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Evidence of Hope

If a week is a long time in politics, what's a decade?

Monday, April 15, 2024
2 mins

A Blast from the Past

by Frances Watt

This time a decade ago, as the 'Yes' and 'Better Together' camps were drawing up their plans for summer campaigning, few could've predicted where we'd be in 2024.

Being so close to events, then and now, we find it difficult to imagine how the 'international community' views Scottish independence as a 'live' issue.

Is it 'live' at all?

It seems unlikely that a UK general election will make any great difference to the fortunes of the SNP. Humza Yousaf has proved to be the 'continuity candidate' as promised - he heads a party which was already sliding in the polls when he was 'elected' as leader and the trajectory of its decline has steepened in the past year.

But support for independence has not.

The physical reminders of the hope and optimism of 2014 are all around us. Those iconic Yes stickers have lasted well. The Pantone 300 shade of azure (as recommended by a Scottish Parliament committee away back in 2003) has lost little of its vibrancy over the years and the stickers themselves must've been decent quality. They can often be spotted on the traffic signs going in and out of pretty-much every village and town in Scotland.

If anyone has images of wherever they may still be visible, we would love to collect them.

Please send them here, or to our twitter/X account.

(Close-ups are great but it would be nice to see the landscapes surrounding them too.)


Off-Topic Scotland on X: "A nice way to commemorate 10 years since indyref1 would be to gather images of the iconic round blue Yes stickers. They're still all over the place and have kept their colour really well. Anyone have a picture of one to get us started? https://t.co/x4Y7sWabjT" / X (twitter.com)

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