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Final collection of commentary from Wings readers before the UK general election.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024
33 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Stupid To The Grave


30 June, 2024 at 3:25 pm

Well at least the SNP can rely on that proportion of the 0.44% ‘transperson’ (and 0.057% ‘transwomen’) population that isn’t voting queer/Green next Thursday.


30 June, 2024 at 3:27 pm

I remember back in 2017, M(h)airi Hunter seemed a bit unsure about her support for self-ID. A group of us on Twitter (including Stu) tried to explain things to her and get her to see it from the woman’s perspective. She said she was going to find out more and think about it.

She came back a couple of days later thoroughly entrenched in the trans rhetoric. Probably been talking to Nicola and/or her entournage. Transwomen are the most marginalised and oppressed people on the face of the earth. They are all mild, harmless souls who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but they’re being prevented from getting a mortgage because they don’t have the right birth certificate. They’re being subjected to hideously humiliating treatment at the hands of these evil gatekeeping doctors. Their comfort is the most important thing there is, and how could women be so selfish as not to want them in their single-sex spaces?

That was it. She never wavered thereafter. My mistake was thinking she was her mother (whom I knew slightly). Allison would have had a fit, frankly.

The humiliating and degrading treatment meted out to disabled people by those “gatekeeping” benefits doesn’t seem to be something that worries her at all though. Unacceptable delays in cancer treatment are just one of those things, but if a man has to wait a couple of weeks to have his dick cut off, it’s an outrage.

I didn’t leave the SNP until 2021. What took me so long?


30 June, 2024 at 4:00 pm

THE best thing for indy is the SNP kicked out of power and forced to become a smart political instrument again as opposed to the rubbish we see before us. Alternatively Alba becomes an effective indy party but that’s 15 years down the line, if at all : Salmond’s resignation allowed this Sturgeon created farce to arrise (you have wonder she has a closet to come out of.

John C

30 June, 2024 at 4:07 pm

Almost half the people included in that total identified as “non-binary”, an undefined term which is not interchangeable with “transgender”

Thing is with ‘non-binary’ is how quickly it crumbles in actual practise. There’s several cases of ‘non-binary’ actors complaining they don’t get roles because they’re not ‘seen as women’ which is exactly what they want. It’s a complete nonsense that like anything under the TQ+++ umbrella is based on complete rubbish.

Nor is there a scrap of evidence that they were being discriminated against in any way. Trans people in Scotland have every single human and legal right that everyone else does, plus some extra ones denied to the rest of us (under the Equality Act and the Hate Crime Act). Yet there are NO recorded cases we’re aware of of any successful prosecutions or tribunal cases showing that a trans person has ever been the victim of unlawful discrimination in Scotland.

Trans people suffer from some hatred but it seems to be rooted in homophobia as many people still equate trans with LGB, specifically homosexuality even though a large chunk of trans identifying males are straight men who get off on wearing women’s clothes and invading women’s spaces.

The problem is a lot of people when they think of ‘Trans people’ think of some poor wee girl suffering from mental illness rather than a hulking AGP smirking as he enters a womens toilet. I’m sure many knows the latter is happening all too often but if they engage their brain on that then their support for Trans causes starts to crumble.

The rights and safety of women, children, rape victims, gay people and more have been grotesquely undermined to the point where they no longer exist.

Add to that list the disabled. Trans ideology has always co-opted disability for oppression points and sympathy but over the last few years ‘trans-abled’ has morphed from a mental illness where people want to remove body parts to become disabled to something where disablity is seen as just another identity people can switch on and off like a kettle.

There’s already been examples in the SNP with people ‘identifying’ as disabled while last week Angela Raynor said candidates in Labour ‘identified as disabled’ which is exceptionally concerning. If Labour go for self-ID which I suspect they will then disabled spaces are going to be full of able-bodied people. Many disabled people now complain about the actions of trans identifying men especially in disabled toilets. See the repulsive actions of Heather Herbet for example.

