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'New! Improved!'

What is going on in Alba?

Thursday, December 14, 2023
3 mins

'New & Improved'

There is discontent in the Alba ranks.

And again, it's election-related.

A sample of what's been appearing via social media gives cause for concern and we will comment no further than that.

But something is amiss.

Friends Of Wings


Alba party seem in a right mess, don't they?

Only discussing what we've seen posted here course, but it does look like they're in a nonsense their own making because they've tries to replicate the SNP instead creating a new party with entirely new party structures. Silly.

'If I'm being honest, I think it's a matter of some concern that ordinary party members are only being informed of who the successful candidates were, and not of the actual election results.  Even I as a candidate will only be told my own result and the stage at which I was eliminated if I request that information by email (which I have done).  For the life of me I can't understand the logic of the secrecy.  If not many people voted, I suppose there might be some mild embarrassment in revealing that, but come on, Alba is supposed to be setting a new standard, not falling straight back into the bad old ways of the SNP.

To the extent that we know them, the results are actually quite startling.  I had always assumed that Barrhead Boy had such a huge following among Alba members that he would be a shoo-in at every NEC election, but in fact he initially wasn't elected and was only bumped up to fourth place due to Craig Murray withdrawing after the election was over.  I'm also a bit surprised that Craig only came fourth given his very high profile.  I think this can be partly explained by the issue I was raising throughout the campaign - the vote was restricted to the small minority who registered for the conference, and was thus really about who organised well, rather than about who party members actually wanted on their governing body.'

James Kelly SCOT goes POP!: Alba NEC results



I missed a miracle in the Alba NEC election. It seems a candidate who finished 11th out of 12 the previous year finished 1st out of 18 this year. Yet nobody I can talk to can tell me what he did to bring about this transformation? Why keep it a secret?

8:21 PM · Dec 13, 2023

Bill Cowan


They CANNOT keep the results secret Iain.

So the sooner they are released the better it is to cover up any embarrassment.

If you only give a winner with no details of their or other candidates' votes, they are no more valid than Putin or Kim Jong Un.



Remember the SNP also did this with their election for list places. That was disgraceful and I spoke out strongly at the time against it. I am doing the same with Alba because I hope they can grow BUT this is not the way. Very destructive!



Why do you think you ought to be told that information given you’ve no affiliation to any political party?



Because there is an overwhelming need for transparency, particularly in elections across the entire political board in Scotland amongst all parties. To the public it all looks very murky and that is not a good look.

The Angry Jock


Not sure what happened Ian but that's a big spoon you're using to stir the pot! Why are you doing this?

Don't be a fanny. You're a bit too old for this ballocks. No?



I am fed up with the lack of transparency in Scottish politics. In recent years, particularly within the SNP it became ludicrous. I don’t want it continued by Alba or anyone else. Yes you are right I am old and I remember the days of honesty and transparency. I want it back.

CaledoniaLad- Typically ALBA


I’m well scunnered with the entire business. I know nothing of the background to what’s went on but the disappointment I feel is very deflating. I won’t be making any knee jerk decisions but this better get sorted out quickly.



I said yesterday they had 24/48 hrs to sort it or they were sunk, glug glug glug, plug the hole or they're gone.


David Munro (Tweets from an occupied Scotland)


I’m not a member so it doesn’t affect me as much, but from the outside, it doesn’t look good.

Why is transparency such a problem for political parties.

integritatis honore omni et veritate


The attitude of some members towards those members calling for transparency over these issues is as much of a concern as the lack of transparency is.  Skating close to walking away from all the bullshit. Trust in folk is stretched to snapping point.

Scots are fking masochists.

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