control it. Anyone who believes the ‘trans’ lobby and its globalist capitalist backers are a push-over is as deluded as to reality as many of its adherents.

Lorna Campbell

7 July, 2024 at 3:11 pm

twathater: I know that you, the Rev, and several others on here, including David and John, Robert and others do see through the fog of this movement. Too many men, however, independence supporters, just do not get it because to appears not to affect them. It will if it is given the licence to do so. Sinn Fein is riding high right now, but it has been infiltrated by this lobby, and the Irish Republic, which they hope to unite with, is overrun with gender ideologues. It actually brought down the last PM of Ireland, but they seem to have learned nothing. All we hear is how right-wing Europe is becoming, and everyone is concentrating on that instead of understanding that the hard left is just as totalitarian as the far right and this is how they are doing it. The ‘trans’ lobby/’wokerati are allied to global capitalism (their backers are corporate CEOs). The other side of the global corporate coin. The AGPs and fetishists are the foot soldiers, as are the Queer Theorists in academia and the Post Modernist/Structurlist anti intellectuals.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

8 July, 2024 at 2:07 pm

“The two ALBA MPs had a perfect opportunity to reveal the identities of Salmond’s accusers at Westminster but were too stupid to take it.”

In fact they were instructed by the clerks that due to the ongoing police investigations they would not be legally protected by normal Parliamentary privilege.

Wings Over Scotland | Dead Weight

Robert Hughes

6 July, 2024 at 9:52 am

As the ( angel ) dust settles around the SNP crash-scene , the * vehicle * lying upturned in a ditch , wheels spinning madly/pointlessly , the nine surviving cretins , puppets n plants crawling from the wreckage , giving praise to the God of Grift , is it to be a case of …..

” right , that’s that distraction over , now let’s spend the next two years being distracted by whatever pitiful efforts are likely to be proffered by Nu SNALBA ” ? .

I for one have no intention of being so distracted .

If the Political Party panjandrums can’t see the reason * newborn * entities like Reform have outperformed the SNP/ALBA/ISP./I4Is in this G.E is because – hod the front page ! – they are addressing the issues that people are ACTUALLY concerned about – not the rarefied esoteric psycho/socio/political brain-cabbage that obsesses the ” Prog ” Clownocracy and is being , more-or-less adopted by all the others – those Parties/Individuals will not prosper until they understand what’s happening .

This is not to advocate the adoption of Farage-style phony ” man of the people ” Personality Politics ” ( though , fck knows , it seems to work ) and crude , broad-stroke , simplistic interpretations/panaceas of/for the truly awful state of U.K Politics and the * country * as a whole – if such a fragmented area can be described as a ” whole ” .

Salmond et al need to stop shiteing-it about MSM reaction/s and begin to articulate a defiant , unapologetic , engaging Nationalism – embrace it as one of the engines of Liberation n forget the jejune , watery * Civic * version ; or , at least , de-emphasise the latter and emphasise the former .

Civic Nationalism is for AFTER Independence . Not BEFORE it .

” More of the same ” will lead to , yip …..more of the same worthless , unproductive ” we lost the game , but what great supporters we had ” failures . Fuck that for a game a sodjers .

If that’s all that’s on offer , count me oot . TKO’d be timidity

Excellent work as ever , C.C .


6 July, 2024 at 9:58 am

Beautiful cartoon, Mr Cairns. However, I am of the opinion the lead weight we have to get rid of, or at least bypass, must include ALL political parties currently operating in Scotland. Every single one. Because every single one colluded to deny the people of Scotland the opportunity to vote for independence. Hell mend them all.

This last general election has confirmed that politics will never be the route that will take us to independence. Never. The sooner we start to accept that, the sooner we can unite and take another, route.

Political parties are nothing but pawns being moved around by the establishment to stop independence. And the voters are being taken for fools time and time again. We have been taken for fools since the political fraud Sturgeon took control of the SNP with the purpose of denying us the opportunity to vote for independence and to ensure she forever destroyed the SNP to stop it ever becoming again the political vehicle for independence.

Farage’s new version of UKIP is clearly an establishment product deployed to ensure a crushing majority for Labour, as Starmer had been elected long time ago by the establishment, at both sides of the Atlantic, to be the next PM. The funds, the promotion this failed leader and charlatan gets falls beyond what is reasonable.

I do not believe for even a second that the Royal Mail “problem” with the leaflets in Slippers’ constituency was a random accident either. If you look at the votes cast in that constituency, without reform, the vote between the conservatives and SNP would have come far too close.