Mhairi Hunter is, like many a trans activist, a moral and intellectual vaccuum. She’s supporting a cause because that’s what she’s supposed to do & her mates like Sturgeon (who supports the cause for many a rumoured reason) do as well. She has (to quote David Tennant) skin in the game, and for her to admit there’s an issue means that unpicking one thread means it all falls apart hence this blind defence. Same with Tennant, he doesn’t want to deal with the fact he’s putting his child on a path of mental illness, social isolation & medicalisation for life so like a lot of people with trans kids he goes on the attack as he did.

Here were are though some 15 years into when Trans really took off & some five or six since TRAs really colonised organisations like Stonewall & the political parties and they’ve done it for a frighteningly small number of people who, in the UK at least, have the same rights as anyone else. What they want are special privileges, and of course, to surpress women & medicalise children without any dissent.


30 June, 2024 at 4:15 pm

Next on the timeline of “not learning from the mistakes of other political parties” for the SNP is “never, or at least not for fifteen years, bouncing back in all those seats you lost because you conclude that it was everyone else’s fault that you lost them and that the electorate was just wrong and awful, and thus you don’t need to self-reflect and revise your offering”.

Peter Macbeastie

30 June, 2024 at 4:18 pm

Haven’t been on this site for a number of years, not because I disagree with most of what you’re saying, but more because I’ve been so utterly fecking scunnered with Scottish politics in general; for anyone who just wants an independent country watching the SNP utterly fuck up the enormous bounce from 2015 onwards for stupid, uneccesary, unpopular niche policies, doubtless encouraged by the ideologues of the Greens, it’s bound to be depressing. And SNP loyalists are incredibly defensive if you have the inclination to simply ask them a very simple question. ‘What exactly are the SNP doing about independence, beyond using it as a rallying call at elections and then forgetting about it for five years?’ Do they say what the SNP is doing? Of course not, don’t be silly. They demand to know what you would do, and when you simply point out that this is not answering the question they get indignant and just repeat what they want you to say. And then they block you, when they eventually get the point that they’re not going to get what they want.

Just like every Unionist troll since 2012. I know, I’ve been blocked by so many little Brit trolls over the years I know what the behaviour looks like. It’s just depressing to see it from independence supporters who trust the SNP to actually push for independence, and cannot admit the problem with the SNP pushing it is that the SNP haven’t got a fucking clue how to push it. Because the courts said everything they wanted to do was illegal, they’ve got no idea what to do. Well, fucking do it anyway. It’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.

These details are just emphasising the utter nonsense of the GRA amendments. Utterly killing their own support for a tiny minority who in actual fact have all the same bastarding rights as everyone else anyway.

We’re further away from independence now than we’ve been in fucking years, all for utterly unessecary ideological tinkering. And a competent leadership would have taken the Westminster blocking it and used it as an illustration of Westminster trampling on Scottish democracy but they didn’t even fucking manage that obvious trick.

I don’t know if anyone with common sense is left in the SNP, but I think a party coup must be on the cards at some point. It speaks volumes that Humza Yousaf was deemed a problem when he’s so much part of the SNP establishment he’s probably got SNP branded kecks.


30 June, 2024 at 7:02 pm

But is the downward trajectory of the SNP really all down to genderwoowoo, or are there other significant contributing factors.
The graph already starts with steep downward trend, around December, just when winter discontentment kicks in with dark and cold days and extortionate heating bills kick in, chuck in endless other previous Scottish Government Administration of Devolved Powers incompetence in other areas finally beginning to be picked up by a behind the curve electorate and they are surely all contributing factors to the downward trend.


30 June, 2024 at 8:49 pm

Although I do not have poll data to back this up my experience of canvassing over recent weeks is that the desire for indepence is still rock solid among around a half or more of the electorate.

However, the scunner factor with the SNP is enormous. Many many folks are just going to ding the election because there is no one, save for where there is an Alba candidate to now vote for now that the SNP has sold them out.

However, where there is an Alba candidate they will draw votes. This will stand them in good stead moving forward to next year’s council elections and Hollyrood the year after.

