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Paroxysms of excitement as the people of Scotland anticipate the UK general election...

Sunday, June 23, 2024
I hr 10 mins

Wings Over Scotland | Don’t Even Bother


19 June, 2024 at 1:24 pm

Does anyone have a suitable cartoon image depicting the
dangling of the stale and rotten Indy Carrot for one more time as the cliff edge of deselection rush


19 June, 2024 at 1:36 pm

I think a lot of voters have caught on to the fact that our elections are essentially fake, a Hobson’s Choice imposed by powerful globalist money men who want to eradicate our nation via immigration so we’re easier prey.

The SNP are not different to the Tories or Labour. Politicians don’t represent you, they’re hired actors playing a role (poorly) to distract you while your pocket is picked.

The divide in politics isn’t left/right, it’s the Powerful vs. the People.


19 June, 2024 at 1:51 pm

Yeah the Teflon Don (VONC’s) never stick to Swinney, his coupon has been all over the foreign media in Scotland today on the bundles of goodies he’s going to give to Scots if only we’re stupid enough to vote for his party’s candidates.

Like the Fifth Column parties at Holyrood, Swinney will spout any old shite to win your vote, the NuSNP is about as interested in dissolving the union as the Tories are.

Just don’t vote in the GE Scotland and Scots gain nothing by doing so.

Boycott the GE.

John C

19 June, 2024 at 2:24 pm

I saw Swinney earlier trying to explain what ‘immediate negotiations’ are and if it’s just going to be asking Starmer (who is probably going to have a 3-figure majority) for a Section 30 when he’s made it clear he’s not going to grant one. He waffled as one would expect because this is really the only thing the SNP have to get a part of its core vote to come out for them.

Sure, some sitting SNP MPs will keep their seats. Some of them are good local MPs and deserve to keep their jobs, especially when considering some of the candidates Labour are putting up are just going to sit there as lobby fodder for 5 years. The rest though have failed to even do the basics of the job and deserve to be out of work in a fortnight.

Things aren’t going to get better in the long run either. Assuming Labour get a victory in 2029, the fact is there’s now a real chance of Farage becoming an MP, the Tories collapsing & a pact of some sort between the Tories & Reform isn’t out of the question. The wasted chances of the last decade, especially in the Theresa May era, is going to hurt more and more in the coming years and the blame lies firmly on Sturgeon’s shoulders.

Black Joan

19 June, 2024 at 3:02 pm

Tory election leaflet:
“Just look at the facts
1. The SNP are obsessed with independence”

Labour election leaflet:
“the SNP are only interested in breaking up the union at any cost to pursue an ideology of separation and division”

Such uninformed candidates do not deserve a vote from anyone. Who is going to tell them the ACTUAL facts?


19 June, 2024 at 3:33 pm

Hopefully this SNP dishwater manual will inspire folk in Scotland to abstain in sufficient numbers as to show England and the rest of the world just how farcical Westminster’s electoral system is in Scotland and how much the people of Scotland hold it, and the union, in contempt.

Get turnout under 50%.


19 June, 2024 at 4:25 pm

“If the SNP wins a majority of Scottish seats, the Scottish Government will be empowered to begin immediate negotiations with the UK government…..”

Let’s be honest.

These olympic grade champions at the art of deception and forever time-wasters have only managed to find the balls to say such a thing because they (and the whole world) know that there is not a chance in hell this party of back-stabbers and gravy slurpers will ever get a majority of the seats this time.

But let’s look at their assertion in a little more detail:

1. The MSPs who form the “Scottish” government were elected under a different manifesto and under a different franchise. So a manifesto to elect members to a different parliament does not change what the Scottish gov stands for, only what the MPs stand for. This assertion therefore could be easily construed as a disgusting attempt by these chancers to purposely disinform and confuse voters.

2. The negotiations for the dissolution of the Treaty of Union are not between Scotland’s “government” and the UK government.
The UK government, the same as the UK parliament and the UK so called “Supreme Court” are not signatories of the treaty of union. They are PRODUCTS of the treaty of union and therefore SUBORDINATED to it, not above it.

The Treaty of Union itself is a product of the parliament of Scotland and the parliament of England, therefore SUBORDINATED to each of them, and not the other way around. The “UK Government” is not the partner Scotland has to negotiate the division of common assets with. The correct partner is the Kingdom of England.

Scotland is as much “the UK” as England is, so it is the pinnacle of the stupid for these idiots to now claim that Scotland has to negotiate with itself the partition of its own fcking assets.

So either the SNP are complete ignoramus on the matter of the union and therefore totally unfit to conduct such negotiations on behalf of Scotland, or they are deliberately portraying Scotland as if it was just a region of the Kingdom of England so the latter can keep most of the assets, including the rights to Scotland’s crown. I consider this a spectacular dereliction of duty and a disgusting betrayal of the rights of Scotland’s rights under the treaty.

The dissolution of the Treaty of union must be done by an entity that is SUPERIOR to the Treaty of Union itself. That is not Westminster. That is not the UK parliament. That is not the so called “Supreme Court”. That is not even the crown of “Great Britain” or the monarch, unless he and his successors choose to decline their right, under the present Treaty of Union, to the crowns of Scotland and England. Should the monarch do this, then the treaty of union would be effectively terminated because its main purpose has always been to ensure that the crowns of Scotland and England sit on the same monarch.

These four entities are SUBORDINATED to the Treaty and products of the treaty. The only entities with the power to revoke the Treaty of Union are a reconvened Scotland’s old parliament, or an empowered Holyrood, or a reconvened parliament of England.

It does not have to happen in both parliaments. It is enough with one of them to revoke the treaty for it to become null and void.

So, where is Scotland’s old parliament? Where it always has been for the last 300 years: it is represented by Scotland’s MPs. SCOTLAND’S MPS, mind, not England’s.

And this means:

a. A majority of anti-union MPs empowers MPS to recall Scotland’s old parliament and to revoke the treaty of union.

The people of Scotland has been empowering the SNP for the last NINE YEARS to end the treaty of union. If the gravy slurpers in the SNP had wanted Scotland’s independence instead of filling up their pockets and enjoy Westminster bars, they would have reconvened Scotland’s old parliament and ended this union on any of the 3,330 days that have passed since 8 May 2015.

To the SNP:

Stop talking bollocks. You have done nothing but talking bollocks and wasting our time for the last 9 years.

Shame on you for insisting in subjugating Scotland, for insisting in undermining Scotland’s sovereignty and for insisting, for the last nine years, in handing Scotland’s sovereignty over to a bunch of England MPs.

Stop wasting Scotland’s time. You have already wasted enough of our time and have tested our patience beyond breaking point.

If after 9 years you still could not find the balls to deliver independence, and that decaffeinated assertion demonstrates that you have not, then move out of the way.


19 June, 2024 at 4:29 pm

The political philosophy of the SNP right now amounts to “mate-ocratic quangofantastic knife and forkism” with a solid commitment to PPPP – politician pension protection plans.

soshalism?! nashnulism?? national-socialism???


politics, may well be showbiz for ugly people, but it is also a kind of high end welfare state for lazy mediocrities; not everyone can have talent and get to the top, not everyone has the stomach for the graft required to be one of society’s essential, but poorly paid functionaries – and so what happens to the “people left behind”?


19 June, 2024 at 5:02 pm

So if Scottish politics are broken, destroyed, irreparable, hopeless, bobbing like an unflushed stinking turd in a malfunctioning cludgie, as is the tone and tenor of things round here for a very long time…what’s the point of this site existing anymore? Seriously. Could it be put to some communal good, where people could rally and do decent things in their local areas, away from the worthless political parties?

What’s the point on just moaning and ranting all the time about how shit the SNP are? WE GOT THE POINT YEARS AGO. So…? Seriously. What a whining-faced waste of fucking time this place is now. Could some good come of it? Or should it just shut down permanently? You tell me.

Towbar Sullivan

19 June, 2024 at 7:51 pm

The SNP reduced to 10-15 MPs.
Shifty Starmer in power with a 150 seat majority, thinking he won the election (he didn’t, the Tories lost because after 14 years of chaos and farce even the English have had enough).
With that kind of majority and with a dunce like Starmer in charge Scotland is irrelevant in London.
And Starmer will win the 2029 GE too because the memory of Sunak and co will still be too recent to give the Tories another go yet. Not that it matters much – Starmer will be conservative and unionists enough to be going on with.
So that’s it. It’s over – and Alba and the ISP charge nothing because it would be a miracle if they won one seat between them.
So what next? I have no idea.


20 June, 2024 at 3:55 am

Ignored says:
20 June, 2024 at 12:30 am

NATO means nukes wherever the yanks want them. That’s why P won’t allow them in U. They’re trying to cut off his navy.