To this day, I am not even sure what the purpose of Alba fielding candidates in this election was for. Having Kenny McKaskill running against Eva Comrie came across to me as vindictive, as seeking to dilute the pro independence and protest vote even further and it certainly made a complete mockery of the much trumpeted “united front” by the party in the previous months. It made the party look rather hypocritical, actually. Had only one candidate be in that constituency, and the vote might have surpassed that for the greens. Instead, both candidates lost the deposit and made look the fundamentalist pro-independence vote in that constituency, irrelevant.

As per ISP, the party is promising and the only one, in my personal opinion, with the right idea: If Scotland is to have independence, the first step is to ditch Westminster from day 1. However, in this election, the number of candidates deployed was insufficient to make any difference whatsoever, even in the best case scenario, which would be them winning seats. In other words, it was completely pointless.

So, as it is, independence voters in Scotland were denied, once again, as it has been habit for the last 10 years, the opportunity to vote for Scotland’s independence. This was by design.

If I was already a cynic who thought elections were a charade deployed to justify in the eyes of voters a pre-agreed and pre-arranged result, this election simply served to confirm it and to make me even more of a cynic.

Gosh, I am sick of them all. I cannot even face looking at any of them, never mind listening to the unembellished shite they spout.

My question is: what is the real reason behind the establishment installing a crushing labour majority in Westminster?

Are these bastards planning to finalise the privatisation of the NHS so the trade deal with USA can be closed? Are they taking us to the mother of USA’s self-serving hegemonic wars in the last hurrah to save their ridiculous dollar privilege? Or are they going to force us to worship their beloved rogue state currently engaged in genocide in the middle east?

God help us.


6 July, 2024 at 10:07 am

“The SNP used to preside over big majorities, but now seven of its nine seats are among the 10 most marginal in Scotland”, with four in particular on low numbers…

G Leadbitter: 1001 Majority
S Logan: 942 Majority
S Gethins: 859 Majority
C Law: 675 Majority

What happens when intellectual pygmies, chancers, troughers, biology-denying deviants and fifth-columnists are left to run a party? You lose over half a million votes. That’s right folks… over 500,000 votes gone because you didn’t listen, you didn’t care and you thought you knew better.

So there you have it…from 56 seats to just 9 in less than a decade, and 4 of those 9 marginal.

Well done Nicla, well done!


6 July, 2024 at 10:20 am

In all sincerity, I think there is a bigger problem than the SNP.

It’s also an apolitical point, although I believe there is an asymmetric disadvantage to Scotland which would end if the problem was addressed.

The problem is the extent to which most ordinary people are almost completely disengaged with our politics and government. Their grasp of vital issues is depressingly superficial, and worse, their appetite to learn more is largely non existent. They are, to all intents and purposes, switched off.

People aren’t disgusted by Sturgeon’s betrayal of Scotland because great hordes of people aren’t even aware that it happened.

It’s not an attention span thing, they’ve not forgotten a thing, but an attention ‘depth’ thing. There are just not questioning the things around them.

People don’t vote for ALBA because most of the people are not alert to the need for doing so. What use is an emergency response when nobody is alert to the emergency?

I believe support for Independence hovering around 50% is less politically charged than many think, and may be closely related to a level of awareness rather than a political conviction. You can’t unlearn a thing once you see it for yourself.

Right now, 24 -7, Scotland is being suffocated because the media is awash with pacifying indoctrination and nobody is properly alert to it.

Doesn’t it jarr when you hear some mouthpiece on the TV whining about the SNP being obsessed with Independence? Wait. What? The same SNP which has done the square root of fk all to promote Independence for the last decade? So who is that propaganda specifically aimed at? Think about it. They’re not giving the people news, they’re topping up their medication. Take your medicine Mr Murphy.

Think about the Matrix movie. Sorry to alarm you folks, but “we” few who question what we’re being spoon fed, are the select few who are unplugged from the Matrix. The vast majority of Scotland’s people are not.

This phenomenon, and whether it can be defeated and the greater mass of us unplugged, will have much more bearing on Scotland’s future than the fates of any number of shallow political non-entities.

Scotland needs first it’s Independence message primed and ready to broadcast succinctly and emphatically, but then the Nation needs some kind of defibrilation to awaken peoples’ awareness.

There’s a strange phenomenon, related to smoking of all things. Nicotine is one of the world’s most addictive substances, it’s true, we all know it, but it’s also true it’s one of the easiest addictions to break. After 24-48 hours, the addiction to the drug is broken. There’s no cold turkey tremors or DT’s. Smokers fail to stop smoking because they’re addicted to the habit of smoking, not the nicotine.

