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As Ithers See Us?

How are Scots viewed by others? How much 'truth' is there in the stereotypes?

Sunday, October 8, 2023

How we are perceived depends not only on how we behave and present ourselves but how we are represented by others.

How ‘Scots’ are perceived by non-Scots (or even other Scots) can be an uncomfortable topic. Just as unexpectedly seeing one’s own image in photographs or videos can be unsettling - do I really look that old? Did I really used to wear that sweater?

The following images were culled from a simple image search using the terms ‘Scottish referendum’, ‘Salmond’ and ‘Sturgeon’. 

They speak for themselves. Certain themes are easily identifiable. Kilts, whisky, Nessie, ghoulish/sinister Salmond/Sturgeon, Mel Gibson/Braveheart, ginger-haired Highlanders etc. The work of Steve Bell stands out as particularly ‘offensive’ to some. But isn’t that the cartoonist’s job?

Anyway, please let us know what you think in the comments, and feel free to add links for more - plenty of space for additions.

(Copyright notice: most of these images have no credits. We have included them where available. If anyone objects to the use of any specific image, please contact us at offtopicscotland@protonmail.com and we will credit/remove as you wish.)

"The Vow" by David Low, The Scotsman

Steve Camley, Alex Salmond and the Ukraine Crisis, HeraldScotland, 24.02.2022

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