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Football, furries, and electoral shenanigans... The latest comments from readers of Wings.

Thursday, June 27, 2024
35 mins

Wings Over Scotland | The Absence Of Pride

Sally Hughes

24 June, 2024 at 9:11 am

The SNP Betrayal has left its rump supporters with some difficult emotions to deal with…

It really is now or never, given the crisis facing us with Freeports, WHO, etc.

Do they REALLY want Indy, or would they rather keep ‘working towards’ it. Change is scary and a lot of work.

And secondly, they’ve been hoodwinked, multiple times, fooled and fooled again. Facing up to that takes courage… or they could dig deep, cut their noses off to spite their faces and access their inner thrawn.

Scotland the Brave? Now or never.


24 June, 2024 at 9:17 am

So so frustrating. Barely fired a shot. I was joking during the game to a friend, echoing former commentator, Jock Brown’s famous phrase – “disaster for Scotland” ringing in my ears. Not to be disappointed, the phrase rang out again in the 100th minute.

We made our own disaster over the past ten days, just like the SNP have done over the past ten years.

Something to be very proud of however, was the performance of Glasgow Warriors, who went away to Munster last weekend, a very difficult place to go, to prevail and put themselves through to the URC final. Then they made an 8000 mile journey to South Africa to play the final against the South African Bulls who the previous week had taken out a team rammed with Irish internationals. The game was played at the iconic Loftus Park, full of 50 odd thousand home fans, at altitude. Glasgow came back from being 13-0 down to win the cup. Sheer guts. What an outstanding achievement!

I’m choosing to focus on that for a while.

Andy Anderson

24 June, 2024 at 9:20 am

I am simply disgusted and annoyed at the betrayal of the SNP to us the people. I used to speak them up years ago to all unsundry, now I just want them gone. If you want to see how blinkered some of their supporters are read the comments on the WGD site. If you want a laugh put a comment in on the faults with the SNP and be ready for the expected blinkered response.

Sheena Jardine

24 June, 2024 at 10:44 am

Having been working towards Independence since 2010, in various groups, organisations and parties, I have come to the conclusion that there are what I call “gatekeepers” all over the place, who have quietly infiltrated, and who get themselves into positions of power.

From here their job it is to gently stop progress, without actually being noticed. They look and seem to be on our side, but actually they ensure the good, sincere, passionate, intelligent people are kept out of positions of power and influence and they disenfranchise these kind of people in many subtle ways, making them give up and leave.

I used to just think it was big egos at play, but now I have come to the conclusion it is organised. Freemasons? British agents? I don’t know, but they do a great job for their cause which is to ensure Scotland never rises too high.

I do wonder if our football is likewise controlled. All it takes is to get the right people into power, then order them to ensure the team loses by giving the wrong tactics, choosing the wrong players etc.

In Falconry, I believe they train the birds to expect that if they kill an animal there won’t be any meat on that animal, and so they come back to the trainer to get food. I think in a similar way, we are trained to expect Scotland will always fail in everything she does, especially team games, working for Independence and anything which involves national pride and success. These people, whoever they are, have been at this game a very long time and they are very good at it.

We need some whistleblowers to expose what really goes on. I don’t think we know the half of it.

Stuart MacKay

24 June, 2024 at 10:57 am

The problems with football and politics are remarkably similar – an endless supply of sows ears, and a desperate need instead for silk purses. Burn it all to the ground, salt the earth they stand on, and start again – from scratch.

Portugal – twice the population but at least a hundred times better at cranking out players that know how to kick a ball in the right direction.

How much to put all weather pitches in every neighbourhood, town and village that can rustle up 11 boys or girls. Create an academy for coaches and add support for local clubs. Simmer for twenty years and see what emerges. The UK did it with cycling so it’s possible.

Alf Baird

24 June, 2024 at 12:06 pm

It might seem in the interest of an imperial power to do what it can to prevent its colonial possession succeeding on the international scene.

It is hardly unknown for referees to take a wee bung:


Lorna Campbell

24 June, 2024 at 12:13 pm

No point in bleating about ‘what might have been’. We need to get to the roots of, and understand, WHY this is happening to us. Yes, we are a colony’ yes we always overestimate our sporting abilities and, yes, the whole country is in a pit of despair and depression, and not just because of the football result.. So, why do our idiot politicians converge on Pride – no matter how much fun it was or how friendly? ‘Trans’ and their malevolent supporters are fun and friendly only when you agree with them and their insane ideology – for which not one iota of evidence even exists.