Not saying you’re wrong, but that would drive a coach and horses through the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – which Sweden ratified.

I’d agree that the Swedes have lost their minds, but the reality is there is an insidious malignancy in Western societies with a clear agenda to vilify the “East” as sworn enemies. It is most threatening in its NATO expansion actions which has already started one war in Eastern Europe.

My great fear is that “peace in our time” requires Western so-called democracies to denounce their own warmongers and shit-stirrers, root out the insidious covert influence of Tel Aviv in Western affairs, and refocus upon their own integrity, honesty, and respect for International Law…. Ominously, this malignancy is well dug in and all around us. It is strong.

Sadly, it is my perception these influences are still on the rise, and becoming more powerful. The butchery in Gaza has disgusted most right thinking people on the planet, but already, the planet has demonstrated it hasn’t the power to stop it. Humanity loses, the warmongering butchers toast each other in somebody else’s blood.

Kill is insidious malignancy or it will continue to aggravate tensions until it provokes the war which destroys everything we know.


David Mitchell isn’t really my cup of tea, and I wonder if the satire above is far more biting than he intended. Are we the baddies? Yes. Yes we are the baddies, and it disgusts me. We are the milititaristic aggressors, we are the covert destabilisers, we are the febrile propagandists, we are the flouters of International Law, we are the invaders and occupiers. We are the raging hypocrites and nemesis of all things good. We are the promoters and instigators of abuse, depravity and hedonistic immorality.

If we are on the path to global annihilation, we are on the side provoking the others to defend themselves from us. We are the ones with skulls on our cap badges.

Well not in my name. I want no part of this.

Alf Baird

20 June, 2024 at 9:32 am

Dorothy Devine @ 8:38 am

“what the devil have they been doing with all the ‘mandates’ given them?”

Aye Dorothy, by their actions and inaction we can see what nationalist priorities the SNP really have, nane at aw.

Rather than seeking the UN and the world’s nations to recognise an independent Scotland (efter six democratically elected nationalist majorities, aw wastit), they put forward a motion to urge the UK to recognise another country as an independent state.


And some Scots still think the SNP are Scottish nationalists!

Alf Baird

20 June, 2024 at 9:56 am

Breeks @ 8:41 am

“The words from this particular immigrant revealed he was a Scot in the 19th Century describing his arrival in Canada.”

Yes, today there is a tendency to focus on the symptoms of colonial exploitation and oppression (e.g. native migration from their homeland) rather than the root cause (i.e. imperialism).

Millions of people were forced to emigrate from Scotland, Ireland and from hundreds of other colonies because of colonial oppression where development opportunities were blocked to them and many were also subject to persecution in their own land.

So perhaps we might focus on eradicating what the UN still terms ‘the scourge’ of colonialism, which inhibits the free economic, social and cultural development of ‘peoples’, including us Scots:


Towbar Sullivan

20 June, 2024 at 11:06 am

“That Scotland is irrelevant in London is entirely down to Scotland’s and England’s MPs not doing their jobs properly, and not understanding what that job formally is!”

Lord have mercy…Scotland will have 57 MPs out of 650. By the looks of it all but about 15 SNP MPs will be members of British parties. Starmer seems likely to have a majority of about 150 – roughly 3 times as many as the total number of Scottish MPs, (not to mention that he’ll also have the 20-30 Labour MPs from Scotland in his pocket).

The treaty of union was signed in a world before political parties. MPs don’t vote by ‘kingdoms’, they vote by party. You might imagine or wish that there are two sections to the Westminster Parliament – an English one and a Scottish one, but there isn’t. No bill was ever passed that way. There’s either a majority for it or there isn’t – they never passed bills based on there being a majority of English MPs AND a majority of Scottish MPs, just a simple majority. And in the last 150 years or so it’s political parties that have or don’t have a majority.

Now you might say this is not what SHOULD happen, but Erskine May doesn’t agree with you – and, as far as I know, it was never a requirement, even back in the 18th century, for a bill to have the support of a majority of Scottish AND English MPs to pass, just a majority.

But if you think there’s a legal case to be made that things should be done differently, see a lawyer who specialises in constitutional law and if he agrees, do a crowd funder to bring a case based on that. Personally I think it’s all just pub talk.

While we might enjoy seeing the SNP get their comeuppance after wasting years and huge majorities prancing around showing how fkn ‘woke’ they are and acting like total clowns over cocks in frocks supposedly being the Most Oppressed People Ever while carrying out a vicious and bitchy vendetta against Salmond, there’s also the fact that the SNP being reduced to 15 or so MPs and Starmer getting a huge majority will be spun by London to read that Scotland’s little hissy fit about indy is now a thing of the past, a flash in the pan, and all talk of indy and indyrefs can be ignored.

Maybe 5 or 10 years of rule by Starmer the lying Tory will open people’s eyes – but the very best that seems possible now is that 2034 will be re-run of 2015. So the best we can hope for is that the (distant) future is a re-run of the past.

I don’t know where to go from here.


20 June, 2024 at 11:57 am

This might seem to be off topic…but it isn’t.

Those of us still waiting for the Taylor Swift craze to vanish from the earth might be forgiven for casting an anxious eye at the example of a previous cult of personality.

The Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero died in 43 BC. Nearly sixteen centuries later many people were still big fans of his – Christian Italians had even taken to calling God ‘Jupiter’ and Christ ‘Apollo’ – that the great Erasmus felt it necessary to write a play mocking them.

Erasmus’s 1528 Ciceronianus includes a character who has purged his library of all books not written by Cicero, installed paintings of Cicero in his chapel, library and every doorway in his house, and wears a miniature of Cicero engraved on a gem.

I haven’t gone that far…yet. I don’t have my own chapel…yet. I do wear a miniature of Cicero engraved on a gem, though. I wear it on a pinky ring. Oh, and I have posters of Cicero covering my bedroom wall – and a couple of Marie Osmond. I was in love with Marie Osmond once.

I wonder if Taylor Swift will be remembered sixteen centuries from now. She has laid down some memorable and profound words of wisdom in her song lyrics:

“I was tame, I was gentle
Til the circus life made me mean
Don’t you worry folks,
We took out all her teeth”

And apparently she levitated down someone’s street. How’d she do that then?

Okay…it actually is off topic – I lied.

Alf Baird

20 June, 2024 at 12:44 pm

Ruby Tuesday @ 11:27 am

“I don’t think any of these countries were part of the British Empire (I could be totally wrong.)”

All these territories were at one time colonies of one imperial power or another. However, the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the Channel on wee boats is relatively small compared to the numbers entering UK on visas:

“There were 3,287,404 visas granted in the year ending June 2023, 58% higher than the year ending June 2022. This was primarily due to 889,821 (+96%) more grants of visitor visas, but also due to more grants for:

– work visas (including dependants), up 208,295 (+63%) to 538,887
– study visas (including dependants), up 165,968 (+34%) to 657,208, including sponsored and short-term students”


Helps explain why immigration is possibly the number 1 issue in a UK election, and why public services designed to serve a much smaller population are failing.


20 June, 2024 at 1:40 pm

on google maps, planning a nice bike ride – looking for good country roads, low traffic, nice scenery; try down clyde valley, checking for local landmarks and places of interest.

– see this memorial to WILLIAM ROY at milton lockhart; never heard of him, check on wikipedia (always total shite, but gives the broad strokes) – the man who “put surveying on the map”. The wiki is drab, as is usual, but there is a hell of a story between the lines – a lad on the make, lower middle class then on to major general, and with solid scientific work. Another example of Scots being brilliant at things and showing the lazy effete arsehole english, just how it is done …

One thing catches my eye – he surveyed the battlefield at culloden in 46, and there is a departure point for a story. What tales to tell.

In those times the purpose of the explorer was to find new lands to pillage, and the job of the surveyor was to make maps so you could – send your troops where needed, and then to get the loot back out. Always portrayed as neutral, scientific, but a role, crucial to empire. For example, reading the tales of the early Himalayan explorers, you realise they were all spies, playing “the great game”.

Roy – well, no mention of his politics, but we can guess; though it may not be so simple – most of us just have to go wherever in life the opportunity presents … even if you want to smash the british state to smithereens, well, right now, it’s just not happening and if, say, they offered you a decent 6 figure civil service job, with the fat pension … why not take it?

Roy’s mapmaking helped to subjugate his own land, which sums it up, really. He obviously had talent, but it got used towards a bad purpose, which is a common story. There is a line from a Gray book – something like : “the worst crime is murder, but the second worst crime is selling that small but vital part of your own intelligence which leads to murder …”


20 June, 2024 at 4:07 pm

“Stop warring & the movement of ppl would stop”

You know that the survival of both, capitalism and USA’s hegemony are at stake like they have never been before. And both are welded to each other. If one sinks, the other sinks too.