As from next week though I belive the SNP, save for a couple of seats, will be utterly wiped out of MPs

Alf Baird

30 June, 2024 at 9:09 pm

Postcolonial theory confirms that an imperial power uses its colonial administration to prevent independence; it does this by dividing and rupturing the independence movement:



1 July, 2024 at 3:39 am

The election this week is going to shock everyone. Electoral Calculus is now predicting the SNP will win just 18 seats — that’s a staggering loss of 30 seats.

But, the data suggests the SNP could be reduced to as few as 7 seats.

Here’s a list of a few notable SNP MPs that are expected to lose their seats this week;

Anne McLaughlin
Patrick Grady
Stewart McDonald
David Linden
Kirsten Oswald
Neil Gray
Gavin Newlands
Stuart McDonald
Tommy Sheppard
Alyn Smith
Douglas Chapman
Angus MacNeil
Joanna Cherry
Philippa Whitford
Allan Dorans

A fuller list can be found here; http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/area_scot.html

On Friday more of us will be able to visualise Scotland’s future and the goal of independence without needing to factor in the useless, corrupt, distraction that the SNP became under Sturgeon.

That’s the direction we need to move in and it’s why I will celebrate every single seat the SNP loses in this election.

Their days of betraying us are almost over.


1 July, 2024 at 6:25 am

Ignored says:
1 July, 2024 at 3:39 am
The election this week is going to shock everyone. Electoral Calculus is now predicting the SNP will win just 18 seats…

Angus MacNeil may or may not lose his seat, but he’s an Independent now, not SNP.

I’d be sad to see Joanna Cherry lose too, then again, her potency as a legal eagle seems blunted by bickering over gay and discrimination issues. I see her as having her guns spiked, rather than wiping the floor with her adversaries. The attacks were nasty and personal, so I’m not rushing to judge. When you’re attacked by alleged allies, the effect can be demoralising, debilitating and disorienting, Seems so.

As for the rest, let them reap what they sow. There’s a host of names in that list I’d love to see humiliated and out of a job. Plus Black and Blackman who aren’t on the list. Don’t tell me those imbeciles are in safe seats…

No mention of the Wishart creature, but I can’t remember if he’s standing down. Who cares about the trash anyway?

Shocked by 7 seats? Meh. They’ve brought it upon themselves. Fk ‘em.

Alf Baird

1 July, 2024 at 7:00 am

Hatuey @ 3:39 am

“Here’s a list of a few notable SNP MPs”

They and the rest of them are only notable for seeking ‘an accommodation with colonialism’, for ‘rupturing the movement’, for ‘taking the people up a blind alley’, and for working ‘against the cause of liberation’. They entire rotten barrel should all be voted out.

As Cesaire put it:

“And do not seek to know whether personally…they are or are not colonialists, because the essential thing is that their highly problematical subjective good faith is entirely irrelevant to the objective social implications of the evil work they perform as watchdogs of colonialism.”


1 July, 2024 at 8:39 am

“Threat of independence will finally die on fourth of July

Brexit and the bungled leadership of Nicola Sturgeon have left the Union stronger than it has been in 300 years”


“Bungled”. lol. MacWhirter doing his best not to join the dots.

Loved this bit…

“When the historians come to write the story of how Scottish nationalism lost the plot in the 2020s, Nicola Sturgeon will surely emerge as the prime mover — or rather UNmover. The former SNP first minister has arguably been the greatest unintentional asset that the Union ever possessed. She somehow kept a lid on the explosion of independence passions after the 2014 referendum and sat on it just long enough for it to dissipate.”

‘Unintentional’. She ‘bungled’ it.

And then this…

“Remember, the SNP won all but three seats in the 2015 general election — that would in times past have been regarded as a supermajority for independence. Brexit in 2016 seemed like another casus belli, as Scots voted to remain but found themselves out of Europe. Had the SNP found another insurgent leader like Alex Salmond, then history might have been different. The Scottish parliament could have become a platform for secession and Westminster might have granted the least-worst option.”

Yes Ian if only Scotland had an Alex Salmond… what happened to him again?

Fucking ‘bungled’.

And the punchline…

“You should never say never in politics. But we can now say with some confidence this week that the Union between Scotland and England is probably as strong now as it has been at any time in the last 300 years.”

A child can see what Sturgeon was and is.