No study done has come anywhere near providing irrefutable evidence for the existence of ‘trans’, but plenty to dismiss it as lies and blatant misappropriation of the human rights of others. If there was any proof or suggestive evidence for the existence of a ‘gendered soul’ ‘born in the wrong body’ instead pop a paraphilia and/or a fetish, these vicious people would be pushing it harder than Blackpool Rock. Mental illness comes in many shapes and sizes, and ‘trans’ is just one of them.

Every sane person and all of our politicians know this to be the truth, yet they continue to feed our children to the god of mutilation and insist that women do not matter a whit in the bigger scheme of things. I simply do not buy that they are in any way captured by this pure ordure; they know it’s a con and they are still willing to sell out our children and female population, many of whom are captured. Women are as clever as men, but, boy, do they fall for the conmen. They almost beg to be kicked in the teeth and everywhere else in their soft, yielding flesh.

So many of our young women are gagging to be walked over and made fools of, their lives destroyed by lies. I have long since lost patience with their utter gullibility and part of me does hope that they suffer in the future because there is only the hard way now. I know it’s horrible but these stupid handmaidens have ushered in p**n-sick men and will be responsible for someone’s death one of these days. Young or not, nobody is that stupid or if they are, they probably require a lobotomy. Oh, no, wait: wasn’t that the last huge medical scandal that no one paid for at all? Better though, for the self-lobotomized politicians than actually having to do anything to fix the mess we are in, eh? I f*****g hate them. Vote them all out. Every last one.

Spartan 117

24 June, 2024 at 12:32 pm

An interesting parallel between the catastrophic pishness of our national football team that consistently fails to represent its country and the catastrophic pishness of our elected “representatives” that consistently fail to represent their country.

Been battling my local Council and NHS to get my son ASD diagnosis and support for seven long years – neither organisation be arsed. Local MSP now involved. Several tragic accidents on the overloaded A9 over the weekend resulting in yet more lives needlessly lost or irreparably changed – its now several occurrences daily. Royal Mail now so unreliable its starting to affect my wife’s business – not helped by Loganair, “Scotland’s Airline”, shutting the base at Inverness Airport which has been there since Methuselah was kicking about and and termination of overnight Mail flights which have operated forever, leaving Mail delayed and travelling by road on the… A9, which now gets shut multiple times daily due to fatal RTAs. We’re paying more tax than ever for services that are worse than ever, yet public debt is exploding.

Everything is fucked, our Government (both the WM shitfest and the Holyrood version) hates us.

mike cassidy

24 June, 2024 at 12:48 pm

Still can’t figure out what’s the biggest mystery

People still taking the SNP seriously on independence

Or McTominay being corner-taker

Boyce Franks

24 June, 2024 at 1:27 pm

For the first time in my life I’m not going to vote SNP. I can’t. They had a decade of impotence in Westminster and they are asking for another one. If they said: “Vote for us and we’ll disrupt Westminster until they give us our fucking referendum” I’d vote for them but they, like Labour, are institutionalised polite impotent wasters.

Scotland failed by a terrible manager, an IMPOTENT team, and an IMPOTENT and POINTLESS SNP.

John C

24 June, 2024 at 1:32 pm

Two marches took place in Scotland this weekend – a miserably-attended independence one (at Bannockburn, of all places), and a Pride one in Edinburgh. And it surprised nobody which one the SNP turned up at en masse.

We all know now the SNP have distanced themselves from independence as much as possible, but I’d have thought with an election campaign hitting its last 12 days I’d have thought it’d have been smart to show up at an indy march. Sure, AUOB are a joke and a shadow of what they were, but doing something to just even pretend they’re interested in independence would have been nice. Turning up at Pride marches isn’t going to win votes or save seats of some of those MPs and MSPs who’ve been turning up at them.

He preferred to be seen with “furries” than indy supporters.

I had to explain what Furries were to a mate which developed into explaining ‘pups’ to him as his kid is asking for a furry mask. After an hour or so he was equally horrified and adamant he’s going to scour through his child’s internet history because furries aren’t just a harmless thing as he thought, but they’re a mix of perverts preying on young kids, and young kids who’ve been groomed into this.

