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Wings readers reacting to events over the past week.

Friday, April 26, 2024
80 mins

Wings Over Scotland | 2015: Hamish’s Nightmare

Alf Baird

20 April, 2024 at 10:24 am

robertkknight @ 9:17 am

“Do they still do Police auctions for the confiscated proceeds of crime?”

Colonialism is regarded as a crime (against humanity), quite profitable too by all accounts:



20 April, 2024 at 12:06 pm

Inspired by Chris’s creative genius; perfectly capturing the disdain of the Scots who are beginning to cotton on to the manky machinations of their ‘bought and sold’ compromised ‘government’ – I hiv penned anither poem:

The Unreal Reel

They caw themsels the yoonyinists and the Scots they’d see doun haud
They think thir pens are mightier than the mighty Claymore sword

They prance aboot Wings golden threads deliverin’ aw thir drivel
A tough and tricky dance tae dae whin yer eyes are aw-a-swivel

They spout ideas beyond thir ken and like tae think thir British
They says things Scots wid never say, weird things like ‘I’m British’

Thir words are full o traps an tricks, the sentiment is clear
“We cannae dae without Scots wealth, that’s why we hae the fear”

Doun there in Anglo-Saxon land where Britannia waives the rules
They think us Scots are easy prey and tantamount tae fools

But us Scots, that’s right, us Scots wha built the world
Hiv never really taken tae thon Union flag unfurled

So they kin dae thir jig and carry on and reel on through the threads
Nae true Scot has listened tae a single word they’ve said.

And damn richt soon for aw tae see and wi Jupiter’s good luck
Scotland will be free once more and they can get tae…

This one is in a slightly different style, a higher more erudite and culturally advanced style some might say, from others whit a hiv penned. But wha am a tae say? A juist quill oot thochts thit come intae ma heid.


20 April, 2024 at 12:41 pm

Agent x
Ignored says:
20 April, 2024 at 11:23 am
Glasgow George Sq webcam = for those wanting to watch the independence event today.

You’re two weeks early.

The All Under One Banner march is on 4th May.

Today in Glasgow is the Fraud’s Parade, not an Independence march, but the latest con to undermine the YES marches, and steal, subvert and devalue everything good, progressive and wholesome about the 2014 YES Movement.

If the Independence Movement wants genuine unity, then I’d call on everyone to show that unity on May 4th, stand arm in arm with Neil Mackay, and just ignore the stunts organised by grifters on the scroungers like Riddoch and MacIntyre Kemp.


Why would these c%#ts do it eh? Why? Couldn’t wait two fkg weeks eh? They knew AUOB were marching in a fortnight, but time and time again they orchestrate conflict and division and tirelessly rebrand all things YES with their own ersatz “Designer” labels.

Can’t you see it any YESSERs out there? The insurgent subversion is going on right there in front of you, today, in Glasgow. Shame on anyone dumb enough to give this fools parade today in Glasgow the time of day. Wise up, and be there on May 4th.


20 April, 2024 at 1:35 pm

In my opinion, what I reckon, and I want this to be spread as widely as possible, especially to any potential jurors in his trial … they must have found the bloodstained, cum and shit encrusted, clown suit hidden in the camper van, next to the hamper of childrens toys and haribo – and this is what the indy money was spent on; no idea what was going on there (childrens toys and mattess in a camper van?), but the money was mis-spent for sure being put on the SNP credit card.

(- another possibility is the network of secret tunnels under holyrood / jacksons entry)

I love how all the folks who would have gleefully arranged a lynch mob/neck tie party for Salmond, are now soberly muttering about

– innocent until proven guilty
– rule of law
– due process

along with “don’t talk about it” – contempt of court. Then there is the deflection – “this is taking us away from the real issue … the tories” (the tories are cunts, always doing cuntery, it is a constant, no more worthy of attention than the sky being blue – we can get back to them in good time)

Some legal beaver was eager eagling yesterday to the line of – no trial till 2026 !! – so good luck with that. It’s not quite up to british justice standards – let’s have a public enquiry which takes so long most of the participants are dead, but it is getting there. Scottish justice is just so reliable when it “doesn’t want to go there” – remember the ayrshire police “investigation” into CIA torture flights from Prestwick? How is that going? Will we see an interpol warrant for the CIA director?

If humza was any kind of leader, he would have cleared out the murrell cabal from the SNP as soon as he took over, but he can’t since he is their puppet. Even now, when they are down, he doesn’t have the balls to cut them loose. If he has any chance of surviving, he should distance himself, but he is too weak to even do that.


20 April, 2024 at 1:39 pm

That the current scotgov is shite, is no argument for the union. Far from it.

plutocracy? autocracy? oligarchy? … what is the worst form of government? well, the answer is simple and the system does not matter, what matters is “who”.

there is no worse form of rule available than : rule by an englishman

– for the anglo is, in his national character, a narcissistic psychopath who believes everything is his, history is all about him, what he does is right, never wrong, it was the other guys fault – they are congenital, pathological liars and you cannot do deals with them, trust them, or allow them power over you – better you slit your own throat.

the last 300 years is proof of my thesis; the worst people on earth, by far, the villains of history for 1000 years.

and we are stuck with them, siamese twinned, back of the pantomime horse, together in a broken lift, for all eternity.

the people all the world hates, the people who – once booted, no one ever wants back. The fuckers can’t even go on their holidays and behave themselves without inciting a near pogrom.


“brits” = fucking english bastards


Scots, take heed. Note the lack of “tenerife cringe”. State plainly what the real problem is, and act.


20 April, 2024 at 1:41 pm

Hatey McHateface
20 April, 2024 at 12:31 pm

@GM 12:12

I maaybe misunderstood your earlier post actually so if that was the case then apologies. I agree with your point.

We like England, Wales, ireland, Germany and Canada, Australia everywhere you look has governments pushing through the same policies against punblic opinion. Ireland, where the people are now fighting back, is a pretty extreme example.

It’s like an International political club was formed behind our backs that has gradually been revealing tiself over the last decade and is desperate to force certain things on our societies. It seems to me at least they have all been captured by an elitist ideology. This ideology seems to believe it must destroy nations, communities, societies. The deep societal disturbance caused by Gender ideology (which i believe to be child abuse)has gone from a fringe cult to being accepted in the corridors of power across dozens of major western countries at the same time. I do not understand how this has happened. It is confusing. Maybe something is contained within community, society, human culture, nationhood which poses a threat to the ideology of our political elites and their parasites? The political classes are trying to destroy those things.

It is hardly surprising that they support entry to the EU with or without the consent of the punters.


20 April, 2024 at 2:44 pm

“If humza was any kind of leader, he would have cleared out the murrell cabal from the SNP as soon as he took over, but he can’t since he is their puppet. Even now, when they are down, he doesn’t have the balls to cut them loose. If he has any chance of surviving, he should distance himself, but he is too weak to even do that.”


Yousaf can’t distance himself, for they have the dirt on him as well, how do you think he became FM in the first place he’s an ultra obedient puppet. Like Forbes Yousaf wants to go cap-in-hand to Westminster for an S30, infact he’s on record saying that if Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t deliver independence NO ONE CAN.

Yousaf was the ideal candidate to put into Bute House, dirty as hell and loyal to a fault, Murrell and Sturgeon knew fine well the dam wouldn’t burst with him in office, that why the new SNP leadership contest was geared up to favour Yousaf, with Forbes added in to dilute the vote, or give it a bit more credibility, Murrell even called in GCHQ to make sure there were no slip ups and Yousaf was crowned FM, Regan didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

You look at the broad smile and delight on Forbes face when its announced that Yousaf won the “contest” conversely Regan looked dejected and utterly surprised at the result, especially since the other two offered nothing on the indyfront.

Wings Over Scotland | Where Have All The Flowers Gone?


20 April, 2024 at 4:58 pm

I am a lifelong Independence supporter (I’m 76), so say 60 years as an active advocate of Independence. I have seldom missed a march or a rally. I did not go to today’s march and rally because I cannot lend even minimal support to a march fronted by Humza Yousaf. The SNP is morally bankrupt and the sooner the current crowd of troughers and betrayers of the trust of Independence supporters is swept away the more inclined I will be to take up an activists role again. I hope this happens while I am still able to get about under my own steam.
Incidentally, I spoke to an SNP supporter (a nice woman) yesterday and she is furious that the media have turned on Sturgeon and Murrell. I cannot convince her that they are not Independence supporters and they have taken away her chance of living in an Independent Scotland. She sees them as victims of ‘the system’. What can I say?

Derick fae Yell

20 April, 2024 at 5:14 pm

Ah it’s just sad.

And reinforces my intention to vote for ANYONE who will rid us of these charlatans.

A truism, but you can only be betrayed by your friends. More fool me. Retribution incoming


20 April, 2024 at 5:19 pm

Looking at the empty spaces in George Square as the FM & Leader of the SNP (elected in breach of their own electoral rules) addressed the faithful remnant and mentally comparing independence marches of 2013/14 the famous quote of Calgacus (paraphrased by Tacitus) sprang to mind;
“These plunderers of the world, after exhausting the land by their devastations, are rifling the ocean: stimulated by avarice, if their enemy be rich: by ambition, if poor: unsatiated by the East and by the West:
The only people who view wealth and indigence with equal avidity.
To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call Empire:
And where they make a desert, they call it Peace.


20 April, 2024 at 5:46 pm

Don’t get mad. Get to Glasgow May 4th, and FFS get there in strength. It’s only 2 weeks away. It’s an AUOB gig, and right now it’s our good friend AUOB which the SNP and Business for Scotland is trying to assimilate.

And if you need a Saltire, Lindsay Bruce, Ayemail is trying to shift some YES flags and I expect would be grateful for the boost in morale.

Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, starting at 11:30am. Get there folks and bring your friends. Your Country needs you, and so does your Independence Movement.