I think Unionism works the same way. It has seduced many on a passive, habitual basis, but the addiction has a very weak hold on the subject.

If we want to alter Scotland’s currently depressing trajectory, we need “something” which reaches out to the ordinary people and shakes them out of their stupor. This is the objective we must achieve, but made more difficult because “our” media is the Great anaesthetist in chief, who is absolutely determined to keep Scotland docile, despondant, and subdued.

Do not swallow their narrative. Question everything they say.

I am also profoundly suspicious whenever I hear the SNP “narrative” that there’s no lawful route to Independence. For one thing it’s not true. For two things, illegality cuts both ways yet Westminster does what it likes. And for the third thing, this narrative seeds that same old despondency and pacification. Do you see it yet?

Rab Clark

6 July, 2024 at 10:21 am

Alf Baird, if you happen to see this could you please read our latest?

We hope you’ll consider commenting – our site uses Disqus, which some find a bit of a faff, so you could comment here, or mail (fao Rab) offtopicscotland@protonmail.com



Alf Baird

6 July, 2024 at 10:26 am

Robert Hughes @ 9:52 am

“Civic Nationalism is for AFTER Independence . Not BEFORE it .”

Indeed Robert, this was also my finding from the research for the book ‘Doun-Hauden’. A colonised and hence oppressed people need to focus on their liberation first as ‘the most urgent priority’ – postcolonial theory and extensive imperial history confirms they certainly cannot depend on the se***er / colonialist.

The SNP’s deceitful diversion into ‘Progressive’ bull forms part of a colonial strategy designed to block independence; it needs to be jettisoned from the liberation balloon if Scotland is to ‘rise and be a nation again’, i.e. nae langer haud doun:


Vivian O’Blivion

6 July, 2024 at 10:27 am

It has been said that with the SNP’s, Westminster cohort of British State parasites reduced to nine, (Inverness, Sky & West Ross-shire has been conceded) they will not be afforded much opportunity to “address the House”.
I predict one exception.
Stephen “CIA” Gethins will almost certainly regain the Foreign Affairs, Spokesperson remit. Gethins held this position when first elected in the 2015 SNP landslide. He retained the post after the crash GE of 2017 despite holding his seat by a margin of two votes!
Gethins’ contributions to Hansard in this period were multitude but the range of topics wasn’t as numerous.
It is said that Cato the Elder in his monomaniacal obsession with the Phoenicians, couldn’t end a speech to the Senate without stating, “Carthago delenda est (“Carthage must be destroyed”) “.
Gethins’ equivalent was “Russia bad!”.
Gethins will have no difficulty “catching the Speaker’s eye”.
His message tailor’s seamlessly with the propaganda of the Anglo-American, Security State, and that’s who Gethins really works for.


6 July, 2024 at 11:48 am

Following a lot of geopolitical events it’s now crystal clear how the establishment works. It contains it’s threat by persistent delay.

Delay in the Palestinian State.
Delay in the Minsk agreements.
Delay in Scottish independence.
Delay in Turkey joining the EU.

On & on the list goes and it’s all done to buy them time.

It’s delay, delay, delay to give them time to either regroup, re-arm, keep enough carrots dangling long enough to keep it contained or until support fizzles out & dies through inaction.

This is exactly what Sturgeon played at too. The UK can’t afford to lose it’s (imaginary) world status & it’s seat on the security council as Americas poodle & Sturgeons constant delays & faffing about was textbook with her endless harpies making excuse after excuse of why there was nothing happening with her mandates.

The establishment have used Reform to bring in a labour government because they’ll carry the can for the shit that’s about to be unleashed on Britain.

Alf Baird

6 July, 2024 at 12:15 pm

Rab Clark @ 10:21 am

Just a few remarks:

Anderson rightly accepts that nations are a cultural creation, which is the same for postcolonial theorists. Language forms a key part of culture and has a decisive role. Revolutions and decolonizations are defined in national terms and peoples in self-determination conflict are generally linguistically and culturally divided.

Indigenous languages and national cultures evolve naturally; imperial entities do not. Empires are artificially created through force and imposition of colonial procedures. This includes cultural imperialism and language subordination (native language literature and history is not taught/distorted) of the oppressed groups.

Nations are ’emotional and spiritual’. Colonised nations suffer from cultural assimilation and here the people become ‘dislocated’ from their culture, their culture is ‘obliterated’ and they and their culture are in the process of perishing so long as colonialism continues.