There’s been so, so many examples of what furries get up to & I should find it extraordinary that Pride allows them on marches but it’s 2024 so I’m not anymore.

Straight men were welcome at Pride. Lesbians were told their “looney shit” was not.

Pride hasn’t been about LGB people for at least a decade. It’s been about the straights, Trans and all the horrors that lurk under Q++++ than what people actually died to create all those decades ago. My fear is (and this is being proven far too often) that young people now think Trans has always been around, and that gay men and lesbians followed on the coat tails of Trans people & think homosexuality is a choice.

So this sort of homophobia is sadly, all too present at Pride which is why a number of LGB people now avoid it.

As for Cass, I fear it’s going to be ignored or the SNP and an incoming Labour government will just kick it into touch. There’s going to be a hell of a lot of TRA MPs from all the major parties (bar the Tories who face electoral oblivion) entering the Commons next week. There’s a few candidates who are exceptionally worrying, & if they act as I think they will then LGB/womens rights are under serous threat & children will carry on being mutilated and groomed on a massive scale.

And all one need ever say about the party’s team selection is the dumping of highly experienced and widely renowned KC Joanna Cherry as its justice shadow and its replacement of her with a useless waddling gravy-hoover of a drama student who last night posted this video of her carpetbagging scumbag grifter of a boyfriend ostensibly cheering Scotland on by wearing a Jamaican hat and waving the flag of… Palestine.

I’m not surprised. The entire Palestine cause has been adopted by some of the most dubious people in the country, and if a candidate is putting that as their main campaign focus then again, I fear for what’s coming next week.

Ian Brotherhood

24 June, 2024 at 2:01 pm

@Cuilean (12.05) –

Well said.

They’re still ‘our’ team, no matter what. That the quality of our national game has suffered over the years because of money (quelle surprise, eh?) doesn’t change the fact that those guys represented us and deserved the great support they received.

If it did nothing else but help reaffirm our strong sense of national identity then that’ll do for me.


24 June, 2024 at 2:31 pm

Alf 12.06pm.

I recall Scotland playing Italy at Hampden and the Spanish referee giving everything to Italy and nothing to Scotland, this cumulated in a clear as day foul against I think it was Alan Hutton, who was the right back for Scotland near the edge of the Italian 18 yard box, of which the Spanish ref looked away and gave the sign to play on, Scotland went out of that tourny that night.

Later that night, before flying out to Spain the referee was seen dining in an Italian restaurant with a few Italian players and fans and stuffing his bags with Italian memorabilia of the game.

Of course last nights dismal pish result was if we’re honest with ourselves is down to the abysmal players and manager, as one commentator said on the radio this morning.

Scotland is a party team at the Euro’s or the World Cup, there fans are there for the beer and a laugh, the national football team playing in these tourny’s is just part of the party atmosphere.


24 June, 2024 at 2:55 pm

Scotland’s football team might have lost in the Euros, but the Scots as a people won. They won the goodwill of their German hosts and I suspect they won the goodwill of many other peoples around the world.

And although the performance of Scotland’s team might have been a disappointment for fans of the game, that goodwill is far more valuable to the Scots than performing well in a mere football tournament.

The Scots cannot be defined by the performance of a few ‘Scots’ (are some of them even Scots?) playing a game when 200,000 of their people won the goodwill of the world in a much bigger and infinitely more important ‘game’.

Their football team aside, the Scots played brilliantly in the Euros – the football was just a sideshow for a bit of fun and of no real importance.

Alf Baird

24 June, 2024 at 4:06 pm

John C @ 2:05 pm

“the Scottish establishment dismissed Vogts and his concerns”

Yes, the problem with institutions in the colonial society is that the establishment that runs them are assimilated Brits and hence pro-colonialism and anti-independence. They actually don’t want, and cannot allow, the colonized country to succeed. This is because the ideology and values of colonialism are based on the inherent inferiority of the native and his continued debasement, and the superiority of, and dependency on the coloniser.

If Scotland were to succeed (at fitba, ferries, devo governance, or anything else) it would severely disrupt their colonial mindset, their way of thinking. The Scottish establishment can’t handle Scottish success, especially at international level. So it makes damn sure there isnae any!