I know it takes time, momentum, and most of all hope to assemble big and joyous 100k crowds, but we can dream, and we need to start taking back our Independence initiative. Assemble in whatever strength we can.

We also need to back SALVO with Scotland’s people power, and give some actual momentum to your anger.

Stop putting your faith in visionless, toss-pot, career politicians who simply crave wealth and celebrity.

If you want something done properly and all that… do it yourself. That’s it though, SALVO is ourselves.


20 April, 2024 at 6:26 pm

I am sure that the majority of the real grassroots independence movement knew full well that today’s march was just a ploy to try to shift peoples’ support to snp where it could be controlled and exploited. They are mad that the grassroots have deserted snp, for good reason too, and worse, have withdrawn their funding. I bet that even if it is yet another cold dreich day for the May AUOB march, that the turnout will hugely surpass today’s non-event. I just wonder if the message is getting through to the hard-of-understanding yet, including the snp heirarchy.

Iain More

20 April, 2024 at 6:49 pm

I am not surprised the crowd is so small.

Sturgeon and others have done the dirty work for the Brit Spook Agencies.If only we had a Time Machine and could travel back in time and alter events and stop Sturgeon before her Coronation and also throttle the Woke Movement at birth. It wasn’t just the SNP they hijacked but the Greens as well.

Alf Baird

20 April, 2024 at 8:05 pm

Frantz Fanon wrote that the rupture in an independence movement occurs between what is known as the ‘legal (i.e. S.30) tendency’ and the ‘illegal tendency’; the latter focus on independence and self-determination as just, as the peoples right and a matter of international law, the former as a matter of domestic (i.e. colonial) law only.

The split occurs because the ‘legal tendency’ and its dependence only on the laws and courts of the oppressor has now stalled the movement. The party “moves ever closer to colonialism”, the party elite placing its faith in the ‘generosity’ of the oppressor power, rejecting any innovation to liberate the people and essentially leaving the matter of independence “to future events”. This is what the SNP has done, wasting the last 10 years and squandering six parliamentary majorities in favour of independence. The peoples patience is now worn out.

According to postcolonial theory, the ‘pampered bourgeoisie’ heading the ‘legal tendency’ are in for a rough ride, the people rightly cast them aside, also because of their oppressive laws, their “behaving like a gang”, now working “with colonial forces” becoming “an implement of coercion”, holding the movement back and actively delaying and preventing independence. This is why the movement stayed away.

Michael Laing

20 April, 2024 at 10:43 pm

@ McDuff at 9.54pm: The turnout at this astroturf rally is no reflection of the level of support for independence, it’s a reflection of the level of support for the SNP and its leader, who have done and are doing the square root of F.A. to bring about independence. Indeed, this rally and the organisation behind it, Believe in Scotland, appears designed to cause further division amongst supporters of independence at a time when maximum unity is required.


21 April, 2024 at 9:00 am

Stephen Walt (co-author of The Isr@el Lobby) wrote an article recently and made a brilliant point. He said that because the Lobby / Israelis had effectively silenced (through smears of ant-semitism) and removed from power (using the Lobby etc) anyone remotely critical of them for decades, they had also removed any sort of brake on their behaviour becoming more and more extreme… and that is exactly what happened.

This has brought them to the point where they are now, completely mad in the eyes of the world, committing an open genocide and campaign of ethnic cleansing. It is incredible to witness.

But there is a parallel here with the Sturgeon SNP… they also ruthlessly silenced and removed their internal critics, and in doing so they removed any brake on their own behavior, and as a predictable consequence, it escalated, it got worse and worse until we find ourselves where we are today. A runaway train of woke insanity with total cretins in charge.

The only way it ends, is that it ‘kills’ the host, the infected party. That is the only known ‘cure’.

Vivian O’Blivion

21 April, 2024 at 9:17 am

Excerpt from Sunday Times; “Both McAllan and Gilruth have been talked about as potential future SNP leaders”.
Should it come to pass that Gilruth becomes Yousaf’s immediate successor, we would be witnessing a feat of truly remarkable prescience on the part of the US State Department.
Former school teacher Gilruth was designated a “future opinion leader” by the State Dept. and was included in a delegation to Washington as part of their International Visitors Leadership Programme, 35 working days after being sworn in as a rookie MSP.
Mind you, the State Dept. have form when it comes to identifying “future opinion leaders”. Yousaf was anointed as such in his 2nd year as a humble parliamentary aide to his MSP uncle.
Perhaps Foggy Bottom funds its activities by picking the winning numbers for the Euro Millions.


21 April, 2024 at 9:38 am

Was one of the aforementioned boak inducing Sturgeon fawning T-shirts not something like “In Nicola We Trust”.

I have a feeling those T-shirt, as nauseating as they were at the time, will end up being collector’s items.

Ideally I’d like to wear one sitting in the public gallery at her criminal trial alongside Motorhome Murrell, Les


21 April, 2024 at 10:39 am

Michael Laing 10.43pm
My point is Michael is that the SNP under AS nearly brought us independence and under AS it had a quality brand. That brand had to be destroyed. Just look at the SNP since NS took control, the prosecutions of prominent independence supports and the stream of negatives degrading the party, CalMac, hate crime bill, woke, finances……
Unfortunately the SNP is still the recognised party of independence yet its political stance over the past ten years it is that of anti independence.
As I have said before someone is


21 April, 2024 at 11:04 am

Maybe the SNP can of worms is about to burst open wide, here’s hoping it does.

“First Minister Humza Yousaf is braced for detectives to press more charges in the fraud investigation into SNP finances.

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband and former chief executive Peter Murrell was charged with embezzlement last week.

And now the senior leadership of the party are readying themselves for further police activity amid a crisis week for the SNP which has left their government coalition with the Scottish Greens under threat.

A source told the Sunday Mail: “More charges are expected, this is a wide ranging inquiry and there are a number of potential offences alleged to be involved.

“There is definitely not a feeling that this is the end of it.””

Stuart MacKay

21 April, 2024 at 11:37 am

Ruby @10:57am

> What is causing people to leave?

This is not unique to Wings. You can see it on other sites that deal with other, current, hot-button topics as well. I think it’s general comment fatigue rather than people losing interest in the articles posted. It’s simply not worth the effort to scroll though all the uninnaresting drivel looking for the people that are informed and insightful – of which there are quite a few here.

What might be specific to Wings however is that the list of topics covered in the comments is rather repetitive, for the simple reason that there’s very little new that can be said. All the problems faced are essentially generational. The UK is coming apart at the seams, but the process of decay is slow. Consequently there’s no one event or thing that can provide a catalyst for change.

What might reinvigorate things is the potential rise of the independents. Perhaps the Rev. has a better perspective on whether this is just a blip or the first signs of the traditional political parties and even political parties themselves getting the boot and being replaced by more competent people rolling their sleeves up and trying to fix things.

Alf Baird

21 April, 2024 at 11:40 am

Mac @ 8:44 am

“Everything they do is inherently divisive. That is the only constant. Divisive.”

Yes, ‘Divide and Rule’ is a fundamental part of an oppressive colonial system because it prevents unity of the people:

“As the oppressor minority subordinates and dominates the majority, it must divide it and keep it divided in order to remain in power” (Freire).

The independence leaders must therefore “seek unity with the oppressed in order to achieve liberation”. But the SNP leaders approach is the opposite, it is always to divide, never to unify; which means they work only to maintain oppression and authoritarianism

Vivian O’Blivion

21 April, 2024 at 12:12 pm

Geri @ 11:13

We have a FM, a Cabinet Minister & a Junior Minister who are State Dept, IVLP alumni.
For completion we should remember that wee Pat Harvie is also IVLP.
Of the seven politicians inducted into the IVLP (Yousaf, Harvie, Gilruth, Crawley, P. Grady, R. Thompson & Dugdale) only Yousaf is heterosexual.
Almost as if someone is working off a playbook.

Tinto Chiel

21 April, 2024 at 12:14 pm

Mac: “The grubby Murrells. Scotland’s poundland Ceausescus.”

In which case their Timi?oara Moment may be at hand, after which the whole rotten house of cards quickly collapsed.

I’m sure the green light will finally be given to the MSM to pull the rug out from under them and further damage the SNP in the run up to the GE.

John C

21 April, 2024 at 2:12 pm

I actually went down to see what was going on. It was well, a bit sad. Like many here I’d been at the rallies with tens of thousands but this just hardcore SNP supporters trying to convince each other that ‘indy is within our reach’ when in fact, it’s probably the furtherest from our reach in the last 30 years.

It was clearly an SNP/Green rally. There was no plan or idea how to further the cause of independence, or any attempts or rhetoric to try to bring indy supporters under one umbrella or even just an attempt to move on. It was basically ‘vote for us and we’ll do, err, something’.

I left when it became too sad to listen to how awful things have become, though I did see Ross Greer trying his ‘I AM RADICAL’ routine which was funny. It’s now entirely a grift but there’s people there yesterday who genuinelly want independence & still cling onto the hope the SNP want it, or indeed, that independence is still a viable political proposition right now. Independence is something Scotland should have but right now a mix of poor goverment from the SNP, a recession, and people generally being very, very tired of lying and deceitful politicians (though not all, some elected officials do a good job) that right now, there may be general support for Indy but there’s no rush for it.

And now we’ve got Patrick Harvie science denier, but he’ll still cling onto the Bute House Agreement as those ministerial salaries and expenses are just too much to give away, as is the power he has over Yousaf who is too weak to run a minority government. I still feel that a mix of the Sturgeon scandal, incompetence and the fallout over gender ideology (especially when the lawsuits and potential police investigations start piling up) will bring the SNP down.

John C

21 April, 2024 at 2:24 pm

Also, this ‘Believe in Scotland’ line is pure Scottish exceptionalism on a par with Make America Great Again or ‘taking back control’. It’s suggesting the only barrier to independence is that people don’t ‘believe in Scotland’ hard enough.