The aim of colonialism via cultural imperialism methods is to replace a peoples national identity with something else; to make Estonians feel Russian, or Catalans Spanish, or Scots as Brits. Here the colonized ends up ‘mimicking’ the colonizer’s language (because only his language opens the doors of opportunity) and discards their own ‘inferior’ native mother tongue (i.e. cultural assimilation), casting aside and denigrating his ain culture. However the imperial nation ‘identity’ remains a ‘cultural illusion’, given the oppressed native ‘a false persona’.

As Fanon noted, the desire for independence of a colonized people is dependent on their ‘national consciousness’, but this is not nationalism.



6 July, 2024 at 2:38 pm

There was a lull after the SNP got it’s doing, all the usual suspects, with frenetic contortions to avoid addressing the real issue :

the people hate identity politics, especially if promoted at the expense of “the real thing” i.e. independence, so running around all the time with a pride flag saying “we must do more for the trannies” is just going to kill you, in the end; and why should people like it anyway, it is there to offer special rights and protections for special groups and offers nothing to the majority – democracy, hello – is about people getting to vote for their own interests

so, the middle class twat brigade, i.e. bella will, eventually, be giving it – “we weren’t radical enough … it was DELAYS in implementing trannyism uber alles and a police state against hatecrimes, which put the people off”

the doggers blame it on us – wings, rev, salmond – largely and actually “marginalised” but somehow exerting baleful influence from the shadows; reminds me of a theory from the 70s, the soviets had this radio station that continuously transmitted this odd signal on this odd frequency (spy comms, sub comms, early warning radar?) – people wrote books about it claiming it was a mind control device designed to make people in the west, left-wing …

– if only we had such power; I can see them all out there in internet land … “confused” was being really waspish the other day … SMASH THE BRITISH STATE … gather weapons, make kill lists, infiltrate and subvert … all these randos on the internet, crouched over the glow of our computers in the early hours, cloaked like Darth Sidious, cackling … good, good …

“the failure of alba” – politics has tremendous inertia, it takes a lot to get in the game; maybe the BBC will promote alba and do their PR for them, like Farage, that “outsider” they just can’t get enough of. 8th time lucky! What a winner. BBC, all the promotion money can’t buy. Farage is an outsider, with a lot of friends on the inside.

Salmond should stick the boot in, bury them … I agree, I think I have said it, quite a lot; his enemies tried to put him in jail, that I couldn’t forgive. I am sure he could write a book or leak all the info not produced at trial, but that might destroy the SNP forever. I think maybe he worked on the basis of getting “madame mao” and her gang out, then “coming home”, alba being a temporary home; didn’t he get kicked out the SNP early on, then came back in? Which I think has been a big mistake – a clean demolition, soon after he was cleared, would have ended the “smell”.

– but having said that, I think Salmond knows a bit more about politics than me, and we are all just backseat drivers, or fans shouting tactics from the stands.

The SNP and their supporters, you can see the reeking narcissism belching off them :

(WE GOT FUCKED) … er, obviously, IT CAN’T HAVE BEEN ANYTHING WE DID … so, it was OTHER PEOPLE and we DIDNT DO OUR THING FAST ENOUGH … yes, that must be it … skips away happily


6 July, 2024 at 6:01 pm

Ignored says:
6 July, 2024 at 4:15 pm

Personally, I see the treaty of union as perfectly legitimate. But…

I don’t see it as legitimate, because it is fundamentally incompatible with Scotland’s Constitution and always has been, but I concede, what the ToU has in it’s favour is 300 years of largely uncontested recognition and recognised conventions, yet every one of those recognised conventions simultaneously remains fundamentally flawed but the flaws are habitually ignored. Indeed, ignoring the truth is a seedy convention all by itself.

For me, the easy bit is ending the Treaty. There have been so many violations and literal breaches of the Articles of Union that Scotland could cite any one of them to collapse the Treaty as a broken contract. If it could be done authoritatively, Scotland should cite every breach as evidence of the habitual disregard and contempt for Scotland’s rights.

I don’t even think there’s any problem taking public opinion along with us. How would “they” demonstrate that public opinion was not on our side? Hold a referendum? Let them try.

Would there be blood in the streets? I believe not. The outrageous and grotesquely unconstitutional Brexit subjugation was a slap in the face for Scotland, yet outrage came there none. If the people are so docile in subjugation, what obstacle can they be to liberation?