Roddy Macdonald

24 June, 2024 at 5:46 pm

Scotland’s players’ first touch was by and large awful. Too much time to control the ball, and by then a chance for a quick attacking move is gone. Much like our lumbering political class, they had no instinct to attack, move forward. Watching other teams in the championship – say Denmark, they moved and made decisions way faster than us, or than England in that game. This is because those players were trained from a young age in rock solid technique. Ours, are not. We could use the same agile quick thinking in our politicians, but everything is hedging and triangulation instead, leading us nowhere.

I agree with Alf – our colonial masters do not want a successful team to give us pride in our country, they are quite happy for us to win the lovable loser’s cup and supporters award – another way to grind a sense of inferiority into us. So funding for youth sport is diverted, or unavailable. I’ve read and listened to the arguments for a ‘dutch style academy system’ for 30+ years. It still isn’t here. Why? Because Westminster and Whitehall don’t want it here, and their dead hands on the levers of our government hold us back.

The SNP had chances to really change things, but did not. I suspect institutional resistance from Whitehall appointed ‘scottish’ civil servants was part of it, in addition to the party itself becoming ever more compromised. Either way the SNP are, like our football team, toothless and out of Europe.

Wings Over Scotland | The Days Of No Good Choices


24 June, 2024 at 6:28 pm

At Scottish general elections the proportion of spoiled constituency and regional votes, respectively, were as follows:

1999: 0.30%, 0.30%

2003: 0.66%, 0.65%

2007: 2.88%, 4.08%

2011: 0.30%, 0.30%

2016: 0.40%, 0.20%

2021: 0.37%, 0.19%

So the proportion of spoiled ballots in 2007 was around 7 times and 12 times the average rate for the respective constituency and regional elections for the other 5 Holyrood polls.

It was all Brian Taylor, then of the BBC, could witter on about all night as the results came in (rather than the fact that the SNP under Alex Salmond’s leadership won a historic first election of any kind in Scotland).

The Guardian even reported that the spoilt votes tally topped 140,000 (see https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2007/may/09/scotland.devolution).

So “spoiling” votes does make news.

The ballots are placed face up and, as you say, read out to candidates. For supposedly pro-Independence candidates the message is ‘here’s what you could have won, if you were serious about Independence’.

But … each to their own and according to conscience.


24 June, 2024 at 6:50 pm

Scotland should create an orchard somewhere, contain it behind a walled garden on a northern slope without sun, then fill it Scotland’s most toxic plants and poisonous berry trees, with a name plaque displayed for every one of these t(reach-erous) SNP shites who sold Scotland down the river.

Let the soil be poor and the landscaping ugly.

The Bear Gates of Traquair House are destined to remain closed until a Stuart is back on the Scottish throne, and this Black Orchard should remain locked and abandoned without care until Scotland is free, and rids itself of these toxic, two faced parasites in our Vichy Assembly.

Let every Scottish politician dread the stigma of a toxic tree bearing their name being planted in the Black Orchard, though not a hair on their head be harmed.

And when the wood is stunted and gnarled, let be turned into twisted uncomfortable furniture for Scotland’s MP’s to sit on, so they never again get comfy or complacent about defending Scotland’s integrity.

Robert Hughes

24 June, 2024 at 7:56 pm

Typically informative , perceptive n funny post , Stu . You’re wits-end frustration n ( justified ) anger at the state of the SNP n U.K Politics generally is palpable . Yr not alone .

I’ve come round to idea that the priority should be inflicting as much damage as possible on the fatberg that is the SNP by voting for the candidate most likely to defeat them . Pity Cillit Bang wasn’t standing .

Problem me for is – according to Electoral Calculus , Drew Hendry has an 81% prospect of retaining the seat ,Labour 18% , Cons 1% n all the other Parties 0% – inc Reform .

Reckon it’ll be #ENDTHEUNION , then . At least I’ll be spared the cog dis of voting for a Unionist

Not that any of this makes or will make the slightest difference ; we’re still going to governed by a bunch of – essentially – Middle Class ( whether in background or * values * ) pricks punting the same NeoLiberal pish as the previous mob , and the one before that ad fckn nauseam .

New Labour will add their own distinct flavour of ” fuck you commoners ” to the ongoing War On Reality by pandering even more to the unhinged screamers of the * Trans * Covenanters Lobby , as the latter DEMAND , eg we gaze in adoration at a billboard displaying a young women’s – voluntary – double mastectomy-scared body . A role model for our times ? Aye it’s no .

