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'If liberty means anything...'

'Most people here aren’t all that interested in the problems the English inflicted upon themselves, only in cutting the rope binding us to them.'

Thursday, March 21, 2024
6 mins

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”


When we compile our regular Not Hitting The Wall feature, we use the excellent Voices for Independence - Home

It provides, on request, an emailed bulletin with links to blogposts from a variety of independence-supporting sites. Every three days or so we take the latest bulletin and open each link to find the most interesting below-the-line comments from readers. It's a time-consuming process but the end result seems to be appreciated, largely because we strip out the endless torrent of mischievous rubbish posted by full-time trolls and 77ers.

Now and then we come across a comment which deserves to be highlighted because, as we stated when OTS launched, this place is dedicated to 'the hard conversations'.

There are no conversations more difficult than those surrounding identity, immigration, the franchise, and government policy as it pertains to all of them.

This comment, by 'Confused', a regular contributor to Wings Over Scotland's btl discussions, is as good as we've seen.

Tomorrow night, BBC Scotland will be broadcasting the final episode in the current series of Debate Night. BBC Debate Night on X: "On Debate Night on Wednesday, for our final show of the series, Stephen will be joined by @MrJohnNicolson, @AnasSarwar, @olivermundell, @eliz_lloyd and @karendunbar147 Join us and an audience from Stirling on @BBCScotland 10.30pm #bbcdn https://t.co/ldMiWvusrb" / X (twitter.com)

We invite readers to read Confused's comment and bear it in mind if they decide to watch the programme. If any of the issues raised by Confused are tackled by the panel then we'll report back.

But we suspect that won't be necessary.

The comment is re-presented in the original format, as published here: Wings Over Scotland | Humza Yousaf Fact Check


18 March, 2024 at 11:39 pm

Most people here aren’t all that interested in the problems the English inflicted upon themselves, only in cutting the rope binding us to them; they always had the democratic power to remove their leaders, so, really, they “get what they fucking deserve … ” – we, on the other hand, are always outvoted 10 to 1.

The anglo elites did multiculturalism because of greed and the desire to win the class war; they hate the working class and the incomers were not going to compete with -them- in the jobs market; they could always buy their distance from them, and what is not to like? Cheap plumbers and the reprise of “domestic servants”. Peter Hitchens wrote on this at length. It was great for a while, but it’s gotten out of hand, and I think they all know it – which is why the rich of chelsea dig bunkers under their mansions. The ONS predicts a 10% population increase for the UK in the next 15 years, mostly from immigration, and legal. Again, the conspiracy theorists were right.

Of course the english think Scotland is theirs, to solve their fucking problems, so they come to Scotland for “quality of life” and “low crime” – but these are what are known as “dog whistles”; why is there “high crime”, why is the quality of life, low? What happened to cricket on the village lawn, warm beer and all that? Why are the schools over here, “good” and why, other there, “bad” or “failing”. You want to say it, but you can’t say it. Why is an area good or bad, what is the pattern that links it all? Let’s talk about “moped gangs” or “youth” crime. Go on, go on … (no!)

Come to Inverness, it’s like England 40 years ago – but, please, don’t. The Daily Mail is at times the “Highland Property Gazette” – North Berwick, now the best place to live in the UK.

Multiculturalism is a problem all across the world – a great problem in africa, the middle east, parts of asia – because imperial powers purposefully shifted peoples around as divide and conquer, and the leftover countries have maintained these in built fault lines; Nigeria should be 3 countries, for example, the whole of the middle east is a mess, and Stalin, aping Britain, liked to move people around.

– if empires considered “multiculturalism” to be a weapon in their armoury, why do liberals promote it as some unrestricted common and moral good?

It doesn’t work, barring one situation – when you remove democracy and impose an authoritarian regime which will “knock heads together” at first sign of agitation; this is not a solution, but maybe that is the point – when ethnic gangs start slaughtering each other, everyone will be crying out for a police state. And just on cue – “here’s one we made earlier” … download the ukgov tracking app for your phone … or get chipped so the satellites can see you.

Scotland is caught in a delicious pincer move – the anglo s3ttl3rs, pricing out the locals, while on the other hand, aggressive 3rd worlders you won’t be able to talk about, courtesy of hate crime laws; shout out to Badradeen, the mad stabber of George Sq. Govanhill, is our lab experiment, what they would like to roll out across the land, but do not dare to, even though it is a vibrant and diverse, paradise.

Islam, is not all bad, it has redeeming qualities and it works for certain kinds of people and places; so keep it there. It has no place in the west for it cannot “play nice” with other religions; it is also totalitarian, separation of church and state, the secular society, naw, it is, as they say in Glasgow “ITSAW-WAN”. Even Buddhists end up fighting with muslims.

The point of indy, for me, is that finally, the native, first people, indigenous, aboriginal Scots, get some benefits from the riches of this land – everyone else has had their share, time for ours; fuck the anglo carpet baggers and the 3rd world benefits tourists.

Some of the stupidity on display is dangerous; letting all these folks in … do you think they like each other? This is why BAME was so stupid. India and Pakistan – they all look brown to me ! – well, they don’t think so; muslim v hindu, there’s a bit of spice. Generally speaking the asians hate the blacks; hate them – one group owns the corner shops, the other robs them. And you can go down the list.

The ridiculous “brain malky” done on the anglo working class is also breathtaking – the working class of england know they were shafted, the north wrecked so the south could gorge itself; the reason for this was neoliberalism. Except the press managed to blame the problems of the country on immigration (and we mean brown people, not white from poland) – and even more, to blame the EU for it all; “it was the EU who let in all the p4kis” – vote brexit! – no, the UK was always in charge of “commonwealth” immigration. The working class of England thus voted for brexit as a colossal act of spite, against the wrong enemies, but also to spite the south. Brexit has not led to any “trade deals” and the only thing they have to offer are “pirate havens”, i.e. freeports.

– with disgusting irony, the EFTA countries just signed a 100B trade deal with India recently. EFTA are our natural peers, the small rich countries we should be aligned with.

TL;DR – everything about England /the UK is absolutely FUCKED and we need out, like 10 years ago, like 300 years ago.

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