Neoliberalism (and neoliberal wars) appear to have become the destructive tool of choice for the main instigators of capitalism. They are an artificial way to ensure continuous “creative” destruction”.

Continuous “creative destruction” and continuous opportunities for economic expansion and growth is what keeps capitalism alive.

Wars obviously have several purposes for imperial powers. Geopolitical control is one of them. Seizing control over the resources of another country is another.

However, an additional purpose of neoliberal wars is for the imperial power to create an opportunity for economic growth. The destruction of a country’s infrastructure caused by the war, for example, will create a huge opportunity for economic growth during the rebuilding process.

This rebuilding process will attract many investors. But who benefits from it will depend on who is controlling the country.

The thing is that UKRN has one hell of a lot of resources. The following two quotes were taken from Faiola & Bennett’s article “In the UKRN war, a battle for the nation’s mineral and energy wealth” published in The Washington Post on the 10 Aug 2022:

“UKRN harbors some of the world’s largest reserves of titanium and iron ore, fields of untapped lithium and massive deposits of coal. Collectively, they are worth tens of trillions of dollars”

“UKRN is widely known as an agricultural powerhouse. But as a raw-material mother lode, it’s home to 117 of the 120 most widely used minerals and metals, and a major source of fossil fuels”

So, what is the real reason USA and the UK are so concerned about UKRN? What can be so existential for them in this fight that has made them to completely remove the faux mask of NATO as “the police of the world” exposing it as their private offensive weapon?

Is it because they really give a shit about the sovereignty of the UKRN people?

Looking at how little they care about the sovereignty of Scotland or the sovereignty of Syria or Libya when the establishment sent the useless Cameron to destroy the country, for example, or looking at the continuous interference of USA and UK assets in other countries’ political and economic business, it does not look like they give a shit about anybody else’s sovereignty other than their own.

Could it be because if RSS controls those resources in Ukraine it will be more difficult for Europe to get them?

This may concern the UK a little, but I do not see how it affects USA. As long as USA gets the supplies it needs, the reality is that its concern for Europe is minimal. So this cannot be the real reason either.

At the end of the day, for the countries in Europe that need to buy energy or those resources, if the price is right, it does not really matter an iota to them who they are buying them from, UKRN or RSS.

So what is the real difference that will affect USA if RSS takes control over those energy resources and minerals?

The main difference is not who owns the resources, but rather in what currency those resources are going to be sold. After USA’s move to steal RSS’s dollar reserves, RSS will no longer sell those resources in dollars.

If those resources are no longer sold in dollars, UKRN or RSS will not have a surplus in dollars in their bank accounts that USA can steal with the excuse of economic sanctions or that those countries can recycle.

And if they do not have a surplus of dollars to recycle, then they can no longer be used to buy off USA’s debt in the form of Treasury bonds.

And if an increasing number of countries with natural resources to sell do no longer generate dollar surpluses selling those resources and investing them in buying USA’s debt, USA cannot continue living beyond its means.

The overall value of UKRN’s resources will not be enough to topple USA’s economy by itself, but it might be an incentive for other countries rich in resources to follow suit and start selling their own energy resources in a different currency. Once the number of countries selling energy in other currencies reaches critical mass, then the hegemony of the dollar is over.

It is becoming more and more evident by the day that the UKRN war was always about stopping or, at least slowing down, the de-dollarisation process.

The irony of this is that it was USA itself with its insatiable greed, arrogance and systematic overreach toward’s other countries’ assets and politics through sanctions who caused it in the first place.

The problem for us is that a large bunch of tiny-brained warmongers comfortably sitting in Westminster, living at our expense and filling their expanded bellies with quality liquor and food in Westminster’s subsidised bars, in their stupor are threatening with sending us and our children to a war with RSS that we cannot win.

I say, if they are so thirsty for a war, give each of them a rifle and parachute those fckng warmongers and their own children to the front line. They can leave ours alone.


20 June, 2024 at 5:16 pm

express, in a moment of clarity


supremacism, national character, narcissism

– and it’s not just me bashing these dogs. And they love farage, for sure, and one day could make him PM.

there’s more …

we shall fight them on the beaches … the bulldog, dunkirk spirit (running away!)


the anglos booted out of 65 countries, for doing NUFFINK, and never wanted back anywhere; facking ingrates


(zapped by anglo reality distortion field)

lovely people, chronically misunderstood, but respected the world over … we fought the nazis and saved the world from ultimate evil …


20 June, 2024 at 5:18 pm

“The treaty of union was signed in a world before political parties”

Sorry, this is not accurate.

At the time of the ratification of the Treaty of Union there were three main political parties represented in Scotland’s parliament: The Court party, the Country Party and the Squadrone Volante.

The Court party supported the Queen, Lord Godolphin and the English Whigs, who were all in favour of union and the Hanover line to the throne.

The Country party opposed the government and the union.

The Squadrone volante was formed by members who often changed sides.

The court party relied on the squadrone volante and non-attendance from the Country party to succeed in the vote to ratify the treaty of union.

The commissioners representing Scotland during the negotiations of the treaty were not elected, but “selected” and appointed by the queen, so the majority of them would favour the union.

The union was always a crown affair. It was planned and instigated by the English crown. I am of the opinion this remains the case to this day, hence the insisting by the SNP in talking about negotiations between Scotland and the UK government when referring to Scotland’s independence rather than what it should be: negotiations between Scotland and England.


20 June, 2024 at 5:36 pm

£12,000 quid a minute wasted on weapons that can never be used meanwhile chronic poverty plagues the UK, with parents and children going hungry whilst many, many folk can’t afford to turn the heating on.

All of the UK’s NHS’s are in decline, housing is in a right old state, road surfaces are a disgrace, education standards are falling, yet £12,000 quid a minute can be wasted on weapons that are nothing more than a Westminster phallic symbol.

Why the F*ck would anybody other than well paid House Jocks vote to remain in this illegal union. Lets not forget that Scots are paying a percentage of the £12,000 a minute that could be spent on much more worthy causes.



20 June, 2024 at 6:12 pm

It never fails to amuse me that all these yoons and proud Scots BUTS who continuously denigrate and ridicule any mention of the TOU, Acts of Union , Claim of Rights or any other Ancient laws and agreements have NEVER opposed denigrated or ridiculed the fabled and revered (by the engerlish exceptionalists) constant insistence that the magna carta and their unwritten constitution MUST be adhered to and those documents are gods instructions given to gods people

It is as if there is some disconnect or they are showing where their true loyalty lies , Scotland’s ancient laws and treaties are all outdated and pish and no one cares about them apart from moon howling nativists who are blood and soil adherents with despicable racist undertones and beliefs

BUT the engerlish Magna Carta and the unwritten constitution must be adhered to and held and celebrated because it is current and above reproach, it exemplifies the true engerlishman

Alf Baird

20 June, 2024 at 7:56 pm

President Xiden @ 6:07 pm

“If only the SNP had held the majority of seats over the past decade.”

Yup, a nationalist majority in any colony usually means liberty for an oppressed people. Except for Scots it seems.

But who needs a high GDP-per-capita anyway when we can share it with the 60 million folk next door:



20 June, 2024 at 8:58 pm

I think we’ve come across this Britnat troll before.

“A UNIONIST blogger has urged anyone who identifies as Scottish not British to rip up their passports “or else be a hypocrite”, before being deported.

Effie Deans, who has previously written for right-wing magazine The Spectator under the name Irena Skuba, took to X/Twitter to express her latest ultra-Unionist hot take.

She wrote: “If you think you are Scottish and not British, then please renounce your British citizenship & rip up your passport.

“You can then be deported from the UK as you won’t have the right to live here. Alternatively you can accept that you are indeed British or else be a hypocrite.” “

Wings Over Scotland | An Offer You Can’t Understand

The Flying Iron of Doom

21 June, 2024 at 2:21 am

Blimey, that guy really didn’t think through his logic did he? I mean come on, if you’re gonna go around making Mafiaesque threats then at least double-check your logic otherwise you’ll just come off as a total Freddo. Also his camera/phone operator really needs to lay off the espressos before a shoot.

Robert Hughes

21 June, 2024 at 7:46 am

man , that cat be soooo desperate for the WM cream he offered to donate his brain to medical research if he wins n the scientists rejected his offer on the basis there was too little there to work with .