N we’ll still be stuck in an interminable folie a deux * Union *

Steve A

24 June, 2024 at 7:57 pm

Facebook is not letting me share this article, claiming my attempted sharing to a wider audience is in breach of their community “standards”(!!!) . At some stage I guess we are going to have to deal with the integrity initiative and similar ‘security’ services. In the meantime, the frustration and anger generated by this type of action simply deepens my resolve for indy…


24 June, 2024 at 8:28 pm

I found myself in a bit of a quandry when this election was called. I have always voted SNP and their sitting candidate is one of their better members, who has been very-helpful as a constituency member on a couple of occasions.

However, after all the Sturgeon Cult’s nonsense – no way.

Similar stories with the Blue and Red Tories and the Tory-lit Liberals – no way.

I am a founder member of ALBA, but their candidate, a refugee from the old SNP was an absolute disaster when in the Commons, so a no-no from me.

Reform – you must be joking.

So, I, having initially decided to go down the #End the Union route, I have had a late change of heart. My Grandson is standing in our constituency for the Greens. The reality is, he’s a “paper” candidate, they will put in a bigger effort for Holyrood in 2026, but, he’s my Grandson, I think he’s misguided in his politics, but, he’ll get my vote, and not just as the best of a bad bunch.


24 June, 2024 at 8:52 pm

The Rev sums it all up nicely. For reasons I’ve stated before I’ll be abstaining. The new ID process could well add to the figures abstaining, so a very low turnout [below 50%] is not beyond the bounds of possibility which would, IMO, send a strong signal of pisht-aff-ness to both England and SNP tractors.

We really needed Alba or SNP, or even the Greens, to adopt the policy of abstentionism in this Westminster election, but not for the first time they bottled it in favour of britnat pensions and party Short money.


24 June, 2024 at 10:00 pm

Might be #EndTheUnion for me, but a read at Grouse Beater is certainly making me ponder….

“We in Scotland are scoured by the curse of colonialism. Remove a politician wedded to freedoms and independence, no matter how slothful they seem in securing the ideal, and we welcome back another colonial oppressor, the very people we wish banished from our country. The absolutist says wipe out the SNP and lets start again. But they don’t say how or led by whom. And none of us are getting any younger, fearing we lose the Big Day celebrations. This time will see the invaders make laws to stop our march to full civil and constitutional rights and those people are far more undesirable than any disliked personality in the SNP, ALBA, ISP, SALVO or solo candidates standing for election.

Vote. And choose wisely.”

Robert Louis

25 June, 2024 at 6:02 am

Firstly, great news, if true, about Julian Assange. That man, that legend, told the truth, and should NEVER have been hounded by Sweden, the USA and the UK on utterly FAKE sexual assault charges. I do not doubt for one second that the woman involved was a spook. The whole damn thing reeked of governments colluding in the most corrupt manner to smear Assange. Julian Assange is an actual hero of the free world. A legend, who stood up for honesty, truth and justice.

Just a pity that the so-called ‘free press’, rather than stand up for truth, chose to pretend it didn’t happen, and play along with the chicanery and LIES of their respective governments. I do not doubt that some of them will today, in a massive show of hypocrisy, be cheering aloud about how it is a victory for the so-called ‘free press’.

As to the election, well, it is an English election for England, to decide the government of England by the people of England, that will, when elected, rule over Scotland and Wales, its last colonies, in the greatest example of diktat and undemocratic bullying in the world. Ahhh little England, perfidious albion, the undemocratic, unelected colonial ruler of Scotland, that stole our oil wealth, stole our other assets, and now, under the guise of ‘gb energy‘, will steal all our renewable energy from Scotland too. They will then lament on how poor Scotland is, and how it NEEDS the ‘largesse‘ of England to even survive.

Fortunately I have an ALBA candidate in my constituency, a genuine local, supports independence, women’s rights, and has the right attitude. They may not win, but that is not the point, I see this as prep for the Scottish elections in a couple of years.

Alba party are like old SNP under Salmond, focussed on independence. If there were no such candidate, I would spoil my paper, demanding the end of undemocratic, unelected, English colonial rule over Scotland.