I’m not a supporter of independence because I think Scotland is exceptional, or it should be for the Scottish born only, or we’re better than anyone. I want independence because as a small country, we have the same potential as any other small country. Empty slogans that pander to feelings isn’t an argument for independence. It’s a grift pandering to feelings and what’s amazing is the people running it are the sort of people who don’t see what they’re doing as they’re so convinced of their own righteousness.

How we’ve come from a vision of an inclusive, tolerant Scotland not based in ethnic nationalism or exceptionalism to exceptionalism, ethnic nationalism and Trumpian politics in a decade is extraordinary.

Kevin Cargill

22 April, 2024 at 6:47 am

What a fuckin’ mess we’re in! We can greet, scream, shout and swear. Argue with each other about who’s right and who’s wrong and in 50+ years I’ve seen absolutely fuck all change – anywhere – for all of it. The poor are still poor. The rich are still rich. The political class still kid us all on they’re our pals and we should vote for them and then let us down every fuckin’ time. We’re manipulated daily by the media – broadcast, print and blogs – and the sleekit infections by dark antagonists of our institutions and nobody notices or those who do are impotent. So it’s been and so it will continue. I for one have given up on any semblance of change happening whether we get Indy or not. I’m all for my fucking self and my family and friends now. Everything else can shove it! I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time. Listen to music. Read books. Smell the fresh air. Walk in the rain. Make snowmen with the grandkids. I’ll watch as the Rat Race passes by clawing at each other for money, power and prestige and laugh at how unhappy they all are. Thanks for the ride Stu but it’s time I got off. It’s just going round in circles, the passengers are fighting, the road is rough, there’s no end in sight. I’m finished with the system. Byeee!


22 April, 2024 at 8:08 am

I think what we are seeing BTL is the five stages of grief playing out. It hits different people at different times.

Hindsight is a funny thing but I knew the game was a bogey the day Leaky Liz Lloyd broke the law. What was that, 2017? I could not rationalize at the time but I knew deep in my bones that the SNP was gone, captured, call it what you want…

Others have not even started grieving. Just go visit the orange canine. But even they are going to really struggle as this unfolds further. It is another huge cognitive dissonance generator.

Personally I want to see the truth come out.

That is the best I can salvage out of this colossal betrayal.

And also to see them, to whatever degree possible, get their comeuppance for what they did.

Independence is very important but the truth is more important.

And that (IMHO) is what this site is fundamentally about, the truth.

Also I don’t think it is possible to rebuild without it.

Wings Over Scotland | Hobson’s Law

Antoine Roquentin

22 April, 2024 at 3:27 pm

A much more sensible approach, yes, indeed, but firstly, widespread voter-disillusionment with politicians and their look and sound-alike parties will have to be dealt with; something which no party is likely to seriously address. With no politician nor party to vote for, it’ll be a spoiled ballot-paper for me, I’m afraid. #END the UNION. Pardon the sloganeering, but I refuse to participate further in the comfy and lucrative employment of the otherwise unemployable.


22 April, 2024 at 3:55 pm

The graph above shows no representation for ‘spoiled’ papers. Perhaps their percentage is too small to register.

However as Sally Hughes has mentioned, either ‘Not My Parliament’ (as espoused by Allan Petrie) or ‘#EndTheUnion’ are the suggested repurpose options available to the disenchanted . Each would appear to be gathering momentum.


22 April, 2024 at 5:53 pm

I and my family didn’t vote at the last 2 elections and we will repurpose our vote with #EndTheUnion at any forthcoming one if an I4I independent candidate doesn’t stand, based on your proposal I would have to tick ALL of the Against boxes to reach the same conclusion, that there is NO PARTY or POLITICIAN worth voting for, and the only way they will change the current system is that if the majority of the electorate wake up and spoil their ballot paper with a concerted statement of NONE OF THE ABOVE

NEVER refuse to vote or don’t turn out, at LEAST write a saying or statement showing your disgust at the morons and grifters infesting your parliament


22 April, 2024 at 10:30 pm

Scotland needs voterless elections as the issues are too complex for them; the “people” also harbour a great many bigoted ideas and prejudices, which can lead to wrong-voting.

Holyrood should also gain a second chamber, to examine legislation, and veto anything which is unacceptable to anyone progressively minded. The appointees should comprise – gender/queer theory academics, trans activists, lived experience victims, and all being members of the green party, stonewall, mermaids, PIE, Spartacus Euroboy Holiday Club, Pattaye Timeshare owners, or other approved group.

Postal voting should be made compulsory, recognising the dangers of local tampering; voters may find out how they voted 5 years after the election by submitting a FOI request.


What democracy really needs in this country is a “Holyrood-Stag Fire”, where that modernist monstrosity is burned to the ground; a mental patient, alba membership papers in his pocket and petrol stains on his clothes will be found wandering the holyrood car park immediately after, saying only to the cops “alex made me do it”. The next day a 3000 page emergency powers act will be passed on the nod among the smoking ruins. (Muriel Gray was never seen, and nowhere to be found.)


Agent x

22 April, 2024 at 10:56 pm

” NICOLA Sturgeon has pulled out of a Westminster committee appearance after her husband was charged with embezzlement.

The former first minister was due to give evidence at the Scottish Affairs Committee on Monday but has now cancelled.

A spokesperson for Sturgeon said: “Nicola is happy to appear before the committee.” “


23 April, 2024 at 3:17 am

Lorna Campbell
Ignored says:
22 April, 2024 at 8:47 pm
I think that the thumping the SNP is going to take in the GE will have a two-pronged effect:..

Yet another milestone missed because we suffer the SNP becomes the “next Election is Plebiscite on Independence” strategy; Scotland United and all that… Another excellent strategy brim full of potential, just like an ALBA List party augmenting an SNP first choice, but squandered by the SNP’s self centred narcissism and fraudulent stance on Independence.

The next Election could have plunged the UK into an immediate Constitutional Crisis from which Scotland would emerge Independent, but no, we have to endure the petulant SNP’s grinding self harm and destruction, seeing enemies everywhere. Jesus H, who the hell is writing this script? Why are we buying it?

Sympathy came there none, because the SNP under Sturgeon and her intellectual delinquents brought it all upon themselves, and sabotaged Scottish Independence when Scotland had it won. Bastards. All of them bastards. The blew it when we’d actually won. Stop giving these losers our lead! Time and time again, they fail us on every level.

The second huge exasperation is the widespread disillusionment that the current system of UK and Scottish democracy is broken and dysfunctional, and yet again leaves Scotland adrift and bewildered by staggeringly bad choices in every direction, yet SALVO, thank god for SALVO, is standing there in the headlights pointing us in the direction of our Scottish Constitution, the Claim of Right our sovereignty facilitates, and the mechanism of a Convention of the Estates which would have the power to transcend and sweep aside anything which Westminster or our Vichy Holyrood has imposed on sovereign Scotland.

The Union is broken. The litany of charges it couldn’t properly survive spans it’s entire history and crooked foundation, but in Scotland’s Brexit subjugation, we have the most potent betrayal of Scotland’s rights married to our anti-democratic subjugation and calamitous vandalism of our economy. Yet year after year, we leave these stepping stones to Independence to gather dust.

We are tainted, and will find our Nation standing in the dock of International Justice because of our supine complicity with the genocide in the Middle East and warmongering NATO alliance, when instead, Scotland could have been the peace broker, and perhaps uniquely able to condemn NATO’s belligerence and force it’s withdrawal from the Clyde, then promote Scotland as a champion of international peace and justice, (justice of it’s own being secured), with Scotland embracing East, West, and indeed all International trade, with our super- container facility at Scapa Flow.

Granted, the Americans and Westminster would seethe with impotent rage, at first, but I believe Europe and the EU would thanks us, Scandinavia would embrace us, BRICS nations would welcome our participation, and I truly believe that Scotland ending the Union would compel our friends, and yes I mean friends, south of the Border, to rid themselves of the same Neoliberal greed and societal destruction which feeds upon their misery. England would be given back to its people, and the grinding misery of Conservative mismanagement would be held as culprit for ending the United Kingdom’s existence.

Revolution in England would follow. Not the blood soaked head-choppy type revolution, but a wholesome sweeping aside of the grasping Elites, and end to the BBC grotesque disinformation, and utterly deluded and dangerous militarism obliged to see itself in the mirror. The English would get their NHS back, and likely, in time, bring back manufacturing and a modern, accommodating and open minded society which finally recognised the self harming delusions of Thatcherism and Tory greed.

Stop listening to the cretins and losers, the dysfunctional few who make it to the top of the broken and rancid system. This is the system, the blight, we need purged from both Scottish and English society, and SALVO has the mechanism understood which can make it happen. Ok, maybe not all the answers, but more than enough to be getting on with.

So which is it folks? We break out the sand-box with our sovereign Constitution? Or we pin our hopes on a new Gauleiter’s regime in our Vichy Holyrood to supersede Humza and Sturgeon’s Allstars? One more hurl on the merry go round eh?

We can change everything. We can close Holyrood, recall a true Scottish Parliament to sit wherever we tell it to sit, and even remove the word Holyrood from the lexicon of Scottish Government. Let the word Holyrood fade into history as a shabby component of the “dark age” when Scotland was so badly ruled by London.

Life is not a rehearsal. We can make it happen.

Vivian O’Blivion

23 April, 2024 at 9:53 am

The key to reinvigorating democracy is to lessen the influence of the Parties. We need more unaffiliated representatives, whether that be the likes of Martin Bell in Westminster or Margo McDonald in Holyrood.
Participatory democracy is actually under attack from the Parties. Hyperbole? Let’s inquire.