He had more luck selling his soul , though such was it’s threadbare quality , Mephistopheles best offer was a packet of Poundland cheese n *something* sandwiches , an autographed copy of the Stooge’s forthcoming charity shop dust-collector – ” How Men Made Me A Cunt . Fighting Patriarchy In Balenciaga Pant Suits ” and , the clincher , a ” limited edition ” compendium of John Nicholson’s fisting videos ( The MP for Sodom North takes a * passive * role in these productions ) . He snatched it

Straight outta Jackson’s Entry Nu SNP Central Casting and the epitome of the complete degeneration of that Party .

Fckn vacuous , vain , venal clown whose absolute indifference to Independence , the welfare of his ( would be , but won’t ) constituents and anything else other than getting his snout in that WM trough , finally , is apparent in his every word & expression .

Let’s hope he joins the rest of the Nu SNP fraudulent freakshow as it experiences it’s worst ever electoral performance .


21 June, 2024 at 8:15 am

Gulliano is a serial waste of space. Gay rights warrior this is the parachutist who by chicanery most foul was inserted into Dumbarton to fight the marginal 92 vote majority Labour seat against local party wishes.

And guess what, the walloper whose campaign was run by HQ belly flopped allowing Labour, against the trend, to increase its majority to nearly a thousand.

And this time is Westminster’s Falkirk constituency he’s being parachute in to.

Ah well, let’s await the result of this latter day rent a gob Screaming Lord Sutch.


21 June, 2024 at 8:22 am

President Xiden
21 June, 2024 at 7:47 am

So the problem appears to be the SNP ministers…

Maybe it is, but all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

If the SNP has any good people left, evidence suggests they’re busy doing nothing.

Given a decade of supine complacency, (notice I’m putting that kindly), what other conclusion can be drawn besides the SNP grassroots membership being awash with WGD type sycophants who are ambivalnet about Independence and not terribly bright?

How “quaint” they now find criticism of the SNP devisive and hateful, and aren’t slow bleating about it, yet in the same breath they reveal a stunning lack of self awareness and / or amnesia, about the SNP’s flagrant betrayal of Scotland’s sovereign Constitution and those in the Independence Movement who actually want Independence.

May you reap what you’ve sown SNP.

Given time, the Independence Movement will recover from the SNP’s treach(ery) and in time it will regroup; hopefully around SALVO and Constitutional Sovereignty, and finally extricate Scotland from this rotten trap.

The future of the SNP is a lesser matter of conjecture.

Rab Clark

21 June, 2024 at 10:20 am

If we’re going down the ‘weird political video’ road, it’s hard to beat this golden oldie from a decade ago.

Brian says: ‘Keep the tone light!’



21 June, 2024 at 11:12 am

“And guess what, the walloper whose campaign was run by HQ belly flopped allowing Labour, against the trend, to increase its majority to nearly a thousand”

Have you ever wondered if that was the objective all along? I have. Often.

For a number of years now, it seems the SNP has been doing everything in their hand to ensure a labour resurrection in Scotland.

Interestingly, Gordon Brown stopped being PM in 2010. That was 14 years ago. Yet, it is only now that “his contribution” has been “recognised” in the list of honours. Why? What exactly has this man done in recent years to merit that? What was his real achievement?

If the recognition had been because of his fundamental role in deceiving the Scottish people with the vow, you would expect that honour to be delivered long time ago. So, this points towards a more complex and lengthy mission than just the vow. What could this be?

For the last 10 years the SNP have been doing everything in their hand to ensure a labour resurrection in Scotland. For the last 10 years, the SNP have done everything in their hand to distance themselves from independence. For the last 10 years, the SNP have done everything in their hand to present themselves as inefficient, incompetent and dangerous.

If you are to believe the polls, this strategy appears to be working, because it seems a labour win is now presented as a given. This “success” does not seem to be because of an increase of labour’s popularity, but rather because of the scale of deliberate disenfranchisement of pro-independence voters.

Labour would never win if the SNP were not deliberately committing political harakiri by purposely making themselves unelectable by protratying themselves as anti-women, incompetent, inefficient and completely useless as a party of independence.

Isn’t it a wonderful coincidence that, for a number of years now, the SNP has had Brown’s vow minion in its senior ranks? Bizarrely, and as the clearest sign ever that this party is completely compromised, this man, who should be an anathema to any pro-independence party, has even been parachuted to the position of CEO.

But vow man did not come up with the vow by himself. He was directed by Brown. So here is my question, what exactly has Brown’s role been in all this?

Has Brown still been managing the vow-guy from distance?

Did Brown have any input at all in the parachuting of vow-man to the senior ranks of the SNP?

Is Brown pulling the strings of any other minions within the SNP ranks?

Did Brown have any input in the regression of the SNP towards becoming a devolutionist party and purposely distancing itself from independence?

Did Brown have any input in bringing the SNP ever closer to labour?

Did Brown have any input in making the SNP unelectable to engineer a labour resurrection in Scotland?

I remember an eye-opening interview of Brown a bit after the 2014 referendum when he was talking how the vow came about. He presented himself as the lead of the project. It was he who approached the reporter and concocted the vow.

Let’s remember that Brown at that point was already a political has-been. As far as I remember, he was not part of any government committee. His record as PM was not that remarkable either to make him a “go to for advise” figure.

Yet, bizarrely, he managed to get not only the leader of his own party, but even the PM and the deputy PM at the time, (both of them of completely different parties to Brown’s and sitting on the opposite benches to Brown’s party) to agree to the conditions of the vow in record time.

From that interview, we were led to believe that Brown had used his own initiative to make the project happen. During the interview, and if I remember correctly, he said that he managed to get the PM and Deputy PM onboard because he had the ability to make them listen and he had “clout”.

Right. Where was the “clout” from a has-been who was not linked to any of the parties of government coming from? Who/what exactly empowered this man to make the PM and deputy PM, from different parties, listen to him and cooperate with the vow?

For three separate political parties to listen and do as this man, no longer in government or in any position of power, told them to do, the entity empowering him had to be above the political parties themselves. In my opinion, that can only be the crown.

So, my immediate question after listening to that interview was: what was the real role of the crown in thwarting independence in 2014?

Considering that the crown agent, the lord advocate and the English court otherwise known as “UK Supreme Court” are actually entities representing the crown, my questions continue to be: what has been the real role of the crown in the Salmond affair? what has been the real role of the crown in the suppression of information to protect Sturgeon and the alphabetties?
what has been the real role of the crown in the destruction of the SNP as a party of independence?
what has been the role of the crown the systematic frustration of Scotland’s right to self-determination and democracy since 2014?

Has the crown been the main driver?

I wonder how many other crown minions like Brown might have been hoovering around Scotland and around our democratic structures to thwart independence. The swift bending of Yousaf to the wishes of the English king by sending Scotland’s stone of destiny away without any consideration whatsoever for what the people of Scotland felt or thought, is another clue.

Given that the clown in the video above appears to be a serial failure, it seems bizarre that he was yet again selected as a candidate. Unless, of course, the real objective was always for him to fail again.

This would not be so out of tune with what we have already seen, given that proven failures like Yousaf and Swinney were also parachuted to the positions of “leader” and FM without either an election at all or using a dodgy one.

So, is the clown of the video another crown minion like Brown, Sturgeon, Yousaf and Swinney, or was he selected as one of the failure-by-design useful idiots by the actual crown minions currently operating from the guts of SNP’s HQ?


21 June, 2024 at 1:06 pm

@ Mia at 11.37: to summarise your comment – Gordon Brown is now being recognised with an “honour” for destroying the SNP.

I think you may well be right. He as a tool of the English Crown and establishment have Scotland under control.

So what should we do in this election? Will it make it easier for Them if we don’t elect SNP MPs. Or will the real independence movement transfer efforts to Liberation.scot without the distraction of Westminster?

Our problem has always been that the MSM will not give space for the independence campaign. That is why most Scots aren’t hearing the truth about our Scottish constitution. It needs word of mouth and a copy of the Liberation QR code [and a clearer Liberation.scot sign up page!] in all Yessers pockets/bags to get the word out and tens of thousands of signatures on the Edinburgh Declaration.


21 June, 2024 at 1:41 pm

“My only idea is not to vote. No idea if that will achieve much but it’s all I’ve got”

In my opinion I think by no voting you will achieve far more than those using their opportunity to merely continue to endorse the status quo.

From the perspective of Scotland, a vote for SNP, LibDems, Greens, Tories, Libdems, Labour or Reform is a vote to preserve the status quo, ie the union.

I am not quite sure where Alba stands on this. I thought it was a pro-independence party, but the fact that they are standing candidates in constituencies where I4I or ISP had already announced they would stand therefore competing with each other making it even easier for a unionist party to win, makes me approach the credibility of their united for independence claims with great cynicism.