25 June, 2024 at 7:16 am

The SNP has destroyed Indy and the leadership has destroyed the SNP and the Yes movement and people on here are debating who to vote for, come on people public enemy number One is the SNP. For the last tens the SNP has been denying our right to a referendum the former FM has said there is alternative ways to achieve a referendum only for the SNP to destroy it by taken the opposite direction.

FFS does it have to be spelt out for Scotland to exist the SNP has to die, its that simple.

For every vote you don’t give the SNP and give to someone else the SNP will need two vote in order to catch backup.

If you need to vote for the devil its better to vote for one who’s going to rid us of our jailer (SNP). The SNP will never ever deliver Independence, John Swinney stated LOUD and clear Scotland will only be Independent with a section 30 order and Swinney knows as does the Unionist party’s that no matter which government is in Westminster a section 30 will never be given and the SNP knows it and is happy for the UKG to keep denying it, it suits there purposes.

Priority is removal of the SNP, 50% support Independence but not everyone who supports Independence knows the SNP are taken us for idiots. If we rid our self of the SNP by 2026 the Yes movement could be revived if the SNP still exist the chance of Independence before 2030 is dead and buried.

Would I vote for a unionist party to rid Scotland of its jailer YES i would, the SNP is the party holding Scotland in this union so lets remove the jailer and free up our options on Independence other than a section 30, for gods sake hold your nose its better to vote for the devil you know the party you think you know.


25 June, 2024 at 9:14 am

I spoilt my postal ballot. I could not in all good conscience give my vote to any of the candidates. No Alba or ISP here unfortunately. In ’26 I’ll be voting Alba.

Alf Baird

25 June, 2024 at 9:20 am

Hatey McHateface @ 8:27 am

“Demographics is destiny”

Demographic change (e.g. ‘occupation by se***ers’) is an established and fundamental part of colonial rule. Demographics comprise one of the key determinants of independence for a colonised people who are always ‘in the process of perishing’ (Fanon) so long as colonialism is permitted to continue. Liberation and ‘self-recovery’ of native culture (Memmi) is the only remedy for ‘a people’ subject to ‘colonial procedures’.



25 June, 2024 at 10:33 am

The usual BS from the Teflon Don of the SNP (VONC’s never stick to him) its all Westminster’s fault is the tired old rhetoric from Swinney.

We really need to remove the SNP from office no matter how painful it might seem or get, we need to reset the dial to zero again, and unfortunately begin again, for the SNP is not a party for Scottish independence anymore, they have become a road block to it.

The main goal must be to remove as many SNP MPs as possible come the English elections aka the GE.

“JOHN Swinney has accused the Westminster establishment of having a “know your place” attitude towards Scotland as he ripped into Unionist parties for not acknowledging the devastating impacts of Brexit during the election campaign.”

Craig P

25 June, 2024 at 10:50 am

I honestly don’t know what I am going to do on polling day. Realistically in my constituency its a choice between SNP and Labour. I am not aware the SNP candidate has ever done anything to advance the cause of independence, or ever done anything good for the local area or any other good cause, and the Labour candidate is a unionist.

Alf Baird

25 June, 2024 at 12:01 pm

Hatey McHateface @ 9:50 am

“Does our Scottish government pass legislation that actively penalises the indigenous Scottish population”

What did you think a colonial administration was for, if not to oppress (‘haud-doun’) the people? Some examples:

Education policy permits Scotland’s elite universities to allocate most places to higher fee students from elsewhere, with few places left for aspiring natives;

Housing policy allows significant numbers of people from outside Scotland to purchase homes in Scotland, and for universities to provide thousands of student flats in our cities, resulting in inflated property prices and a housing crisis;

Scotland’s laws and courts ensure we have the highest prison population per capita in W. Europe;

Uncontrolled in-migration ‘crowds out’ the locals from access to already limited public services;

Applicants for the best jobs need only be able to speak English, an nae understanding o oor ain Scots langage is needed;

An Scots langage isnae taught tae bairns in the schuils;

Maintaining the colonial racket/plunder of the economy leaves the native people with a far lower GDP-per-capita, i.e. almost one third the level of our best performing neighbouring countries;

Energy-rich Scotland’s electricity price is four times higher than Norway;

etc etc etc……

Colonial oppression effectively becomes institutionalised in a colonial society, such that maist natives either expect it or dinnae e’en notice it.