She ‘bungled’ fuck all.


1 July, 2024 at 9:04 am

That is a very disingenuous article from Ian MacWhirter

In his criticism of Sturgeon he is elevating her to the ranks of the grossly incompetent. That is very dishonest IMHO.

Sturgeon achieved the EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE of what her ‘stated’ aims and objectives were.

“…we can now say with some confidence this week that the Union between Scotland and England is probably as strong now as it has been at any time in the last 300 years.”

That is not incompetence.

The SNP as the political vehicle to achieve independence was systematically and methodically destroyed by Sturgeon. That was not incompetence.

The one politician capable of exploiting BREXIT, and the massive series of squandered opportunities she deliberately wasted, she destroyed his reputation with bare faced lies.

That was not incompetence.

Does Ian MacWhirter button up the back? Seriously?


1 July, 2024 at 10:08 am

Reading it again, that whole MacWhirter article is an attempt to mislead.

He basically concludes that independence is dead and buried yet nowhere does he mention that support for it remains as high as ever.

He essentially falsely conflates the death of independence with the death of the SNP.

He implicitly tries to ‘shitewash’ Nicola Sturgeon, elevating her to just ‘bungling’.

He fails to see nor suspect any hidden hands at work, when it is glaring at us from his own words, just all a big happy coincidence…

He is at it.

Alf Baird

1 July, 2024 at 11:24 am

Mac @ 8:39 am

“the greatest unintentional asset that the Union ever possessed”

Yes, there is nothing unintentional about British assets placed in a dominant national party, and they have done a fine job holding the independence movement back for a bit. But the movement has now figured this out, even if a distant MacWhirter haesna.

Where MacWhirter also seems lacking is in the fact that ‘mother country’ England-as-Britain is still in what is an ever deepening internal crisis; the former imperial power now bankrupt and broken, culturally dislocated, desperately clutching hold of her last remaining milch-cow, Scotland.

Tinto Chiel

1 July, 2024 at 6:21 pm

@Ebok 4.24: re the Curriculum for Excellence your are spot-on.

It was a pile of Labour hogwash from the start designed to undermine the Scottish education system and stupefy the children. Unfortunately, AS went along with it, probably his second greatest mistake after resigning in 2014 and handing over the independence movement to Sturgeon.

We must be pretty unique in Europe in not teaching our own history, languages and culture in a coherent way to our children, a real education which would rightly reject the Unionist narrative of post-1707 events.

Given this, it’s a miracle we have support for independence hovering around 52%, frankly.

Alf Baird

1 July, 2024 at 8:01 pm

Tinto Chiel @ 6:21 pm

“We must be pretty unique in Europe in not teaching our own history, languages and culture in a coherent way to our children, a real education which would rightly reject the Unionist narrative of post-1707 events.”

Aye, such oppression is par for the course in a culturally assimilated colonial society; but you would think AS might have known that a fowk’s verra ain cultur an langage helps form their identity.

CULTURE: https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2021/06/27/paper-one-in-the-10-part-baird-series/

LANGUAGE: https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2021/07/04/paper-two-the-determinants-of-independence/

Tinto Chiel

1 July, 2024 at 8:47 pm

@Alf: yes but the trouble is, as Ebok noted, that our kids have been subjected to about twenty years of CfE crapola and, beyond that, ever since The Education (Scotland) Act of !872, our languages have been under attack and much else, since the “Scottish” HMIs (the Inspectorate) in the early years were centred in London and therefore liable to inculcating a Unionist perspective on history, language and culture.

Our teachers have to be trained properly before our children can be taught and we are rapidly running out of time.

Alf Baird

2 July, 2024 at 4:18 pm

sam @ 2:22 pm

“Scots history is not taught in schools?”

My comment did not refer to history, it concerned the fact the Scots language is not taught in Scotland’s schools, and not to Higher level, nor indeed at degree level in our country’s own universities.

However, on the matter of ‘our’ national history, postcolonial theory tells us that “the colonized is no longer a part of history”. Indeed, according to Albert Memmi, the colonial ruler “endeavors to falsify history, he rewrites laws, he would extinguish memories – anything to succeed in transforming his usurpation into legitimacy”.