Personally, I much prefer the option of voting for a categorically anti-status quo party/independent candidate who will not take the seat. I do not believe sending MPs to Westminster serves any purpose for Scotland other than continuing to legitimise Westminster as the UK parliament. The sooner we stop sending them, the sooner the union ends.

The only party I can think of at the minute that has announced they will not send MPs to Westminster is ISP, but they do not have candidates in all constituencies.

In the absence of an ISP candidate, my second preferred option is to re-purpose my ballot so I can cast a vote for the end of the union.

The only difference between my approach and yours is that I am actually actively voting against the system rather than simply refusing to engage with it. Also, I am leaving a trace that cannot simply be dismissed in the official figures as “low turnout”.

However, in practical terms, the outcome of your approach and mine might actually be the same.

James Che

21 June, 2024 at 2:59 pm

We have had No leaflets through our door but The tories one,
No leaflets or Canvasing from any other party.

It appears that things are set up to fail, just like the nuSnp party, so I perceive that if we vote for whom we have locally it would be deflected by the FPTP system, and most votes or seats would be transferred.
I am not sure if this would be the case, however judging by how little our Scottish vote will mean as to wether labour will get the mass main votes in Scotland by default it appears Scottish votes are wasted votes other than getting some small local party that will never be a major opposition in Westminster or in Holyrood,

Britain and Scotland used to be a three party state, then it became a two party state, now it seems to be reducing to a one party state.
And that is dangerous,


21 June, 2024 at 4:38 pm

I’m absolutely sick to the back teeth of watching Euro footy matches through an English perspective, every single f*ckin game that comes on the tv, there’s a pre-ritual section of how England is doing whilst we watch England players run about in the Denmark game, and the predominately English panel, regardless what teams are playing go on to talk about England this and England that.

Scots really are a bunch of fannies, we allow a foreign country to control what we, and who we watch, whilst having this English pish rammed down out throats constantly.


21 June, 2024 at 7:51 pm

My only idea is not to vote. No idea if that will achieve much but it’s all I’ve got.

That is the response that is desired.

I think in the last italian general elections only 64% were spirited enough to vote, and that was with the grizzly options before them.

The strange thing about the scottish national party that had hard won support, lately, was that it made the first two words of its name silent, and then actively wrecked any claims of competence

I genuinely think 2018 gave the UK a fright, but they regrouped and obliterated the problem by fully activating the sleepers.

The smiths,robertsons,swinneys and sturgeons put their shoulders to the task and thay will belooked on kindly for their efforts.

May god rot them all


22 June, 2024 at 7:14 am

Nigel Farage becomes the only UK politician (that I have seen at least) to speak the truth about Ukr@ine. Has Alex Salmond said the same thing?

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Orwell was prophet but sadly (for us) not in a good way.

I am absolutely 100% voting reform.

Wings Over Scotland | Winky’s World


22 June, 2024 at 7:42 am

Problem is, not voting is not enough. You have to actively vote for someone else likely to defeat them.

But Keir Starmer means war. So I can’t vote for Labour no matter what.

Which is why I am voting for Farage. He is the only person out there running who is speaking a vestige of truth. I suspect he is also anti-war which is not true of any of the rest.

I am sure he will have that beaten out of him very soon though.

We need an anvil upon which to smash the SNP. Reform are that anvil, at least for me.

Unless ALBA suddenly start polling but I am not holding my breath on that one.

Ian McCubbin

22 June, 2024 at 7:49 am

Reform UK are not the answer. If no Alba, ISP, or independent for Independence then spoiled ballot is the only answer. Unfortunately with only 20 plus true independence candidates it will take till 2026 to finish SNP.


22 June, 2024 at 8:05 am

Folks are caught in a quandary of what to do.

They know fine well, or most of them do, that the SNP as this allegorical article points out, that the SNP are blockers and opposers of independence. And they know fine well too that voting for the SNP will only serve to continue to obstruct independence. There can be no doubt about that.

A lingering death for the SNP would be a lingering start to a renewed independence movement.

But folks also see Labour as being something worse than the SNP. Or at least they think so. They remember the rotten stinking corrupt so called Scottish Labour party. They remember the war mongering Tony Blair and his very real attachment to big corporate interests.

So is it bite the bullet time and kill the SNP to clear the ground for new, or a lingering continuation of the sick troughers and sell out merchants.

Wel here’s a thought to help you decide. Look at the last Wings article about trash like the serial candidate for Falkirk one Toni Guilliano. He, like the other denizens of influence in the nonce party are still there with their wacky policies looking for a feed at the trough. Does anyone really think that anything will change with them at the helm?

Well I don’t!

Time to get Scotland on the right path.

Difficult as it might seem for some, there is no other way. We know what must be done.


22 June, 2024 at 8:37 am

Ian McCubbin
Ignored says:
22 June, 2024 at 7:49 am
Reform UK are not the answer. If no Alba, ISP, or independent for Independence then spoiled ballot is the only answer…

It isn’t Ian.

Scotland can reject all UK “democracy” in all its deceitful guises, and instead assemble a Constitutional Convention loosely styled on a Convention of the Estates, and thereby declare the Treaty of Union breached and irremediably incompatible with Scotland’s popular sovereignty, and then seek International recognition that the 1707 Treaty of Union no longer exists and the United Kingdom has reverted back to the sovereign entities of Scotland and England.

For a degree of due satisfaction, we can impeach Holyrood on the way, and see the current crop of troughing charlatans thrown out their Vichy Assembly.

Finally, the Convention of The Estates could instigate a ratification plebiscite which presented Scotland’s electorate with alternative options on Government, where all options on the ballot are sound in Constitutional integrity.

Scotland requires NOTHING from Westminster to declare the Union breached under international law, and at that point, the Union is ended.

However, faced with imminent extinction, not unlike the coldest, hardest, Brexit possible, Westminster will have to address Scotland’s departure, and a more expedient period of transitional arrangements will need to be agreed, just like Brexit, to give both Scotland and England the softest possible landings for their respective economies, and allow time for the required disentanglement of institutions and resources.

We can adopt Brexit as our model; the Union is legally dead, but it’s actual conclusion and terms of dissolution is temporarily suspended until transitional arrangements are in place, but unlike Brexit, allow Scotland’s people the choice to ratify the decision.

We “could” bring down the curtain on the UK whenever we’re ready, and be a fully independent Scotland by Hogmanay 2025-26.

Just don’t let politicians run the exercise, and do not put anybody from the SNP in any position of authority.

The door to our dungeon is unlocked and open. We need only step forward into the light.


22 June, 2024 at 8:47 am

That it has come to this. I cannot fault your analysis. The nuSNP have only themselves to blame.

Regarding Alba, someone previously said polling is designed to influence your vote. It obviously has controlled Mac’s vote. He will vote they way our imperial masters want.

I will never vote for an English party. I will be voting for Alba as I have a candidate standing. It is very obvious who our imperial masters fear, they are the parties they are starving of publicity.

So vote Alba, ISP, independent for indy or spoil your ballot paper.

And to those still pushing the lie that “only the nuSNP can deliver independence” I do hope Karma comes knocking on your door soon.


22 June, 2024 at 9:05 am

22 June, 2024 at 8:47 am

“So vote Alba, ISP, independent for indy or spoil your ballot paper.”

“Spoil” has negative implications.

“Repurpose” ballots suggests a thoughtful process, rather than ignorant larking about, has led to the action.

So not “spoil” but “repurpose”.

Andy Anderson

22 June, 2024 at 9:43 am

Andy Ellis, 8.46
It’s in law Andy.
Salvo Liberation has been looking in depth at Scots Law that is still extant. Not the English bill of rights followed by the colonial administration at Holyrood.
Elections are about to make Salvo Liberation democratic. Simply put it will use law to show that we are indeed a colony and then use the UN to get us our freedom. Recently research has shown that the Union is legally a myth and is a fraudulent state. Based on the attacks on the Salvo Liberation website it shows our colonisers are worried. Maybe also the blind people in the SNP and Alba whose modus operandi is shown as a smoke and mirrors to stay in power with no plan at all to get us freedom.
It should be a legal requirement for any MP or MSP of any party standing for Scotland to pass a test to show that they understand the Claim of Right, what our peoples sovereignty means and what is our legal strengths. Had they known this they could have gotten us our freedom in 2015.


22 June, 2024 at 9:47 am

Our ‘imperial masters’ very obviously want Keir Starmer as PM.

They even instructed Sunak to end his time as PM early by calling a snap GE to make it happen ASAP.

Starmer is 1-33 on to be PM. Starmer means war.

Who our imperial masters very clearly don’t want (especially judging by the unhinged comments on here) is you know who… Nige.

Right now there is only one candidate who could mount a serious challenge to Starmer. This is the truth.