Grouse Beater

25 June, 2024 at 12:16 pm

Labour openly threaten we keep Trident;, that a new nuclear power station will be forced on Scotland; in votes on independence “80%” must vote Yes; Scotland’s land reform is not a policy priority for Labour; say goodbye to any benefit from oil or gas, and our SHS will have to be reorganised to accept a degree of privatisation.


Lorna Campbell

25 June, 2024 at 1:04 pm

I’m with you on your stance, Ruby. There is one party that wants to repeal the GRA 2004, and that is The Party of Women. Unfortunately, they have no candidates in Scotland. I am also 100% behind you on your statement that, if that Act is not repealed, women and girls are still wide open to predation by unscrupulous conmen – and I mean them all.

I listened to a video the other day of an AGP weeping and blubbing out how painful it was to have the condition, until, halfway through, he let slip that he had consumed acres of p**n, had actually fed this sexual addiction. Unless people get their heads round the fact that all of these men are chancers and con artists whose whole l.ives are dedicated to their sexual addictions – and they are addictions, which they have no desire to end – this is never going to go away and female rights will continue to be under constant threat.

I intend to spoil (or repurpose) my ballot paper with two protests – one against the Union and the other against the GRA 2004. I hope that we will have candidates for the Party of Women by the next GE, if we are still in the same mess after 2026 and the SE, because going into independence without repeal of that Act and of its reform, will mean voting ourselves into oblivion. I want independence: I don’t want a Scottish cage with men in frocks and lippy poking sticks at me with “I’m a woman” carved on them.

All you decent men out there, get the message through to these deviants; they are your sex, not ours, and neither we, nor our children, are not responsible for their vomit-inducing, self-inflicted sexual addictions or for their welfare. We are human beings in our own right, and nobody’s handmaidens.


25 June, 2024 at 1:37 pm

Willie Rennie came to my door last night asking if they could count on my vote for Wendy Chamberlain. It is the first time EVER that a party has chapped my door in the run up to an election.
I told him frankly I didn’t trust any of the main parties to protect women’s rights – especially as none of them seem capable of defining what a woman is, and that no, the libdems would not be getting my vote because of it. He did appear to have backtracked to somne degree on his original stance on this topic though saying if they had the vote on the GRR bill now he would vote against it. I still don’t trust any of them.

I told him imo the problem is none of them ever consider the long term consequences of the laws they make and the GRR was a prime example.

I also told him the libdem stance on refusing to even consider independence was a no -no.

It’s a Lib dem / SNP fight here. I can’t in all conscience vote for either, especially knowing the SNP candidate. There is no independence candidate standing so it looks like a #notmyunion spoiled vote from me.


25 June, 2024 at 8:34 pm

Is the Secretary of State Against Scotland lying or not? We know what Tories are good at, and its not telling the truth.

“ALISTER Jack has claimed he won more than £2000 betting on the date of the General Election.

Jack, a multi-millionaire who as Scottish Secretary had a place in the Tory Cabinet, told the BBC he had won £2100 after betting on a June or July election just after Rishi Sunak called the vote for July 4.

The BBC reported that he had further claimed one of the bets was placed at odds of 25/1.

However, last week, he told the BBC the comments were a “joke”.

Now, he has released a statement saying he did not place any bets on the date of the General Election “during May”.

“I am very clear that I have never, on any occasion, broken any Gambling Commission rules”, Jack said.

“I did not place any bets on the date of the General Election during May – the period under investigation by the Gambling Commission.

“Furthermore, I am not aware of any family or friends placing bets. I have nothing more to say on this matter.””


25 June, 2024 at 8:43 pm

These b*stards must be held to account, but we all know they won’t be.

“The UK Government had destroyed an estimated £1.4 billion worth of personal protective equipment (PPE).The items, which were all acquired by the Tory government in a single deal during the pandemic, have been destroyed or written off, it is understood.

Figures published by the BBC showed there were at least 1.57 billion items of PPE provided by Northamptonshire supplier Full Support Healthcare that will never be used.

“£1.4bn on one contract, paying for PPE that was never used, and Rishi Sunak’s fingerprints are all over it.

“That is money that could have been used to pay the salaries of 37,000 NHS nurses.

a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests to NHS Supply Chain.

The responses showed that of the 2.02 billion items of PPE provided by Full Support Healthcare, only 232 million items have been dispatched to the NHS or other care settings.

It is understood about 749 million items have already been burned or destroyed, while a further 825 million are classified as excess stock.