And so, Scots bairns arena taught about the genocide, the clearances, the use of Scots armies to fight numerous imperial wars, British policy leading to mass out-migration of Scots (‘banishment of natives’, 3-4 million!), the military occupation of Scotland, the annexation, the economic plunder, or the ‘Union’ treaty hoax.

Disnae maitter whit we cry education initiatives in a colony, it is aye a ‘colonial education’.

Wings Over Scotland | TRAINS RIGHTS NOW!


1 July, 2024 at 3:39 pm

Looking at all those photos and gormless political charlatans, it’s hard not to believe these some maniacal supervillain watching it all on CCTV from the safety of his hidden underground lair, and laughing his head off at this parade of gullible imbeciles prepared to absolutely anything..

As part of a criminal betting syndicate, inspired by the Big Brother House and I’m a Celebrity, there’s quite a lot of easy money to be made betting on exactly what these fools will do for money.

Eat a Kangaroo’s penis on live TV? No problem.

Dangle on a zip line waving Union jacks and get stuck like a prize idiot. Oooh! That’s a toughy, but let me see what I can do…

Pretend you’re a pot-bellied cat in a skin tight leotard? Why of course, give me a saucer to lick!

I bet you 50p I can get Scotland’s SNP Government to show up at a Gay pride march instead of a YES march to Bannockburn, and during a General Election Campaign… Oh surely, they can’t be that dumb, can they?

OK, ok, double or quits if you can get the hairless arsehole pictured at the “Pride” event and wearing a gay Tee-shirt… Too easy. You’re on!


1 July, 2024 at 4:17 pm

Great idea, but your flag won’t fly across all of Scotland because as has been previously pointed out on here before; The rail track network in Scotland is only electrified as far north as Dunblane…
That’s a pity because if the track was fully electrified then we could use leccy trains powered by all the renewable power generated in our geographic area.
Powering all the trains currently moving in Scotland would likely not use the 3.4GW surplus of electrical power currently being generated here and exported to England, some of which will be helping power trains on the electrified tracks in England.


1GW is equivalent to 1.3 million horses (Based on horsepower to watts conversion: 746 watts = 1 horsepower)


1 July, 2024 at 5:06 pm

So the SNP’s coronated Teflon Don John Swinney has said even if the SNP suffer a bad result in Thursday’s elections he will remain leader of the party.

Swinney said.

“I committed to do that for the long term, I committed to that task, to take my party well beyond the 2026 Scottish Parliament elections, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Don’t vote SNP (If you’re unlucky enough to get your polling slip or Postal Vote in time) for the SNP are the main stumbling block to dissolving this illegal union.

Just don’t vote in this English election at all.

Lorna Campbell

1 July, 2024 at 5:28 pm

Ha, ha very good, Rev, and very pertinent. If they lowered the train fares for everyone, they’d be packed every day on every service. The cost is prohibitive for those who have no exemptions and these are the very people who need trains most to get to work. Same with bus and tram fares. A properly integrated transport system throughout the country, as they have in most of Europe would be fantastic. The first time we went on a double-decker train in France, we are like bairns – tickled pink. Needless to say, when we returned, the train due to take us home did not turn up and the second one was late, expensive and packed to the gunwales. I’m not sure what the ‘trans’ have that is so attractive to

Tinto Chiel

1 July, 2024 at 6:33 pm

Great to see The Polis advertising their blatant lack of impartiality as public servants. And the political class are beyond parody or saving, brainless wonders who ignore their constituents and instead obey their party sponsors and lobbyists.

What comes after Pride Month? Eleven months of #Hetero-Shame?

Alf Baird

1 July, 2024 at 6:36 pm

Iain More @ 4:24 pm

“The Queer Propaganda is very NAZI Germanyesque”

Yes, the ideology is another tool of cultural imperialism, which is itself a form of fascism, aimed at weakening and dislocating, if not entirely obliterating national cultures and hence national identities.