The real obstacle I see is the dirty double dealing beneath the counter we can expect from the fickle International community which is amenable to the UK’s Westminster Government. Shady groups and lobbyists from warmongering Nations want a subdued Scotland, and they will orchestrate objections.

That is why I felt Brexit was vital to the cause; because we’d have secured instant International Recognition from 26 sovereign nations sympathetic to our circumstance. That would given us tremendous leverage, but we pissed it all away very cheaply. Well, Sturgeon did. Imbecile.

I suspect Scotland would yet get adequate International Recognition, but it could be more complicated. EU recognition is not the safe bet it was in the shadow of Brexit, and any BRICS derived recognition will sow division and acrimony which may divide opinion and cloud the issue of recognition.

There’s a lot of work needing to be done. Legwork, influencing, persuading, placating… preparing.

Scotland doesn’t need a lame and Vichy Devolved Assembly. Scotland needs a ballsy and defiant Government-in-Waiting which stands firm and knowledgeable in the defence of Scotland’s abused Constitutional Rights, and works its fingers to the bone along similar lines to the 1980’s style Scottish UN Committee with Willie MacRae.

I believe SALVO are coming close to doing that, but we need more, bigger, better, etc, etc, etc… SALVO needs unequivocal support from all quarters, but isn’t getting it… yet.

While I firmly believe the essence of Independence is contained in the above beliefs, believing in the “big game” does not compromise fervent belief in the Little Game. Yes, we should fight elections. Yes, we should contest subjugations. Yes, we should discredit the unconstitutional credentials of the UK Supreme Court and indeed the Scotland Act. Fight and disrupt everything, everywhere. Give Joanna Cherry license to grind Westminster to dust using the supremacy of Scots Law wherever such potency exists.

Independence will be ours once the people know the power of their sovereign birthright. We needs victories, both big and small. It will come as a consequence of our self belief and confidence; the very things Sturgeon has done her level best to destroy.

Robert Louis

6 July, 2024 at 6:54 pm

I seem to recall, that the reason Gordon (britin,britin,britin) Broon said the vow wasn’t delivered was due to the Tories being elected.

So…given Labour now have a whopping majority in Westminster and Labour’s union jack boy (and closet Tory), Iain Murray is Scotland’s colonial governor on behalf of the English, their is no good reason why the entire vow cannot be made to happen.

Is any Scottish politician going to hold lying Labour to their seemingly forgotten promises, the words of dinosaur Broon, the promise of the most powerful devolved parliament in the known universe, etc, etc..

If I were the Alba strategist, I would be hammering that home until the Scottish election. The endless denials of Labour would be hilarious. What a political weapon to have, here is what Labour promised Scotland if they voted NO to independence, and NOW in 2024 at last they have the power to deliver, so WHY won’t they???? That broken promise by Labour should be hung around their necks until the Scottish parliament elections, akin to an albatross;

Quote ..Ah wel-a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young;
Instead of the Cross the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

From ‘The Rime of the Ancyent marinere’, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Sadly, I do not think the SNP at any level have the political fire or acumen to take the fight to Labour in such a way. Will Alba? Will anybody?

Alf Baird

6 July, 2024 at 9:09 pm

Andy Ellis @ 6:42 pm

“We’re not a colony, we just lack enough people with the balls to put an X on a piece of paper. That’s not colonialism. that just a lack of moral courage.”

You ignore the fact that “colonization is based on psychology” (Cesaire) which makes the colonized into “a manufactured being” who “craves dependence” (Memmi).

Look at the effect colonization has had on many Scots, wha dinnae want thair ain soveranety or thair ain langage an cultur e’en – yet who remain in their minds ‘prood Scots’!

That even half of Scots now struggle for liberation represents a considerable achievement in view of the negative psychological impacts of colonization in regard to how an oppressed people are ‘made to think’ about themselves:



6 July, 2024 at 10:13 pm

Popped over to a couple of other sites with BTL. You’ll know who they are…

The SNP apologists that bide there have absolutely no sense of humour.

They moan about the electoral system and how unfair it is to get 30% of the vote and only 15% of the seats. They don’t seem to recognise their own hypocrisy when you point out in 2017 that the SNP got 95% of the seats on 50% of the vote and not one of them complained. (God forbid you also point out that despite the 56/59 seats, plus 50% of the popular vote and nearly 2/3 voting Remain, Sturgeon’s ‘Stop Brexit’ campaign achieved precisely f*** all in terms of Standing Up for Scotland).

They also cry “Britnat” when you point out that in 7 years, under the living then dead hand of Sturgeon, the SNP went from 56/59 to just 9/57, with 7 of the 9 being marginals.