Farage is the joint second favourite to be PM now but at 33-1 against. But Farage has got a chance, whereas the others are all complete non-starters.

This is a FPTP election so voting for non-starters is effectively not voting at all. You are just acquiescing to Starmer winning a landslide…

My view is fuck that and fuck them. I am going to vote for the candidate ‘they’ clearly hate and who is the only one left with a chance to poke a stick through Starmer’s spokes.

Starmer is bad news… no one seems to be focusing on that at all. Starmer is not working for ‘us’.

Democracy – how it is supposed to work – you vote for the person with whom you most agree – reality – you vote for the person you least fear / dislike.

As the saying goes if we want to make a Keir-Starmer-free omelet we have to break some Farage shaped eggs.

Another compelling reason to vote Farage – for the lolz. Do it.


22 June, 2024 at 10:12 am

Abstain. With the help of the new ID rules for Westminster elections the turnout should be lower than normal anyway so let’s get turnout in Scotland below 50%. Show contempt for britnats and SNP.


22 June, 2024 at 10:15 am

Yes the IPP aka the Vichy SNP isn’t the answer, don’t vote in the English elections on the 4th of July all you’ll be doing if you do is to send Scottish politicians to a alien parliament to live the good life THEY CANNOT change anything but they can make a good living at our expense, and their parties get Short monies.

There’s NO route out of this illegal union via Westminster, there never will be, so don’t give this foreign parliament any credibility in Scotland by sending Scottish politicians to it to live high on the hog whilst they stick tow-finger up at us back home.

A stirring article worth a look.


Alf Baird

22 June, 2024 at 10:35 am

The wee crabs are Cesaire’s ‘colonial watchdogs’ and the indestructible blue “Hall Monster” is the Imperial power. Which explains why the independence movement is going nowhere with the SNP (I mean the ‘crabs’).

Excellent analogy Rev and good to see you are following postcolonial theory closely.

In this UK election the vote seems to be rapidly shifting toward Farage, courtesy of a highly differentiated manifesto that speaks to a great many disenfranchised people. A Farage influenced UK administration would likely cause havoc in the UK ‘core nation’ with a possibility the Establishment may crumble, taking its dubious values with it.

As Mac implies, that could lead to an unprecedented opportunity for the internal colonies. Either way, Scots first need to get rid of the ‘crabs’ or ‘watchdogs’ who have been blocking our escape from the colonial ‘room’.


22 June, 2024 at 10:39 am

“You have to actively vote for someone else likely to defeat them”

Actually no. If there is nobody else standing for what you want, the only thing you will achieve by “voting for somebody else” is to preserve the status quo you are wanting to get rid of.

From the perspective of Scotland, the dichotomy is anti-union vs union. The only way to stop this union is by either no longer sending MPs down to Westminster, or by electing MPs who will not take the seats and instead will reconvene Scotland’s old parliament.

There is only one political party standing on an abstentionst ticket, which is ISP. Unfortunately, ISP is only standing 4 candidates which will achieve nothing. We need at least sufficient number of candidates to ensure the number of Scotland’s MPs taking a seat falls below 45. Less than that will make not an iota of a difference.

This is why this election is a complete farce for Scotland. There is no real option to vote for Scotland’s independence. We are being denied that opportunity and all parties, one way or another, appear to be participating in this farce.

Voting for SNP, Labour, Libdems, Tories, Greens, Reform and I dare say Alba, will make not an iota of difference. They are all willing to swear allegiance to the English king and take the seats to continue giving legitimacy to Westminster as UK parliament so it can continue abusing Scotland and ransacking its resources.

If what you want is Scotland’s independence, then there is absolutely no point in voting for any of them.

From the perspective of Scotland, Farage is just as status quo as Starmer is. He is for preserving the union, so voting for Reform only serves to endorse the status quo of the union and therefore will be a complete waste of your vote if what you want is to end the union.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been wondering what the hell is Farage trying to achieve this time.

Brexit has been a disaster for the average household. Our food bills have skyrocketed. The quality of our food, no longer having to follow European standards, has become shite. Supermarkets in Scotland are innundated with English produce, so Scotland’s farms and agriculture have not been able to profit from the gap left by European produce. To hide this, we are presented with oversized UJs plastered on the products and making it even more difficult to find out where the product actually comes from. If you try to buy from Amazon, any product that comes from Europe and that used to be cheap before, is ridiculously expensive now. This is what we need to thank Farage for.

Farage is given a considerable amount of tv airtime considering it is a brand new party that has no MPs in Westminster. We all know the BBC and other TV channels are nothing but propaganda mouthpieces of the establishment. So, if Farage is on TV that much, it is because the establishment wants him to be.

Let’s compare that to the situation of Galloway’s party. How much do you hear about them? How much British TV airtime is Galloway being given? At least Galloway’s party has one MP. Yet, who gets more airtime, Farage or Galloway?

The real purpose behind Farage’s party is everybody’s guess. Personally, what I see is the following:

The powers that be, at whatever side of the Atlantic they sit, have already decided long time ago that pro-war against RS, pro-Ihs-rl and pro-genocide Labour would be in n10 this time.

To achieve this they had to pull Labour a mile and a half towards the right, so in practice, it is as close as Cameron’s Tory party as it could possibly be. It is, at all practical effects, the tory party under a labour flag.

There are two problems with this. First, labour and tories are undistinguishable. SEcond, moving to the right leaves a gap on the left, and this gives an opportunity for somebody traditionally left-orientated and very much anti-status quo (from England’s perspective) like Galloway to exploit. Galloway has demonstrated with his own recent election as MP that the ground is ripe for this because the pro-GZ sentiment is on the rise.

To solve this, they have to do two things:

1. to create the illusion that labour is still the left
2. to remove from Galloway’s party the credentials of “only anti-status quo option”.

Here enters Farage’s reform, which does both things.

Farage’s reform sits to the right of the old tory party, so labour still looks like “the left”. And Reform presents itself, deliberately, as anti-status quo.

But Reform is not anti-status quo in the matter of Ish-rl vs GZ at all, is it? So how can it present itself as anti-status quo? by directing the attention of voters to a different conflict: UKRN.

I think Farage’s party is the establishment’s response to Galloway’s party. The only threat to a labour win in England is Galloway’s party and independent candidates.

Farage is not anti-status quo at all. He is only pretending he is to hoover up disenfranchised votes that otherwise would go to Galloway’s party or independent candidates.

The whole election is, in my opinion, a massive con. A mockery of democracy. Here in Scotland we are being deliberately denied of the opportunity of a meaningful vote for Scotland’s independence. In England, they are being denied of the opportunity of a meaningful vote against the status quo.

This political system is rotten to its core. The only way to change anything is to vote against it to end it, not within it to indirectly preserve it.

Antoine Roquentin

22 June, 2024 at 10:43 am

Farage the populist will get the populist vote, it’s as simple as that. He’s a “cosy”, populist fascist, in the right place at the right time. We’ll have two choices on July 5th: it’ll be a case fight him or endorse his strain of English fascism by rolling over schtum. #End the Union

Stuart MacKay

22 June, 2024 at 11:34 am

Starmer is being put in place to privatise the NHS – notice how Labour talks about appointments rather than employees. The social democratic pact and the welfare state in general is being dismantled across Europe because it’s too expensive for declining economies to support. Instead the future is going to be about American-style survival of the fittest. Thatcher tried to start it and failed. Truss and Cummings tried to revive it but it was too far, too fast. Now Starmer is going to get it started, but more gradually.

Farage is at best just the front-man for the Truss faction of the Conservatives. Once the dust has settled from the election and the reforms are starting the Conservatives will regroup. The Chingford Skinhead must be rubbing his hands with glee.


22 June, 2024 at 11:40 am

– you are playing a game, for which someone else sets the rules.

We have all seen the punch and judy show – mr punch, the croc, the baby, the wife – a shrieking drama, for the kids; except we know there is a man under the stage, behind a curtain, with his hand up each puppet. The same guy, all the puppets. A show. You get it?

Elites have factions and personal rivalries, but they present a more or less united front against the people. In the UK, let’s look at the range of debate : consider BBC, Guardian, FT – this is the MI6 faction, and the Mail, Telegraph – this is the MI5 faction; this gives you a wide choice “across the political spectrum”. The candidates reflect this. So the public get a choice between the nuances of style over an already agreed upon “consensus” – neoliberalism (economic looting), neoconservatism (aggressive warmongering), diversity (multiculturalism and perversion) – and domestically everything in this country is designed to stuff the gaping maw of the city of london (a state within a state), while turning a blind eye to its broadband financial corruption and money laundering (and the theft of our resources).