According to the report, the government had previously estimated about £85 million worth of PPE secured under the contract would not be used.

The BBC understands that at least £100m of additional public money has been spent on storing and incinerating the excess stock since its purchase.

The company struck a £1.78bn deal with the government to supply face masks, aprons, eye protection and respirators in April 2020.

According to the BBC report, this was the largest Covid-19 PPE order, accounting for 13% of the government’s total spend.

In January, DHSC accounts revealed some £9.9bn of the £13.6bn spent on PPE had been written off as some items were defective or not suitable, while others will not be used before their expiry date.

An accountability report by the National Audit Office (NAO) said that the department plans to dispose of “nearly all” of its current PPE stock held in warehouses and containers.”


26 June, 2024 at 1:49 am

On July the 5th, nobody in Scotland will care what the turnout was. Nobody will care what a few emotional fools wrote on their wasted ballot papers. Nobody will care about the principled angels who squandered their votes on candidates that have no chance of winning.

On July the 5th, Scottish politics will be dominated by one thing: the historic collapse in support for the SNP. You’re all invited.

You’re also invited to the discussions on what we do next which will inevitable take place as the SNP falls apart. It’s a pity some of you are so easily distracted by bullshit and won’t help us get there as fast as we would like, but I promise I won’t hold that against you.

Sturgeon’s SNP has been smothering Scottish politics and the independence movement for 10 years. On July the 5th, we start breathing again.

Nobody is ready for the electricity and excitement that will surge through the veins of the independence movement when the SNP dies.

That’s what this election is about; that and nothing else.

Robert Hughes

26 June, 2024 at 6:41 am

@ Hatuey

” Another important reason is that we need to set an example for politicians in the future — fuck around and find out…”

Good point , H .

And when people say ….” aye , but what’s going to replace them will be just as bad – possibly worse ” tell them ….” we know , and the same thing will happen to them if/when they abandon everything they said pre-election and instead attempt to inflict outrageous policies we NEVER voted for on us ” .

The ” record-beating ” rapid decline of the SNP should be a warning to any Party/MP/MSP that thinks people can be treated like lumpen vote-fodder indefinitely .

Notable that all the * progressive * Rainbow Worriers are completely silent on the release of J Assange , just as they have been completely silent during the long years of his State imprisonment & psychological torture for telling the truth about the degenerates who govern us . Then again , this shameful silence has been the ( non ) response of just about the entire Political Class . Including ALBA .

Once again , that Party has wasted an opportunity to ” kick against the pricks ” and display some desperately needed independence of thought from the warped ,suffocating NeoCon agenda .

Silence = Complicity .

I see the Axis Of Arseholes – Mainellis -is back dribbling it’s laughable Poundland Propaganda .

Main’s resolve to display his hate-filled ignorance at all times strengthened by his latest visit to the Busby Front , where his cadre of retired traffic wardens have been involved in a ferocious rearguard action against Commie double-parkers n Maoist red-light-defiers . Slava Eastern Kilbride !

” Vast Majority ” #ASKANDY Ellis has also been busy , in his case trying to formulate a new phrase/insult to add to his existing mental libary of three – so far , unsuccessfully . Ach well , can’t be easy learning anything new when you already know everything .


26 June, 2024 at 7:49 am

I look forward to the SNP getting thumped. Because of their cynical t(reache)ry they deserve to get thumped. FFS, there’s an Independence March in Bannockburn and these narcissistic cockshites are miles away at a Pride March. A few miles away? On a different planet more like.

However, I rather suspect when it happens, it’ll be like the quote from the Sink the Bismark movie… “I thought I’d be cheering, sir, at this point, but I’m afraid I can’t.”

These c*!$ts have thrown away Scotland’s Independence when it lay in the palm of our hands, then parade themselves at a Pride March. C*!$ts! C*!$ts! C*!$ts!

The SNP won’t curl up and die, it will bitch and winge like a spoiled brat, abdicate all responsibility for the absolute catastrophe they’ve presided over, and put superhuman effort into blaming the true Independence Supporters, the living “victims” of SNP t(reach)ery.

There won’t be any joy when the smoke clears. But there might be evidence of justice, and perhaps a lesson or two for professional gravy slurpers once their political careers are heaved onto the bonfire. That’s the only progess on offer at this election.

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