National culture is ‘the only bulwark against imperialism’ (Edward Said). It is no accident that so-called ‘populist’ leaders such as Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Orban and many more now are strongly opposed to the ‘New Society’ concept of mixing up cultures. The risks are fairly obvious and some countries have refused to take such risks, most notably Hungary.

Many people in Britain, France, Germany, Holland and elsewhere now appear to be following their lead in opposing the ‘New Society’ ideology and its associated risks, which include the loss of national culture and eventually potential loss of national sovereignty, and worse.

Scotland is already in the latter ‘loss of sovereignty’ category being subject to British imperial rule, and therefore an easy target; much as we see in Holyrood and in our other colonial institutions manic craving for the new ideology, which is destroying what remains of our culture and our people, as is its intention.

Big Jock

2 July, 2024 at 12:16 am

Incidently. I am up north on holiday in Balintore. Great wee town. Local pub has two Palestine flags. I assume they don’t get many Israeli tourists lol.

Anyways I went to Dornoch Cathedral for a visit. Place was swarming with colonial settlers. Cathedral staff all had grating English accents. My heckles rise instinctively when they try and tell me my own nations history. Cultural appropriation.

I was with my young daughter and there was a wishing tree. I wrote my wish and stuck it on the tree. ” What did you write dad”. I told her I wished Scotland was independent, and made sure I said it loudly.


2 July, 2024 at 3:38 am

Jeezo…. Can barely bring myself to write about it…

At San Francisco’s “Pride” March, naked erect males prancing around in front of children, urinating on each other for sexual gratification, and performing oral sex on each other.

The Police witness it all yet do nothing.

What the fk does the word “pride” actually mean these days? Proud of public obscenity and deviancy?

It’s a serious question: between Gay Pride and Proud BritNats / Scot-Buts, I feel the inclination to remove the word “pride” from my lexographic vocabulary.

They say pride is a sin anyway, not that it matters, but pride nowadays seems tainted by association with something dark. Pride is no longer a positive word. It’s associated with provocation and antagonism. It’s a baiting word.

“I’m proud to do things I know you find offensive”….

“Our” society is in a state of moral collapse and losing its perspective on decency and propriety. Normalising this sexual deviancy and luxe exhibitionism is not something to let out the bottle.

If this is what happens in a secular society, then I might discover a devout belief in religion. I’ll never believe the mumbo-jumbo, but fk it, I’ll pretend, if it gets these sicko creeps off the streets and away from children.

Did I call it mumbo jumbo? I don’t believe in God, but the jury is out on the evil red guy with the horns.

Robert Louis

2 July, 2024 at 7:12 am

Honestly, as a gay person, it is tiresome watching as the original good idea of the original pride flag has been twisted and distorted to now stand for things it never originally did. Allegedly done for ‘inclusivity’. Many gay folk also think it is b*llocks.

The original pride flag by Gilbert Baker (and the one used for most my life) had either six or seven colour stripes. What is most interesting is what they stood for;
life, healing, sun, nature, harmony, spirit. Originally their was also a pink stripe for sexuality. That is all.

You see, by being non-specific it was totally inclusive. It didn’t need a specific colour or shape added for one group of people or another, it stood for ideals. It was smart.

Now, I see hideous abominations, with brown stripes and triangles and circles – all created by idiots hoping to make a ‘name’ for themselves, by being oh so clever-clever. In reality these modern flags by being so specific, have become exclusive – and that is why they need to keep adding even more shapes and colours – and, even in one case, a paw print.

When ‘pride’ become gay and lesbian pride again (as it used to be), I might be interested, but right now, it is just a feckin embarrassing trans and weirdo straight sexual fetishist freak show that claims to represent people like me – it doesn’t.

Train and bus travel should be run by a country for the people. It should be free to use. It should NEVER have been privatised, run for profit and greed, instead of an essential public service. Right now trains (and buses, tbh) are freakishly expensive, when compared to other EU countries. Luckily in Scotland Scotrail is state owned by the Scottish government/people, but across the rest of the UK, the service and cost is ridiculous – and ALL for private profit and greed.