They really don’t like it when you point out that opinion polls show support for Indy holding at 47%, yet support for the SNP has dropped to 30%.

Yet these facts are chiels that winna ding and all under the control of Sturgeon and her cosen continuity clown-fest which followed.

There’s even a one legged man in an arse kicking contest trying to debate with himself whether “Salmond sleaze” was worse than “Sturgeon sleaze”. I mean, FFS, denial doesn’t even come close!

All I’ve managed to learn from these other sites is that if I wasn’t previously convinced that the SNP was beyond saving, I am now.

Big Jock

7 July, 2024 at 12:09 am

Norway started the process of independence from Sweden by setting up foreign embassiies(consulates). An act which was perceived to be illegal under the terms of the Union. This paved the way for negotiations on a plebiscite. Norway had already set one up, anticipating Sweden would demand one.

Unlike ours. The Norwegians voted 99% to dissolve the Union. Bearing in mind Norway had never been an independent nation. This is quite incredible.

Which brings us back to how messed up the Scots are. That we could only muster 52% from people born in Scotland.

I am discounting the 10% of non Scots ( mainly English). Because Norway didn’t have such an issue with Swedish settlers.

I think the issue for us is not necessarily identity. We know from the census 65% of our population identify as Scottish,and not British. But Sweden and Norway never amalgamated their name into one State. It was always Sweden and Norway.

The Norwegians always identified as Norwegians. There was no dual nationality to invent a new nationality to attach to.

I think Scots are a very timid bunch when it comes to being assertive. And there is the 300 years of brainwashing , that we are nothing without England.

Uniquely we voted against our own existence. I mean as a populace, not native Scots. But why isn’t independence support at 90%? Who wouldn’t want to be independent. It’s a state of psychological illness.

Wings Over Scotland | All Out Of Bubblegum


7 July, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Yeah, but when do the Alphabetties get what they deserve?

Those are the revelations we need exposed so the purge, when it comes, gets rid of all the scum, and hopefully goes a long way to rehabilitating the career of a particular Alex Salmond.

Yes, I don’t fully agree with Salmond’s current strategy, but he is a wily old fox with unsurpassed capacities to change the agenda in a heartbeat.

I also know a lot of people aren’t fans of Salmond. Ok, I get that, but take a moment and think ahead… when Sturgeon and the Alphabetties go down in flames, and they will, that man Salmond will be unstoppable. Walls will fall and crumble to dust, and so will reputations.

He doesn’t need to lead us, though personally I have no problem with it if he does, but next time out the blocks, Alex Salmond will not be taking prisoners, and “taking care of business” will see Independence on the front page of every agenda.

So yeah, when do the Alphabetties get theirs?

Stuart MacKay

7 July, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Political parties have had their tyres slashed and set on fire but somehow people still think they will drive us to the promised land. Cherry in Holyrood in 2026 will have much the same effect as Cherry in Westminster in 2023.

Political parties follow, they don’t lead, or at least not any more. Politicians are just there to hoover up votes based on the sentiments of the voting population. They’re trailing indicators not leading ones. The case for independence will be made among the populace and the politicians will only pick up on it when they think there’s votes to be secured.

Robert Hughes

7 July, 2024 at 5:08 pm

David Beveridge
Ignored says:
7 July, 2024 at 4:37 pm
” Happy to keep her trap shut during the years of betrayal of the Yes movement though. Now she’s been hoofed out she starts acting like a wee lassie that’s had a dizzy at the high school dance. No applause from me.”

Nor me : for the reason you give + after her moment in the spotlight during the Prorogation fiasco she immediately sat back down on the WM bench and kept shtum about what Brexit meant vis-a-vis Scotland’s rights within the * Union * of which we ARE AN EQUAL SIGNATORY . Neither did she say a word all during the attempted political assassination of Alex Salmond and it’s despicable aftermath when the vicious , bungling criminals continued to slander him despite the verdicts .

Pleasing as it is to see the poisonous dwarf get slagged in public , it’s all too little and very much too late .

She made her choices at the time . They do not reflect well on her .

As far as I’m concerned , she can fuck-off with the rest of them


7 July, 2024 at 5:36 pm

“Yeah, but when do the Alphabetties get what they deserve?”

Actually, I think this could be a very dangerous time for them. If I was any of them I would be rather nervous. With so many people scorned after losing their jobs and with all the political knives going into Sturgeon’s direction, how long it is going to take for the loyalty to be forgotten and for somebody, in a moment of madness, to “accidentally” open their mouth in anger and reveal where the bodies are buried?