Spooks have their mitts everywhere; they often create entities at the extremes for psychological purposes, to move the overton window or discredit the left, in the past they have created and ran – the national front, national action, combat 18, the revolutionary communist party, umpteen “leftwng” organisations, the BNP, and finally, their greatest creation – an electable fascism – the reform party, from UKIP, going back all the way to the referendum party of james goldsmith, which was created because they threw their rattle out of the pram when they couldn’t control the EU.

“controlled opposition” is a term you might hear at times; this is what Farage is, a creation, to lead the public astray – it’s the hope that kills you … our nige he’ll deport all the p4kis and bring back the factories to the NORF … doubt it.

– and this should all be obvious, for there is a tell; this guy is a fucking midwit at best, the golf club bore, the twat with a pint – “your dad’s best friend” – but he just came out of nowhere onto Question Time, repeatedly, a man with no credentials to be there – and what was worse, the journos have typically taken him seriously, creating a fake gravitas about him, manufacturing a credibility for the public. He is an actor reading a script – and I KNOW WHOS HAND IS UP HIS BACK.

But there is a lot of it about – how many of these “populist” leaders are actually total fucking sellouts? Been watching Europe? – the only one who looks genuine seems to be Orban, who has this amazing macchiavellianism and 12 dimensional chess brain, punting an innovative strategy – he : says he will do something the people want, wins on the basis of that, and does it, then repeats the process. The only reliable barometer of genuine public representation is : how much hatred there is from the establishment. Hate again. For they seem unable to hide it. Even Trump, while properly hated, he’s been to Epstein Island with all the rest of them, so …


– you are being played. “In UK, game plays YOU”.

Robert Hughes

22 June, 2024 at 11:43 am

If I wanted 80% ( pish ) water , GM’d , ” flavour-enhanced ” , chemical-pumped gammon I’d vote for Farage/Reform . I don’t

I totally understand why people like Mac – appalled ,as many of us are, by the grotesqueries of U.K/West Politics – believe voting for F/R is the best option available .

I stated my disagreement with this perception on a previous post – as have – brilliantly , Mia , above : and others .

This has zero to do with ” lily white hands ” and everything to do with having an innate antipathy to snake-oil .

As Mia says ….there are reasons why Farage is being ” enabled ” . None of those reasons have concern for * ordinary * people at their core .

Note… Farage has nothing to say about what’s happening in G..a and whilst his comments re U are correct/welcome I seriously doubt they would manifest in the UK’s disengagement from that U.S created disaster in the event of him and his Party becoming the Government : unlikely as that scenario is ATM , on current trends it’s not at all an improbable future possibility .

How often have we witnessed supposed ” Anti-Establishment ” figures rapidly shed their values once they’ve secured power ( eg Baloney Meloni ) and then finding out it was the Establishment that was behind their success all along ?

Voting for Reform is akin to being given a choice between having your right leg or left leg amputated . Whichever option you choose , you’ll still be left severely handicapped .


22 June, 2024 at 11:50 am

The SNP and Nicola must love to hear of people spoiling their ballots, and it doesn’t matter what they write on them.

Voting very rarely gives you an opportunity to vote for what you want. The forthcoming election is no different from any other — we are really voting to stop the people and policies that we dislike the most, as is nearly always the case.

Voting for a unionist party might seem like an unpleasant idea, but the unionists didn’t betray you by pretending they were pro-independence.

I can respect those who believe in remaining in the union — I might find the idea repulsive and strongly disagree but people are entitled to that standpoint.

I can’t respect a party that betrayed me, a party that lied to me, stabbed me in the back, tricked and deceived me.

Voting for a unionist party to teach the betrayers a lesson isn’t just some act of thoughtless revenge — it is a necessary message that must be sent to all politicians going into the future.

If you genuinely care about independence and want your kids to have a chance of achieving it, you have no choice but to do everything possible to destroy the SNP. Actually, that’s the very least you can and must do, having let Sturgeon and her gang screw everything up so badly.

Sturgeon’s SNP happened on our watch. We should be ashamed of that and we should be ashamed about talking about spoiling ballots too when they could be used towards making amends.

A spoiled vote is as good as a vote for Nicola; and she’s still there, controlling everything, preventing the party from even discussing her and her husband’s most sinister and dubious antics.

Don’t spoil your ballot. Pin it to the SNP’s liver.


22 June, 2024 at 1:39 pm

Look for the love of Christ just don’t vote in the English GE, it doesn’t matter how many indy minded MPs we send there THEY CANNOT change a f*ckin thing, all you will be doing if you vote in this foreign election is to give Scottish politicians a good living and their parties a cash boost via Short Monies.

“KEIR Starmer has bluntly refused to participate in negotiations for another Scottish independence referendum.

During a visit to West Lothian, the Labour leader said he would not participate in any talks if the SNP wins a majority of Scottish seats – something the SNP have agreed would give them a mandate to give “democratic effect” to independence.

Earlier this week the First Minister urged Scots to vote for his party to put pressure on the next UK Government to allow another independence referendum.

Speaking to Bauer Media during his visit, Starmer was asked if he would deal with the Scottish Government if the threshold was met.

“No,” he said.”

Robert Hughes

22 June, 2024 at 2:06 pm

@ Andy Ellis

From Peter Young @ IndyScot News – published in Yours For Scotland…….

” The task of educating our population about our historic annexation by England and the realities of Scottish sovereignty has been shamefully neglected by three majorities of nationalist MPs, not to mention MSPs. Does anyone know what Sturgeon does every day to merit her massive salary? Imagine having a fabulously paid job where turning up seems to be optional? ”

THIS is what Salvo/Liberation are all about . The totally ( should be ) unremarkable/self-evident point that the pursuit of Scottish Liberation from the shackles of a sclerotic * Union * must be grounded in the fundamental belief that we have the absolute right & authority to end this * Union * ANY TIME WE LIKE . And no fckn here today gone tomorrow Politician/s has/have the power to deny us this right and that any – supposedly- pro-Independence politician who defers to WM as the the supreme arbiter of this epochal question is nothing more than a lickspittle collaborator .

You can belittle and refer to ” tilting at windmills ” all you like , but it’s becoming clearer by the day Alex Salmond is as much the delusional ” Knight of Sorrowful Countenance ” as Swinney , the SNP/ALBA are a lame , blind n knackered Rocinante & Salvo/Liberation are the wise , patient Sancho Panza

Craig Murray’s word can never be repeated often enough …..


To repeat …..ALBA’s best – possibly only – chance of achieving anything of significance lies in that Party forming a united front with Salvo/Liberation – as ISP have already done – and making the case for Independence from as broad & deep a position as possible , based on historical fact AND present circumstances

FFS it’s not an either/or situation : we NEED both .

If they don’t , they’ll soon join the ranks of those who lacked the conviction to act on Scotland’s legal and constitutional Sovereign status and prove themselves to have been yet one more feeble chimera .

Angela Fitzgibbon

22 June, 2024 at 2:45 pm

I’ll be repurposing my vote. It will be #EndTheUnion. There is no ALBA, ISP, I4I in my constituency and there is no way I vote for Alyn Smith. Sad, but the SNP have let us down.


22 June, 2024 at 3:28 pm

“They achieve nothing”

They will achieve far more than what casting votes to send MPs to Westminster has achieved for the last 300 years.

The only thing Scotland has achieved by sending MPs to Westminster is to legitimate that parliament as the UK parliament, and to empower it to continue abusing Scotland and bleeding it dry.

If you want independence for Scotland then the way to start that process is by disempowering Westminster so it can no longer claim it is acting on Scotland’s behalf. You do that by removing Scotland’s MPs from that parliament, just like Ireland did.

We have two routes in front of us to remove Scotland’s MPs from Westminster:

Route 1 – by casting a vote for party/candidate standing on an abstentionist ticket that will not swear allegiance to the crown and will not take the seat.

Route 2 – by denying MPs a vote altogether. You can do that by abstaining completely and not casting a vote, or by spoiling your ballot or by repurposing your ballot.

Until 8 May 2015 we had a third route: by our MPs voluntarily leaving Westminster and reconvening Scotland’s old parliament. Sturgeon and her brigade of devolutionist gravy slurpers, otherwise known as the SNP, made it crystal clear to us that once MPs take the seats, they cease to work for Scotland, so we can no longer trust them.

Until now nobody paid attention to spoiled ballots because the number was low. If the number starts to climb, they will have to be paid attention to because they represent a valid route to cast a vote against the whole system.

Mass disenfranchisement has been successfully hidden behind “low turnout” for decades. Spoiled ballots cannot be hidden behind the excuse of “low turnout” so easily.