2 July, 2024 at 8:15 am

I lived in London for a few years in the mid-nineties and I could not believe how much a Network SE (at the time) rail pass costed just to go a few stops from Clapham to Surbiton, it was extortionate then and that was nearly 30 years ago now. I dread to think how much it is now. It is a scandal but so much of the UK is like this now people don’t seem to notice.

In contrast in Prague you can get travel pass that covers every tram, every bus and the entire metro network for the price of 3,650 crowns for the year or 10 crowns per day. That is about 30 pence per day.

How can a country that was piss poor 30 years ago have such a fantastic public transport system and offer it for buttons yet the UK a supposedly rich country is stealing from its citizens and ripping them off like no other European country.

It just does not add up and thus it reeks of corruption.


2 July, 2024 at 10:56 am

How desperate is this from the trougher Flynn, pleading with a Fifth Columnist party’s branch manager at Holyrood (BLiS, Sarwar) to back his party’s candidate (SNP) in Aberdeenshire.

Mind you the SNP is no longer a party for Scottish independence, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

“Stephen Flynn has called on Labour to back the SNP in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East to make sure outgoing Tory leader Douglas Ross loses.

Labour is not fielding a candidate in the seat after it withdrew support for its candidate.

The SNP’s Westminster leader has written to Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar calling on him to ask his party’s supporters and members to back the SNP in the north-east seat.”


2 July, 2024 at 11:24 am

This is Comedy Gold from the coronated Teflon Don Swinney, doesn’t he realise that Scots, well a fair few of them are already disenfranchised, not just with the foreign parliament of Westminster but with Holyrood as well, he and his party sold Scotland out, and now he’s worried that we won’t get our vote on time to vote for his parties candidates or for the Fifth Column parties candidates that pretend they are Scottish.

The Emperor Truly has no Clothes On, and half of Scots still can’t see it.

Don’t vote in England’s GE if you do all your will be doing is sending politicians to a foreign country’s parliament (England, Westminster) to live the good life at your expense, for they CANNOT change anything. Even when we sent 56 supposedly indy minded SNP MPs to Westminster it didn’t change a thing, all we did was reinforce Westminster credibility over Scotland and give those MPs a very good living. Don’t do it again.

“JOHN Swinney has reacted with fury after Downing Street dismissed concerns about Scottish voters being “disenfranchised” due to problems with postal voting.”


2 July, 2024 at 12:52 pm

I haven’t been on a train for 30 years. Dunno why, something puts me off the idea.


some long reads, with untypical depth and complexity

the eastern war
take it on its merits; bear in mind le monde tried to make the author out to be a tractor

wokeness and why the left is not your grandad’s left

the french revolution and some current parallels

– they are worth the effort, even if you only get a few paragraphs in; there is a slight stodginess here – the writers are, e.g. high level diplomats or professors, but they are packed full of interesting little details and connections you might not realise. That they are not english, that is to say anti-intellectual in essence, is notable.


2 July, 2024 at 1:06 pm

Postal votes : I am sure they will have printed up plenty spares, they always do. Some 600K in 2014, maybe. We just keep losing them, what are we like.

– they should offer a service, which you can optout of, of pre-filled ballots, to save time.

If I wished to check that my vote had been counted correctly, for the person I voted for, how would I do that?

This fetish for anonymity at the ballot box seems odd; and if you did away with it you could eliminate fraud entirely. Or just encourage people to tell exit pollsters, or post online how they voted, and let the algobots take over – a realtime vote count. No more late surge from the silent majority.

Are people living in fear of murder in case a neighbour finds they voted for the Scottish Family Party?

Other things could help, realtime GPS trackers on the boxes so you can track them like amazon deliveries. Transparent boxes so when you are first in the door at 7am, there is not a neat pile in there already. CCTV on all voting stations would let us find out if late surges from the silent majority ever do happen, these tsunamis of people all coming together to vote at 9.45pm

But there is no need to rig anything if you are going to win / the result does not matter – Starmer is an establishment toady, you can’t storm the barricades when you are already inside them. Corbyn might have been a problem, but the smear campaign got him well enough.

According to Bloomberg, the UK accounts are fucked anyway, whoever gets in; so we all get ground down the same, whatever the colour of rosette.