There has to be a good reason for the political fraud Sturgeon and teflon Lloyd now becoming the darlings (minions?) of the British state propaganda mouthpieces. I wonder how long it is going to take until Leslie Evans appears in some TV program or another too …


7 July, 2024 at 6:47 pm

I have no idea why some people are moaning about Joanna, if you had gone through what’s she done through in the last ten you’d have left the SNP on day one she didn’t she stayed and it’s all credit to her for not leaving. Maybe it was a huge mistake for us to have left the SNP, instead maybe should have stayed and saved the party and Scottish Independence from Sturgeon and her mod of gangsters from within but we didn’t we took the cowards way out and walked and then started moaning about what could have been, we have ourselves to blame for not being there for our country when she needed us most. The biggest question we need to ask ourselves now is how do we fix this mess and who do we trust to lead us with the public behind them.

Robert Hughes

7 July, 2024 at 7:37 pm

” Maybe it was a huge mistake for us to have left the SNP, instead maybe should have stayed and saved the party and Scottish Independence from Sturgeon ”

And how would * you * have done that ? If we’re talking hypotheticals here , want makes you think * you * would have done anything different from those who stayed , is it not just as probable that you would have been as mesmerised , pacified n patronised as the rest ? Even had you attempted to penetrate the delusional aura of infallibility that was * manufactured * around the Stooge from day one of her – unchallenged – coronation , the would those attempts have proven successful ?

I’ve never been an SNP member so it’s never been an issue for me but I can understand how the loyalty of those who are – in many cases – lifelong members would cause them to sit on their doubts / concerns in the belief it was to serve a greater cause , eg Independence ; still ….

The horrible abuse J Cherry endured ,as well as being demoted n replaced by a dolly dimple head-nodder , whilst fckn Hypocrite-to-her-Fingertips Sturgeon uttered not a single word in her defence , in fact , appeared in spiteful agreement with the wailing Manshees calling for JC to be immolated for Anti-*Trans* heresy would have been the optimum time to say what she’s saying now , in addition to what was referred to above .


8 July, 2024 at 12:43 am


We were right to walk away & to take our subs with us.

There was no way to change the direction of travel Sturgeon was taking. She made sure of it by closing down internal party democracy & rewriting party rules & she’s STILL doing it by working her puppet clique from the background.

Sturgeon & her husband have brought the whole party (& it’s brand) into disrepute. Any new leader with an ounce of integrity would have sacked her immediately & suspended her from the party if not outright ban her for life. They didn’t bother. Dumbza & Swindler protected her instead. They put her above party & way above the people who elected them.
That party will be forever tainted now. There’s no way back from them ever erasing that poor judgement.

As for Joanna – well she did speak out & was ignored. Sturgeon even claiming she wasn’t aware she was being bullied online or by her own colleagues which was shit cause it was all over Twitter & very public.

Joanna should have walked & stood as an independent. She had plenty of support on social media urging her to do exactly that ages ago but she made a huge mistake having a pep talk with Dumbza & buying into his ‘assurances’ She should’ve listened cause in that interview she also says that was the word on the street too. The whole brand is in the toilet.

A blind man could’ve told her that was crap & he’d no intentions of reassuring her of anything. He was placating her to shut her up. Obviously instructions from Imelda which she would’ve also been aware of. She’s not stupid.

Wings Over Scotland | Your Enemy’s Enemies


7 July, 2024 at 10:53 pm

“But we’ve saved the best for last.… Alyn “Daddy Bear” Smith.”

You sure did. He was my second least favourite after Wishart.
Some you win, some you lose, but at 9 seats and I am not going to quibble.

So sweet it was the coalition with the greens to shut out ALBA, that effectively killed him off. He oxygenated his future suffocators.

10lbs of shit in a 5lbs bag, sneering, arrogant, Sturgeon, wank.


8 July, 2024 at 7:14 am

Thewliss was Chair of the MPs ‘All Party Parliamentary Group on Infant Feeding & Inequalities’ Committee. For supposedly standing up for wee babies, as Chair, Thewliss received circa £25K on top of her £91K basic salary plus all her expenses.

This Committee’s raison d’etre is to promote the benefits of breast milk. It contains antibodies which protect babies and doing so also reduces mothers’ risks of breast & ovarian cancers.

When I raised the issue of wee babies being forced to drink untested, bile-like leakages from male bodies, bodies which had been injected with untested drugs, alien to those male bodies, she blocked me on twitter.

