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Biting the Proverbial

ALBA isn't perfect but it has the chance to do what the SNP failed to do - listen to its members.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
3 mins

When OTS launched we stated that we were dedicated to hosting 'the hard conversations'.

They don't come much harder than the current relationship between ALBA leadership and its members.

On Sunday we published a report from a trusted ALBA member who was privy to the most recent discussion of overall strategy and the contentious issue of 'abstentionism'. It has generated the busiest conversation we've hosted so far.

Editor: Off-Topic Scotland (offtopicscotland.com)

We reproduce one of the responses in full, for the benefit of those who may have missed it.

Yes, it is a difficult conversation, especially for those who are members of ALBA and/or wish the party well.

But the message from many grassroots members is clear - the days of 'wheeshting' are over.

David MacGille-Mhuire:

'Many thanks for this piece. Most illuminating.

'Interesting' that the movement, or rather ALBA leading lights are still arguing for Scots continuing participation in a foreign colonialist parliament & 'justifying' this complicity with the Jesuitical 'fingers-crossed-behind-my-back excuse' for taking an oath to a foreign monarch & his rapacious, blood-soaked institutions (currently illegally bombing the Yemenis & supportive of the Zionist genocide against the Palestinians which is continuing as I type despite the recent ICJ ruling).

Yes, both ALBA WM MPs can voice mea culpas in this respect, citing their vocal opposition to what's going on in this respect, & in other areas including the on-going, low intensity destruction of Scotland by means of economic & constitutional warfare aimed at annihilating us Scots, as a 'lofty' excuse for their continuing complicity within the cesspit that is Westminster (by extension, simply an overflow septic tank for Washington DC's blood-soaked foreign policy waste products & the rotting corpses of the innocents it leaves behind it with WM's active pet poodle collusion).

But is this any longer good enough? A rhetorical question for they, if they had any fundamental moral compass & political nous, would know instinctively that the answer is no.

For, by remaining in that verminous place overflowing with B-team imperialist psychopaths & brother & sister sociopaths & narcissists, they not only have themselves spattered by the blood of those self-same innocents, but by extension of their collusion - no matter how much they seek to camouflage it as 'fighting the good fight in the spirit of (the lang deid) Marquis of Queensberry', they soak us Scots in the blood of those innocents, too. Them & all the other Scots who remain in that vile place are also covered in the gore of those innocents across the globe who fell victim to England as Britain's foreign policy banditry.

And so are we at home in Scotland, despite all our protests of innocence, because we let our representatives - tame House Jocks all in the final analysis - get away with their posturing pretences.

Thus, what seems to be going on in ALBA in microcosm seems to be but simply what's been going on in Scots constitutional politics since the enforced Union in macrocosm: a Vichy-style collaboration with an essentially foreign occupying power across the political spectrum of our elected representatives be it from local councils, Holyrood, or Westminster.

Burns would weep, & so would our forebears, that we still allow this abomination that is the 'UK' to exist, that we Scots allow it to, & that I have to even pen this scrawl about a still craven & supine nation acquiescent to not only our own subjugation, but our brothers' & sisters' across the world by the self-same, murderous master who keeps us in thrall.

Time to end this bloody charade. Long past time we ceased to participate in it. Long, long past time we Scots simply reinstated our ancient independence. No more excuses. No more spin. From anyone among us. The UK is a rotting corpse. Time to bury it.'

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