The predominant trend of the last two decades has been the drive from a professional, technocratic, managerial class (we can call this the Permanent State) to micromanage the democratic process. The Permanent State seeks to suffocate mass participation and vibrancy from politics and replace it with a stolid, managerial bureaucracy. We saw this most recently with the triumph of the Blairite, Forward faction over Corbynite, Momentum. The British (and American) Security Services were covertly involved in this.

Control of media and the use of language is intrinsic to this. Once, (certainly the 1920’s) the term “populist” denoted an appeal based on the desires of the masses. The word, Populist has been corrupted in mainstream discourse to imply Demagoguery. This is all very deliberate and clever.

In recent times the “liberal”, “centrist”, Clinton faction in America spat out the term “populism” as a venomous curse. Anyone who wasn’t supportive of offshoring manufacturing (or indeed service) jobs was denounced as belonging to Trump’s “deplorables”.

The high point in true, democratic representation at Holyrood was 2003 with eight MSPs outwith the five establishment parties.
You don’t have to support the political platforms put forward by non-establishment individuals or parties to support the general principle that a multitude of voices enhances debate. By design, we are left with slightly different flavours of our managerial class endorsed, bland menu.

The fall of the Scottish Socialist Party was the result of various factors, but their political posters at election time were a feature of our streets. The ability of the SSP to harness the enthusiasm of their support and promote their message through poster campaigns will have played a significant part in their returning six MSPs in 2003.
By the 2007 election, Margo MacDonald would be the only independent voice at Holyrood. As of the 2016 election, Holyrood was reduced to the five establishment parties.
There was a vibrancy to early Holyrood elections. Our main streets were festooned with a kaleidoscopic display of posters from all parties. This election material didn’t get there on its own, organisation and mass participation was required.

This display of “populism” was intolerable to our managerial class. By the 2016 election, 32 out of 36 Scottish councils has established by-laws prohibiting election posters on council owned street furniture.
The four “hold-out” councils continue to allow election posters on street furniture, proving that any perceived “littering” issue can be managed rather than resorting to prohibition. It’s no coincidence that all four councils are rural and are substantially populated by independent councillors, free from the admonishments of any Party head office.
Is the potential for a wee bit litter too high a price to pay for a vibrant, mass participation democracy? The answer from our permanent managerial class is apparently yes.

There is now an industry in “managing democracy”. The John Smith Centre exists to fill the ranks of elected representatives and support staff with doppelgänger, middle-class politics graduates. Two individuals selected as Parliamentary interns recently, openly referred to “progressing my career” in their introductory comments. Public service and vocation are oh so passé.

The John Smith Centre is itself a sinister entity, refusing to disclose its sources of funding.
Yesterday, the JSC announced that Michael Gove had joined its Board. Gove is often dismissed as an oddball, curious character. This is a clever scheming camouflage. Gove has for decades moved in the covert, Anglo-American circles characterised by blandly titled, Right-wing, Think Tanks. On investigation these are invariably linked to and funded by Foggy Bottom.


23 April, 2024 at 12:52 pm

“Scotland’s alcohol death rate provides another reason to tackle the root causes of ‘deaths of despair’ – Scotsman comment (6 hours ago).”

This extract from ‘The Scotsman’:

Alcohol Focus Scotland, which receives much of its funding from the Scottish Government, said the overall number of deaths had seen a “staggering increase” of 25 per cent since 2019, with chief executive Alison Douglas saying: “Despite the Scottish Government’s acknowledgement that this is a public health emergency, we are still not seeing an adequate emergency response.”

Aye, an thair nae gang tae see ony ’emergency response’ fae thon ‘Scottish’ Government. The Scottish Government is Scotland’s public health emergency.

Deaths of despair. That’s what they’re calling Scotland’s drug and alcohol problem now.

Deaths of despair. Despairin’ o whit a wonder. Could it be related to the actual fact – because it clearly is a fact now, there’s no point in looking elsewhere for the reasons behind Scotland’s sorry state – that the Scots have been colonised by a foreign power intent on their demise?

Deaths of despair. Despair by design, despair built into a system devised to grind a people to dust, devised to clear the way for a superhighway, a conduit to their nation’s wealth of natural resources.

Deaths of despair. The Scotsman comment ends with this:

“The fundamental solution, we suggest, involves tackling poverty by turning the economy around, in order to make life in Scotland less likely to prompt people to turn, in utter despair, to alcohol or drugs that will eventually kill them.”

The fundamental solution, I would suggest, involves the Scots asserting their Claim of Right and just tellin’ England tae bugger aff.

Because, as Alcohol Focus Scotland’s chief executive Alison Douglas tells us, the alternative is the Scots, and with them Scotland, dying of despair.


23 April, 2024 at 4:15 pm

James Che

I came across this by chance a wee while ago. Is this the document you refer to?

Scotland faces a crisis of identity and survival.

It is now being governed without consent and subject to the declared intention of having imposed upon it a radical change of outlook and behaviour pattern which it shows no sign of wanting.

All questions as to whether consent should be a part of government are brushed aside.

The comments of Adam Smith are put to uses which would have astonished him, Scottish history is selectively distorted and the Scots are told that their votes are lying; that they secretly love what they constantly vote against.

The extract above is the opening paragraph of the epilogue from the report of the Constitutional Steering Committee.

The report includes this sentence:

‘the Union has always been, and remains, a threat to the survival of a distinctive culture in Scotland’

Owen Dudley (ed.), A Claim of right for Scotland, Edinburgh: Polygon, 1989, p. 51-53.

Report of the Constitutional Steering Committee
Presented to the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly
Edinburgh July 1988


23 April, 2024 at 6:54 pm

“. As a general rule best to assume that the CIA handles covert activities in “hostile” countries and the developing world while Foggy Bottom runs “influencing” operations in “friendly”, Western states. There will undoubtedly be grey areas.
I believe this also applies to the British Foreign Office. Odd characters like Rory Stewart.”

The UK is crawling with US military personnel, with around 200 of them spread out across the UK their missions and positions unknown.

As for Rory Stewart, Craig Murray outed him as SIS, Stewart was even the governor general of a region of Iraq, of which he wrote a book about.



24 April, 2024 at 8:41 am

24 April, 2024 at 5:07 am

One of the things that puzzles me about those who argue that Scotland is a colony is that they are not following through on it with regards to what we are watching take place right now. It’s almost as if the point they are making stands in isolation of any sort of context and is reduced to some sort of subjective way of looking at an abstract idea.

The importance of whether you are a colony or not, is not merely semantic, but has huge ramifications for how the UN and ICJ can interact with Scotland.

Scotland’s “predicament” is largely unprecedented, the scenario is unlike any other, and thus there is by definition, no precedent to follow. (See Brexit Expulsion).

So in those circumstance, it becomes possible to see Colonisation as a big Venn Diagram, and debate whether being treated like a colony, (as in your sovereign rights being ignored and your resources being plundered by a foreign power), is in fact the same as actually being a colony.

That is why the debate about being a colony is polarised to the extent it us. The enemies of Scotland don’t want the abuse of Scotland’s Constitutional integrity exposed to scrutiny. Those alert to the abuse naturally do, and want the injustice to stop through International Recognition of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, in other words, recognise Scotland’s Sovereign Independence.

Note too, neither a democratic majority, (nor indeed a Vichy Assembly), is a prerequiste of International Justice in Law. It would assist the cause massively, but have minimal, if any, bearing on the legal technicalities.

Our rights under International Law can be affirmed on merit, the Treaty of Union shredded after all the abuse, and Sovereign Independence be ratified when we elect a sovereign Government.

Alf Baird

24 April, 2024 at 8:50 am

Spartan 117 @ 8:10 am

“I’m not sure about the colonial argument”

Its not as if there isn’t an abundance of literary evidence, from Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” to Gladstone’s ‘civilizing’ British Empire and its ambition to create “so many happy England’s” around the world (whilst exploiting their resources) as a “Commonwealth of Nations”, including its “white dominions, or settlement colonies” (Elkins).

The “UK Internal Colonial Model” subjugating the “Celtic Periphery” (Hechter) forms part of the same “Commonwealth” of subaltern peoples and territories made subject to a ‘superior’ Imperial culture, ideology and values at the core.

Much as we see in the continued economic plunder and political interference amidst the longstanding colonial hoax played out in Scotland; which in turn explains the rise of an independence movement, as well as the impending demise of a complicit national party elite which is “lacking the courage at the decisive moment” (Fanon) to free the people:


John Ross

24 April, 2024 at 9:37 am

John Swinney on radio Scotland yesterday stated unequivocally and with no hesitation that he had not been questioned in connection with operation branchform. Seems odd.

Wings Over Scotland | Grooming Class

Dorothy Devine

24 April, 2024 at 1:25 pm

Dear Lord , where do these folk crawl from and where are irate parents – do they not realise the danger to their kids?

As for the education authority what the hell are they playing at?

Churches? Child protection? Police? The bloody media??


24 April, 2024 at 1:37 pm

the dark, blackly ironic humour in all of this is – if you try and get a job as a dinner lady or a lollipop-man, cleaner, anything at all – you will be subject to a severe police disclosure check, a look into Inspector Knackers Big Book of Nonces

– but if you turn up in your mad tranny outfit with a badge from Stonewall, style yourself Mr Pink Whistle and his Secret Tickle Games, who wants the children to “explore their sexuality to prevent bigotry” …

they will welcome you with open arms.

Ian McCubbin

24 April, 2024 at 2:18 pm

As a former Guidance Principal Teacher and Learning Support PT these types of interactions in schools are appalling.
In my job we had a could of overall child protection which could encompass anything that made a child threatened or uncomfortable.
While trans and gay issues should be discussed in Social Education by trained staff, (Guidance staff) all visitors giving talks should be vetted under child protection guidelines.
It seems in the schools quoted above this has gone .
I would be very worried as a parent of children in any of these schools.
Something is very far wrong now in Scotland.