– previous post, anyone who read the bit about the French Revolution might be surprised to learn it might have been avoided if certain privileges/i.e. “pay no tax” rules were removed from the aristocracy; the parallel today would be – making the rich/oligarchs/tax dodgers (our aristocrats) pay their way, a removal of this opt out here, a wealth tax there, a land tax, capital gains enforcement – but, while Labour talks a good game, they will never have the balls to do this (look what happened to Wilson).

One way of trying to shore up the books would be to accelerate the pillage of our nation, of course.

When you play a game you cannot win, you need to stop playing the game and start playing your own.


2 July, 2024 at 2:21 pm

one of the problems of modern life, of the public mind, is how shallow people think – how I feel right now, or one-step; this is why it is a good thing to teach kids chess – “you think that is a good move, okay … 5 moves later, you are humped”. What happens down the line matters.

I have been scathing about diversity/multiculturalism/mass immigration/specific immigrants and behaviours – but I don’t hate immigrants. I am sympathetic, in fact – if you are selling chewing gum and mobile phones on the streets of Nairobi, and people say Europe is full of milk and honey (and dumb white chicks, sexually unsatisfied and ready for the black man) and can get you over for 4000USD – why not? I don’t blame them for having a go, I blame the factors allowing this. (If you want to help folks in foreign lands, then trade, at fair prices is the way to do it; not bombing them also helps.)

This comes from the elites, and it is about the cost of labour and wage suppression; they get to steal hand over fist at the top end (the city is a separate sovereign entity, and outside of vast swathes of UK law, by design), while cheap workers at the other end just about manage to keep it running. But the scamming has got so bad that the wheels are going to come off.

I like dogs, and I think, unless it is an XL Bully (bred for violence), there are no “bad dogs” only bad owners. When someone gets bitten, I would tend to blame the owner.

So, elites, who have caused all this mess, out of greed and class war, and who were all behind mass immigration are not, ever, going to “take one for the team”, pay their taxes, spread the wealth – fuck that, we keep what we have, and will take more – so what do we do? Even as the country is falling apart …

Blame immigrants, the people you brought here, and fund, on the snide, “populist” men of the people, like, Farage in England, and a whole host of them across Europe; not one, maybe Orban, seems legit to me.

So you get these “men of the people” who are here to “fix everything” with a lot of rightwing economics policies, which favour the rich – freemarkets, freeports, deregulation, light touch – and end up just making things worse. Now, there are legitimate criticisms of, e.g. allowing Islam a beach head in a christian culture, but the muslim immigrants are not in the city, running the markets and dictating economic policy to our politicians.

– the dumb people, who think, e.g. voting Farage, our nige, is the exit from the maze, are only being herded into a dead end. Our political system lurches along, and problems never really get fixed, the can just gets kicked down the road far enough to be someone else’s problem.

You don’t think people think this far ahead? The world is full of clever, poor, men – give them a job in a think-tank and let them go. The rich can hire brains as well as muscle.

Numbers are being worked on us. I don’t agree with all of this, but it connects a lot of things at a high level.



3 July, 2024 at 9:47 am

3 July, 2024 at 1:06 am

And yet those very same women are now actively promoting an ideology, part of which wants to normalise sex work.

I can see the argument about legalising sex work, or not, yet, on both sides of the argument, it seems hard on the women.

I suspect there are very few women who chose sex work as a career choice, and suspect poverty was a factor in the choices they had to make, if they had a choice at all.

So, given that said individual’s life isn’t off to a good start already, criminalising their activity and blighting their lives yet further with criminal convictions, seems how can I put it, unimaginative.

In an ideal world, nobody would have to enter the sex trade, but you only need to divert off the ideal world a tiny degree and prostitution is right there to service demand. It’s an effective trap precisely because it’s so easy to enter. In fact, examine that ideal world more closely, and don’t be surprised to find somebody paying for something sleazy and both parties being content about it.

More important? Address the poverty and deprivation which causes desperation amongst the vulnerable, and that will deliver much more progress and better lives for those teetering on the brink.

Putting helping people at the front of the Ideas queue, not fining them, as seems the UK’s predilection in pretty much everything it touches.

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