Michael Laing

22 June, 2024 at 4:17 pm

@ A2 at 2.58pm:

Obviously it can’t be true that nobody reads what’s written on spoiled ballot papers. How would anyone know they were spoiled otherwise? They have to be checked and counted exactly as all other ballot papers are checked and counted.

Michael Laing

22 June, 2024 at 4:26 pm

@ Mia at 3.33/3.28/3.37pm: I do wonder if spoiled ballot papers might meet the same fate as many ‘Yes’ votes apparently did in the 2014 referendum, if it should suit the purposes of the powers-that-be: ending up in the bin, as was shown in at least two videos at the time. Admittedly, we’re not really losing anything by refusing to give our endorsement to Westminster. I have an Alba candidate in my constituency, but I’m persuaded by the argument that it makes not one iota of difference who we vote for: we always get the government England votes for.


22 June, 2024 at 7:08 pm

And meanwhile the new Westminster government under Labour will next year force all of our 18 year old children to undertake mandatory military national service.

And if they don’t they will be denied bank accounts and have their driving licences rescinded to prevent them driving.

Fascism, forced military draft, removal of the rights to have the means to earns and spend or drive, folks need to fight this. But they will get no succour from Starmer and his equally neo fascist Labour Party. Starmer has not uttered a cheep about the proposal which is well advanced because like Sunak and the Tories he is for it. He is part of the neo liberal neo fascist corporate regime that has not just Scotland but England in its grip.

Be interesting to see how drafting and trying to force youngsters into British military service will go down in Northern Ireland.

Methinks the place will rock with that. Indeed I suspect the policy will turn the whole UK into one big shit bowl.


23 June, 2024 at 6:55 am

Ignored says:
22 June, 2024 at 8:36 pm
Interesting Farage now has the front page running up to the election. Shows the benefit of picking a fight. You get noticed and the answer you.

Unlike swinney who they gave dismissed…

With Swinney poncing about at a Pride March, I’m actually glad he’s punted into obscurity so I don’t have to watch the Independence Movement and Scottish electorate being trolled by such a characterless non entity as Swinney.

Not long now until he’s confirmed as an irrelevant footnote in the story of Scotland.

Whoever bought this Trangender influence over Sturgeon and her clique which has destroyed the SNP, must be dreadfully disappointed if they wanted Transgender issues promoted and wider acceptance of weirdos secured, but absolutely over the moon if they wanted Scottish Independence derailed.

Option three? Perhaps they were killing two birds with one stone. Gotta hand it to Mi5. They’re pros.

Robert Louis

23 June, 2024 at 7:04 am

Astonished at 0847am,

I think you are correct in voting for pro indy Scottish parties, like ALBA, but NOT SNP. Like yourself, I will NEVER vote for an English party, and certainly not one run by an over-entitled, privately schooled, elitist English MERCHANT BANKER (no pun!) tosser who caused brexit, yet has an EU passport himself.

Like many in the independence movement I am sickened at those in the SNP who just decided THEY had gotten themselves a really cushy lifestyle, living down in London, with all the flummeries and nonsense in the HoC. Elected to get us free from English colonial control, only to then go down to London, get very cosy, and do NOTHING about independence.

Now I see the SNP wittering on about ‘independence’ in the vaguest of terminology, hoping mugs will vote them into their cosy London over-paid jobs yet again.

No, the SNP needs to get be left to die. They talk of independence, and that is all. No fight, NO action. For the last ten years they have progressed independence not one inch.

The SNP have no fight, they have no ‘fire in their belly’ for independence. They (especially their London troughers) see it as just a thing they use to get elected. Careerists, every single one.

I shall be voting ALBA, as they have a candidate in my constituency, and genuinely want to fight for independence.

Other ALBA candidates can be found here;



23 June, 2024 at 8:47 am

The scary thing in the polls suggest that around 20% of English voters will still vote for the totally corrupt Tory Party and Farage is close to them with 18%.
Right wing policies have broken and destroyed the country and covered politics in sleeze and England want more of the same or a further move to the right.

I feel that I can generally see some points of view in theories opposed to my own thoughts
But what the English are using for brains just never crossed the Scottish border.

On spoiled papers- there is no one detailing any message put on these papers and has the paper spoiled by people unable to make up their mind who put 2 x’s in place.
Vote for the raving loony party is more of a protest.

Robert Hughes

23 June, 2024 at 8:55 am

Seeing images of that gorm-free jelly baby Swinney & his band of dolly mixtures taking selfies @ – what is it now …Pride Decade, why don’t they just declare Pride Eternity ? – all looking so pleased with themselves , so keen to show us how * on message * they are with the D.I.E Right-Think doctrine ; then reading of The Undertaker joining-in the Twin Cunts – Starnak & Sumer’s ” condemnation ” of Farage re the latter’s remarks re Upaine has shaken my intention – in the absence of any real pro-Independence candidate in my constituency – to repurpose my vote with #ENDTHEUNION .

My loathing for these prancing ponces is so acute I’m seriously considering voting for the candidate with the best chance of beating the SNP – the anonymous-until-election-time Drew Hendry , last photo I seen of him he was posing in Inverness with The Stooge , the photo captioned with him saying how proud and pleased he was by the Queen of Shite taking time out of her busy schedule of telling the World how fckn great she is to visit The New Scot Highlands .

Not sure if I’ll be able to actually put an X beside the name of any Unionist candidate – it goes against my every political/emotional instinct – but these fuckers don’t just deserve a good electoral slap : they deserve to be erased from the political landscape . Permanently .

Nu SNP have went from an awful slapstick comedy-of-errors farce to a bizarre , sex-obsessed ” psychological thriller ” – minus the thrills but with the farce retained .

In fact they’ve invented a whole new genre – Tartan Farce Noir


23 June, 2024 at 9:31 am

When the SNP announced their vague and wobbly independence “policy” forward, I was genuinely surprised. Everything preceding it strongly suggested that they just weren’t going to bother. It wasn’t a great effort, akin to a weakish poke at goal. The keeper had it all the way, and though it was technically on target, it wouldn’t realistically ever lead to a goal.

Just as I was busy wondering what had changed the SNP leaderships position – was it pressure from the other pro-indy parties, like how UKIP influenced Tory policy? Feedback from campaigners or members? Could it even be a rare moment of SNP self-awareness, realising at last that they’re polling at the equivalent of just 70% of independence support? (I didn’t even consider that it might be a genuine appetite for self determination!) – Sir Kier Shaarmer charged in and hoofed the inoffensive SNP poke at goal into the roof of his own net!

I worry about the incoming government a lot, the inevitable wars, austerity, privatisation and so on, but that they imagined that the SNP policy demanded a comment, let alone the response he gave, tells me they can’t read text, data or the room.

The polls tell us that labour are pulling significant pro-indy votes from the SNP, why tell them “we won’t ever entertain the notion of Scottish self determination even if you vote for it?” Why announce that aloud? It tells 50% of the Scottish electorate that he’s categorically opposed to Scottish democracy, and that, because he is forming the next government no matter what, there’s cock all point in voting, for the SNP or otherwise. The more people who learn this lesson, frankly, the better.

What gives me hope is that analogy of the pro-indy vote in Ireland shifting wholesale when they realised the incumbents weren’t going to change anything, and the current fairly sudden emergence of a new party in England. Yes they’re an awful new (old) flavour of Tory, but reform coming from the back to punt the Tories into 3rd shows it can still be done.


23 June, 2024 at 10:58 am

Its depressing to read that Jimmy Reid’s grand-daughter is standing for BLiS. See’s seeking a spot at the HoC’s trough.

“The grand-daughter of legendary trade unionist Jimmy Reid has warned his famous “rat race” speech has never been more relevant as she battles to become an MP.

Joani Reid is standing for Labour in East Kilbride and Strathaven where she is fighting to overturn a huge SNP majority in a constituency hammered by the cost-of-living crisis.

For 18 months, the married mum of two has been knocking doors on a relentless campaign drive and is now favourite to be elected after the SNP’s Lisa Cameron caused outrage by defecting to the Tories.”

Alf Baird

23 June, 2024 at 11:13 am

Robert Hughes @ 8:55 am

“Tartan Farce Noir”

Aye, Swinney and the SNP gang of hypocrites have some brass neck accusing Farage of being a tractor. Farage probably has more chance of delivering Scottish independence than culturally assimilated Scots elites ever have; Cleese’s ‘obedient retainers seeking social status’ in a colonial society that aye renders them subordinate. Colonialism can also speak wi a douce Scots accent and patter, as Fanon implied.

Sae better the devil ye ken, an whit ye can see, especially as we enter the third (and final) phase of decolonization:


Dorothy Devine

23 June, 2024 at 11:58 am

I have repurposed my vote and will post it next week.
There was no other option for me.

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