John C

24 April, 2024 at 2:56 pm

Jenny Gilruth’s response to Tory MSP Meghan Gallacher was sneering and evasive, cheered on by a smirking Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens behind her, but in fact the evidence that LGBTYS has been involving itself in primary schools is indisputable.

This should be a resignation (not to mention possibly a police one) matter but the fact it isn’t just shows the state of not just our politics, but our media and the way Scotland’s normally incredibly vocal commentators are, on the whole, silent on this. People are either captured or too scared to say anything. There’s also a third, worse possibility in that they know this is wrong but they’d rather still pander to the Queer Theorists as it means they maintain their level of power and influence.

Most schools, especially primary schools, have strict rules about photographs showing the faces of pupils, but LGBTYS put this one out uncensored. (Wings would ordinarily blur it, but since the expressions of the children are relevant and the image is already widely available, we’ve published it as is.)

This is a massive red flag. The fact LGBTYS have put uncensored images of children on their website is a huge safeguarding failure & frankly, if I were a parent at that school I’d be wanting some answers not to mention some scalps as people need to be held accountable for this. The fact you’ve got Gregor Fisher Murray there rings serious alarms as well and I don’t need to spell out why he’s a risk.

(Help us out here, folks – how can a person be both non-binary and gay? How could someone be exclusively attracted to people who are the same sex, or even “gender”, as themselves, if they don’t HAVE a sex or gender? Are they only attracted to other non-binary people? How can they tell if someone’s non-binary? How does it work?)

It doesn’t. Even some Queer Theorists draw a line with ‘non-binary’ as they know it’s nonsense. In this case it’s a gay man who wants to feel and look special. He’s not an ordinary ‘cis’ gay, he’s NON-BINARY!

Complete rubbish.

These images from the Huffington Post piece give a good indication of just how young the children being targeted were. These are children who adults should not be talking to about sex at all, under any circumstances.

Those images Stu’s posted from the HP article are clear, and shocking examples of grooming. What groomers do is they make children ‘feel safe’ with them, not to mention that the groomer tries to make the child feel they’re safe with them. ‘I understand you. You can be who you want to be with me.’. It’s a massive, massive example of how after Savile, Glitter, the Catholic Church, etc, that people are still able to do stuff like this in open sight of everyone.

Really, this should be a trigger for the police and social services. Again, if I were a parent there I’d be wanting some serious answers.

Sadly, it’s one we have absolutely no faith whatsoever in Jenny Gilruth’s willingness or ability to address. Her glib, cavalier disregard for the protection of Scotland’s kids ought to be a resignation matter.

At the very least.

I have a dream that in the future when the world has regained some sanity & Trans/Queer ideology has been binned that there’s a public enquiry as well as an investigation like Yewtree & people end up in prison. What we’re seeing here is a failure of safeguarding and adults in open sight not just grooming children, but being covered up by elected officials who are sneering and laughing at the idea that this is wrong.

Dorothy Devine

24 April, 2024 at 3:09 pm

JohnC, trouble is every inquiry seems to take at least 20 years by then a whole lot of those responsible for the carnage will be happily retired with large pension with in built deniability.

Anton Decadent

24 April, 2024 at 5:14 pm

“We will make the West so corrupt that it will stink.” That is a quote attributed to Willi Munzenberg of The Frankfurt School. His role was to go around the West buying up theatres, galleries, cinemas, and youth clubs to use as front operations. As already mentioned above, this did not come out of the blue, it has been years in the planning and this month we had a law imposed on us to protect people like the subject of this thread.

As ever, WINGS, keep up the good work.

Alf Baird

24 April, 2024 at 6:56 pm

The ‘mystification’ policies of a compromised colonial administration whose main purpose (clearly) is holding back an entire independence movement is quite something to behold.

The saddest thing in this particularly insane saga is that most of Scotland’s institutions have likewise opted to join in the ideological mania, becoming “obscurers, inventors of subterfuges, charlatans and tricksters, dealers in gobbledygook”; and where the ‘colonial hoax’ continues to be played out via a psychodynamic process in which even “the most absurd prejudices are explained and justified; and, as if by magic, the moon is turned into green cheese” (Cesaire).

John C

24 April, 2024 at 9:39 pm

Not surprised they look unhappy, modern teens roll their eyes at this trans stuff, it’s old hat to them. They have noticed it’s the kids who have no friends who say their enbies or trans. But it will no longer win them the social cache they think.

I’ve heard from friends and their friends who do bring this subject up (many are either totally captured, or just too scared to speak out as we know what the TRAs can do) that a number of kids are fed up with it all. Especially when it comes to toilets as it’s basically giving boys an excuse to abuse girls whenever & they especially don’t seem to like how Trans or non-binary pupils are treated differently, even better than everyone else.

Then there’s cases like the one right now in the States where a trans-identifying boy gathered a ‘hit-list’ of girls to assault and the relevant authorities tried to cover it up. This isn’t the first case of girls being assaulted by boys identifying as trans.

There’s a definite case that a mix of ‘influencers’ like Andrew Tate as well as Trans influencers, not to mention an incredibly early introduction to porn has ruined some young boys before they’ve even started out. Of course the parents share a portion of blame but what’s happening online and how it’s affecting people is a societal issue we’ve barely dealt with & only now we’re getting an idea of the scale of it.

Wings Over Scotland | An Uncommon Occurrence

David W Ferguson

25 April, 2024 at 3:09 am

The whole “men in grey kilts” idea has always intrigued me. The idea that behind the facade of boily-faced student zealots, over-promoted stupid fat people, and obvious grifters and carpet-baggers, there is some cabal of wise adults, becoming increasingly impatient with events and waiting for the right moment to step in and take charge, appears entirely fanciful. Who might they be? Where might they be? Sadly, as far as the SNP is concerned, I think the useleess rabble who appear to be running the show are in fact all that’s there. They are indeed running the show…

Wings Over Scotland | The People We Don’t Want

Spartan 117

25 April, 2024 at 9:16 am

Must admit, I whooped with joy when this was announced on the radio this morning.

Now get on with dualling the A9 and A96.


25 April, 2024 at 9:18 am

I would like to say the greens contribution has been “net zero” but they have emitted too much hot, toxic, gas in that time.

What happened in the meeting? Did Humza say –

I know your name … it is rumpel-foreskin

and in that moment, he disappeared in a puff (?!) of sulphurous smoke

now the rest of the cabinet can put on the ruby slippers and all the friends of dorothy can … whatever

– too early in the morning, only woke (dont use that word) because of a power cut.

Alf Baird

25 April, 2024 at 9:26 am

Ditching the Greens disnae alter the fact that a weel-peyed colonial administration’s main purpose is tae haud back the independence movement; according to postcolonial theory it does this through introducing laws that make it ‘an implement of coercion’ (Fanon) whilst ensuring the plunder (offshore energy, freeports etc etc) continues. Which is what we see.


25 April, 2024 at 9:41 am

I honestly don’t think Yousless thinks more than a week in advance. I don’t think he can. He is such a limited individual.

Why would anyone with a brain think it was going to end well going into a coalition with truly atrocious politicians like Harvie and Slater. Dumb and Dumber.

And then add in all the deviant perverted stuff to their rank incompetence. It is a fucked up mix that is for sure. These weirdos should never have been anywhere near power.

Too late for Yousless, the damage is well and truly done. Just like the Sturgeon SNP. Get them to fuck.


25 April, 2024 at 9:52 am

Don’t be surprised that after all the huffing and puffing is over with regards to the ending of the BHA, that the Greens still back the SNP in the chamber on unsavory policies and vice-versa.

One could even go as far to say that this is a ploy to make both parties appear more electable at the up and coming GE, for the Greens it gives them a principled stand on Climate Change, though in reality the Greens wouldn’t know what a principle was is if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.

For the SNP, it gives them the look to the outside world that they are not letting the tail wag the dog, and that Yousaf can be strong when he needs to be and voters will adhere to that, as many voters loathed Green policies other than Climate change.

Both parties are of course completely unelectable.


25 April, 2024 at 9:53 am

Could any of these “developments” have something to do with Scotland’s fake parliament having backed the principles of the Victims, Witnesses and Justice (Scotland) Bill?

The installation of a system that can effectively legitimise sending innocent people to prison under a false charge of rape could be rather convenient for the powers that be to remove permanently from the political arena political inconveniences under a veneer of “legitimacy”.

I guess that once this is installed, the “Bute House Agreement”, or an infiltrated SNP government for that matter became surplus to the British state’s requirements, so it can be finally dissolved.

It is always being said that every now and then the powers that be install a Labour government in n10 to pass legislation and policies so nasty that even the tories do not have the stomach to pass. Doing so would tarnish their reputation.

I guess we have just seen the exact same strategy applied to Scotland. What we have seen being passed under this Bute House Agreement and under Sturgeon’s unionist government are things not even the most loyal unionist parties could stomach to pass themselves without facing a wipe out at the following election. That is why this devolutionist version of the SNP and the poisonous agreement with the Greens came in so handy for the British state. I am of the opinion that, to stop independence, to pass all those horrible laws and to hand over the stone of destiny are precisely what Sturgeon and Yousaf were installed as “leaders” for.

Frankly, after seen how Dorrian embarrassed herself and her profession by handing blanket anonymity per life to potential perjurers and false accusers, after seeing how the crown agent, lord advocate and judges colluded to suppress information from the public, after seeing how Dorrian sent Mr Murray to prison on stupendously ridiculous and laughable arguments, after seeing the maneuvers of the former crown agent to bring a prosecution against Mr Salmond of fake charges and how swiftly he was moved out of sight and to a low key sheriff position somewhere else, after seeing the cost that previous malicious prosecutions inflicted on the taxpayers’ pocket but not a single judge ever being prosecuted or disciplined for it, after seeing the incredibly anti-democratic performances of the current lady advocate who did not hesitate in usurping control over the legislative power from the people of Scotland and hand it in to an English court and English judges, and after watching the previous lord advocate during the Keatings’ case also usurping control over Scotland’s legislative power and handing it to the crown, there is no room left to ever trust a Scottish judge making the right judgement on a false rape case without a jury ever again. In Mr Salmond’s case, it was the jury who actually delivered justice, so I guess that, since then, juries have become an obstacle for the powers that be, therefore they have to be removed. Justice for the people of Scotland is obviously collateral. What matters to the British establishment is how it can abuse Scotland’s powers and judicial structures to its own advantage.