I don’t know how Alison Thewliss sleeps at night.

Scottish women are resilient, enduring and, on occasion, forgiving. But threaten our babies, and our children? Then seal your own fate.


8 July, 2024 at 10:57 am

James Che

The TRA agenda is a direct instruction. That’s why it’s exploded into every single parliament in the West.

This is confirmed by the Eastern countries who are flat out rejecting it as it goes against the very fabric of their beliefs & values & have confirmed it’s an instruction. We always suspected that cause no way was this shite spawned from grass roots. It was instant.

Sir Kid Starver will go full throttle now. He was told to STFU about lady penises until AFTER the election. Now it will be back front & centre. They didn’t donate to his campaign for nothing.

As for the SNP, they thought they’d have 40yrs plus like Labour did. No wonder they’re greeting. It’s a huge pay drop as they gravy train stopped at destination fcked. Enjoy yer stay lol…


8 July, 2024 at 1:13 pm

“The ISP got a whole 678 votes in the recent election”

So what?

ISP is the only political party in Scotland currently standing on an abstentionist manifesto. In other words, it is the only political party that, as today, acknowledges Scotland’s popular sovereignty. All the rest could not run fast enough to swear allegiance to a foreign crown and surrender the interests of the constituencies and country they are meant to represent to the interests of that crown – in exchange, of course, for a pat in the back, a big salary, a generous pension, connections and access to subsidised bars.

Do not forget that over 500,000 Scottish voters could not stomach even approaching the polling places on the last election. Why? because they either were sick of being taken for fools by the current political elite or the parties standing had nothing of value to offer for them.

ISP stood only in a couple of constituencies. ISP is not a product of the establishment like Reform is, and therefore cannot immediately pull out of the hat and out of thin air sufficient candidates and funding to stand in all constituencies, nor it can command access to every propaganda mouthpiece the establishment has control over.

Come back and laugh again when they stand in all constituencies and when the people of Scotland realise that, for once, there is a political party that is not accepting the bribe of the subsidised bars, high salaries and nice pensions, and is therefore willing to put the interests of Scotland first.

Alf Baird

8 July, 2024 at 4:43 pm

Mia @ 3:35 pm

““So what” sums up one reason why the Indy movement has stalled”

Yes, nationalist politicians (and most of the people it must be said) remain ignorant that the goal of self-determination is decolonization; this is what the UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples provides the legal basis of.

As for ‘the reason’: well, successive elected nationalist majorities of MPs and MSPs have refused to progress self-determination and decolonization, they have instead opted to protect colonialism (hence they have been ‘co-opted’ in postcolonial theory). It is this deceit that has ‘sickened the people’ and ‘ruptured the movement’, causing the people to refuse to back the dominant party to the hilt any more.

Quite obviously now the SNP elite have been and still are working against the self-determination (i.e. decolonization) of the Scottish people. They have become willing puppets of the colonial power and hence represent a blockage to progress, preventing liberation of the people.

A better understanding of colonial society is at least some progress, and this also allows us to see where we are in the decolonization process:



9 July, 2024 at 11:16 am

narcissist thinks : it can’t be ME, (obviously) … so it must be YOU – so what do you have to say for yourselves??

The SNP will tell us what happened to them, but never why.

a great piece of advice for the liar is : don’t tell lies about things to people who were there at the time

but then there is that joke about the guy caught in bed with another woman, red-handed by his wife … and he gets out of bed, denies the adultery, and says to her

– who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes ?

so – “we were all there” and yet, immediately, the SNP cultists and woke-leftists are out and about talking about “lying eyes” – it is quite breathtaking; the SNP lost because it “sold out its principles to the right” and that to win next time, all we need to do, is do even more of the SHITE people hated …

another movie quote : “never get high on your own supply”

NB whenever you see the word “radical” in these circles, replace it with : “really stupid fucking shit”

they will all press on with their delusions until 2026, and while a comeuppance is in play, alas the dhondt system will come to their rescue – losses on the constituencies will be compensated by more seats on the list. But the vicious musical chairs of all this will be fun.

also : and this is a real laugh – “abstentionism” a la Sinn Fein, is now back on the cards … which might have had some impact if done holding 56 MPs, but looks just a little bit SHIT when you only have 9

and some twitchers are getting all upset about france and the far right, but more and more people are realising “words don’t mean what they used to mean”


– especially “left” and “right”; left-right was always a model, one which made some sense up to around 1990, but it doesn’t anymore, and in any case the map is not the territory and never was

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