To me, it is clear as day what this move is for: to facilitate and “legitimise” state sponsored political imprisonment. In my view this has been in the cards ever since the British establishment failed to imprison Mr Salmond on false charges.

This ramping up of regressiveness in democracy and abuse of Scotland’s legislative body as a wrecking ball directed against Scotland’s body of law just goes to confirm that Scotland is nothing but a colony. Scotland’s judicial system, executive and legislative powers are being systematically manipulated and abused against the people of Scotland to stop independence by force.

I totally agree with James Che: considering that, for as long as it abides by the Scotland Act, Holyrood is nothing but a branch of Westminster, and considering that a foreign crown is being allowed to usurp control of our executive and legislative power through an unelected Lord Advocate, and considering that it is the office of some crown rather than the people of Scotland who is controlling our crown prosecution service, I am not convinced any of the laws passed since 1999 under the Scotland Act are legally part of Scotland’s body of law. They are union laws.

However, what is crystal clear is that, by passing this law, the SNP and the Greens have demonstrated they are nothing but tools who have been working for the British state and against the people of Scotland all along.

It has been embarrassing to watch all those cowards who could not even bring themselves to do anything more than abstaining while they watched Scotland’s legislature being ripped to pieces and forced to follow England’s. Heavens, when they are so utterly hopeless that they cannot even find the effing backbone to oppose to something like that, what exactly are they useful to Scotland for?


25 April, 2024 at 9:58 am

On the timing coincidence or not?

“THE Scottish Government will publish the thirteenth white paper in its series laying out the case for an independent Scotland on Thursday.

Justice Secretary Angela Constance will spearhead the publication of the paper, which is to focus on policy proposals for the justice system in Scotland after a Yes vote.”

And there’s more as an old comedian used to say, though I can’t quite recall his name.

“Commenting ahead of publication, Constance said: “This next paper in the Building a New Scotland series will set out how independence would enable us to take more focused and creative action to address some of the most challenging justice issues facing our society.”

The Indy carrots are dangling one more don’t be fooled by them.


25 April, 2024 at 10:16 am

The SNP under Sturgeon and Yousaf, and the Greens under harvie and Slater have demonstrated beyond doubt that they are unionist parties working to preserve the union rather than ending it. So, once the Bute House agreement is over, what are the Greens going to do? Are they going to collude with labour to ensure there is no SNP minority gov and instead a labour government is installed in Holyrood in preparation for when labour enters n10 after the next GE?

Or will the British powers that be go for the jugular by forcing and rushing a Holyrood election ensuring there is not time for any independents for independence/Alba/ISP to organise?

The whole thing, specially the timing of it, stinks.

I cannot help but thinking this has all been by design to ensure unionists remain in control of Holyrood and majorities in Westminster. If anything, to me this is showing the British state is worried.

I have been wondering for quite some time what on earth has labour planned for Scotland when the British state is going to such lengths to ensure Scotland sends no anti-union majority to Westminster and Holyrood remains under unionist control.


25 April, 2024 at 10:30 am

Primary schools… they are going into primary schools.

Ignoring the Cass Review as it is not based in Scotland. Like ignoring a medical report on smoking and cancer because the smokers were not Scottish.

The SNPG has firmly entered the territory of child abuse. Absolutely no doubt about it.

It is revolting and sickening seeing their constant attempts to sexualize and pervert young children.

They want to destroy their minds, to destroy their bodies and to destroy their lives before they even start.

In the past I have wondered why this site was so focused on this subject but I can see why now.

This is deeply evil. Primary schools… wow. That is so wrong. The SNPG are really pushing the boundaries of disgust. They are a real danger to children, not an exaggeration.


25 April, 2024 at 10:38 am

“Ditching the Greens disnae alter the fact that a weel-peyed colonial administration’s main purpose is tae haud back the independence movement”

Absolutely, Alf. I seriously question the timing of the whole thing too. Now that effectively all the damage has been done and the SNP is effectively unelectable, what can possibly be the point in ditching it?

a. It is surplus to requirements because its purpose has been fulfilled

b. Ditching the agreement and faking a grievance for the Greens gives them an opportunity to cosy up to labour and deny the SNP a minority gov. This will install an overt unionist government in Holyrood in preparation for the upcoming GE, now that all the toxic legislation even unionists could not bring themselves to pass, is in place

c. To force a Holyrood election, and, without giving time to anti-union candidates to prepare for it, force a unionist majority into Holyrood for another 5 years.

When you look a the whole thing from distance, it seems pre-planned. I do not believe any of this has ever been spontaneous or random. It appears to follow a script. We are heading towards a unionist majority in Westminster and in Holyrood by design. They have been relentlessly working for this moment for the last 9 years. The SNP has been made unelectable by design. The Greens have been toxic by design.

I honestly fear what the British state has prepared for Scotland once Labour gets to n10. Whatever it is, it will be painful.


25 April, 2024 at 10:48 am

Somehow just can’t envisage “Hapless Humza” handling a minority SNP administration competently. He’s always been confrontational as well as inept. Completely lacking in the political nous of wiley Mr Salmond who steered a successful and popular path in his time as First Minister. And also failing to inspire the fear which Ms Sturgeon and her husband used to keep their MSPs in line.
How unfortunate that we’re still left with the 5 year Parliament at Holyrood following the extension of tenure MSPs gave themselves during the Coronavirus redtrictions. And no future administration is likely to ever shorten their time on salary and expenses by returning to the original 4 year fixed term.


25 April, 2024 at 10:58 am

love to be around for when the DVDs get split …


a thing I noticed in Harvie’s last TV appearance, but they all do it – when under pressure identity politicians start spewing “class issues” – wages, rents, housing (the shite they normally don’t care about) and get very tight lipped about their hobby horses; Harvie did all he could to avoid talking about the tranny stuff.

“net zero” is an odd meme, a forced meme – it is, technically, a bag of shite – an excuse to shovel a trillion or so to blackrock and their pals, to rip out western infrastructure, to promote growth by creating artificial, fake, “demand” … all the while china, india, africa are building coal fired power station and the american consumer the most wasteful wretch, the pentagon the biggest polluter

– no one is shutting that down but you REACTIONARY Scots bastards need to give up your notions of “decent roads” and all that far right shite.


25 April, 2024 at 11:35 am

“More of the same”

No, I do not think so. There has been far too much effort invested in attempting to remove Mr Salmond out of politics, too much effort made to silence dissent, too much effort made to suppress crucial information, to black out anti-union parties, to peddle toxic legislation and to make the SNP completely worthless and unelectable.

While doing all this, the powers that be have exposed themselves far too much, revealing that it is the crown and not the Scottish people who have control over the three powers, making Scotland at all practical effects a colony under absolute rule in this political union rather than a democracy. Absolute rule is a violation of the Claim of Right, and indirectly, the British state’s beloved treaty of union.

Police and prosecution service have been totally discredited in the process and revealed as nothing more than political tools.

The Lord Advocate position has been fully exposed as an anti-independence tool exclusively dedicated to usurp control over the legislative power whenever the threat of legislation which would facilitate an independence referendum entering a Holyrood with an anti-union majority, appears on the horizon.

Judges have been revealed as corrupt political tools to remove political dissent, to suppress information and to hide perjurers under a cover of anonymity.

The crown office has been revealed as an entity who manipulates the police in order to achieve prosecutions, even on flimsy charges and does not hesitate in moving across powers freely with no regard for the boundaries between those powers that should exist in a democracy.

It is far too much damage done if the British state simply wanted “more of the same”. The “same” cannot be anymore when all trust on political parties, parliamentarians, powers, police, prosecution service, judges and courts is all gone. The “same” cannot continue when people have realised Scotland is not a democracy and political parties are not working for the people, but against the people and against the expressed democratic will of the people.

No. the British state has risked this level of negative exposure and irreversible damage to the credibility of its “democratic” and “judicial” structures that there has to be something much bigger than “just the same” on the pipeline.

Whatever it is, they clearly need Holyrood and the majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster under unionist control. This stinks at major legislative change that needs to be imposed on Scotland by force but has to be seen as being “approved” and “accepted” by Scotland.

Wings Over Scotland | The Asking Of The Question

Captain Caveman

25 April, 2024 at 1:38 pm

She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

Were she to vote against – and that turned out to be the deciding vote (assuming the Greens did vote against the SNP, which personally I doubt notwithstanding) – much of the Indy demographic out there will cries “you’ve brought down a nationalist government”, “you’re a ("Tractor" - Ed) to indy” and so forth.

On the other hand, if she votes in support of the SNP, she’ll face charges of being too weak, maintaining the (rotten to its very core) status quo, SNP Stooge and all the rest, with people asking what is Alba even *for* anyway?

Hobson’s Choice indeed.

Dick Wall

25 April, 2024 at 1:50 pm

There is no shortage of either rats or sinking ships in this story. Don’t join them Ash.

I do expect fighting talk from Alba. They are nowhere and in for the long haul so integrity, courage and fighting spirit are their main qualities that might appeal to voters. I hope they don’t throw them away for a mess of SNP pottage.

Alf Baird

25 April, 2024 at 1:57 pm

Those who support independence must take every opportunity to liberate the people – getting rid of a corrupt colonial administration is an essential part of that.

‘#End the Union’ is all the manifesto folk need.


25 April, 2024 at 2:02 pm

“But if you’re not willing to have an election, why are you a political party at all?”

You are right, as always.

But a Holyrood election now will mean that Alba (and ISP) will have to fight two huge elections in one year, not just one.

That is a very tall order for small parties with little resources and having to fight face on against the establishment. When you have to spread your resources so thin, it is unlikely you can make big wins.

Personally, if I was Ms Regan and the survival of the SNP gov relied on my vote, I would exploit the opportunity it gives to the maximum and to deliver the biggest advantage for the yes movement.

In my personal view, forcing a Holyrood election now will not deliver the biggest advantage for the yes movement when there is a GE fastly approaching.

In my view, the biggest advantage would be to find a way to ensure an anti-union supermajority in 2026.

Ms REgan could offer to save the SNP gov on the no-confidence vote in exchange for the SNP ditching their calamitous “SNP 1 and 2” and calling instead a SNP1 + Alba/ISP 2 to give that supermajority a chance.

If the SNP has not collapsed the BHA deliberately to crash the SNP gov and force a unionist majority into Holyrood (I would not be surprised at all if this is what they really intend, TBH), then I think Ms Regan would have a strong chance to succeed.


25 April, 2024 at 2:12 pm

The ‘Scottish Government’ is the equivalent of an Amazon distribution depot delivering orders taken in London to the Scots.

It’s an order distribution depot tarted up to look scottish and with a sort of wee governy vibe aboot it – but it isn’t Amazon HQ.

It’s a deliberate confusion foisted on the Scots and is worse than useless to them.

It’s a distraction from the real problem Scotland has – that she’s a colony of England and is being ransacked under the cover of a Scottish Government designed to be incompetent (so we Scots look stupid) and that is in reality the English Government entire.

Better we didn’t have a parliament in Holyrood at all and be openly ruled directly from London.

Then the Scots would know who is really to blame for everything wrong in Scotland; maybe then they’ll wake up start doing something to save their country before England nicks it completely, and everything in it.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 2:20 pm

“In an election year is it really credible that Ross would steal his superior’s thunder by forcing a Holyrood election? Quite a few of his MSPs are already in the home straight to forced retirement and no more eager to finish early than anyone else.

It’ll only take a couple of “pricipled” abstentions to keep everyone’s career path on track.”

I would be some distance beyond astounded if any Unionist MSPs abstained.


25 April, 2024 at 2:48 pm

Ash Regan strikes me as quite similar to Salmond in that she is very strategic minded and she is ballsy, willing to take risks.

If she is reading these comments I say to her, apart from all the strong arguments listed by wings and many others, you have to bring this SNPG down to stop these people going after the children.

The damage they will do to them in two years is unthinkable.

The damage they are doing to Scotland is already off the scale. Two years is an eternity.


panda paws

25 April, 2024 at 2:58 pm

It’s a tricky situation. But perhaps the canny way forward is to seek concessions in writing for Ash’s vote, if they agree publish what is gained to people know about it, if they refuse vote no confidence. No reply abstain.

Not for one minute do I think the decision will be Ash’s alone btw!

She’s no chance of being elected in the constituency again but I’d be surprised if her pro-women stance didn’t get enough votes to be returned on the list. There are enough people pissed off with the Isla Bryson, GRRB and Hate Crime Act to pick up votes methinks.


25 April, 2024 at 3:57 pm

looks like the big gay disco social model is over

an old pal of mine used to say – when fascism returns, it will paint itself green … “saving the planet” gives you a freehand to do what you like – destroy industry and agriculture, soak the public

– the authoritarian mindset of the greens has been shown to the world; their faces look genuinely shocked, no longer on “the right side of history”. That’s them done, no one will ever let them back into any situation with real power; you can put a money term on the cost of their failed ideas, they even fucked up the ancient precedent of “taking the ginger boattle back tae the cornershop”.

anything these guys are in favour of, I would at least think twice about –

at FMQs, Harvie was spicy – there is nothing more vindictive, or vicious than the outraged “queer” – hark at her, I’ll scratch your eyes out … potato man is just getting warmed up, they don’t let it rest, they can harbour a grievance forever.


25 April, 2024 at 4:23 pm

The problem Ash would have with her shopping list is, how could she trust Humza to keep his promises to her
As a member of one, he could dismiss all his promises if he got her support

I remember Ann Clywd supported Blairs invasion of Iraq as long as she could be involved in supporting the people for “humanitarian reasons”

I believe Clare Short got some assurances as well

All ditched of course after Blair got his way


25 April, 2024 at 4:33 pm

“the SNP finally did the right thing and kicked the Greens into touch”

This move was well overdue, that is for sure.

However, because of the timing of it, I am not convinced we can say it was “the right thing” to do. How right or wrong it was very much depends on the perspective we (and the SNP) look at it from.

If we look at it from the perspective that the Greens have been a toxic influence and very dangerous for our children and women, then absolutely. It was the right move. But lets not forget, that those clapping for Beth were not only the BHA partners.

The SNP reputation is already gone. I doubt ditching the Greens at this late point in the mandate for government is going to change that because the damage to people’s trust has been too great. BHA or not, the SNP are finished as a credible pro-independence party and this was not just the result of the BHA. Their lack of appetite for independence was evident well before the agreement. The BHA was a good excuse for the SNP to hide their lack of progress towards independence behind.

The BHA is being ditched, but all their unpopular toxic laws have already been passed and/or implemented and will remain in place after the agreement ends. I very much doubt the SNP (or labour or libdems or tories) would be willing to repeal any of those after the collapse of the BHA. So collapsing the agreement changes nothing. The damage has already been done.

The Hate bill, for example, was not even drafted under the BHA. It was drafted and became law under Sturgeon’s government in April 2021. The BHA did not start until August 2021. So they cannot even excuse this hate bill on the BHA.

The money has already been wasted in failed “green” schemes with no result whatsoever. We are not getting that money back, but we will forever remember Slater’s incompetence thanks to the landmark eyesores that the black contraptions near to our supermarkets and designed to be bottle recycling points, have become. A monument to stupidity.

The Principles of the Victims, Witnesses and Justice (Scotland) Bill” already entered HOlyrood and passed by 60 votes to 0 right before Yousaf collapsed the BHA. I am not even sure the removal of juries is something that can be pinned on the Greens. As a matter of fact, not one MSP voted against this. Not one. This includes SNP, Greens, Labour, Tories, LibDems or Alba. This is telling us that none of them really oppose the elimination of juries and transformation of courts into a conveyor belt for the imprisonment of innocent people under the false charge of rape for political expediency. None of those who claim to represent us oppose to using Holyrood as a wrecking ball to destroy Scotland’s legal system to bring it in line with England’s despite the Treaty of Union.

It very much sounds that the BHA has been collapsed not because the SNP has finally realised it is toxic, but rather because the Greens have run their usefulness course and purpose for the establishment: to ensure all these toxic laws and the wrecking of Scotland’s legal system is done by pro-independence parties rather than unionist ones, preserving the latter from oblivion at the next election.

So what could possibly be the point in making a big thing of ending the BHA now that all the nasty legislation is already in place and the rot has irreversibly set in?

1. Political posturing. Another distracting excuse to stall progress towards independence.

2. A very easy escape route for Yousaf, with an opportunity to recycle some of the hopeless grifters currently sitting in Westminster to a seat in Holyrood.

3.Losing the Vote of no confidence will give the SNP a rather convenient opportunity to not be in government when the police finally wins its wrestling against the English crown office and operation snailform snatches the fakeminst to her fingertips.

4. It provides a very, very easy route for unionist parties to take control of Holyrood without having to expose themselves to another election risking entry of more Alba, ISP or I4I MSPs.

Once this man accepted being catapulted to the post of FM so he could hand Scotland’s stone of destiny over to the English king, I am not convinced ANYTHING he does can ever be construed as “the right thing”.


25 April, 2024 at 4:59 pm

I get the idea that Alba will be blamed for bringing down Humza’s useless government rather than the real culprits (The greens, the transcult and the nuSNP MSP cowards).

However, a lot of nuSNP MSPs know that ‘their tea is oot’. And an extra 2 years on the gravybus will appeal to them.

Therefore, I expect the greens to get concessions and agree to a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement to prop up Humza. Humza will accept because he’s desperate.

However, if it does come to a vote of confidence, and Ash doesn’t get concessions, then I would vote them out. And you’ll be doing it to protect Scotland’s women and children.


25 April, 2024 at 11:08 pm

Still millions of idiot Sturgeon fans/voters who think her honest and indy supporting. Salmond court case next month, more Branchform arrests likely. Could it be Regan thinks an election would be more advantageous a little later?

Wings Over Scotland | Fanny Dancing


25 April, 2024 at 4:21 pm

What if Ross didn’t fluff his big chance, what if Ross knows that the SNP are doing a terrible job in government (which they are) and that they are doing more damage to the indy cause and Scotland in general by being in Bute House.

I think the Scottish Tories know they couldn’t attain office in Scotland, nor would they want to, I mean just look at the state Scotland’s in right now. I also don’t believe for a minute that Ross doesn’t know that the SNP are not a party for Scottish independence anymore.

No in his eyes I assume it better to let the SNP limp on for two more years making many more mistakes in the process. In my opinion the Tory branch office in Scotland is a party of protest from the sidelines, bringing down this awful government would only help the indy cause and I think Ross knows this.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 4:45 pm

“Grandstanding! Ross knows the media is unlikely to differentiate between his first and second option.”

Doesn’t matter what the media does. *Humza Yousaf* is fully entitled to differentiate.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 4:46 pm

“It is certainly arguable that a VONC in the FM falls within s46(2)(c)”

No, that just means if he dies or gets kidnapped by ISIS or something.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 4:48 pm

“He’s either a complete idiot, or several of his MSPs have had a word saying that an election now when the Tories are facing electoral oblivion is perhaps not a good idea and their jobs/expenses come first.”

That’s certainly POSSIBLE. But in that case why isn’t Sarwar doing it?

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 4:49 pm

“Anyone else can file a motion of no confidence in the government? Ms Regan for instance”

Yes, any MSP can.


25 April, 2024 at 5:07 pm

Unsurprised that the Tories have saved Humza the arch devolutionist.

It is payback for the last 10 years when Sturgeon and her cabal (including Humza) saved the Union. Repeatedly.

Still it gives Alba a bit longer to make the breakthrough that Scotland desperately needs.


25 April, 2024 at 6:01 pm

“Either Ross has been extremely stupid – or rather clever”

I think neither. I think he has done as he was told by his handlers in London.

Let’s imagine for a moment the scenario where he files a VONC on the government and Ms Regan on behalf of ALBA would only agree to maintain the SNP government in power in exchange for full commitment and full cooperation from the SNP to facilitate an anti-union supermajority in Holyrood after the 2026 election. This would pretty much guarantee the ejection of the unelected Lord Advocate from the executive cabinet so this supermajority can bring forward into Holyrood a referendum bill without interference from the crown, for example.

What would be the consequences of that for the union?

Even worse, if Mr Salmond enters Holyrood and gets a position of influence where he can force the lid up and uncover all the nasty shenanigans of his fake criminal case, what do you think is going to happen to all those actors in the UK civil service, quangos, press, crown office, police, etc who colluded to suppress information from the Scottish people and to bring forward the criminal case against Mr Salmond on fake charges? And more importantly, how far up in the British establishment hierarchy of power do the ramifications of this case go?

I think Ross (doing as he was told) took the option that is more likely to avoid such scenario. It is better for the union to keep a wounded and unelectable SNP in power, seemingly at odds with Alba, than to create the opportunity for SNP and Alba to join forces and bring forward an anti-union supermajority in 2026, with the real possibility of Mr Salmond taking back a seat, at a time support for independence is hoovering around 50%.

It is also safer for the actors involved in Mr Salmond’s fake criminal case if he is not anywhere near the levers of power.

I do not think it is their party branches’ interests what Ross’ or Sarwar’s handlers are looking at when deciding not to file a VONC on the Scottish government. Personally, I think it is the survival of the union and the crown what they are looking at. Ross and Sarwar are nothing but useful idiots.

The very last thing the powers that be want is to have Mr Salmond back in Holyrood in some position of influence from where he can hold them to ransom.


25 April, 2024 at 6:31 pm

Is it just me?

A vote by some members of the club to declare no confidence in other members of the club , seems terribly, terribly, Briddish Establishment… the illusion of accountability when it’s really just a game to them.

Personally, I find Round 793 of the people vs the Scotland Act tedious and nauseating beyond endurance.

I don’t care that Ash Regan might hold the casting vote. I’d rather she started the rebellion.

I would much rather be ringside for Round 1 of the Scotland Act vs Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty, and a modern Convention of the Estates impeaching the whole Holyrood misadventure, and ridding our Nation of these invasive and calamitous Westminster doctrines which are not compatible with the Community of the Realm being sovereign.

Vote of No Confidence? I’m yawning so hard I’ll get cramp in my jaw.

Rise up. Impeach the whole Assembly, sack the lot of them, and build a Constitutional Assembly wholly outside the reach and jurisdiction of Westminster. Get rid of it all; lock, stock and rotten barrel. The whole system is designed to leave the government of our nation mired in confusion and acrimonious stalemate. Take our lead from Alexander the Great, just cut through the impenetrable knot, and be done with the layers of sophistry.

Do the unpredictable. Take control of our destiny. Step outside the sandbox.


25 April, 2024 at 6:32 pm

Mia @18:01

Let’s not forget that if Mr Salmond were to return to Holyrood, he would only pursue justice for himself on a part-time basis. He would, most likely, devote the majority of his time to wild and crazy ideas such as administrative and legislative competence and rebuilding trust between people and their parliament.


25 April, 2024 at 7:41 pm

I don’t fathom how they terminated a contract like that, surely the legal thing to do would be to petition the greens for a section 31 and then have a legal, recognised vote on it.

– this idea you can tear up agreements/contracts/treaties that “just aren’t working for you anymore”, is dangerous.

from now till after the next election, expect the SNP to be all – independence, independence, independence, end the union, grr … dat london and da tories … (shakes fist)

and the greens – rent controls, landlords, environmental pollution

and I think a lot of twitter/social media accounts might get deleted, like a student, going for his first job interview.

it is amazing to think such people once wielded so much power, when they never won a real vote on anything, getting in, by the backdoor (ooh, matron!) via a kind of sympathy, all shall have prizes, wooden spoon, list seat, offered by our wacky PR system … it’s wacky (yes, I used the same word twice and no one can stop me); what sort of groupthink do their meetings exhibit? – that they are the vanguard, thought leaders, progressing Scotland into the next level of civilisation … when they are in fact, to the man on the street – a bunch of weirdo pervy cunts, no one likes …

this “no vote can be wasted” idea is a bit dangerous, it – historical curiosity – once allowed a marginal german “workers party” to gain a seat in the reichstag; no, you can never have too much representation and diversity of ideas.

Media news tonight was fun – they decided to canvas “the man on the street”, but the street was Byres Road, and then the bohemian central Edinbuggers – both sides of the debate, eh?

I am curious as to how the doggers and the bella crowd will process this … obviously it can’t be “wings was right all along and first to say it”, so there must be some other explanation for it all.

– the oil companies? Or the trumpian alt-right which has infiltrated Scotland, maybe rushian poutin-bots on the internet spewing misinformation … because it can’t be the greens were too radical, but not radical enough, and popular displeasure with them down to the delays in implementing – cock snipping and the woke-stasi; I expect smalltown boy to write just this, but bloated by a factor of 1000.

I was actually more hoping for Nikki to get huckled by Inspector McKnacker, but that would be overload on an already full meal.

Rev. Stuart Campbell

25 April, 2024 at 10:06 pm

“I think you are being a wee bit unfair to wee Dougie here (OK, so he’s an easy target). Tactically, giving Yousless a demonstrative kicking while leaving the SNP on life-support until at least the General Election is actually a smart move. The SNats are stuck with Humza because who can they replace him with who will get enough votes in Holyrood to be elected FM? Win or lose the VoNC he’ll limp on as a lame duck until the GE where the SNP will be rightly gutted, lose 20+ MPs and their position as second opposition party at Westminster and all the short-money that goes with it. They’ll then be effectively bankrupt, with insufficient funds to fight a Holyrood election so soon after the General Election. Looking at the long game Ross might have played a blinder.”

But how is that any better than just getting rid of him now?

The SNP can’t afford an unscheduled election, this is a chance to properly ruin them. All the other stuff will happen anyway. So why leave them in power for two more years and let them off the election hook? Where’s the win there?

Carol Neill

25 April, 2024 at 10:23 pm

Very rarely I comment on here
I gave ash the comment on the doubt when she jumped ship , but if she supports useless then my alba membership will be quickly dropped


25 April, 2024 at 11:46 pm

Alex Salmond is saying in various interviews easily found on YouTube etc. that if he loses the No Confidence vote Humza will have to resign as First Minister. Does that mean Alex S has got it wrong as well?

It would be a very unusual mistake on his part. He was always very up-to-date and exact in his knowledge of parliamentary rules and procedures. And he always knew how to exploit these to the full, in order to gain the maximum benefit to his Party and its cause.


26 April, 2024 at 12:21 am

Alex Salmond is also saying a few other interesting things.

First, he is praising Ash R very highly, and affirming that she will be writing a letter to Humza Yusef. This, says Salmond, will include what he needs to commit himself to in order to have any chance of gaining her support when it comes to the No Confidence motion.

Second, at the same time, Alex S is also insisting that Ash R will decide for herself what these points will be. He thereby makes it clear that he is in no way her puppet-master: he has every confidence in her, that she will highlight the right issues, but she will choose them and the letter she writes will be absolutely her own.

Third, among the issues which Salmond is sure will be included are the following. The Number One issue will be for the SNP to make independence its top priority again, not just by paying lip service to it but in reality. Other issues include prioritising making the A9 safe, dropping all prospective legislation that jeopardises the rights of women and girls, not putting into question the principle and practice of trial by jury, getting away from identity politics and getting back to the things that really matter to people, like education and the health service, and so on.

He also notes that if Humza resigns, the SNP has 28 days in which to agree on a new prospective First Minister, who would then need to be approved by the Scottish parliament in order to be able to take office. He does not say so explicitly, but the clear implication is that the SNP would have to pick someone who, besides having unanimous support from the SNP’s own MSPs, would be agreeable to Ash R. That, in turn, means someone who would accede to all her demands.

For my own part, I wonder if there might not even be a revolt within the SNP. That is, when the No Confidence motion comes up, I wonder if even some SNP members might not support Humza. That might seem far-fetched, but he has surely antagonized some within his own ranks, so it might just turn out to be pay-back time.

On the other hand, in order to pre-empt that outcome, and to evade the No Confidence vote altogether, thereby preventing it from bringing the internal disarray within the SNP into the open, it may just be that Humza will voluntarily announce his resignation at his press conference called for what is now later today, Friday.

In fact, it might just be the case that SNP MSPs, especially any who have already decided they would not support him in a No Confidence vote – for instance by absenting themselves from it – have already told him it’s the end of the road for him as Party Leader and First Minister. They will have already discerned that under his leadership the SNP, already holed below the waterline before he took over, is sinking even faster than foreseen and has no hope of remaining afloat in the long-term. They need a change of leadership now, in view of this year’s GE but even, although it is still a comparatively long way off, even in view of the next Holyrood election as well.

We will see…

Whatever way it pans out, it does look very likely that the independence agenda will be back in the foreground very soon…

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